Arsenal 3 0 Manchester United. Five things we learned

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Holy Bjesus that was good! I was absolutely, positively not expecting that. Alex here. Peter has sprung a blog on me at the (very) last minute. So despite having lots to say, this is going to be very short and delivered in a cliched format.

Five things we learned from Arsenal’s humbling of United:

1. LVG is a massive fraud

I’ve been saying this for over a year now, there is no way United had made it to the top of the table through his stellar management abilities. United were all over the shop yesterday, passing sideways to no real effect and leaving oceans of space for our blistering attack to exploit. The fact he had to resort to bringing Fellaini on shows how garbage he really is.

2. If I was married, I genuinely don’t know who I’d let sleep with my wife first: Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil

Our star players were supernatural yesterday. Alexis, fizzing with energy, absolutely murdered Darmian on the left. While watching him yesterday, I was taken back to the time when Denilson was carrying the ball in the centre circle and then suddenly collapsed on the floor like he’d been shot. I thought of it because of the contrast between that type of player and Alexis Sanchez is quite dramatic. He’d want to play even if he had no legs and arms.

Ozil was electric, making mugs out of Schweinsteiger and Carrick in the middle, pulling off some of the most outrageous touches you will ever see and bagging a goal and an assist. I genuinely cannot express how much I love these two guys.

3. Theo Walcott reads Le Grove

He must do. He must have read us describing him as a contestant off the Crystal Maze after the Chelsea game because yesterday he channelled his inner Alexis. He didn’t score but I’d wager to say that was his best Arsenal performance. He battled, won the ball back, created space and was integral in all three goals. Theo, as I know you are reading this, PLAY LIKE THAT EVERY GAME. Don’t worry about the goals, they will come.

4. Arsenal are the comeback kings

No matter how bad things get for us, Wenger always manages to ensure it doesn’t get so bad that he gets sacked. He teeters on the edge of disaster like Wylie Cayote. Get humiliated by Olympiakos, spank United at home. Lose at home to Aston Villa, sign Mesut Ozil. You get the picture.

Credit where its due, that first half was unbelievable and I think we are starting to see what Wenger’s vision is with this team. I still feel he left a lot of tired legs out there for too long and we were in danger of conceding late on in the second half. Other than that you cannot fault the manager yesterday, the team’s performance was sensational.

5. Our fans found their voice

I was sitting in a different section yesterday but my god we were loud. Goes to show the difference a willing performance can make. What I liked most however is that all the fans were singing in the concourse at half time; something I have never ever seen. I’ve said before the fan/team relationship is symbiotic. Yes we need to get behind the team, but at the same time the team need to give the fans something to sing for. It doesn’t mean goals, just a passionate performance. We got that in bags yesterday.

Player Ratings: All 10

Right that’s your lot from me. I’d love to say more but I have to work!

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Enjoy bragging rights today!

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  1. useroz

    I posted before the match that our players got to lock Wenger out of the dressing room before the game to try and win it. Apparently they listened and had a closed door meeting.

    6th thing we learned :
    • If onlyy Walcott, cazorla, giroud and Ramseyt would hone their shooting and not wasted all of those chances in PL games to date. Just converting a third would have seen us top.

    Nevertheless a wonderful 1H, and a great test of resolve in the 2nd.

    We have NOT a single goal in the PL with Gabriel on the pitch …quite amazing really.

  2. Joe

    We should be beating Man U. We should of beaten them every time for the last few a seasons.

    About Fucken time we beat them.

    Don’t forget we lost to olympiakos on Tuesday and you know Wenger is going to be all smug and arrogant again (even more so) and complacent and then we lose to someone like watford.

    Where did beating city and pool 4-1 last season get us? 3rd 12 points back of the leaders

    It’s one Fucken game. Great win. But 1 Fucken game

  3. sam

    Do not get carried away?

    We beat Man utd, we are 14 places above Chelsea and we supposed to be miserable?

    you guys need sex

    or just hugs, seriously

  4. Leedsgunner

    I still don’t understand how the team who played so gloriously yesterday lost so abjectly to the likes of West Ham and drew so passively to Liverpool? Honestly fellas, what WAS that about? Had we won that game versus West Ham and Liverpool we would be on top, regardless of the Chelsea result. Ughh!

  5. sam

    Yes there are other 19 clubs competing with us in the premiership
    win the league or not, we are entitled to celebrate a great victory against the mancs.

    we destroyed them in the first 20 minutes
    Man that was Blitzkrieg

  6. N5

    Leeds its one of the greatest mysterys. It’s always when it’s do or die that they finally pull together a convincing win! Arsene has more lives than a sack of cats! he’s got out of so many holes from winning the odd game here and there!!

    Still regardless, I love beating Manure and I am over the moon that we won yesterday! I sit around by so many Mancs that it’s one of the few pleasures I get at work! so thank god we beat them!!

