What does Arsenal spirit mean? | Striker move fail

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Yo fool, did you say Cesc?

Happy Saturday to you. I went out last night with a fellow Grover. Ended up getting really trashed. So trashed I forget I needed money to pay for the cab… the cab driver was trying to let me off a $20 fare. How very sweet.

Anyway, football. BECAUSE THAT’S WHAT WE LOVE.

Big news is Kokorin… a striker of world class ability and clearly one of the few players on the planet capable of improving our squad, had a loan move from Arsenal rejected by his club.

A loan move? I mean… really? If we’re in for him. He must be their first team striker. If we think he’s in the same league as Benzema, then why are we risking a loan move for him? I can’t work out if this is like one of those messed up stories agents put about to get their players a move… or it’s really the depths we sank too on that dark miserable August 31st evening.

Anyway. I hope we have bigger ambitions in the next year’s Disappointment Window.

So do we have any other tasty morsels to devour?

Yes we do. Theo Walcott is at it again. SCORING GOAL. Just like we like him too. A tidy finish from a Ross Barkley through ball saw him turn a few heads.

‘Did you see that’


‘Theo scored’



I read an interesting stat that Theo missed the most clear cut chances in the league last season. More chances that LOLdado. Not striking pedigree at all. This season, he’s turned things around. Partly to do with fitness, partly to do with confidence and partly because he’s being given a go through the middle.

For me, I’m reticent to get too caught up in the central role for Theo. For me, the goals are great, but ultimately, he’s not a complete footballer and I kind of feel we lose an edge having someone like him there. He’s a very good alternative up front, but it’ll take a lot of convincing to shake most people’s belief that he’s the real deal.

I think the biggest challenge for me with the 26 year old is I can’t see what the end product looks like. Who is Theo going to be like? Michael Owen? Robbie Fowler? Romario? I mean… think about it. At 26, how much more growth do you have left in your game when pace is your main weapon? 3 more seasons before regression hits in. Who does he want to be?

That’s not my choice people. That’s not my choice.

I was told Ozil picked up an injury, which would have immediately killed any joy I took from Aguerro picking up an 8 week medical leave. Schweinsteiger is injured. Someone said David Silva is also injured. I mean, joy aside, international breaks are an absolute crime on the eyes as well as on clubs. How long will we tolerate it? I kind of feel it’s in breach of human rights or something. What do you think?


Good news is Cazorla scored a couple. I love that little Spaniard. Not sure why I always want to call him ‘little fat Spaniard’ but I do.

Wenger’s back on the booze again…

“You can ask the question the other way around: can you be successful without team spirit? If I asked you that question, straight away you would say no,”

You can’t knock a man who tries to craft his own question. Also, is that the Frenchest turn of phrase ever to happen on Arsenal.com?

Question in Engggeeerrrrrlish: Can you succeed in sport, if you’re working in a shit environment where no one likes each other?

It’s a big question and thankfully Wenger was on hand to answer it.

‘I believe it’s a little bit like a flower. You have to take care of it and look after it every day, or else it will slowly die. But as well, you can make the flower bigger, better and prettier if you care for it. We believe that part of the responsibility of the players and the staff is to take care of team spirit.”

Do what Arsene?

See, if I had the energy right now, I’d love to go through Arsenal.com over the last ten seasons to see how many times someone has come out and said that the team spirit is better than ever before. I reckon we hear it at least 10 times a season regardless of what’s going on. I think we hear it almost as often as we hear ‘We know we have to be better.’ Back to spirit. When is team spirit ever bad at Arsenal?

My thing with it is this… what sort of team spirit is it?

Team spirit where we all get along and everyone is laughing and bantering Theo when he falls asleep on the coach by sticking maltesers in his nose.

Or team spirit where the goal is winning and everything is geared around that? Winning spirit that sees players who step out of line beasted naked in the carpark. Like the opening prison scene in Shawshank where the fat guy won’t stop crying.

‘Santi, open the cell!’

My thing here is all this team spirit Wenger boasts about never seems to turn into much? What is the output of it all. How does it compare to 2004? Who is Head of Spirit?

Anyway, happy everyone loves going into work. Would be happier if this intangible monster turned into something like, say, a Premier League trophy.

If you want to read more of my excellent thoughts, check out my superb spellchecked piece for The Standard.

