Arsenal: Have we hit form or just showed how mentally weak we are?

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Happy Tuesday to you my dearest, most wonderful internet friends.

Hey, did you know that 95% of the Le Grove Audience is male?

Pretty steep. A big chunk of manlove right there. But for that 5% of women, big love to you. Tell a friend today you read and suggest they do too. So much diversity up in here.

So, sorry for the inconsistency of posting over the last few weeks / months. Moving country is a total expensive bitch. You have to see everyone. You have to get drunk with them because everyone acts like you’re literally dying and if you don’t go out until 5 in the morning with them, you’ve utterly disrespected their friendship / love.

I also spent the weekend on a Barcelona stag in what can only be described as the most rock and roll event of my life. Obviously it was arranged by a Gooner for a Gooner, so it was going to be special. But jeez, what a place.

Anyway, I’m out of the country. Living in the Lower East Side… with…. you guessed it… A GOONER CONNECTION. How crazy is that?

I won’t harp on about this. But it’s pretty mad the amount of doors that have been opened in the last 8.5 years just because I about Arsenal.

Anyway, reality is, I’m a foreign fan now. That means I take absolute offence to being called a plastic. That means you can never ask me how many game I attend, because it’s f*cking zero smartarse. That means I watch games with beer at 0845, which makes me and my new friends cooler than you. That means I attend the bar with a foam finger and facepaint to feel authentic. It also means that I follow a hipster sport, not a thuggish working class game that makes me a total slag.

Am I right?

Just jokes.

The sweet thing is that I now have an Arsenal season ticket with whatever the cable package is.

What a joke, right?

We’re not allowed access to all the games in the UK because home fans might not go to the home games. For me, this totally misses the absolute major point. If your tickets are too expensive for young people to go, you don’t ever indoctrinate them into the ways of the live game, so when the season ticket generation dies… YOU HAVE EMPTY GROUNDS.

Because the generation coming through will all be streaming for free. They have no connection to the live experience. A horrible thought.


What about dat game?

I think Alex and I have been pretty spot on lambasting LVG over the last couple of years. Considering his outlay, he’s not really getting much from that squad. They have some nice players (Martial and Depay), but if you’re coming to Arsenal and you’re not playing Schneiderlin and you’re playing the pressing game against one of the fittest and fastest teams in the league with Rooney and Schweinsteiger leading that charge… well, you’re a bit of a joke.

Arsenal though….

Where did that come from? It’s completely upsetting in a way. Because we have a very good squad of very good players who turn up when they want to.

Theo Walcott looked a menace. He worked hard, he pressed, he made decisive tackles and he made yet more decisive contributions (is it odd that you can be completely unsatisfied with a striker who gives a lot of end product, but not a lot else?).

Ozil looked out of this world. I read some crazy stats about how average his big game contributions have been over the last two seasons. Sunday. He totally made it count. Strong, dominant with his skills, sublime touches and clinical contributions in his passing and his finishing.

Alexis Sanchez… now there’s a player who just took a face slap from the form fish. He was immense. He’s never stopped working hard, but I haven’t seen him totally dominate a game like that this year. The first finish was so good it was almost disrespectful. The second finish could have seen him arrested after the game for assault on the net.

What I also loved about that game was the sensible preservation in the second half of the teams legs.

So that’s a very good win.

The only negatives I have in my head are these…

Firstly, I don’t think Manchester United are a particularly good side. That was a big game, sure. But I don’t think United are going to be a major bother this year and I suspect they might implode. Under the circumstances, that was massive. But I don’t think we just beat title contenders there. I’d wager that Chelsea will surpass them at some point.

Also, you can’t ignore what happened in the week. You can’t ignore what happened against Zagreb. You can’t ignore what happened against West Ham and Chelsea.

We’re very inconsistent. We have very good players. We have a lot of them. We have the ability to destroy most teams when we’re in the mood. But if the attitude isn’t consistent and our hunger to win at all costs isn’t there all the time, it’s not going to end in anything spectacular.

What was the difference at the weekend? What changed? Was it that the team we were playing was on fire? Was it the nice weather at our home ground?

I have no idea. But we don’t have a… ‘ahhh, but our players have finally gelled’ excuse this season. Because we only signed one player. We have no injury excuses. We don’t have fitness issues because we only really had Sanchez away. The only problem we have is one that’s in the head. That this squad isn’t always focused. That this squad don’t die to win every week.

So this match can either be a platform for a strong run until the end of the season. Or, it can be a delightful blip in a season that’s going to be dogged by up and down performances.

