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Well happy good morning to you. Or afternoon. Who knows. We’re multinational here. It’s my morning here and it’s very warm. It’s actually warmer here than it was all summer in the UK. I talk about the weather a lot these days, on my own, in my apartment, crying into a bowl of cheetos because NFL is too complicated.

So now we have the weather chat sorted, let’s bang into some Arsenal news.

Olivier Giroud, our second choice, banged in two goals or France at the weekend.


He’s spoken some pretty candid words in The Guardian about accepting he’s not second choice behind the goal machine that it Theo Walcott.


‘Whether it was at Tours, Montpellier or Arsenal, I have never experienced a situation like this, I have often played from the start. I need to take positives and to harden myself mentally. It is something new for me.’

It can’t be great getting benched at 29. But, it’s also not great when your game goes to sh*t and you couldn’t score in an packed happy hour brothel and you’re the only customer and there’s 26 sex workers in there.

Anyway, it’s good that the team are seeing what’s happening here. It doesn’t matter how big your name is, how big your contract is… the only way you’re getting a pass in our team is if you play very well (or you name is Eboue and you have those photos).

The benefit of competition. It’s a real shame #WELBZ isn’t fit at the moment. I mean, his finishing is pretty pony, but hopefully he saw how bad Theo’s was last year and is thinking about how he can do a Theo and come good to a certain degree. WELBZ has all the physical attributes you need to be a worldy. Just lacks composure. You can learn that. YOU CAN LEARN THAT.

I read this article about Klopp and how the appointment is similar in magnitude to the Wenger hire all those years ago. I hate that I agree with this. What I hope, is that this perhaps shows that a focus on technical managerial attributes is more important than purely a record (ala David Moyes). I hope that when we go in for a new manager, we don’t reach for the elite box of managers that seem to float about and do ok (Rafa). I hope we go for (unless it’s Pep) someone with an exciting vision, someone with a presence and someone who has done something in the game that moves things forward.

Big ask. But if you’re in the game. You’ll no doubt know who these people are.

William Carvalho, the best player in the U21 Championship this summer has just flashed a bit of suspender laden leg at Arsenal.

‘I prefer not to say too much, but there is a club with which I’ve always been fond of: Arsenal. Because of Thierry Henry, a player with whom I have always enjoyed watching.

‘Maybe this is why I look with so much affection to the Premier League.’

He has a price tag of £33m, which is pretty damn steep. However, think about it, the best player at the U21 Championship. A dominant beast. A powerhouse midfielder in that defensive role. He could be really, really good. What does £33m matter if he actually becomes world class? Let’s also be fair here, he’ll be way better than Flamini and Arteta. He’s not injured now. I’d take him. I worried about his pace until I saw him in the summer. A very good player.

Another player getting British clubs hot under the snood is Tomas Müller. He’s told pals that he’d be open to the pay day Premier League. He also said this.

‘Louis van Gaal and I have a relationship that goes beyond that which is normal between a player and a coach.’

Oh gosh Tomas, we’ve all had a moment at a Christmas party.

‘Louis, your hand. You must remove it. We spoke about this in Monchengladbach’

Arsenal have apparently been interested before. If this little dreamboat of a player is available, I hope we go all out in a major way to bring him to the club. Why would he want to go and play for a manager who got his balls out in the dressing room as part of a team talk?

Arsene wouldn’t do that. Plus, we play better football, have better players and the lederhosen scene is far better in London.

Right, that’s enough words for you today. Have a great day!


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  1. steve

    “I don’t think this is the case with Wenger, but I accept the premise.”

    Of course you don’t. You’re an akb. Being an akb renders it impossible for you to think that.

  2. tom

    So many of the issues specifically attributed to Wenger are common to all managers and teams. It’s annoying that Arsenal’s obligation to international football is used as a stick to beat him. Arsenal suffer disproportionally, if they do, only because they have great players who get called up frequently.

  3. Nasri's Mouth

    Tom: Arsenal suffer disproportionally, if they do, only because they have great players who get called up frequently.

    I don’t think that’s true. Maybe we have too many players who love their country.

    Maybe it’s just something that because our view as Arsenal fans is skewed we don’t actually see the full picture

  4. tom

    If a player cares less about a specific game their country is involved in, most likely he will collude with his club to feign an small and convenient injury.
    That’s how everyone saves face.

  5. Wallace

    Wenger did have a little moan after the Utd game about Alexis going off to play for Chile. a minor groin issue that i think he would have prefered to see get some rest.

  6. kwik fit

    Arsenal suffer disproportionally, if they do, only because they have great players who get called up frequently.

    tom, I rather think its because our squad is too lightweight in number terms and we feel the effects of any injury’s more profoundly than our direct competitors.

  7. tom

    I don’t follow.
    You think we shouldn’t be cooperative with Internationals?
    Or is it that they don’t have a significant impact?

    Not sure what you are saying.

  8. Wallace

    you see it so often, a player hitting form then going off to play for his country and getting injured. was sure Theo was a likely candidate. as it is it’s Man City who have suffered most this interlull.

