Arsenal 3 0 Manchester United. Five things we learned

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Holy Bjesus that was good! I was absolutely, positively not expecting that. Alex here. Peter has sprung a blog on me at the (very) last minute. So despite having lots to say, this is going to be very short and delivered in a cliched format.

Five things we learned from Arsenal’s humbling of United:

1. LVG is a massive fraud

I’ve been saying this for over a year now, there is no way United had made it to the top of the table through his stellar management abilities. United were all over the shop yesterday, passing sideways to no real effect and leaving oceans of space for our blistering attack to exploit. The fact he had to resort to bringing Fellaini on shows how garbage he really is.

2. If I was married, I genuinely don’t know who I’d let sleep with my wife first: Alexis Sanchez or Mesut Ozil

Our star players were supernatural yesterday. Alexis, fizzing with energy, absolutely murdered Darmian on the left. While watching him yesterday, I was taken back to the time when Denilson was carrying the ball in the centre circle and then suddenly collapsed on the floor like he’d been shot. I thought of it because of the contrast between that type of player and Alexis Sanchez is quite dramatic. He’d want to play even if he had no legs and arms.

Ozil was electric, making mugs out of Schweinsteiger and Carrick in the middle, pulling off some of the most outrageous touches you will ever see and bagging a goal and an assist. I genuinely cannot express how much I love these two guys.

3. Theo Walcott reads Le Grove

He must do. He must have read us describing him as a contestant off the Crystal Maze after the Chelsea game because yesterday he channelled his inner Alexis. He didn’t score but I’d wager to say that was his best Arsenal performance. He battled, won the ball back, created space and was integral in all three goals. Theo, as I know you are reading this, PLAY LIKE THAT EVERY GAME. Don’t worry about the goals, they will come.

4. Arsenal are the comeback kings

No matter how bad things get for us, Wenger always manages to ensure it doesn’t get so bad that he gets sacked. He teeters on the edge of disaster like Wylie Cayote. Get humiliated by Olympiakos, spank United at home. Lose at home to Aston Villa, sign Mesut Ozil. You get the picture.

Credit where its due, that first half was unbelievable and I think we are starting to see what Wenger’s vision is with this team. I still feel he left a lot of tired legs out there for too long and we were in danger of conceding late on in the second half. Other than that you cannot fault the manager yesterday, the team’s performance was sensational.

5. Our fans found their voice

I was sitting in a different section yesterday but my god we were loud. Goes to show the difference a willing performance can make. What I liked most however is that all the fans were singing in the concourse at half time; something I have never ever seen. I’ve said before the fan/team relationship is symbiotic. Yes we need to get behind the team, but at the same time the team need to give the fans something to sing for. It doesn’t mean goals, just a passionate performance. We got that in bags yesterday.

Player Ratings: All 10

Right that’s your lot from me. I’d love to say more but I have to work!

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Enjoy bragging rights today!

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  1. Bankz

    Yesterday’s win was our sweetest since the 5-3 drubbing of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

    Two things it showed yesterday,LVG is a dinosaur and even more stupid than Wenger and Man United despite spending £350million since Sir Alex are still are a very average side who have struggled but had luck winning most of their games since then.

    Man City
    2 legged tie with CSKA

    I think most people will come to my conclusions after they’ve played those games.
    I honestly think City will shit on them at old Trafford.

  2. DUIFG

    shout out to petr chech as well, if they had scored just before half time its a different game.

    great to finally spank united!

  3. shad

    And have to disagree with you Alex about Wenger, yesterday was phenomenal but he does not have a vision for the club. The beauty isn’t the odd spanking of a dire ManU tram but producing passionate performances consistently and him being able to tweak the team pre and during the game to get the best out of the players so as to win the game. He doesn’t do that enough for me and he is stale fish.

    Agee about the player ratings, they all put in a shift. Glad to be 2nd. Wenger out.

  4. SomeRandomGunner

    I know this is going to come up again and again . We did not win because we played counter attacking football. We won because of our usual possession based but faster attack when required. In the first 20 mins we had like 70 % possession after that we just kind of sat back. So naturally our possession stats will be much lower by the end of the match.

