Arsenal 3 0 Manchester United. Five things we learned

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Holy Bjesus that was good! I was absolutely, positively not expecting that. Alex here. Peter has sprung a blog on me at the (very) last minute. So despite having lots to say, this is going to be very short and delivered in a cliched format.

Five things we learned from Arsenal’s humbling of United:

1. LVG is a massive fraud

I’ve been saying this for over a year now, there is no way United had made it to the top of the table through his stellar management abilities. United were all over the shop yesterday, passing sideways to no real effect and leaving oceans of space for our blistering attack to exploit. The fact he had to resort to bringing Fellaini on shows how garbage he really is.

2. If I was married, I genuinely don’t know who I’d let sleep with my wife first: Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil

Our star players were supernatural yesterday. Alexis, fizzing with energy, absolutely murdered Darmian on the left. While watching him yesterday, I was taken back to the time when Denilson was carrying the ball in the centre circle and then suddenly collapsed on the floor like he’d been shot. I thought of it because of the contrast between that type of player and Alexis Sanchez is quite dramatic. He’d want to play even if he had no legs and arms.

Ozil was electric, making mugs out of Schweinsteiger and Carrick in the middle, pulling off some of the most outrageous touches you will ever see and bagging a goal and an assist. I genuinely cannot express how much I love these two guys.

3. Theo Walcott reads Le Grove

He must do. He must have read us describing him as a contestant off the Crystal Maze after the Chelsea game because yesterday he channelled his inner Alexis. He didn’t score but I’d wager to say that was his best Arsenal performance. He battled, won the ball back, created space and was integral in all three goals. Theo, as I know you are reading this, PLAY LIKE THAT EVERY GAME. Don’t worry about the goals, they will come.

4. Arsenal are the comeback kings

No matter how bad things get for us, Wenger always manages to ensure it doesn’t get so bad that he gets sacked. He teeters on the edge of disaster like Wylie Cayote. Get humiliated by Olympiakos, spank United at home. Lose at home to Aston Villa, sign Mesut Ozil. You get the picture.

Credit where its due, that first half was unbelievable and I think we are starting to see what Wenger’s vision is with this team. I still feel he left a lot of tired legs out there for too long and we were in danger of conceding late on in the second half. Other than that you cannot fault the manager yesterday, the team’s performance was sensational.

5. Our fans found their voice

I was sitting in a different section yesterday but my god we were loud. Goes to show the difference a willing performance can make. What I liked most however is that all the fans were singing in the concourse at half time; something I have never ever seen. I’ve said before the fan/team relationship is symbiotic. Yes we need to get behind the team, but at the same time the team need to give the fans something to sing for. It doesn’t mean goals, just a passionate performance. We got that in bags yesterday.

Player Ratings: All 10

Right that’s your lot from me. I’d love to say more but I have to work!

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Enjoy bragging rights today!

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  1. Bermy boy

    Watched this on my news channel

    This just in……….

    In London England police report that men dressed in red and white attacked a group of defenseless individuals at a soccer stadium yesterday.CCTV footage shows what appears to be a savage robbery of 2nd place position in the EPL.We are appealing to these ruthless individuals to turn themselves in to the authorities for a pat on the back and some milk and cookies.We will update the public of any further developments.

  2. MidwestGun

    Ummm see above comment. . Proper pyschos on both sides.

    As for Next Pool manager, honestly have no idea why any top manager would want to go there. But I know I’m biased on that aspect.

  3. bennydevito

    Fuck the Wobs in Arsene we trust.


    I don’t trust in Arsene anymore, I think the game has passed him by and he simply can’t get his head around the modern transfer market.

    Do you think Arsene will live forever? Will you carry on supporting Arsenal after he’s gone? Are you happy with the consistent woeful performances we’ve seen in Europe lately? Are you happy with all that money in the bank yet Arsene saying there’s no-one better than Giroud?

    Are you really an Arsenal fan or are you not so secretly in love with your Lord and Master?

    Are you from Untold?

    Arsenal 1886 NOT Arsene FC 1996.

  4. bacaryisgod

    The funny thing about the WOB and the AKB camps is that they are now almost entirely locked in position based on the status quo. When we have a horror match like Olympiakos then the AKBs are very quiet and the same goes for the WOB when Arsenal have a stellar performance.

    The only things that will shift large numbers from one group to another are:

    1) Arsenal winning the title this season. Arsene’s approval rating will go right back up.
    2) Arsenal finishing outside the Top 4, early exit Champions League and no domestic trophies. AKBs will flee to the WOB camp if this happens.

    Of course, we all know what’s going to happen. We’ll drop out of the Champions League (as expected), we’ll threaten but ultimately fall short of the title (I’m guessing 2nd place behind Man City) and probably go far in either the Capital One Cup or F.A Cup.

    Rinse and repeat for next season with the two Wenger armies remaining in an exhausted stalemate like two male bucks locking horns.

  5. bennydevito


    What an excellent summary of how it will go. That’s exactly how I see it. Myself included.

  6. steve

    October 5, 2015 21:35:24

    Fcuk the WOBs



    No in Arsene YOU trust you deluded cunt.

  7. Goondawg

    Tweets from the AST MEETING

    Arsenal Supporters Trust: Whilst the trajectory is on the up, Tottenham make more in commercial revenue than Arsenal.

    The money KSE takes each year (£3m) – this is the same as a Category B game revenue. This is more than all our Execs put together.

    AST member questions whether other 500 shareholders have right to question if Stan’s payment is a hidden dividend.

    Tim P replied that AST have funded a Corporate Governance Governance report to look into this & if services have been tendered.

    Kroenke’s Rams find out if they’re successful in bid to move to LA Thai month. Investment will be $2bn. [AST]

    [AST] doesn’t believe that the cash in Arsenal is being used as leverage to fund other assets as he needs 75% of shareholder backing.

    AST confirms than Stan Kroenke hasn’t put a penny into the Club; perhaps intellectual capital. Only owns an equity vehicle.

    Arsenal own two more pockets of land that are to be developed and sold to make £20m more for the Club. Property’s made £100m so far [AST].

    AST to push Arsenal on ticket prices at the AGM after the “Twenty’s Plenty” campaign yesterday.

    John Cross says he doesn’t feel Wenger minds criticism as long as it’s fair & “not personal” [AST]

    AST talking about Wenger’s interaction with the media. JC says Wenger used to be “back page gold” but since he’s won less he finds harder to swallow criticism & has retreated.

    JC says that changing room humour has changed since when Wenger joined & that unique collective of players have changed. Wyatt counters that all managers are less close to the media now, not just Wenger.

    Payton asks the journos if they’re the ones who create Arsene / Jose rivalry or if they genuinely love having a pop at each other.

