6 Arsenal wishes for the next 6 games 🔴⚪️🙏

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So football seasons work in blocks. They’re international break blocks. If you take each one as a chunk of the season, it’s a nice way to work. The next 6 games run until the 8th of November. Plenty can happen in that time. Realistically, you can rule yourself out of the league in that time, you can drop yourself out of the league cup and this time around… we could easily be out of the Champions League.

1. Throw Europe if we lose the Bayern game.

Yeah, sounds brutal right? But here’s the thing, if we lose our first game to Bayern Munich, which is at home on the 20th of this month, we might as well forfeit the whole thing. For those Arsenal fans unaware of what it’s like to be bang average as a club, when you miss the group stages, UEFA throw you a big fat rotting corpse of a booby prize by dropping you into the Europa League or whatever it’s called these days.

That’s bad news. It means that you have to travel to the poverty teams of every league. Poverty teams aren’t usually major cities, so the transport is absolutely awful, you can struggle with the pitches and you play on Thursday which makes your weekend games absolutely arduous. I think Newcastle finished 5th a few seasons back, the next season, playing Spursday night football they were nearly relegated. Some would argue they’ve never recovered from that.

If we go out of the Champions League, go for broke in the League. It’s far more valuable for us to get a top 2 than it is for us to make a semi final in a competition no one cares about.

2. Respect the smaller teams.

There were a few examples last year of Arsenal going to the smaller teams in a very complacent mood. In fact, we had West Ham over early on in the season and we were beaten because we weren’t at the races. Monaco were a glamourous shite team and we tanked there too.

We have Watford, who are mid-table in the form guide having picked up good wins against Newcastle and Swansea. Their home record is one loss in 4. Which for a small team is pretty damn good. We need to respect that they have good players and a good set up. We need to be prepared and on our game. This league is too strong to take a holiday in October.


I think Theo Walcott said in an interview that he saw how hard Sanchez worked in games and wondered to himself… ‘why can’t I do that?’… well, you can. If there’s one thing even the most basic of human beings can do… it’s work hard. It’s a state of mind. It’s a drive. It’s a way of life.

Arsenal need to channel their inner Sanchez. We need to fight. We need to shake ourselves out of the comfort zone. We need to become warriors. It’s that warrior spirit that gets you through a turgid away day at West Brom. It’s the drive that pulls you through at home against a tough Everton side. It’s that feeling that is ALWAYS there when we decapitate Spurs at home in the NLD.

4. Strong Rotation

My work pal (English, in the US, occasionally speak with a yank accent) said he was most impressed with the shut down at half  time against Manchester United. That’s the key to marginal gain wins. If you’re spanking a team in the opening 20 minutes by a margin. Shut it down. Rest your legs. Conserve energy. Bring others on.

Part of me wonders if Wenger saw what Rodgers did with Liverpool a few seasons ago and is replicating that approach?

I think Wenger has done a fair amount this season when it comes to rotation. He has to continue that. The big challenge is going to come when he’s under pressure. Pressure makes you fall back on what you know. What Wenger knows usually breaks us.

There’s also a big challenge around Coquelin. We’re in trouble if he picks up an injury, but at the same time, we’re in trouble if we rest him because of Wenger’s ridiculous transfer policy. But it’ll have to happen. Does he bring in Bielek? Do we trust Matty F? What’s the plan there?

The only way we mount a credible challenge this year is if we rest players. We also have to think about next season as well. A European Championship is coming. So if we brutalise a player like Coquelin, like Chelsea did their whole squad last season, what’s the cost of that next year? Because there’s no way Coquelin isn’t going on international duty in the form he’s in.

5. Strong Support

Now I’m in America and I’m a foreign fan, I feel it my duty to tell you at home you’re terrible fans and you’re not loud enough.

Jokes aside. The noise sounded brilliant at United. But we need to find voice in the boring games. Hopefully the boys will give the fans in the stand something to cheer about. I think we have players that get your excited when you’re cold this year. Sanchez tearing about, Coquelin smashing people, Cech actually keeping you in a game and Theo just producing (come on, he’s so sweet!).

6. Winning Dirty

It ain’t always going to be pretty. To be honest, I don’t think it’d be unfair to say that it hasn’t been pretty for years. But look, I’ll take the dirty wins. I’ll take a pragmatic game of cat and mouse if that’s what it takes. We have to scrap. If there’s anything that sums up Wenger teams post 2004, it’s that we don’t scrap and that we don’t fight smart. I hope to see us do clever things. I hope to see more of those beautiful tactics coming through. I hope to see a different beast in these second 6 games.

Right, that’s me done. Have a stunning day!

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  1. N5

    Stroller not sure if you will read this but I kepy my grandads programmes and have a huge chunk of my fathers. I also have all mine since 1982 every game. The modern ones you can shift on for face value if you’re so inclined, but you’d not get any more than that. And that really is the same right back until the 70s. The Wembley ones, Testemonials, signed and the odd game here and there have value.

