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But no one to go out and play with. Sad story eh? It’ll be me, in a bar, on my own. Might treat myself to a cocktail with an umbrella. Then use that umbrella to shield my cocktail from the tears of SADNESS rolling down my eyes.

But hey, at least I get to watch the Mets tonight. They are a baseball team and baseball is exciting.

So what have we today?

Petr Cech is crawling up the back passage of Arsene Wenger.

“The public only see the game, they don’t see all the things that are happening behind the scenes. So, sometimes, judging people only on the fraction of the time you see them working can lead to different opinions.

“He introduced me to the vision the club has for the coming years, to the reason why certain things are the way they are now and how they will be next year and the year after. I really liked the project in the way it matches my ambition.”

Yeah Petr, the public only see the games, the league table, the progress in Europe, the lack of fight on the pitch, the results, Arteta rolling onto the pitch on a zimmerframe and the bi-annual balls up in the transfer market.

I’m absolutely sure that what you’re seeing is incredible… and actually worthy of a secret manager of the year trophy.

I wouldn’t expect Petr to come out and say anything else. I hear the press room has one way mirrored glass and Wenger taps menacingly if you move from the script. Point is, you don’t bite the hand that gives you a mega contract at 33 years old. You also don’t come out and say…

‘You know what, first day in training and Wenger was cupping farts into the faces of the young players. It was really weird’

I just find those comments a bit nauseating.

Good news for Sanchez, his side whooped Brazil 2-1 in a qualifying game, he scored the second after a cheeky one-two with Arturo Vidal. The bad news is that he has to come back and play at the weekend, no doubt slightly jetlagged. It’s amazing how much flying takes it out of you. That’s a 17 hour flight for poor people. The time difference isn’t so bad. But it still must be pretty rough cramping up on a plane, even if it is a private jet.

Klopp has started over at Liverpool. Every Arsenal fan slightly jealous. Come on, you know you want to say something bitchy.

‘I never liked that mug anyway’

He’s set himself the tight deadline of delivering a title to Liverpool in the next 4 seasons.

The Liverpool board must be thrilled with those timescales after spending £100m in the summer after spending £100m the summer before. Where does the money come from?

It’ll be interesting to see what happens there. I thought Klopp would upgrade to a club that wasn’t a selling entity. He’ll just run into the same issues he did at Dortmund. He’ll also not be able to buy out of the elite pool of players. No Champions League, 3 worst team in the North as well as being based in Liverpool. Which ain’t cool or appealing to many.

Still, nice to have another top coach in the league. I liked this comment as well.

“If anyone wants to help Liverpool, they have to change from doubter to believer. Stop thinking about money. Only football.”

Klopp is a believer. That’s for sure. Can he deliver in such rich competition? We’ll see.

In other more delicious news, Sepp Blatter AND Michel Platini have been suspended for 90 days pending a review of their ‘mismanagement’ of funds and stuff. This is so beautiful. That old scumbag Blatter was always going to go, but the news that Platini too £1.9m and he’s paying the price for it is just perfect.

It’s easy to see how Sepp maintained control… no one could grass him up because literally everyone was on the take. Quite incredible these already rich men were so unbelievably stupid. FIFA doesn’t need a President from within (an internal solution as Arsene would say), it needs a total overhaul.

Big issue for me is the FA. What a shamefully weak association we have. They back Michel. Not only weak, also incapable of delivering what we need as a nation. Who is going to turn those lot out? Because they need to be. I think they’re an embarrassment to the country. I hope as a result of Sepp going, he hands over all his dirty secrets so we can clean football up for good.

The writing is on the wall. Imagine the panic? The normal person equivalent is when your girlfriend starts making you pose with other people’s babies on Facebook. You know what’s coming. You can’t stop it.

Interesting to read that Liam Brady is coming back to the club in an ambassadorial role for the club.

‘Brady will oversee players being loaned out, the country’s best youngsters being recruited and also ensuring they stay at Arsenal.’

I mean, it feels like a bit of a regressive step. I’m not sure what this means for Joncker. Some people I speak to absolutely detest him, they think he’s like a worse version of LVG with eyes firmly on taking over from Arsene Wenger when all is said and done in 15 years. Others think he’s great, a breath of fresh air, someone who knows what he wants and someone who is trying to drive change.

Me? I have no idea. I know his comments about how f*cking great he was when he started weren’t very cool. But there we go. I’m not sure I’d be too happy to see old faces return if I was Joncker!

Finally, I’m back over Christmas and someone needs to get me some of dem home tickets to Bournemouth and Manchester City!

Right, have a bloody great day… and please, don’t cry for my loneliness. It’s temporary. I’ll always have the internet and a 72 year old barmaid called Shaniqwa.