  9. tom

    tom, I rather think its because our squad is too lightweight in number terms and we feel the effects of any injury’s more profoundly than our direct competitors.

    This could be true. You’d have to crunch some numbers to prove it, though.

  10. tom

    International football, when there is something at stake, can get pretty hot. Not surprising that players get injured.
    Dainty forward types like Walcott are always vulnerable at the best of times, let alone when man-marked by a patriotic Serbian giant.

  11. Pedro

    Tom, pretty much all Champions have international that go away with their countries.

    Your point of debate always seems to be to defend Wenger first. Instead of looking at the situation, the absurdity of it and trying to work out rationally why it happens to us.

    It’s a combination of factors… but the main factors are within our control.

  12. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m saying that because our view is Arsenal dominated our view is skewed.

    So for example, we see one or 2 teams keeping a player back with a fake injury, and we assume that every other team does that.
    But maybe the reality is those one or 2 players are the exception and actually with 100s of players being called up for internationals there will be plenty of players joining up with their country with niggles.

    We just don’t notice them because they’re not Arsenal players.

  13. tom

    I never meant to imply AFC have undue hardship in comparison to their rivals. Top six seem to have about equal.
    My point was about whether Wenger should be in the business of obstruction in regard to his players obligations and desires.

    I’m not understanding where this comes from.

    “…situation, the absurdity of it and trying to work out rationally why it happens to us.”

    What situation are you talking about?
    Our misfortune a losing players to injury while on National duty?
    It’s nobody’s fault and there is nothing we can do about it anyway,right?

  14. tom

    It’s a combination of factors… but the main factors are within our control.

    I would like to understand what you mean by this.

  15. tom


    ObviouslyI have not been clear. I do not think our rivals are any less cooperative than we are. Though in the past I suspect Sir Alex of withdrawing player with or without consent. Perhaps Jose does too, but I have no evidence except he is the kind of odious shit who might.

    My point was we do, as a club, sacrifice heavily to International scene.
    I wouldn’t have it any other way though as it is an indicator of our quality.
    I’m happy when a young Arsenal player debuts for his country even though I know it will cost us.

  16. tom

    I’m sure we all take pride in our Club represented on World stage.

    On a slightly different tack, who remembers Arsenal beating France 2-0 at Highbury.
    Pretty brilliant result, given quality of that French side and the fact that Arsenal bossed them totally.
    Martin Hayes got one of the goals, I forget who got the second.

  17. Pedro

    Most factors for injury are within our control.

    Those that aren’t:

    Freak accidents (leg snaps / impact injuries / illness)
    International injuries

    The rest are generally fuelled by factors in our control.

    Injuries are not bad luck. They’re part of a process. If your process is shite. You get lots of injuries.

  18. Arsene's Nurse

    October 12, 2015 19:47:32

    Arsene’s Nurse,

    I remove the vitriol and a more constructive conversation could unfold.

    Arsenal fans are, for the most part, patient and knowledgable, as Wenger’s tenure shows.

    There is a reasonable argument that Arsene may have served his useful term but it can’t be given creedence if it comes from people that can’t admit his strengths and offer faulty evidence to support their case.
    Vitriol has a definition. In this case the context is “something highly caustic or severe in effect, as criticism”. So in as much, what we are talking about is severe criticism.

    Now of course we are into the hell hole of semantics and how people view or take criticism whether that be directly or on behalf of another. I’ll happily fire both barrels at someone if I feel the need. I also expect someone to have a right damn good go at me too. You’re only as good as you get as they say.

    One of the reasons why Wenger attracts such vitriol is because he is very aloof when it comes to criticism, but what’s more he refuses to give direct answer to even mild criticism and questioning. We’ve seen that when Jacqui Oatley pressed him further during interview.

    Fans want answers. Not all the questions will be valid, but when a man is paid vast sums of money to manage, then fans who pay their hard earned money to support Arsenal expect to hear coherent responses to their questions. Neither Wenger or the club do that.

    Constructive criticism would unfold if the club and Wenger were more open.

    Arsenal fans aren’t more knowledgeable than any other fans. If you have mates who support other clubs then it’s self evident that they too have good insight into not only the game but also their respective clubs.

    Wenger has only one metric to satisfy and that metric is Champions League qualification. As long as he makes that then the club and most fans are happy.

    One thing you do have right is the fact that Arsenal fans are the most patient. We all knew that the move to a new stadium would usher in a difficult period of time, but that time passed years ago. Wenger to his credit kept Arsenal in the top four and relevant, but for the last 5 years has been treading water because we’ve seen how much revenue has grown since, we’ve seen how much the wage bill has grown in that period and we’ve seen how much the bank-balance has risen in the same time frame. Refusal to spend to reinforce and push on is a huge bugbear for a large number of fans.

    The fact remains that most people do admit Wenger’s strengths, they do rightfully honour his contribution, as I myself have admitted, but, they also provide evidence to support their case for a change of manager.

    Evidence such as loaning a player with a known injury (in the case of Kallstrom) or refusing to buy cover or a complimentary player to Coquelin is not faulty evidence.

