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Tom Brady on international breaks

Tom Brady on international breaks

It’s a no news day again today.


Danny ‘Welbz’ Welbeck is expected back in the Colney hood this January (could be 2017) after having a knee operation. When I was reading through the report I totally forgot how young he us.

24 years old!

Wow. I think I was still wetting the bed at that age.

Anyway, it’ll be nice to have him back in the mixer. It’d be even better to keep him in the mixer. It feels like his whole Arsenal career so far has been blighted by bad form and intermittent fitness.

We need you back Danny. Back and world class, ya get me bruh?

Sam Allardyce is back in the game, working in a really grim area for a grim football club. He’s part of the shit-go-round of average managers who refuse to retire and let someone younger come in. He’s a cockroach of football. Coining it in, eating out of bins whilst slagging off Arsene Wenger like Jabba the Hut in his damp Sunderland cave.

Arsenal are apparently going to offer Alexis a new mega money deal to stay for the next 5 years. He could become Arsenal’s top earner and really, he should become our top earner.

… he won’t earn more than the boss though. Although he might do. He’s easily worth £200k a week. It’s what you have to pay to keep mega talent happy these days. Trouble is, if he gets that, Ozil will want it. So will Ramsey.

BIG DEAL THAT’S LIFE. Don’t come at me with a ‘balanced wage structure’ in an era of unlimited funds.

That’s football for you. If you pay top dollar, you keep the players, if you don’t, they go elsewhere. If it were me, I’d want to keep the best players. I’d want to pay the market rate. Because you don’t find an Alexis or an Ozil under the bargain stone on the regular.

Let Sanchez go and we’ll track Kokorin for 5 years then find he’s shite.

What I’d be looking to do though, if I were Ivan… is give those players the tools they need to succeed. It’s kind of wasted money if you’re mostly about existing over kicking forward. Now, I don’t think that’s Ivan, I think that’s Wenger.

… because when you think about it, under Arsene Wenger, we’re kind of a lifestyle club. Everyone there is earning good dollar without a specific goal in mind. Or there’s a specific goal in mind that is totally optional.

A person I used to work with once said a big regret was selling what he’d built (a company, not a wall or something). With hindsight he might have kept it and just had a great life enjoying the fruits of his labour. However, I do wonder if the success of the company would have been less so if the goal was just a nice life.

Having a goal drives you to do things you didn’t expect you could. It pushes you to a level you can’t attain without that drive. It corrals people and centres focus.

I just wish Arsene had a bit of that in him. Had the drive that would have him kill to get his hands on the big trophies and history.

… but maybe, when you’ve made history a few times, you don’t need the hassle of doing it again?

Anyway, good news on Alexis. He’s a beast. He is everything you want from a superstar. I love him.

This international break is nearly over. I can’t believe how long it’s been. I think for the next one, I’m going to plan some activities. So it’s not so damn dull.

Have a bloody fine day.



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  1. Ughelligunner

    Dissenter, everybody has one or two moments of diving brilliance but man utd had the best records. You would agree, if you put out the average percentage of dives that won man utd and arsenal matches, you would discover that man utd are winners.

  2. Dissenter

    Did you know that in Keshi’s time as national team captain.
    The players had to count their match bonuses in front of the team so they could all rise as one to boycott games if there was a dollar short. It was common for the FA people to steal their money so the only way the players could protest was to threaten a boycott.
    The administrators aren’t any where near the standard that these players have become used to in Europe.
    The pitches are atrocious, especially the ones used in Equatorial Guinea who hosted the tournament in an a hurry because Morocco withdrew months before.

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    I’ll start to get more interested if the rumours persist. Maybe we’ve got a decent change with the Bergkamp connection.

    He’s a starter for Ajax, so it shouldn’t be long before he’s ready for a bigger league

  4. kingHenry

    Sorry Dissenter u have to disagree with you. A lot of our Nigerian players think it’s a God given right to play for the national teams, and they come in acting all casual and shit. Just watch Mikel for Chelsea and for Nigeria, and you can see the difference. A lot of the players that contributed to the Nigerian win are far from household names. Most were young, promising players that had just left the local league. At the end of the day though, the overall quality of the players is quite low. The half decent players tend to go for glory, rather than play for the team (just imagine a Ramsey with half the technique).