P.S. As a potential solution to many problems I have with this site, I’ve been looking into moving over to medium.


  • You can access it through their mobile app which has push notifications
  • The comments sections is pretty sweet
  • It’ll be on a custom URL so you can still get here the same way
  • The mailing list stays the same
  • The reading experience will be much more modern and fresh
  • It costs me zero



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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Bit gutted to see Klopp at Liverpool, feels a little like when Hazard signed for Chelsea.

    Be interesting to see how he does, if you were Liverpool fan you’d be pretty excited right now.

  2. Leedsgunner


    I take it all back. An American that understands the vagaries of “puns?”

    Take a bow, honestly I salute you! Have a good weekend! 🙂

  3. MidwestGun

    Leeds –
    Haha. …. thanks I think.
    Ok just for you…..

    Two Eskimos were sitting in their Kayak and started to get cold. So they built a fire in the middle of their boat. Unfortunately, it quickly sank to the bottom. Proving once and for all…..

    you can’t have your kayak and heat it, too.


  4. Cesc Appeal

    That kayak joke is so awful I’m actually thinking of paying money to get a flight to Chicago, finding you, punching you in the collarbone, then going home.

  5. tom


    Pedro constantly denigrates Wenger and seldom gives him any credit.
    When, on occasion, he does find something positive to say, it’s invariably accompanied by a snide dig.
    Today’s bit on Cech statements is fairly typical , though mild, example.

    There is a reason that Le Grove is famous as the most anti – Wenger blog out there.

    You ought to be honest enough to own it.

  6. tom

    Cech’s comments were totally run of the mill, but positive.
    Hardly worth a mention yet Pedro finds a way to use it to run down both men.

  7. Cesc Appeal

    There’s nothing ‘anti’ anyone in pointing out continual failures is there?

    It’s funny that this place was filled with pro-Wenger fans over the summer where there was nought to do but speculate, when the football started most of them left.

    I wonder if the posters claiming to be more ‘moderate’ if slightly of the side of Wenger go over to Untold and make the same protestations?

    ‘See guys, your inability to rationally think about anything and continually find avenues of blame that avoid touching Wenger, that you avid scrutinising Wenger is why you’re famed as a cult blog.’ (Feel free to change a letter in cult.)

    It’s funny, criticism is viewed as anti, agenda filled, Wenger hate, yet unsubstantiated speculation and delusion is seen as being a ‘proper fan.’

  8. tom

    I enjoy reading the blog.
    Like one can enjoy truely aweful things.
    I read Pedro in the same way I watch Fox News, for the pleasurable frission of irritation it provokes.
    Plus it’s fun to argue with you all.

  9. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    . I’d say anti-status quo. Nitpicking I suppose. But you won’t find Pedro advocating protests and the like.

    Denigrates? Spare me… over-stated. Maybe hyper -critical.

  10. N5

    tom, so you admit you’re trolling then. If your whole purpose is to come on here to argue with those you see as wrong then are you any better than Redtruth?

    I respect you and your comments, but you don’t have to keep mentioning what the blog is! we know, we’ve been here long enough. Accept it or don’t, but don’t keep repeating it like you hope to change any of us.

    You have from far left (loony) to far right (loony) there may be more in one camp than the other, but there is a huge middle ground here too and you keep bunging as all in with the Peanuts of this world and it’s just not true.

  11. tom

    Are you seriously telling me Le Grove is not running on the anti-Wenger ticket?

    Ridiculous and strange you would deny it.

  12. N5

    He’s not denying it, what he is saying is that it doesn’t make people bad people because they won’t sycophantically rim Wenger at every opportunity.

  13. Cesc Appeal


    Ridiculous and strange that you continue to comment on a blog you deem ‘awful.’

    You say anti, but Pedro if you look a few years back was advocating cutting Wenger slack, giving Wenger another summer etc etc, Pedro has critiqued Wenger for years and slowly but surely become more entrenched in his position that Wenger needs to go…mainly because his criticisms have multiplied and the ones he made years back have not been addressed.

    You make it sound like some irrational, feeding frenzy of hate…again, I wonder what you would make of Untold? To me, the is a site that is irrational, unconcerned with scrutiny or analysis, makes excuses about length of grass/referees/media etc and talks about Wenger as five year old might their dad.

    Quite bizarre you continue to come on here, it clearly causes you such distress to see us agenda filled simpletons.

  14. N5

    Cesc, Untold blamed our last home loss on the fans. They’ve done the grass, the refs and now they turned on the fans. They will literally blame anybody BUT the man who’s responsible for team selection, formation, tactics, substitutions and preparation.

    Walter and Attwood are fucking idiots.