    But if you have any from pre-war they are worth a bundle. Just post war isn’t bad either. We had ours valued and it was considerably different what you could get for 1940 and before.

  2. David Smith

    for the first time in about a decade, I am actually envious of Liverpool fans…Klopp could, and should have been ours

  3. Globalgunner

    What do you mean, CL a competition nobody cares about?. Some of us acre about it very much, the reason we stopped caring about Arsenal`s part in it was when it became bleeding obvious we could never win it under a manager with the tactical acumen of a Gerbil.
    The CL is the absolute peak of world football, harder to win than the WC and much more exciting.
    If the EPL loses a place next season we may never win it unfortunately.

  4. Nasri's Mouth

    N5: I’ve always hated Klopp

    That’s a pity, he’s always had nothing but nice things to say about you 😉

    Bit bizarrely, but he’s the first new manager of another club who I’m genuinely curious as to how he’ll do. I’m not going to start listing Liverpool as my 2nd team, but I’m very interested in what happens there. Never had that before

    …Well apart from checking out how bad Tim Sherwoods sides are after the players realise they know more about his job than he does

  5. steve

    October 8, 2015 13:49:32
    I’ve always hated Klopp. He’s crap anyway!!!



    Re throwing the CL

    A top club should be competing on both fronts.

  6. YoungMurphy

    Pedro, really good article.

    As an arsenal fan, are we capable of winning the Europa League should we get there? Absolutely. And it’s not impossible; Chelski did it a few years back. Reality is though, Thursday – Sunday/Monday football would be a nightmare. The late travel, playing shitty teams…I mean its just a massive clusterfuck. As individuals, Arsenal are 2 deep at every position but unless that 2nd string really gel together, you get a disjointed team.

    Theo in DT says Wenger has encouraged him to be more aggressive and we saw this vs Man Utd. For a man of his size, Girould rarely bowls people over. If Theo is going to essentially be a pest, buzzing round CBs then I’m all in.

    I don’t know if AW is looking at how Liverpool almost won the league a couple of years back. How many times have we really done that gegenpress type football? 4-1 vs Liverpool this year…and that’s it? I’d like to see it used in specific matches on a more regular basis, rather than just randomly (as it appears now).

  7. #WAHT

    Yeh I’m good. You just seemed a little angry with your ARGH :p

    Just can’t decide if I’d like to win the Europa or just think it’s a waste of time (because we might not win it).

  8. Leedsgunner

    Klopp will start well, as often happens when you bring on a new manager but I think the Klopp effect will fizz away once the other sides figure him out. The question is how long will this take? This season, next season?

    In theory Arsene should already know how to counter him because under Klopp they will play like us!

    It will be very interesting if any of the BvB stalwarts like Reus and Gundogan follow him to Anfield though, that will hurt.

    I think Klopp might be in for a rude surprise. The truth is, no matter how the dip dippers might want to ignore it — their team apart from Coutinho, Sturridge and Firmino, they aren’t very good. Klopp will need to start earning his corn right away.

    Panic not Grovers, our squad is still better than Liverpool, Klopp or no Klopp. 🙂

  9. Emiratesstroller


    Well written post.

    Frankly if we lose first game against Bayern with no prospect of qualifying for
    last 16 in Champions League I would forego privilege of Europa Cup.

    If we have to play in that tournament then we should put out squad and U21 players in that competition and retain our regular starting X1 for EPL and
    FA Cup which are played on weekends.

    I think that English Clubs struggle in European Football because of the competitive nature of the game here. Unless Arsenal and the others are able to
    put out two different teams each week of equal quality I think that it will become increasingly difficult for our clubs to progress beyond last 16 or 8.

    Clubs in Spanish, German, Italian and French Leagues do not have the heavy
    and unhelpful fixture scheduling that we see in England.

    Would any Spanish club be subjected to playing Spurs, Leicester City and Olympiacos in less than 7 days?

  10. N5

    NM, of course I’m a huge “but hurt fanboi I think the kids would say. I’m a big fan of Klopp. Not just early Klopp but the Klopp of now and his classy behaviour. He just seems to be a genuinely nice manager who cares deeply about his players.

    That being said, I hope he crashes and burns because I can’t stand Liverpool. I’d hate for him to make them relevant again!

  11. Joe


    Why is liescester a big task to play? You talk like they are a big club FFS

    And we played a second team vs spuds.

    Your argument is wrong.

    If Wenger had prepared properly this summer we would have had proper squad but he chose not to.

  12. Dan Ahern

    Can’t say I endorse tanking in Europa League. You don’t want that poor attitude affecting your team, however unglamourous the competition. We historically have an issue turning off and not respecting teams and you see where that gets us.

  13. Joe


    Agree. I hate Liverpool and I hate that Klopp lowered his standards and went there.

    He should of waited for us

  14. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m hoping Klopp gives the players an initial extra 10% for the first month or so.

    After that it’ll be interesting to see how quickly he tries to change their style of football, and whether he even tries to turn them into a BVB MkII. He hasn’t really got the right players OR the right quality of players at the moment. I can’t imagine Benteke being Klopp’s first choice for that style of game.