  19. tom

    Injuries are part of the process, certainly.

    If you remove the “Freak” accidents, which are not particularly freaky as legs snaps Arsenal suffer are invariable the result of foul play . Foul play stems from inability to compete fairly. Somewhat predictable if you play provocative, possession based game.
    Rightly you remove International injuries, Wenger cannot carry blame for them.

    That leaves muscular injuries incurred due to bad conditioning. Perfectly fair to criticise that. Yet, is there any evidence that Arsenal suffer more than the rest on that front? Show me numbers that prove that or I’m not buying.
    Even if that was so, it would likely have more to do with young players being not fully developed to resist the rigours of PL.
    In the past we had a younger squad, now we don’t. Wenger learned there has to be balance there.

    Our most infamous injuries, and the ones that our reputation as a club of crocks comes from, are the nasty leg breaks and the tough recoveries they produced.
    Ramsey, Wilshere, Diaby, Eduardo…..

    None of those were anything to do with Arsene or his methods.

  20. Pedro

    Tom, I not here to give you basics of our horrendous injury issues over the years. That’s pretty basic data that everyone knows about.

    The injuries improved this year though. Shad Forsythe has made us better.

  21. tom

    arsene’s nurse,

    I completely agree that Arsene does himself no favours with his communication.
    I often wish he would be less opaque and more thoughtful of Arsenal fans.
    I sense he forgets that the press, however provocative, venal or treacherous they may be, are also the conduit the fans. Most Gooners don’t get to read his Matchday Notes.
    He also suffers from a bad case of French-ness that gives him that haughty and aloof manner, that the English find so aggrovating. He can’t help that, though and we ought to be aware of our predjudice at play.
    I wish he would deliver a ‘State of the Club” address at the beginning of each campaign to remind us where we are at and where we go and how we get there.
    So valid criticism, I think.
    I don’t think Arsenal fans are smarter than the rest, though we make exception for Chelsea’s and Spur’s. But they have grown up on a diet of great football and ought to know it when they see it.

    As for Arsenal fan’s patience, I think we have always enjoyed the football even when the results have been less stellar and quality issues were more to do with finance than anything else.
    You talk about patience running thin these last 5 years but I think last three of those five have been encouraging and the first two marked by trauma of losing our best players.

    I do think time comes for change no matter what and Arsenal need to start seriously planning for succession. There is a title to win first though.

  22. tom

    I took the time to summerize the injury situation as I see it.
    My assertion is they have suffered a disproportionate amount due to physical or foul play induced by the style in which they play. Another possible source is their habit of playing younger players who may be more prone to injury.
    Neither of these factors amount to bad management in my opinion.
    Light and technical players ought to be able to play a fair game under the refs protection.
    Young players are vital for health and progress of any club and must be used, though their introduction is best handled slow.

    Please point me to any evidence that Arsenal mismanage their injuries or stop flogging that dead horse.

  23. Pedro

    Tom, you don’t think overplaying young kids is a managerial issue?

    Our injuries were down to bad management… something I highlighted for about 6 years.

    We get a new fitness coach, low and behold, our injury issues aren’t as bad and we have a near full compliment of players to choose from.

    Blaming luck is for the negligent and the ill-informed.

    Wenger was negligent for years. That’s not a guess, that’s a fact.

  24. grooveydaddy

    Wenger on Wilshere –

    “He’s in a boot now. Maybe it is a consequence of last season, he was in the red like I told you and in fairness what nobody wanted to hear. We knew he was in the red in the last two months and we continued to play him because we had no choice. But maybe it is a consequence of the overuse last year. ”

    yup, nothing to do with Arsene or his methods…

  25. grooveydaddy

    he’s admitted to overplaying Ramsey in a similar fashion, and Alexis too, but has so far been lucky with him…

  26. tom

    Pedro, you have posted crap about arsenal for years, enjoyable read, but crap.
    You roll out the same tired old tropes as think the repetative action somehow gives them validity. It doesn’t.

    Playing kids will incur more injuries amongst other negatives and Arsene seems to have learned this, project Youth is long past. young players are still important and thankfully, Wenger uses them more judiciously these days.

    Should Martial be benched for the next three games for United?
    I reckon they couldn’t afford to, nor would their fans understand.

    Shad’s appointment is an indication that the Club was looking for solutions but it’s not nessicarily an indictment of previous personnel, though it confirms the club’s willingness to make changes and try new approaches.
    I would be extremely surprised if it turned out that the medical staff at Arsenal throughout Wenger’s tenure have not been amongst the very best in their profession. As a club Arsenal are known to have great facilities and one would expect that to carry through to such a vital part of the operation. also arsenal are in London and have access to some of the best clinics and doctors on the planet.
    I remember occasions when Arsenal sent players to specialists overseas, and I’m pretty sure some players have their own specialists in addition to club staff.

    Luck is a factor in Arsenal’s injuries but mostly I blame the referees .