  7. Mick Kartun

    I really enjoyed reading this.

    from mirror.

    ‘Ivanovic and Fabregas can f*** off!’ – Chelsea fan goes on most incredibly epic rant ever

    Blues fan “Louis” goes from mildy annoyed to full blown meltdown in a matter of seconds – displaying a full range of emotions.


    Fabregas is really a cunt, he deserves it.

  8. Joe

    That’s the thing N5

    We never achieve any greatness under him anymore. And he hangs on every season by the a thread.

    I’d rather lose some games and force him out if it breaks the cycle. Or we are stuck in this win occasional game / come 4th bullshit

    It’s frustrating as hell.

    I’ve said it before. Another manager would take this team further than arsene ever will. He can’t motivate prepare plan for a whole season. He’s good for a game here or there.

  9. Joe

    Klopp will re kindle liverpools season and as bad as they’ve been they are only 4 points back of us in second

    It shits me that he is going there

  10. sam


    I think I know a thing or 2 about football
    Chamberlain would have had a great game too had he started n even scored
    for 3 reasons:
    1. He would have murdered Ashley young
    2.Sanchez n Walcott running amok gives him little to do, only uses his pace to open up man u defense more.
    3. Bellerin is quick enough to cover his defensive mistakes

    Some players are still immature n need to play with special instructions a bit of babysitting to perform n Wenger doesn’t provide any.
    I Don’t believe Sterling is better than Chamberlain, just has a better babysitter thats all.

  11. Cloggs

    What we have learned? The importance of having a world class goalkeeper.
    With Chezzer Manutd would have levelled.

  12. Mick Kartun

    I’ve said it before. Another manager would take this team further than arsene ever will. He can’t motivate prepare plan for a whole season. He’s good for a game here or there.

    Like Petit said AW is in very comfort zone. He got the best dream job that MoUrine is so envy and obsessed with AW.

    Like me also as a an audit manager in small company in my country in South east asia, I even am in comfort zone right now and having 5 staffs to assist me really make me in comfy and even still had the time in the working hours to post and chat in this GROVER with crazy people here. hahaha…..

  13. sam

    Cesc Fabregas, Golden boy at Arsenal fc
    then unwanted at Barca now Chelsea fans turning against him

    Oh Well, The traitor deserves it

  14. Rocky Pires

    samOctober 5, 2015 13:40:19
    Cesc Fabregas, Golden boy at Arsenal fc
    then unwanted at Barca now Chelsea fans turning against himOh Well, The traitor deserves i

    He is gone so slow and physically weak, doesnt looked motivated at all, Mrs Semen has him worn out .

  15. Wallace

    posted this earlier. a few Americanisms, but interesting article(was written last Friday)…

    “This Sunday at the Emirates in London, the team with the English Premier League’s best attack in the early season takes on the league’s best defensive side.

    The defensive side of this statement is not particularly controversial. Manchester United has been difficult to break down all season, with just six goals conceded in seven matches….But calling Arsenal the best attacking side, that requires some explanation. The Gunners have been shut out in three of their first seven matches, and their 10 goals scored place them seventh in the league behind Norwich City. But the underlying numbers are much, much better. Arsenal’s 149 non-penalty shots attempted lead the league. With 16.4 expected goals, Arsenal have by a good margin the best underlying statistics in England—Manchester City are next with just 13.1 xG.”

  16. shad

    @goondawg & Mo,

    Totally love Monreal. He’s been performing at such a high level from last season, it’s actually taken for granted. We’ll rave about the defensive solidity of Le Coq but Monreal puts everything in his back pocket on the left flank. No small thanks to Sanchez who tracks back immensely.

    Glad to also see Theo putting in a shift too in ball recovery.

  17. Louis Almeida

    I hope this Theo-Alexis-Ozil combination continues to thrive. Very fluid, pacy and quick in transition. Will then make you wonder why we persisted with Giroud for so long.

  18. MidwestGun

    Very good win. Epic first 25 minutes. Built on a bit of fragility tho from this past tw. Everyone knows Coquelin enables us to play with attacking flair. An injury to Coquelin and we are in trouble with no adequate backup.

    Also, Sanchez when on song is a thing of beauty, but he needs others on the opposite side of the pitch to create a threat to give him space to operate. I thought Theo and Ozil did this to great affect yesterday. Chile does this by having Vidal on the opposite side and a mobile Cf.
    We could have found a similar type player this past summer but we were hoping for Ox to step into this role. It hasn’t worked out so we are going with Ramsey. Rambo provides great energy but not the width we need to generate this space consistently. A switch to a 4-3-3 will still not help in this regard imo as it will bring Ozil out wider but it is an option. Also we pressed magificantly early. Not realistic to think we can do this in every match in every competition. As basically this squad is about 14 players deep not built to compete in the CL.
    With all that said motivation and confidence is a powerful force hope it continues.

    Also side note … the have some perspective vs just get behind the team comments are beyond tedious after every big win.