    And if he does need to go out and sign players, will he be able to find bargains like he did 5 years ago, or he sign a few duffers like he has recently.

  15. N5

    Joe, agreed. I would love nothing more than to look over at the dugout and see him sitting there.

    I guess Don Carlo it is then!!

  16. N5

    NM BVBMKII is very likely, I’m not sure Klopp has many of gameplans up his sleeve. It’ll be interesting to see as his new team is garbage 😛

  17. Louis Almeida

    Pedro – I agree. We need to make sure we rotate intelligently. Mourinho played the same team over and over again last season. They won the title but from January onwards they struggled and are paying for it this time round.

  18. Leedsgunner

    “Agree. I hate Liverpool and I hate that Klopp lowered his standards and went there.”

    Liverpool FC is a poisoned chalice. Their fans expectations are too high and they have no patience with their managers… a sure recipe for failure.

    Sure I’m sure some star players will now think of Liverpool because Klopp is there but I reckon most star players if you gave them the choice would still come to live and play in London.

    London is a world city and if money is no problem (as they case will be if you are a pro footballer of Arsenal’s calibre) it is a wonderful city to live in. Ask Sanchez.

  19. Louis Almeida

    Nari’s Mouth – Didn’t Klopp try to buy Benteke when he was at BVB. I disagree with you on players. Liverpool have a lot of players to play a high tempo style. Milner and Henderson are not that good but can play pressing football with high work rate. And they have flair players like Coutinho and Firmino. Two very good strikers in Sturridge and Benteke. The squad is still decent and they are only six points off the top despite their bad start.

  20. Nasri's Mouth


    Yah, just compare the 12/13 BVB squad (and the league positions that season)against what Liverpool has currently.

    He’s going to have to get an equivalent win percentage just to get into the top 4 in the PL

    It’s doable, but I think he’ll need considerable backing from FSG in the summer and his recent buying record hasn’t been great

  21. N5

    @NM “his recent buying record hasn’t been great”

    Do you mean spending to much on crap or not spending what he’s had available to him?

  22. london gunner

    Europa really is a piece of steaming shit.

    If we avoided it in all honesty we would increase are chances of competing for the title by a huge amount.

    So potential title or Europa?

    I know what I would choose.

    However if we did make Europa it could be used as an excuse to play the reserves/youth players (NO FIRST TEAMERS) In this way we could basically really blood the youth players and see how they progress. I doubt we would make it far in the competition, but thats not the point.

  23. Goondawg

    Klopp’s passion will be infectious. He knows firmino from his time at hoffenheim, he will look a different player when played in his ACTUAL position. Brenda was just an idiot.

  24. Louis Almeida

    I do think this is the best appointment Liverpool have made in a long time and he suits the team to the ground in my opinion. There’s no guarantee that he’ll be successful though.

  25. london gunner

    Klopp is literally the best manager Liverpool could get, but I think we could do better personally.

    Really would like to see Ancelotti, Simeone or Pep (to a lesser degree) at Arsenal.

  26. Nasri's Mouth

    Louis Almeida: Nari’s Mouth – Didn’t Klopp try to buy Benteke when he was at BVB.

    There was a suggestion that BVB scouted him…

    …from Benteke’s agent

    And there’s a difference between running around a lot (Flamini does that) and effective pressing. It has to be done as a team, the players have to know when to do it, and to act as a unit, and you have to have a good defensive unit at the back.

    If you get it wrong you look really silly, (a little like ManU on sunday) and it’s a big ask to start changing your style of play during a season like that.

    Added that, he’s used to having a winter break to let his players recharge their batteries.

    I’m not saying he’s going to fail, or that he wont get Liverpool to play better football. What I’m saying is that there are so many variables, it’s impossible to say he WILL be a success at this stage

  27. Louis Almeida

    I think Ancelotti would do great for Arsenal. He gives teams an extra 10%. We have a nice blend of youth and experience. He would add a DM and Striker and make the team competitive on both fronts though he doesn’t rotate much either!

  28. Joe

    I rate Simone too. There is no shortage of managers that could make us great again

    Even though liescester will finish 10th or lower look at what raneri has done there. With our resources, a smart tactical manager could do wonders here.

  29. Nasri's Mouth

    london gunner: Klopp is literally the best manager Liverpool could get, but I think we could do better personally.

    There’s some truth in this.

    For example, Ancelotti didn’t seem at all interested in the job

  30. Nasri's Mouth


    Quality of his buying.

    Compare who he bought in the last 2-3 seasons with his earlier years, and add in that Dortmund should have been a bigger draw for players more recently too

  31. Leedsgunner

    “Klopp has arrived. BOOM!”

    … and if the past is any indication, he’ll leave in near future with his tail between his legs, shaking his head and asking himself, why he decided to do that to himself.