This season has setup as a huge opportunity for us to win the league. Chelsea are shite, so are Liverpool, Spurs and United. City are as inconsistent as us. We’re also pretty much out of the Champions League. If we go on a run. We could be in contention come the end of the season. It’s a big if though. Because that side don’t have an aura about them just yet. It’ll take more than one win for that. We need to see performances every single week.

Also, in other news. Brendan Rodgers sacked. A lot of Arsenal fans jibing me because I liked him as a manager. For me, his sacking says a lot about the game. That’s a man who took Liverpool closer than any manager had in 25 years to winning the league. He lost all his best players. He made some bad buys. Two years later, 6 points off the top of the table and he’s been fired.

Shows you how lucky Arsene Wenger is. Managing a bigger club, with bigger budgets, delivering tepid success and total regression in the Champions League. No one even utters the suggestion he might not be performing.

Football is brutal. Well, it’s brutal in most set ups!

Good luck to Klopp. Could be incredible. Could be a complete car crash. Not sure how I’d feel about bringing a manager in who did that to Dortmund. We’ll see though.

Right, have a great day. I’m off to get a deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese subway with a side litre of coffee and buttermilk for my breakfast starter meal before heading out to get a bacon waffle biscuit with a double creamed milk milkshake and some fruit.

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  1. Nasri's Mouth


    Yes, I read it, and I remember reading it the first time round and I understand your misunderstanding

    Wenger’s reluctance wasn’t about signing Gabriel as you suggested, it was about admitting how they utilise the software that helps the club spot players

    “But he also revealed how the football data analytics company that the club bought in December 2012 had helped with the £11.3m signing of the centre-half, Gabriel Paulista, from Villarreal this week, albeit very reluctantly.”

    Check the grammar, it’s the revealing that’s reluctant, not the signing.

  2. noheartjoo

    Ahhh I’ve finally gotten two beers in the system! And boy, does it make me wanna jump in on this conversation.
    Gotta love the game the other night. Confident, clinical and lady luck on our side. 1st place here we come!
    On a less beer induced not though, it was a great day at the office, but don’t go popping the bubbly right now. It’s gonna take a lot more guts and commitment if we’re to see this season through finishing in the number one spot. I just hope we do!
    By the way I’ve totally been stalking Le Grove for a good part of the last half decade, but this is my first comment. Go figure!

    Here’s to you lot, fellow Gunners! (On my third cold one now)

  3. tom

    Well spotted, NM.
    A small grammatical misread that changed the meaning entirely.

    Committees are useful for doing some of the leg work. Same as scouts basically.
    Also to help determine budgets.
    But manager has to make the hard choice on whether to pull the trigger.

  4. tom

    ‘Ruth is like Cassandra from Greek legend.
    Incoherant babble, within which are small truths and prophecy.

    Ruth, are you OK with me calling you Cassandra?

    One girl’s name for another?

  5. Redtruth


    The Gunners had a deal in place to sign promising Dutch winger Richardo Kishna this summer, but he turned Arsenal down in favour of Lazio, report the Daily Star.

    The 20-year-old ended up moving the Italian side for £2.9million this summer and has established himself as a first-team regular.

    “When I met the Coach and director of sport in Brussels, they convinced me straight away,” he said.

    “I thought this proposal was very important for me because I was looking for a club, but also people to work with who would satisfy me.

    “They wanted me because I could cover any of the attacking positions. For Lazio I turned down sides like Juventus, Roma and Arsenal.”

    Another myth exposed that players join Arsenal because of Wenger lol

  6. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,
    Actuly, you’re the one that misconstrued my initial comment and presented it like Wenger was reluctant to buy Gabriel.

    I was referring to the extraneous sources of information from several sources as well as oversight that any manager would have when it comes to player transfers. Remember, the point was about “committee”. Wenger works with a committee, as well. He just has the veto vote all the time.

    The “reluctance” in this case is more or reservations because it was coming from a data company that hadn’t been used in our transfers before. Gabriel is the first player we’ve made using the new method of starting the process with informatics, rather than just a scouting report.
    Instead, you brought up a red herring.

  7. WengerEagle

    ‘Actuly, you’re the one that misconstrued my initial comment and presented it like Wenger was reluctant to buy Gabriel.’

    That is literally exactly what you said though.

  8. Dissenter

    Disregard that story, every youngster is lied to by their agents that Arsenal are interested.
    That’s how agents assert their connectedness, it’s a way if telling the kid that he(the agent) has the ear of major clubs.
    How come he ended up in a shitty club like Lazio, the club of Mussolini. He can enjoy his time in the fascist paradise.

  9. Dissenter

    My exact quote:
    “Wenger has said as much, referring to Gabriel as a reluctant buy because it came up from the sport analytical company Arsenal bought over”

    Do you notice that it was qualified with “BECAUSE”
    I wasn’t implying Wenger didn’t like Gabriel, The reluctance was because it came from a new way of doing things.