  19. Mick Kartun

    Breaking News.

    Abramovic had enough of mourine for his RATS controversy.

    Words from insider said he will sack the special rat himself tomorrow and appoint KLOPP after steal him from Looserpool nose.


  20. MidwestGun

    Might add Brenda getting the sack and Chelscum in 16th after getting beaten and Mourinho ( fuck off) having a meltdown. Makes this a truly remarkable past weekend coupled with our win. Still basking in the glow despite my hangover fumes from the celebration.

  21. WengerEagle

    Coquelin has been a revelation for us, couldn’t give a monkeys if he isn’t the best passer of the ball (I don’t believe he’s as poor a passer as made out actually).

    Him and Cech in goal give us a much more solid spine.

  22. STV

    Seems like LVG is not using their players well. Also their squad is little imbalanced. Shwine Schnideline Carrick Herrera Blind Fellaini that’s 6 dms and no top class defenders.

  23. WengerEagle

    Lol some people on here were actually turning their noses up at the idea of signing Gotze.

    Class act. Anyone that scores a World Cup Final winning goal and averages a goal every 3 matches from midfield for over 4 seasons is more than good enough for us.

  24. Rocky Pires

    Goetze RW with Ozil Sanchez and Theo = Champagne Fussball

    Anyone see much of Wellington Silva, I have being keeping an eye on him via Arsenalist highlights and he looks decent, will def learn his trade there anyhow as he is getting some kicking for being too skillfull

  25. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Ha.. I’ll admit I was one who would have worried about Gotze wanting to play at cam. And his perceived laziness. But his recent play with Germany as a false 9 and his finishing ability have changed my opinion in that regard

    Benzema can’t stop scoring also. 6 goals in 6 matches on 20 shots. Some on here where calling him lazy and over-rated also. Too bad we couldn’t persuade him. .

  26. daz

    Apparently Mourinho got paid off with 18m last time Chelsea sacked him not sure about real madrid but was probably a nice sum, he has just signed a new deal and said “they will have to sack me I will not walk away” after the Southampton loss. I wonder how much he will bank this time around he is the most self serving manager I have ever seen puts harry redknapp to shame I should imagine he is thinking right now why bother to sort this mess out when I can get sacked and keep the money and move on to my next club. Clubs really need to question his motives when hiring the man because to me the clubs interests are at the bottom of his priorities. Some claim Wenger is only in it for the 8m a year and job security but it seems a manger will make more money faster by moving from club to club and that’s most likely why Mourinho never lasts long at a club

  27. underrated Coq

    Eagle, agreed. That overstated ”Coquelin can’t pass” is fast becoming a myth.

    He’s averaged just under 50 passes a game this season (49) , three-fifth of which are forward passes(30.14). Average pass length is just over 16 metres (16.14 ) and his pass completion rate has shot up to 91 %. He’s even managed 3 key passes in 7 games.

  28. vicky

    Garry Neville is not all that objective after all…….seems to be a bit deluded when it comes to rating the United team. Apparently, he thinks United are a title contender.

  29. nigel tufnel

    It’s really sick that on a day like yesterday bamford was here trying to figure out how united could claw there way back into the match.

    You’re a sick man. Need help.nplease take your immense football insight elsewhere.

    And where mourinhos pal gambon ? No mention of the almost invincible special one, hazard, cesc?

  30. Carts

    “Garry Neville is not all that objective after all…….seems to be a bit deluded when it comes to rating the United team. Apparently, he thinks United are a title contender.”

    He’s not exactly wrong is he? I mean, the league is still very much wide open and at this bizarre rate there’ll be probably 5-8 point separating the top 4

  31. STV

    Maklele was great player who epitomized the importance of a defensive midfielder, the’ Maklele role’. Won many titles with Real , Chelsea and France. These teams couldn’t cope with his departure.

    I would go as far as saying Coquelin is improving at a very fast rate and could well be his successor.

  32. daz

    I did say in the summer I thought this season would be one where all the top teams drop more points than usual as the mid table teams are stronger all round

  33. MidwestGun

    Hazard is a shell of himself so far this season. I mean he was the player of the year last year and some were talking about Ballon D’or consideration. Now he seems content to make one move and fall over trying to get a foul.
    Strange times… only explanation I have is his legs are gone from last season..
    Sanchez all day over Hazard. … his work rate and finishing is incredible.
    Wish someone could rein him in from wanting to play in every match tho including for Chile friendlies.

  34. WengerEagle

    I don’t see United as title challengers either, they haven’t got the quality IMO.

    They will struggle for goals at some point, they haven’t a single player capable of scoring 20 goals in their squad with Rooney’s decline.

    A lot of unfair pressure on Martial.

    City are still the overwhelming favourites IMO with us as outsiders.