    Jurgen, let me be the first to say, you’ll regret this and wished you waited for the Arsenal. 🙂

  32. Louis Almeida

    Yes Nasri’s Mouth, I agree. It’s difficult to know how good he’ll do but based on previous appointments, I think that Liverpool has done well.

    I still disagree on players though. Benteke is a good fit for Liverpool. He can run the channels and take people on with pace. Maybe Klopp can develop him like he developed Lewandowski.

    Rodgers also played a strong press in the season they nearly won the title so it’s not impossible! What may be hard for Liverpool is that they’ve bought many players over the last two seasons so it’ll be hard for all of them to gel straight away.

    But I agree with you the EPL will be tougher for him. He has 4 better teams immediately to contend with rather than just Bayern Munchen. No winter break and two cup competitions will be hard. Maybe he will try to use the Europa as a way to reach CL?

  33. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: I rate Simone too. There is no shortage of managers that could make us great again

    Actually there is. That’s part of the problem.

  34. Leedsgunner

    As I said yesterday, my first choice is Simeone… although if Ancelotti said he wanted a go I wouldn’t object. 🙂

    Koeman as an outside bet even. I can see him doing well with us, and his contacts in the Dutch market would be second to none.

  35. london gunner

    I would say that Klopp is a brave man, I mean kudos for the balls he has.

    He has joined Liverpool after a disastrous season in German with Dortmund.

    If this goes wrong his stock in football will be reduced massively.

    Liverpool by no means is a good club to manage its actually poisoned chalice.

    Its a team with unrealistic expectations and an unrealistic fan base whilst at the same time not really having enough money/power to reach those lofty ambitions. No matter how many Liverpool supporters cringly go on about awaking sleeping giants.

    Yes Liverpool have some good players already in the team, but IMO it is a squad that has the possibility of imploding.

    They still need a huge amount of work on the squad not just adding depth in the transfer window but essentially adding a large amount of first XI players to the team.

    Then they have to compete in already competitive league. They have to hope for a large amount of outside factors to go there way to get CL football aka Man United imploding under Louis Van gaal.

    Best Case Klopp gets Liverpool CL football, but even then I can’t see him winning the league in his first 7 years of his reign there. Just far to much development needs to be done.

    I am puzzled really why Klopp took the Liverpool job. I would have looked at a top 4 team in Spain, A top 3 team in france or a top 3 team in Seria A (as in Seria A I could see him potentially winning the league)

  36. Dan Ahern

    “Blatter and Platini suspended, Klopp to Liverpool, Pedro in America. The system is crumbling!”

    Oh and Messi is now facing charges of tax fraud.

    Cancel football. We had a good run.

  37. Joe


    As bad as you say Liverpool are, they are only 6 points back of us.

    Let’s not get carried away at thinking how great we are.

    They have come a lot closer to winning the league than we have in the last 11 seasons.

  38. N5

    LG, agreed fully. I can only come to the conclusion he was drunk when he got the call from Henry.

    You’re spot on about his ball size? or maybe his lunacy. Liverpool isn’t a good choice at all, unless you’re cock sure of your quality and what you can bring to the team.

    Brenda has spent about 3 quadrillion pounds since joining them, so how much exactly is going to be made availble to Klopp?

  39. N5

    Dan, where have you been, round Sals getting drunk for 6 months?

    Jordi and Messi Jnr have been pending tax charges for months now!! I hope the little troll goes down forever!!!

  40. Dissenter

    I don’t this Spanish inquisition of Messi and his father.
    Even if he went too far in obfuscating his taxes, that’s still tax avoidance, it’s not like he joined a radical anti-tax group then fled the country, like Wesley Snipes.

    They could have made him pay a very hefty fine to avoid trial, how does a trial serve the public good unless it’s grandstanding by the prosecutor with political motives.

  41. Goondawg

    Disagree LG

    Liverpool is a good fit for someone like Klopp. A club with a big history and lots of financial opportunity that is currently struggling, just like Dortmund when he joined. He will at least stop them being regarded as a joke, and I think they will get Champions league football in the next three years

  42. london gunner


    Disagree Goondawg

    They will only make Top 4 if Chelsea City Arsenal or Man United drop out… I just can’t see this happening. Even with Chelsea’s current crisis.

    In the long run Man United are the most suspect in terms of who could potentially drop out of top 4 but I don’t think they will this season or next (because Liverpool can’t compete right this moment) and they will replace Van Gaal with a WC manager Pep ect.

    I just don’t think there is space in the top 4 for liverpool and Klopp wont have anywhere near the financial power to rival City Chelsea Arsenal and Man united.

    Klopp has joined an over saturated league and he still needs to show he can adapt other tactics than just the gegenn pressing which imo will destroy his players eventually in such an arduous league as the premier league with no winter breaks.

    I would say the situation with Dortmund was actually very different.
    There was no where near the same level of competition. There was one challenger to the throne being Bayern (who were in crisis at the time)
    Wolfsburg, Leverkusen are no way on the same level as Chelsea, City or Arsenal nor even Man United who have beaten both teams in European football.

