Arsenal vs Watford: Don’t screw it up boys 🚨🚨🚨

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Yah man wa be craykin?

It’s match day. Finally, a bit of football goodness, back in my life. Also, back in your life. It’s in all our lives. It never dies.

Arsene Wenger says we have to bring some urgency to the game.

“The level of champions and people who want to fight at the top is urgency, and urgency is something that keeps you alert, so we know what will be expected of us.

“We have to be conscious that it will be a different game at Watford, but the level of urgency is a big part of success and that is what we work on.”

He’s right. A slow start can’t be on the agenda. I want to see us destroy quickly and then get some players in the changing room having a rest.

Watford won’t be a breeze like United was. They won’t play to our strenghts. They’ll likely have a plan to nullify what we’re about.

I’d imagine they might try and capitalise on tired legs. They’ll start fast and try and catch us napping.

Big questions around resting players. This game isn’t a major one in terms of toughness, and it’d probably be smart for the boss to bring some rotation. Sanchez was played last week and he’ll have contended with a long flight. Last thing we need to be doing with him is throwing him into a 90minutes slog.

However, the form he’s in might make the temptation too strong. He can’t play all the games though. This would be a good one to leave him on the bench for.

Wenger also took time out to state the obvious.

“I would say the Premier League is the most important competition for us.”

Yep. The Champions league was a slag anyway.

“[We] are back and capable to get the best players. I think Man United game can increase the belief and hunger of the players.”

Yes Arsene. The belief is key here. Belief and hunger. Hunger is the most important thing for me. Sometimes we’re hungry, sometimes we’re the cat that won’t eat cat food because  it prefers butchers cut ham. I’m not sure how we get our team to starve in the week. Because sometimes there’s a collective sigh of ‘I don’t give a f*ck’ and it kills us time and time again.

It’s a motivation issue. Wenger has struggled with the new breed of players he’s brought in to get them to bleed for the cause. How do we get some nasty into the side? How do we find our winnertivity? How do you break through the glass ceiling of comfort into a higher place of competitiveness?

This is what our next 6 games aim to address. We have a group of quite uninspiring games. A group of fairly winnable games (bar the Bayern matches). A group of games we’d normally screw up in.

We can’t screw up if we’re serious about the most winnable league in decades.

Enjoy the game wherever you may be.


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  1. Dissenter

    We are better off just letting Dubuchy go if he makes a stink over his bench status.
    Bellerin needs all the games, the more he plays the more he gets better. No need for PC with Dubuchy.

  2. nepGunner

    Good for Ramsey…monkey off the back…now stick to your position and help your fullback

    Bellerin, the best youngster in the team..a little raw defensively, but boy what a cracker offensively… Reminds me of Cashley

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: We are better off just letting Dubuchy go if he makes a stink over his bench status.

    Short on cover at RB though.

    Ooh… light bulb moment.

    In Jan sell Debuchy, bring in a new DM and use Flamini as RB cover.

    Ok, more of a single LED moment than a lightbulb moment

  4. DM


    Re your posts this morning – I don’t play on Saturday’s mate, I’m Jewish and it’s my Sabbath so I don’t use any electricity etc until sundown. In fact now that it’s getting earlier, and considering Pedro’s late posts of late, I don’t think I’ll be challenging on Fridays for a while either.

    Good work with your 36 (?) post run!

  5. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,
    The reason I wrote that about Dubuchy is that the public comments about his Bench status was in-Arsenal.
    Wenger’s players typically keep those kind of stuff private. It was disappointing to have him leak it out.

  6. underrated Coq

    “That’s how you get a crowd to shut up”

    Haha, true that. Applies to the home fans over at Watford and the Le grove Ramsey- boo boys as well 😉

    Great to see Arsenal scoring regularly again. After the first few games’ struggles in converting all them chances, now the floodgates are well and truly open. What is it 11 goals in the last three games?

  7. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, agreed. I can’t blame him for wanting to play, but he needs to do his talking on the pitch (as they say)

  8. Dissenter

    I’m curious to see how many kilos Ramsey has covered.

    His industry is excellent, that’s why he will always be ahead of Oxlade.
    Also he doesn’t let drop,his head when he’s played badly, just keeps going on.