  15. MidwestGun

    Anti staying the same. Never quite going all-in with your chips. I’m sure if Wenger did that and won a Title everyone would be happy. But trying to prove you can do it by guile and cohesion and not addressing issues when it’s
    not necessary.
    Pedro invented the term… elite purgatory. Technically, I guess its Anti -Wenger to want him to do better or be replaced by someone who can.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    ‘So my reasoned opinion is sycophancy?
    Yet your version is measured critique?’

    You are a joke Tom, a total joke.

  17. Nasri's Mouth


    Well Vieira and Pires left 9 years ago, so I think your argument was one you should have had 8 years ago. I don’t think it’s relevant now because overall our squad is stronger than it has been for years.


    RvP when fit is a better striker than either Walcott or Giroud, but given how long he was actually fit for at Arsenal…

    Pires is a different player to Alexis, but they’re similar quality

    Vieira was a B2B rather than a DM, so Ramsey is the comparison there. He isn’t as good, but he was showing signs when he was played in a similar role until he got moved out wide.

  18. N5

    tom, I’m not saying you are a sycophant, what I am saying is I imagine you’d be less vocal about people that side of the coin.

  19. Cesc Appeal



    It’s utter rubbish on Untold, but I wouldn’t waste my time on their dire comments section telling them they are running the ‘pro-Wenger ticket.’

    And Tom’s last comment gets to the heart of it, they think their ideas are valid, reasoned and logical, and ours, no matter how we evidence them or argue them are irrational hatred.

    That is it. That is why people like that are a total joke, they’ve decided your opinion is invalid before even talking to you. They comment on your irrational hatred with a pompous smugness that is laughable when you actually get into how speculatory and baseless their own opinions are!

  20. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: Our squad is still 2-3 players short of a title winning squad and a manager away from being great.

    Well, at the moment, the squad is doing as well as any squad in the PL, so who knows

  21. Nasri's Mouth

    Tom: There is a reason that Le Grove is famous as the most anti – Wenger blog out there.

    Pedro swings a fair bit depending on results (like most fans do, but not as much as Piers Morgan) but I’d hazard a guess that it was Geoff that got Le Grove the reputation it has.

  22. N5

    tom, the other night you stated Le Grove was a minority and in reality you are more of a “typical” fan. I asked (you might have missed it) where you got this from because I honestly don’t believe you are?

    Every week at the ground since we got beat by Villa (bar a few games), support for Wenger has dropped. You never hear “one Arsene Wenger” being sung anymore, you rarely hear people discussing his “genius” anymore and when you do hear people talking, it’ll be things like “why didn’t he look at so and so” or “god knows why he thinks a goal keeper is all we would need”.

    It’s isn’t this pro-Wenger paradise you think it is. Yeah it’s not venomous, but it’s also not rosey. I would say supporters like Tunny were your typical gooners now.

    They are mainly positive, but are not afraid to be critical when required.

  23. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: You say anti, but Pedro if you look a few years back was advocating cutting Wenger slack, giving Wenger another summer etc etc, Pedro has critiqued Wenger for years and slowly but surely become more entrenched in his position that Wenger needs to go

    Hmm, IMO overall Pedro has probably been more pro Wenger in the last couple of seasons than previously. I suspect its all subjective though, depending on how we’re all feeling about Wenger at the time.

    Maybe Pedro himself is the best person to ask

  24. MidwestGun

    Id agree with NM. I’d say the average fan is probably somewhere in the middle and opinion changes with results, naturally. But a decade long malaise coming up short in the League and 18 years or whatever of CL failure takes its toll. That plus not building on back to back FA Cups would be highly negligent, imo.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    I disagree.

    I remember Pedro once calling me ‘militant’ at the end of the season because I said Wenger out now, and he wanted to give him another season.

    Pedro certainly went through a patch I agree this summer where he was feeling good.

    I’m not defending Pedro’s honour here, I just get annoyed that people have a crack at blogs like Le Grove but then won’t say boo about some shower of shit like Untold when it is far, far worse than Le Grove for agenda but because it’s delusion in the positive sense it’s ok.

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    N5: Every week at the ground since we got beat by Villa (bar a few games), support for Wenger has dropped.

    Hmm, I’m not sure that’s true. I’d say the average viewpoint is probably up a couple of points from then. There’s been quite a few peaks and troughs on the way and it’s still massively fragile though.

    I sit in different areas of the ground and rarely hear any of the vitriol or extreme criticism that you regularly get on here.

    Moans when players do something stupid, but people calling Wenger a cunt, a fool, or a idiot are pretty few and far between.

    Maybe they’re just worried about what I’ve got on the back of my shirt…

    “Insult Wenger and I’ll knife ya!”

