Pep Guardiola praise is patronising. Arsenal vs Bayern Preview

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You always fear playing Bayern. Not least when they’re managed by a monster of a coach.

Pep is such a charmer in the press. He used to do the same before we’d get mauled by his Barcelona teams. He’s been flirting with our fans and the squad.

He did drop one point that was mildly amusing because it’s so true…

“I would lack the energy. I also think that the people would be bored with the coach after such a long time,”

“It’s different with Wenger. He’s more than a coach — he’s also a manager, a sporting director, and has changed the club.”

Yeah Pep, but 20 years of that would be boring. I agree.

Anyway, he had lots of nice things to say about the squad. He thinks we have the advantage.

“They have an advantage because they have to win,”

“I prefer our situation, but I can imagine how my players would be if it was the other way round… they would be animals.”

The point here is the challenge. Because we need to be animals. We need to be the side that destroyed United. We know that fire is there, but sometimes, when the gauntlet is thrown down, we slink off into the corner and do a scared wee.

Pep focused in on some of our guys as well.

‘I saw some very, very, talented players so the truth is Arsenal are in a very good shape, everybody is fit and they have no injuries.’

‘My old player Alexis is in top form. How he moves between the lines to create space is amazing.’

‘Theo Walcott does not play just as a right winger, he plays up front so that is why makes is a difference as he is so fast and it is difficult to control him.’

I think that Pep is basically saying there’s no excuse for this not to be a good game. I hope that the players don’t see this as Pep being nice, I hope they see it as him being patronising. Trying to build fear factor so that when he demolishes us, he looks great.

Wenger was also in chatty mood. Focusing in on the sublimed Lewandowski.

“First the best to combat him is for us to have the ball, and after that you have to be shrewd with him,”

“Inside the box he is outstanding, because his technique, his finishing, his movement inside the box, that is where we need the experience of Mertesacker and Koscielny.

“That’s because that will be one of the important things on the night.”

It’s going to be tough keeping him under control. He’s on fire. He’s the best striker in the world right now. We need to be smart this evening. We need to snuff out the feed into him, which, in a team of technical perfection is tougher than is sounds.

Coquelin is going to be of huge importance. We need him at the races and bristling with energy. Santi Cazorla is also going to be a key figure, creating space for our runners… but most importantly, not getting overrun in the middle of the park. My big fear in these games is power. Bayern are very strong, sometimes we’re not.

“In Europe it is true we have been poor in our first two games, so that is what we want to correct, “

Tonight is about pride. It’s about restoring some respect to our abysmal opening. It’s about keeping the candle alight, even if it’s only for a few weeks.

We’re a form side at the moment. We don’t have any major injuries. We’re in great form.

There are no excuses outside Bayern being a better team with a better manager.

… but wouldn’t it be great if Wenger pulled a rabbit out of his hat? Wouldn’t a sign of progress be that we show up with a special game plan of our own. Wouldn’t that put the wind up Bayern and the ever-so-nice Pep?

We can hope. Over to you Arsene.

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  1. daz

    Some people crack me the fuck up, one minute its we never have a plan for the big games we just try to go gung ho and get exposed Wenger has no clue then when we do be more pragmatic and get a result its well we were shit and got lucky the other team totally dominated, you can’t have it both ways so suck it up grouches

  2. daz

    “No. But not pretending it was some sort of tactical masterpiece”

    Why not Joe if it was the other way round that’s what you would say isn’t it?

  3. Swiss guns

    Mock the tipi tapi, possession-based football, cry for years for counter-attacking football when it’s needed, deride “sterile possession”
    Then get snobby about how we win against a far better team.

  4. Mohammed

    I can’t believe some people complaining we just beat Bayern Munich at home and for once we had a game plan and executed. Yes there was an element of luck involved and isn’t that the case in most matches?

  5. Joe

    Bayern did dominate. 70% possession. 600 passes

    That’s what all the AKBs have been saying for years when other teams play sitting back but now that’s not the case because Wenger did it???

    Can’t have it both ways

  6. Swiss guns

    Neuer made some great saves as well Joe.
    You can’t legislate for everything in a football match. It’s why we bought Cech after all.

  7. Bamford10


    “It’s why we bought Cech after all.”

    Imagine we had signed a class midfielder and CF as well.

    Relax, everyone; optimists are saying people should be happy we played pragmatically and beat Bayern; critics are saying we shouldn’t call it some kind of masterclass on Wenger’s part.

    Both sides are probably right.

