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It’s Thursday and I’m here to tell you I love you.

So what do we have to serve up on the oak wood chopping board of Arsenal today?


Yah man. Expensive. It costs many pounds to go to Arsenal.  The BBC have exposed us as the MOST expensive club in the land. £97 a ticket if you go big, though I’m reliably informed the most expensive goes up to £127.

Most clubs across the country sat on a pay freeze this year. Like being a public sector work, eh? We should strike for higher!

Jokes. That’d be stupid.

There was also a load of complaining about the cost of football kits. Apparently a United kids kit costs a whopping £100. I mean, lusting after one of their kits should come with some sort of fine. So that price feels fair.

Both of these instances feel a little bit like a bland moan.

Yes, football is expensive. However, football is premium entertainment. That’s the price of premium entertainment in London. If you break football out of this birth right thing we have in the UK, it is a day out. It is expensive. But we kind of get a very good product in London.

The game brings in a lot of cash, so you’d hope we could bring the prices down, but that’d be a crazy move even if you loved the club. If people are willing to pay top dollar, why say, ‘no, pay less’ and we’ll use the TV money to supplant that revenue. Doing that weakens the club and it’s only a smart move if everyone lowers their prices.

That’s why I like the Twenty is Plenty movement. If you’re going to help any fan out, it should be the nutcases who travel the country to follow the team. I don’t care what anyone says,  those guys are super fans in my eyes. It’s a different level of support and clubs should do all they can to make sure those guys are looked after. Away fans make the games.

Back onto kits. This one really gets me. Now, I don’t have kids because they look kinda expensive and they can make you really boring on social media. However, I like the concept of them and I like the idea of giving them football kits. So, football kits are expensive. £100 they say.

BUT. How expensive are games consoles? £300? How expensive are games? £60 a pop? How many games do you buy kids? Two for the year? I bloody doubt it.

At least a kit gets the kid out of the house. At least the kit makes the kid feel part of something that isn’t virtual (he says, writing a blog). At least the kit is tangible.

I understand that it would be nicer if they were cheap. But look, kits have always been expensive. But they’re an important indoctrination tool.

I know that you can now make millions videoing yourself playing computer games. Which is really cool and makes me hate that fact that I don’t get any money for writing about Arsenal. However, I’d prefer to be outside. I’d prefer to give a kid the gift of being good at sport, because that makes you less bullied and far more appealing to the opposite sex.

Sometimes it goes too far though… I’ve seen kids turn to adults and then wear the kits out as adults. It’s horrendous. Most grow out of it. Some buy retro kits to soften the blow of the act of wearing a kit. But look, that’s the risk you run.

I don’t really get the bitching on that front.


Isn’t something I read often.

Anyway, how about the AGM? I wasn’t there. Which was upsetting. No mingling with the big dogs there trying to wangle a job as a cameraman.

So, on the ticketing front… Ivan said:

“Almost no-one gives up an Arsenal season ticket. We had 97 per cent renewal rate. But in the face of demand, board holds prices,”

“Always comparisons with Germany. Effectively, in Germany the tax payer subsidises the average match going fan.”

Fair shout. I can’t see a situation where we’d reduce prices because it’d hamper us in the transfer market we don’t compete in.

Ivan went big on defending his boss, Arsene, on the summer of shame.

“We have built a strong squad. We have to be smarter, working more intelligently than our wealthier competitors,”

“I make no apologies for having a strong squad and being in a strong financial position. That’s always been our aim.”

“We won’t spend money or waste it just to appease commentators.

“Ozil, Sanchez and Cech show how the board will release funds for signings at any point.

“You don’t sign players like Ozil and Sanchez unless you have ambition to win the league and you don’t sign them without Wenger.”

DO ME A FAVOUR IVAN. We’re out the Champions League after two games. We’re not working smarter than our destitute friends in the backwater leagues of europe.

I also find the ‘it doesn’t happen without Arsene’ line irritating. Like without Arsene, we’d be managerless… or forced into signing a manager with no pedigree or ability to sell a vision or a dream to a player. It’s like the debt of gratitude never ends…

‘God bless Arsene for just being so damn appealing. Have you thanked him lately? No? What about that stadium though? What about him. Just him. What about him? So good. I love him. Have you written him a letter lately? Why?’

