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But no one to go out and play with. Sad story eh? It’ll be me, in a bar, on my own. Might treat myself to a cocktail with an umbrella. Then use that umbrella to shield my cocktail from the tears of SADNESS rolling down my eyes.

But hey, at least I get to watch the Mets tonight. They are a baseball team and baseball is exciting.

So what have we today?

Petr Cech is crawling up the back passage of Arsene Wenger.

“The public only see the game, they don’t see all the things that are happening behind the scenes. So, sometimes, judging people only on the fraction of the time you see them working can lead to different opinions.

“He introduced me to the vision the club has for the coming years, to the reason why certain things are the way they are now and how they will be next year and the year after. I really liked the project in the way it matches my ambition.”

Yeah Petr, the public only see the games, the league table, the progress in Europe, the lack of fight on the pitch, the results, Arteta rolling onto the pitch on a zimmerframe and the bi-annual balls up in the transfer market.

I’m absolutely sure that what you’re seeing is incredible… and actually worthy of a secret manager of the year trophy.

I wouldn’t expect Petr to come out and say anything else. I hear the press room has one way mirrored glass and Wenger taps menacingly if you move from the script. Point is, you don’t bite the hand that gives you a mega contract at 33 years old. You also don’t come out and say…

‘You know what, first day in training and Wenger was cupping farts into the faces of the young players. It was really weird’

I just find those comments a bit nauseating.

Good news for Sanchez, his side whooped Brazil 2-1 in a qualifying game, he scored the second after a cheeky one-two with Arturo Vidal. The bad news is that he has to come back and play at the weekend, no doubt slightly jetlagged. It’s amazing how much flying takes it out of you. That’s a 17 hour flight for poor people. The time difference isn’t so bad. But it still must be pretty rough cramping up on a plane, even if it is a private jet.

Klopp has started over at Liverpool. Every Arsenal fan slightly jealous. Come on, you know you want to say something bitchy.

‘I never liked that mug anyway’

He’s set himself the tight deadline of delivering a title to Liverpool in the next 4 seasons.

The Liverpool board must be thrilled with those timescales after spending £100m in the summer after spending £100m the summer before. Where does the money come from?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens there. I thought Klopp would upgrade to a club that wasn’t a selling entity. He’ll just run into the same issues he did at Dortmund. He’ll also not be able to buy out of the elite pool of players. No Champions League, 3 worst team in the North as well as being based in Liverpool. Which ain’t cool or appealing to many.

Still, nice to have another top coach in the league. I liked this comment as well.

“If anyone wants to help Liverpool, they have to change from doubter to believer. Stop thinking about money. Only football.”

Klopp is a believer. That’s for sure. Can he deliver in such rich competition? We’ll see.

In other more delicious news, Sepp Blatter AND Michel Platini have been suspended for 90 days pending a review of their ‘mismanagement’ of funds and stuff. This is so beautiful. That old scumbag Blatter was always going to go, but the news that Platini too £1.9m and he’s paying the price for it is just perfect.

It’s easy to see how Sepp maintained control… no one could grass him up because literally everyone was on the take. Quite incredible these already rich men were so unbelievably stupid. FIFA doesn’t need a President from within (an internal solution as Arsene would say), it needs a total overhaul.

Big issue for me is the FA. What a shamefully weak association we have. They back Michel. Not only weak, also incapable of delivering what we need as a nation. Who is going to turn those lot out? Because they need to be. I think they’re an embarrassment to the country. I hope as a result of Sepp going, he hands over all his dirty secrets so we can clean football up for good.

The writing is on the wall. Imagine the panic? The normal person equivalent is when your girlfriend starts making you pose with other people’s babies on Facebook. You know what’s coming. You can’t stop it.

Interesting to read that Liam Brady is coming back to the club in an ambassadorial role for the club.

‘Brady will oversee players being loaned out, the country’s best youngsters being recruited and also ensuring they stay at Arsenal.’

I mean, it feels like a bit of a regressive step. I’m not sure what this means for Joncker. Some people I speak to absolutely detest him, they think he’s like a worse version of LVG with eyes firmly on taking over from Arsene Wenger when all is said and done in 15 years. Others think he’s great, a breath of fresh air, someone who knows what he wants and someone who is trying to drive change.

Me? I have no idea. I know his comments about how f*cking great he was when he started weren’t very cool. But there we go. I’m not sure I’d be too happy to see old faces return if I was Joncker!

Finally, I’m back over Christmas and someone needs to get me some of dem home tickets to Bournemouth and Manchester City!

Right, have a bloody great day… and please, don’t cry for my loneliness. It’s temporary. I’ll always have the internet and a 72 year old barmaid called Shaniqwa.


P.S. As a potential solution to many problems I have with this site, I’ve been looking into moving over to medium.


  • You can access it through their mobile app which has push notifications
  • The comments sections is pretty sweet
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  1. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: certainly at any of the big clubs he’d be long gone.

    Of course, because at those big clubs the expectations would be higher because the spend would be higher.

  2. tom

    After reading some of the discussion here today, I feel bad as clearly I don’t come across the way I intend and am failing to make my points clearly.

    Obviously I am staunchly loyal to Wenger, as I truely believe he does a great job.
    I am not blind to his weaknesses, and I have said that and listed them on several occasions.
    I can understand there is another point of view and I respect it, even though I disagree.

    If I disagree, I feel entitled to challenge the position. Its just a discussion and I have no animosity toward those who don’t see things my way.

    I am aware most dismiss my argument as just the company line, and of course in some ways it is, but the fact is, I care deeply about AFC and give the subject plenty of thought. Turns out my thinking seems in tune with Wenger’s which makes it easy for me to stand with him.

    When debating here , I am careful to avoid abuse , though I receive plenty and I make a good faith attempt to get my point across.

    In my mind, my opinions are not too far left of Wallace or Dark Hai or Nasri Mouth. Yet clearly I am seen as different animal entirely. So I’m failing to describe my position correctly .

    Just putting that out there, in the hope that Grovers get a better sense of where I am at.

    I don’t change my spots though and will argue my case.

    Carry on.

  3. Joe

    Wenger has 200m in the bank

    He has failed. He should be competing every season for a major trophy with the resources he has. If he was such a great manager he would be.