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Hopefully Walcott can continue to show at ST, not his biggest fan but got to say, he’s impressed me last few games, even Olympiakos where most of the team deserved to be shot at close range with a cannon loaded with cannister shot, he didn’t do that badly.

  28. Nasri's Mouth

    Cesc Appeal: I just get annoyed that people have a crack at blogs like Le Grove but then won’t say boo about some shower of shit like Untold when it is far, far worse than Le Grove for agenda

    Oh yeah, Untold is more extreme than Le Grove. It’s more the opposite of Arsenal Truth.

  29. MidwestGun

    Think it’s difficult to compare opinions at the stadium with on -line opinion…. even tho Proud Kev /Rev Kev tried to do it all the time. As most people don’t want to spend money/take time from their weekend and go out and be negative . They want to have a good day out and cheer for the team.

  30. N5

    NM, that’s not what I said though I think you misunderstood, or as usual I wrote it like an idiot. I said since the Villa game support has dropped not turned.

    Before that game I honestly never heard a bad word directed at Wenger, since that game nearly every match I hear someone say something. Not necessarily terrible just negative (slight mostly).

    Also if you reread my comment I said Tunny was the average type of fan. You’ve read his comments. Tell me I’m wrong? He’s not negative, aggressive or abusive. So we are both in agreement, surely?.

    If you can tell me when you first heard anyone at all being negative about Arsene before that Villa match, I’d be surprised.

  31. Nasri's Mouth


    I’d be careful on betting tonight. Hodgeson was asked about how important winning was tonight, and he basically admitted it wasn’t. He’s more about trying things etc. The players could go either way.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    That’s a good point, I mean, you know me, seriously if someone said I can click my fingers and make Wenger leave Arsenal but I want to take your big toe as payment, I’d accept that I think.

    But when you’re in the ground, pissed, you are fully behind the team.

  33. MidwestGun

    NM –
    Ya.. thats my concern… nil to nil (14-1) is actually pretty good odds as is 1-0. (6 ‘-1) somehow tho I think there will be goals. Idk… guess that’s why it’s called gambling. Lol.

  34. Nasri's Mouth


    Hmm, again it’s subjective and anecdotal, but I’d say I’ve definitely heard anti Wenger stuff pre Villa.

    Mind you I’ve never really heard too much really vicious stuff against him, as you say just negative rather than terrible.

    But yeah, I’d say Tunny’s view is about average in the crowd . I tend to find my view about average too, and I’d say I’m viewed as pretty pro-Wenger on here.

    I think that most match going fans aren’t quite as reactionary as on here, and I think they’re more into the euphoria of a win, rather than the whole “we won but…” thing that is common on here, and probably more stoic.

    You still get pretty extreme views though. At the Stoke game when Giroud scored, the bloke next to me didn’t get up or applaud at all. He’d fit in very well on here 😀

  35. vicky

    I am hardly a pro Wenger fan but I agree with Tom that people take cheap shot at Wenger for every damn thing, even for things he does right. And a few posters do it just because it’s an unsaid rule here on Grove. In fact chances are if you by mistake praise Wenger for something, somebody will call you an AKB in the very next post.

  36. Sancho Monzorla

    The pro-Wenger side seem to have this notion that the fans less enamored with Arsene (like the majority on Le-Grove) are critical of the manager simply because it’s Arsene Wenger, while not taking into consideration the ample amounts of evidence that has piled up over the years that he, as a club manager, is on the decline.

    It’s not a personal thing. If Wenger were to start buying proper players at the opportune moments, rotate properly, utilize better tactics, and be held accountable for his missteps by the club that employs him, then I’m sure even the most ardent Wenger hater would defend him from time to time.

    But as it stands, he’s a manager full of holes, and some of us are comfortable pointing that out. He’s the manager, I support him and want him to do well, I’d shower him with love if he won the league, but that doesn’t automatically make all the criticisms he’s deservedly received over the years untrue. Nor does the fact that he manages the club I love absolve him from criticism.

    To me, the other side is almost like one of those old timey uptight, emotionally suppressed Protestant families, where the dad has two secret children and the mom is an alcoholic, kid’s a mess – but they are well to-do and respected in the community so no one in the family or anyone near them are allowed to say anything about the obvious negative clouds hanging over them. Just chug along pretending like nothing’s wrong.

  37. N5

    NM, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head!! I’ve only ever sat near one person that couldn’t take pleasure in anything and that was West Stand Highbury, what a moaning git. We’d be 4 up and he’d say, I bet we still lose! I found him such a chore to be around.

    A win is a win when you’re at the ground. Of course some are more exciting and some mean more, but a goal celebrated regardless.