However, asides from the obvious public backing of a manager that doesn’t fully cut it but just about does so he stays in a job… Ivan said this, which I love.

“We are investing in the best people, scouting, medical, analytics, and many are from outside football.

“These changes will keep us ahead of the game.

“Our strategy is youth development, player signings, and player retentions.”


We’re trying to build a world class infrastructure so when Arsene goes, it doesn’t all go to shite. We’re building something so when a David Moyes comes in, he can’t break all that is good to make a point. This is the best thing that’s happening, because it appears, Arsene has little control over it. It’s clearly part of the deal. We’ll build around you, you can be part of it, but you can’t dominate it.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, within 5 years of Arsene going, we’ll win the Champions League. Well, if the infrastructure that’s being put in place is a good one. Which I’m assured it is.

Sir Chips sounded like he had a nightmare. Belligerent fool. Thank god he doesn’t have any real power. His response to the Living Wage was beyond embarrassing for a chairman.

“That one again.”

I suppose when you’re mega rich, the idea of poor people probably makes you feel a bit queezy.

I can’t wait until that part of the club is shipped out to the knackers yard… and look, this is nothing to do with Sir Chips being old, it’s to do with him being a bit of an arse.

Right, 1000 words on a hangover. You lucky sausages!

Have a great day.

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  1. WengerEagle

    I have a feeling that tom is a more mellowed Lee tbh.

    Writes very similarly to him just without the aggression.

    Have to admit that I’m always skeptical of these short single name posters in small letters, we have a track record of nutters on here that fit that name description.

  2. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Naaa Tom is out in Cali … I believe him. Time Zone difference and post times.

    plus Keyser has that certain way of typing you have to read 2 or 3 times and still be like….. huh? Lol.

    Ya actually Hunter13 and I always had some banter so I decided to poke the bear and he went off on a tangent. Lol. Imagine that.

  3. N5

    If Mid says he isn’t he isn’t! that man can sniff out a user from a 1000 yards.

    I was going to mention Sanogo and my dislike of him to see what reaction it got. I thought if anything would bring back Keyser it would be me saying I’d rather start Gunnersaurus then see him up front for us again!!

  4. WengerEagle


    I can’t see it mate, Keyser was a cranky old fucker, no way could he bite his tongue for this long. tom is also less argumentative, Keyser is like a dog with a bone once he gets going.

    I don’t agree with him much but be fair to tom he comes across very polite whenever I’ve seen his posts.

  5. MidwestGun

    Lee = Arsene….. he has mellowed a bit. I think he basically just wanted to talk but got caught up in the LG name calling stuff and defending his crazy buddy L.e P.rof.

  6. R.S.P.C.Arsenal



    There you go showing your true colours …
    Thought you put your arhpgument over well, then you go abipusing an costing me off ?
    Why ?

    I don’t know an what’s more don’t care …..

    Strange person red strange….

  7. N5

    WE, someone planting the idea in my head earlier saying he was the new Keyser as he wrote 80% of the days comments, but you’re right. I understand toms posts and he’s not once called me an idiot.

  8. Jeff


    That is just pure rationalisation. The crux of the issue is that the question about who is to backup Coquelin still remains. There is virtually no one. Walcott is currently scoring freely but he is highly injury prone and in all honesty will probably have a purple patch (like Ramsey couple of seasons back) and then fizzle out. Welbeck who is mediocre and injured and the same goes for Giroud. We definitely could have done with a top class striker as well. But we signed no one. So rationalising about £75m and the ifs and buts of it is just nonsense. Inaction is just not an option in football if you want to win big things.

  9. N5

    No problem RSPCA, I fell into the same trap a few years back and we’d argue nightly over it. He just get a rise out of winding people up. The less you bite the more abusive he gets.

  10. WengerEagle


    Hahaha. No mate even better still, Origi.

    He could be tied up and held hostage in his famous basement by a Craigslist bunny boiler and still find a way to respond to such a bold statement.

  11. MidwestGun

    Actually the only commenter that I wouldn’t miss is Monkey. Dude needs meds and says some embarassing stuff. Ohhh and maybe that Under the River dude or whatever identity he goes by when he’s trolling N5.
    Otherwise. ..most don’t bother me.