  9. bennydevito


    You seem to have gone off on one based on my comments like I’m some sort of AKB. I’m not which you’d know if you’ve read my comments over the years. I was merely saying that I feel things are starting to change and even though I’ve wanted Wenger out I feel it would be detrimental right now as things stand as I’m an Arsenal fan first and foremost.

    Jeff October 17, 2015 14:10:47
    You’ve changed from using “squabbling” to “moaning”. Neither is accurate. Most people observe, assimilate and opine. A more apt description of that is “debating”, hopefully by using facts and logic. If the result of that is that Wenger comes into criticism, then that is what it is. What we mustn’t do is sugar coat our opinions with irrational words based on “faith” or “personal admiration”.

    Jeff October 17, 2015 14:14:21
    Criticising Wenger for some is like criticising a religious figure. It becomes almost sacrilegious and offence is taken prompting a reply. For yet others, if you criticise the manager or any player, it is like criticising the club. That is also badly taken. None of this “offence taking” is rational.

    Jeff October 17, 2015 14:21:14
    Depends how you define insult. If the word “incompetent” is taken as an insult, and it often is, that is also not cool.

    Jeff October 17, 2015 14:27:01
    We see it so many times, over and over again. The classic AKB misconstruing criticism of Arsene for Arsenal. The club is simply an entity that continues no matter who managers it. It cannot be criticised because it has no mind of its own. Its controllers on the other hand, be it the manager, players, directors or owners definitely can be and in fact must be criticised when they make elephant sized mistakes.

    I started writing this before the match which we’re now winning 3 nil which I predicted earlier as an at least.

    Since RVP left we’ve bought Ozil, Sanchez & Cech , won two FA Cups and two community shields and will have close to £200m available for Wenger to go out on a high or the new manager to come in and get Pogba and Neymar or players of such ilk. I fail to see how this isn’t an improvement from 2006 – 2013? This doesn’t mean I’m AKB, it means I see positive change and reason to at least let Wenger see out the next 18 months with our full support.

  10. SpanishDave

    The Ox is never going to be anything but average. He goes asleep quite often as seems to slow to react.
    The needs a good kick up the arse

  11. Cesc Appeal

    Said yesterday I thought we would win by a few goals.

    Watford were good though, that first goal knocked the stuffing out of them.

  12. Jamie

    Coq’s passing and movement is getting better and better.

    I still can’t quite understand how he’s hit this form seemingly out of nowhere. He’s a key player, no doubt about it. Crazy. Long may his form continue.

  13. Sam

    3points, away clean sheet after international week

    Redtruth n all haters dying in rage
    It looks like white DROGBA will score 20 goals this season from the bench


  14. Nasri's Mouth

    guNZ: One more and I’d’ve picked it right.

    Indeed, and I was telling you it was going to be really tough!

  15. Jeff

    Good win today. Excellent result. And Ozil once again has done what he was bought to do. Well done Alexis as well for a great second half.

  16. Marko

    Are you saying it doesn’t depend on the ratio of good long passes to bad ones?

    Check his passing stats. They’re terrible.

    On the game gotta say I love the arse off our full backs these days. So solid and consistent and honest footballers.

  17. nepGunner

    Good win.. best part is to cintinue on from the Manure bashing.. Full marks to the 2 fullbacks, Santi & Alexis…Ramsey keeps being a divisive figure..good at industry but terrible for his on field discipline, positioning (that’s why we needed a pacy winger in the last tw) and his decision making…make no mistake, this was the mighty Watford…other minnows might really exploit our right flank and double up on young Bellerin

    Bayern’s gonna be a different beast altogether though….

  18. MidwestGun

    What up ladies? Good 3pts. Watford very organized/physical and had the speed on the counter to threaten the shit out of our high line first half. Not allowing much space in the midfield. But not the talent to keep it going. We still struggle with that kind of setup.
    Encouraged that we actually came out of a halftime with some purpose for once. What can you say about Sanchez, dude is a baller.
    Lol @Bishop you know why.

    Thought we were actually gonna get to GuNZ’s 4-0 prediction for a minute. Haha. … would have been epic Nostradamus like scoreline predicting.

    Pretty sure I saw Stan’s ugly mug at the match also. Nice of him to take an interest in our affairs for once.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Not how I thought it would go exactly, did think it was going to be one of those games where we have a gazillion chances and win 3-0, but, soon as that first went in we did what was important and went for the second.