    I think all African teams (Not just Nigeria) suffer from a lack of a proper playmaker AM.

  5. naijagunner

    @ dissenter

    All your points are valid. But also read what King Henry had to say in his post. The players attitude when they turn up for their countries stinks to the high heavens.
    Administration at all levels in Africa stinks not just in sports, I know corruption is not endemic to Africa but administrators in Africa don’t even bother to get the job done before the hunt for personal gains.

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    Apparently he played in a defensive role when he was a year or 2 younger and he looked good there.

    I say apparently, kinda 3rd hand info though.

  7. Redtruth

    That was a poor French team that won the World Cup in 1998 played the entire tournament without a recognised striker.

    The Brazil team of 2002 was just as bad playing with two defensive midfielders, how negative is that!

  8. Emiratesstroller


    I suggest that you re-read again what I wrote this afternoon on the previous
    thread. I made it crystal clear that Alan Shearer is the only footballer in EPL
    who has scored 30 goals + in EPL on more than one occasion. He managed it
    three times whilst at Blackburn.

    The other players that I have listed including Henry and Van Persie have managed it just once.

    The response was to a question posed by N5 whether Alan Shearer was a world
    class footballer.

    I do think that Shearer was almost certainly world class and the most complete British Striker in the modern era. He has scored 75 goals more than any
    other in EPL and also the largest number of hat tricks.

    Frankly if such a player was available today I would jump to bring him to Arsenal and I am pretty sure that every other elite club in world football would do
    so as well. I think that only Ronaldo and Messi would fetch higher transfer fees in current market.

  9. steve

    “no other player has
    scored more than 30 goals in one season”


    You said MORE THAN 30 as in 31+. Also I think you meant so say “in more than one season” not just “in one season”.

  10. tom

    Let’s talk Arsenal strikers.
    My first hero was Malcolm Macdonald. He was strong like Shearer but had more tricks. Whopping shot too. Total 70s superstar.
    I remember the excitment at school when Arsenal , uncharacteristically, busted the transfer record to sign him.

  11. daz

    Steve you are just being daft you know full well what es meant

    NM true Shearer scored alot of penalties but boy did he know how to take one

  12. Redtruth


    The French team were toilet in 98 and not a patch on Platini’s french side.

    1998 French side huffed and puffed against Paraguay and it took Blanc to score the extra time winner lol

    Two goals from Thuram another defender who has never scored in his life knocked out Croatia in the Semi’s .

    A joke of a team.
    And to cap it off two goals from Zidane who is not noted for scoring goals and one from Petit saw off a joke of a side called Brazil.

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    What you talking bout
    Wallace !

    Do you not watch stoke ?
    Hughes attempts to play football the beautiful way !

    Ok results going against him but he is trying ,,,

    I think you meant pullis ?

    Easy mistake to make,

  14. Wallace

    RSPC Arsenal

    not me. i haven’t mentioned Stoke today.

    was talking up Shearer earlier, and I might have called Mourinho a c*nt, but that’s been pretty much the extent of my contribution today.

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    U jest obvisiously ?

    All teams have a struggle match on way winning the world
    Our was the argies…

    How u can find minor flats is beyond me,,,
    Who cares who scores ?
    It’s a team game ?

    Team wins team loses ,

  16. String

    Pedro uve lost it. I’m no akb far from it but the root of all evil at our once great club is your fellow yank knob jockey until that septic is gone our club is doomed any old school gooners should take a look at she wore a yellow ribbon

  17. Wallace

    RSPC Arsenal

    “U going to see the clough film ?”

    no, i doubt it. my dad and brother idolised him, but i wasn’t so keen. amazing character though. i remember the Trevor Francis goal vs Malmo….

  18. Mick Kartun

    Joke from

    A City fan, a Muslim and a Hindu are travelling together when it becomes dark and they are forced to ask at the only inn in town for a bed for the night. The innkeeper agrees but says that as there is only two beds one must sleep in the barn outside, so the three draw lots and the Muslim loses and goes to the barn to settle down for the night.
    Five minutes later he returns to the room apologising but saying that as there was a pig in the barn he could not possibly sleep there. The City fan and the Hindu then toss a coin and the Hindu loses and takes his possessions to the barn to sleep.
    He also returns after a few minutes saying that there was a cow in the barn and so he couldn’t sleep there either. Reluctantly the City fan takes his bag and walks to the barn to try and catch some sleep.
    Two minutes later the pig and cow enter the room…

  19. Godfather

    A lot of Nigerian talk, must be a slow week lol … Aside from Kanu has any Nigerian ever started for Arsenal?