Also, big congratulations to the Gooner run Nightjar for making the Champions League spots for the 3rd year running in the world’s best bar Championship.

On that note, have a bloody good day, I’ll be watching a Oklahoma play a sport against a big rival they’re going to spank. A bit like the NLD eh? Badum tschhhhhh!

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  1. WengerEagle

    For instance Maldini averaged less than a tackle a match towards the end of his career.

    Was just always in the right position to deal with the danger, never had to resort to last ditch tackles.

  2. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Haha good to know. I wasn’t calling you blind. Just sayin that wasn’t his best performance.

    Hey Romford. .. what up? Lady Romford let you off the chain for a spell? Lol

  3. Nasri's Mouth


    It seems more geared towards people who play Fantasy Football, (not directly) than it is seeing how good a player is for the team.

    Maybe it’s just me

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Wallace: Samper. or mine and Cesc Appeal’s favourite – Ki.

    I think Samper is a non-starter. He’s just someone fed up of playing for the B team.

    I’m quite a Ki fan actually.

  5. I am arsene

    Bamford is a Marxist!!!

    Why am I not surprised???
    Just think of all those poornimpressionable boys he’s trying to brainwash at his prep school.
    God help them if they joke of ejaculating!!!


  6. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Well. .. I don’t think it tells you how a player fits the team dynamic no. But I do think it gives a pretty accurate score if you are comparing players performance in a certain game as to who was better. For instance Ramsey or Santi. Also, comparing players between teams and leagues. Like I said it’s not perfect as no statistical analysis would be. Certainly better then watching a video then rating a player. I’m pretty sure I could make my playing days look good on video….. anyone no how to splice a Beta tape? Lol

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, all good my friend. Been s bit under the weather today so taking it easy. Off to Sicily on Monday for a family wedding which should be cool. Hope you’re well?

    Ha, Mid yeah managed to get the night off! Nah we’re just taking it easy. Flying out to Sicily on Monday for a week and will be there until Saturday. Thankfully miss no Arsenal football, well-timed 😀

  8. MidwestGun

    Romford –
    Ohhh man Sicily nice. Too bad you can’t take in a Serie A game while your there. Big Italian community where I live so I get to hear all about it.
    Lots of angst over Juventus. Roma too strangely. Been reading about rumors of Ancelotti to replace Garci… seems pretty harsh.

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    I think if you make a video of ALL their contributions in a game it’s worthwhile. Still doesn’t show ALL their movements of course, but then that’s not easy to do without access to the full set of tv footage

  10. WengerEagle

    Such a frustrating day for betting, Netherlands let me down earlier by being shitbirds and conceding a 90th min goal when I had them on a handicap win along with Bosnia, Croatia handicap win and a Turkey win which have all come through.

    210 quid off of a fiver. 🙁

    A Wales equaliser would be comforting.

  11. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Ya man. .. saw your predictions earlier. Decided to take a day off from betting on Intl matches .. Made $130 yesterday off England 2 -0 and Theo scoring first goal. So took that as a sign that my luck has been used up this weekend. Probably best as I would be betting for Wales. Plus television over here is all about the Mexico /US. Confed cup playoff match tonight. So not getting any other matches.

  12. Romford Ozil Pele

    Mid, yeah Palermo is the main Sicilian team right? One day I would love to go and watch Roma live. That’s one of the remaining ones on my hit list. Roma actually have a very good squad and bought well in the summer so should be doing much better than they are. I still really like Garcia but he’ll have a lot to answer for if he doesn’t make the most of it. They bought Dzeko, Digne on loan, Chesney who’s done well and still loads of other strong players. Iturbe has been a disappointment though.

  13. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    You can actually get footage of all the different player angles coaches footage of Nfl games now. Would be sweet if you could get multi -angle of Premier League. Maybe some day. As for Who.scored being for fantasy football. … not really, imo. But I use it to help with getting a gambling edge. They do prematch scoreline predicting as well, and they aren’t bad at it.

  14. Romford Ozil Pele

    Eagle, yeah it’s a beautiful place. Weather there is good most of the time and should still be mid-20s this week. Definitely get out there if you can, I’ll feed you back my points.