  10. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter:Actuly, you’re the one that misconstrued my initial comment and presented it like Wenger was reluctant to buy Gabriel.

    I misconstrued this?

    Dissenter: “Wenger has said as much, referring to Gabriel as a reluctant buy ”

    lol, ok then.

    There is no committee at Arsenal. There is just Wenger

    There is however a scouting set up in place. We bought StatDNA to increase and improve our scouting potential. It means we can identify more players and possibly discount more.

    Wenger’s point is that there is only so much software can tell you, it still needs a human eye. BUT statDNA hasn’t taken over part of Wenger’s decision making, it’s helping him.

  11. WengerEagle


    I saw your list of managers that you rate better than Klopp and found myself agreeing with all but two.

    Jogi Loew is on par with him IMO and Hiddink is nowhere near being a good manager anymore, like Capello (And to a lesser extent LVG) he’s a washed up former great manager that has been living off of his success at PSV for the best part of over a decade now.

    He was literally embarrassingly bad in the Netherlands job, he’s the first manager there in a long time that badly struggled in the Qualifiers and has them on the brink of elimination, nothing short of humiliating for a country of the Netherlands’ history in the game especially as it’s a 24 team tournament and ridiculously easy to qualify for.

    Loew I’m not sure about as while he’s done a very good job for Germany these last nine years, IMO they have underachieved with the squads at his disposal, especially since 2010 with the boom of their golden generation.

    Yes he won the World Cup, but so did Phil Scolari for Brazil who’s an average to poor manager.

    He should have overseen similar dominance to Spain IMO, they bottled the World Cup 2010 SF and Euro 2012 SF.

    He’s also been fairly unremarkable outside of the German NT job.

  12. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: Do you notice that it was qualified with “BECAUSE”
    I wasn’t implying Wenger didn’t like Gabriel, The reluctance was because it came from a new way of doing things.

    Once more, you need to re-read that piece. The reluctance is about admitting it, not using it. Honestly, it’s not rocket science, it’s just grammar

  13. Nasri's Mouth


    I tend not to watch anything with Piers Morgan in it, because I have an expensive TV, which I suspect wouldn’t work after being hit with a chair

  14. vicky


    I said those are the managers who are either better or as good as Klopp. You agree Lowe is as good as Klopp, so it’s only Hiddink that we disagree on.

    Regarding Lowe, my only defense is his team lost to the great Spanish team which is regarded by many as one of the most wonderful national football teams in history. Lowe’s German team was of course ridiculously talented but the Spanish team still had an edge over them imo. No shame in losing to them.

    Regarding Hiddink, I think his success with South Korea in WC 2002 was nothing sort of exceptional. Besides, he has had great success with Russian and Australian national teams which are not heavyweights of world football. Of course, his treble with PSV Eindhoven tops the list but for me his exploits with various national teams have been exemplary. As a club coach, one can buy success but to work miracles with a South Korean team and a Russian team is indeed praiseworthy.

  15. Dissenter

    Nasri’s mouth,
    Even the author of the article acknowledged Wenger’s hesitancy
    You cut off my “reluctant” comment to answer the question you had in mind which was different from what I was actually saying.

    Anyways, we aren’t going to continue splitting hairs.
    Have a good day, what’s left of it anyway on your side.

  16. Nasri's Mouth

    Dissenter: Even the author of the article acknowledged Wenger’s hesitancy

    you can’t stop it can you ?


    And it’s not splitting hairs, its you being a stubborn obstinate git and not admitting you misread that article 😀

    G’nite 🙂

  17. Bamford10

    Anyone want to give us a feasible scenario or two in which we advance to the 16 in the CL? Would we advance, for example, with wins against Zagreb and Olympiakos and two losses to Bayern? Or do we need to get at least one draw against Bayern?

    Am too tired to think it our for myself. Help appreciated. 😉

  18. steve

    “Regarding Hiddink, I think his success with South Korea in WC 2002 was nothing sort of exceptional. ”

    South Korea got massive help by the corrupt referees in that tournament.

  19. rollen

    Anyone want to give us a feasible scenario or two in which we advance to the 16 in the CL? Would we advance, for example, with wins against Zagreb and Olympiakos and two losses to Bayern? Or do we need to get at least one draw against Bayern?

    Am too tired to think it our for myself. Help appreciated.

    all depends on Zagreb Vs Olimpiakos 2 legs results

  20. GuNZ

    You are my Arsenal, my only Arsenal
    You win me beer bets, oh happy days
    You’ll never know just, how much free piss I’ve had
    Oh please keep up, your Manc bashing ways.
    La laa laa laaaa laaa etc. etc.