  27. tom


    See my remark on Martial and also the abandonment of project Youth.
    Management is not easy and one is often force to make choices between two bad options. The skill is in making the right choice more often than not. Study any manager’s career over twenty years and ypou will find evidence to prove any point you want.
    In the period those comments refer to Wilshere was the difference between CL football and coming 5th or worse. He was overplayed and it was regretable but actually the end result secured Arsenal a tangible benefit.
    Good or bad management? Debatable.

  28. tom


    Show me a manager who doesn’t overplay his best players.
    Wenger is actually trying to rotate at least.
    Mourinho not so much and the result is showing. Mourinho’s unwillingness is bad management, where Wenger could be less culpable, as he has a far richer squad.

  29. tom

    That interview with Billy Bean is irrellavant.
    Did you think I’m too lazy to read it?

    Only mention of injuries is the following:

    WSJ: We’ve seen advances in particular areas of the game in recent years—pitch framing, defensive shifts—that are now better understood. What do you guys see as the aspect of the sport that is most in need of more research, more data and better understanding?

    Beane: I’m jumping out of my chair on this one. It’s using analytics—and this sounds sort of non-field-related—but it’s injuries and medical. Even the healthcare industry is doing the same thing – trying to use big data to help solve healthcare. It’s the same in a simpler form for baseball or any sport and injuries. That’s the black swan for anyone involved in a baseball team—our injuries. Trying to predict them, minimize them, limit the downtime.

    WSJ: Have you seen any progress to that end or are teams still sort of scratching their heads?

    Beane: It’s a challenge because if you’re using a lot of data, there are certain restrictions on how much you can collect data [on players’ medical history], so you’re sort of straddling that line a little bit. But ultimately, I think we will make progress at some point, and the foundation of that will be analytics.

    Not exactly meaningful.
    If you imply that Arsenal don’t use modern methods in their analysis, I doubt that is true, any more than the rest.

    Do you have some knowledge or info that the rest of us don’t?

  30. tom

    It doesn’t surprise me that Pedro thinks life’s solutions lie on a spreadsheet.
    He has a strong corporate whiff about him picked up in the Marketing/PR world, no doubt.

    The bottom line is still people.
    Good people do good things.
    Good Doctors make good diagnosis, while keeping abreast of developments in their field.

    Analytics in sports medicine would tell you not to sign a light-weight player.
    Statistics would show them more prone to injury.
    No Neymar or Messi?
    No Fabregas or Oscar?
    No Walcott or Cazorla?

    Statistics would show that dribbling is a hazard.
    No Hazzard.

  31. tom

    Hollywood is run by analysts these days. No film is released with out a thousand market tests and focus group reactions drive editorial changes before studio bosses are prepared to risk it.
    Result is nothing but mediocrity. Killing what Art had existed there.

    Football is a human business and computers can only assist on the perifery.
    There were people here seriously advocating using Fifa 15 as a scouting tool.
    Which isn’t the worst idea, but tells you that people are losing faith in there own perception.
    Scouting will always be about watching footballers live.
    Medicine will always be about Doctors using their experience, tools(digital or other) and talent.

  32. MidwestGun


    Ummm Tom… not the injury debate again. Thought you were a long time reader of LG…. it’s been shown time and again that Arsenal have lead the League in injuries. Take a look….. notice who is at the top. …. you think they are all do to leg breaks, refereeing, and youth? When you are consistently the worst at something its not luck. It’s your methods, hence why Arsenal brought in Shad and were advertising for a soft tissue specialist as early as last season. The good news is we have tried to address it. The bad news is we still have the same ultimate decision Maker in charge, so in some respects it comes down to that.

    Remember when early in the season Wenger was talking about leaving Sanchez out for a longer period because of Copa. he couldn’t due to our slow start and no reinforcements due to Welbeck and Wilshere being out? Just one example. Now he has a groin strain. Maybe it’s coincidence, maybe not.

  33. tom

    I looked at that graph and came to two conclusions.
    First , Liverpool and Spurs have comparative low incident which I think is because they have less matches to play when they don’t do CL or Cup runs as we as we do.
    The shape of Man City’s graph seems to prove this. Rising sharply with there new fortunes.
    It also looks like more successful teams suffer more injuries as CFC and United both have high incident.
    Secondly, the places where Arsenal’s graph spikes highest coincides with major legbreak type injuries. Eduardo in 2008, Diaby in 2009 and 2013 it was Walcott’s ACL and Wilshere’s broken ankle.

    Also perma-crock Diaby inflates statistics for many of the later years.

    I do think Arsenal are more prone to injury due to the type of game they play and the type of players best suited to that style.
    That is down to Wenger and one can weigh the virtues and drawbacks for oneself.

    That might be responsible for the differences in United and Chelsea’s figures as neither are quite as committed to high temp possession as Arsenal are.

    Then there is the effect of project Youth, which I have admitted was bad from a medical perspective.

    So that graph doesn’t convince me though I appreciate the info it contains.

    Still it is evidence of some kind, so admissible.