    All I know is that in the ground there is a real feeling of “togetherness”. I know that is super-gay, but it’s the only place in the world I get that kind of emotion. When I feel like I’m home! Some get it from Church, some get it from family, some get it from Arsenal.

    I don’t hate Wenger, but I’m no longer a fan. I’m not aggressive, obsessive or abusive to the team and I can’t stand to be told I’m supporting the team wrong!

  38. Nasri's Mouth


    Yeah, there are several blinkered posters on here. When Mourinho came out with his bizarro speech just after the Southampton game there were a couple of posters defending him. Had that been Wenger I can’t imagine anyone would

  39. Nasri's Mouth

    sancho monzorla: It’s not a personal thing.

    I’d say it is a personal thing. There’s plenty of stuff to criticise Wenger for, yet people on here often criticise him for things that aren’t his fault, or ignore that there are others to blame too.

  40. Nasri's Mouth

    That’s not to say everyone or even the majority are like that, but there’s certainly an element.

    When we lost against Olympiakos someone posted that it was 100% Wenger’s fault.

    Clearly Wenger has to shoulder some of the blame, but 100% ? Of course not

  41. Joe


    Please tell me where in that Jose speech he was wrong with what he said about Wenger.

    Wasn’t so much defending him, but agreeing with him. He was spot on. Wenger is the only manager that has no pressure on him.

  42. Sancho Monzorla


    Well, I should say, that it shouldn’t be personal.

    But you’re right, some do make it personal. Thinking about it like that now, I can see how some of the more ardent pro-Wenger fans may feel like some of the criticism is unnecessarily cruel.

    There’s bitch fans on both sides is my summation I guess. Lol.

  43. Sancho Monzorla


    But importantly, a fan like you at least agrees there’s plenty to criticize Wenger for, without making it personal.

    The divide between the fan base seems to get exacerbated when fans on the opposite poles get into it with each other.

    Fans like you and I, we (probably) have a difference in opinion but it’s all rooted in reality and our love of the club. That’s hardly a rift.

    I don’t hate pro-Wenger fans any more than the anti-Wenger fans. I hate the deluded fans, on either side.

  44. Joe

    Combine the olympiakos loss with the Zagreb, with the Bradford, Brentford, and Blackburn losses. Combine those with the 8-2,6-0, 5-1, 6-3, 2-0(at home to Everton) and it becomes wengers fault as players have changed and he is the one constant through it all.

  45. Joe

    And this summer when we were 2 players away from genuinely competing for the title the cunt says no one was available etc etc. It’s becomes personal as his making a laughing stock of MY ARSENAL!!!!

  46. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: Wasn’t so much defending him, but agreeing with him. He was spot on. Wenger is the only manager that has no pressure on him.

    Hmm, I don’t think it was you actually, and do you mean his previous interview ?

    Either way, the idea that Wenger has no pressure on him is wrong, plain and simple, and that’s kinda my point.

  47. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: And this summer when we were 2 players away from genuinely competing for the title THE CUNT

    And that’s probably my point from earlier too.

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: and it becomes wengers fault as players have changed and he is the one constant through it all.

    So by your logic, it’s also Wenger and Wenger alone that’s responsible for us finishing in the top 4 over 19 seasons ?

  49. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: It’s becomes personal as his making a laughing stock of MY ARSENAL!!!!

    I find this kind of comment funny. What is YOUR Arsenal ?

    When people were chanting ‘we want our Arsenal back’ I doubt there was ever a consensus as to what that was.

  50. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Yep, if Silva misses a lengthy period, City will struggle. I’m recording that match. Theo has just barely missed like 3 times now. Need him to score.

  51. vicky

    “Can you be successful without team spirit? If I asked you that question, straight away you would say no,” the Frenchman told Arsenal Player. “That just shows you how important it is.

    “It’s difficult to put a percentage on it, but you know without it you have no chance. Afterwards, what is interesting is to know how big the team spirit is. You can have different degrees of team spirit, because without it you have no football at all – everybody would just do what he wants.”

    “How far can you go in cultivating and developing that team spirit? That’s our target. We know that to have a chance of being successful, we want to be more of a team than any other side in the Premier League. Therefore, I believe it’s a little bit like a flower.

    “You have to take care of it and look after it every day, or else it will slowly die. But as well, you can make the flower bigger, better and prettier if you care for it. We believe that part of the responsibility of the players and the staff is to take care of team spirit.”

    These comments and his whole project youth kind of prove that for Wenger,the eventual target is to win the league his own way. He could easily have bought a couple of players in the summer and probably won us the league but that would not kind of satiate his own self. He is desperate to win it at least once his “own” way. I think he will retire if he wins the league. It’s not about the salary that he gets at Arsenal, it’s only about the final frontier of winning the league his own way, it’s a conquest for him. I am not going in to the merits of this obsession but just for the sake of Arsenal and the old man himself, I hope and pray we win the league this year somehow. All the stars will have to align our way though for that to happen. May be I am daydreaming.