    John Cross says he thinks Wenger handled the Ospina criticism very poorly & he was defensive after press published Ospina starting on Mon.

    John Cross suggesting that the media and journalists have created & recreated the rivalry with Mourinho. They had made peace & had dinner.

    John Cross says there’s genuine hatred between Wenger & Mourinho now despite them going out for dinner together. [AST]

    Wyett & Cross say that Jose doesn’t need media to go for AW. Question put to him was on McClaren & then went for Wenger. Jose been “nasty”.

    John Cross says “believe you and me before his next game, Mourinho will get it from the press”.

    Wyett saying that LVG & Mourinho getting tough questions this season although Fergie got away with it due to fear factor.

    Wyett says he doesn’t think Jose has a big Club after him & that he’ll likely be fired this season unless he wins the Champions League.

    Wyett of The Sun says Jurgen Klopp wants the Bayern Munich job but may have to settle for Liverpool as Guardiola likely to stay [AST].

    Liverpool told Rodgers this summer he wasn’t allowed to buy a player over age of 24. Wyett feels any manager would struggle there. [AST]

    Wyett feels that Wenger saw Vieira, Bergkamp & Overmars as a threat to his job so didn’t employ them but Thierry will never be AFC manager.

    John Cross says its “incredible” Arsenal didn’t sign another MF this summer given ‘summer sweep’ of top DCMs available.

    Wyett says that Wenger is of the principle that he now doesn’t buy 3rd party owned players or those with family relations as agents.

    John Cross says that Rosicky wasn’t happy that Arsenal extended his contract. He wanted to join Aston Villa this summer. [AST].

    John Cross says dynamic behind scenes now is most harmonic it’s been in years but need a younger mix on the Board.

    Rosicky just wants to play football and wanted to join Aston Villa this summer. Not happy AFC extended his contract when he doesn’t play.

    Rosicky didn’t sign a “contract extension” with Arsenal. Arsenal triggered a clause to keep him 1+ year. He wanted to join Aston Villa.

    ‘Arry Redknapp told Wyett that there was no way Ian Wright would sign for West Ham & that his source was rubbish. The source was Ian Wright!

    John Cross says he doesn’t feel Wenger is winding down at all and that he wants another contract after the current agreement expires.

    John Cross says Arsene Wenger is Mr. Football 24/7 and life after football he’d miss football more than the money.

    Wyett says Wenger rarely ever socialises with other managers (not there’s anything wrong with it) and isn’t keen on the LMA.

    Cross says after Chelsea hammered Man U when Moyes was in charge, he saw Fergie storm into the dressing room after the game.

    John Cross says that Steve Bould would make a great manager but the Club’s dream is for Pep Guardiola post Wenger.

    Wyett thinks sometimes Wenger doesn’t realise how fortunate he has been or appreciates how fans have supported him so much.

    John Cross says he’s sure Wenger reads the Daily Mail daily. Drinks recommended it to him but he read it out of his dislike for it.

    John Cross says he predicts that Arsenal will finish 3rd (had originally predicted 4th) but won’t get out the CL group stages.

    Wyett says he thinks Arsenal will come second but CB will cost them. Cross says CBs are fine but wants them to do a Martial.

    Cross says he would love Arsenal to win the league but they’ve wasted best opportunity to win the league by not buying 2 outfield players.

    Cross reckons Arsenal could have easily won the league by 10+ points if they’d have signed 2 outfield players. Now 2nd or 3rd.

  8. steve

    Lol could you imagine when Wanker finally fucks off? What are the AKBs going to do? Their whole existence is based on Wanker managing Arsenal.

  9. bennydevito

    Nice one Goondawg, interesting stuff.

    My hunch has been Guardiola since his time at Barcelona. It’s going to happen within 3 years I reckon.

    Would love Bergkamp and Vieira back at some point also.

  10. Goondawg

    Thanks Benny

    What shocked me the most was the news that Tottenham are making more commercial revenue than us. What the actual fuck is going on there?!

  11. bennydevito

    Yes Goondawg, I saw that and thought that can’t be right as well. That is mind boggling and also makes me think our commercial team isn’t getting the best out of us as well as Wenger.

  12. Bamford10

    Nigel Tufnel

    “Better from BAMFORD today.”

    Go fuck yourself, you brainless, illiterate, know-nothing twat.

    I’m not “schizophrenic”; Arsenal are. I’m a realist. I’m objective. When we play well, as we did Sunday, I say so; when we’re gash, as we were against Zagreb and Olypiakos — and scores of other teams — I say so.

    We pressed everywhere on the field yesterday. Even Theo pressed and tackled. Can you tell me when we last did that?

    Go fuck yourself, you moron. And fuck you to every other dipshit AKB (e.g., this “Macca’ character) who imagines that yesterday redeems Wenger or proves anything whatsoever.

    If anything, it’s the opposite: yesterday shows how we should be playing REGULARLY, i.e., giving as much energy and effort to the defensive side of the game as the offensive, moving off the ball offensively, etc.

    We haven’t forgotten Zagreb, or Olympiakos, or West Ham, or any of the many other poor performances and debacles we’ve seen under Wenger over the past 6-7 years.

    Yesterday was great, but it will only mean something if the team goes on to challenge for the title. Anything short of that is a complete failure. Why? Because we finished fourth last year and needed only a couple pieces to compete, yet dipshit decided he didn’t need to sign anyone, despite having some 150m in cash in the bank.

    Anything short of genuinely competing for the title represents complete failure, and we will be calling for dipshit’s head the minute he allows this team to go back to old ways and put in desultory performances.

  13. WengerEagle

    ‘Yesterday was great, but it will only mean something if the team goes on to challenge for the title. Anything short of that is a complete failure. Why? Because we finished fourth last year and needed only a couple pieces to compete, yet dipshit decided he didn’t need to sign anyone, ‘

    Hard to disagree with any of this.

    Spot on.

  14. Bamford10


    “[Le Grove has] seven or eight lunatic WOBs for every bugged out AKB”

    Complete bollocks. There are two WOB-types here who can be classified as “lunatics”: Peanuts and Marble.

    Everyone else is perfectly sane. If we treat your ilk with contempt it’s because you deserve it. There is nothing “lunatic” about regarding the AKB and his arguments with derision. That’s the sane and correct attitude to take, actually.

  15. MidwestGun

    [AST] doesn’t believe that the cash in Arsenal is being used as leverage to fund other assets as he needs 75% of shareholder backing.
    This is what I have been saying… its Wenger’s decision to sit on the cash pile.
    He truly believes that not strengthening this summer in the midfield or attack was the correct decision. As I have said even if Stan didn’t own Afc he would still have enough assets to finance the stadium in LA. Begs the question tho why aren’t the other shareholders informed of transfer budget plans. Ridiculous to leave it in the hands of one individual. Also agree the number of quality defensive minded midfielders who moved or attacking midfielders who can play on the right was big this summer and its negligent to do nothing given our injury and aging players. Sad about Rosicky if that’s true. Think his service to team should earn him the right to say he wants out. And honestly tho… I love him as a player his time was up.