    I’m like Pedro with a hangover. ….. I love you all man….. I loooove you. Lol
    Had a roommate in University that was THAT drunk guy that would get all emotional.

  12. N5

    Ha ha, Eagle lets force him back! I can feel the ground rumbling like that T-Rex scene in Jurassic Park.

    Here we go:

    1) Sanogo is awful, free or not!
    2) Origi is better than Sanogo and better value for money!
    3) I think formation matters
    4) Sanogo should never have played against Bayern
    5) Formation does matter
    6) Sanogo will never be worth 50M
    7) Formations do really matter.

    Don’t move lads, he can only see you when you move!!!!

  13. MidwestGun

    N5 -not sure mostlyRiver’s on during the weekends and I’ve been busy the past few . But he will probably turn up now for sure.

    As for Keyser it’s no use, Sal and I tried to call him out last week and he ignored us. Hahaha.

  14. Bamford10

    Signing one top player per summer window will have us competing with the best in …. well never, actually.

    Because by the time you’ve filled one need, other players will fade or get injured and new needs will appear.

    Take this summer: to compete with the best in the EPL (City) or in the CL, we needed at least three quality additions: CDM, CF and GK.

    We got one.

    By the time Wenger fills the CF or CDM need, we’ll need a new LB, or a new CM, or a new RW.

    We’ll never actually get to a point where we have quality all around — at least not the quality needed to compete with the best.

    Of course, as long as Wenger is in charge, we won’t compete for top honors regardless.

  15. Bamford10


    “the 20 odd years he is there guiding the club step by step on how to become from a so and so club into an elite football force”

    Arsenal are today an “elite football force”? Please. We haven’t advanced past the CL16 in five years — we might not even get out of the group this year — and we haven’t competed for the EPL title in ten years.

    Arsenal were an “elite” club a decade ago, but haven’t been since.

  16. Dissenter

    Culled from the Guardian
    “A Bayern Munich supporters’ group is calling on fans to boycott the first five minutes of next week’s Champions League meeting with Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium in protest at what it calls “excessive” ticket prices.

    FC Bayern Worldwide has organised the protest in collaboration with several other supporters’ groups after Bayern fans were charged a minimum of £64 to attend the match in London on 20 October. According to a post on the group’s Facebook account, with fees and postage included, that means the majority will have to pay more than €100 (£74).”

    We are becoming the shame of the Casino capitalist extortion of football fans.
    It’s not like we are investing the money back into football. All we are doing is sucking it out of fans into the coffers of Kroenke.

    Hope the media cover this, the two times we meet Bayern.
    The difference will be clear, one club has mega investment on the field and is managed by former footballers while the other club is managed by venerable manager surrounded by greedy footballing novices.

  17. Bamford10


    “time you guys respected the rest of us too. we happen to believe in this squad , in this manager and in the club ..who the fuck are you guys to tell us anything?”

    Umm, because you’re the same know-nothing twats who believed in last season’s squad, and the previous season’s squad, and the squad the season before that.

    None of which were not good enough.

    And you know who was saying so? We were.

    And you know how much out pointing out facts affected those squads’ performance on the field? Not a lick.

    You’re a fucking moron, mate.

    You believe in this squad? You believe in this manager? Care to explain what happened against Dinamo Zagreb? Against West Ham at home on opening day? Against Olypiakos at home? Against Monaco at home last season?

    Good luck with that.

    The only dim people here are you, Tom and your lot.

  18. Bamford10


    “The reason Arsene has never won the CL is that he routinely competes with teams far better resourced than his own. ”

    Actually, he loses because these other teams are better-managed AND they have better players.

    But even if you were right, even if it were entirely down to their having superior “resources,” that would be all the more reason not to leave some £200m in cash lying fallow in the bank.



  19. Bamford10


    “The reason Wenger has not won a European trophy is because he is tactically inept.”

    Best comment I’ve ever seen from Marble. Bravo, sir.

  20. Bamford10


    “Arsene knows. He really does.”

    Which is why he hasn’t competed for a top honor in a decade? He doesn’t know shit, mate.

    And he isn’t bring a slingshot to a long-sword fight (your analogy). He’s bringing a fucking butter knife, or a BROKEN slingshot.