  5. Bamford10

    Great performance from Arsenal yesterday, especially the defensive pressing all over the field. Even Walcott harried & tackled.

    Raises the question, though: why do we not see this kind of pressing on a more consistent basis?

    Many positives, though, including:
    – Walcott’s improved CF play
    – Sanchez’s fabulousness
    – Ozil played well in a big game
    – Cech was excellent
    – Cazorla was imperious
    – the back four were really solid (even w/o Kosc)
    – overall team confidence and spirit were fantastic

    If we work and press like that going forward, if Walcott continues to improve, if the combination play between the front four is as good as it was yesterday, and if Coquelin remains healthy:

    we can definitely finish a respectable second, maybe even challenge.

    Seriously, though, play like that and second is ours, and we might even challenge.

    Problem is, I suspect yesterday will be a bit of a blip, as I don’t expect the team to continue to work and press like that.

    However, I hope that we do. I hope that the team learned something yesterday about what is required to win big games, namely, hard work on both sides of the ball, lots of good movement off the ball when in attack, etc.

    We will see.

  6. Mick Kartun

    Well this is an interesting article.

    Arsenal Debate – Is it time for AOBs and AKBs to call a truce?

    Every time Arsenal lose a game, the so-called AOB’s come out to play, insulting other Gooners and disrespecting the greatest manager in Arsenal’s history, despite the success he has brought to us over his 19 years at the club. When we win they suddenly become Arsenal fans again and praise the team profusely, but with the proviso that says that the Gunners should play like this every single week and win every single game convincingly.
    So, IF Wenger wins the title then the AOB’s will become AKB’s, but IF Wenger fails spectacularly, then AKB’s will become AOB’s. So I am certain that, come the end of the season, we will ALL be united in our opinions. But for now, we can all just sit back and wait and see how the season pans out. So let us all just get behind the team and the manager and cheer them on to the greatest of heights until the end of the season. If they succeed, and bring us the title we all crave for then we will ALL be happy. If they fail, then we ALL have ever right to proclaim that we need a new manager to take us up that small gap to the top of the table.

    What do you think guys, can we call a truce until the end of the season?

    What about you @JOE?

    For me as a foreign WOB, maybe…just maybe if AW get the EPL trophy end of season, I will become AKB. Hahaha.

  7. DUIFG

    ramsey isnt ideal on the right but his pressing and pressure he puts on the ball is a nice attribute, we lose that with chambo

  8. Leedsgunner

    It’s only one game but it is ALWAYS a good day when we beat United.

    Shame that RvP wasn’t there though… I would have loved to see his face at the end… 🙂

    Super job Arsenal — let’s not lose perspective though, it’s a long season ahead — and we need to be consistent. Treat every game whether it’s Man United or Watford the same… and for goodness sake keep Coquelin fit.

    He made such a difference yesterday…

    Hopefully we have a DM and a ST lined up to come in in January because if we play like this more often we could pull off something really special. Don’t want to say it, or even think it, but I think we all know what I mean.

    Still, must keep perspective… 🙂 Great saying that after a great win rather than after a dismal loss… almost makes up for the performance against Chelsea… 🙂

  9. Phlo

    So with Klopp going to the Kop…….wishful thinking that with Pep’s contract ends June ’16……one can only dream

    Good performance and win by the guys yesterday….. Yeah so good to be a Gooner this morning

  10. WrightIsGod

    My man crush on Nacho Monreal is becoming a problem. Most consistent player in the Arsenal team for the last 6-8 months.

    Has nobody noticed that most the goals we concede come from our right hand side and not left? Monreal and Sanchez have that side on lock right now. Great in defence and great in attack. Gibbs should never get a look in (I’ve always disliked Gibbs, so weak minded).

    Monreal might be our best left back since Winterburn (although we can’t mention Cashley). Love, love, man love for Nacho.

    Nacho, Nacho man, I want to be a Nacho man!

  11. SomeRandomGunner

    @Phlo I dont think Guardiola does not really like challenges . Winning CL with Arsenal will be a very very big challenge for any manager , dont know whether Guardiola will fancy it.