    He is a failure with the resources he has

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: His targets are to make money CL. Not to win trophies

    Ok, so those are set by the owner of the club.

    So, we sack Wenger and we bring in another manager and his targets will be set the SAME owner of the club and they will be…

  5. Cesc Appeal


    How do you rationalise that sort of theory out then when he decides to leave £80 Million unspent?

    In my mind, that raises the accountability bar, but would you say it lowers it?

  6. N5

    NM, that’s the point we were discussing yesterday isn’t it really.

    You can have a banged up race car and change the driver as many times as you want, but the car will only perform to it’s ability.

    If the owned demands maximum return on minimum spend then there is literally no manager out there better than Wenger. Not one person.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    I do agree the ownership is a problem, but Wenger doesn’t escape under that, he makes a lot of the decisions at the club, especially on spends, if he wants the cash he gets it…but I agree, there isn’t enough pressure from the top.

  8. Redtruth


    You are seen differently because yoy’re a fucking troll.

    I could come up with endless bullshit anddefend Wenger like you do.

    Wenger is a mastermind who has changed Arsenal and made them consistently qualify for the Champions league which is something of a feat considering the Oligarchs and the Oil men which have infilterated the game.

    See it’s easy now jog on.

  9. Joe

    Why would Wenger spend the 80m and then have to be accountable by showing results on the pitch. Eg. Competing in the league and CL

    Don’t soend and you have a ready made excuse and have made money for the owner.

    No pressure to succeed

  10. Cesc Appeal

    The board needs a restructuring, Red and White holdings need a couple of seats, and we need to get a football man into the clubs hierarchy…and not Arsene Wenger before there’s even a suggestion.

    That story about Dein and Petit was telling, that’s the type of man we need, but a more modern version, who understands the figures involved in today’s game and all the key players in terms of agents, fixers, DoF’s, CEO’s etc

    Sort of side note, Wenger also has a terrible relationship with Jorge Mendes doesn’t he?

  11. nasri's mouth


    There’s about £75m (?) available to spend in Jan according to the AST.

    It kinda pales into insignificance against the money that Chelsea and ManC have spent.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    But this is what I’m saying, to me that makes him equally as accountable as spending it.

    Wenger is sort of like a kid who doesn’t study for an exam, he has all the books and his parents offer him a private tutor if he wants, but he decides not to, takes the exams and gets a bare pass, but still does pass.

    Is he excused from not having to get the best marks because he didn’t study and turned down the chance of the private tutor? No. Not at all.

    Wenger doesn’t get to decide that, he can’t not spend and then expect everyone to judge him as if he was managing Spurs or something.

  13. nasri's mouth

    @cesc appeal

    To a degree, but only if he finishes lower than he should. He’s not losing the money, its still there, so the b.of ds would be hard pressed him to sack him. Its not perfect, but it’s not like he’s spent it on dross.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    ‘It kinda pales into insignificance against the money that Chelsea and ManC have spent.’

    By that logic we would never spend then.

    We have issues in our squad, we have a very good squad, but issues, and could have spent, we could have invested in some of the very best youth prospects, could have made smart buys like a Kurzawa as an example simply because he was available and Monreal is approaching 30.

    We will have about £60-80 Million to spend a summer, so we can easily build a great squad over 2-3 seasons.

    To say, well City and Chelsea have spent like a billion, so what’s the point just makes Arsenal such a pointless undertaking then, if not spending means no accountability, and we excuse it based off of lavish spending without actually assessing what we could do with our own money…this will be us, 3rd/4th for the foreseeable.

    Which isn’t bad, what makes it bad is we aren’t doing everything in our power to move on from that…that, is the crux of it.

  15. Joe


    If he such a great manager he should be able to compete with the vast resources he has. Simone has. Klopp has. But Wenger can’t. Sorry but that is a lame excuse as we’ve had plenty of funds the last 6 or so seasons where we could of bought the players required. Instead we went for the sangagos and flaminis

  16. vicky

    Very difficult for an outsider to know who is responsible behind not spending the money we have. We know Wenger does not like to spend money and hence we can pin the blame on Wenger. Could very well be the truth. But who will be surprised If we came to know tomorrow Kroenke was the real culprit ? One thing everybody is pretty certain of : making Arsenal the footballing superpower of the world is certainly not Kroenke’s motto.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    He hasn’t spent it at all, that is the problem.

    This is what it comes down to, are we a football club, or a financial club?

    Liverpool just got Klopp, Spurs are starting to get a neat little team together, nothing special, but are going to have a stadium marginally larger than ours but will have the added benefit of a far more lucrative league package, of course offsetting inflation in loans and building costs.

    So how long do we go on with this rubbish of Wenger doing it his way and coming fourth and repeating the same tired mistakes is okay because he left £80 Million unspent?

    You get the feeling this board can’t see further than the tips of their noses, we need to be using this space to really push on now, we seem to be trying to do that off the field, commercials, land acquisition, marketing etc…only place we seem not to be so adventurous is on the pitch! The heart of what Arsenal FC are suppose to do…

  18. Joe

    Wenger should be competing with the resources he has. 80m in the bank is a resource. His decision not to spend. He is still a countable for it. Spend it or not. It’s there.

  19. Joe

    Having spent on ozil Sanchez wellbeck chambers in the last 2 years shows kronke is not holding money back

    I’m sorry it’s on Wenger as he said no one was available

  20. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough, you like Wenger, I get that… we all do. I do agree with you personal abuse is clearly not called for but what I don’t get is the constant need to defend Wenger as if he is a religious figure or something. Why is he above reproach and accountability? At times you come across as blinkered.

    For me Wenger or no Wenger I’ll support the team. When he gets it right I’m happy to say so. The same when he gets it wrong. Not everything is Wenger’s fault nor should he always get the credit when events go right… sometime we are beneficiaries of good luck as well victims of bad luck.

    Speaking personally, I’m tired of the same excuses when things go wrong. What about you?

    Having said all this, I congratulate you on your measured response. I may not agree with you but I too have sought to treat everyone with respect and focus on the debate and not on the person. Cheers for that.

    After all we are all Gooners…

    Wishing you the very best.

  21. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc appeal

    Not really, because the extra £70-80m that he could have spent is a relatively small proportion of what we havehave actually spent.

    Wenger spends a lot of money, 4th highest in the league, but he spends 95% ( or similar) of what’s available, rather than every penny.

