Well done Aaron 🐲

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When you’re absolutely hanging, it seems to be standard that news goes on strike.

I mean, I literally going to have to talk about international football for a minute.

Wales qualified for Euros. Aaron Ramsey leading the charge. What an achievement! Northern Ireland and England are also in the mix. What a bloody party eh?

Only thing that slightly upsets me with that is it puts him in the shop window when he inevitably has a stormer. That is negative. Still scarred from years gone by.

Alex Ferguson has leapt to the defence of Arsene Wenger by asking the question…

‘Who is better?’

He doesn’t shut up does he?

Two books. Countless interviews. Jeez, are we ever going to hear the end of him?

I do wonder who is going to replace Wenger. If Liverpool can get Klopp, we’ll be able to get anyone. You do have to temper managerial excitement with the fact Madrid have Rafa Benitez.

Are Guardiola and Ancellotti too rich for us? Will we go for a younger model? Will we go for someone doing interesting things at a small club? Do we go with an interim model like David Moyes?

So many questions I don’t have time for today!

Right, I guess that’s it for today.


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  1. underrated Coq


    ” And the analogy to Wenger is one of the dumbest ever made on here: where Wenger is anti-tactics, romanti, old and inflexible, Klopp is tactical, practical and young. ”

    No, I think there’s a good reason for that comparison. Wenger is notoriously known to stick to his style, irrespective of the opposition. Klopp is the same, his teams only ever play the one way. And what’s worse, even though many managers have figured out Wenger’s weakness, he still manages to always steer Arsenal to a respectable position. Contrast this to Klopp’s final season at Dortmund.

    You go on to state your belief that Klopp will learn from his mistakes, adapt etc. Well, until he shows that on the football pitch, the Wenger analogy will continue to make sense.