  16. bennydevito

    Well said Bamford, well said. Yesterday is how we should be playing all the time and it infuriates me no end.

    I’m optimistic for the season ahead but no so many times before we pull off great one off performances that get Wenger out of jail then get humiliated later down the line.

    I predict we will now spend the rest of the season fluctuating around 2nd to 1st only to end up 3rd because of a run of injuries that are exasperated by a lack of activity in the transfer market this January.

  17. vegas gooner

    “Why? Because we finished fourth last year and needed only a couple pieces to compete, yet dipshit decided he didn’t need to sign anyone, despite having some 150m in cash in the bank.”

    did you skip a season? we came in third last season.

  18. steve

    October 5, 2015 22:22:46

    Steve you aren’t very bright are you, I can tell.


    Do I have to explain it again to your dumb ass or what? Mong.

  19. MidwestGun

    I’m an Arsenal fan. Therefore, I want us to win and I want us to do everything possible to achieve that end. At this point I think another manager would be a better option. However, I don’t think Wenger is leaving until Stan says so.
    In other words. ….. your an idiot.

  20. MidwestGun

    WOB label lol lol

    AKB’s and the regular suspects trying to marginalise the detractors with silly labels
    I’m sorry I misspoke your a lunatic idiot who just typed this an hour ago. Now you are asking what people think their label is.
    Can’t even remember your nonsense from today. Might want to get medication for that.

  21. tom

    Interested in the tweets from AST.
    Not sure why Cross and Wyatt have special knowledge, or what their function is in this context.
    The two things that stand out are the idea that Wenger has an agent blacklist. Which, if true, is hard to evaluate.
    Also curious to know more about share structure and Stan’s meta plans.
    Shame if Rosicky is unhappy. It doesn’t really make sense, one had assumed he wanted to stay and he can’t be too frustrated by lack of game time as he had seldom been fit. When he is, he gets games as , more often than not, another midfielder is crocked.

    The agent thing is significant though.
    It must come from experience of being burned.
    On one hand, it limits options.
    On the other, dodgy agents are a terrible scourge and tend to be trouble not just when making a deal, but afterwards too.
    It doesn’t speak to well for players who sign with these agents, makes one wonder if their commitment is genuine.
    Since Arsene is concerned with personality as well as talent, it may influence his thinking. Bad agent equals untrustworthy player.

    I’m just thinking about it. Weighing up the implications.

  22. sam

    Walcott will play better n score more goals with Sanchez than he did with Van persie. becoz they both use speed in their game.
    Hopefully Chamberlain will join the party soon

    with Ozil n Cazorla behind them

    Deadliest front 5 in the league


  23. tom

    So much criticism of Wenger is based on the notion. that he’s lost his way in the market and can no longer identify a good buy.
    I don’t believe this is so, in fact, he seems to be getting even better.
    I think since we stopped being a selling club ( AFC’s shrewd financial dealing has produced resources that help us resist), Wenger’s transfers have been pretty outstanding. He has replaced almost the entire team since RVP left with better players. Some big and pricey names in Sanchez (how much? Cheap at the price) and Ozil, but also players like Monreal, and now Gabriel.
    Cazorla was a steal. Giroud, dirt cheap and effective.
    Flamini plays his role and is unfairly criticised, IMO.
    Smart investments from years past are now paying dividends: Coq , Ramsay, Theo.
    Koscelny is a classic hidden gem.
    Cech, the missing piece.

    Even duds like Santos were cleared out quick.

    I think if you compared Arsene’s transfer record to any of his rivals, it would stand up.

    Just saying.

    Another thing, I reject this idea that Wengerites are blind followers, incapable of recognizing his weaknesses.
    I’m as staunch as any and certainly admit he is not perfect.
    He is stubborn, a double edged sword.
    He is cautious to a fault. Not the worst sin, but sometimes it’s worked against him.
    He tends to let ideals govern over pragmatism. I really think he would rather lose than abandon his philosophy.
    Since I share his philosophy: that the way you play matters and footballers are entertainers. I can live with that, though accept Arsenal has lost matches to it.
    He doesn’t do tactics as well as some, but he is way better than many give him credit for. Ideally, he wants tactics to be instilled in a collective team conscience that requires little coaching. His default is; I believe in you as players , you are drilled in the Arsenal way , now go out and play your game.
    He is obscure in his dealings with media . I think he forgets that when he speaks to press he is talking to the fans too. I wish he would indulge us with a ‘state of the club’ speech , every once in a while.
    He may have trust issues, some inherent, some developed from years of dealing with the hostile environment of top flight management. This might make him a little averse to change. But that’s also a symptom of age, so who knows. The other argument is ; if it ain’t broke etc.
    I think , basically, he is a lonely and driven man and Arsenal are his vocation. That scares me a little but I think he is , entirely decent and honourable and truely cares about the club and, his ego notwithstanding, puts it first.
    His record, when viewed realistically, is superb. So, I’m down.

    So there is an admission from the Wenger camp.
    Any WOBs able to reciprocate?
    A couple of positives about AW?

  24. sam

    Joe needs to grow up

    We actually played well against Olympiakos
    Only few defensive mistakes n keeper let us down
    We could have won 2-nil had we defended well

    In case you haven’t noticed Mr Gloryhunter, top football teams get beaten sometimes even Barca

  25. tom

    We played so-so against Olympiakos, not terrible by any means, but not great either. We were a little unlucky not to finish more of the chances we created but truthfully, you have to credit the Greeks for a textbook away CL performance.

    We were much better with a B team in Zagreb, but again luck was against us, as was the referee.

    People shout about humiliating defeats , but in really they are quite rare, in fact, they are a little rarer than our occasional out-of-this-world displays.
    All teams of every quality suffer the same ups and downs. Consistency is key. AFC are as consistent as any.

  26. sam

    We played 3 games in 8days

    We won 2 n lost one far away in some flipping greek town

    our next 8 league games before we meet are against Watford, Everton, swansea, spudenham, west brom, norwich , sunderland, Aston Villa.

    Yes Top of the league by Kwismasssss.


  27. sam

    Yes Tom,

    Despite Defeat against Olympiakos, I was pleased with Sanchez n Walcott
    These 2 speedy Gonzales will win us games this season
    I say it again, I am baking Chambo to join the party

  28. tom

    I believe the Ox is on the verge of a breakout season. He has all the tools and has now learned how to use them.
    A terrifically exciting player, potential world class, I reckon.