  21. WengerEagle


    Can’t ever remember a team who qualified after losing 4 of the 6 group stage matches.

    If Olympiacos pick up 4 points from their 2 fixtures vs Zagreb, we’re done.

    Bayern will beat us soundly home and away, they have been on another level this season.

    Did you see what they did to Dortmund at the weekend?

    Scary stuff.

  22. WengerEagle

    ‘all depends on Zagreb Vs Olimpiakos 2 legs results’


    Two draws being the best possible scenario. If either side wins it’ll pretty much be curtains.

    And if one of those two sides beats the other twice, it’s all over.

  23. daz


    If they both win a game vs each other then we beat both we would all be on 6 points so not sure how that would fall is it head to head or goal difference?

    Or they draw both games and we beat both they would be on 5 us 6
    Assuming Bayern beat everyone

    Or we comfortably win all our games and zagreb get a draw out of bayern and we finish top of the group 🙂

  24. WengerEagle


    Fair shout RE Spain, in the 2010 SF they certainly outclassed Germany with the likes of Ozil, Muller and Schweinsteiger all failing to live up to their previous tournament heroics. Euro 2012 SF vs Italy they should have won though, they had a much more talented side was just a case of being undone by poor defensive errors and lacking a cutting edge going forward that did them. How good was Balotelli that night though? Looked a different person.

    Can’t agree on Hiddink. Yes he did a good job with South Korea at the 2002 World Cup but he there run in that tournament was aided by it’s fair share of shady decisions. After Roy Jones Jr was literally robbed of a Gold medal at the 1988 Olympics in South Korea I’d say corruption was likely.

    He did well at Russia and ok at Australia but neither jobs were sensational tbh. It was definitely his work at PSV in his first spell there in the late 1980’s, nearly 30 years ago that he became recognized as an elite manager.

    He had poor spells at Fenerbahce, Valencia, Real Madrid, the Netherlands, Real Betis, Anzhi and Turkey.

    If you take away his domestic achievements in Holland with PSV in what is let’s face it, a weak league, he only really has the 1988 European Cup on his CV that stands out.

    Capello achieved great things with AC Milan, Roma, Juventus and Real Madrid far more recently and he is no longer seen as an elite manager so my question is, why should Hiddink be?

  25. N5

    @Eagle, the last I heard Frank de Boer said he offered something no other striker in the team offers?

    I guess he makes a great cup of tea?

  26. vicky


    fair points regarding Hiddink.

    Meanwhile, Klopp to Liverpool is apparently a done deal. Klopp has got a charming personality. The UK media will have two personalities to obsess over – Moaninho and Klopp.

  27. WengerEagle

    ‘the last I heard Frank de Boer said he offered something no other striker in the team offers?’

    Lol, funny how his brother publicly stated that he saw nothing whatsoever positive about Sanogo.

    Could well be that he makes a mean cup of Tea.

    I hear that he delivers a hell of a punchline along with all of the first team’s fan mail on time.

    Postman Pat shit.

  28. WengerEagle

    ‘The UK media will have two personalities to obsess over – Moaninho and Klopp.’

    Very true. they literally have creamed themselves over Van Gaal in the last year and they always have been infatuated with Mourinho.

    Klopp actually has an interesting personality unlike the other two so can only imagine the Press treatment he’s likely to receive.

    UK Press is unique in that anyone with a pulse charisma-wise is treated like royalty.

  29. sam

    Dutch winger Ricardo Kishna turned down Arsenal?

    another Memphis Depay wannabe trolling us.Lol!!!!

    We have so many wingers, even send some on loan
    You never know, If its true maybe Wenger wanted him to try upfront, kinda new Van persie type….. maybe!!
    Or maybe Wenger didn’t guarantee him instant first team starts
    Don’t believe everything you read these days, again maybe he didn’t even say it.

    time to move on

  30. daz

    “Apologies not creamed, meant EJACULATED with watery semen.”

    I can’t believe you could use this vile language I mean what is the world coming to when people use such words on the Internet you should be ashamed 😉

  31. Mick Kartun

    Good morning you’re all crazy Grovers.

    I am already at my office working right now and it’s 08.00 AM in Indonesia.

    Yeah, I’ll be honest right now, I am Indonesian citizen original. work as an Audit Manager in small company in East Java, Indonesia.

    Pedro have my IP address and he will confirm with modern tech right now.

    The reason I am reluctant to say my country cuz I don’t want to get RACIST TAUNTS or abuse cuz I came from third world country.

    And for f*** sake, I’ve been saying this over and over I didn’t speak English as my first language.. Of course I have dumb ass limited vocabs.