    Cesc Appeal once came up with a great analogy for this. I think he said that Wenger is like the guy who thinks the best steak knives are too expensive so he buys a spoon instead and brings that to the fight.

    Something like that.

    Wenger doesn’t know shit, which is why he has failed on the highest stage time after time over the past decade.

  21. Bamford10

    But Pedro did tweet this two hours ago:

    “Wenger to quit in 19months!

    Sad and exciting.

    Wonder if he’ll go all out Fergie Style next season?”

  22. Mick Kartun

    “Wenger to quit in 19months!

    Man, what a breath of fresh air.

    Wonder if AW is sincere or not with his hint.

    We all know it’s up to Silent Stan, and if he offered him more extensions after 19 months, who knows what’s in AW’s mind.

    Guess we have to wait until 19 months to prove that.

  23. underrated Coq

    Jose ‘cry baby’ Mourinho at it again, throwing his toys out of the pram over conspiracy theories, adding in what has now become a customary dig at Wenger in the process.

    Is there a worse moaner in World football ?

  24. Wallace


    “You believe in this squad? You believe in this manager? Care to explain what happened against Dinamo Zagreb? Against West Ham at home on opening day? Against Olypiakos at home? Against Monaco at home last season? ”

    Chelsea have lost 4 of the 8 games they’ve played this season, Man City 2, Man Utd 2…are you really suggesting a good side should never lose?

  25. Mick Kartun

    My plagiarism joke from internet:


    Three guys go to a ski lodge, and there aren’t enough rooms, so they have to share a bed.

    In the middle of the night:

    MAUREENHO, the guy on the right wakes up and says, “I had this wild, vivid dream of getting a hand job!”

    WENGER, The guy on the left wakes up, and unbelievably, he’s had the same dream, too.

    Then wengabal, the guy in the middle wakes up and says, “That’s funny, I dreamed I was SKIING.”

  26. Wallace

    he’s still a c*nt, but this is funny….

    “My reaction is Begovic said we had the best manager in the world. Zouma the same. JT: We have the manager we want, the one who can help us to revive this situation. Diego Costa: If you ask every player in the world, they will all answer the same, that they’d like to work with three managers and one of them is this one. Who else? Fabregas, the same. Ramires, the same. Loftus-Cheek, the same. Cahill, the same. Eden Hazard, very similar. So I think the mutiny must be Baba Rahman. Who else? Papy Djilobodji? Falcao? Oscar? So these four don’t play Saturday for sure!”

  27. GuNZ

    Arsene has been sleeping at my place the last week or so. I’ve tried getting him interested in rugby since the international break started but he keeps getting excited all the time and shouting ” ‘andball, ‘andball ” so I have to slap the twat.

    Watford . . . good defensive record, no real danger in attack. I reckon this is going to be a biggie: 0-4 to the Gooners or more.

  28. nasri's mouth

    Love it when Bamford calls someone a ‘know nothing twat’.


    Wenger doesn’t know shit:

    He’s absolutely oblivious.

  29. nasri's mouth


    Watford havent been turned over yet. Only ManC beat them by more than 1 goal, and we don’t really create any more than they do

    It’ll be a tight game.

  30. GuNZ


    As I said, good defensive record. I just have a feeling I may go to the bookie’s with. Allow a man his optimism 😉

  31. GuNZ

    Friday night here in NZ. I have decided not to go out because I have been in the pub all afternoon. All I have to look forward to on TV is the Graham Norton Show and every single news bulletin getting all bent and twisted out of shape about the prospect of the French in the RWC quarter finals – shades of 2007 and all that.

    If TunnyGriffBoy is listening in, good luck with your game against the SAFAs. Go the Dragons!

  32. GuNZ

    To the tune of ‘Country Roads’ by the late, great Jon Denver:

    Take me home
    Piccadilly Line
    To the place
    Where I feel fine
    Arsenal station
    My fascination
    Hot dogs! Hamburgers!

    I know the meter breaks up a bit at the end there but that’s what I remember. The ‘Hot dogs! Hamburgers!’ call from the street vendors on Gillespie Road both before and after a game when it only used to cost 3 quid or less to get into the North Bank or even less into the Clock End. And the smell of fried onions . . . oh fuck me I’m getting old.