    I remember their current coach in 1994 shining against Argentina, but screwing up late when they choked against Italy. But he was a powerhouse in the middle of the field. And yeah I remember his rocket in 98 vs Espana. Wonder what ever happened to his career though

  20. Godfather

    By choking I didn’t mean they were favorites and lost but that they were leading and then lost concentration by playing to the gallery with a few minutes left before the final whistle … I remember how shattered some Nigerian fellas were after that loss …. I’d be shocked if they could ever muster a better team than that group

  21. Bamford10


    “Bamford chats so much sit, this revelation that Ozil is a poor player came from Bild (LOL ffs man) article when you been slyly trying to bang that drum for a while now whilst ejaculating over De Bruyne, this year’s Eriksen, at every given oportune”

    What a moron.

    Speaking of “chatting shit”.

    Bild gave Ozil a 5 for his performance against Ireland, the lowest of any outfield player. I relayed this story to Le Grove.

    Nasri lamely called me out for “slating” Ozil in a game I hadn’t watched. Though I had done no such thing, I watched the game just for good measure, then described why the rating and the unfavorable comments from other German observers made sense.

    No one ever said he is or was a “poor player”.

    That would be a very different claim.

    The only “drum” I’ve ever banged here re Ozil is one that at least half of Le Grove agrees with me on, namely, that he’s a bit if ab

  22. Bamford10


    namely, that he’s a bit of a pussy, that he’s often invisible, especially in big games, that he can’t shoot, that he is both mentally and physically soft, and that, despite his talent, he’s too limited a player.

    Many here agree with this view of Ozil. MANY.

    The rest of what you’ve said, Goondawg, is embarrassing . Are you really comparing De Bruyne to Eriksen? The former is a WAY better player. WAY better.

    And please don’t say you drew this connection because I used to talk about Eriksen. I didn’t. That was gambon, and he was making a different point anyways.

    One of the most frustrating things about this place is that some of the loudest mouths here can’t even keep a point straight in their minds. They distort things, misrememember things, laugh it up, all the while not having the faintest fucking idea what they’re talking about.


  23. Bamford10

    And by the way, Wenger has nothing to be arrogant about.

    He’s a fucking joke who hasn’t been relevant on any big stage for a decade now.

    Every smart manager knows how to beat him, and he has led his sides to humiliating defeat after humiliating defeat.

    His current team is very mediocre and not particularly well-organized or well- managed. See losses to West Ham, Zagreb, Chelsea and Olympiakos at home for evidence of this.

    Wenger doesn’t invite other managers back for a drink because he knows they would expect him to have something of substance to say about football. He doesn’t. His press conferences over the past ten years read like the ramblings of someone’s senile French grandfather.

    He’s a fucking joke, and one of the highlights of some future trip of mine to the Emirates — I’m irritated at moment if you couldn’t tell — will be throwing eggs and tomatoes at the stupid fucking statue they’re sure to erect to him.

  24. Sancho Monzorla


    Sorry to see you’re irritated, hope the other posters didn’t get to you.

    But try to see it like this:

    You obviously weren’t trying to pick on Ozil by referencing the Bild article, but you have to admit you have an opinion on Ozil that is well known by the other readers. So when you pick out a news article that reinforces your position without having seen the player’s performance firsthand, I think some people can take that as you jumping at the chance to slate Ozil and furthering your “See I was right” narrative.

    Because it’s not as if you ever reference articles supporting the silent genius of Ozil (whether true or not, many such articles exist) and say “Gee guys this article says he’s really good, maybe I’ll take a look again and reconsider.” That would counteract the bias you’ve shown, and if you did stuff like that then maybe people wouldn’t think you’re making “terrible” arguments by just mentioning a news article.

    Just do you, others will take it however they want regardless of how you deliver it. But the eggs and tomatoes bit about a statue that doesn’t even exist yet is a bit much 😉

  25. Bamford10


    Who fucking cares if I highlight an article in which German writers give Ozil low marks? I often give him low marks. If “Team Ozil” wants to highlight articles that celebrate his “quiet genius,” they’re welcome to.