    Please don’t insult Asian cuz they can not say English so fluently. FUCK ILLITERATE SHIT.

    I am new here just a month and Pedro can identify if I am just a troll banned before. I HAVE BEEN BANNED FROM JUSTARSENAL.COM a month ago just because I LIKE TO SWEAR AND INSULT AKBs, AW, Kroenke AND Gazidis.

    You can not swear in there, what fun is that?

    @tom, thanks mate even though you’re an AKB, you are very reasonable and I respect that. yeah I am a loco, if your idol is Patrick Viera and Stone Cold Steve Austin, what do you expect to get? A crazy but with sense of humor.

    I know I sometimes post silly posts of nonsense of cock before, I am sorry to everyone for the inconvinience.

    But just remember Pedro rules, if someone say ejaculate around here, just remind him the polite way first by saying like:
    “Mick, please stop you ‘re embarrassing your self. Talk serious now you loco.”

    I will be glad and I will laugh hard, that I am silly hotheaded, and start to post football things.

    But, it’s just who I am and I like porn jokes, even like Jimmy Carr comedian in youtube, that cunt is hilarious. It takes some pressures away from your fucking routine job stress man.

    Anyone can tell me:

    IF I LIKE STONE ROSES cuz I’ve been enjoying their songs since college in 1995,

    DO I BETRAY MY ARSENAL JUST CUZ they come from Manchester,

    cuz I hate MANURE PISS?

  32. Joe

    Nah mate. Stone roses are great

    Oasis is one of my all time bands. And they are manchster. City. But still.

    They put on the best concerts.

  33. Mick Kartun


    oh, thanks man, I feel relieve.

    I thought you’re all in England so fanatics with clubs and other stuff like music.

    I like this Pedro article though. We have to see the consistency from manure bash.

    I really like us to beat bayern to qualify to the next round, even though it seems unlikely, but if not maybe we can concentrate at least for the EPL trophy hunting. I don’t wanna always get that 4th trophy’s AW so highly praised of.

    Man, do you think Watford will park the bus too against us for the next match?

    If that cycle is rolling again and small clubs like olym beat us like that, it shows you how mentally weak we are, just like this said article.

  34. Dark Hei


    Very weak to compare Wenger with Rodgers. Like it or not, Wenger is clearly ahead in terms of results.

    Rodgers got Suarez taken but Wenger lost both Nasri and Fabregas together. The season before it was Adebayor. Post Fabregas, it was RVP. The brutality of what we went through is light years away from what Rodgers was dealt with.

    Somehow we still squeeze into the top 4 every year.

    Expectations are different nowadays; all Arsenal fans, AKB and WOs are clamouring for a major trophy. At Liverpool? Their fans just want some respect back.

  35. Dark Hei


    Please stop with this “I am a poor boy from the far east and I learnt English reading porn mags” act.

    Your command of the language is clearly more than adequate.

    How’s the haze? East Java is pretty smoked up right now.

  36. Mick Kartun

    @Dark Hei.

    Thanks Man.

    It’s just there is one or two posters here still didn’t know I am new here and always mock my grammatical error. So frustrating if you ‘re not English origin.

    The reason I visit this blog, cuz in Indonesia has rare cool blog for gunners, just a outdated tread, as you can see below:–arsenal-kaskus-fans-club-goonercoaster-season-2015-2016/220

    I want to practice my english writing also.

    Anyway about he forest fire in my country, it happened and still burning in Kalimantan and Sumatra islands, but not in Java island.

    It’s been slowly decreasing but not put out yet.

    What do you think, Watford will park the bus?

  37. tom

    Brilliant link, Mick.

    ‘Alexis San bitang’ eh.

    I think your English is fine , even if it’s expression is quirky. Better than my Javanese, anyhow.

    We share a deep appreciation of Pat Vieira, may favourite player of Wenger’s era, so though we disagree about the state of the club at least we can agree on him.

    Do you smoke a lot of weed?

  38. tom

    Forest fires can be so destructive.
    I’m in Northern California and we are just finishing a devastating fire season.
    Massive losses.

    US media has a bad habit of ignoring world events that don’t directly effect the States. Indonesian fires don’t make the news.

    Fire is a natural and vital component of wild land. However, bad land management often causes fire to be more destructive.
    California’s troubles are magnified this way.

    No idea how Watford will set up, I’ll be disappointed if we don’t spank them regardless.

  39. Mick Kartun

    @tom, hahaha…

    In Indonesia, it’s a death penalty crime man to smoke weed and the most of all drugs abuse.

    Hahaha……don’t get your WESTERN freedom habit to me man, but I drink beer, and my wife stop my alcohol with a threat though.

    By the way it’s spelled:

    “Alexis Sang Bintang” or Alexis the star.