  34. tom

    As for Sanchez coming back too soon. The price of a loss is too high in this league. Wenger would have rested him longer ideally but result at West Ham forced his hand.
    I’m sure he wasn’t happy about it, but it’s the kind of tough decision a manager has to make.
    The lesser of two evils. You could argue that Wenger should have a squad powerful enough to rest any player any time, but it’s not realistic.
    All managers will play their best when it matters.
    Arsene has bravely bucked this rule in the CL this year and has paid the price.

  35. N5

    tom, have some respect. If you don’t like Pedro’s writing then just avoid it and go straight to the comments, but don’t call him out on his own blog ffs.

  36. N5

    Arsenal have been unlucky with injuries for 10+ years. We’ve topped the injury table year after year after year, but it’s down to bad luck!! nothing more.

    Even Wenger said he needed to do something about the injuries as it was to high and changed his fitness team, but even Wenger is wrong…it was luck.

    Wenger fans go to such lengths to defend Wenger that they even argue with points he’s made to make truths become lies.

  37. tom


    I have said luck has a role in injuries but the main reason is lack of protection from referees and the nature of our game. So read my posts before having a pop.

    As for Pedro being immune to challenge, give me a break.
    He makes his name on criticism and is fair game.
    Not only that, but he stuck his oar in with a dumb remark so why should he get special treatment?

    He can ban me if he likes. I think it wouldn’t look to good though.

    I respect the energy he puts into this blog.
    I respect his ability to turn a phrase.
    I have little respect for his opinions on Wenger though,partly as they change with the weather and partly because they are misguided and a little toxic to the club we all love. In my humble opinion.

    Finally, N5, defender of status quo on Le Grove, let’s turn this around, tell me why you think Arsenal have a worse injury record than others.
    I won’t accept “We have shitty doctors ” as a useful answer.

    Do we really do things very differently from other clubs when it comes to fitness, or is it, like I assert, a consequence of the type of game we play?

  38. Redtruth

    Injuries are an excuse but i will concede Wenger’s premeditated substitions have a lot to be desired and his lack.of involvement during a game are all contributing factors for players getting unnecessarily injured.

  39. Bamford10


    You’re ruining this blog, and not because you’re an AKB, but because your posts are empty, brainless, repetitive and unceasing.

    Arsenal were top of the injury table FOR YEARS and by a CONSIDERABLE MARGIN. This issue has been discussed here at length, so if people are unwilling to delve into it again, it is probably for that reason.

    Wenger himself said last season that he was going to look into the problem — remember that? — and subsequently hired Shad Forsythe. Our injury record has been far better this year, likely because of this new guy’s input.

    Arsenal do not have any more players on international duty than any other team, so this is not the explanation. Nor is our possession-based game the explanation, as many if not most of the injuries are soft-tissue injuries, not the result of tackles.

    Given Wenger’s aversion to change, and given comments by former players that training sessions today are exactly the same as they were more than ten years ago, there is good reason to believe that Arsenal’s perennial position atop the injury table was down to an outdated approach to training and conditioning. I believe there is a Dutch physio expert who is on record as saying just this.

    Stop filling the blog with your drivel, please. Make a point — if you’re capable of such a thing — and move on.

    If Pedro bans you, this will look bad for no one but you.

  40. fathead2908

    I agree with Tom – our style of play and the players needed to play it cause our injuries – when Wenger abandoned the tall powerful breed to start playing tippy tappy midgets we started getting injuries – we also stopped being really really competitive on the football front.

    Hence Wenger needs to go.

  41. tom


    If your monotonous rudeness won’t cop a ban, I doubt my monotonous politeness will.

    You say:

    Nor is our possession-based game the explanation, as many if not most of the injuries are soft-tissue injuries, not the result of tackles.

    I would like to see supporting evidence for this. I’m sure the majority are soft tissue, as they are dead common in football, but the bad ones that have pushed our averages through the roof are of the broken bone/foul type and the after effects of those.
    Look at Midwest’s Graph, then do a little googling around the pertinent dates. you will see what I mean.

    As for old fashioned training and conditioning, I’m sure Wenger has a few old routines he he believes in but I’m equally sure that Arsenal’s fitness is overseen by experts and they use whatever methods are currently considered best.

    Opinions of ex players are not particularly reliable, unless they are those of Pires or Henry or one that actually spends time on the training pitch with the squad.

    Injuries, whatever there cause, have been a constant issue so it’s good that the club bring in Forsythe but it’s a big leap to use that as an indictment of the previous staff.
    Forsythe represents an effort to add to the quality already in place within the club, it’s a progressive move of the type you refuse to credit Wenger for.
    Forsyth is concerned with fitness from a holistic perspective, fine tuning individuals for their specific roles. He gets into meal plans and lodgings, so it’s not a basic fitness coach role.
    I think he is a great addition and if he has helped, Wenger can take credit for his hire.

  42. tom

    When Wenger adopted tippy tappy midgets we named it project Youth.
    That version of Arsenal are long gone.
    Now we have a decent mixture of youth and experience and, though not physically imposing, are not easily bullied.

    Arsenal showed grit and resilience in the run ins of both 2013 and 2014, winning ugly when they had to and generally offering a pragmatic approach.
    You ought to take the time to notice when things change.