    And as I say, I watched the game afterward, and it was obvious to me why he was slated. He was the first and only German player to give the ball away carelessly. He completely whiffed on a volley from 18 yards out, largely because he looked frightened of the approaching defender.

    If someone wants to defense their little German fucking princess, then have them watch the game and make an argument on his behalf. I saw very well — and not for the first time — why Bild gave him low marks.

    And I despise Wenger and regard him as a complete and utter fraud. This has long been the case. Is there any question they’ll erect a statue to him? Not in my mind. I look forward to egging it, and I don’t give a fuck what anyone thinks about that.

    Anyone who hasn’t wanted to throw a pie or tomato at this twat at some point in the past five years is either brainless or not playing close enough attention.

    That’s my view.

  26. MidwestGun

    Bamford –
    Look I get you are annoyed by earlier comments but why even beat that Ozil drum. The thing about Ozil is that you keep bringing up every misplaced pass every average performance, or whatever when Ozil is clearly not the main problem , not even close, and when he is on form he’s one of the best at creating chances. Who are you gonna replace Ozil with that will improve the team, Mata? Coutinho? No thanks. And we aren’t getting Silva.
    If your gonna highlight a players weaknesses, why not a player that hinders the team from winning a Title? Why even post that Bild article here. It’s about as bad as Redtruth continously asking what Messi did on his International exploits.
    Trying to prove Ozil is what? A waste of money? Fuck that, he’s exactly the type of players we should be buying, imo.
    You want top quality you pay for it. If you are arguing Ozil isn’t top quality then I disagree vehemently. He has weaknesses just like evey top player, there is no perfect player but his upside is unparalleled.. The fact he has such a high ceiling is why he draws criticism to begin with. If your saying the team is better without him, I also disagree greatly, there is a reason the team has played better as soon as he joined the team as evidenced by winning back to back Fa Cups after doing nothing for a long period. When he was out injured the team looked stagnant as fuck. Sanchez with the one man press and Wilshere, Ramsey, and Santi passing around the box aimlessly, remember that?

    By the way the whole German team got low marks. Princess? Spare me..the hyperbole. Muller and Neuer got lower marks by, 2 pretty good players. Is Muller a princess too?

    Really don’t understand what picking him out continously, proves to be honest? That Wenger should have done what? bought Eriksen like gambon goes on about. Ozil didn’t set his own transfer fee.
    I think people unfairly pick you out for comments but personally don’t know why Ozil is the battleground. Giroud is a way bigger hindrance to any title chances or the talent depth of the squad after the top 14 or so because of Wenger’s unambitious transfer window.

  27. MidwestGun

    Bam –
    Hope that didn’t come across as personal criticism or condescending either, Internet doesn’t always convey tone. Just don’t know what that particular battle much like the Coquelin battle gains you. You are of course entitled to any opinion.

    Campbell scored against pathetic US B team defense..but a calm finish.

    Sanchez scored 7 minutes in against Peru. On a great diagonal run and finish. Looks to be moving pretty good so far . Peru equalizes 10 minutes in. Great match. End to end.
    Sanchez tripped and went down in box looked injured for a bit, stayed down looks ok tho.

  28. MidwestGun

    Peru Ahead…2 -1 Pk awarded for take down in the box.
    Sanchez crazy chip floated thru ball, like 5 minutes later for assist. 2-2.
    Sanchez scores 3 minutes later. 3-2
    Still first half.

  29. underrated Coq

    Doesn’t Arsene Wenger already have a bronze statue?

    “Anyone who hasn’t wanted to throw a pie or tomato at this twat at some point in the past five years is either brainless or not playing close enough attention.”

    Or maybe they simply know how to behave like grown-ups. Your thoughts though display classic signs of a hooligan, or maybe they’re just ‘internet tough guy’ words. Personally hope its the latter.

  30. Mick Kartun

    Sanchez is set to be rewarded with a new contract that would make him the highest paid player at the club, but according to Spanish magazine Don Balon, Arsenal could be set for a battle to keep hold of the Chilean.

    It’s claimed that Madrid are putting together a £37.3m bid for Sanchez, and could offer Russian winger Denis Cheryshev in return to sweeten the deal.

    I think Sanchez is worthy to get his new 200kpw contract.