    And spending that extra doesn’t guarantee success on the pitch, nor does it guarantee success in the player. What percentage of players bought actually improve a squad. We can spend hours listing all the overpriced flops that experienced managers have bought, so when the number of available top class strikers is practically zero, is it better to take a punt or not?

    Maybe we should have blown £30m on lacezette, but he’s hardly setting the world alight at the moment

  22. vicky


    I get it we spent good money on Ozil,Sanchez ,Danny etc. And may be you are right as well. But just for argument sake, do you think the very fact we spent funds on many players last couple of season necessitates funds were available this summer as well ?

  23. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    But he has spent a lot of money. Look at who we’ve bought recently.
    What he hasn’t done is spent money on players who he thinks aren’t good enough.

    So when Benzema said no, he didn’t blow £35m on Higuain.

    I get the feeling that had he done so and we finished 3rd this season, people would actually be happier than if we finish 3rd with the players we have, because hey, at least he tried.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    I don’t get what you’re trying to say there in the slightest, it feels like you’ve over complicated it to avoid the simple matter that Wenger chose to leave £80 Million unspent.

    You spoke of blowing £30 Million on Lacazette, but what about £21 Million on Krychowiak? £28 Million on Vidal, £13 Million on Kurzawa, £28 Million on Aubameyang, £24 Million on Schniederlin, making a Vietto, Dybala type buy at £20 Million.

    Is not buying in case a player flops a safer approach than having one CDM and one ST for example, with Arsenal’s injury record…is that sensible?

    You can list players off until the cows come home, the point is, how long would you persist with allowing Wenger to get a ‘bare pass’ because he has intentionally left a mass of resources unspent?

    You’ve got a lot of teams who have the potential to really kick on, Liverpool may have struck gold with a great managerially acquisition, Spurs will be moving into the second largest stadium in the league in a few seasons with a good core of players already…how long does Wenger get doing things his way?

  25. vicky

    My hunch is Wenger wanted Benzema. Once that move fell through, he just decided to go with what we have and not add any player. We will know at the end of the season whether his decision was correct. By the way most of the players we were linked with have not really set the ball rolling.

    Morgan does not start games for United bar a few matches here and there.

    Depay LOL

    Pedro dazzled in his first match, has disappeared since then.

    Lacazzete, benteke have not been on fire for sure.

    We will see how it goes. But yes a defensive midfielder in place of Arteta and Flamini was the least he should have done imo.

  26. Cesc Appeal


    But that is exactly it, he isn’t trying, he isn’t doing everything in his power to win.

    You keep using negative examples, like overspending on players who are maybe questionable, ok, if he wanted Benzema and couldn’t get him, what’s wrong with going out and getting a wide play maker to play the role he is currently trying to make Ramsey play and then a young prospect up top.

    I’m not going to get into examples, because we’ve done it on here and Wenger’s approach has no logic to it at all.

    The only logically thing I can see here is a manager who has looked at Liverpool and Spurs, knows he can fourth without too much trouble but doesn’t think even with spending he could make a run at the league, that is so defeatist and cowardly he should stand down at the end of the season regardless, or, he thinks his current batch can do it, if they don’t get close, then again, he should stand down.

    Otherwise, what is the point of us?

  27. vicky

    CA I agree with you most of the times but this notion that Liverpool will kick on solely because they have appointed Klopp and Spurs will be a new force because they are planning to build a stadium is a bit out of place.

    We despite making in to CL every season had to face a lot of hardships for moving to a new stadium. Imagine Spurs doing it without CL and in an era of hyper inflation in transfer market.

    Looserpool has got shit players. I bet they are not finishing top 4 despite having Klopp at the helm.

  28. nasri's mouth


    I can say we haven’t had the money to compete with Chelsea when they’ve spent £1billion MORE than us.

    I’d love Wenger to spend the cash, but it has to be on players that will make a difference, otherwise he might as well chuck it down the drain.

    And I guess he could blown most of it on Martial, but I think we need to hold on till the end of the season to see how that turns out

  29. Leedsgunner


    The real Q for me is this… when the likes of Tottenham, Liverpool and Everton get their act together and start seriously challenging for 3rd/4th will Wenger be able to adapt and respond?

    This summer doesn’t give me hope.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    I didn’t say that though, I said there is the potential for it. Spurs have organised some nice commercials for the new ground and will be helped by TV income we didn’t have anywhere close to.

    You can’t say that about Klopp any more than I coudl state he will succeed, we will have to see.

    The point though, is Wenger’s stance makes us more susceptible to being surpassed in the future than we reasonably should be! We aren’t getting any closer in Europe, in fact we’re regressing and haven’t really got near the league domestically.

    Money in the bank is a poor investment for the future, economically and footballistically. It makes no sense.

    We should be looking to catch those above us, doing everything in our power, and also being mindful of those trying to catch us.

    As N5 said, getting maximum for minimum when the bar is low, no one better than Wenger, but we’re passed that now, and he’s still operating in that Emirates poverty manner for the most part with brief glimpses of light in Ozil and Sanchez, but even Ozil, that was the product of fan discontent over a summer similar to this one and then a 3-1 home loss at the start of the season.

  31. nasri's mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    Well Ramsey is probably a bad example, because I think he’s doing a pretty job there, given that he cuts in allowing Bellerin to stay wide.

    But yes, he could try to find better players than we currently have in certain positions and Cech is obviously one example.

    I don’t think he’s being cowardly though, I just think hes just very careful about spending money. He tries to avoid risk. If he spends £30m he wants a player who is worth £30m, not one that bombs.

  32. Bamford10


    “What he hasn’t done is spent money on players who he thinks aren’t good enough.”

    Sorry, but this is just lame. There were many CDMs available this summer that could’ve improved us. No excuse for not signing one.

    As for CF, even if I accepted that there was no one quite right available this summer, he has had THREE YEARS to replace Giroud and he has failed to do so.

    Again, no excuse for this.

  33. vicky


    Everton have been getting their act together for many seasons now, They just don’t have the finances to compete with the big clubs in the league. They buy smartly and stay competitive. But 6th position is the best they can achieve bar a miracle.

    Liverpool and Spurs are limited by the fact that top players won’t go there due to lack of European Football. They have to be super smart in their buying to give us a real scare. Very unlikely if we seen the past pattern.