    They are no longer a one note team , even if their natural game is the old high tempo passing game.

  43. tom

    Am I really ruining this blog by posting a running defence of Arsene Wenger in response to a running attack?
    Surely you can ignore me if you wish.

    I actually enjoy all this and , as I am now comfortably retired in the country, I have plenty of time to chat with you.

  44. Redtruth

    The run in for 2013 was the mother of all easy fixtures helped also by having no cup distractions.

    Arsenal are going backwards along with the Premier league as results for Premier league teams attest.

  45. tom

    It’s strange that you choose to hitch your wagon to Arsenal.
    You weren’t born in the neighborhood and have a choice.
    Seems like it’s not a natural fit.
    Wenger was manager when you first took interest, you’ve told us.
    Yet his philosophy is contrary to your own, where football is concerned.
    It’s like choosing to eat at an Indian resturaunt then complaining that the food is spicey.
    I reckon Chelsea or Real Madrid might have suited you better.
    Still at least you are no quiter, so respect for that.
    Just feel sorry it’s all so unsatisfying for you.

    I love Arsenal and always enjoy there furthering adventures.

  46. fathead2908


    It took what? 7 years for Wenger to realise project youth was futile!

    I like that he’s changed his philosophy again – but then he goes and buggers up transfer window after transfer window.

    I appreciate all that he’s done for us – but as with most things that last as long I think the Arsenal & Arsene pairing has run it’s course. Time for fresh ideas, a new mouthpiece communicating a new vision. At some stage the staleness needs shaking up.

    I think even the most ardent Wenger fans know he stuffed up in this window – people become so ingrained in their stance AKB or WOB that it’s hard to all stand in the middle and agree we all want the same thing.

    A winning football team.

  47. tom

    If everyone in England is going backward, why single out AFC?
    You are just being a carmudgeon.
    Like Oscar on Sesame Street.

    It’s oddly charming. Plus, I feel you are pretty even-handed in your grump.
    No one is spared.

    Consider me a fan.

  48. tom

    Project youth only ran three or four years, right?

    As for the rest of your post regarding freshness and all, I couldn’t agree more.
    It is time for a change at Arsenal. I expect Arsene to leave when his current contract expires.
    And transfer window business is Arsene’s call. If his failure to strengthen costs us badly, he will be blamed. It’s the way it ought to be.

    The difference between you and I is, I still trust him and you apparently don’t.

  49. fathead2908


    Project Youth was surely longer than 4 years? If we are associating PY with tippy tappy football as you mentioned above.

    And nope I don’t trust him anymore – I think the last 5 years – I had some patience at the start – has been evidence enough for me (see I’m not ascerting it should be for you too).

    And this last window was gross negligence – some fans will be happy if we improve and finish second or challenge for the title this year – i will just be thinking ‘what if’ we had a golden opportunity to seize the league this year.

    I don’t necessarily think we needed WC players, just good players, ones with a bit of a reputation – imagine we signed those people – the psychological advantage we’d have had, internally and externally. Shows intent. Instead everyone stood laughing at us come the end of the window – we gained no advantage on our rivals.

    Wenger’s time is up – he’s had long enough, he’s been renumerated bloody great for the service. It’s time to have a grown up conversation and decide to part ways. I honestly believe Wenger will struggle to leave at the end of this current contract. I fear we will have him for another 3 years again.

  50. Dark Hei

    “I hope we go for (unless it’s Pep) someone with an exciting vision, someone with a presence and someone who has done something in the game that moves things forward.”

    You know when Rodgers/AVB was appointed, he was someone as described above. We can still bomb out of the CL despite all the innovation. I prefer someone like Carlos Ancelotti. Good and steady. Must be the Wengeritis I have contacted over the years.

  51. Dark Hei

    BTW, William Carvalho hurt himself bad during summer.

    Is it a good idea to bring him in January for that price tag? Maybe let him play a bit to see if he gets back to form. His league form last year wasn’t exciting either.

  52. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I remember very well Arsenal’s victory over France at Highbury. An exceptional result.

    On a secondary matter I watched last night the game versus Lithuania. Fairly

    Gibbs however had a decent game and was in my view fairly disciplined. He
    made few mistakes and a couple of decent penetrative runs upfield. I think
    that he has every chance of making squad for European Championship Finals
    in view of Shaw’s absence.

    Ox on the other hand had a fairly poor game apart from scoring a goal. In my
    view he tries too hard on occasions and as a consequence makes poor decisions and gives the ball away too often. He needs more composure and to use
    his brain a bit more. If he does then he will become a better player and establish himself as a regular Arsenal and England player rather than being always
    on the fringe. He does have talent.

  53. cadamron

    Bamford, you are incredibly repetitive. You also talk with an odd sense of random authority not only on football, but posters personalitys.

  54. Mick Kartun

    Alexis Sanchez could become Arsenal’s top earner as club prepare to offer him huge new contract. @Mirror.

    Well, this move is something that I must appreciate to have positive thing cuz Alexis is our key player.

  55. Bamford10


    “I would like to see supporting evidence for this.”