    I also have to add that Klopp activities in the summer window will be hampered by teams like Chelsea who are known to poach from upcoming rivals (aka liverpool/spurs) for players.

    Its a really really hard job and as I said a bit of a poisoned chalice.

  43. Highbury4ever

    Let’s hope that Klopp has taken the job just for “taking the pulse” of the PL before joining arsenal lol

  44. Emiratesstroller


    Playing three high tempo games [270 minutes] in 6 days is a lot of football to
    play in such a short period.

    However, the real point is the tv scheduling. We played Dynamo on a Wednesday and then were required to play Chelsea on Saturday lunchtime having
    returned to London on Thursday morning.

    I don’t think that most Continental Teams are subjected to that scheduling.

    Would Barcelona play Real Madrid at lunchtime following a midweek fixture
    in Champions League or be required to play against them on a Sunday followed by a Champions League game on Tuesday?

    This was the point I was trying to make and perhaps the reason why English
    Clubs have struggled in recent times.

  45. Dan Ahern

    N5, it was horrible. He acted like my friend. Invited me over for games, beers, etc. Said, “Hey Dan did you know I own Freddie Ljunberg’s used undergarments? Come down in the basement and check them out!”

    And I didn’t see the light of day for 6 months.

    Eventually I was able to tear open my gimp suit on the corner of a desk and climb out through the air conditioning ducts in the dead of night. It’s great to see you all again.

  46. Uwot?

    Koop.hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.interesting.will the mickey mousers provide with the dosh needed for the 5/ 6 players they are going to need?will they allow him to build his teammates?if no trophys in 3 seasons it will be adios amigo.they could be turning into another spuds/barcode outfit very quickly.that 26 year wait for the title is becoming a monkey on every managers back they employ…..

  47. Goondawg

    Liverpool already have a good squad. Milner and Henderson are capable of buying into Klopp’s high press philosophy. Sturridge and Coutinho are near World class imo. Play the players in the positions they play in, i.e Can not in defence, Firmino in an attacking midfielder role, Clyne in a non-attacking role, Ibe and Gomez not at LB, etc. I wouldnt say they are bad players more they are badly managed.

    He took over Dortmund when they were almost bankrupt and in danger of relegation and took them to a CL final in the span of three years, along with humiliating Real Madrid and Bayern Munich on the side, let’s give the man some credit.

    Klopp will also have better success in attracting top players to Liverpool than someone like Brendan Rodgers

  48. Nasri's Mouth

    Joe: There is always someone out there.

    No doubt, but for every unspotted great manager, there are countless others that flatter to deceive. Added to that, we’re operating in an open market, every man and his dog is looking for the next big thing, whether it be manager or player.

    If we concentrate on managers who actually have proved themselves to a degree, the pot of available (this probably doesn’t include Pep) managers who would improve us is actually really small.

  49. N5

    Ha ha Dan, I knew Sal was a weirdo! you get a vibe about people don’t you!! all this Golden God reference stuff made me think “I bet he would keep a man locked in his basement in a gimp suit after offering them tea and Ljunberg pants”.

    Thank god (not the golden one) you’re out!!

  50. Nasri's Mouth

    Louis Almeida: Rodgers also played a strong press in the season they nearly won the title so it’s not impossible!

    He did, but he did it with a £65m Suarez and a £50m Sterling. (And a fit Sturridge)

    And with no European football to tire them out.

    So Klopp needs to do really well / get lucky in the transfer market AND have all the planets align too.

    But hey, he might do it. Or he might come 5th/6th. Or he might come 3rd next season, then 8th the next.

  51. Nasri's Mouth

    In other news Maitland Niles came on for Dan Crowley in the England U19 game against Macedonia and scored a header.

  52. london gunner

    “Liverpool already have a good squad. Milner and Henderson are capable of buying into Klopp’s high press philosophy.”

    They are capable of pressing doesn’t mean they are actually good enough though. Most players are capable of pressing tbh.

    ” Sturridge and Coutinho are near World class imo. ”

    Will Sturridge stay fit? Will countiho stay at Liverpool with Neymar/Barca tapping him up? Not so sure.

    “Play the players in the positions they play in, i.e Can not in defence, Firmino in an attacking midfielder role, Clyne in a non-attacking role, Ibe and Gomez not at LB, etc. I wouldnt say they are bad players more they are badly managed.”

    Sure they are not bad, but are they top 4 quality? Clyne yes, Firmino if he adjusts to the league, but the others certainly not.

    Klopp is a very good manager. But lets be honest Premier league is the most competitive league in the world and it largely boils down to who has the best players. I just can’t see him matching the top 4 teams for potential signings. He will get the scraps just as Liverpool and spurs do.

  53. N5

    “In other news Maitland Niles came on for Dan Crowley in the England U19 game against Macedonia and scored a header.”

    Stop rubbing it in!! 😛

  54. london gunner

    “So Klopp needs to do really well / get lucky in the transfer market AND have all the planets align too.”

    This is pretty much it.

