Who needs urgency when you can pump 3 goals in 10 minutes? #Arsenal match review

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So my first armchair season ticket game got off to a flyer. TV here is bananas. I started watching at 10am and as the goals go in, you get to see them in real time. It’s totally great. It’s like Geoff Stelling and the gang, but none of the faux excitement… just a pure stream of goals as they happen. What a day.

Anyway, one of the questions posed by Wenger pregame was around urgency. Could the team show that they could get up for the event and deliver a blistering performance?

Well, the answer was no. We didn’t come with much urgency. We were flat and mostly uninspired for the first 45minutes. We looked uninterested whilst being totally in control. It really felt like there was a danger we’d not bring home the points. Outside a few decent runs from Theo and an absolute sitter that was volleyed over from 4 yards, we were quite bland.

Now, the big question I had after the first half was… is this down to the fatigue of the international break? Or is it just the style of the team. Sometimes we’re at the races. Sometimes we’re not. We’re a mood team. We don’t quite have the ability to bring a consistent attitude to the game.

The second half started better, then tailed off… and then the break through came,  Ozil played to Santi, the Spaniard dummied a shot that aimed a pass into Ozil, the keeper crashed into the ball and the player, the spillage rifled in from a Sanchez close range finish.

At this point, Theo was brought off after a largely ineffective game. It didn’t take long for him to score. Ozil cutting a superb ball back to Giroud who slotted home with his right. A great goal with some very Arsenal build up play.

The 3rd and final came from the up and coming Bellerin. His mazy run and cross found Rambo who duffed the ball in off all the Watford players. He made amends for his earlier first half miss and celebrated with a ball unders his shirt and thumb suck. I’m assuming this is some sort of debauched fetish he’s into.

We eased the game out and took 3 points and our position at 2nd in the table.

Concluding thoughts:


One of the my new sofa season ticket pals I was watching the game with asked if there was a cliche for how the end of a story changes how you report the reality of what you’ve just seen. I don’t know what that reads like. But look, the first 60minutes, if you’re critical, were really poor. Perhaps made worse because Wenger had asked for urgency and he didn’t get it. If we’d drawn that, we’d all be honing in on that negative start.

As it happens, we won the game. We won it comfortably. We came alive for a 10minute spell and that’s all we needed. Some of the football when we did come to party was beyond excellent. We were clinical, flamboyant and extremely technical.

So whilst you can’t ignore the bad start, it’s difficult to do anything but salute the team. They delivered a big result when you consider the battering City gave out and how well results went for everyone else in the league.


I’m sure I’m not alone here, but the Chile manager said Sanchez was injured and played him twice. He’s come back and the manager has just dropped him in for another 90. Firstly, is the injury real? Apparently not, according to Wenger post game.

Secondly, even if it isn’t, I do worry that we take for granted his resilience. He should have been dropped off before Theo because he’s way more important than Theo. It doesn’t matter that he doesn’t like it. He’s the precious one and he is totally integral to any title aspirations we have this season. Wenger likes to watch him play and as far as he was concerned, the player was sharp and ready. So he played him. I just hope this doesn’t end badly.


I love this guy. He doesn’t feel like a liability in defence, which isn’t the deal when you’re an up and coming full back. He’s also a delight going forward. He’s an absolute dream to watch and I feel he’s really settling into the full back role… and he needs to be with Jenks banging in another goal (and giving away a dim peno) for West Ham.

Giroud vs Walcott

Harsh here, but even against Watford, you can see that we’re really missing a smattering of incredible up front. Theo was pretty quiet. Olivier game on, with his ‘writers struggle’ beard and scored a goal. But he doesn’t look happy, which, I’m glad about. He’s struggling being second choice. Against Bayern, how is Wenger going to play it? Guardiola has tall centre backs that will eat up Theo. But the answer to that isn’t taking away your pace. I still really think Sanchez through the middle is a natural move at some point… he’s aggressive, good in the air and he has that magic we lack.

Major thing with Bayern is how we approach it. Do we accept we’re out? Or do we go for the double against them?

‘There is no reason to change the team. I might rest Ozil or Sanchez. We are in a bad place. But we want to stay in the race.’

I know what’s going to happen. We’re going for the double. It’ll be like a Cup final. At least if we win, we’ll have the second tie at home.

Have a great day!

