6 Arsenal wishes for the next 6 games 🔴⚪️🙏

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So football seasons work in blocks. They’re international break blocks. If you take each one as a chunk of the season, it’s a nice way to work. The next 6 games run until the 8th of November. Plenty can happen in that time. Realistically, you can rule yourself out of the league in that time, you can drop yourself out of the league cup and this time around… we could easily be out of the Champions League.

1. Throw Europe if we lose the Bayern game.

Yeah, sounds brutal right? But here’s the thing, if we lose our first game to Bayern Munich, which is at home on the 20th of this month, we might as well forfeit the whole thing. For those Arsenal fans unaware of what it’s like to be bang average as a club, when you miss the group stages, UEFA throw you a big fat rotting corpse of a booby prize by dropping you into the Europa League or whatever it’s called these days.

That’s bad news. It means that you have to travel to the poverty teams of every league. Poverty teams aren’t usually major cities, so the transport is absolutely awful, you can struggle with the pitches and you play on Thursday which makes your weekend games absolutely arduous. I think Newcastle finished 5th a few seasons back, the next season, playing Spursday night football they were nearly relegated. Some would argue they’ve never recovered from that.

If we go out of the Champions League, go for broke in the League. It’s far more valuable for us to get a top 2 than it is for us to make a semi final in a competition no one cares about.

2. Respect the smaller teams.

There were a few examples last year of Arsenal going to the smaller teams in a very complacent mood. In fact, we had West Ham over early on in the season and we were beaten because we weren’t at the races. Monaco were a glamourous shite team and we tanked there too.

We have Watford, who are mid-table in the form guide having picked up good wins against Newcastle and Swansea. Their home record is one loss in 4. Which for a small team is pretty damn good. We need to respect that they have good players and a good set up. We need to be prepared and on our game. This league is too strong to take a holiday in October.


I think Theo Walcott said in an interview that he saw how hard Sanchez worked in games and wondered to himself… ‘why can’t I do that?’… well, you can. If there’s one thing even the most basic of human beings can do… it’s work hard. It’s a state of mind. It’s a drive. It’s a way of life.

Arsenal need to channel their inner Sanchez. We need to fight. We need to shake ourselves out of the comfort zone. We need to become warriors. It’s that warrior spirit that gets you through a turgid away day at West Brom. It’s the drive that pulls you through at home against a tough Everton side. It’s that feeling that is ALWAYS there when we decapitate Spurs at home in the NLD.

4. Strong Rotation

My work pal (English, in the US, occasionally speak with a yank accent) said he was most impressed with the shut down at half  time against Manchester United. That’s the key to marginal gain wins. If you’re spanking a team in the opening 20 minutes by a margin. Shut it down. Rest your legs. Conserve energy. Bring others on.

Part of me wonders if Wenger saw what Rodgers did with Liverpool a few seasons ago and is replicating that approach?

I think Wenger has done a fair amount this season when it comes to rotation. He has to continue that. The big challenge is going to come when he’s under pressure. Pressure makes you fall back on what you know. What Wenger knows usually breaks us.

There’s also a big challenge around Coquelin. We’re in trouble if he picks up an injury, but at the same time, we’re in trouble if we rest him because of Wenger’s ridiculous transfer policy. But it’ll have to happen. Does he bring in Bielek? Do we trust Matty F? What’s the plan there?

The only way we mount a credible challenge this year is if we rest players. We also have to think about next season as well. A European Championship is coming. So if we brutalise a player like Coquelin, like Chelsea did their whole squad last season, what’s the cost of that next year? Because there’s no way Coquelin isn’t going on international duty in the form he’s in.

5. Strong Support

Now I’m in America and I’m a foreign fan, I feel it my duty to tell you at home you’re terrible fans and you’re not loud enough.

Jokes aside. The noise sounded brilliant at United. But we need to find voice in the boring games. Hopefully the boys will give the fans in the stand something to cheer about. I think we have players that get your excited when you’re cold this year. Sanchez tearing about, Coquelin smashing people, Cech actually keeping you in a game and Theo just producing (come on, he’s so sweet!).

6. Winning Dirty

It ain’t always going to be pretty. To be honest, I don’t think it’d be unfair to say that it hasn’t been pretty for years. But look, I’ll take the dirty wins. I’ll take a pragmatic game of cat and mouse if that’s what it takes. We have to scrap. If there’s anything that sums up Wenger teams post 2004, it’s that we don’t scrap and that we don’t fight smart. I hope to see us do clever things. I hope to see more of those beautiful tactics coming through. I hope to see a different beast in these second 6 games.

Right, that’s me done. Have a stunning day!

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  1. Redtruth

    It would be an utter joy to see Arsenal miss out on the top 4 just to see the devastation on Wenger’s followers faces.