    He would have to have every piece of luck and everything going in his favour.

    Aka signing the next Saurez and Man United utterly imploding again (moyesy style)

    Course crazy things happen in football, but talking of probabilities its unlikely

  55. MidwestGun

    Klopp at least gives Pool some optimism of beating the status quo for them which is about 6th place since 1992.
    He will definitely bring some innovation. Was reading about this weird footballing practice machine that he installed at Dortmund that looks like something out of the matrix.

    To qoute the great George Carlin. …the status quo sucks.

    Now we have to accept the fact we might be playing Spursday night league.
    Screw that! Wenger backed these players this summer. Beat Bayern!
    Now is the time to put up or shutup. Failure is not an option.
    Haha. .. just did my best Vince Lombardi (Google it)

    Pedro you really have been writing much better since you converted to the colonists side. Funny, more concise. Amazing what a bit of perspective gives you, eh. Give us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, give us your Pedro yearning to be free. Lol.

  56. Nasri's Mouth

    Some American conversation starters

    Brad learnt about dinosaurs today, and how God buried them in the ground
    You want fries with that ?
    Have you taken your daily Advil yet?
    Wanna see my new night scope for my AR-15
    I’m not a racist bigot but that Donald Trump says a lot of good stuff
    Are you worried that God is going to damn us all for letting gays marry

    (And of course I’m fully aware that us Englanders have an equally large percentage of idiots)

  57. Dan Ahern

    N5 — At this time I’d just like to be with my family and recover. Thank you so much for your concerns and well-wishing. One day that violent sicko will be brought to justice I’m sure.

  58. MidwestGun

    Nasri –
    Haha jealous ? Don’t worry…, I’m sending you a foam finger in the mail. You will know it by which finger is raised.
    But ok I’ll play your game.

    Everyone knows dinosaurs are the source of Chelsea and Cities success.
    Dont pretend you don’t like fries.
    Advil is for pms. It doesn’t work ask me ex-wife.
    You don’t need a nightscope for an Ar 15 its a machine gun, duh.
    Donald Trump will just buy your small Island nation.
    God doesn’t appreciate smart asses, your doomed already.


  59. Pedro

    Hey Dan, I love being here.

    ‘Football, man, that’s so cool and not thuggy and working class’

    What a place.

  60. MidwestGun

    Pedro the accent alone gives you greater power. With great power comes great responsibility. Don’t forget that.
    I’m expecting world class goat pics now, blogs with cheerleaders and prizes, more prizes. And polls, lots of polls. And graphs. Think Usa today.

  61. N5

    Dan, I understand. Let’s talk again when you feel ready. Just remember Le Grove is here for you and justice will be brought to the door of the Golden God that goes by the mortal name Sal!!!

  62. sam

    Just as I have been saying for longtime n dreamers n Wenger haters disagree
    Jurgen Klopp will flop in the premier league. this time next year we will find out we dodged the flipping bullet.
    Anyway, He should have picked a smaller club with no big ambitions like Ronald Koeman, then work his way up. He won’t have much time at Liverpool

  63. Mr J

    “…That’s the key to marginal gain wins. If you’re spanking a team in the opening 20 minutes by a margin. Shut it down. Rest your legs. Conserve energy. Bring others on…”

    Yeah but the thing is, ManUtd didn’t ‘shut it down’ when we got spanked 8-2, now did they?!

    Arsenal have yet to avenge that, and it’s the professional pride that Arsene and his acolytes lack.

  64. sam

    I like Maitland niles but I don’t think He will make it at Arsenal with so much competition in Midfield
    Plus His mom is bit aggressive just like Adrien Rabbiot’s mom
    The type of Football agents Wenger likes to avoid

  65. Arseology

    HK Reine-Adelaide had a good question….
    Jurgen flopped in a poor 2 horse race league, how will he cope in a league where his team is not even a horse?

  66. bacaryisgod

    Nice post Pedro but Europa won’t be a bad thing if we rest our key players for these games.

    The following shouldn’t be anywhere near a Europa league game and shouldn’t even travel for any away games: Cech, Bellerin, Monreal, Koscielny, Coquelin, Ramsey,Alexis, Ozil, Cazorla, Walcott.

    If Gabriel plays in the Premier League then we play Mertesacker in the Europa and vice-versa. Players like Ox and Giroud could be key to a good run.


    PREMIER LEAGUE: Cech, Bellerin, Monreal, Mert, Koz, Coq, Santi, Ramsey, Ozil, Alexis, Walcott

    EUROPA LEAGUE: Ospina, Debuchy, Gibbs, Chambers, Gabriel, Arteta, Flamini, Ox, Iwobi, Campbell, Giroud

    This is actually a great opportunity to rest the first-team and give good minutes to the squad players.

  67. Nasri's Mouth

    Midwestgun: Hahaha where you been Anyhow NM?

    Went back to work. Someone asked for a favour. Enjoying it actually

  68. Nasri's Mouth


    His mum is absolute bonkers.