    Little teams like Watford, West Brom, Spurs and that, whilst it’s still 1-0. or 0-0 they are right up for it and the crowd is behind them, as soon as you smother them, bang another it, all goes quiet.

    Cannot express my affection for Sanchez strong enough, absolute dream of a footballer.

    Nice assist from Ozil as well. Walcott struggled today though I thought. Giroud came on and sort of offered the polar opposite, but, whilst it’s all well and good having that option, you still feel neither are the solution going forward if we’re serious, and Wenger et al keep telling us we are, about being a big, big club.

  20. Marko

    Clinical finish from Giroud. Shame he’s not good enough in other ways to be a quality starting CF.

    Heck even Bony got a couple today.

    Not trying to undercut Ozil but to give Cazorla his proper due.

    Sure you’re not

  21. Sam

    Chambo is given only 10 minutes of football for Ramsey n u expect him to come in n play with full confidence
    Some of you twats need to grow up

  22. MidwestGun

    Its funny I don’t hate Giroud as much coming off the bench. Walcott did struggle a bit but I thought his pace helped wear them down along with Bellerin and Sanchez we have a pretty good track team.

  23. GuNZ


    I know what you mean about Giroud and the bench. I was even tempted to tell Wenger to allow Olivier a nougat bar after his goal today.

  24. MidwestGun

    GuNZ. . Haha. . I was thinking about your 4 -0 prediction when Ole L’oreal hit that header on target which would have made it 4. I was that close. … to spitting out my beer.

  25. Dissenter

    ” Chambo is given only 10 minutes of football for Ramsey n u expect him to come in n play with full confidence
    Some of you twats need to grow up”

    Actually, your post is twat-tiful 🙂
    Are you suggesting that he shouldn’t play with confidence because he’s coming in as a sub. How is he going to regain the starting place if he’s playing like that.

    He won’t be a great player if he cannot clear his head after a bad game. Every great player has to have some resilience, so far he hasn’t shown it with all the comments he made about being too hard on himself.

  26. bennydevito

    Further more, Wenger, the board and the AKBs have been citing the stadium move, the recession, Oil money, global warming as reasons we haven’t been able to compete but now all agree that those reasons no longer apply. Well let’s bloody well see shall we? Let’s really get behind the team and be positive, really believe we can win the league this season and see how things stand at the end of the season. I really don’t see how moaning, squabbling or objectively analysing is going to benefit the morale of the team or Arsenal as a club especially as we’ve got so much going for us right now.

    Great win I called earlier too. I like how we’ve gone back to our old style of counterattacking power over tippy tappy crab ball.

  27. daz

    “Arsenal in their element beating lesser teams like Watford.”

    red you say this as if its an insult all top teams are in their element beating lesser teams that’s what makes them top teams they only get to play equal or better teams once in awhile so whats your point?

  28. MidwestGun

    Flat track bullies?
    Ha…,Ya.. thats probably why we lost to West Ham, Olympiakos, and Zagreb because they are world powerhouses.

    Good arguement as always Redtroll. Serious question, can you tie your own shoes or do you find it mentally challenging?

  29. Dissenter

    The “flat track” bully argument is redundant
    You have to beat the minnows to win the championship

    Silly argment. Didn’t Westam used to be our whipping boys before.

  30. Sam

    Such a tiny squad we have
    This kinda game we should have rested Sanchez, Cazorla, ozil, bellerin, koscielny n Cech but replace them with who? Lol!!!
    Watford would smash our team B

  31. MidwestGun

    Oops 4 goals and an assist….. it’s actually becoming very prestigious to make
    Red’s list.

    If we could get everyone on our team to be flat track bully, headless chickens we could win the League!

  32. Jeff

    Analysis from the BBC.

    “Mesut Ozil provided six key passes (including two assists for the goals) – more than any other Arsenal player “

  33. steve

    JeffOctober 17, 2015 20:18:02
    Analysis from the BBC.“Mesut Ozil provided six key passes (including two assists for the goals) – more than any other Arsenal player “

    He’s the nr 10 after all.

  34. MidwestGun

    Godfather –
    Were you here when we lost back to back to Zagreb and Chelsea?
    No? Didn’t think so….. good to see your still trolling from way back though. Bout 3 years by my count.