  33. GuNZ

    I remember my first time over the Arsenal. I was a sperm in my old man’s scrotum. I think we must have won because he got so excited I was in danger of just ending up a smear on the inside of his trousers.

  34. Bamford10

    “A Premier League challenge has to be the minimum requirement this season, we’re currently in second, so let’s see where it goes.” – Arseblog, this morning

    Cannot wait to see what this guy and other AKBs say at season’s end, when we fail to challenge for the title, yet again.

  35. Dark Hei

    “Arsenal were an “elite” club a decade ago, but haven’t been since.”

    A decade ago is 2005 and also beginning of our decline.

    We were truly top dogs between 2002 to 2004, if memory serves me right. Since then we have been there and abouts but without really being relevant.

  36. Wallace

    “It has led to rising tensions at junior level, with an increased presence from senior members of the Arsenal hierarchy turning up to monitor the performance of the coaching staff in recent weeks.

    Academy manager Andries Jonker, Under 18 coach Frans de Kat and Under 16 coach Jan van Loon all arrived in July 2014 to great hullabaloo. They had worked with the Dutch FA at various times during their careers and promised to tailor some of their principles to suit the young stars at Arsenal.

    Instead a division is emerging, with the trio having very different ideas on player development than head of scouting Steve Morrow and Shaun O’Connor….

    In recent weeks there have been mutterings from some parents about the quality of the coaching, with various complaints being made about the lack of game-time for their children.

    Van Loon’s habit of addressing the youngsters in a stern, uncompromising manner during the club’s nightly sessions has also led to grumblings from players and their parents. Arsenal have taken steps to address these issues, reassuring academy recruits that they will continue to improve the structure at Hale End.

    For years the academy operated on a shoestring at youth level, relying on Wenger’s name and reputation around the world to convince young, raw talent to move to the club.

    That changed when the investors at Chelsea and Manchester City began to outbid them, paying premiums for the players they knew Arsenal were interested in.

    It has led to a rethink, a change in financial planning after Chelsea won the FA Youth Cup for the third time in four years last season.

    When Chelsea baulked in the summer at the demands of Ajax forward Donyell Malen, who wanted a contract worth £1.8million over three years, Arsenal stepped in.

    Wenger still spoke to his former player Dennis Bergkamp, now assistant boss at Ajax, about the young talent, but Arsenal were unexpected front-runners. They know that there is significant ground to make up and there is a sense of regret that most of their resources and energy has been channelled into the first team in recent seasons.”

    – Daily M*il

  37. Bamford10

    Dark Hei

    Glad you agree with my assessment.

    Aren’t you an AKB, though? What accounts then, IYO, for Arsenal’s irrelevance over the past ten years? Are you of the view that it is entirely down to a relative lack of money? Or are you of the view that Wenger is partly to blame, either because of his approach to spending or to tactics, etc.?

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    Not just the Daily Mail, but N.eil Ashton, so it’s hard to know the level of truth or exaggeration in that piece.

    One important point is that it will take time to see the results from any recent improvements in the youth set up. If the changes put in last summer are having a positive effect, we wont see any real evidence of them for a couple of seasons at least.

    I wonder whether Brady’s return might be linked here though. No doubt he would have been the friendly well known face in the past, and maybe he’s back to improve the relations between parents and the club etc.

  39. WengerEagle

    ‘Aren’t you an AKB, though? ‘

    Hate this shit I have to say.

    He supports Arsenal Bam, that’s all there is to it.

    You’d swear we have two sets of fans supporting different clubs at times with the way these labels get thrown out.

  40. Nasri's Mouth


    One of the crop of new youth signings this summer

    Striker from Ajax. Much talked about, but too early to say whether he’ll make it. He’s only 16

  41. DUIFG

    Cheers NM, i somehow managed to miss all our youth signings, i only found out about adelaide when i saw him in the emirates cup?

    how are our boys doing out on loan? think i heard some decent stories around crowley? toral scored for brum first game of season but think he has gone quiet since then

  42. Wallace


    there’s a level of detail to the article which would suggest his source is good.

    agree it’ll take a while to see any impact, but worrying if senior staff are having to turn up to keep an eye on things.