  8. Swiss guns

    We looked very comfortable in defense all night, and on the few occasions when we got opened up individual talent came out to save us.
    We were dominated and won anyway, I’ll take it any day!

  9. Joe

    No shit dipshit

    Our tactical master plan isn’t really working if the keeper has to bail out the team. Figure it out wanker

  10. Swiss guns

    I understand your point, but I refuse to reduce my enjoyment of games by constantly contextualizing against the (many) disappointments I’ve suffered as well.
    If I did that with my wife I’d be divorced by now.

  11. daz

    OK Joe no team ever needs a keeper to make saves I mean fuck me its only a good tactical plan if you reduce the other team to zero shots on target? Fucken muppet

  12. Joe


    Fuck off. It took a 2 WC save to keep us in the Game. If a keeper has to do that in the first part of the game your tactics really aren’t working. You Fucken muppet.

  13. Joe

    You Fucken AKB wankers just can’t just let anyone enjoy a win. Have to turn into “see what Wenger did, he’s a genius”

    Why do you feel you have to make it about him. Because you know you have to do all you can to talk him up and make him greater than he is because your w devout to. Loser manager

  14. Zeus

    Couple of things on today.

    I just watched the entire game. Found this website that shows all games in HD a few months ago. Cheers you sir.

    On the game and coverage….
    Can we get Owen Hargreaves for all Arsenal games please. No bias, no agenda, just calling it like it is.

    And the play of Arsenal was actually very good this game. Our ability on the counter is just fantastic to watch.

    If theo can even out his game, he could be a genuine 25 goal a season striker. His play has improved quite a bit I would say with that consistent run up top.

    All in all quite a good win and enjoyable game.

  15. Bamford10

    Cazorla with a great pass to Bellerin three minutes in. Slipped him through in the box. Bellerin was just offside.

    Ramsey with a bad give-away to start the match.

  16. Bamford10

    Good shot from Ozil seven minutes in. Actually took it fairly well, but Neuer made a very good low save. Set up by great run from Sanchez after nice one-touch pass from Monreal.

  17. Bamford10

    Great reaction save from Cech on point-blank range shot from Thiago, 11 minutes in.

    Walcott completely invisible so far, as is Coquelin.

  18. Wengerites be damned!

    The pundits in the Brazilian channel spent the whole game praising Neuer after his world class save to deny Walcott. You could sense that he would make a mistake. I’m glad I could watch this game. Not much free time to enjoy Arsenal as I had in the past.

  19. Bamford10

    Holy shit the move Douglas Costa put on Bellerin at 18:24. Dude is sick.

    We’re being totally and completely dominated at the moment.

    Mertesacker has been excellent, though; he has read things really well and has made several key defensive plays.

  20. Leedsgunner

    We won. Enjoy.

    Does it mean everything is ok at the club? No. However, it does mean we can stop moaning for one night 🙂

    Thank you Arsenal, thank you Arsene. You were marvellous.

    Ps. 3 points versus Everton on Saturday please – no excuses!!!

  21. Leedsgunner

    At last I think we can finally say we have made up for that embarrassing loss versus Monaco last year.

    Bloody good job Arsenal. Amazing work. Now don’t ruin it by losing to Everton… that would be really stupid. Consistency is the word of the day.


  22. Bamford10

    Sorry, Leeds, but if we go out in the first round because of losses to Zagreb and Olympiakos, that’s just as bad as the Monaco loss. Maybe worse.

    This result tonight wouldn’t negate that.

  23. Bamford10

    Neuer with brilliant save on Theo’s header. Header wasn’t bad, in truth.

    Great long pass from Cazorla to Walcott two minutes later. Sprung Walcott, but his shot was weak.

  24. Leedsgunner



    However it is still bloody marvellous we turned Bayern over, at home. I still can’t believe we did it. At least it shows us what this squad is capable of. No more excuses. We need to keep winning and taking nothing for granted.

    For what it’s worth I think it is unlikely we’ll progress but I’m still enjoying the win for what it is a great performance against a top side…. great our boys decided to show up. I’m not saying we’ll win the thing but it’s nice to see the lads finally putting in an honest shift for the shirt and the fans.

    I’m going to enjoy rewatching the match on holiday next week 🙂

  25. prvhc

    Both our strikers are well below the quality required.We’ve been getting away with it due to Sanchez’s brilliance.I feel we’re going to struggle to score goals at some point in the season.Sanchez is the only reliable goalscorer we have.