    The fact that Wenger didn’t bin him off after she lost the plot suggests he thinks Maitland Niles has a chance.

    But chances are he wont be in the 1st team squad in 3 years

  69. Rhys Jaggar

    Look mate

    If you want to win European tournaments ever, you have to go through a schooling. You know how Liverpool dominated Europe for a decade when you were a thought in your mother’s brain? They won the UEFA Cup and the title, twice, in 1973 (under Bill Shankly) and 1976 (under Bob Paisley). In 1977, they lost in the FA Cup final, but otherwise did what Sir Alex and Man Utd did in 1999 – they won the League and the European Cup the same season. And they did it as winners, in style. They weren’t sniffy about winning a lesser trophy as a stepping stone to the big one. They did it again in 2001 and 2005, remember……

    Do you think that you win League titles and European Cups by sneering at stepping stones? No you do not. It’s not about you and the fan experience, it’s about the players learning to win tournaments, stepwise. The Europa league is harder to win than the FA Cup and the League Cup, requires greater resilience, variety, skill sets than winning in England. But it’s easier than winning the EPL and its far easier than winning the Champions League.

    Arsenal are not Newcastle and they are not Spurs. They have a big, big squad and they can use Coquelin strategically in the Europa League. There will be games he is not needed in, or can be a sub in. There will be others he can star in. Cazorla and Ramsey can play the 2 in a 4-2-3-1 in some games, with Ozil, Ox and Sanchez as the 3 and either Walcott or Giroud as the 1.

    Flamini and Arteta will be good enough for some games in the Europa League. You have Oxlade-Chamberlain, Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez, Cazorla competing for 3 or 4 slots – all of those will benefit from game time, so you rotate in Europe ruthlessly to make sure everyone plays 25+ games a season (subject to no injuries). Walcott and Giroud will both want regular game time: how do you keep one of them interested on the subs’ bench? Give them Europa League start + EPL sub or vice versa – it will keep both of them fresh, sharp and competitive. By making clear which game is more high profile each week/fortnight, it will be clear to the pair of them which is top dog and which needs to knock the other one off their effin perch…..

    If you make it clear to certain squad players that they won’t get that much league action barring injuries but they are core parts of a European strategy, they will be incentivised to play well, win and advance in the tournament. Because if they aren’t, they won’t have much of a future at Arsenal, will they??

    Yes, you prioritise winning the League and yes, you prioritise not burning out certain players. But there is a squad of 25 and developing a winning mentality means precisely that. The squad don’t have to prove they can win the FA Cup any more, they’ve done that twice. The League Cup is pretty similar, even though they’ve not won it and it would be nice for the collection, it’s not a step up really. Arsene Wenger has never won any European trophy and it might be good for him to do so, as I don’t think he’ll win the Champions League under his current contract, short of buying in a most-un-Arsenal-like way next summer (and how likely is that?)

    Sir Alex Ferguson learned to win the Champions League by winning the Cup Winners Cup twice, once with Aberdeen and once with Man Utd. He beat Real Madrid and Barcelona in the finals…..

    Jose Mourinho learned to win the Champions League by winning the UEFA Cup with Porto, beating Celtic in the final.

    Pep Guardiola inherited a set of players who already knew how to win theChampions League, beating Arsenal in 2006, before going on to beat Utd twice in two more finals.

    Why is Arsene Wenger so arrogant that he thinks that a bunch of players who don’t know how to win the Champions League won’t benefit from winning the Europa League, instilling a winning mental strategy in 2-leg ties against sides who don’t play with the gay abandon of defensive ineptitude that is the weekly diet in the EPL?

    My advice to Wenger is to win the next 8 EPL games and be top of the league come the Man City encounter. He should qualify for the Europa League and aim to win it. Each away tie in that league he should leave one star at home and at least one other on the bench to prevent burn out. AOC is not going to get burned out not starting EPL games, nor is Kieran Gibbs, nor is Calum Chambers and Debuchy and Bellerin have a two-into-one doesn’t go scenario too, so one of those isn’t going to be too tired either.

    You don’t pay £180m in wages to say ‘we’re too tired to play in the Europa League’. If you’re too tired, you can cut your wages in half and be grateful for what you’ve got. For £75k+ a week, you play 35 – 40 matches in a season. Not more as an attacking player (maybe more as a keeper or a defender).

    They can also refund Platinum season ticket holders money for charging them prices expecting more European action (lest you owner, Platinum pay the same price 6 months in advance, no matter how many cup games are played, so throwing cups is pissing in the faces of the highest paying season ticket holders at the Emirates. Remember that next time you are in London, Mr Wood – they may want to piss out their pre-match bevvying right in your face…….)

  70. Nasri's Mouth

    In other news the UEFA / FIFA soap opera is absolutely bonkers.

    Just when you think it can’t get any maddererer, it does

  71. MidwestGun

    NM –
    Re:work… ah cool. I’m considering taking a construction job this winter down south and I never do that normally as I enjoy my football viewing and enjoy semi-retirement. But have to admit the stock market malaise has me seriously considering it. Money is money, right? I’ve always enjoyed work also if it challenges me.