  43. Wallace


    “Striker from Ajax. Much talked about, but too early to say whether he’ll make it. He’s only 16.”

    that said, you’d want to be seeing him in and around the first team squad within the next 18mths if he is going to have a chance.

  44. Nasri's Mouth


    Tried to reply to you in a bit of detail, but clearly one of my words is a banned one.

    I’d say Crowley is doing well. Hard to know how well

    Zelelam, doubly so (quality of his league)

    Maitland Niles going very well

    The rest ? Meh

  45. Highbury4ever

    “Flores salutes Wenger longevity
    Watford manager Quique Sanchez Flores says Arsene Wenger’s 19-year reign at Arsenal would be impossible to repeat in Spain.”

    Of course it would be impossible, normally if you fail to win the championship in a decade (or a single trophy in 10 years…), you’re FIRED.

  46. Mickey G

    Not that you’d care Pedro, but if you come out with more nonsense like this I’ll have to stop reading. Comparing football kits to XBOX consoles and games? Gimme a break. Firstly the tech and hardware that goes into a console is pretty serious. They are series pieces of kit with series software and computer engineering behind them. Those units are also sold at a loss. The manufacturers make up for this by charging a premium on the games. The games also have to be built, or written rather, physics engines, graphics, testing etc. The games themselves are series peices of engineering. Companies that make games have to employee people, have huge overheads etc and don’t make a killing on every single game, only some games make the investment pay off.

    Football kits…. they are made out of cheap artificial fabric in a factory and cost virtually nothing. The factories can spit them out for hardly anything and they don’t even need to pay the workers in Asia peanuts for making them.

    There is a MASSIVE difference. And a kit doesn’t mean a healthier child. It’s basically kiddy bragging rights… nothing more. Fuck sake man. I know you are now living in America, but that is no excuse for becoming completely ignorant.

    p.s. if you want cheap xbox games you can buy them pre-owner for feck all. Dumbass.

  47. N5

    Mickey calm down mate, he’s being flippant. I assume you’re a gamer but not reading anymore because someone has said something you don’t agree with is silly. If we all did that we’d end up not reading anything.

    Also Playstation’s are better!! 😀

  48. Dark Hei


    Us AKBs got brains too; the zombies did not get to everyone of us.

    Yes, the lack of $$ is a clear factor. I believe Stan gave a mandate to match deposits with the stadium liability. I have no evidence to support this but the pile of cash we have is around the same level as our long term loans.

    As for Wenger, you will have to treat his performances post 2005 in stages. I think between 2005 and 2008, he handled team very well. On a shoe string budget, I think we hit great heights in the 2008 season. Yeah we didn’t win anything, but we were relevant. We beat a Viera led Juventus, reach the CL finals, quite a few milestones with a bunch of kids.

    It was the post 2008 when things start to unravel. Every key player either left or got injured. Wenger turned to his kids but while they were all excellent technically but were fragile in some way. It resulted in an unbalanced squad. Djourou, Denilson, Clichy were all good technically but deficient in other areas. Between 2008 and 2011 was probably to lowest ebb of Wenger’s time.

    Between 2012 and 2015, we now have a good mixture of veterans and kids. The style of play has evolved during this time. It was pretty boring stuff in the beginning but with Sanchez now in the mix, we are now seeing Wengaball coming back to life again.

  49. Nasri's Mouth


    Well, lets look at what he’s actually said

    There’s a difference in opinion between the coaches and the scouts. Well, the new coaches were brought in because the old system wasn’t working, so I’d expect them to have different ideas.

    Parents and players not happy with the coach. There might be some truth in this, but I wouldn’t take too much stock in what parents say about a subject they more than likely know less than the coaches about 😀

    Shoestring budget. Part of the reason the budget was low is because youth players don’t command high fees. What’s interesting is that having had 12 months to evaluate our set up, they’ve decided to buy in. That suggests they know there simply isn’t the talent coming through from the U16s in the next few years.

    I’d add into that Gazidis comments from the AGM about being smart when it comes to competing with the bigger boys. We’ll have to see what we do next summer. Spend £xxxm on a group of 6-7 highly rated kids in the hope that one turns into a star. Certainly it’s an alternative to going head to head for players like DeBryne or Martial. Dunno whether it’ll work though

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    Wallace: that said, you’d want to be seeing him in and around the first team squad within the next 18mths if he is going to have a chance.