  35. GuNZ

    Wenger Eagle

    Did you watch that! Absolutely clinical! 62 – 13 to the Blacks. Stonking performance! No nougat for the French rugby team, half a nougat bar for Giroud, rare French champagne and truffles for Sanchez, Ozil, and the entire All Black contingent. Mouth-watering semi-final against the Boks coming up.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    I agree on Kane.

    Lots of work, occasionally some nice stuff, but bang average player who was in rich form last year and seriously, was one of the luckiest ST’s around for those few months, ball always seemed to come nicely to him, you could of course argue that is his positioning, but, think we’re now seeing there were large slices of luck in Kane’s form.

    On Mert as well, goodness me he looked slow today, looking forward to having Gabriel back, that whole Cech cock up came from Cech not trusting him I think, must say as I was watching I was waiting for Mert to fall over, or for the Watford forward to go past him.

  37. MidwestGun

    Rspc –
    Ya….my picks today not the best, either. Ha… If you hit that NFL bet… you can owe me.
    Needed Pool to score a goal.
    Got Juventus over Inter tomorrow tho gonna get some payback.

  38. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Yah, he just doesn’t look that good a player, but it keeps working for him.

    I keep thinking the goals will stop, but like Kane last year he keeps scoring.

    Unlike Kane he seems more determined though. Interesting to see whether defenders start to get the measure of him soon

  39. steve

    GodfatherOctober 17, 2015 20:29:38
    Back to back 3-0 wins ….Yup Wenger Out

    Yeah because that cancels out all every Wenger fuck up through the years. Numbnuts.

  40. WengerEagle


    Haha no mate I have to concede that I’m not really into Rugby much, have been keeping an eye on the WC though. My brother is a Rugby nut.

    Having said that hoping that we win tomorrow! Would make the country that much more pleasant for the next week.

    I second Sanchez earning a rare box of truffles.

  41. Redtruth


    You ret@rd or just ignorant.

    It’s well known these past few seasons Arsenal have struggled against top sides and comfortably dispatched run of the mill sides.

    You dozy pony.

  42. mimi

    always look forward to yoir bantz with redtruth.very interesting. The one on him having spent time in an argentinian prison was a classic.cheers

  43. Sam

    If we are top of the table by Xmas
    Welbeck n wilshere will come back as new signings
    Still it will be wise to buy new players coz these current first Team being used like donkeys expect their fitness level to drop or worse, injuries

  44. MidwestGun

    Awww Red. … you wound me deeply. Not exactly flat track bullies this season tho are we? So that would make today’s results more relevant then your arguement. You gonna cry every time we beat a lower table team this season then?

  45. WengerEagle



    There has always been something off about Kane whenever I’ve watched him, even when he was smashing in the goals. His technique IMO isn’t great and he isn’t the most athletically gifted, I think that you’re right in that everything he touched last season just seemed to turn to gold.

    A purple patch rarely seen in the BPL, off the top of my head Santa Cruz had one of those seasons at Blackburn, Michu at Swansea, Benjani at Pompey, Forssell for Birmingham if you want to go a fair bit back.

    I’m not saying that all of a sudden he’s a rubbish striker but I’m not surprised that he’s struggling put it that way. I think that he’ll still score 10-15 BPL goals and maybe close to 20 overall but he will never get anywhere near 30 again in his career IMO.

  46. MidwestGun

    Redtroll –
    Yes… You want us to start losing to the minnows and only beating those teams then? By my math…. correct me if I’m wrong. That’s only 18 points.
    So by definition you have to be flat track bullies to succeed. This year we haven’t been consistently and that’s why TODAY’S result is good.
    Clear? No? …. probably not.

  47. MidwestGun

    Except this season so far we we haven’t Redtroll. I mean in person, I could talk slower and use smaller words.., but I don’t know how to type dumber…. so you can figure it out.

    Maybe if I type in old testament speak you will get it. We girded our loins today.

  48. Redtruth


    The season is only nine games in and already Arsenal have dropped points to Chelsea and Liverpool so i’m afraid the pattern of past seasons is already repeating itself!

  49. Leedsgunner

    Three points – excellent performance. I really hope Sanchez gets a breather and Ox gets some game time with Debuchy versus Bayern. Europe is a lost cause and we are right to prioritise the League. Sure I want us to win us a win but no use throwing the sink at if we’re going to lose the focus in the. League.