    Regarding Fifa. .. it’s like Game of Thrones… trying to top last weeks episode with something even more bizarre.

  72. Nasri's Mouth

    Midwestgun: Regarding Fifa. .. it’s like Game of Thrones… trying to top last weeks episode with something even more bizarre.

    Yah, I’m now hoping they actually make a sequel to the first FIFA film

  73. London gunner

    I love Rhys posts they start of well with seemingly well reasoned intellectual content before rapidly descending into bedlam, anarchy, paranoia and conspiracy theories.

  74. daz

    “I suppose Messi was also responsible for Real Madrid winning 4 Champions league titles in the last 13 years”

    Red you can’t count can you

  75. Redtruth

    Champions league has been going for 22 years and i would say none of the teams who have won it would have won it if it had remained the European Cup.

  76. BacaryisGod

    My advice to Rhys Jagger is to start your own blog and stop using Pedro’s to spout your pomposity.

    You won’t because you know hard it is to get users to a site.

  77. Dissenter

    London gunner
    “I love Rhys posts they start of well with seemingly well reasoned intellectual content before rapidly descending into bedlam, anarchy, paranoia and conspiracy theories.”

    This last post actually held its own till the end.

    We are not big enough as a club to disrespect the Europa cup. He’s right on the money.

  78. Bankz

    Yeah but the thing is, ManUtd didn’t ‘shut it down’ when we got spanked 8-2, now did they?!

    I think United were playing against a makeshift Arsenal side who just lost Cesc & Nasri. Lost Song to a 3 match ban and were playing against 10men who had the clown Szczesny in goal.

    We played an almost full strength United. They were still capable of hurting us even though the first 25mins seemed like a blitzkrieg. A goal and they would have been let back into the game.
    If not for DeGea & wayward finishing,we could have easily ran away with 6 or 7 goals last season.

  79. tom

    Not big enough to fight on 4 fronts either.
    League, 2x Cups, Europa?
    Something has to give.

    I agree with that if we have to play Thursdays we take B team.
    Those players need matches and first team priority has to be PL.

  80. tom

    If Arsenal lower ticket prices, and by doing so, have less revenue, could they be accused of not doing everything to maximise their ability to compete?

    Personally, I think they ought, even if it means less resources for the team.
    I’d love to see a discount for kids or maybe under 21.
    Also group discounts might be feasible.

  81. Bankz

    I think Ryhs made sense with his post.

    Chelsea won the Europa league just 3 seasons ago after winning the champions league.
    I won’t be shocked if Sevilla goes further than the round of 16 considering the fact they’ve won back to back Europa league tournaments…..It can be said that they’re actually more experienced at winning in Europe than Arsenal who have gone 19 uninterrupted seasons in Europe.

  82. Emiratesstroller


    As I wrote earlier today I think it is now very hard for an English Club to win CL because of the EPL and TV timetabling games.

    For English Clubs to win both trophies they need now in my view two teams of
    equal strength but more importantly styles suited to play in either competition.

    Arsenal has this season a decent squad to compete successfully in EPL, although as many posters have pointed out lacking in a world class striker and
    cover for Coquelin.

    However, when it comes to Europe the tv scheduling has required us to play
    two or even three games in 7 days as we have seen in recent weeks. Wenger
    has attempted to rotate players to cope with schedule, but the team has
    struggled in Europe.

    The scheduling becomes even more problematic if you play in Europa Cup,
    because the games are played on Thursday. As Carragher and Henry suggested after Man Utd game it becomes almost impossible to play in that competition and maintain performance in EPL.

    It was Henry who suggested that Arsenal should put out a weakened side in
    Europa Cup because this season was their best chance for winning EPL Title.

    However, to achieve this Arsenal do need to strengthen their squad in January. The real weakness at moment is in midfield, because one injury to Coquelin,Cazorla, Ozil or Ramsey leaves us relying on Arteta or Flamini to play
    in key games.

    Personally I think that it will be easier to buy midfield players in January than a decent striker who would be almost certainly no better than what we have
    got already at club and would cost an inflated price.

    The point is that the sooner that Wenger replaces Flamini, Arteta and Rosicky
    the stronger our squad becomes. None of these players has any future at club
    unless it is as a coach or scout.

  83. Wengaball

    Mourinho attacking Capello for attacking him.

    Ironical or detestable?

    Mourinho is the only manager I have seen in a long time who has made personal attacks on another – ie Wenger. Voyeur, specialist in failure etc.

    If ever Wenger has criticised Mourinho (or Chelsea), it has always been what he does, not what he is. E.g financial doping, parking the bus.

    I suspect Mourinho is too uncultured to get the difference.

  84. warchester

    While Klopp is not necessarily a guaranteed success, he has enough pedigree that 4th place trophy will not be a 4 horse race. It would be great seeing one of Chelsea, Manure or Wenger missing out on the big prize…