  29. tom

    I feel so sick for Wilshere, potentially the best of the lot. When will he sustain fitness long enough to show it?

    Then there is a plethora of gifted kids waiting in the wings.
    Love , love , love what I’ve seen of Zelalem.
    Crowley is another JW in the making.
    They say the new French boys are mustard.
    For me, bringing kids in, indoctrinated in our style , is the way.
    When I was a kid I got to watch Rocastle, Merson, Thomas and Quinn in the youths.
    I’ll never underestimate the potential of our kids.

  30. Joe

    Sam, We lost to olympiakos at home you muppet

    Makes it much worse doesn’t it. And we didn’t play well

    They hit the bar twice before we scored.

    They could of been up 3-0 Sam

    Grow up son

  31. tom

    Monday night, Sanchez posted a lengthy Instagram message to show his fans the type of sacrifice needed to become a professional footballer.
    Amongst the pictures were Sanchez playing against Diego Maradona and lifting the Copa America.
    The full message was as follows: “Nobody know the sacrifice that it means, behind a footballer there is a lost youth for a dream that sometimes its difficult to reach, there are some times to stay with your family, outing with friends that you have to lose for a dream. Sometimes things go wrong and you have the rejection of an entire society but you have to carry on. It is not just run behind a ball. It is a dream that I have from my childhood and it makes me very happy. ”.

    Loved this.

    From 101 Goals.

  32. Mick Kartun

    Interesting chat between a gooner boy and his gooner dad after manure thrashing.

    Dad: Do you know the reason Manchester United lost to Arsenal?

    Kid: Man United lost because their defenders were Young, Small and Blind.


  33. Mick Kartun

    Positives thing from last match is like Santi said the lads change their mentality.

    I am pleased with Walcott more involved in defending, and Ramsey with how to stand up to Schwein’s bully.

    It’s the lost fear factor that went missing since Viera gone.

  34. Mick Kartun

    Guys any of you remembered Robbie Savage said in his Mirror column:

    It’s the lost fear factor that went missing since Viera gone.

    Savage said when he face that invincible lads, he was like chasing shadows, even Stevie G. admit that when he was young, Viera and Keane used to walked over his head.

    Too much softies in this current crops, they better given some UFC training section, their balls must be raised, or their cocks will turned to puss!ess.

  35. Emiratesstroller

    Re: AST Meeting

    1. It is very doubtful that Spurs have larger commercial income than ourselves. Arsenal’s turnover in last financial year rose very significantly.

    2. I don’t believe that Kroenke has leveraged against club’s assets, but keeping
    a “visible” bank balance of £200 million will definitely instil confidence in
    financial institutions whenever he seeks finance for his other projects.

    3.I think that it is very clear that Wenger detests Mourinho. We don’t need
    John Cross to confirm it. Frankly I don’t think that Wenger is the only person
    on the planet who holds Mourinho in contempt. As I suggested yesterday
    Mourinho is creating for himself serious long term problems. He is
    becoming a liability for any major club who wishes to employ him.

    4.I made the point last summer that Arsenal needed to spend at least £50
    million in the transfer window to satisfy the expectations of the sponsors
    Puma and Emirates who invest in club. The fact that Arsenal spent only
    £11 million will heap pressure on Wenger to spend at least £30-40 million
    in January, because the financial year ends on 31st May next year.

    5.Arsenal’s current squad is “light”. We have realistically 24 players on the
    books if you discount third string goalkeeper. However, we have in fact
    only 21 players this side of New Year when you factor in that Wilshire,
    Welbeck and Rosicky are expected to be out at least until January at

    6.I don’t think that Arsenal will buy “headline” strikers in January, because I
    don’t see any who are likely to be available. Neither Benzema or Cavani
    will be released by their clubs who will qualify for next stage of Champions

    7.I think that Arsenal will look to recruit some younger players, because the
    average age of squad is now over 27 and only Man City have a marginally
    older squad than ourselves of the major teams.

  36. Mick Kartun

    Em is troll

    7.I think that Arsenal will look to recruit some younger players, because the
    average age of squad is now over 27 and only Man City have a marginally
    older squad than ourselves of the major teams.

    Just tell AW to buy decent young back up DM and ST for f sake, I don’t care if they are young.

    Bender for DM and Morata for ST is decent enough to me.

    But after that manure bashinjg, do you even think AW will buy?
    Just like that laid said to me before, someone just never learn.

  37. Joe


    At least they are competing for the league title.

    Maybe you should support whatever gun toting hill billy town you live in 😉

  38. Joe

    To be honest. Can’t watch the MLS. To much of a step down from European and South American football.

    It’s almost like watching pub soccer haha

  39. Mick Kartun


    Yeah, sometimes I watch that MLS matches too from paid SAT tv in my country in South East Asia in BEIN SPORTS Channels.

    I never been long for 3 minutes and will change the remote after.

    What’s up with quality man?

    Are they only place for NEAR RETIRED big stars?

    MLS have to change their market view I think to make it more exciting to watch.

    Or maybe American Football NFL is just too hard to compete huh in US.

  40. tom

    Em is no troll and makes interesting comments.

    I don’t think Cross or Wyatt have any special insight.
    The idea that Wenger rejects Vieira and co because he is afraid of their challenge, could be true, but is pure speculation.

    Sponsors may have expectation that their contribution goes to team business but I doubt any promises are made.

    Arsenal’s value is enhanced by the cash they sit on. Stan can show a big asset. It must factor into his ability to make deals.
    Perhaps there is some truth there.
    I think AW is prepared to work within financial constraints but believe he would walk if he felt he couldn’t get the resources he felt he needed.

  41. sam


    I had Alexandre Pato in my shopping list all summer n Wenger let me down
    Lets just assume he wanted to wait till the end of Brazilian league n try to sign him in January.

    I still have hope

    Better than Benzema

  42. MidwestGun

    So much criticism of Wenger is based on the notion. that he’s lost his way in the market and can no longer identify a good buy.
    No, you don’t have the criticism of Wenger’s transfer policy correct. It’s not that he consistently buys bad players, it’s that he fails to address the needs of the club properly from year to year leaving the club short which invariably comes back to haunt us. Haven’t bought a top Cf since RVP. Haven’t bought a dm ever. Coquelin was an internal solution that worked out. Been short on box to box midfielders because he relies on Wilshere returning to form and Ramsey. Santi wasn’t bought to do this role but has turned out to be our best option.
    And that he has the money to compete but fails to address needs of replacing aging veterans and chronically injured so that we have quality players to compete in All competitions, he prefers to roll the dice on injuries and return to form even when we have legitimate chances to compete. Kim Kallstrom, not enough defenders last year until Gabriel, deals that fall thru even though we need them.
    Basically the man is stubborn and takes the path of least resistance, doesn’t push the boat out in the transfer windows. Any resistance due to what he thinks is price gouging or agent problems then he doesn’t do the deal. Chronic ditherer is the cliched saying.
    Would rather rely on Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky and crocks like Wilshere and Welbeck then spend money. … if you look at the transfer policy of our rivals he does not compare favorably because they have won titles recently. We have not. So its not working. I could go on but I won’t. Lol.