    Last week was amazing, really love the Emirates atmosphere when it’s like that. The fans feed off the team and if they get a good vibe, the crowd normally respond. United were honestly shell shocked and it was great to see the game out the way we did. Now it’s about consistency, Watford away next weekend won’t be easy. Hope we can stay in touch until Xmas, bring in a DM and hopefully Welbz and Jw can help a title charge in the second half of the season! Not looking forward to Bayern lol

  15. WengerEagle


    Seen that fair play mate, you’re a shrewd gambler, you must be running some profit by now for the retirement fund 😀

    I usually don’t bet on internationals because they’re so tough to call a lot of the time, different motivations and playing style to club football with most of the time much less goals unless cannon fodder are involved like San Marino, Andorra, etc.

    Copa America absolutely destroyed me, considered giving up betting completely until the season started and Serie A gave me CPR.

    Fiorentina, Inter Milan and goals galore in Napoli matches has me winning most weeks now.

  16. MidwestGun

    Romford –
    Ya Palermo….bit of a long suffering fanbase…. Haha The pizza bar where I watch some matches is owned by a Sicilian from Palermo.
    That seems to be the complaint, that Roma spent the cash but aren’t getting
    the results. Haven’t watched them as much this season yet. Have taken in a few Juventus matches., still think they will turn it around unless Pogba is off to Barca as rumored.

  17. WengerEagle

    ‘Roma actually have a very good squad and bought well in the summer so should be doing much better than they are. ‘

    Yeah they’ve had a slowish start and the loss to BATE must have been a bit demoralising. Overall I’ve been impressed with them though, they were worth a point vs Barcelona and they played Juventus off the park earlier in the season.

    Salah is their special player going forward IMO, the one that can make the difference in the tight matches. I’m shocked that Mourinho had no interest in using him tbh, even more so than De Bruyne.

    Iturbe has been rubbish really, waste of €30 million.

    Dzeko has started ok, he has it in him to score 20 Serie A goals IMO if he starts every week.

    If he achieves that and they can turn those mid season draws into narrow wins, they could well end the Scudetto drought this year.

    Most open Serie A in years with Juventus’ start of the season implosion.

  18. Mr B

    When I was your age we used to get 1,000 comments everyday

    500 of them were Keyser talking out of his arse….. but still

  19. MidwestGun

    Saw the article about Gotze being out and helping Arsenal. Not sure about that. .. was he even starting? Actually, expect us to play decent against Bayern as they won’t be afraid to play end to end. Goal scoring form of Lewandowski is frightening tho. Sanchez looked a little tired and limping slightly at end of Chile /Brazil also. Slightly concerning. And is Ozil injured or Pedro messing with me?

  20. WengerEagle


    Yeah have to say that while the Emirates can be very muted at times, the crowd always seem to step it up in the bigger matches in the BPL/European nights.

    You never know, I honestly didn’t believe that we were strong enough to win the title in August/September and I still think that it’s City’s to lose providing they can keep Aguero semi-fit but we’re in their with a fighter’s chance at least with Chelsea pratically melting down over at SB.

    I have never rated United as title challengers under LVG, was hardly convinced otherwise after the pasting we gave them.

    Just have to hope that Sanchez, Theo and Giroud can conjure up 60-70 odd goals between them and the likes of Ramsey, Ozil, Ox, Welbeck when he’s back and Cazorla will chip in with a fair few.

    For the first time in a long time I’m pretty pleased with our back 5.

  21. Romford Ozil Pele


    RE Roma – their squad is very strong, especially offensively but it hasn’t clicked yet. Thankfully they’re still in touch. One bad thing about Rudi, however, is that he rotates far too much. He never really plays a settled team. It’s good that he has options but the team is rarely able to build up fluency due to his constant tinkering and he fact he always feels like he has to play Totti. Totti is obviously a legend but becoming more of a hindrance now. Think they can get it right though. Shame about Iturbe. Looked like a good investment but essentially money down the drain now and hasn’t repaid the fee at all. Could see Ancelotti taking over there though. Good team and he has history with Roma. Hoping Ancelotti replaces Wenger though tbh.

    RE Arsenal. Yeah the atmosphere gets a slating, and rightly so at times but in big games it’s as loud as anything. And if Arsenal scores first it becomes very hard for the opposition to get back into it. Think the players definitely feed off the crowd.