    Maybe you’ve gone to BALI island before huh?

  40. Wallace

    will make life even tougher at the top, but I’d love to see Klopp at Liverpool. and as much as it bugs me to say it, they’re probably ideally suited. just relieved Liverpool’s recruitment over the last 3yrs has been so utterly bollocks, and thus he won’t have a lot to work with.

  41. Mick Kartun

    I already got over the Klopp hype. It’s useless to always imagine what if Klopp will be our manager. Rather just enjoy this Arsenal progress. Pedro is right, it’s about the inconsistent mentality that haunted us for years, maybe this Manure lessons will gain more confidence for the team.

  42. sam

    Whats boring about most people here is anyone trying to sound positive is an AKB.
    Yawnnnnn, what the F@ck is AKB anyway, arsenal fc existed long before Arsene Wenger n many sincere fans supported the club through thick n thin.
    According to these narcissists you have to scream Wenger out everyday, don’t even bother to Celebrate a good win. Just be miserable n apply pressure everyday till the day Arsene wenger leaves the club.

  43. N5

    Mick, I think you explained yourself very well this morning so I apologies for giving you a hard time about the cock jokes. I was only trying to be funny, but I think it’s not so easy to translate taking the piss comedy at times.

  44. Mick Kartun

    @N5. Thanks mate, that really means a lot to me.

    You have a big heart, mate. Anyway @sam is right though sometimes it’s been frustating for me always foul mouthed AW all the time, IT SEEMS ARSENAL IS SO DIVIDED TO TWO FACTION OF GOING NOWHERE DEBATE FANS.

    It’s exhausting, we’re all most grown men here, even maybe old schools.
    It’s just that AW didn’t help either especially for me only this summer transfer that we were all so crave for.
    But like Pedro’s current article symbol for 1, maybe for me I have to just enjoy the match and not to be carried away by the roller coaster result.

    I have two little kids for heaven sake, and my blood pressure currently is bollocks: 160 / 95. Thanks All.


  45. Leedsgunner

    I have no doubt Klopp will start brightly… and he might even achieve something this season but he is in reality a younger version of Arsene — he knows only how to play one way and as soon as people figure him out the lustre will disappear.

    The question is how long will it take the other sides in the EPL to work him out?

    Simeone would be my dream candidate as our new manager.

  46. SomeRandomGunner

    I am not too worried about Klopp. Overall I think manager are vastly overrated . The team with best players wins , some of the times there are exceptions but usually the exceptions are not sustainable .

    I would say the quality of players contribute 90% for the success and the managers contribute 10% . In some exceptional cases it could 70-30% I dont .

    I just plucked out some numbers out of thin air, but the point is players matter more than the managers.

    Chelsea is a good example “irrelevant” managers and probably City too.

    Koeman , Wenger , Ferguson are probably the exceptions to the manager effect.

  47. Mick Kartun

    @Dark Hei
    Simeone has this Jose Mourinho streak in him.

    Exactly. Poor Jose, he never thought in his wildest dream, this will coming to him. Eva doc’s treatment backfired on him.

    But he is a disgrace to football world anyway, ad most people don’t give a rash arse about his antics.
    From Special One to be SPECIAL RATS.

    Off from work now, see ya in another 3 hours.

  48. Leedsgunner

    I doubt we will get either, Simeone or Ancelotti ,so we’re probably debating over nothing. We would be asking our Board to make a decision based on footballing reasons rather than financial one — so we’re finished before we have started.

  49. Bamford10

    Atletico are not “dirty”. This is nonsense.

    They are gritty, they tackle, everyone works defensively, they swarm and counter quickly, they are not soft, and they are no-nonsense. But they are not “dirty”.

    And the notion that a manager only contributes 10% to the team’s performance is complete bollocks. The manager gives the team its shape, its instructions on both sides of the ball, its philosophy, and much of its identity.

    The ratio is more like 40/60 ( (manager/players).

  50. Bamford10

    Dark Hei

    Wildly false. Have you even watched Atletico? They have nothing in common with a Stoke. Some really silly and simplistic ideas at work here.

  51. Bamford10

    ‘He is fantastic … a winner .. one of the best coaches I know in the whole world.’
    – Franz Beckenbauer, of Jurgen Klopp

  52. Santos

    Kkopp will give Liverpool a lift. He may even bring the best out of those players. Their midfield looks dodgy though

  53. Leedsgunner

    A. Madrid would not have been able to get to the Champion’s League final if they played like Stoke. A. Madrid have excellent scouting and coaching staff that more than match the financial might of Real Madrid and Barcelona with a fraction of their resources.