  43. Mick Kartun

    Maybe that’s why Viera is in Man Shitty right now.

    But he is my hero and he is the real legend in Arsenal history. He can mentor our young talents how to kick bullies arse.

    For f sake it hurts me every time see him becoming man shitty lover.

    AW have to take responsibility for that shit.


  44. sam

    Martial is the only big money summer signing thats scoring goals
    The rest have gone mehhhhh
    Even as a sub, Giroud already scored more goals than Benteke, Lol!!!
    I suspected Fat boy Karim would have struggle till xmas at least, costing Walcott his minutes on the pitch.
    Pato would have cost way less, we can still nick him in January n allow him settling period like his compatriot Gabriel Paulista.

  45. MidwestGun

    Why would Benzema struggle? Did Alexis struggle coming over from La Liga his first season? Pato is playing in Brazil is a chronic crock and struggled with European football. Hasn’t had a great season for 5 years.
    Some bizarre reasoning just because you don’t rate Benzema who as I pointed out is on fire. Have you even seen Pato play recently?

  46. sam

    Vieira is a mercenary he really fits in at Man city
    Thanks for the memories but we don’t need him
    At least now we don’t have players flirting with other clubs all season then humiliate us in the summer by joining so called bigger clubs.
    I will take Dennis Bergkamp not Vieira, Fabregas,Nasri, Van Persie n Hleb
    They can all F@ck off

  47. Mick Kartun


    “afcmacca:Fcuk the WOBs



    No in Arsene YOU trust you deluded cunt.

    Spot on mate.

    I think judging by his name macca, he might actually troll from LOOSERPOOL.

    bring it macca, you deluded BRENDA’s whore.

    did you wank brenda’s rooster last night?

    f*ucking cunt.

  48. Dark Hei


    Very much in agreement.

    1. Ha, ha. Somebody dare suggest this. In an AST meeting. What the hell is Google invented for. 103.3 million pounds is our commercial revenue. I am not bothering to check on what Spurs makes.

    2. I think you have hit on an interesting idea. The board might be given the task of matching the cash equivalents with our long term liabilities. The figures are quite close now. Zero net debt might be what he is after.

    3. Yup. I think LVG and Pellegrini detest him as well.

    4. Good point. Sponsors do not sponsor for the sake of sponsoring.

    5. Dude 24 is plenty. Use the 25 man CL squad as a guide. Nobody, not City, Chelsea or United has 25. A 22 man team with 3 youth/promising players is the norm.

    6. I think Wenger will buy a backup for Coquelin in January. No strikers.

    7. I do not think Wenger will do a wholesale change. If he lands a big trophy this season, he will call it quits. This will give the new coach enough flexibility to get the squad he needs.

  49. Dark Hei


    No. I think the relationship between Wenger and Veira is fine. It is Peter Hill-Wood. He burned all bridges with Viera.

    Viera went to City because his ex-Manager Mancini gave him a job. Dude we are all people and people need jobs.

  50. Mick Kartun

    Say what you like about Viera, Sam.

    You don’t like it rough huh.

    Maybe softies is all ya like.

    Have you change your tampon lately?

    Better change it now pal, otherwise your pimp will smacked you in the face.

  51. sam

    I do rate Benzema but Pato was going to be less gamble
    At 28 for 45millions with no Guarantee he’s going to settle quickly
    I believe Wenger is right not sign him
    Pato is the same age as Walcott, and hasn’t had major injuries for 2 seasons now.
    At 11Millions he’s worth a try

  52. Mick Kartun

    @dark hei
    “I do not think Wenger will do a wholesale change. If he lands a big trophy this season, he will call it quits. This will give the new coach enough flexibility to get the squad he needs”.

    Did you say AW will quit if get EPL trophy.
    Mandawg, AW maybe will extend his contract for another 10 years.
    You do know why he sacrifice his marriage right?
    For most comfy job in the world.
    Hahaha…you’re so hilarious.

  53. sam

    Also worth mentioning that Pato can play anywhere in attack
    like right now If he was playing for us, I will pick him over Ramsey.
    Even if he’s still struggling to settle I will have on the bench instead of Giroud.
    He can beat players, scores with both feet n he’s super quick

  54. MidwestGun

    Sam –
    Ok.. so it was about price. That doesn’t concern me if we wanted to compete with the likes of Aguero. Like I said have you even seen Pato play recently and he hasn’t done it at the top level for 5 years. . I havent seen him play, maybe he’s fat? Lol. Pato was a talent at a young age for sure but sometimes injuries derail your career path.
    Also, Brazil isn’t in a hurry to have him play for the National team. Honestly tho I never thought Benzema would come to Arsenal Anyhow as he is greatly liked by RM but we seemed to put all our eggs in one basket.

  55. sam


    Pato is currently Brazil’s best striker.Lol!!!

    His troubles with the national team not becoz of form, they don’t get along with Dunga.
    I don’t think he will ever play for Brazil under Dunga

  56. Emiratesstroller

    Dark Hei

    You are absolutely correct there is no comparison between the commercial revenue that Arsenal and Spurs generate at the present time.

    You can access the correct figures on Swiss Ramble. For the record Arsenal’s
    Turnover for season 2013/4 was £299 Million and rose to £329 Million for
    season 2014/5. Spurs revenue for 2013/4 was just £181 Million. No figures
    published as yet for 2014/5.

    The breakdown of commercial revenue was Arsenal £77 million and Spurs
    £42 million in 2013/4. Arsenal commercial revenue rose to £103 million in
    2014/5. For Spurs to overtake us they would need to increase their revenue
    by £61 million, which is most unlikely.

    Indeed there is no segment of revenue where Spurs outperforms Arsenal apart from perhaps money, which they generated in recent years in transfer
    market. Levy is very good at selling his best players to Real Madrid!