  35. MidwestGun

    Eagle –
    Haha ya, I know you weren’t. Sometimes confession is good for the soul. I’ll admit I don’t get to see enough Bundlesliga, just not enough viewing time to keep track of every League.

  36. vicky

    Coq and Carts

    Well, I get what you guys are saying but to me they don’t seem to have enough in them to win it even if other things bungle it up. We don’t turn up in many matches or make silly mistakes but at least we know with some luck we have a chance. United’s midfielders and wing backs are pretty meh tbh. Rooney is finished and Martial is their only striker who for all his talent is still a kid. There is NO overwhelmingly strong aspect of their game which can keep them going till the end of the season. We will see though. The next 3 league matches of United will give us a clearer picture.

  37. underrated Coq

    ” I mean he was the player of the year last year ”

    Only because he was part of Chelsea’s title winning team. I still think Sanchez and even Aguero were better performers last season.

  38. Carts


    From a performance perspective, no. But given the unpredictability we’ve been served up lately, there’s no reason why they can’t hang in there cos really and truly city seem like the only team to go on a tear-up, yet they were humbled against Yids and West Ham; while new castle gave as good as they good till Aguero morphed into an axe murderer

  39. Louis Almeida

    Gabriel spoke to ESPN Brazil after yesterday’s victory: “Cech is a great keeper he talks to me a lot, I have learnt a few phrases that I know he will say, he is a leader in the team.

    “I want to learn more from Laurent he is really good at coming from behind and taking the ball, I’d like to bring that to my game. God is always fair but I should have listened to my manager and Cech when they said not to react to Costa. We will play again. I have been tested by Costa before in spain, I think he knows that we were causing him issues, but this is life, we move on. Having two players to learn from like Per and Laurent is a gift from God. I am shadowing them and picking up lots of things.

    “Arsenal fans make you realise how big this club is, I will post one picture and my phone will go crazy for 3 days. As I walked off after being sent off against Chelsea I thought the fans would hate me, but the support was unbelievable. I want to stay here for a very long time, I don’t speak the language yet but I feel at home and this club is perfect for me.”

    I like him a lot! He reminds me of Lucio. He needs to brush up on his passing but I feel like that will come with time. First and foremost he’s a defender that likes to defend. If he ever gets bored of Arsenal he should come and partner Luisao at Benfica 😉

  40. Rocky Pires

    Ya I would agree

    – City have best team when all if fit, but look less convincing without any one of Aguero, Sliva or Kompany and in recent past the trio havent being on the field at the same time regularly enough.

    – Arsenal – Great at time, if they can get consistency at the back and stop conceeding goals they should be right up there .
    in their last 4 games v Utd and City we have taken 8 points out of a possible 12 so thats good form .

    – Utd, best keeper in the league, patched up defence , old and slow midfield , light up top but yet hard to beat and will take points off alot of teams.
    Could actually be a great assistance to us in that they can beat Chelsea and City.

    – Chelsea – hard to see them coming back in a meaningful manner and what with that shambolic treatment of Matic, things will only go from bad to worse for Mourinho . he has lost the dressing room and is now spouting about his ego and certain player letting him down.
    It the old divide and conquer routine only that Jose is doing it in his own club .

    Outside that no body wil come close to these teams

  41. MidwestGun

    Think it might come down to which team can keep their key players fit. To me Aguero, Silva and Toure are a class above but all have fitness concerns. I think City is deep enough to get by without Aguero and maybe even Toure for some time but if Silva gets injured they will struggle much like they did last season when he was out. I suppose they could switch De Bruyne into cam. Gonna be tough to beat them on goal scoring prowess. Why I think we needed to add someone.

  42. jwl

    Have a neighbour who born in Manchester, but lives here in Canada now, who supports manure and he banter all summer about what a clown Wenger is because we didn’t sign someone. Just now, was bringing in garbage bins from street, saw my neighbour who was also getting his bins, and boy did it feel good to have words with him about what I thought of manure.

    That win yesterday generating good feelings, even today.

  43. Wallace


    cheers for the Gabriel translation. good to hear Cech’s making his presence felt.

    also seems like our new keeper and Mertesacker hit it off quite well. two tall fuckers from the great beer lands.

  44. WengerEagle


    Yeah this is true, reminds me of the 2012/13 season where despite United winning the league at a canter, City and even Chelsea had better teams personnel wise and really just badly underperformed that season, especially City.

    2013/14 wasn’t as shocking as some made out, Chelsea and City just got their shit together and United’s best players in Rooney, RVP, Vidic and Ferdinand starting declining.

    Not to mention Moyseh.

  45. Uwot?

    Manure tricky fixture list really started with us as far as I can make out.if that’s a fair assessment they!ve fallen at the first hurdle & the next 4/5 games ,particularly away are no easier.a downward spiral perhaps?how lovely!