    You don’t hear Simeone complaining about how unfair it is week in and week out when it doesn’t go his way during the league season. Plus the fact that he’s managed to keep his main star players like Koke is another plus.

    Simeone is a streetfighter who isn’t intimidated by anyone — I can’t see an Arsenal led by him being beaten by Chelsea over and over again… and he works quickly to address the weaknesses in his squad too. Imagine what he could do with our

    Yes Wenger was terrific this past weekend in steering our boys through a comprehensive win against Man United, but before this season let’s not forget he lost at home and drew away to a Moyes led United… *facepalm*

    Is this past weekend a new page turned or just a blip? Time will tell. I sincerely hope the former than the later but time will tell.

  54. Santos

    The poor performance is the CL by English teams has a strong correlation with the tactical inferiority of its managers. Just look at what we have here, Wenger, Pellegrini and LVG. Lol, men who just know one way of playing. We will see more humiliation of EPL teams in the CL this year.

  55. SomeRandomGunner

    You don’t hear Simeone complaining about how unfair it is week in and week out when it doesn’t go his way during the league season. Plus the fact that he’s managed to keep his main star players like Koke is another plus.

    This is not true.

    “No, absolutely no. Madrid and Barcelona play in a different league. This is a boring championship for the rest of the supporters who can only aspire to be third or fourth. We’ll have to wait for a different distribution of television money because now the league is only of two.”

  56. Louis Almeida

    Klopp likes energetic players so I think he’ll like Henderson and Milner and may play Can in CM too. He’ll then have flair of Coutinho and Firmino with good strikers like Sturridge and Benteke, The team is still quite good. There are just better in this league. That’ll be Klopp’s biggest challenge. It’s not just Bayern Munich. There’s Arsenal, Manchester clubs and Chelsea. On top of that there’s local rivalry with Everton and tough teams like Palace, Swansea and Southampton. The league is tough so I don’t know if his gegenpress will work every week, especially with Europa League and domestic cup games too. So many competitions lol

  57. Santos


    Simeone is not as negative as people make him out to be. I see his defensiveness as an adaptation. When you come up against superior teams, you have no other option than to play pragmatically. He has proven many times that Barcelona and Real Madrid can be beaten with defensive tactics. He is slightly different from Maureen, because he plays positively against parallel / lesser teams.

  58. Leedsgunner


    Fair enough… I accept that quote.

    This is the thing though, despite complaining about the unfairness ofg it all, Simeone still produced the goods, and won La Liga despite the odds stacked against him. Simeone is a winner, and he has a winner’s mindset.

    Plus, even in the context of the extract you quoted, third and fourth place is seen as an object of derision…

    Wenger, as well all know too well, positive celebrates coming in third or fourth as a make believe trophy.

  59. steve

    SomeRandomGunnerOctober 7, 2015 10:12:05
    @Santos You forgot Mourinho who lost to Porto .

    Porto away is a tough game. Losing at home to Olympiakos on the other hand, now that’s embarrassing.

  60. Leedsgunner


    “Simeone is not as negative as people make him out to be. I see his defensiveness as an adaptation. When you come up against superior teams, you have no other option than to play pragmatically. He has proven many times that Barcelona and Real Madrid can be beaten with defensive tactics. He is slightly different from Maureen, because he plays positively against parallel / lesser teams.”

    Exactly, well said. Simeone is a smart tactically astute manager.

  61. Santos

    Let’s not pretend that Maureen is a washed up manager. His stubbornness has gotten into the way. He’s doin a bit of a Wenger this season in his team selection. Why the hell does he insist upon playing Ivanovic every week? For most of their goals conceded, a majority has been the fault of Ivanovic. He is a chief contributor to Chelsea’s collapse.

  62. Bamford10


    No, but Mourinho is a cancerous personality, and regardless of his tactical acumen, this ultimately dooms his efforts long term.

    Simeone is 10x the manager Jose is, IMO. One, his teams are more sharp, incisive and well-trained when in possession of the ball. Two, his players adore him, would die for him and play together in as unified a form as any team in the world. Mourinho can only pull the latter off for a month or so before his arrogance, self-absorption and petulance begins spoiling everything.

  63. N5

    “Porto away is a tough game. Losing at home to Olympiakos on the other hand, now that’s embarrassing.”

    Come on steve, Porto home or away shouldn’t be a tough game.

  64. Bamford10


    “Simeone still produced the goods, and won La Liga despite the odds stacked against him. Simeone is a winner, and he has a winner’s mindset.”