  26. Mick Kartun

    Kartoon – thanks, but why the facade?

    dude, I just arrived here at my office, and it’s 8.30 am in Indonesia,

    we have 7 hours time difference and you’re all in London must be sleeping right now. If you don’t believe me, ask Pedro to verify my IP address to locate my real country location.

    I even googling the word FACADE for 10 minutes to know what the fuck is FACADE means in bahasa.

    I have two kids mate, not a child anymore, even I admit MY JOKES is childish,

    but hey nothing more to enjoy than DIRTY JOKES, even the cunt STEVE CARR make a life ot of the dirty jokes.

    Peace mate, good win today should be celebrated with nice smile even though I am a die hard WOB, but @tom made me mellow since I join Le Grove these days.

  27. N5

    “The AKB sp*stics are going to celebrate the “Beat Bayern”-trophy for long to come.”

    Bitter! you said the same when we beat Manure at Old Trafford and the same when we beat them 3-0 the other day!

    We’ve scored 8 goals and let in 0 in our last 3 matches. Two of those matches were top opposition, one of them was arguably the best team in the world and you still find time to moan about us! worry about your own team and how badly they are doing at the moment.

    PS, way to show your class, like all you Chelsea boys with the sp@stic comment.
    I’d love to meet you one day steve and poke you in the eye like your boss did Tito.

  28. Mick Kartun

    By the way, where is tom? I miss you, mellow polite AKB.

    bamford is here to analyze, maybe tom just more comfy in

    Joe is right though, it’s ARSENAL’S WIN, not just arsene’s win.

  29. Bamford10

    While Bayern dominated possession in the first 45, they weren’t that dangerous, so I think you can say our approach was correct. Especially as we became more and more dangerous on the counter as the half continued, though our final ball always lacked something. Walcott lacks class, unfortunately.

  30. Bamford10

    Great play from Coquelin at 67:45. Took the ball from Lewandowski out of the air just inside the 18.

    Followed by decent run from Ox spoiled by poor final ball.

  31. daz

    Mick it is 2:53 here in the UK and I have just arrived at my toilet going to have a shit and go to bed up at 6:45 in the morning early bird and all that hardcore

  32. Bamford10

    Neuer misjudges a long free kick, allowing Giroud to bundle it in. First time I think I’ve ever liked Giroud.

  33. Bamford10

    Fantastic play from Giroud at 84 minutes. Back-pedaling, takes ball out of the air with side of his foot and withstands a foul to keep the ball.

    Maybe the best thing I’ve ever seen him do. Looked like an actual athlete. He really seems better off the bench.

  34. Mick Kartun

    Jose Mourinho takes another swipe at Arsenal rival Wenger after accusing referee of being “weak and naive” after Kiev draw.

    Man, this old deluded cunt is annoying to the bone.

    Can anyone tell me to find BLOGS for chelshit and manure to swear as fucking troll there? Please, me begging.

    I googled many times, but I can not find the most freedom to swear the fuck as much as LE GROVE freedom. All with fucking STRICT POLICY not to swear,troll, or otherwise BANNED.

  35. Bamford10

    God Bless Hector Bellerin. What a great play to set up the second goal. 90 minutes in he’s still sharo enough to outsmart the Bayern players, read and intercept a Bayern pass, sprint 20-30 yards with the ball and deliver a perfect pass to Ozil. Good solid finish from Ozil.

    Happy for the boys. Happy for all Gooners. A great effort, and a big win.

    And since you asked, Goondawg, I actually thought Ozil played quite well. A couple of soft give-aways, but a very good effort on his part. I’d give him an 8. One of the better performances I’ve seen from him in an Arsenal jersey, in truth.

  36. Mick Kartun

    Gee, every one in London put to sleep cuz this 7 hours time difference.

    Please, anyone can tell me this?

    Can anyone tell me to find BLOGS for chelshit and manure to swear as fucking troll there? Please, me begging.

    I googled many times, but I can not find the most freedom to swear the fuck as much as LE GROVE freedom. All with fucking STRICT POLICY not to swear,troll, or otherwise BANNED.

  37. Emiratesstroller

    Came home from Emirates following most enjoyable game I have watched there in years!!!!

    Bayern fans were terrific and demonstrated before game over ticket prices. Agree 100% with them. But they were rocking in stand thereafter.

    Arsenal fans were also terrific. The chorus could be heard right around district. Emirates is no longer the library!!!

    However, the real point was the performance. The players worked their socks off throughout the game.