    No doubt Wenger’s mental followers will regroup for a full out assault to regain a top 4 berth the following season lol

  2. TheBayingMob

    To be honest, I’m not a Wenger fan, but you can see where his devouted believers come from. Look Moron-yo. Some people, supposedly Arsenal fans, absolutely idolize the wanker … half a billion Chelsea have spunked and look where they are. I shudder to think what some of the people would do if Wenger had us in that situation. Mourinho’s methods look untenable and unsustainable at the moment, even with all that money. Let’s see what he makes of it until Xmas. Brenda has failed at Liverpool. To be honest the only manager you can look to and say you want emulated is Ferguson, and to date there haven’t been many of him. Wenger’s time is done, don’t get me wrong, all I’m saying is there’s merit to both sides of the argument; a lot of people’s arguing position for or against has just got so entrenched in schism that the middle ground has been lost to malaise and indifference …

  3. sam

    Wenger was fortunate to come from nowhere n take over at Arsenal when it was only Man utd dominating the league.
    Now Klopp or any outside manager will have to put with Pelegrini, Mourinho plus Bilic, Ranieri, Koemann etc who are also hungry for 3points.
    When The unsackable gets finally sacked,We really have to be careful, premiership experience should be considered.
    maybe fat Rafa with Henry around training to take over in few years,
    Anyway, Wenger is more likely to move upstairs n pick his own puppet to do the coaching while he’s still interfering with transfers.

    wait n see

  4. sam


    That kinda wish will make send you to die in rage, Not really wise to bet against Arsenal missing out on top 4.

  5. sam

    Bacary finds Mourinho entertaining

    Mourinho a loud mouth thug being pushed out of premiership
    and Welcome to the respectable Jurgen Klopp

    sounds like a clean up job to me

  6. Mohammed

    Klopp to Liverpool eh? Nice one from the Scousers got a well known manager in who is exciting

    I can see Mourinho being shipped in the summer and the chavs going in for Pep – I’d be surprised if he took the job but you never know money talks – failing that they may try to entice Simeone – more in line with the tactics that employ

    Which leaves the two Manchester clubs and us. LVG will have another year. Then they will want to recruit someone else unless Giggs takes over. Pellegrini who knows? City owners can be trigger happy however something tells me they like the Chilean. Wenger is there for a while yet

    Realistically is there enough managers out there who the top 4 would want? I don’t think there is.

  7. Mohammed


    RVP got what he deserved in full measure

    Jumped ship when Arsenal stood by him through his injuries etc

    Could have been an Arsenal legend now will be remembered as a traitor who got what he deserved in the end. Karma is a bitch

  8. sam

    These mercenaries make me puke
    If you have to leave a club that looks after you for winning something than Clubs like West Ham, Stoke will have no one playing for them.
    I am sure Fabregas will tell you the best club he ever played for, he won’t say Barca coz he was treated like sh*t there.
    And If they stayed we could have won the tittle coz they left when we are few players short n have to struggle to replace them.
    We wouldn’t have to put with Giroud had Van Persie stayed, or Gervinho had Nasri stayed, Arteta—–> Fabregas.

    Nasri—— Van Persie——- Walcott

    Cazorla———— Coquelin

    Montreal—— Gabriel—— Koscielny——–Bellerin

  9. sam

    Yes had some of these twats stayed We would have won something plus 2 Fa cups

    Well I hope Van Persie wins something in Turkey
    He can stay the F@ck out of Arsenal Fc

  10. Emiratesstroller

    Interesting to read that Iwobi who signed a new contract at Arsenal this week
    has just played his first game for the Nigerian Senior Team.

    Does those two events suggest that he is about to be promoted to first team squad?

  11. sam


    Arsenal have very good young players but Wenger seems clueless
    Mostly he’s too loyal to his first team players n less interested in given anyone a breakthrough.
    Bellerin n Coquelin got chance becoz of Debuchy n Arteta got injured

  12. Wallace


    “Bit bizarrely, but he’s the first new manager of another club who I’m genuinely curious as to how he’ll do. I’m not going to start listing Liverpool as my 2nd team, but I’m very interested in what happens there. Never had that before”

    yeah, me too. i don’t think he’s got enough talent to work with currently, but his arrival makes them an interesting side again.

  13. Emiratesstroller


    Yes Arsenal do have some good young players.

    However, football has changed in recent years and as Alan Hanson pointed out some time ago you cannot play at the top level of the game a “bunch of kids”.

    You can bring in gradually one or two like Bellerin last year and progressively
    integrate them into team.

    Realistically the only players apart from Bellerin who stood out in pre season
    in recent years as genuine first team prospects were Gnabry who got injured
    and does not seem to have made the impact expected of him and Iwobi who
    scored two goals on his debut and in my view with his pedigree [family background] could prove the real deal.