  52. Joe


    What exactly is the top 4? To me it the 3 teams that finished behind the champions and in our case didn’t even compete. The top 4 is a mythical achievement because of the CL. Again especially for us as we don’t come close to winning it.

    My arsenal?? Care more about football than the bank account. Fair enough????

  53. MidwestGun

    First goal scorer 4 -1 odds. Bang……$60 ahead. Nice. Now all I need is a 2 -0 0, 3-0 result and drinks are on me.
    Might even buy Pedro one of those girly umbrella drinks.

  54. N5

    NM, there was mate. The BSM was very clear with what “our Arsenal” meant and stood for and those that were there for personal reasons were just chancers.

    Wenger was not the reason for “our Arsenal” though, I can tell you that. SK, IG and all the others up top were the focus of attention.

  55. tunnygriffboy

    Another goal for Walnut 🙂

    To be fair he is improving week by week. Man u didn’t know what to do with him. His hold up play was better ( still needs work on this) and his movement created loads of space for others and his two assists actually showed glimpses of control, dribbling ability and vision

    I so hope he stays fit. Viva le Walnut 🙂 🙂

    Ps: If we qualify I wouldn’t mind having England in our group. Rather them than Spain, France or Germany 🙂 🙂

  56. tunnygriffboy


    Yes I’m more on the pro Wenger side than the majority on here. It’s not to say that he doesn’t deserve criticism, case in point my anger and despondency after the CL games. I was really down. I kept off here for a while as I was fed up and reading the comments would have sent me over the edge 🙂

    Sometimes I get my hair off when he is blamed for everything though. If I feel people are unfair and apportion blame to him when it’s not

  57. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: What exactly is the top 4?

    Something that means we can attract better players and afford to pay for them.

    And it’s worth mentioning because pre Wenger we’d never had anything like that kind of run. That’s not to say Wenger couldn’t have done better, because he obviously could have done, but the number of managers who don’t make mistakes is zero.

  58. N5

    tunny, that’s why I think you a true representation of a ground visiting supporter. Gutted when losing, ecstatic with a win and able to be critical if required in a reasoned manner.

    At least, that’s typical of the guys I sit by.

  59. tunnygriffboy

    Continued . . . . . .

    when it is not his fault I will stick up for him ( not that he needs it)

    I do try to remain optimistic, I want to enjoy supporting the club. It has it’s faults but by and large we’re lucky to be following such a magnificent club.

  60. tunnygriffboy

    When Theo came back after his injury he looked very tentative for a long period. He scored goals but didn’t look hugely confident with the physical aspects of the game. I couldn’t understand why Wenger wasn’t playing him more to get that confidence. Perhaps though after seeing him in training Wenger was right to hold him back until the end of the season

    Is it me or does he look more focused, determined, positive and mature than he has ever done. 26 now the next4 years will be his peak.

  61. Nasri's Mouth


    The BSM say a lot of good things, and generally I’m with them. The ticket pricing and over-commercialising of the club from a fans perspective was something that needed to be addressed. When Fox (?) talked about increasing prices because of the demand, when we had a marvellous stadium that was just too ‘concrete’ and not ‘Arsenal’, we needed people to point it out to the B.o.D.

    But, the ‘We want our Arsenal back’ was hijacked by a lot of people as a comment towards what was happening on the pitch.

    It was an easy catchphrase to express frustration with how the team was doing, but it didn’t really mean much

  62. vicky


    I think the fact that he is finally getting to play in his dream position (CF) is the reason behind his invigorated performance.Never really bothered to defend or put in extra effort as a winger. looked like going through the motions most of the time.

  63. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Actually, I thought that before his injury he was playing his best. He was starting to come into his own. It’s just a matter if he can stay healthy and be more physical and improve holdup play. Which to be fair he’s better at then Kane in this match. Then again I’m a Theo fan but I get the criticism too. But I’d like to see him play a whole season without major injury issues ahead of Ozil. It’s actually the right sided attacking mid I’m more concerned about.
    Not gonna lie, I like seeing Giroud on the bench.

  64. N5

    NM, fully agree hence the chancers comment.

    The BSM and it’s originals knew what they wanted and you surmised it perfectly.

    You are spot on, it’s vision was hijacked and abused by a select bunch who didn’t even really understand what they were singing for?

  65. MidwestGun

    Redtroll –
    Which one? You have so many?

    Serious question, since you clearly do not enjoy modern football or any of the current stars, why bother spending so much time commenting on it and watching it. You into self torture, or you just like to spread misery?