    Both Bellerin and Coquelin were brought into the team at the start of this year
    and their performance level and work ethic since then has been a major plus
    in the team’s revival since then. For me there is no question that Coquelin is
    a major factor in our results, because he has the sort of “engine” which we have
    lacked since Vieira.

    Noone should underestimate Bayern. They are a “classy” team but last night
    they came to Emirates and probably expected to win but a draw was more than
    sufficient and that is frankly how they played. Nevertheless the result will have upset them but was well deserved.

    So are there any negatives? Well yes there are. The loss of Ramsey is a real blow. He is not the most sophisticated player on planet, but he has a work
    ethic, which we do need in the team.

    Walcott does “create” problems for opposing teams, because of his pace BUT
    unfortunately his weaknesses were highlighted once again. His finishing and
    composure were not great and of course he lacks physicality and heading

    Also I do have concerns about Ox. He tries too hard when he comes on and
    needs to show more “football intelligence” than we see from him if he is to
    become a more regular player in team. In Ramsey’s absence we will need him
    to perform.

    Sanchez did not have a great game and made a couple of mistakes which could
    have been costly. He looked last night to be in the “red zone” and was clearly
    very tired in second half. Too much football recently.

    Giroud is once again an important player for team. He may not be the most
    mobile player on planet, but despite all his detractors particularly on Le Grove
    he is much better striker than most give him credit for. Bluntly he needs to
    be in team, because his goalscoring ratio is as I suggested yesterday vastly
    superior to Walcott.

    Moving forward I am now concerned as I indicated in last few weeks about
    our lack of midfield cover. The injury to Ramsey plus longterm absence of
    Wilshire is a major problem, because both Arteta and Flamini are not good
    enough to play regularly in starting lineup.

    Wenger will need to pray that we suffer no further injuries before January and
    go out and buy a new midfielder then.

    At the end of day the Bayern result is what we needed, but whether it will save
    our Champions league place I am doubtful. Olympiacos won away from home
    yesterday and we have to play them in Athens in our last game. That will need
    a stellar performance.

  38. Mick Kartun

    @emirates, good review!
    For me there is no question that Coquelin is
    a major factor in our results, because he has the sort of “engine” which we have
    lacked since Vieira.
    Walcott does “create” problems for opposing teams, because of his pace BUT
    unfortunately his weaknesses were highlighted once again. His finishing and
    composure were not great and of course he lacks physicality and heading

    That is why we screamed out loud for decent DM back up, and World Class ST.

    Is it too much to ask to complete the strength of our squad?

    We all want Arsenal to be great and completed with the strongest depth squad.

  39. Sam

    We can actually go top this weekend if man utd beat man city n we win against everton
    We can leap above both Manc cunts on goal difference.

  40. Sam

    If we have to bring back 2 loanees to try to emulate Coq n Hector this January I will pick Jon Toral n Wellington silva

    Then show his generous side by buying New DM n CF
    That will be like 4 signings n will help if we still in the Champions league

  41. Sam

    relying on longterm crocks will dent our season.
    Bring Jon Toral as squad player on for rosicky n wilshere
    Wellington takes over on the right if chambo still slacking
    But we cannot dodge buying a back up DM n World class CF,

  42. Emiratesstroller

    As I have said quite a few times Arsenal’s transfer priority in January must be
    a midfielder. We lack depth there and Ramsey’s injury highlights that fact.

    Personally I don’t see Wilshire making a return any time soon and Messrs
    Arteta and Flamini are not realistically players who are going to turn us into
    EPL Champions.

    Personally I don’t care how Giroud put the ball in the net. The fact is he did so
    and plenty of other Arsenal players would have missed. Giroud is scoring and
    that is what counts. When you consider how much time he has played this season his goalscoring ratio is excellent.

  43. Jeff

    I think there is something in the idea that Giroud’s overall performance is a function of the competition he has with Walcott. He comes off the bench like a bat out of hell and plays out of his skin. That is what Wenger must do more often with players who do not perform and yet their place is assured. He did it again last night and it was a joy to watch.

  44. daz

    Mick its 0720 here in the UK I’ve just arrived in the kitchen gonna have a coffee if you want to visit Chelsea sites the best person to ask would be Steve I don’t know of any myself I’m sure he would if I forgot to mention I’m in the UK where you from again?

  45. Dark Hei

    Brilliant from Ian Macintosh

    “The final piece in the puzzle, you suspect, is a striker with the mobility of Theo Walcott and the power of Olivier Giroud, ideally with the price tag of Joel Campbell.”