    Personally despite all the raves I don’t see Zelalem making the progression in
    EPL. He is a very gifted footballer, but rather lightweight and perhaps needs
    too much time on the ball, which you are not allowed in EPL. He will be better
    suited on the continent.

    What I do know is that Arsenal should have replaced at least two of the midfielders in their squad this year. Flamini and Arteta are not good enough for
    our level and Rosicky was clearly seriously injured in summer and at age of
    35 no longer going to get back into team.

    I find it difficult to understand why Wenger renewed contracts of Arteta and
    Rosicky. This plus the longterm injury to Wilshire has severely depleted our

  14. Wallace


    “I find it difficult to understand why Wenger renewed contracts of Arteta and
    Rosicky. This plus the longterm injury to Wilshire has severely depleted our

    with Jack unable to stay fit for a prolonged period i’d be very surprised if Wenger doesn’t bring in a midfielder in January. and would expect Arteta & Flamini to be phased out if he does.

  15. peanuts&monkeys

    GirouDonkey was such an ass…he shot straight into the hands of DeGea that day. He is a complete Championship and Carling Cup material Should not be allowed to be inside any of the PL clubs’ grounds at all.

    Its muckmaggotwengerite who is pushing his luck to get him start scoring some goals and prove to the world that he found a gem in Giroud. What a fucking joke that is!

  16. peanuts&monkeys

    MuckMaggot, its Martial who is the find of the season. Why season? Its four years that such a young exciting player ever played in PL after Sterling in 2011. Thats what the world calls scouting, SpecialistInFailure!

  17. Rocky Pires

    have to say my opinion of Mat Hummells has changed having seen him in the flesh, man is not as good as I thought .
    Not near as good .

  18. Josip Skoblar

    Cabaye played very well for France yesterday and scored a goal. I just can’t believe Wenger didn’t buy him this summer. He may not be the best midfield on the market but he would have been an upgrade on Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky. What a costly error!

  19. SomeRandomGunner

    Watched Chile vs Brazil highlights looked like Sanchez was part of all the good things Chile did. That shot which hit the post was a rocket.

    I am convinced he is going to be the golden boot winner this season.

  20. Dark Hei

    Josip Skoblar

    Cabaye wants to come to Arsenal and play competition for Coquelin? After what happened at PSG? Gimme a break. He just need to take a look at Debuchy.

    With Euros coming soon, he needs guaranteed playing time.

  21. Leedsgunner

    No to Cabayefrom me. It may turn out to be like Arteta all over again — 18 months of good football and than injuries will start to mount…

    We need to go for someone younger… Semper is a good shout if he wants to leave Barca… does Youri Tielemans play DM at all?

  22. Leedsgunner

    Is it true that Bielik has been playing CB for the U21s?

    If true, where does that leave Chambers? Personally, I would like to see the boy develop with ius and he would give depth to the squad, he made a great start in an AFC shirt and there is a good footballer there.

    Could it be that Wenger is going to promote Bielik once Mertesacker leaves?

    Hmmm…. if so, I would mind seeing the boy play for us in the League Cup coming up. Kos needs to be rested and kept fresh for the league in my opinion.

  23. Wallace

    “Is it true that Bielik has been playing CB for the U21s?”

    yeah, i posted a quote from a Polish journalist yesterday who said he was doing very well there, and is close to a call up for the national side. whether that was the full side or the U21s i don’t know. but would think that Chambers is still a distance ahead of him.

  24. I am arsene

    They is on fire
    What did I say?? Play him up front and watch him blossom
    17/23 goals to starts
    Most of those coming from the right hand side
    It’s hard being so right all the time
    Now we just need jack back into the no 8 role and the ox to make the right side his own and we are there.
    We are so so close to being a top class team an for me we are title contenders
    Weather aguero gets injured or not we are the team to beat
    Mark my words this is a watershed season much like 97/98
    No more doom and gloom le grovers

  25. Ivan

    This Klopp to Liverpoll hype is just hype. Id rather see him try his PL experi(ment)ence with Lpoll then taking our bench. I really like the guy, and he seems a good prospect, but IMHO hes far from proven manager and world beater. Don Carlo on other hand is world beater. I know a lot of posters here rate him higly but refuse to put his achievements into context. First of all he will found much harder to aquirre unknown talent in PL than with BD in bundes liga. Since PL is richest league, prices for players are bumped up if PL club shows interest. For that reason there will be less rom for cheap experiments with unproven players that can become master stroke buys.
    Secnodly as many of you pointed out rythm and intensity of PL is hard for players and managers in a same way. Bundesliga is more fitness friendly, and style of football there is much “healthier” for players.
    And third is press. Pressure in PL combined with media voltures is also unique to any other league in greater universe.
    So as much im indiferent to Lpoll they will at least add some spice to PL now, allthough i dont see them more of a threat then they were before.