  57. S Asoa

    1 – Arsenal are comeback kids – correct
    Arsenal toyed with ManU nd could have spanked a couple in more. Ozil masterclass led Rooney up the garden path and earned Rooney a card for a block. Tell you ,Rooney was an innocent there .LoL

    2- Wenger totters , blunders, gets humiliated by Olympiacos.._- Partly correct
    Wenger shown as an utter Imbecile by a sequence of teams .Confounded steps back. Team gets set up by Bould and the player inputs and deliver a killer performance. Last year was against Man City which gratiously the Great Dictator acknowledged .Always see the interest and involvement of Bould in manager area to find out.
    3- Very happy with the result. But after deja vue of past 6 years ( 11 years as per Piers Morgan ), let us not be fooled .

    It is still Wenger Out

  58. sam


    That article is old, Feb2015 is longtime in football
    Pato is currently being used on the wing n already scored double figure
    I am sure Bellerin will enjoy playing behind him than Ramzinho, no?

  59. Emiratesstroller

    Personally I don’t think that Wenger will buy a major Striker in January assuming that Walcott and Sanchez continue to perform. He will have Giroud and hopefully Welbeck returning as backup.

    The reality is that there are no decent strikers in market who are not Champions League Cup Tied and clubs like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern, PSG and Juventus are unlikely to offload their current strikers in January.

    The only possibility would be a secondary player costing an inflated price. Somehow I don’t see that happening if Welbeck is fit.

    On the other hand I do think that Wenger will look for players in other positions, because as I pointed out our squad is at moment light and also there
    are one or two frailties.

    There are always defenders and midfielders playing with other clubs not
    necessarily still in CL who are potentially interesting. My preference would be
    to buy in 23-25 age range.

    The reality is that our squad is light and with our injury history we are probably a couple of players short of what we need. Also I don’t see Rosicky returning to first team duty and both Flamini and Arteta are not good enough to play
    regularly in first team.

    Incidentally whilst I don’t usually listen to what ex Liverpool or Man Utd have to say about Arsenal I tend to agree with Carragher that Arsenal should focus
    on EPL.

    If we drop out of CL and have to play in Europa Cup on Thursday I would put out a “reserve team” as we do in League Cup. That is why it is important that
    we recruit an additional couple of bodies.

  60. Dark Hei


    I actually rate Ramsey. He is an important player for Arsenal.

    To do a coordinated press system effectively, you need fitness and dynamism. Throw in Pato, who has a questionable work rate, on the right and you get a weak link in the system.

    You guys need to stop thinking that just because Ramsey is starting out wide, he must provide width. Bellerin provides the width, Ramsey tucks in while Coquelin covers behind them.

    Even Sanchez does not provide width on the left. When do you see him hug the touch line?

  61. Dark Hei

    Another thing is the Ox.

    Yes he has great potential. But he is currently unable to play Arsenal’s interchanging game at the level of the first team midfield. He seems to require very specific instructions and in a rigid format to work.

    Walcott was once like that. He could play only on the right as a speedster feeding off RVP or Giroud’s flickons. But nowadays, he is so much more than that. So perhaps a few years down the line, we might see something different from Ox.

  62. Emiratesstroller

    Let’s be clear the only position in starting X1 where I think that Wenger would
    be interested in buying would be right wing, although as Dark Hei suggests
    I think that Wenger will wish to keep Ramsey in side because of his “energy

    What we should be looking for in January are squad players. These will cost
    £15-20 million if they are half decent. I am still nervous about the lack of
    cover for Coquelin and also Central Midfield if Wilshire does not recover and
    we suffer an injury.

    Arsenal should try and buy players like Krychowiak,Carvalho or L. Bender in

  63. MidwestGun

    Hei –
    We need Ramsey to draw defenders away from Alexis not hug the touch line. He doesn’t have the threat of creativity and quickness or power dribbling we need on that side, imo. And his goal scoring comes from late runs into the box not beating defenders. Bellerin can provide width if Ramsey covers sure but any turnover we then get hit on a quick counter.
    It’s just not ideal and not his most comfortable thing when he is playing in limited space due to touchline confines. I do like his tenacity and energy tho. But as to importance I’d say he ranks below Sanchez, Ozil, Kos, Coquelin ,Santi,Cech,Mert, Bellerin, Monreal and Gabriel at the moment.

  64. sam


    I believe Arsenal are well muscled to bring both Benzema n Pato
    shame we bought foking noone.Lol!!
    Anyway, Pato turned down Man utd then started following arsenal on twitter.
    I suspect there could be a deal by the end of Brazilian league, maybe He wants to win something with Santos before he moves to Europe.

  65. MidwestGun

    Sam –
    Well… on that I agree 100% … buying nobody was a terrible decision. The whole Welbeck/Wilshere injury thing along with it makes my head hurt so I try not to think on it. Cept Tom brought up our transfer policy. Lol.

  66. Emiratesstroller


    My view is that Ramsey, Wilshire [when fit] and Ox are effectively playing for
    one place in starting lineup. Ramsey in absence of Wilshire is preferred choice, because of his stamina and energy level.

    However, if I am being frank I don’t think that any of these three players would
    be in my starting X1 out of choice. They are good “squad players”.

    Somehow I don’t see Arsenal buying a “headline” player in January so he should focus on trying to replace the likes of Arteta,Rosicky and Flamini. These players are unlikely to be at club beyond the Summer with or without
    Wenger at helm.

  67. sam

    Can you guys please cut it out,

    First Ramsey is not a winger
    Second Bellerin is the fastest player in the premiership so tracking back is not a problem as long as they develop good understanding plus Coquelin keeps everything in check.

    What a lame excuse huh?

    Arsenal cannot bring in a world class winger becoz slow a$$ donkey Ramsey can track back. Then make huge mess upfront whats the point.
    Pato is fast like Walcott, I don’t think he’ll have problem tracking back if needed.
    Even leaving Chamberlain out n playing Ramsey on the wing is the most stupid thing in football.
    we have Sanchez n Monreal on the right,It should be Bellerin n Chamberlain on the right

  68. MidwestGun

    E-Stroller –
    Yes… that’s how I see it exactly also. A backup to Coquelin in January should be minimum requirement, imo. Altho, too late, imo as why risk it for that long? Arteta got dead legs after one match. That’s scary. International break helps I suppose but fixtures are gonna come heavy soon.

  69. sam

    Ramsey starts only for one reason,Wenger’s favourite player that’s all
    What about Joel Campbell?
    He sure can track back, defends, all he needs is confidence boost n a decent run not flipping 80’s minutes sub after every 5 games

  70. Mick Kartun

    Ukrainian model strips off to help raise money for her stricken local football club.

    A model has come up with an genius way to raise money for her local football club who have come under financial difficulty.

    Angelina Petrova stripped down in a host of semi-naked shots to helps raise money for Ukrainian minnows FC Metalurh Zaporizhya.

    Angelina posed for photos at the club’s stadium, which is based in the city of Zaporizhia in south-eastern Ukraine’s Zaporizhia Oblast region.