  46. Louis Almeida

    WengerEagle – Yes he could do with a bit more bulk which will help as the games come thick and fast but he’s already a strong boy. He’s always ready to go to war and is very aggressive, quick and good in the air like Lucio. Look forward to when him and Kos get a long run together but it’s good that we can rotate CBs and have Chambers develop too. Now to fix the midfield!

  47. Louis Almeida

    Wallace – Yes Cech has a lot of authority, comes and claims the ball with a lot of calmness. But it’s not a surprise. We’ve seen him do this for 10 years at Chelsea. In my opinion, he’s the best GK of the PL era and I’m glad he plays for us now! Hopefully he can play for a while yet!

  48. Carts


    Yep – City and Chelsea were mile ahead and still flunked.

    An interesting scenario would be for us to get eliminated from the CL in the groups. Make a huge signing or two in January then just literally try and bum rush our way to the title.

    Slim chance, but best case scnario.

  49. Rocky Pires

    Ya love Gabriels tough no nonsense approach, he just looks like he is going to rip the opposing players head off .

    I think in those home game v teams who will park the bus we are best to start Ramsey CM alongside Coq.
    Even give Santi the RW floating role or start Ox.
    We need Ramsey energy in the centre .

    Santi wouldnt have pace RW but could still thread a ball to Theo or Alexi and have Bellerin overlapping.
    I just think lesser teams who want to park the bus can crowd him out wheras Ramsey is more set for the battle .

    Starting Ox RW with Bellerin gives a very inexperienced wing and as good as Ox can be and we hope will be, the penny hasnt full dropped with him yet.

  50. Louis Almeida

    Yes Midwest, I agree that Alexis has been much better than Hazard this season. I think it’s good that he’s being less of a ball hog. He’s choosing his moments to dribble better, like when he’s in a one-on-one situation like yesterday rather than trying to take on a whole team! He’s learning to trust his teammates too which is good. His partnership with Ozil is getting better. He should just follow Ronaldo’s footsteps and pass to Ozil because Ozil will always set him up for more goals and help the tally.

  51. Rocky Pires

    This seasons actually has simularities to 97-98 in that a the club was loosing to Derby etc, players had a meeting, alot of things discussed very openly and home truths , next thing we beat Utd at home and power onto the title..
    Too optimistic???

    Back to Cech though, its the simple things really but how good is it to backpass to a keeper who can kick with both feet?
    One time Martial was closing him down, he kick with his right whereas Schz woul have given them the ball back or put it out of play anf let them gain momentum .

  52. MidwestGun

    Louis –
    Agreed if we can form an Ozil to Sanchez partnership it will free up our movement. It helps to not have Giroud in that regard because I think when he is in the side Ozil and company feel obligated to play balls into him. And balls into his feet usually result in a turnover. Of course every side won’t give us space either and want to attack like Man. U. So have to see if we can keep the momentum against an organized defensive setup.

  53. vicky

    I think we will be in the running come January. Le Grove will cry out for at least one signing to boost our title chances. And Wenger, as usual, will dither. I can see all this happening this season.

  54. Louis Almeida

    Yes Mid, I agree. You can’t play with the same intensity in every game because you will burnout and other teams will park the bus so we’ll need to be intelligent in the way we deal with less space. Giroud as annoying as he is will have to play some games so we can keep Theo fresh. But yes I agree that we are more fluid with the frontline we have now. Ozil is much more devastating when we play in transition. The first 30 mins yesterday reminded me of when he was at Real Madrid.

  55. tom

    Just popped in to say hooray for AFC.
    Great and long overdue win against the mancs.
    Let’s hope it galvanizes the team for what’s to come.
    Arsenal are excellent but struggled for consistancy , this kind of win can help them with confidence and that is what has been missing lately.


    I suspect the players do read blogs. Why wouldn’t they?
    Hopefully they stick to Arseblog though.

  56. nigel tufnel

    Better from BAMFORD today.

    You know that you’re schizophrenic, right?

    well … the anti-arsenal split personality is definitely dominant
    Today the gooner made a quick appearance with a reasonable post.

    Get some meds, then make sure the dickhead Arsenal hater stays hidden.

  57. gonsterous

    As mich as i Luke kos, he doesn’t look the boss like Gabriel. Someone focks with the team you see Gabriel flying in to teach them a lesson. Hope the others learn from this and not the other way around.. too many pansies in the team already !!!

  58. MidwestGun

    Haha players aren’t reading blogs. They don’t have time hopefully and why would you want to read criticism or conversely people blowing smoke up your ass. They might read their own twitter accounts.

  59. Tipster

    I’m just off the phone with a mate who rang me even though it was 4.20am USA time to tell me that LFC or John Henry wants an interim man before taking their time with a rigorous recruitment programme leading to an appointment in Jan. The temp man will be Mick McCarthy of Ipswich who will stay on as assistant to the new man when appointed. Dalglish will be in change of all new signings and Jimmy Tarbuck will be brought in to cheer up the squad every Friday night!