    It’s a win win versus Bayern as I see it. If we win we keep the momentum going, if we lose we will get a response for the Everton game. Very happy for all the three guys who scored today. Well deserved. We should look to that 3 points in the EPL versus Everton. No excuses.

  50. MidwestGun

    Redtroll –
    Really? Ok… I’ll try one more time. .. you were trying to discount today’s win as another flat -track bully win when this season we have been wildly inconsistent in our results. Losing to minnows and just got done beating Man. U, which we haven’t done in ages.

    So we have been anything but….,flat track bullies so far. Also, bully implies you are crushing teams. “Bullying” them, which we haven’t done . So today’s victory is actually a good thing as it gets back to doing the basics correctly which is beating worse teams handily.

    Also, now your including Liverpool, though it was the Mancs and Chelsea.
    Pool havent been good since Suarez.

  51. Redtruth


    Which minnows have we lost to this season.

    Wenger has lost 51 times in Europe so i wouldn’t consider losing to Olympiakos as much of an upset plus we’ve lost our last 3 visits to Athens.

  52. Redtruth


    You are in top form for stupidity today.

    I remember Arsenal losing their opening game to Aston Villa still didn’t stop them wiping the floor with the rest of the lemons in the league.

    Flat track bullies do occasionaly lose to small teams but that’s an exception rather than the rule.

  53. MidwestGun

    Redtroll –
    Ohhh yes! Does that make me a headless chicken. ….I’m the Midwestern Messi…… my life is complete, now.
    To be a bully. .., don’t ,you know. …. actually have to bully teams. Scraping a 1 goal difference win over West Brom, Qpr,West Ham, Leicester, Newcastle, Burnley, ya we were bullying the crap out of those teams.

  54. Mr B

    I would be for Steve Bould taking over from arsenal.

    I think that the downward trajectory of our defense stopped when he joined and he has made a very resolute defense with very able players. You look at our five, it is all great, Bellerin, Mert, Cech, Lolo and Nacho are all top class in their position,

    He has been trained in the latest trends and I liked that when he first joined he pointed out that the game had changed so much that everything he had learned playing wasn’t relevant today. That shows he can analyze minute details.

  55. Wallace

    “This time he arrives as a key central defensive peg in a team that has won 12 games in a row and conceded six goals in all matches this season. His next task is to stifle Özil, Arsenal’s chief creative influence and a player with whom Boateng came through Germany’s ranks from under-19s to world champion and whose talent as a playmaker inspires a genuine professional awe.

    “He can be frustrating,” Boateng says, grinning. “I’ve known him for a really long time. And, well … let me say he doesn’t do this on purpose [here he mimes slouching, walking slowly, looking wan and pale]. It’s just his personality, it’s what he looks like. He doesn’t want to upset people. He always does his best, but he goes through some hard times like anybody. But if he has the confidence and he gets his rhythm he is one of the best players in the world.

    “He has the eye for his team-mates, he can read when you have to run. He still can do so much better too, his talent is so high, as high as anyone.”

    – Guardian

  56. MidwestGun

    Lol lol lol lol
    # haha

    Anyhow, always the highlight of my day RedT. Let me know, when you come up with the last game you were happy about. Maybe it was back in the 70’s when men were men, eh?

  57. bennydevito

    RedtruthOctober 17, 2015    19:13:30

    benny You say the same garbage every season you are stale like Wenger

    Thanks Redruth, glad you notice me.

    LOL LOL!

    Pretty sure we all say the same thing Redsonja!


  58. GuNZ


    Yep, got the hoover – a goodie. Place is spotless, well the bits I tried it out on are anyway, which are the only bits I showed the missus when I skyped her. Happy missus = happy GuNZ.

    Great weekend so far. Arsenal get a sound away win, ABs give a master class at the RWC. Shame I haven’t done any work. Ah sod it, that can wait until tomorrow. It’s gone noon, think I’ll go down the pub.

  59. Leedsgunner

    What’s the minor injury to Gabs? Is he going to be fit for Bayern? If not do we dare to start Chambers against them because Mertesacker is going to be eaten as a tasty morsel by Muller… gulp.

  60. salman

    Great win. We need to maintain a nasty mean streak for the next 6 or 7 games in the league to pull away at top. As far as Bayern and UCL go, who gives a flying fuck. We are never going to win that thing in the near future at least.