  66. Cesc Appeal

    Another decent display from Walcott, has a spring in his step right now and seems to be willing to work where he wasn’t interested before.

    He has to play like that though whether he is getting to play ST, or whether he’s RW for us.

    Don’t like this Barkley at CM thing though.

  67. MidwestGun

    Aguero is too fragile. Pretty sure that has nothing to do with chickens tho.

    If Aguero and Silva are out. …. time to make a run at City.

    Santi Cazorla scores today. And hits one off the crossbar. Nice to see. He needs to get his shooting boots going too.

  68. tunnygriffboy

    Only can Arsenal players get criticised for scoring a goal. Theo was lucky because he was nearly offside before he scored. It makes you wonder about the flak our players regularly get and why. The only two that escape criticism seem to be Alexis and Ox. They never talk about Alexis when we play badly and how he can lose the ball, hold onto it too long and take poor options. I love the Ox and am expecting big things from him this season but so far generally he has been tosh. Pundits don’t seem to mention a poor end product and the fact he switches off defensively. They may do a brief analysis of him but nowhere near the forensic level that the likes of Theo, Per, Ozil, Ramsey etc get. Harumph !

  69. Joe


    GG came 4th or better 6 times. It’s not his fault you had to be champions to qualify.

    GG won in Europe. Also came within 1 loss to matching the invincibles.

    So let’s not say that a run like this never happened as the parameters have changed with 4 teams being allowed into the CL.

    How many times would Wenger have made Europe with only champions being allowed to compete.

    18 straight times with an asterix for Wenger.

  70. Joe

    There are no repercussions for wengers mistakes. They are just accidents. That’s the problem.

    All other managers are held accountable.

    Wenger finds excuses. Oil money. Refs. Accidents. Injuries. Etc

  71. Wallace

    it wasn’t Graham taking the backhanders that bugged me, it was the crap players he kept buying and making me watch.

  72. Marko

    First things first I don’t think jet lag will be a complaint with Alexis if he’s flying back say tomorrow and he doesn’t have a game till next Saturday. Thankfully they decided to send him back rather than play again Tuesday in what is I’m assuming a pointless friendly. Second fair play to Theo maintaining his form. Can only be good news for us. Terrible news for Giroud though. He’s fast on his way to being replaced soon enough giving his age and whatnot. Batushuyi at Marseille or Paco Alcacar maybe.

    Also Mid
    Proving once and for all… can’t have your kayak and heat it, too.
    What the hell bro?

  73. Joe


    Like Limpar, Merson, Rocastle and Thomas. At their peak, Arsenal blew clubs away, in front of a defence that cost absoluetly nothing.

  74. Marko

    City will be a helluva lot less potent without Aguero. Also gutted about Klopp he was my guy to take over from Wenger. Had real passion and enthusiasm for the game. My only hope is Ancellotti waiting till the end of the season before deciding his next job. It gives me hope he’s waiting to see if maybe the Arsenal job opens up.

  75. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    For every

    Mark flats there is a Sanchez watt

    For e era Colin pates there is a pascal cyan

    For every David Hillier there is an Alberto mondrez

    For every glen header there is Julie baptists

    Not that different really…

  76. Joe

    GG had lost it by the end and had to go. The bung was a convenient excuse at the club had known about it for a year(supposedly). They got rid of him because of footballing reasons (as to why Wenger should of gone 6 seasons ago) but used the Bung as an excuse.

  77. Wallace


    “Like Limpar, Merson, Rocastle and Thomas. At their peak, Arsenal blew clubs away,”

    Limpar – after one amazing season benched to make way for Perry Groves.

    Merson – good career, but could have been so much more.

    Rocastle – great player. Graham sold him to Leeds when he was 25.

    Thomas – great player. Graham sold him to Liverpool when he was 24.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    The one thing that has not changed is the old Etonians on the board…

    Wenger not winning trophies but earning them monies is good enough for them ….

    Meanwhile we all eat cake….

  79. Wallace

    RSPC Arsenal

    “Not that different really…”

    so who were Graham’s Vieira, Petit, Overmars, Ljungberg, Pires, Anelka, Henry, Kanu, Fabregas, RVP, Ozil, Alexis…?

  80. Joe

    Those players won him 2 league titles. One less than the mastermind of beautiful offensively minded football arsene Wenger

    Wallace in all honesty can you really say we have played beautiful football in yeh last 5-6 seasons? Bar a game here or there?