  31. underrated Coq

    Arsenal really need to improve as a team if they hope to keep hold of Alexis Sanchez. I don’t think simply offering more wages will convince him to stay.

    Its probably fair to say he is more of success-hungry winner than a money-hungry mercenary.

  32. MidwestGun

    Well if Chile isn’t playing the best most entertaining football in the World, I don’t know who is better. I recommend if y’all can, to catch the highlights of that one. 4 -3 Chile was the final score. Peru with a goal in injury time.
    Our man Alexis was easily Motm. 2 goals and an assist. Other goal was off his key pass also.
    Played the full 90. Looked ok health wise walking off, no injuries I could determine. He did slow down for the last 20 minutes as apparently he is human.

  33. Wallace

    Bamford going postal….I’d engage but it does feel like he’s been coming under fire from all sides this last week or so.

  34. Wallace

    nice article on Bellerin –

    “Aaron Ramsey’s deployment on Arsenal’s right flank has been questioned by some, but it has certainly brought the best out of Bellerin. Ramsey’s inclination to drift inside gives Arsenal’s right-back the freedom to bomb down the flank when they have possession, and he has become a remarkably effective outlet….

    According to Opta, Bellerin has created more clear-cut chances (six) than any other player in the Premier League this season. The likes of David Silva and Fabregas fall well short of that number, and no other defender has created more than two. Indeed, it is only the wasteful finishing of Arsenal’s forwards that has prevented him from racking up the assists too.

    Bellerin has stamina as well as pace and defends with the same gusto as he attacks. The little Spaniard charges tirelessly up and down his flank, and Premier League tracking data shows he has run an average of 10.7km per game this season – second at Arsenal to Ramsey, who is widely regarded as one of the Premier League’s fittest players….

    “If there is one position we(Barcelona) don’t have absolutely covered by two players, it’s right-back,” Spanish journalist Josep Minguella wrote in Mundo Deportivo last season. “I shed a symbolic tear every time I see Hector Bellerin start for Arsenal, playing with composure and pace and even scoring goals. His departure was a pity.”

  35. Wallace

    Frank Mc

    “Deservedly so Wallace…”

    for sure, but i know what it’s like when the posters who see things in a similar way are absent, and you feel like you’re defending your views against all comers.

  36. SomeRandomGunner

    @Wallace Legrove never runs out of Wenger out supporters . He upsets pretty much everyone with his smug “I am right” comments .

    His arguments against “ejaculation” are legendary as far as “terrible arguments” go.

  37. SomeRandomGunner

    In other news Ramsey has scored , hopefully this helps him in PL . He has been getting into very good positions without finishing them.

    Can Sanchez score 40+ goals (in all comps + internationals) this season ?
    He has 9 goals from 12 games. 9 goals from his last 5 games .

  38. naijagunner

    Guess we should all break up the bronze statue of Wenger somewhere in the emirates and erect that of the le grove poster whose opinions should never be questioned.
    That fraud called Wenger has been invited to places some people can only dream about to discuss issues ranging from football to economics. He has managed to make himself the only manager in world football beyond the sack .
    He must be a first class moron

  39. Emiratesstroller

    I wonder whether Wenger will play Sanchez in starting lineup against Watford this Saturday.

    He has played two full matches with a slight groin injury followed by the return
    journey from Peru.

    Will he prefer to rest him this weekend before game against Bayern Munich?

  40. Emiratesstroller


    I wonder whether Wenger might gamble with Watford game and play the likes of Ospina, Debuchy, Gibbs, Arteta and Ox in that game.

    Watford may have be difficult to beat in recent games, but they find it equally
    difficult to win and score as well.

    Bayern on Tuesday is a ‘must win or at least must not lose’ game.

  41. Leedsgunner

    Nice to see Alexis in form… what a player.

    He is becoming unplayable — in a good way. Arsenal legend in the making. I’m not sure I’m not the only one would would like to see Alexis stay with us long enough to challenge AFC records…

    I guess we can put away to bed any concerns of second season syndrome. Buy WC proven talent, this is the result…. 🙂

    Having said that we need to buy another striker and a dm knowing how injury prone our players can be.

  42. Emiratesstroller


    It should be always an aspiration to buy World Class players, but these are
    becoming increasingly difficult to buy not least because the number currently available is limited as was proven last summer.