  60. underrated Coq

    ” I’ve always found you lot to be very fair about me. PS I’m DB10. ”

    Top,top quality Dennis.

    Me, I am Arsene Wenger and I like how you are all cohesive in wanting me out. I also admire your mental strengths to keep going after that hopeless cause.

    Why you look at this? I have written over a hundred posts.

  61. tom

    Players have plenty of down time.
    Naturally they might be curious about what folks think.
    Le Grove is one of the more high profile blogs , so quite likely gets the odd visit by players.
    If that is the case, a delicate ego might get bruised.

    Many here would thrill to think they had some influence.
    If it is so, it’s a shame it’s always negative.

  62. N5

    tom, can you imagine if one of the players came on and read a comment by PeanutsandMonkies or Johnty79? they’d read one comment and be gone for good.

    No one would stick around to read that garbage.

  63. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Maybe a glance. .. honestly doubt it tho. Can Alexis and Gabriel read English? Lol

    The notion that somehow what is said on a blog comment section has any impact on players whatsoever is laughable to me. And the notion that it needs to be always positive (read not honest ) is also strange to me. Genuine comments are what makes a blog good, imo. There are extremes on literally every topic.

  64. tom

    Wenger knows the way to plus your talent is to keep players together and try to develop cohesion .
    Patience is required but the pay off is football like we have seen flashes of this season.
    Yesterday’s performance was all about the collective. The sum greater than it’s parts.
    Few others teams allow management to take the long view and so fail to exploit this obvious strength.

  65. tom

    Sanchez and Gabriel are strong characters and would laugh at the nonsense written here.
    But what about poor old Theo?

    I like to think Arsene reads a page or two, as a bromide before bed.

    Obviously, he thinks I’m a good chap but the rest are knobs.

  66. MidwestGun

    Cohesion is of course important, but so is balance planning for aging and injured players, motivation and tactics, etc…. etc…. to me yesterday was about desire and pressure. Clearly the midweek conferences made an impact. You have to have the talent no matter how patient you are and players decline due to age and form.

  67. tom

    P&M is a loony, but hardly alone.
    WOBs seem way more extreme than the few AKBs that post here regularly.

    Isn’t that true?

  68. warchester

    positivity will do you shit if you’re coming up against a team that plays against your strengths….we’re still a team that needs to score early to win…failing that…we’re stagnant…so stop your BS about cohesiveness and brilliant tactical masterplan by Wenger. Being positive or negative has absolutely nothing to do with how you play…things don’t fall our of the sky just because you’re hopeful, cheery and have your fingers crossed all the time. So stop this bull shit about needing to be positive, it’s delusional

  69. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    No… you haven’t been here long. L.e P.rof, Dan. C., he is more chill now), too numerous to mention refugees from Untold here to earn their merit badge. I’d say it’s about equal. .. it’s just one group sticks around longer.

  70. daz

    Footballers don’t care what people think on a blog besides they have far to many hangers on kissing their Arse every day of the week for them to remember what they read on a blog (if they ever did) I work in retail and plenty of pl players come in on a regular they get their Arse truly licked cuz the shop want their money, some of the conversations I’ve heard makes you want to vomit their wags walk round like their royalty so no they don’t care

  71. tom

    You are right in saying there has to be balance between maintaining continuity ( to breed cohesion) and freshening the squad. Too conservative means stagnation, too inpatient means nothing develops.
    Liverpool and Spurs have learned this the hard way.
    CFC and City spend enough to negate the need for cohesion in our league, but get exposed in Europe.

  72. tom

    Since I have visited the only AKB to act out is Nigel, and he seems to have an issue with a couple of specific posters.
    Other than him , I haven’t seen much bad behaviour on my side if the row.

    But there are a least ten regular WOBs here that post little more than abuse.

    WOBs get better treatment on Arseblog than AKBs get here.

  73. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Hmmm thinks ten is an exaggerated number. But then I’ve been called everything under the sun and had disagreements with just about everyone on one topic or another. Keyser and Rev Kev were pretty creative about it, tho. Then again I don’t think name calling gets you many points so I try to limit it to Redtruth mostly. Lol.

  74. Wallace

    “WOBs get better treatment on Arseblog than AKBs get here.”

    yah, find it slightly baffling that some see it as a pretty even fight. probably seven or eight lunatic WOBs for every bugged out AKB.

  75. tom

    Yesterday there were discussions about Klopp. Is he any good? Etc.

    The argument was he starts well then slumps.
    It occurred to me he has been trapped by the same circumstances as Wenger and many others.
    Do better than expected. Have your best players poached. Start again.
    This makes progress very difficult.
    Rogers may have suffered a similar fate. But in his case, he spent high to replace and it failed.

  76. MidwestGun

    Klopp might be Wenger had he been allowed to stay in Dortmund or wanted to for 20 years. My opinion is no matter how good of a manager you are it’s hard to stay motivated and at the top of your game for 2 decades in the same exact situation. Then again I believe in term limits in politics and marriage.