    Yeah, probably. Depending on quickly he settles in. New country, new club, new staff etc.

    It’s pretty hard to know the exact strategy. Of the youth signings over the last 12 months, do they have any firm favourites, or is it more of a scatter-gun approach? Player development at that age can be pretty random. A star at 14 might be a plumber at the age of 22, but if you bring in enough potential, some should make it

  51. DUIFG

    cheers NM, ye zalalem could be looking like god up in rangers but lets face it he is playing against cloggers.

    Its a really poor loan move, dont know who in hell sanctioned it

  52. Dark Hei


    Disagree there. Zelalem’s problem was that he always looked good when playing with the first team (friendlies). But put him with the youths, he struggles.

    I think sending him north is important. He needs to know how to tailor his game to those around him. Up there, he can’t expect to try and slip through balls or play fancy 1-2s. He needs to adapt. And from the news filtering through, he is doing a swell job.

  53. Nasri's Mouth


    Zelalem looks a very cultured player, seems to be playing a little deeper than he was when he first came. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s an attempt to toughen him up

  54. DUIFG

    @DUIFGZelalem looks a very cultured player, seems to be playing a little deeper than he was when he first came. It wouldn’t surprise me if it’s an attempt to toughen him up

    looks like it but could he not have gone to championship, would not say its any less manly

  55. alexanderhenry

    There were two significant points made yesterday. Firstly , anyone with a grain of common sense can surely see that arsenal fans are being conned. ‘Sir chips’ response to questions concerning the murky cash pay outs to KSE is just the tip of the ice berg. Here we are, a club with £220 million in the bank and we are one of the lowest spenders in the premiership this season. It’s a scandal. The only theory that makes sense to me is that kroenke is using arsenal as collateral to prop up his failing american teams. It turns out that he’s borrowed a lot of money to finance the other teams in his ‘sports franchise’ and he has to pay off the interest. He has arsenal- the ‘bank of england’ club to back this up. Secondly, there was this from wenger: “I am resolute to commit absolutely until the last day of my contract to bring back big success to this club, and leave as well one day in a position where it can do even better when I leave.” Ok, that’s the clearest indication yet that wenger will be off after next season. Personally I don’t blame him. He’s getting old of course, but more importantly he sacrificed the later part of his career for arsenal. He had offers to manage bayern and real madrid but committed himself to us agreeing to work with a zero nett transfer budget while his nearest rivals were spending hundreds of millions. We can argue about wenger ad nauseam but really fans should be looking to the future. Many of you believe that his successor will be a top coach and will be given access to the huge reduces at arsenal fc. We’ll find out soon enough.

  56. MidwestGun

    Sorry Alexander but your talking crap now. That theory is bunk. The Rams are worth 1.4 billion with only an 8% debt, hardly failing.
    The Denver nuggets were the 8th most profitable team last season despite having the worst record.
    The avalanche (his hockey team)has a debt ratio of 1%. Valued at 350 million.
    Also making a profit.
    Stans teams make profit, that’s what they do. Winning not so much.

  57. N5

    “he sacrificed the later part of his career for arsenal. ”

    His career was Arsenal, lets not make out he’s done us a favour out of the goodness of his heart.

  58. MidwestGun

    AH –
    Additionlly, I believe you are confusing on the field results with failing financially. Which his “franchises” are not. Why the qoute around franchises Anyhow?
    Technically to be a sports owner in the US You have to be a franchise owner as you are part of an organization of other owners. That’s how it works here.

    Also, technically he does not control his Nba team or Hockey team any longer as part of an agreement so he can attempt to move the Rams to LA.
    I find it strange whenever anyone attempts to say they know what Stan is doing? How? The guy never says anything, or answers questions.

    Whether Stan has ordered AW to spend or not is of course speculative as he doesn’t say anything. But the other shareholders seem to think there is no such restrictions. And Arsene basically said he can spend if he wants to as well as Ivan they just choose not to. Your correct in that is rotten. But your conspiracy theory makes no sense. Especially given we spent 100 mill just last season. And Ivan definitively saying AW makes all transfer decisions. That seems pretty clear to me on who to blame on transfer dealings.
    As you say tho we will find out if AW ever retires.
    Did he definitely say his contract will be his last? Didn’t sound clear to me despite all the media running with his remarks about leaving Arsenal in good standing.