  12. Emiratesstroller


    I would not describe LVG as a fraud. I think that he is a highly intelligent and thinking coach, but I would agree that Manchester United despite their heavy
    expenditure in transfer market over last two years are not an exceptional team.

    Moreover their talisman Rooney is now in serial decline and I think that makes a huge difference to Man Utd. At the moment there are no major
    players at the club who will make a real difference when chips are down.

    Arsenal played very well yesterday. If only they could maintain that level of
    performance throughout the season we could be Champions!!!

    What I did see however was that with both Walcott and Sanchez on form we
    are a completely different team, because opponents have more than one
    striker to worry about in our team.

    Perhaps the biggest puzzle for me is Ozil. Noone disputes that his vision, movement and passing skills are sublime, but it is his failure to shoot and score goals which concerns me. Yesterday was one of the few occasions this season
    when he showed that he has shooting and finishing ability. Why does he not
    do it more frequently?

    As many have suggested over the summer there is not a lot wrong with our
    squad apart from concerns about our fitness levels. A couple of key acquisitions could have made a real difference.

    On another aspect I think that Chelsea do have serious problems. Personally
    I think that Mourinho could lose his job if not during the season then at the
    end of it.

    For me Mourinho is a manager who can and does produce short term success
    [couple of years], but his personality and behaviour ultimately leaves a sour
    taste and I suspect impacts on morale.

    This is a manager who makes a lot of enemies. The enmity between him and
    Wenger is well known, but he behaved almost as badly in last 12 months towards Benitez and Pellegrini as well. Showing contempt to your peers is not
    just down to arrogance but a bad character.

    Moreover when things start going off the rails blaming everyone but yourself
    for the problem whether the doctor or referees is not an endearing feature.

    The fact is that for every player who loves Mourinho there is at least another
    who detests him.

    My view is that Chelsea will recover, because they have despite recent results
    a very strong squad, but they may not qualify for a top 4 place and Champions
    League Football.

    If that happens I do think that Abramovich will offload him, because he is a
    ruthless owner. The fact that Mourinho in his interview indicated that his
    position at club could be at risk suggests that he knows it as well.

    Mourinho will never be out of work, but I suspect that he will find it increasingly difficult to secure a job at one of the top clubs in England and Europe, because of the baggage that he is beginning to carry. I could not conceive that
    the two Manchester clubs or Arsenal would be willing to employ him nor
    Bayern or the two top clubs in Spain.

  13. Phlo

    @SRG I hear you but I’m sure at some point you (in Pep’s case after managing barca and bayern) would like to show that you are up for a proper challenge

  14. Leedsgunner

    D. Simeone for me over Pep.

    Although Pep is classy, he has had everything served on a silver platter and have never had to build his team from a position of weakness.

    Simeone is a street fighter and he is not afraid to mix it up with the big boys like Barça and Real Madrid and win. He wouldn’t be intimidated by the likes of Chelsea, Man United and Man City… he would bring in a warrior heart to the club again.

  15. Louis Almeida

    “Although Pep is classy, he has had everything served on a silver platter and have never had to build his team from a position of weakness.”

    Leeds, I have to disagree with you. This is bad revisionism. When he took over Barca they had just finished 4th and had a very bad season. He sold a lot of players and went with the La Masia graduates. He did a lot of worth which I think gets overlooked because of how dominant his team was.

  16. Sam

    What impressed me most about our win was the in game management. From the start we seemed to have plan to blow utd out at the beginning and then absorb their pressure and hit them on the break.

    And for once we executed this to perfection, Loved how solid we were as a unit and even the few chances we did give up, we had the luxury of a world class goalie as a fall back.
    We had quite a few decent chances to add more goals too!

    Also credit where it’s due. Wenger made a great tactical change to kill the game off by switching to 4-5-1 with ramsey, coq and santi in the middle. Effectively made us more compact and nullified Utd’s threat.

  17. SomeRandomGunner

    Sanchez is playing better than last season . He has 10 more successful passes per game this season and his pass completion is 81 % up from 77 % .
    All this while maintaining the 3.57 (3.52 last season) successful take ons per 90 mins.

  18. Emiratesstroller


    The point about Guardiola is that he is not only successful but a “safe pair of hands”.

    There is nothing combustible about him like Mourinho and he is widely respected within the game.