    Look it up, then, you moron. You’ve heard of Google, yes? Everyone else here does his or her own reading and research. You alone insist others do it for you.

    Learn to use the internet, Tom.

  56. Wengaball


    You plagiarised an article the other day and posted extracts from it as your own work. N5 posted the link to the original.

    Can we have an apology?

  57. Wengaball

    Branford – why the persistent aggression?

    Does calling someone a moron make you feel big?

    Tom provides more evidence for his assertions than most people on this blog.

  58. Bamford10

    Welbeck thinks he’ll be back around January 1, something that will make many of you very happy, especially London.

    “It’s difficult to put an exact date on [a return] – around the New Year,” Welbeck said.

    “After I had the operation I was in a leg brace for about four weeks, which wasn’t easy. I had to do a lot of machine work, about six hours a day.”

    “It’s good to finally be out of the brace now and walking. It feels like I’m getting that little bit closer to getting back out on the pitch.”

  59. Bamford10


    Sorry, but Tom makes terrible arguments. I’ll try to be nicer, but when a person fills the blog with drivel every day — post after post — then he deserves to be called out.

  60. SomeRandomGunner

    “Sorry, but Tom makes terrible arguments. I’ll try to be nicer, but when a person fills the blog with drivel every day — post after post — then he deserves to be called out.”

    You can just replace “Tom” with “Bamford” in the above comment then the comment will be more accurate .

  61. Bamford10


    That wasn’t an argument. It was a single throw-away remark, made out of frustration two weeks into Coquelin’s CDM tenure, and 90 seconds into watching Carlos Sanchez.

    It’s only desperate haters like you who bring this up repeatedly as though it were some sort of point I was trying to develop. Nice try.

    That that is what you come up with only shows how weak your case is.

    Among other things, Tom has told us recently that:
    – recalling Zelalem in January would significantly strengthen our midfield (!)
    – Wenger did in fact sign outfield players this summer because he signed Yassin Fortune and Reine-Adelaide (!)

    Now THOSE are terrible arguments.

  62. Frank Mc

    Imagine suggesting Arsenal sign a player after never having watched the said player play,that seems fairly idiotic to me.

  63. London gunner

    I hope Welbeck comes back and proves me wrong I really do.

    Just at the moment we have walcott as 1st striker when he should be a number 2, we have Giroud as a number 2 when he should be a number 3 and we have Welbeck as number three so if we were to buy a world class striker we essentially have a 4th placed striker welbeck on 100k.

    We really do lack quality in the cf role.

  64. N5

    Fully agree Bamford, I won’t be getting drawn into proving once more why our injuries are not down to bad luck, it’s been done to death. Tom says he’s a long term reader so he must have seen this.

    Tom, I’m not defending the status quo and you have your right to dislike the way Pedro writes but be respectful with the way you do it. It’s his site and you can say I disagree, but saying he’s wrote crap for years whilst you still visit every day under the pretense that ‘you like to make yourself mad at others idiocy’ is moronic.

    You asked the other day why people like Nasri’s Mouth yet disrespect you and this is the exact reason.

    One question I would have for you is why should Arsenal topping the injury list year after year be anything other than our fault?

    One season fine, two maybe, three really, four come off it, five this is stupid now! and so on…..

    Do you see why what your saying is silly? not a single season has gone past where we are even 2nd in that table! we are always top! so why does this bad luck not effect any other team to our extent?

    Sometimes you have to accept responsibilty? Wenger did so why can’t you?

  65. Relieable Sauce

    Ox could do with a loan, couldnt he. Terrible play from him in and around his own box in almost every match he plays.
    Sending him to Ajax might have been the better option.

  66. daz

    “Please highlight some of the “terrible” arguments I’ve made. Thanks.”

    Bamford I’ll give you a couple

    Man utd being the stronger side after finishing behind us in the league you then followed that with the strongest team doesn’t always win the league

    A WC CF has to have pace and be able to dribble to create their own chances this was while you were slating Giroud, I pointed to Shearer which ends that one


  67. N5

    daz, was Shearer considered world class? he was certainly good by English quality, but I’m not convinced he was considered a worldy?

  68. daz

    N5 certainly all time PL goalscorer and playing for Newcastle, had he moved to utd instead he would have won it all, I don’t even like him but have to say he was a worldie

  69. N5

    da, thank you for taking the question as it was meant and not as a dig! I’ve always thought he was a hard bastard and one hell of a goal scorer, but I’ve never heard him referred to as WC. I know Owen has been considered it, but I’ve just not heard Shearer considered before. That’s not to say he isn’t.

  70. daz

    N5 I suppose giving players title of WC is just an opinion at the end of the day I mean redtruth doesn’t rate messi so who knows

  71. Sam

    Football is a weird industry
    Who’ll really hire someone that’s been sacked 10 times.
    Football managers get sacked n immediately line up new job.
    I wonder what the interview’s like

  72. N5

    “Football managers get sacked n immediately line up new job.
    I wonder what the interview’s like”

    Interviewer: you know you got sacked from your last job, well what’s changed?
    Manager: I’ll take less money!
    Interviewer: Deal, welcome to Tottenham!