    Also there are now a growing number of clubs who are more than capable of
    spending £30 million + or even £50 million + .

    Suddenly in last 24 hours there is a suggestion that Real are after Sanchez.
    Frankly I think this storey is the figment of a journalist’s imagination particularly when I read that they are willing to spend £31 to £37 million.

    Why would Arsenal contemplate selling a player under contract until 2018
    and at a price which is less than half of the fee paid by Barcelona to Liverpool for Suarez?

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    ES: I wonder whether Wenger might gamble with Watford game and play the likes of Ospina, Debuchy, Gibbs, Arteta and Ox in that game.

    Can’t really see it. Cech will start every game in the PL if he’s fit. Bellerin only played 1 U21 game, Monreal stayed at Arsenal, Coq too.

    The only issue will be Alexis. Maybe Ox might come in for him, we’ll see.

  44. Nasri's Mouth

    ES: Suddenly in last 24 hours there is a suggestion that Real are after Sanchez.

    Fake story.

    (If you hadn’t already realised that)

  45. Mr B

    Apparently Mourene was at the spain-ukraine game yesterday. Watch this guy

    I can just imagine roman calling mourene into his office.

    “I khaf found a striker for you! tell him more igor”

    Igor as he stares at the edge of his glass of vodka: There’s a guy in the russia……. Yamolenko. 23 goals last season, 8 already this. Silky on the ball, 6’2″ and very quick.

  46. Emiratesstroller

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Of course it is a fake story. The so-called fee tells you that just like the suggestion
    that Arsenal are planning to increase Sanchez wages to £130 k.

    When was the last time that Arsenal advertised what they are willing to pay a
    player at start of negotiation?

    The real point of my last post was to demonstrate just how few “world class players” in the right age bracket are now available.

    Most of the so-called superstars are reaching the end of their careers or are
    in 28+ age bracket.

  47. Leedsgunner

    Sanchez transfer stories are hogwash. Perhaps his agent has bought a new yacht and he is hoping for a new payday as he secures his client a new deal. :(. Money for worn rope football agents…

  48. N5

    Ha ha Mr. B, I was wondering that. I thought it was “fucking Pizzas”. He either doesn’t like their take-away order or he’s discovered a new shaped black hole?

  49. N5

    Ohhh Goondawg that could be it! do Americans use the term “taking the piss” or is that more English? I thought Americans used “pissed” as meaning angry.

  50. N5

    Dial leave it mate. The Wright thing has been going on for years and has got boring, we all know your view!

    Move on from it and continue with telling us why Messi isn’t world class, that’s much more enjoyable.

  51. underrated Coq

    ” With Ronaldo’s decline and Messi’s injury , Sanchez might actually compete for Ballon D Or . ”

    Well, if he consistently maintains,over the season, the sort of form he’s displayed in recent weeks, he ticks the ‘Individual brilliance’ requisite.

    His tournament winning exploits for Chile ticks the ‘Influence at international level’ requisite.

    However, the level of success achieved at club level could unfortunately hamper his chances, especially if Arsenal bomb out of the group stages of the CL. Maybe if he helps Arsenal do the domestic double…. One can dream… Either way, I’m rooting for him 🙂

  52. Leedsgunner

    With players coming back on form and coming back in from injury, I’m sure the manager will begin the Welbeck and Wilshere are “like new signings” narrative and offer both players as our ST and DM options come January.

    However, may I suggest one of the seasons why Wilshere and Welbeck are so injury prone is because they are rushed back? If we had another DM and ST option, we could give Wilshere and Welbeck the time to become rather than rushing them back into injury… where the vicious circle starts again.

    The bemusing aspect of all this is of course many believe him and fall for it again — despite the fact that come February and March our squad traditionally becomes ravaged by injuries… and because of that any meaningful title challenge then tends to fade away.

    By asking for a new DM and ST am I saying Coquelin isn’t good enough? Nope. Just saying what many have been saying for months… we need a credible cover for these areas.

    Am I glad Theo is hitting form? Yes. However, he’s a “purple patch” player. He tends to score his goals in clusters with periods of barrenness in between. We need a striker to help carry the offence along during the periods of barrenness and if Theo or Sanchez gets injured.

    We’ve waited long enough, let’s get that DM and ST and mount that title challenge to the end for once. You never know what might happen… 🙂