  81. camdenmonkey

    I am just throwing this out there to fellow gooners.. With Sep Blatter and Planiti surely on the verge of being ousted, how about Wenger stepping up for the challenge? Up until now, I could see nothing, no other club, no other position in football that Wenger would even consider, but FIFA President.? His personality, respect, status in the game and language skills, would certainly fit the bill.. Wenger top man in World football….. I think he’d love it and might consider such an opportunity… One lives in hope…

  82. MidwestGun

    Marko –
    What can I say I still think it’s funny. Hahaha

    I’m assuming a man date involves sitting by yourself with your best friend Jack Daniels and trying to look pathetic enough for the hot barmaid to take pity on you and try to hook you up with an available regular she might know.

    At least that’s what I hear. ….. it involves… not that I’ve ever done that or anything.

    But I think Pedro meant getting some Le Grover to buy him drinks and be his wingman.

  83. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: GG came 4th or better 6 times. It’s not his fault you had to be champions to qualify.

    Yeah, and his average league position was worse than Wengers has been over the last 10 years when people are saying Wenger needs to go.

    So are we saying GG was a shit manager ? Or are we saying that actually Wenger hasn’t actually been that bad over the last 10 years

    You can’t have it both ways.

  84. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: All other managers are held accountable.

    As is Wenger. Ridiculous to say he’s not.

    For Mourinho, the stakes are higher because Chelsea have invested so much more to succeed.

    Something like a £billion more than Arsenal since 2000, probably more than that now.

  85. Wallace


    “Wallace in all honesty can you really say we have played beautiful football in yeh last 5-6 seasons? Bar a game here or there?”

    yeah, of course we have. but this is le grove. when we play great football and win comfortably it’s just the opposition having an off day.

  86. Cesc Appeal

    ‘For Mourinho, the stakes are higher because Chelsea have invested so much more to succeed.’

    They also have an owner who wants to win things, that’s what he wants to see the club doing. For me, the fact he’s invested in a heavier way than Wenger isn’t any more reason to be any more accountable than Wenger leaving £80 Million unspent, just because one is an act the other an omission shouldn’t mean one is more accountable than the other.

    Wenger isn’t accountable in the same way as any other manager, I doubt there will be a manager in Wenger’s position again. I hope not anyway.

  87. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: Wenger not winning trophies but earning them monies is good enough for them ….

    I doubt that’s their reason for keeping him. I doubt anyone of them got into football to make money. Traditionally it wasn’t a good investment when they became board members, (“how do you make a million in football, well, you start with two million…etc.etc.”) and they never took excessive salaries, Lord Harris had his salary paid to charity for example

  88. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    They’re accountable in different ways. Both have differing targets to a degree, but the reason Wenger has never been sacked is because he’s doing the job the board want him to do. If he failed, he’d be sacked.

    That’s being accountable.

  89. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: Wenger not winning trophies but earning them monies is good enough for them ….

    Ahh, sorry, that was RSPC

  90. Joe


    GG. 6 trophies in 9 seasons. One every 1.5 seasons including an euro trophy. His average finish in his first 7 seasons was 4.2 then got sacked.

    Wenger. 9 trophies in 18. One every 2 seasons. Wengers average is ?? Plus millions more in resources.

    Wenger deserves the sCk

  91. Cesc Appeal


    I sort of agree. But he isn’t accountable in any meaningful way, there are plenty of occasions over the last 4-5 years at a different club he’d have got the boot, certainly at any of the big clubs he’d be long gone.

    I think it’s a little disingenuous though to flatly say ‘he’s accountable,’ he’s set a goal by a board made of money men which he should easily be able to achieve, I only look at 11/12 as a season he did well to get into the top four and that was totally his own fault anyway.

    He isn’t crap by any stretch, he does ok, no more, no less. We could do better though.

    If Wenger’s accountability threshold is finishing fifth, then it’s not likely we will ever see that, so again, begs the question, is he actually accountable?

    Say we get to the end of this season, for arguments sake we finish third, £80 Million in transfer budget unspent, knocked out in the UCL group stages…a) Would you say Wenger did a good job? b) do you think he’d be fired or there’d be a mutual decision he should leave?

    This is what I mean, if Wenger’s accountability threshold is that low, he isn’t actually accountable is he?

    Wenger is in a unique position in world football, he doesn’t have a boss, has unparalleled power and is not likely to be fired, personally I doubt if coming fifth would see him get the sack, half the fan base are sentimentally attached to him…so I sort of disagree as well, he isn’t accountable in the sense that 99% of other managers are, and that isn’t right.

  92. Redtruth


    Footballing reasons?

    Arsenal were the Cup Winners Cup holders and got to another Final thr folliwing season so hardly footballing reasons for George Graham’s sacking.

  93. Nasri's Mouth


    And Wenger’s over the last 10 years is 3.6.

    So basically you want him to be sacked for consistency rather than having peaks and troughs yeah?

    And neither of us knows who spent comparatively more, or even how you’d work it out…