    The club are selling off posters of Angelina and are putting her image on souvenirs in a bid to raise the cash to keep the club in business.



  71. Wallace


    “Everyone else is perfectly sane. If we treat your ilk with contempt it’s because you deserve it. There is nothing “lunatic” about regarding the AKB and his arguments with derision. That’s the sane and correct attitude to take, actually.”

    we’re 2nd in the league, 2pts off top(8pts ahead of the pre-season favourites), after having just blown away Man Utd 3-0 at home. not currently feeling like my back’s against the wall.

  72. Sam

    Many Players were not worth their price tags, Scheiderlin, Kondogbia, benteke etc….
    Wenger was right to ignore them
    Unfortunately he went extremely far n bought no one

  73. Mick Kartun

    Pato’s cock and semen actually had been shrinking and drained by Barbara Berlusconi.

    And she dumped him after his cock was useless.

    Sad pato, could’ve been great.

  74. Thank you and goodnight


    Seriously geez shut the fuck up. cock this and cock that. …….truly wishful thinking from a virgin.

  75. Thank you and goodnight


    I’m a 40 year old virgin yet I have 4 kids. So that must make me Joseph and one of my kids jesus……Fucking bell end. Fuck off and troll another site you cunt

  76. Vince

    If I had my way in January I’ll slap in 20 million bids for both Sadio Mane and Sissoko. They’ll make us 10 times better immediately. The next alternative will be Carvalho plus any of Mahrez, Bolasie or Zaha.

  77. Thank you and goodnight

    Hi my names mick and I had a cup of tea, my cock was well hard. Then I had cereal for breakfast, myou cock was well hard. Afterwards I collected the post from the letterbox, my cock was like rock. etc etc etc yawn yawn yawn.

  78. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Coq don’t get it

    In papers saying we beat big clubs
    City last year united this

    Last year don’t mean anything now
    1-3 this year
    Should have beat pool an relegation fodder Chelsea .

    Grow up franny

  79. Mick Kartun

    Yeah, my cock is happy after manure win, so what?

    No fuckin humor?

    Are you AKB so serious like your master/

    Thank you and goodnight.

    What a puss name is that.


  80. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Goon dawg

    Spot on

    Now just a site for abusing others
    No jestin anymore

    No understanding others views

    I dislike the way wenger has taken the club but slaughter him not other posters for thinking different ?

    Tom is so far the other way but that’s his view
    Take the rise but let him do him an I will do me ….

  81. Mick Kartun

    Humor is allowed in this blog and anybody can say even politics shit.

    I see too many trollers here masking and hiding like they are true gooners or at least actually they’re just fucking Wenger’s lovers.

    To see the real TROLLS here to proof that I am true gooner like other WOBs, I dare anyone who claimed them self not a TROLL to say these things below:


    – MAN SHITTY is overrated looser in UCL.

    – SPUDS is whores

    – LOOSERPOOL is worthless piece of shit

    – CHELSHIT is the most scum of all.

    etc..etc, I am gunner fan from Asia, I don’t know other clubs taunts.

    FUCK you trolls.

  82. Sam

    The league that produced Pele, Romario, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Neymar etc… Is called shitty league.Lol!!
    Who told you that? Sepp blatter I am sure
    Arrogant Europeans Lol!!!

  83. Goondawg

    Wow one player every 20 years lol. What an amazing league! Shame they never stay long in that shitty league after annihilating every defence, apart from Pele but he was a freak.

  84. Mick Kartun

    Well, I am off from work now.

    It’s 4.00 PM in South East Asia.

    Man, to be a grover, you have to be crazy,

    even posting and little chatting during working hours.


    anybody like TYG, dawg, or others that called themself not a CUNT, will continue their jabs on me as WOBs die hard,

    I will be back after 4 hours from now then.

    Gonna drive my car home to see my wife and kids then and have a nice day.

  85. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Brazil must be the most relaxed country in the world

    Being born there to Brazilian parents an grand parents don’t
    Guarantee that you are Brazilian
    If you are unhappy with your chances of making the national team u can opt for Portugal , Spain. Or Russia.

    Or wait till they start dishing out caps for below average players to boost the clubs chance Of selling them just cos they are an international player like in the 90s.

  86. Goondawg

    Rspc I prefer reading comments like Tom, which are not abusive and are able to get a point across rather than the vile vitriol fake fans like Steve, peanuts, Mike etc spew. Never read an intelligent point just thick abuse. Really dumbs down the level of intellect here. Can’t believe it’s actual grown men bandying silly labels like AKB and WOBs. Healthy debate it used to be on here by both sides, now it’s just idiotic mindless slagging and name calling, mostly by a select bunch that Pedro really ought to ban if I’m being honest

  87. Highbury4ever

    Mesut what don’t you play always like sunday ?? 🙂
    Seems that our players choose their games in terms of motivation ==>> how can you find some “consistence” like that ??

  88. Goondawg

    Discussing Chelsea’s poor start to the season as part of Mark Chapman’s Monday Night Club, journalist N.eil Ashton claimed Jose Mourinho’s players were “bored” of his tactics.

    He said: “These players don’t want to play in this tactical straightjacket. The players, I believe, get bored with the way they are playing. They want to play with more flair, more freedom and more panache.”

    Love it… The walls a la chez Maureen are crumbling.

  89. bennydevito

    VinceOctober 6, 2015 08:12:36
    If I had my way in January I’ll slap in 20 million bids for both Sadio Mane and Sissoko. They’ll make us 10 times better immediately. The next alternative will be Carvalho plus any of Mahrez, Bolasie or Zaha.

    I would definitely go for Saido Mane and Mahrez out of the players you mentioned.

    Good shout.

    Morning Grovers, got a bit abusive earlier didn’t it ?

  90. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Good dawg

    Yeah Tom is articulate an puts his argument well.

    I don’t agree with all but understand certain elements
    But that’s what makes this site at times good with all the different opinions

    Some others …..well

  91. tunnygriffboy


    Judging by some of the discourse on here it seems my decisionto stay away fromhere for a bit was the right one. What is the point ? Too many good posters fallen away.

  92. Dark Hei

    I doubt Saido Mane or Sissoko are available for 20M. Mid-table teams in the EPL are flushed with cash.

    I heard on Newsnow that Arsene is going to bid for an ex-Arsenal youth product. Looks like we are heading the way of Chelsea. Might work too.

  93. tunnygriffboy


    Tend to look at the Guardian a bit more. Still differing views but without the abuse.