    Besides, we will only get better from here. I agree we are slow at what we are doing. But I don’t see why we will regress.

  34. Cesc Appeal


    Plus, people making excuses for the bloke about an inflated market, do these people think that market is going to get any better, or putting our logic hats on for a second do we think that more money flooding into the EPL and so saturating the market with new cash and buyers is going to drive up the price further?

    Considering we will need to replace Cazorla, Monreal, Mert, have Kozz approaching 30 next summer, Giroud looking on his way down already and coming up to 30, busted Wilshere, is Wenger the man to revolutionise Arsenal again, 19 years after he did it the first time.

    No, not in my opinion, because he thinks the system is perfect now. Wenger is stubborn enough to go down with his ship, make no mistake as well.

    The most worrying part for me, is I don’t see anyone on the board with the balls, power or will to shift him on for a more ambitious, hungrier manager to change things.

  35. Cesc Appeal

    ‘He tries to avoid risk. If he spends £30m he wants a player who is worth £30m, not one that bombs.’

    Well welcome to the world of football, if he wants no risk play Football Manager on easy, (don’t know if it has an easy setting as I don’t play personally,) whether he’s intentionally a ditherer or suffers from choking as a frugal personality trait it really doesn’t matter, the outcome is the same whether it’s by design or fault.

    Wenger wants the perfect player, offered to him (listen to his reactive, passive language this summer,) at the perfect price, at the perfect time…ridiculous.

    Listen to what he said about Martial and Kurzawa, Monaco told me no so I just toodled on my merry way.

    This isn’t the guy to take us forward in a football world that is going to go even more money nuts.

  36. nasri's mouth


    3 years to sign which striker?

    Suarez was realistically the one and we tried for him.

    That’s basically it.

    As for DMs, I think Coqs steady improvement shows there’s not a lot out there that would make much of a difference.

    Itd be nice to have some back up to him of course

  37. vicky

    Arteta, Flamini and Rosicky will be in to the last 6 months of their contract come January and they would be free to talk to other clubs. An opportunity to sign a CDM in January. Not expecting Wenger to make a move but there is an opportunity for sure.

  38. nasri's mouth


    I used him as an example, but the list of strikers that would improve us AND are available is really bloody short.

    Even Chelsea took a punt on Falcao after he’d bombed at ManU

    We speculated that Mourinho knew something we didn’t. But no, Falcao is still shite. There is just so little available talent out there

  39. vicky

    “This isn’t the guy to take us forward in a football world that is going to go even more money nuts.”

    To be honest Wenger being extra cautious is better than Brendan and Van Gaal wasting 200M on below average or average players. Not ideal but far better than some of the other managers are doing in the game.

  40. MidwestGun

    The next 2 months will be very telling as an injury to any one of Coq, Santi, Ozil,Theo or Sanchez and we are in desperate straights when given our resources its not really a necessary situation. Fragile only due to stubbornness, imo. Ironically the strength of the team in midfield is also ourweakness in the backup squad. The defensive squad is pretty solid unless Debuchy leaves.

  41. tom

    I’m I wrong in thinking that the cash mountain built through shrewd management is a primary source of Arsenal’s new fiscal power?

    If it didn’t exist, Emirates would offer a slim advantage from match revenue, but it becomes even less as TV money shared around the league gives it less significance.

    Following on, is true that this new fiscal power has given Arsenal tools to retain important players and the ability to buy the highest calibre?

    In the fairly recent past Arsenal have difficulty in both these areas.

    Then again, is it true that even with 200 million in the bank Arsenal still can’t compete with the very richest, at home or abroad?

    Given that, is it true that Arsenal must look for other means to enhance there quality , in order to compete?

    In other words, if you can’t be the most expensive,you better be the most efficient.

    I feel the answer is yes on all those questions, so, from there, it allows me to think;
    That 200 million is very important and needs to be spent very carefully.

    That infrastructure , development and continuity are areas where power can be generated , in addition to efficient work in transfer market.

    This seems to be the tack Arsenal are on and it makes sense to me.

    The team spirit as a flower idea had this line ” we want to be the best at being a team”

    This is the ethic in its simplest form .
    This is Arsenal best hope for competing.

    Arsene’ s moves are in service of this idea when many others have given it up as a quaint old notion and just focused on a spiraling market based arms race.
    Arsenal can’t play that game , so this is the alternative.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    But why does it have to be extremes, we either have the anal retentive cautiousness of Arsene Wenger, or the lavish waste of Rodgers.

    That doesn’t make sense.

    What about if we end up right in the middle, what if get a real high quality manager, or a really clever acquisition.

    Yeah, sure, it could go badly, equally, there is every chance it goes brilliantly.

  43. nasri's mouth


    Indeed, but Falcao isn’t cheap. They clearly thought they needed something else.

    Look at Liverpool, they spent £32m on Benteke, a season after spending £16m on Balo and £4m on Lambert, 3 players who are very un- Rodgers playing style players because he couldn’t find the right ones.

    ManU have Spunked £50m (with bonuses) on a winger to play up front, because they couldn’t find anyone. He might come good, but its aa gamble

  44. Joe


    What good is financial power if Wenger isn’t going to spend it

    Let’s get in a manager who will and take this team forward instead of relying on the likes of arteta flam and Giroud.

  45. nasri's mouth

    @cesc appeal

    Yes, ideally we real high quality manager, though the main improvement I’d hope to see is stopping our players from A) falling asleep in some matches and B) acting like idiots in some others.

    I’m still not sure who that real high quality manager would have bought as a striker in the summer

    Maybe they’d have bought Sanchez and Griezmann

  46. vicky

    CA as I said it’s not ideal. Wenger is a risk averse manager in transfer market. But, if you look at smart buying he is better than most. I am not talking about austerity era when we were forced to take punt on even absolute garbage players. But since 2012, we have bought well. Santi was a bargain, Poldi for 10m did well. Giroud for 13M has done more than enough. Mertesacker, Ozil,Sanchez, Chamberlain, Gabriel, Monreal all have been good buys. So, although he is cautious , his striker rate has been terrific. That’s the trade-off really. If you are cautious and smart, your buys will invariably be successful. He becomes extra cautious at times but face it mate, so many times we have been banging drums for several players and they flopped miserably. In the last 4 seasons, almost all his buys have been a hit.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    You’re doing what a lot of the pro-Wenger fans do though, you’re centralising around the ST issue, as if that is the main issue, it isn’t.