  77. tom

    You and I agree on little but have managed to talk without too much abuse.
    You represent the moderate WOB.
    You are a distinct minority in your camp.

    More typical is Bamford. Joe , Baying Mob etc.
    Hopeless trying to talk with that lot.

  78. BacaryisGod

    On another note, Southampton continue to amaze me. From just two seasons ago, they’ve lost players amounting to an unheard of 68% of starting minutes from their squad, including 8 of their 11 most frequently used players.

    That’s probably the most drastic turnover in the history of the Premier League and the old First Division and also coincided with the loss of their manager from that season.

    Only Fonte, Davis and Wanyama remain from those 11 players.

    Remarkable job from Koeman, who I think is probably the most likely candidate right now to succeed Wenger when he finally retires. There have been several managerial false dawns before (Coyle, Martinez and of course Brenda) but we could do a lot worse than Koeman with his compatriot DB14 as his assistant.

  79. tom

    Believe it or not, I agree that 20 years is too long for any regime.
    However I don’t think Arsenal would have negotiated there way through what has proven to be such chaotic period in football history without a clear philosophy and with too much chopping and changing.

  80. Wallace


    yeah, got a tad peeved about the Schneiderlin love in on here, but, outside of that, love seeing Southampton continuing to thrive. i’d worry that Koeman would be a little too conservative after Wenger, but no doubt he’s doing an excellent job, and is also apparently a really decent guy.

  81. daz

    Warchester its mainly just drivel Arse kissing like “oh you were great the other day” even though I’ve never seen you play. ” I love your new hair style where did you go” “are you going to Marco’s haven’t seen you in awhile” although anelka started coming for awhile when he was at the baggies the personal shopper didnt know who he was she asked me a bunch of questions about him so she goes over and acts like she knows all about him comes back later I asked her how he was she’s like yeah really nice I’m going to play tennis with him at the weekend, she probably gave him a blow job. I’m telling you people are all over them for the money

  82. BacaryisGod

    By the way, of those 8 players for Soton, only one was released (Boruc) and the other 7 were sold for a total of about 125 million, an average of about 18 million per player.

    Of the players that left immediately two summers ago (pre-Koeman) there seems to be somewhat of a curse. None of them (Lovren, Chambers, Lallana, Shaw and Lambert) have lived up to their transfer fee. Clyne and Schneiderlin who left this summer look to be better value right now for their new teams.

  83. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    I’ve been called an Akb many times. Lol. I just wanted Wenger to retire. I don’t believe in name calling. For me I feel it’s useless to rage against him as only Stan will make that decision. People get frustrated with faith based devotion and sometimes that comes out as insults, I suppose. I don’t take much personally on a blog. Altho, L.e P.rof, Dan C and H,ighbury D.aze crossed that line a few times with insults to my nationality and death wishes, etc….
    I’m all for some banter tho… not about sterilized comment sections.

  84. tom

    I like Koemann. Impeccable football credentials.
    Still feel I need to see more before I’m convinced he’s a worthy successor to Arsene.
    I would prefer his type to some more established coaches like Ancelloti, for example. Not that CA isn’t outstanding, just don’t know how commuted he would be.
    Above all, I want the new man to be inline with our traditional values.

  85. MidwestGun

    I think there are a lot of managers that could do a job. AW was a relatively unknown commodity. I just don’t want him to handpick his successor or be a football director. I prefer a clean break.

  86. bennydevito

    Evening Grovers,

    Missed the match yesterday as I had to treck across Bristol and back taking my eldest back to her Mothers but I kept up to date via sky sports.

    Was a great first half performance but I was worried that we might sit to deep in the 2nd half and invite man utd onto us but luckily we seemed resolute in defence, Cech was a huge confidence, Gabriel is showing real potential, Montreal is suddenly looking like a world and Walcott is really growing into the CF I thought he could be if given a run up top and free from injury. I think whether you’re AKB or WOB, if you can’t enjoy that victory against the scum then you’re not a real Arsenal fan.

    I’ve been Wenger out for a while but after games like that part of me can’t help but think Wenger should get more time. Probably the romantic at heart in me and that I used to be quite an AKB myself before 2005, and think that’s the problem – results like this galvanise the AKBs, cast doubt amongst the fence sitters and pulls at the heartstrings of ex-AKBs like me who want Wenger out.
    So for now, I’m Wenger let’s see where this season goes from here, but ultimately history tells us that there’s bound to be a humiliating capitulation around the corner, probably in the title run in where we fall short due to not buying the players we need in January.

    Let’s see how things go.

    Also, how hilarious would it be for the specialist in cuntiness to get sacked by Abromavich again and then replaced by Klopp! Would be so great and would leave Liverpool right up the shitter!

    However, if Liverpool were to get Ancelotti in…

    That would be bad news for us and would really force City’s hand in their pursuit of Guardiola.