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  1. Wallace


    “but every white french guy I have met happens to be an arsehole”


    “if you run into an asshole in the morning, you ran into an asshole. if you run into assholes all day, you’re the asshole.”

    – Raylan Givens

  2. Sam

    Wijnaldum reminds me of Arshavin, speaks like that treator van persie
    Well they can all f@ck off
    I will take sissoko but pussey Wenger wouldnt dare, it will hurt Rosicky

  3. Bamford10


    I like Mike Leigh and Ken Loach as well if that makes you feel any better.

    Or are you too much a philistine for them as well?

    Cheers. 😉

  4. Redtruth

    For the moment my top 10 favourite films in any order:

    Get Carter
    Assault on Precinct 13
    The Wicker Man
    Dirty Harry
    The Taking of Pelham 123
    Bride of Frankenstein
    Taxi Driver
    Thunderbolt And Lightfoot
    The Mechanic
    The Man Who Haunted Himself.

  5. daz

    “The Man Who Haunted Himself.”

    That’s a fitting choice for you red

    I couldn’t make a list too many good films would be left off, it would depend what mood I’m in

  6. tom

    Can’t really agree the early Wenger teams were dirty.
    Hard, yes. Not easily bullied, sure.
    Easily baited, early on, certainly.
    But I don’t recall those teams having a cynical streak and they preferred to play football than fight.
    Viera wasn’t a dirty player but earned his cards most often when retaliating, either for himself, or on behalf of team mate.
    Petit was a physical match for any he faced and would hack if left with no other choice, but again, was a baller first.
    Parlour was oldschool but was more often sinned against than the reverse. I suppose that’s the case for them all.
    I hate dirty football and, like NM, need to find ways to like our players, for the most part I have been able to.
    Occasionally you have to admit one of ours got it badly wrong but fortunately its rare.
    Martin Keown and Winterburn were both known to make professional fouls when they had to and both were hard men but, for me, neither could be called dirty. Keown was close to the line, perhaps.

    Last truely naughty player I recall at Arsenal was Steve Williams. Great midfielder but a cynic and a total wind up merchant.

  7. tom

    Interesting film selection, ‘ruth .
    Some classic and some dross.
    Almost all violent.

    I hope Pelham 123 is the original, not that it deserves a place on any top ten, as the remake is just horrid.

  8. John inman

    Red, you need to get home now. Your dad has had his pills from Dr Tablets and wants his gimp suit back so that he can earn his money as your ma’s too drunk to get into Crack Whore Weekly. He said you can keep the soiled diapers.

  9. tom


    Maybe try it again some time.
    Best, low budget, gritty realism.
    Catches a time and place as well as any film I can think of.
    Brilliantly adapted and directed.
    Great cast too.
    The famous football scene featuring Brian Glover as the over zealous PE teacher cracks me up every time.

    I bet you’d like it if you watched it now.

  10. tom

    I like French movies, particulary some if the New Wave classics, but hard to deny some can be pretentious in a way that is just so French.

  11. NiNe

    During the summer window, people here were raving for Kondonbia. I watched bits of Inter vs Juventus, he was on the bench. Gary Medel started ahead of him. He came on at injury time. He might not have come in if Medel wasn’t injured. what a waste of money so far!!!

  12. tom

    Glad to hear that. Remakes almost always suck.
    None of those titles would make my list but there are some lesser gems there, nevertheless.
    Taxi Driver would make plenty of top tens.
    I happen to love Bride of Frankenstein but think Frankenstein (the first one) is even better.

    The Man Who Haunted Himself is a real genre pick and unexpected.

    Anyway, your whole list seems to follow a theme.
    Pretty dark .

    Thunderbolt and Lightfoot. Really?

  13. Wallace

    nice video, tom.

    if he is pretty much free to go where he wants then that inside right channel seems to be his favourite area to operate in.

    i’d imagine the majority of our attacks come down that right hand side through Bellerin, Ozil & Ramsey. which also has the effect of leaving Alexis with lots of space to attack in when the play is switched. there’s a nice balance to the team at the moment.

  14. Sam

    I never really wished us to lose any game but anyone can see Arsenal not good enough for both league n Champions league.
    We’ve been sh!t in the CL why not drop out?
    Wenger never planned to win CL anyway

  15. underrated Coq

    London Gunner

    Well there are two types: 1) Football’s Hard men with a strong character and determination to win fairly 2) Stinking cheats who misuse football rules, disrespect fellow pros and hence bring the game to disrepute.