    Only side in the top five leagues in Europe to not sign an outfield player…that stat, £80 Million, one CDM, one ST, gap at RM, Europe bursting with transfers and young ‘platinum’ prospects….Wenger couldn’t have done better, no one who makes us better out there?

    And the point about a new manager isn’t to do with any one issue, is to do with getting away from the practices of Arsene Wenger, a manager who feels pressures to prove himself at the club, not a guy who thinks ‘well I’ve wont he league already here so everyone can just STFU.’

    A manager who doesn’t get some weird, sentimental loyalty from half the fan base and so who is properly judged, a clean, fresh break and a start of something new.

    If Wenger doesn’t get near the EPL title this season he should stop down, not spending that mass of money makes him just as accountable as if he had spent it…that’s where I stand, we need to start looking to the future, Wenger is the past and he’s holding onto his past and a past era of football.

  48. tom

    He is spending. He has made major signings 4 year running. Practically replace the entire squad , in fact.
    Not just by bringing in new players but also by resigning ones he wants to keep.
    He won’t buy a player he doesn’t think will fit. Its as simple as that. If he wants a player and that player is available, he will spend without hesitation. Ozil, Sanchez and Cech are examples. This summer he also brought 5 highly talented youngsters which may be significant in a year or two.
    Right now he likes his squad and how its balanced. He likes Arteta and Flamini, even if you don’t understand why. He likes Giroud and Theo.
    Theo’s form is raising eyebrows. The clamour for a worldly striker has softened a little since. That leaves the back up DM as the main bone of contention. I submit it’s not a huge deal. Flamini did pretty great at Tottys, after all.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    But Vicky again, it’s like NM was saying, if he doesn’t spend his accountability is lower, so because he paid lower prices for players they have done ‘better than expected.’

    He can be cautious and smart, he can equally be a ditherer to the point it harms us, Sanchez summer was Wenger’s best in a while, even though he left the CDM issue and the defence issue still, the summer before was a disaster until a last minute opportunistic Ozil grab arising from a perfect storm at Arsenal, the summer before was Cazorla (I think) and it felt as if we were still trying to scrabble together a team after having Fabrgeas, Nasri and RVP ripped from it.

    Whilst transfer wise there has been progress, it does need expanding sometimes.

    Again, that Petit story, sometimes Wenger’s cautiousness is welcome, you’re right, other times he needs a kick up the arse…who is there at the club to do that?

    And again, I don’t feel sympathy for him, because he has designed it that way.

    We could do worse with a new manager, for sure, equally, we could do a lot, lot better.

  50. MidwestGun

    Coq.-backed up by Arteta, Flamini.
    Santi, backed up by Ramsey, Arteta,Flamini
    Ozil backed up by Ramsey,Santi
    Ramsey backed up by Ox or Campbell.
    Alexis backed up by Campbell or Ox
    Theo backed up by Giroud.

    Many of our spots are backed up by other starters or inadequate backups for a long period. That has nothing to do with Benzema or Lacazette or any striker we missed out on. We didn’t prepare to play all competitions and that’s bad management enhanced by having the cash to do something about it. And that’s not even addressing upgrading goal scoring options .
    so I pretty much agree with everything Cesc is saying.
    You would have to assume like Wenger ….. Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Campbell,Wilshere and Welbeck are viable options this season.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    ‘We didn’t prepare to play all competitions and that’s bad management enhanced by having the cash to do something about it. And that’s not even addressing upgrading goal scoring options .’

    Exactly this.

    We didn’t set up to give ourselves the best chance of winning.

    Frankly to say that with £80 Million to spend Wenger acted appropriately this summer as manager of a club supposedly wanting to challenge for top honours is ridiculous, and forwarding that proposition shows off a bit of agenda I think.

  52. tom

    I think he does see the players you list as viable options, injuries notwithstanding.
    Jack’s injury is hard on the squad and very unfortunate.

  53. vicky

    It’s OKAY to rely on Jack, Welback and Rosicky. They are all decent players. Shame that all of them suffered injury at the same time. Jack was looking good at the end of last season. Looked like he would kick on from there. Welback was expected to do well in his 2nd season after a tough first year. Rosicky is always handy when given a chance. It was not his fault that Wenger used him sparingly.

    Yeah, agree that keeping Arteta,Flamini and Campbell made no sense. We should have offloaded all of them. Should have got a back up DMF and possibly another attacker. I hope Wenger corrects the mistake in January and buys a DM at least.

  54. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Ya.. I know. Hence. .. why I think his judgement isn’t always best. We are always are just short of having an amazing squad with some sort of invisible restraint that only Arsene can see. Like Pedro would say elite purgatory. Stuck in that 2-4 th place bubble and not competing in the CL.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    To be fair, I said all summer, you cannot rely on Jack Wilshere, was told to be optimistic, but you simply cannot, broken player.

    Welbeck he knew was injured as well, and seriously injured with days of the window left.

    Rosicky he doesn’t rely on anyway, uses him sparingly in the second half of the season, was a fan of letting him go this summer, not because I don’t rate him, but because I do, he’s running out of playing time.

    Apparently he was keen on Villa?

  56. tom

    I think you conflate past frustration with current situation.
    Before we were often a couple of players short, sometimes because our key players were pinched the season prior.
    It became cyclical and was a clear impediment.

    Last three or so years have seen us in better position to retain and build.
    This is were we are. Perceived shortfalls exist through choice and now we can better judge how AW continues to build.
    We know he will be cautious, paying attention to personality as well as talent. We know he will consider the impact on the existing staff and moral. We know he will take a long view, with a emphasis on development augmented by smart transfers.
    These are all good things.
    There were plenty of players knocking around this summer but not many that would really fit , as far as Wenger was concerned.
    If you accept he knows how to build a team then why not accept that sometimes , for whatever reason, he will opt out.