  73. Emiratesstroller


    I think that Shearer would have been rated a “world class striker” in the final
    3 years at Blackburn where he scored on average 30 goals + in EPL and was
    chased by almost every major club in world football.

    He made probably the wrong career move when transferred to Newcastle in
    preference to let’s say Manchester United.

  74. N5

    Thank you Stroller. I was only a teenager when Shearer was in his prime so my memory of him is hazy at best, but that’s both you and Daz saying he was most likely considered a world class player out of 2 replies with no one debating against.

    It’s probably me not paying attention when it’s been discussed previously as opposed to it never being mentioned before.

  75. Emiratesstroller


    Referring to records of EPL since it was first established no other player has
    scored more than 30 goals in one season.

    The only players who have managed it once are:
    Van Persie

    Shearer even when not scoring 30+ goals a season in EPL was on several other
    occasions the leading goalscorer and throughout his long career even when in
    decline averaging better than one goal every 2 games.

    He was a goal machine even if he was not the most brilliant footballer on the

    If my memory serves me correctly I watched his first game against Arsenal for
    Southampton when he scored as a teenager.

  76. Mick Kartun


    Read my comment again. I send an article regarding the need of 2 DM to my tread site fellow in Indonesia and I translated it. I didn’t say I wrote that. I need the prologue to get the sources data (original in English).

    I apologized to you, N5, Mid, and others if that bothered you so much.

  77. Azagunner

    You’re such a smart ass haha. But it is good to have someone like you to keep the comments section interesting. Just like to say thanks

  78. Nasri's Mouth

    Bamford10: Please highlight some of the “terrible” arguments I’ve made. Thanks.

    You’ve forgotten already ?

    Just yesterday we had the one about Wenger not changing our style of play.

    Weren’t you slating Ozil in a game you hadn’ t even watched. Saying we should sign Fekir as a striker, even though you’d never seen him play as a striker. We’ve had the Coq thing. The quality of Sanchez over Coq too. The Chelsea PSG game, the bet about ManU. Koscielny and Evans.We can go all the way back to Origi who was going to win Liverpool the league or some such BS.

    I suspect if we dug a little deeper there are plenty of others too. I suspect also that if we counted up the number of times you’ve come up with a theory that you haven’t read from somewhere, you’ve probably got more wrong than if you simply tossed a coin.

    I get football is all about viewpoints, and often there is no definite right or wrong, just a grey area, (2 recent ones that spring to mind are the rights and wrongs of sacking Rodgers, and the scouting / analytics argument) but honestly you do come up with some right corkers and you do it with an attitude that winds people up. Even Johnty79 posts with an implied wink

    We all get things wrong, hey, I thought Chelsea were a shoe in for winning the league this season! HAHA! and some on here, (me definitely included) pull people’s strings to get them to bite, but with you unless I’m reading you wrong, it’s not really an act is it ?

    N5: You asked the other day why people like Nasri’s Mouth yet disrespect you and this is the exact reason.

    I think it’s more down to the quality of my hand jobs to be honest

  79. Rhys Jaggar

    There’s a very good Oktoberfest German beer bar in Fulham I came across as I went to renew my running shoes at a joint call Pro-Feet (it’s very professional, they will put you on treadmills and do videos of you running in various shoes etc and they pull up your previous purchase and appointment from their database so the second appointment is much quicker than the first).

    It has football on even at 4.30 in the afternoon mid-week, so maybe Herr Mueller could teach the sheltered Colney Boys how to let your hair down for a day during Oktoberfest? Assuming Arsene didn’t fine them all a week’s wages for downing a few Stein….as the Bayern boys go off with the CEO to do precisely that and they still seem to play OK, I think Arsene should let his hair down and let them all have a Sunday in the bar doing some team bonding……they select the waitresses accordingly, so Arsene off the marital leash would be in heaven……….

    Only problem is that it’s closer to Chelsea than Arsenal, but those guys can just hire a stretch limo to take them there and pick them up, I guess……..you could always ask them to open a second joint in North London as part of the sign-on deal, I suppose……

    As for whether Herr Mueller would wish to sign, I guess it depends how much he enjoys being set up by Mezut Ozil – he certainly enjoyed it for Germany, sadly to too much a degree against England in 2010……

    If Arsenal signed Carvalho, Mueller and Guardiola in January/the summer, they might well sweep all before them…….

    I wonder whether the FBI will be wishing Franz Beckenbauer pops in to ‘help them with their enquiries’ in the near future?

    Perish the thought that selling Mueller and Guardiola to Arsenal would help to avoid that unhelpful scenario…….

  80. Sam


    Any twat that hates Arsenal including yourself will blame Wenger for their problems.
    Picture Arsene Rollin!!!!!!
    2 Fa cups so far
    While you dying in rage

  81. Keef Petrovic

    Tom is a PR hire by Arsenal (or Arsene..) to spin everything crap about our current management into gold. He has been doing it for a while now (he stumbled a bit at first) and is now mastering his brief.