    Tbh I was so upset after Zagreb and Olympiacos I’ve tried to avoid the media and just watched the man u game. I posted after the Olympiacos game that our team was bipolar. Man u game just confirmed it

    I think it’s a state of mind with our team. As footballers we have the ability to win most games. It’s just the mentality leading to lack of focus and intensity. Couple more ‘winners’ need to come in to make sure we’re at it every game

  94. Nasri's Mouth

    R.S.P.C. Arsenal: What’s the alternative ?

    Choose Life. Choose a job. Choose a career. Choose a family. Choose a fucking big television, choose washing machines, cars, compact disc players and electrical tin openers. Choose good health, low cholesterol, and dental insurance. Choose fixed interest mortgage repayments. Choose a starter home. Choose your friends. Choose leisurewear and matching luggage. Choose a three-piece suit on hire purchase in a range of fucking fabrics. Choose DIY and wondering who the fuck you are on Sunday morning. Choose sitting on that couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away at the end of it all, pissing your last in a miserable home, nothing more than an embarrassment to the selfish, fucked up brats you spawned to replace yourselves. Choose your future. Choose life… But why would I want to do a thing like that? I chose not to choose life. I chose something else. And the reasons? There are no reasons. Who needs reasons when you’ve got heroin?

  95. Nasri's Mouth


    Agreed. Too many people on here with a weird sense of perspective.

    Maybe people feel better letting off steam on here,when we play like shite and lose. Personally I just want to forget about football for a while and concentrate on something different, rather than wallow in the misery.

    What was weird was the reaction to the ManU win. It was kinda like the reaction to the FA Cup win but in a smaller universe.

    I’d sum it up as ‘yeah, we won BUT…’

    Well, I can’t argue too much with that, there are plenty of BUTs, but you know what, when we beat one of your biggest rivals for over 10 years with some brilliant and decisive football at both ends of the pitch, people should just forget about the BUTs for a while, and if they can’t, then they should give up on football, because if all they can think about is the BUT, they’ll get a lot more misery than fun out of supporting a team

  96. tunnygriffboy


    I ‘m fed up after performances like Zagreb and Olympiacos and coming here depresses me further. I avoid the whole hyperbole of the media, it winds me up

    Seeing the same thing repeated day after day some of it factually incorrect has seen me switch off for a bit. Been watching rugby world cup inbetween Arsenal games

    The next meltdown will be Klopp going to Liverpool

  97. N5

    “anybody like TYG, dawg, or others that called themself not a CUNT, will continue their jabs on me as WOBs die hard,”

    Dude chill out, we get that you’re in Asia you don’t need to mention it every post and I get that some bits get lost in translation, but you keep going on about your cock like this is GAY magazine and most of us are straight, so either leave out talking about your little winky or go visit

  98. N5

    “The next meltdown will be Klopp going to Liverpool”


  99. daz

    “Well, I can’t argue too much with that, there are plenty of BUTs, but you know what, when we beat one of your biggest rivals for over 10 years with some brilliant and decisive football at both ends of the pitch, people should just forget about the BUTs for a while, and if they can’t, then they should give up on football, because if all they can think about is the BUT, they’ll get a lot more misery than fun out of supporting a team”

    well said NM

  100. N5

    @TYAG, I hope that doesn’t turn out to be a real site, otherwise no one will believe I made it up trying to be funny!! I honestly haven’t been a member there….for 8 years.

  101. Emiratesstroller


    Sometimes I wish Pedro would monitor better this website, because there are
    a small number of posters who like to abuse people if they disagree with their
    point of view and frankly it spoils the dialogue for others.

    Also there seem to be one or two others who have got a “loose screw” . It gets
    rather annoying to see them post, but the best option there is to ignore them.

    Frankly I feel the same like you about our performance in Champions League.
    The performance in both games was very disappointing, but I think that it
    raises some issues not only about our squad, but more importantly how clubs
    in EPL are able to cope with two physically demanding games in a week or
    even as with us three games in a week as was the case when we played Spurs
    [League Cup], Leicester [EPL] and Olympiacos [Champions League] in less than 7 days.

    The intensity of football now in EPL makes it very difficult to prepare properly
    for Champions League. After 8 games only one team in EPL top 11 has lost more than two games and that is Crystal Palace.

    The situation is not helped by tv scheduling. It is ridiculous that we played
    Dynamo Zagreb away on a Wednesday night and then were were expected to play Chelsea on a Saturday lunchtime. As was pointed out the Arsenal players only flew back to London on Thursday morning. Hardly good preparation for second game.

    I don’t know who makes the television scheduling, but BT in particular does not seem to do us any favours.

    These are not excuses for poor performances, but if the FA and EPL want English Clubs to do well in Europe then they need to be a little more accommodating how our matches are being scheduled.

    Having said that Arsenal knew very well before season started that we had a
    heavy schedule and should have been better equipped to deal with it than we
    are not least with long term injuries to Welbeck and Wilshire.

  102. tunnygriffboy


    Agree with TV schuduling. What are the PL doing to help all our teamsin Europe ?

    I think we underestimated our CL opponents. Most of the blamis Wenger though the team put out v Olympiacos was good enough to win. The players have to look at themselves as well

    What gets my goat is that if we are mentally right and play with intensity we can damage most teams. It’s consistency. The players need a real kick up the arse. I

  103. Mick Kartun

    Hey, N5 you asshole, read this PEDRO RULES below:


    Posted March 17th, 2008 by Pedro.

    We started this site for Arsenal fans fed up with abuse they got from other blogs, we were determined to have a site where you can have an opinion, not get one.

    1) If you don’t agree with another blogger, say so but don’t swear at him and don’t accuse him of supporting someone else.

    2) We take the time to write the blog, if you don’t like what we write go to, you’ll be happier.

    3) We don’t subscribe to the ‘Arsene knows’ camp, it’s our team, we’ll have our opinion and so will our Grovers.

    4) Swearing is not big and it’s not clever, if however you feel it helps your comment, then feel fucking free, we don’t give a rats arse.

    If you’re happy with that, welcome aboard, if not, then don’t bother.

    IF TYAG and you just be polite and remind me with no swearing and no CUNTS words, I’ll be delighted to stop my COCK nonsense posts.

    But you and your buddy so arrogant command every one to be like you and ask Pedro to bin anyone annoying you just to show every one here how fucked up you are.

    I am new here and I got abused from, a paradise for AKBs.

    Le Grove supposed to be fun and like goonerholics blog, with BEHIND THE ARSE section, even so porn humor and insult wenger and gazidiz kroenke.

    What the fuck do you morons have THE RIGHT to judge other sincere CRAZYgooners.

    I have posted serios stuff too about gunners, but I never insult Viera or Arsenal as a club.

    If you AKBs didn’t like these crazy people here in Grovers,

    THEN GO FUCK YOURSELF OFF to others AKBs paradise discussion.


    Le Grove supposed to be fun to get out from routine world of j