    City are the strongest team in this league though and should win if they get their shit together. That said you can never predict what’s gonna happen. If we’re to win we need what you say to happen. Most importantly, we need luck with injuries. Alexis, Özil, Santi and Coq can’t afford to miss any period of time.

    Agree on our back 5 though, actually think it’s the strongest in the league. Only conceded 20 goals in 2015 and we already have the best defensive record this season. It’s the midfield that’s the problem. Coquelin deserves praise as he’s been magnificent but going forward Wenger is gonna need to get that balance right. Quietly impressed with Theo though. Proving a lot of people wrong, myself included. Hopefully he continues along in that vain.

  22. Romford Ozil Pele

    Serie A is becoming really entertaining again. A lot of good untapped talent there. Always had a thing for Insigne though he’s wildly inconsistent himself

  23. Romford Ozil Pele

    Did anyone see that interview with Gabriel P on the official website. Think he’ll be a lot of people’s favourite in no time, if he isn’t one already.

  24. MidwestGun

    Mr. B –
    Well….. Pedro being in the States now. Means he will be posting late. So imagine the comment count will be down. Until tomorrow morning when people comment on the previous days post. I agree Keyser kept the comment count healthy, tho. He will be back someday to call us all a bunch of fuckwits, I’m sure. 🙂

    Also, it’s freakin International break. So it makes you slightly loco not much to say.

    Congrats to Tunny and Wales tho…. sometimes losing is winning.

  25. WengerEagle

    ‘Serie A is becoming really entertaining again. A lot of good untapped talent there. Always had a thing for Insigne though he’s wildly inconsistent himself’

    Agreed, for me it’s actually a very underrated league, miles ahead of the French League in quality PSG aside and more entertaining than La Liga or the Bundesliga which are dominated by 3 teams in total.

    I genuinely don’t think that Juventus will win the Scudetto this season, have a feeling that Aleggri will sacrifice their league form at some point for a proper crack in the UCL which is the trophy that they will really crave.

    Any of Fiorentina, Inter Milan, Napoli if they can find consistency or Roma could realistically win the league this season.

    Inisigne and Higuain for me sum up Napoli in a nutshell, devastating one week and completely invisible the next.

    They beat Juventus, smashed Milan 4-0 at the San Siro and Lazio 5-0 at home but lost to Sassuolo and drew with Carpi, Sampdoria and Empoli.

  26. Bamford10

    I like Tielemans, but I like Praet as well.

    Sign one of those two, and sign someone to solidify the central midfield (e.g., an Alex Witsel), and we might really compete — even w/o adding a better CF.

  27. tom

    Ramsey video is all his touches, I believe.

    Also, took your advice on checking WhoScored.
    They rated him 7.32
    I rated him 8.

    More than respectable, no?

  28. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Ya… I did say everyone’s score was pretty high. Just saying he was the lowest. So if you are comparing performances amongst players to see who could improve the most you might pick him first. If you were trying to pick a match to highlight him as a player I might pick one he was rated highest or nearly highest. To me that match would be an Ozil or Alexis highlight match
    Anyhow,you could see why some were not happy with his give away rate.

    I’m not a Ramsey hater tho, I think he’s useful in many ways, I just wish he wasn’t our best option at right sided attacking mid.

    Romford –
    Take care… be safe.

    Have a great weekend the rest of ya.

  29. tom

    OK Midwest, I got the impression you were picking on him. Misread your tone, or something.
    What happened , perhaps, was the initial clumsy and unfair criticism was started by others, you picked up the thread, and I somehow conflated it all into one.

    I chose the United game as that was recent, so relevant, and there was the video, I feel, speaks for itself.
    Its not his best performance but is a good one to see how he functions in the set up. Does far more box to box stuff than a conventional right side attack midfielder. He provides width in the middle , gives space and support to HB and even tucks in next to Coq when Santi gets forward. In addition, and this is important, he is a goal scorer. He’ll take the chance to try and score.
    He catches a little heat when it doesn’t come off, as it hasn’t so far this season, but the point is, he not afraid. For this reason, and because he is excellent, he scores important and beautiful goals. Given how shy Ozil is, its a good thing Ramsey isn’t.
    Finally, I think he has leadership qualities exhibited by his energy , commitment and bravery.

    OK, I’m done. Sorry to preach, and all.
    Enjoy the match.
    I’m in Cali and I’m rooting for El Tri.