    At this point I am glad we didn’t buy a expensive CF , as Theo is doing the business, the squad sees the payoff from the continued faith the manager showed in him. That is the kind of thing that emphasises togetherness. I’m not saying he shouldn’t continue to bring freshness into the squad or endeavour to find other options, just defending his right to stick to the plan that fits his agenda

  57. tom

    Jack’s injuries have been horrible but I don’t subscribe to the idea he is broken any more than I did with Theo or Ramsay.
    I don’t think he is intrinsically weak, just unlucky and suseptible to physical attention on the field.
    He is the real jewel in our crown, IMO.
    I desperately want him fit and in contention as there is so much good in his game.

  58. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Because opting out isn’t competing when we are still short as evidenced by CL performances and our record against top sides. Our competition isn’t standing still either. Don’t you find it strange no other world managers think opting out is a viable option? Even Barcelona with a transfer ban is signing players. Lol

  59. tom

    All time favourite player is Dave Rocastle.
    Fantastic player for Arsenal who was instrumental in Graham’s early successes and , sadly, didn’t remain the one club player, everyone- himself included, hoped he would be.
    Really Graham is to blame. His natural aversion to adventurous play didn’t show at first, but it was lurking and soon surfaced. I don’t know if that was behind his decision to sell Rocky before he entered what should have been his prime.
    What I do know is he was nervous that our young and combative squad were inclined to be bullied – the wars with Man U may have affected his thinking , so he determined to concentrate on strength and fitness.
    One bad move in that direction was sending Rocastle to the weight room.
    As a player Rocastle was a super combination of skill, balance and tenacity. Naturally strong but with a lithe silky style. He was a warrior and tough in the tackle, even at 17.
    Graham decided to bulk him up and he lost that subtle fraction that makes the difference. He wasn’t quite as mobile after that and the injuries started to crop up more regularly.
    I was sad when he left. I hated he was at Leeds and Chelsea.
    I felt he should have stayed and believe, being at his home club, he could of become one of the best of his generation, provided Graham let him play to his natural strengths and took him off the barbells.
    People always talk about what a nice bloke Rocky was, I just hope they remember what an awesome player he was too.

  60. Bamford10


    “I think you conflate past frustration with current situation. Before we were often a couple of players short …”

    We are STILL a couple players short, Tom, and it’s because of stupid comments like this that most people here have nothing but contempt for you, whereas an NM garners respect.

    You seem to think that one good win against a poorly-organized United means we’ve “arrived”. For you, the losses to West Ham, Zagreb, Chelsea and Olympiakos never occurred. They’ve just disappeared into thin air. For you, we are not bottom of our CL group. All is well because we’ve apparently played one game and we looked great in it.

    Sorry, Tom, but that is not the situation. We ARE bottom of our CL group. Our first XI is NOT equal to City’s, and it’s not even close to the top teams in the world. We remain a couple of players short, players Wenger could and should’ve signed either this summer or last.

    Having 200m in the bank only means something in football when you spend it on quality players. As long as it is sitting in the bank, it does nothing for us on the field, and that’s where we’ve lost to West Ham, Zagreb, Chelsea and Olympiakos.

    One good performance doesn’t change that.

  61. bennydevito


    Regarding a potential move to medium having just tinkered around on it and creating an account etc it looks alright. I would echo Bamford’s concerns about people possibly being reluctant to create an account and download the app, however for me, unless I was being stupid, you can only reply to individual comments rather than it flowing in one continuous timeline & potentially having multiple conversations going off of one post and will be harder to follow at the end of the day when I get a bit of time to myself and catch up with the daily Grove comments. Can this be changed to follow how it goes here or does it anyway and I’m being a spaz?

    Other than that it looks good, however though since I posed the question as to whether you were in deed being DOS attacked and you identified the culprit, the stability and lag of the site has much improved.

    I think most of us would like it to stay as is. Well me anyway.


  62. tom



    My belief in this team is not based on the demolition of league leaders Man United.
    You might remember I have been banging the drum since long before.
    Its based on what I have watched develop over the last three seasons.
    Both quality and efficiency have steadily improved. I look at the squad and compare to our rivals and feel pretty content.

    You point to CL losses ss we proof that Arsenal are bad. I disagree.
    For me the losses were unfortunate and embarrassing but not an accurate reflection of our quality, any more than losses to Brim and Bradford were.
    There are usually mitigating circumstances or statistical anomolies connected to surprising results .
    18 years of CL football will throw up some mad results both good and bad, last two campaigns show this to be so.
    Anyway , interesting you focus on CL , a competition not even a pollyanna like me thinks we have much chance of winning. Surely its EPL that matters.
    Currently we are in contention, nobody is running away with it. All the top four have issues but I think we may have less than the rest.
    Also we have beaten United, City and CFC in the last 6 months which helps remedy our poor record in 6 pointers.
    I am not saying Arsenal will win the league, just saying we are more than capable.
    This team is better than you think, Bam.

  63. tom

    Also , let me add, as I have had a pint and feel it.
    If you can feel nothing but contempt for someone who disagrees with your views on a football team, you are worthy of some yourself.

  64. bennydevito

    You could be right tom, you could be right. I too see the signs however we did just lose to a terrible Chelsea side albeit from bent refereeing and we were here before just before Eduardo broke his leg. That team got decimated ending with RVP at the scum.

  65. bennydevito

    However, as far as the Premier goes – yes, let’s be positive. I’ll be reigning in the Wenger outs for a while and get behind the team for a bit.

    Night all.

  66. reality check

    Arsenal missed out on Russian star Aleksandr Kokorin in the summer because they were only willing to take him on loan. The 24-year-old striker was on Arsene Wenger’s wish list in the transfer window but stayed put at his club because no permanent deal was offered.

    To believe, or not to believe eh..

  67. london gunner

    Watched Klopps full press conference

    I feel sorry with Klopp comes across as super intelligent yet charming and a real gent.

    He says he expects to win the title in 4 years. Can’t see it.

    I just can’t see it.

    I think I have to clarify my position with Club I say he isn’t good enough for Arsenal. I mean he isn’t good enough YET.

    He is only 48 which is the equivalent of a teenage football player.

    I would have liked to see him win the league in france or seria A or compete well in la liga before taking the gamble on him. Just to see if shows evidence of adapting his tactic and adapting to different leagues/situations.

    I can’t see him achieving anything of note with Liverpool, but that is more a reflection of the club.