  65. ankit_gooner

    u didn’t get my point.I meant every game is big.Both utd and arsenal are level on points right?Lets say we lose draw the next two league games and utd win both of them.Then they would be 4 pts clear.If you look at last season,more than the performance against big teams,it was performance against likes of spurs,swansea,stoke etc that cost us a lot of points.We have a sequence of easier games coming up.If we want to be title winners,we need to be ruthless and win EVERY one of them and be top on christmas.Be professional and keep winning.West ham type games are unforgivable.Then buy a DM and continue.

  66. Santos


    Yes. Maureen gets found out after a while, then he melts down, then he uses the media to destabilize the dressing room and before you know it, he leaves. Not a person to rely on, if your club’s strategies are for the long-run.

  67. Santos

    Chelsea would be stupid to sack him though, as he looks like wanting to stay longer in his second spell, surprisingly.

  68. Leedsgunner

    I think when Wenger goes, he will be the last of a era. I can’t see a club bearing with a manager for years and years like we have with Wenger.

    Easy come, easy go will be the order of the day.

  69. N5

    “Easy come, easy go will be the order of the day.”

    I’m kinda with this though. Stability is important but it’s a fine line between stability and institution. Wenger has become untouchable and bigger than the club. There are whole generations of Gooners that know nothing of Arsenal without him and fear it.

    Respect for what he’s done, but in and out, wipe it on the curtains and get the next one in!!

  70. Santos

    5 could be the order of the day very soon, at stable clubs such Man Utd and Arsenal. Don’t attack the word “stable”.

  71. Santos


    Pep for twenty years means that people born in 1996 would only have known 2 Arsenal managers by 2036.

  72. Nasri's Mouth

    A Manager’s tenure should be ongoing, until

    a) results fail to meet realistic expectations over a certain period of time

    and / or

    b) a quantifiable better manager becomes available.

  73. N5

    NM, I agree in princible, but should there be a cut off point?

    Wenger has managed to hit his set KPIs each year and if we used the 2 points you just set, he’d be there until he chose to leave. They you have the situation where the man is the club and not just an employee of said club.


  74. daz

    I mentioned yesterday about Mourinho getting paid off 18m last time round well I’ve read today he would bag 30m if he is sacked this time no wonder he isn’t walking away but he will no doubt force Roman’s hand

  75. Dissenter

    Liverpool would have left Brendan in charge had the options been Sam Alladyse or Pearson.
    It would have been foolhardy not to bring in Klopp.
    Managers like that don’t become available too often.

    That said, Klopp wouldn’t do that well at Liverpool. They should have given him the £80 million to spend last summer. He would have used his German links to spend it better.

    Wenger Eagle, your man Firminio is looking like a bust…so far.

  76. daz

    “Maybe that’s a fault of the targets then?maybe they should be re-avaluated?”

    As koronke isn’t a fan can’t see him changing, Wenger has exceeded their expectations over the years he is unsackable in their eyes, this is why fans hoping we lose to force him out is never going to work he is the perfect man for them

  77. Relieable Sauce

    The stability at Swansea & Southampton is provided by the people running the club & the strategy they employ. We have the ideal of an egomaniac & an owner and board that keep quiet.

  78. steve

    N5October 7, 2015 10:33:20
    “Porto away is a tough game. Losing at home to Olympiakos on the other hand, now that’s embarrassing.”Come on steve, Porto home or away shouldn’t be a tough game.


    At home I would agree. Not away though. Read somewhere they had a ridiculous record of not conceding more than one goal in a home game in Europe for several years before it was broken a few years back. They also beat Bayern at home last season.

  79. N5

    Spot on Daz. We have a new stadium and so much money in the bank we can afford to dive into pools of gold like Scrooge McDuck. If this man was working for your company and making it this kind of money, would you fire him?

    No single loss is going to do that.

    You’d need a couple of seasons of dropping out of ECL and fans to stop attending. Otherwise it’ll continue until Wenger retires to Monaco with his hip hop honey.

  80. N5

    steve, to be fair to you I always think of just post Jose Porto and not the Porto of today. They may be vastly better than they were 6/7 years ago.

  81. Relieable Sauce

    Hard to know if Mourinho is trying to get the sack or is just moaning because Roman didnt get him what he wanted.
    Mourinho seems so opposed to using his youth players, it looks like he is cutting his nose off to spite his face, unless he relents soon I cant see him staying very long at all.

  82. Nasri's Mouth


    Again, that comes down to the expectation of the BoD really.

    Doesn’t matter whether it’s Wenger or anyone else, the issue is what the board think.

    In reality it’s a really complicated set of equations.

    You’re balancing all sorts of costs, from the pay off of an existing contract (possibly 2 if you’re buying out the new managers contract too) to unquantifiable costs such as the value of youth development to your squad, (which is obviously going to suffer if you have a high turnaround of managers) to how you quantify the value of increased league and cup success against the potential additional costs.