  87. Redtruth

    WOB label lol lol

    AKB’s and the regular suspects trying to marginalise the detractors with silly labels, when it’s clear as day the team lags behind it’s competitors, talk about the blind leading the blind!

  88. Wallace

    I think in their current situation Klopp’s a far better bet for Liverpool than Ancelotti. he’s got the big personality to galvanise the place, but also the energy & desire, that i think Ancelotti might be lacking at this stage in his career. that said, i think Garry Monk’s just as likely.

  89. El Tel 1

    Anyone else have the thought that Moaninhio has been poached by Liverfool?

    Maybe Abramovich wants Klopp and Moaninhio has been making a nuisance of himself on purpose.

    Conspiracy at its best.

  90. Nasri's Mouth

    I’d be amazed if either Ancelotti or Mourinho would ever join Liverpool.

    There’s basically zero chance of Liverpool winning the league in the next few years and neither of those are going to join a team like that.

    Klopp might accept Liverpool, he might be prepared to accept those terms. He seemed pretty happy to sign up long term with Dortmund despite having no chance of winning the Bundesliga again

  91. tom

    Chaos I refer to is football in general.
    Landscape has changed radically in last decade.
    Suger daddies, TV money etc.

  92. London gunner

    Klopp’s hands are tied doesn’t matter how good a manager he is there isn’t much you can do with liverpool.

    It would take a man united implosion which is unlikely or liverpool getting a one in a generation superstar under the radar signing like Suarez.

    Both very unlikely. Klopp’s a good manager, think he deserves CL football. So PSG or one of the other french teams or a top 4 la liga team.

    However I just don’t rate him highly enough for the arsenal job.

  93. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m genuinely curious to see how he does.

    He did really well at Dortmund but a big part of his success was the players he recruited or brought through.

    12/13 when they finished 25 points behind Bayern and only a point ahead of an ordinary Leverkusen side they had:


    Just as Wenger can’t pull those magic signings out of a hat anymore because those ‘secret’ markets are known to all, so Klopp seems to be struggling to find top talent at bargain prices, and he’s inheriting a pretty uninspiring squad at Anfield.

    Having said all that, his natural enthusiasm and technique might get more out of the players than Rodgers could.

    I’m fascinated to see which way it goes, and with Spurs, Chelsea and ManC coming up soon for Liverpool, I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for some ‘new manager’ syndrome

  94. London gunner

    Watching that show on Wayne Rooney.

    He used to be so talented. Such a force/ beast/one man army.

    Like an English sanchez.

    Why did he decline so badly. Never had any serious injuries and lost his pace at a young age.

  95. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Yes it will be interesting.

    There is a nucleus for a team
    On this board we had people clamouring to sign shako an benteke

    So there are good players there but I think it was Rodgers …
    Poor record in the big team battles

    Klopp will have that honeymoon period

    Then it could get tricky before it gets better for them…

    But klopp is a good manager …

    We will end up with wengers mate the Croatian …..

  96. Nasri's Mouth

    londongunner: Why did he decline so badly. Never had any serious injuries and lost his pace at a young age.

    He’s played a massive amount of top level football.

    414 PL games, 557 club games in total,43,784 mins

    Compare that to someone like Cazorla, who’s older yet has played 8000 mins less.

    Add in the games for England, another 8000 mins, the fact he’s never been the best at maintaining his fitness or looking after himself, and you realise what a brilliant job Paul Stretford did in getting him that last contract.

  97. Nasri's Mouth


    There’s a few things that did for Rodgers.

    1) excessive expectations

    Like it or not, Liverpool fans (and a big chunk of the media) haven’t come to terms with the fact that Liverpool just aren’t a big enough club (in the areas that matter, IE money) to compete at the very top any more. They’re the 5th/6th biggest team in the league

    2) Being Brendan

    A lot of managers talk a load of BS, but he was right at the top of the pile and when the results didn’t go the right way, he wound a lot of people up

    3) injuries and players leaving.

    It’s hard to keep getting the results when your top players leave. Suarez, Gerrard, Carragher, Sterling, Sturridge. Most managers would struggle if they lost that calibre of talent / influence

    And last and not least IMO

    4) FSG fancy a quicker turn around

    Sometimes a team has a better than expected season or 2 before the manager is found out. Maybe it’s better for FSG to have a few peaks, and try to avoid the troughs by acting quickly and replacing a manager whose over-shining star starts to splutter. IE Bring in Klopp, keep him for 2/3 seasons, get rid, get in the next latest thing, rinse and repeat.

  98. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    True nas


    Are getting twitchy

    No guarantee that the next person will get the nessecary time …
    There is no quick fix at pool,
    Losing Suarez was a hammer blow beyond repair…

    We had similar but we coped as there was not all relying on that player.

    Suarez was deverstated that they blew the league

    Also were fsg

    Maybe they have not got over that ….