  68. goonerboy

    “The cash mountain through shrewd management”- what a myth that is- built through over-charging fans, lying each year about strengthening the squad to maximise ticket sales , property sales, repeatedly selling our best players to the highest bidder and apart from 2 notable exceptions, only buying cheap- then claiming that the limit of your ambitions- finishing 4th each year in order to qualify for ECL finance is some kind of trophy.
    The reality is this regime’s primary goal is to make money, the football side of the business is secondary- a mere hobby for our absent and silent owner.. Wenger is not so much football manager as chief operating manager of AFC business.

    The main difference between us and Liverpool- they are a football club backed by big business- and why they appeal to an intelligent football manager like Klopp-we are a business first and a football club second.

    The corporate mantra about balancing the books is nonsense as well

  69. Wallace

    “The main difference between us and Liverpool- they are a football club backed by big business- and why they appeal to an intelligent football manager like Klopp-we are a business first and a football club second.”

    and yet we consistently finish above them, have a far better squad, and that’s while spending roughly 150m less than they have in the last 5/6yrs.

  70. Emiratesstroller


    There is absolutely no reason why Arsenal cannot be “competitive” in EPL this
    season, but that applies to quite a number of other clubs as well.

    Arsenal’s main weakness is that they are “inconsistent” and if they are going to challenge for League Title then you need to be playing consistently well. However, when you look at our forwards and midfielders you can see the reason for that inconsistentcy. Players like Ozil,Walcott and even Cazorla can blow
    hot and cold.

    The other issue for me will be how Wenger will manage the second half of this season. If we are demoted to Europa Cup will he play our best players in
    that competition or just squad and perhaps U21 players?

    Then again he needs to make some important decisions in transfer market.
    Do you gamble on Wilshire’s fitness and more importantly the lack of a
    replacement for Coquelin should he get injured?

    At the end of this season I could see half a dozen clubs challenging for a top 4
    finish with Man City, Arsenal, Man Utd, Chelsea, Liverpool and even Spurs in the frame.

    Before anyone raises their eyebrows at my suggestion that Spurs could be there take a look at their performance level. Sofar they have lost just one game
    this season and that was the first fixture. They are certainly no pushover and
    that is without Kane scoring.

  71. Mick Kartun


    If we sadly failed UCL group, team can focus for EPL aim trophy.

    Perhaps Europa is the best stage for youngsters like adelaide, iwobi, chambers, chamberlain, and others to get enough game times in senior level.

  72. Mick Kartun

    True story from an honest son, and you can’t blame the kid.

    Dad shouts: “Stop watching porn, I can hear it from my room!”

    Son: “Dad.. I’m not watching porn, that is Maria Sharapova playing Tennis!”


  73. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner: I would have liked to see him win the league in france or seria A or compete well in la liga before taking the gamble on him.

    Well, to win in France, he basically needs to manage PSG, in Italy, it’s Juventus. I’m not sure how much that would tell us about him.

    Slightly off the wall idea, but if you want to see how he gets on with another club before we sign him to see if he can recover his form, and maybe adapt / change his playing style, why not let him do that with Liverpool ? That way he’s PL experienced already

    Give him 18 months, and if he’s doing well, start tapping him up!

  74. Nasri's Mouth


    Consistency is definitely something we struggle from, but we’re not unique in that.

    Points scored over the last 38 games

    ManC 80
    Arsenal 80
    ManU 74
    Chelsea 73
    Spurs 66
    Liverpool 61
    Southampton 56
    Swansea 55
    Crystal Palace 51
    Everton 51

    I’m not suggesting that this means we’re going to win the league by the way 😀

  75. Mick Kartun

    It’s career day in primary school where each student talks about what their dad does.

    Little Johnny is last, and finally the teacher calls on him to talk about his dad.

    Johnny comes to the front of the class and said: ‘My daddy is a dancer at a gay bar. He takes off his clothes for other men, and if they pay him enough money, he goes into the alley and performs sexual acts on them.’

    The teacher is shocked, and she calls for an early recess for the rest of the class.
    She sits down with Johnny and asks him if this is really true about his dad.

    Johnny says; ‘No, but I was too embarrassed to say he played for Liverpool.’

  76. Mick Kartun

    A Primary school teacher in London explains to her class that she is an Chelsea supporter. She asks her students to raise their hands if they were Chelsea supporters, too. Not really knowing what a Chelsea supporter was, but wanting to be like their teacher, hands explode into the air.

    There is, however, one exception. A girl named Mary has not gone along with the crowd. The teacher asks her why she has decided to be different. “Because I’m not a Chelsea fan.” “Then,” asks the teacher, “And what are you?”

    “Well I’m proud to be an Arsenal supporter.”, boasts the little girl.
    The teacher is a little perturbed now, her face slightly red. She asks Mary why she is an Arsenal supporter. “Well, My Dad and Mom are Arsenal supporters, and I’m an Arsenal fan, too!” The teacher is now angry. “That’s no reason,” she says loudly. “What if your mom was a moron, and your dad was a moron, What would you be then?”

    A pause, and a smile. “Then,” says Mary, “I’d be a Chelsea supporter.”

  77. Mick Kartun

    A Manchester City fan liked to amuse himself by scaring every United supporter he saw strutting down the street in an obnoxious Man U jersey. He would swerve his van as if to hit them, then swerve back just missing them. One day while driving along, he saw a priest. He thought he would do a good deed, so he pulled over and asked the priest, “Where are you going, Father?” “I’m going to give Mass at St. Francis church, about two miles down the road,” replied the priest. “Climb in, Father. I’ll give you a lift!” The priest climbed into the passenger seat, and they continued down the road. Suddenly, the driver saw a Man U supporter walking down the road, and he instinctively swerved as if to hit him. But, as usual, he swerved back onto the road just in time. Even though he was certain that he had missed the guy, he still heard a loud THUD. not knowing where the noise came from, he glanced in his mirrors but still didn’t see anything. He then remembered the priest, and he turned to the priest and said, “sorry Father, I almost hit that Manchester United supporter.” “That’s OK,” replied the priest “I got him with the door.”

  78. london gunner


    I think it would be possible for a very good manager to win Seria A or Ligue 1. Why because I would say there is (at the moment) only one super power club per league. At you noted PSG and Juventus. Sure it would be fuck hard to beat to the title, but a very manager can do this. Klopp did against Bayern and Wenger did against man united (before the rise of City/chelsea)

    Basically I want to see how he adapts to other leagues and to see if he can still come on top against the odds. I think in a less competitive league he will have time to implement his strategies further develop as a manager and then truly shine.