  30. Berg

    Tom do you want to check ramsays goal scoring stats before going on about him as though he is some sort of goal scoring midfielder like lanpard or Gerard because his goal scoring record is poor

  31. tom

    Here is Koeman on Mourinho,

    Koeman believes Chelsea’s tactical approach of retreating after taking the lead rather than going for the opposition’s jugular doesn’t work in their favour, and hit out at Mourinho for relentlessly moaning about officiating.

    “Chelsea prefer to defend when attacking is also an option,” he is quoted as saying in the Sunday Mirror.
    “Mourinho always chooses to defend. Even if his team goes 1-0 up, they would rather defend their lead than try to score more goals.

    “Yet Arsenal can kill an opponent. That is why their victory against Manchester United was so impressive.

    “Attacking-wise, they completely destroyed United. For 20 minutes, they played the most fantastic football, while Chelsea do the opposite thing.

    “By defending, Chelsea give their opponent a chance to come back in the game. It was a shame that Mourinho was putting attention on the referee after we beat them.

    “He wanted to have a penalty in the first half. But, in the first half at Stamford Bridge, Southampton should have had two penalties

  32. tom

    Jurgen Klopp, October 9, when asked about the transfer committee: “It was not a problem for 10 seconds. We talked about it. For me it is enough that I have the first and the last words. We only want to discuss about very good players. I’m not a genius, I don’t know more than the rest of the world. I need the people who get the perfect information.”

  33. underrated Coq

    ” Please don’t compare Ramsey to Sanchez. That’s way over the top even for a huge Ramsey fan. ”

    I must have missed the part where I mention Ramsey and Sanchez are equally good players. I said they are similar players i.e their way of approach to the game is similar. Was that not clear enough from the rest of my comment? You do realize its possible to compare certain aspects of two players’ games or the attitudes they bring to the pitch etc ?

    I find it a bit funny when people get these issues whenever comparisons are made. Not the first time I’ve seen it. I think I mentioned once: how Coquelin has been vital for Arsenal– just as much as Busquets is for Barca–in bringing balance to the team. And I got similar sort of comments- ” Don’t mention Coquelin in the same sentence as Busquets “, ” Coquelin as good as Busquets..Lol “. All the while, I was thinking- ‘ Who the feck said anything about Coq being as good as Busquets ? ‘

  34. tom


    Fair cop. My stat ( from WhoScored)
    appears to be just EPL and ECL.
    I guess if you add domestic cups and friendlies the numbers run different.

  35. tom

    Alex Ferguson on manager stability.

    “There’s no evidence that sacking a manager gives you success,” Ferguson said. “But there is evidence at Manchester United, at Nottingham Forest, at Arsenal that [if] you retain the manager for long periods, you get consistency and you get success.”

  36. tom

    Arsenal’s Arsene Wenger is the longest-tenured Premier League manager at 19 years, and Ferguson gave his former rival credit for sticking to his own style over his career despite a lack of recent titles.

    “It’s just like me if I hadn’t progressed the club after the ’94 team or the ’99 team I would maybe having the same problems as Arsene, but he’s stayed with his conviction, he’s stayed with what he believes in.

    “When all the pressure — I’m thinking about the pressure I said to a few of my friends — who are they going to get to replace Arsene Wenger, you know, who are they going to get who is better than Arsene Wenger? And that’s why they don’t do [sack him], that’s why they’ve stuck by him.”

    Given the history , it’s good of Sir Alex to go to Wenger’s defense.

  37. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Time for Wenger to stop his pally act with the players an start getting more ruthless …
    Star picking players on merit an not wages or best mate scenario .

    Flamini two goals against Spurs great but reality it makes Wenger think he is correct to preserve with him , art, rosicky , jack et al .

  38. Dissenter

    The day we sign Tielemans is the day back is done for good.
    It will also mean the end of Zeilalem and Dan Crowley

    He won’t be coming to Arsenal
    I fear Spuds will snag him on the cheap just like they got Erikssen.

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    Tielemans plays deeper than Crowley and probably Zelelam too.

    And given the interest he generated last season, IF he is the real deal, he wont be going to Spurs

  40. London gunner

    Spurs got a bargain with eriksen but I still don’t rate him all that much.

    He is a good goal scorer and possibly the best free kick taker In world football, but as a creator he isn’t all that good.