    @ Josipe pa kako to Lpool i Arsenal? 🙂

  26. peanuts&monkeys

    Klopp: “In this moment we are not the best team in the world, but who cares? We want to be the best team in the world in the future.”

    What attitude!!! Whoa…thats the kinda man we always wanted to have…Alas! Fossils don’t go away again.

  27. Mickey G

    Pedro, I take your point about the Europa league. However I can’t fully agree with it. Your basically advocating a complacent attitude in a European competition. Later on you go on to say we need to eliminate complacency in the league. I think we need to eliminate complacency from the entire club. We have two fairly strong first teams when you look at our squads on paper. I see no reason why the B team can’t go an try and win the Europa league. That competition should be the perfect way for our out of form (or favor) players should as Giroud to force his way back into the starting eleven. Take another guy, like Debuchy, who looks horribly out of form and match fitness whenever he plays. He needs to play. I’d like to see Campbell get a run of games to see if he’s got anything. A lot of these guys have an eye on the European Championship in the summer (not Campbell obviously) . They will do their utmost to get into their national squads. Also, lets be honest, we should be able to win the thing. Chelsea won it in 2013. Atletico won it in 2011, 2012. Winning trophies can become a habit and a tradition. If we bow out of the Champions League we should look to win the bloody Europa League. At least it might engender some confidence (and respect for supposed lesser European teams) for the next Champions League campaign. In England people like to turn their noses up at other leagues. The hype about the premier league from SKY and BT abounds and people have bought it. The reality is that the gaps to the other leagues aren’t there. English teams have been shite in Europe for a while now.
    Arsenal has only ever won the Cup winners cup and the Fairs Cup in Europe. Ever. The third most successful English club is not exactly a European powerhouse.

    Looking at Rugby , Leinster in Ireland won a couple of European cups, but didn’t make it past the group stage after the third win. They went onto win the Amlin instead (Rugby Europa league equivalent). That is what a winning culture is. That is how professional clubs should behave. If you think and believe you are better than rest, then go fucking prove it.

    Fans bemoan that money is taking over football… but the only reason the Europa league isn’t attractive to big clubs is because of? Money. Typical.

  28. Bamford10

    Klopp not only won the Bundesliga title twice in a row, he led Dortmund to a CL final, beating Madrid 4-1 in the first semi-final leg en route.

    His teams are impeccably well-organized, balanced and intelligent.

    The notion that he is not “proven” is just silly. Liverpool is a tough ask, though, as they lack quality and depth at moment, and one gets the sense that they buy players without considering how or whether the player truly fits into the manager’s set-up or approach.

    I have no doubts, however, that Klopp will improve Liverpool over the next couple of years, make them contenders. And I have no doubt that he is a better manager than Wenger. For one thing, unlike Wenger, Klopp actually does tactics.

    Would’ve been fantastic to see him at Arsenal, but perhaps moving to Liverpool will give him the platform to move elsewhere in England at a later point.

  29. daz

    City might still be the team to beat but with bony upfront instead of aguero makes it that bit easier, its fucked my dream team though

  30. Bamford10

    Could we beat out an Aguero-less City for the title? Possibly, but only if the following things occur:

    1. We continue with the high-energy, everyone-pressing-and-tackling approach we adopted last weekend (instead of reverting to type).

    2. Walcott continues to improve as a CF.

    3. We get better at breaking down teams who sit deep in their own third.

    4. Coquelin remains free from injury.

    If those four things occur, I actually think we have a chance.

    Problem is I don’t see #1 occurring, even if 2-4 do.

  31. Bamford10

    Think we should make a surprise January swoop for two Belgian players: Alex Witsel and Dennis Praet.

    Witsel would shore up our midfield, as he can play either Cazorla’s role or Coquelin’s role, depending our need.

    Praet is a fantastic attacking midfield talent — see video below — who could be Ozil’s understudy, who could play wide right and who could add creativity and goals.


    Even without a CF addition — which now seems highly, highly unlikely — I’d like us for the title if we had these two.

    Come on, Arsene. Open the checkbook.

  32. WengerEagle


    I watched the whole match, Kroos and Muller were both very poor as well.

    Only Reus out of all the attacking players was decent and even he was quiet.

    Strange that you’re digging out Ozil and you didn’t even watch the match.

  33. Mickey G

    I watched the match… But missed the start. I didn’t know Ozil was on the pitch, was watching out for him. Didn’t see him for about 20-25 minutes. Then he gave a shite pass. He can be good, really good… but man his attitude stinks.