  59. S Asoa

    About winning the C L within 5 years of WENGER leaving preferably in the ether reals where from he can’t do harm…
    WENGER overdue his stay for last 6 years…
    This was our year of the Champions
    but we are now out , out, and OUT

  60. alexanderhenry

    N5, he kept the club top four despite having a transfer budget of zero for 8 seasons at least. He actually had to make profits in every transfer window- almost unheard of in modern football. While this was going on man u, man city and chelsea were spending hundreds of millions on their squads. Some seasons teams such as aston villa and sunderland outspent us. The idea that we were supposed to win premierships and champions leagues while being run like a championship or league one club is completely nuts.

  61. MidwestGun

    AH –
    Haha really? .. those are blog commenters with zero inside knowledge of Stan’s finances. Stan and his wife have an estimated net worth of over 10 billion dollars, pretty sure they can get a loan whether we have 100 mill in cash or 200 mill in cash in the Arsenal kitty.

  62. N5

    AH, I understand why you said it I’m just saying you that he didn’t sacrafice anything because Arsenal is a huge club, he got paid a huge wage and he’s got full/total control. His career choice was not a sacrafice purely because he’s done very very well out of it.

    That kind of comment sounded like he did the work for free and could have gone on to much much bigger things.

    Loyalty runs both ways.

  63. nasri's mouth


    Angry of Islington is pretty clued up actually.

    Its not impossible that Stan has good reasons to want Arsenal to maintain significant cash reserves

  64. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Ya. …. unless he has personally talked to Stan will have to say” pretty clued up” isn’t very definitive. I read his reasoning seems lame to me. Until AW leaves we won’t know. AW had a reputation for not spending pre -Stan, no?

  65. daz

    “and leave as well one day in a position where it can do even better when I leave.”

    This for me is genuine I think he does really care for the future of the club and would take as much satisfaction from the next guy winning, if he’s gone about things the right way are debatable but he does what he thinks is best for the future of arsenal so for me its hard to dislike him for that

  66. nasri's mouth


    Its all speculation. As KSE don’t release public accounts because they’re based in Delaware, no-one knows their level of debt.

    I think pre Stan he pretty much spent what he had. Depending on what point Stan was able to persuade the board to do as he wanted of course.

  67. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Agreed.. speculative but I have to believe AW and Ivan when they say they can spend but choose not to. Stan has been consistent on what little he has said that he wants Arsenal to be self sustaining. That angry of Islington dude says its because it might be to make Kroenke’s shares easier to sell.
    Wishful thinking, that.

  68. nasri's mouth


    If Arsenal were holding cash for Kroenke, there’s absolutely zero chance of them admitting it!

    Kroenke is taking £3m a year out of the club, and even though its obvious to every man and his dog, the club won’t admit that its a dividend by another name. No way they’d admit we are holding multiple times that amount for KSE.

    Doesn’t mean its happening of course but the club wouldn’t openly admit it if it was

  69. Alfie

    Question –

    Would it make any difference to anyone if we got taken over but Usmanov and were suddenly had unlimited funds ala Man City but lost our status as the “best run club” with our ethics etc……….

    I think that a lot of fans view that as on some degree as just as much as Arsenal FC.

    That make sense??

  70. nasri's mouth

    And of course if we do have large cash reserves it would absolutely make the club easier to sell, though I suspect that’s not his plan

  71. nasri's mouth


    Depends how the club was run.

    ManC run the club fairly sensibly. Chelsea not so much.

    Should Stan sell to Usmanov there’s every chance Usmanov would continue to run the club in a similar way to Stan though.
    Usmanov has never bought shares above market value

  72. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    True… I do know if KSE was so debt saddled he needed to have a 3 mill payout or a cash pot to remain solvent or credit worthy that the NFL wouldn’t let him be an owner for very long. He doesn’t have to disclose to the public but he does have to disclose to the other owners what his situation is or they can force him to sell.

    Alfie –
    Yes..some fans are proud of self sustainability. So that makes sense. They want to win but win the so called correct way. Personally, I’m ok with that, but not ok with an excessive cash fund when we have obvious deficiencies.