    Vieira was the first type and Costa is more of the second type.

  16. Mick Kartun

    London Gunner

    Well there are two types: 1) Football’s Hard men with a strong character and determination to win fairly 2) Stinking cheats who misuse football rules, disrespect fellow pros and hence bring the game to disrepute.

    Vieira was the first type and Costa is more of the second type.


    That’s why Viera is always be my hero forever.

    and costa is always a cunt.

  17. underrated Coq

    Another thing is: The game has moved on from the days of Petit, Keane, Vieira et all.
    You can’t be that aggressive in your approach and expect to escape punishment nowadays.

    The game is becoming less and less about ‘hostility and that up in your face attitude ‘ and more about respect and sportsmanship.

    Also lets get one thing clear: Diego Costa isn’t a hard man in any sense. He’s a sneaky little cheat, showing his ‘bravado’ when the referee is looking elsewhere. The moment the opposition player gets sick of his antics and decides to stand up to him, he lifts his skirt and runs away to hide behind his teammates and referee.

    Costa compared to Vieira…smh

  18. karim

    Cesc Appeal mentioned how it could be sensible not to remain in Europe at all so as to focus on a potential title challenge.
    While I agree CL is a lost cause, wouldn’t it be cool to try and win the Europa league ?
    If we end up 3rd, we’d be in the last 16, wouldn’t we ?

  19. underrated Coq


    If Arsenal find themselves in the Europa League, I think we can kiss our PL chances goodbye.

    Also IMO, Arsenal’s continued failure in Europe is more down to Wenger’s style of management than the quality of the teams we face. Not sure we would win the Europa either.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    Arsenal have two tough games this week.

    Many have suggested that we should forego making a challenge in the Champions League. Personally I would not give up on that competition until at least after our home game on Tuesday.

    Obviously if we were to lose or draw that game then our challenge in the competition would be over. However whilst we lost previously to Bayern I do seem
    to recall that we beat them in Munich so all is not lost yet.

    The game against Everton will be tough. Everton have better form away from home and are as yet undefeated. The problem with most teams who play Arsenal at Emirates is that they put 10 players behind the ball and Everton are quite good at that.

    Arsenal do struggle in such games. What is very important is that we score
    an early goal. Once that has been achieved Arsenal tend to win their games. So
    long as we are contained there is always a risk of conceding goal to counter attack or set pieces.

    Personally I would play Walcott in starting lineup against Bayern but Giroud
    against Everton.

  21. Dream10

    underrated and Karim

    Agree that it’s AW style of mgmt that continually causes us to be eliminated early so often. Patience, being compact and clinical finishing are essential in European play. Too often, we commit men forward, leave gaps in central midfield (playing two instead of three in the centre w/ one of them being Cazorla) and are made to pay for our profligacy in front of goal.

  22. Dream10

    Just watched the first 45 minutes of the Watford match. Ramsey, Coquelin and Bellerin had very good first halves. Watford nullified the threat of Walcott.
    Koscielny looked a little rusty. The confusion between Cech and Mertesacker could have been costly. Moments like that are what will cost in you in cup competitions.

    We definitely need to sign a CB in the summer. Mertesacker’s pace is an issue.
    Mustafi of Valencia is an ideal fit. 24 years old, good pace and in the air. He can play with both Koscielny and Gabriel. Speaks Spanish and English so communication won’t be an issue. Let Chambers develop on loan. If he is good enough, let him take Per’s place in 2017-18.

  23. El Tel 1

    Keep reading how slow and bad Per is.

    The Fella is a good defender. Good enough for Germany and good enough for us.

    We have tightened up in defense since he arrived.

    Keep reading how he will get exposed when we play a team with a quick striker. Yet to see this actually happen. Sure he isn’t fast and has been caught out a couple of times but his positioning is very good and he passes from defence are second to none.

  24. El Tel 1

    The hardest player at the Arsenal is Alexis Sanchez

    Doesn’t get into fights but takes punishment and gets on with it.

  25. Leedsgunner

    better to make a sustained challenge in one competition to the end rather than a half hearted competition in two competitions.