  46. Wallace

    i did think Giroud would cause them problems with his height when he came on, although admittedly his goal won’t be getting filed in the ‘towering header’ category. like LVG persisting with Blind at CB, if Pep’s going to play Alaba – a LB – in the centre his teams are going to be vulnerable in the air. Neuer is magnificent, but a lot is asked of him with the way Bayern play.

    and while Thiago & Costa were excellent, I thought we dealt with Lewandowski & Müller superbly. and so nice to have a keeper of the highest quality between the sticks. we might have only signed one player this summer, but heck, what a signing.

  47. Wallace

    “Elsewhere on the pitch there were other minor triumphs against the head. In the first half Bellerín appeared to have been subjected to some kind of insidious hypnotic spell at the hands of Douglas Costa, twice tackling shadows as Bayern’s left-winger made him look, for the first time in a long time, like a 20-year-old full-back. By the end Bellerín, who is a seriously uplifting footballer, had regrouped, recalibrated, problem-solved, pressing Costa aggressively and sprinting down his flank like Garrincha to create Özil’s moment at the end.”

    – Barney Ronay

  48. ADKB

    Wenger’s a very good manager, it’s his stubbornness that’s killing us. If only we had a top striker (think: Lewandowski, Suarez, Aguero, … – fill in the gaps) with the kind of football we played yesterday or against ManU the other day …

  49. ADKB

    @Dark Hei: Re: “The final piece in the puzzle, you suspect, is a striker with the mobility of Theo Walcott and the power of Olivier Giroud, ideally with the price tag of Joel Campbell.”

    Hmm, that’s like looking for caviar or civet cat coffee in Lidl 🙁

  50. Mick Kartun

    “Mick its 0720 here in the UK I’ve just arrived in the kitchen gonna have a coffee if you want to visit Chelsea sites the best person to ask would be Steve I don’t know of any myself I’m sure he would if I forgot to mention I’m in the UK where you from again?”

    I am from Indonesia daz, and it’s 14.00 pm right now, you still laying, and me wait 2 hours more to get off from boring routine work, must make living to feed the kids, mate.

    So hard to find any free swearing blog like Le grove of other rivals club, mate.

    It’s all been locked and fucked with no swearing, no troll, or banned STRICT POLICY.

    We are doomed here as an Arsenal fans that can not get revenge on other fans troll here that is so comfortable to disguised either as disguised AKB or just trolls to disguise as WOB.

    Damn. I am very itchy though.

  51. Frank mc

    Redcunt/Joe who gives a fuck that Bayern passed the ball 600 times and had 72% possession? The only statistic that matters is they scored 0 and Arsenal scored 2!

    Brace of negative cunts!

  52. Mick Kartun

    Well, I tried to rlegendead the redcafe forum of manure,

    there are some interesting comments though about our bayern win from the manure fans’ views like below, and I quote:

    @rooneylegend:” I rate their team and have for a long time. They have a number of players I would love at United. But you cant put your finger on why they aren’t a great team. It like they need to be under pressure to perform and that must be down to the manager.”

    @boycott:”They’re like the opposite of Man City. When they find themselves in a good position and a chance to be front-runners they find a way to mess it up and throw it away.
    When they’re underdogs and people start doubting they put on an impressive run like that bayern win.

    DAMN, it’s all in a must clean words, no chance to troll there. Damn it.

  53. Samesong

    Ozil’s cool head and intelligence on the ball helped Arsenal weather the storm, and he created more scoring opportunities (three) than any of his team-mates. He closed down opponents eagerly and pressed when Bayern had the ball, with no one on the pitch winning possession more times (nine).

    Ozil was terrible. Don’t think so.

  54. Mick Kartun

    This helpless comment from poor kid of chelshit fans in SHEDENDS.COM, after that Kiev draw really make my day, as I quote:

    @osgood57: “a point away is not a bad thing…..but lets get real…..this is going to be our worst season for a very long time we are at best average ..I am sure we will get better as the season goes on but we are a million miles away from been a top 4 team and jose knows this that’s why he is so uptight… is all about small margins at the highest level and at the moment we haven’t the class to take advantage of it.”

    Those chelshit fans really feel the shitty feeling of maureen cunt’s disaster.

    Can’t wait to laugh if Don Carlo will get maureen’s job twice takeover with last madrid and chelsea.

    Hahaha. Who had the last laugh now maureen?

    But that fucked forum blog had shitty STRICT POLICY NO SWEARING, NO TROLL, BANNED, though. No chance to troll there too.