    Klopp at liverpool can only have limited progress he is to handicapped and thus I don’t think we will be able to accurately predicate his potential. I would liken it to watching an injured player play football as at liverpool he will be to handicapped and a result may be unfairly assessed.

    I would add that Klopp is a very loyal manager I honestly can’t see him signing for one of their rivals after 18 months… its so seems like that move would be against his nature.

    He is a manager who like to dedicate at least half a decade before changing clubs. I can’t see that changing and certainly not for a rival.

  79. Mick Kartun

    AKB’s reflection:

    Sarah was reading a newspaper while her husband an AKB wengerites fan was engrossed in a magazine.

    Suddenly, she burst out laughing. “Listen to this,” she said. “There’s a classified ad here where a guy is offering to swap his wife for a season ticket to the stadium.”

    “Hmmm,” her husband said, not looking up from his magazine. Teasing him, Sarah said, “Would you swap me for a season ticket?” “Absolutely not,” he said.

    “How sweet,” Sarah said. “Tell me why not.”

    “Season’s more than half over”, he said.

  80. Nasri's Mouth

    @london gunner

    I guess my point was that he went to France or Italy I don’t think it would matter if he didn’t win the league if he wasn’t managing 1 of PSG or Juve.

    The Italian league is a little different maybe, but in the case of France, I think PSG are basically the Bayern of the French League. And I don’t mean the Bayern of 5 years ago, I mean the financial powerhouse that simply bulldozes everyone else out of the way.

    And yeah, I agree with you, I don’t think he’d leave Liverpool for us, certainly not till the end of his contract, but I think over the course of 3 seasons you can have a pretty good idea of how he performs.

    You’ll have a pretty good amount of data of him playing the top sides. You’ll have a decent amount of signings to see how his scouting and buying is going, and you can see whether he’s still performing in year 3 without any drop off.

    He’ll be playing some form of European football, so you can see how he copes with mid week games throughout the season without a winter break.

    And we’ll know about the financials so we can plot Liverpool’s performance against it’s rivals.

    That would be enough to see whether he’d be suitable for us

  81. goonerboy

    I aint no scouse fan but people like you fail to see the obvious- like unlike us- when faced with business model that was only working in the owners interests Liverpool fans fucked them off. We are full of apologists like you- which is why nothing will change at AFC.

  82. Marc

    The Liverpool job is a poison chalice, the expectation level is unachievable in a league that has at least 4 clubs with far superior financial power plus the draw of London with the likes of similarly positioned clubs. Klopp will have some players that are under other clubs radar but unless he achieves almost instant CL football with a serious league challenge season after next he’ll just lose them.

    He’ll certainly make the PL more interesting but Liverpool’s glory days aren’t returning for a long time if ever.

  83. rollen

    Obviously I am staunchly loyal to Wenger, as I truely believe he does a great job.

    10 Years of failure to compete in CL and PL for club with our resources is not even decent job. U r nice guy Tom but totally deluded.

  84. rollen

    Nasri’s Mouth
    October 9, 2015 22:10:43

    Joe: His targets are to make money CL. Not to win trophies

    Ok, so those are set by the owner of the club.

    So, we sack Wenger and we bring in another manager and his targets will be set the SAME owner of the club and they will be…

  85. Relieable Sauce

    With Aguero, Kompany, Silva, Gotze all injured & Chelsea disintegrating, the treble is on.
    Anything less than the domestic double will be failure.

  86. vicky


    Surely Wenger won’t get a better opportunity to consolidate our position at the top of the league. Silva and Aguero out for at least one month. Expecting City to lose a few matches. Need for us to race ahead. United has a tough fixture ahead and Chelsea still in doldrums.

  87. vicky

    Our next 5 matches

    West Brom

    City’s next 5 matches

    Aston Villa

    United’s next 5 matches

    Crystal Palace
    West Brom

    I do not see United win more than 7 points. We should win at least 11 points from our next 5 fixtures. City have got an easy run of fixtures though.

  88. Mick Kartun

    Four men from EPL stars were stranded in the middle of a desert.
    Suddenly, 1 of them died. It was Diego Costa.

    The other 3 decided that the only way to survive was to eat the dead body.

    BENTEKE said, “I play for LIVERpool, so I’ll eat his liver.”

    ROONEY said, “I play for ManCHESTer so I’ll eat his chest.”

    GIRUDE said, “Well I play for ARSEnal…but…eehmm…but…I’m not very hungry!”.

  89. Bamford10


    “Klopp comes across as super intelligent yet charming and a real gent. He says he expects to win the title in 4 years. Can’t see it. I just can’t see it.”

    I will say again: Klopp said more sensible, intelligent things about football in the first seven minutes of his presser than Wenger has in the last ten years.

    As for whether he can win the title with Liverpool, of course he can, but that is also not completely the point. The point is that that is his aim and goal — for himself, for the players, for the club — and that is what he will focus his players on going forward. This is the attitude and approach of a proper manager, a genuine winner.

    Would Wenger say this? No. Because winning the title is NOT his aim and goal. Wenger’s aim is only to be competitive with the top four while adhering to his “principles” (frugality, loyalty, tactics-free football). The latter are far more important to him than winning the title, something he hasn’t even competed for in a decade.

    As for Klopp winning the title, recall that Rodgers was inches from winning the title with Liverpool just two years ago. The superficial analysis will say, “that was all Saurez,” but that is false. Yes, Luis Suarez is/was a genius and was a big part of that, but that Liverpool team came inches from winning because they found and utilized a system that worked well for their personnel, that the players believed in, etc.

    Klopp can do that again — no problem. A man who won the Bundesliga twice in a row with one of the best organized sides in the world is well-equipped to compete with the best in the EPL. A man whose relatively inexpensive side beat Bayern 5-2
    and Madrid 4-1 can do whatever he sets his mind to.

    Could Wenger beat Bayern or Madrid in lopsided fashion? No. He couldn’t. Anyone who says otherwise is deluded or lying to himself and others.

    Klopp will need to bring in new players, of course, but he can definitely win the title with Liverpool. Whether he will is a matter for the football gods to decide. 😉