    Go for the EPL this year,strengthen with a DM and a ST in January 2016, win the 2016 title (and the FA Cup obviously) and then go into the summer market as English champions and FA Cup winners.

    Then strengthen the team for a EPL/CL double charge next year… unless WEnger decides to step down after winning the title of course 😉

    I know that we should be doing this already, but hey late is better than never.

    I don’t know why I have a feeling that Wenger is going to surprise us with a big signing in January…

    Wenger’s signings in January are a real mixed lot anyway — for every Kimmy Kallstrom he sometimes signs a Monreal or a Gabs…

  26. Marko

    Karim absolutely no to the europa league. Only good for someone chasing a champions league spot and playing Thursdays and then Sundays for a while can fuck with the team. It’s a hindrance big time.

  27. Bamford10

    Gabriel is well again, so it will be interesting to see who Wenger selects. I’d think Gab and Kosc. Mert is even slower today than he was a year or two ago.

    If we can’t compete on Tuesday and next Saturday, we’re a disgrace. Of course we should make every effort to beat Bayern and continue in the CL. If our players/squad cannot manage to compete on a Tuesday and Saturday at this point in the season, then something is wrong at the club.

    Of course, something is wrong at the club, but even this group can compete twice in five days. I’m with Emirates on this.

    Also agree that we should go with Theo tomorrow night. While he has his limitations, his pace at least has the chance of giving Bayern’s CBs problems.

  28. Sukky

    To be realistic, we can’t win the UCL but we shouldn’t be going out in group stage. I think a run in the Europe league could help us. I know arsenal is not tactical enough to win it but we still have a better chance

  29. Sukky

    Am I the only one who doesn’t trust Gabriel? He’s solid but he always make some silly mistakes but we aren’t talking about it because we are not punished with it.

  30. Bamford10

    Bayern’s XI this weekend below. I’d think Douglas Costa will start tomorrow night.

    Manuel Neuer
    Jérome Boateng
    Juan Bernat
    David Alaba
    Thiago Alcantara
    Xabi Alonso
    Philipp Lahm
    Arturo Vidal
    Thomas Müller
    Robert Lewandowski

  31. N5

    “Costa v Roy Keane, now that would be a good fight.”

    It wouldn’t even be close in my mind! Keane was a real tough guy, Costa is like Dennis Wise, he’s a fucking weasel. Wise used to help pick players up that he’d taken out and he’d pull their armpit hair. Ian Wright said you’d instinctively react and get booked and that’s what Costa’s like. He’s a slope headed bitch! he fights dirty.

    Keane would have broke his legs.

  32. jwl

    “How are our youngsters out on loan doing?”

    Most of the players managed to get through Saturday’s Championship clash between Sheffield Wednesday and Hull City relatively unscathed, but sadly the fixture still managed to produce one notable casualty.

    Referee Keith Stroud was forced to hobble off the pitch as the clock ticked over into injury time when he was unceremoniously poleaxed by Hull striker Chuba Akpom.

    With the ref’s back turned, the 20-year-old forward ‘accidentally’ steamed into Stroud and left him in a crumpled heap on the floor…


  33. Leedsgunner

    Keano eats Costa for lunch and spits him out with some rusty nails and splintered remnants of pint glass.

    WengerEagle is of the opinion that Simeone would have eaten Keano for lunch… I would agree with him. Is there anyone harder in modern football harder than Simeone? 🙂

  34. Leedsgunner


    lol… thanks for that.

    Chuba Akpom is one massive fella isn’t he? Needs to get his eyes checked though… 🙂

  35. Leedsgunner

    WengerEagle is of the opinion that Simeone would have eaten Keano for lunch… I would agree with him. Is there anyone harder in modern football harder than Simeone? 🙂

    Which makes logical sense if you think about why he was able to keep Costa under a tight leash… 🙂

  36. salparadisenyc

    Simeone’s certainly a hard man.

    When an Irishman says he’s harder than Keano one should take note.
    But Keano had the innate ability to use everything at his disposal. I’d never want to cross swords with that man.

    Keano and Simeone… thats a 50 – 50 for me.

  37. Marko

    I’m not sure of the debate. Keane’s from the not so tough streets (?) Of Co. Cork whereas Simeone is from Buenos Aires. Keane’s more a horrible prick than something tough or nasty.