    Personally I would jump to bring him to Arsenal if the opportunity arises.

  19. SomeRandomGunner

    @Louis Almeida But having a Messi / Iniesta / Xavi / Pique at the same time from La masia was very very lucky at the least . No doubt with or without Pep all the important players would still be great players.

  20. Wallace

    in Barney Ronay’s piece on Ozil he mentions us slipping into a 4-3-3 at times yesterday, and i think that’s how it will evolve. Ramsey dropping deeper and coming inside to pad out the midfield, leaving Ozil, Alexis & Theo to get about their work up top.

    Ramsey – Coquelin – Cazorla

    Ozil – Walcott – Alexis

    although obviously a lot more fluid than the above suggests. but getting Ramsey’s role right is, i think, the key to our season. that and the above players staying healthy for a long enough period.

  21. Jude

    Just get behind the team already.. Support arsenal during the season.. Bitch moan and complain in the off season.. Raise hell ask questions at the AST.. But during the season support arsenal gandammmit!!

    Great win from the boys.. Great team spirit and resolve from the team.. I’m sure even the most dim witted of us on this site can see the inherent stupidity and utter moronic logic of blaming the manager when things go wrong but not giving him the full praise when things go right..

  22. Leedsgunner

    If Chelsea implodes and falls out of the top 4 I wonder where their stars will go. I would love to see Hazard but I suspect he’ll be Barça, Bayern or Real Madrid bound but what about Costa and Cesc. Would people have Cesc back?

    Players that have moved from Chelsea to Arsenal have had mixed results in recent times…

    Cech – Excellent, the gift that keeps on giving.
    Benayoun – Fair
    Gallas – pile of steaming Chav dung.

  23. SomeRandomGunner

    @Leeds Cesc will be 29 and he is slow . We do not need him now. Costa would not touch him mainly for his disgusting behaviour .

    Hazard – Ozil – Sanchez – Theo would be some front 4 …

  24. Leedsgunner

    Very Fair points Louis, taken and respected.

    But he was still at Barca when he did that though wasn’t he? A club he had grown with, played for and captained? He was still acting within an environment he knew inside out and backwards…

    He did do an amazing job at Barca, especially building up a winning team with their graduates that is a matter of historical record but my point is Pep has always worked in clubs where their dominance is ready established in their leagues.

    Barca is one of the two leading lights of la Liga. Bayern is the headline club of the Bundesliga. Pep has only worked with top clubs, is my point.

    The fact that Simeone broke into that duopoly in La Liga and won the title recently makes him a more impressive candidate in my opinion.

    Pep I think will be Man City’s manager anyway. I can’t see our Board of dinosaur directors making such a bold move, sadly.

  25. peanuts&monkeys

    @ Kartun
    “For me as a foreign WOB, maybe…just maybe if AW get the EPL trophy end of season, I will become AKB. Hahaha.”

    Today, I dont want to paste you for the above line you wrote.

    But regarding : ‘So let us all just get behind the team and the manager and cheer them ‘ you are stretching your imagination too much. Wenger is a spent force at this level. For EPL standards, he is a moving fossil. Any club who plan their future (even near future of even the current season) with this obstinate jackass, are as unambitious as a retired whore.

    There is no question of getting ‘..behind the manager..’. He is evil for Arsenal. he has to go. And NOW! Cant wait till another loss in EPL.

  26. Emiratesstroller


    Costa is a good player, but with two weaknesses namely his conduct on field, which can prove a liability and also he is injury prone.

    Fabregas will not return to Arsenal. My suspicion is that there has been a fallout between him and Wenger. In any event I don’t see where he would play in starting lineup. Arsenal have quite a few “mature” players in their squad. They
    should look now to recruit some “major younger talent” in the 23-25 age group.

  27. YoungMurphy

    Ha how much things change in a few days!

    With no football for a couple of weeks (I don’t count international break) I will bask in this forever. Do some of the same mistakes still keep cropping up? (lax play on the ball, giving it away a bit too cheaply, passing our way out of our own box) HELL YES, but for one day, it was ok.

    My question is though, why don’t we ALWAYS do this? The last time we’ve absolutely blitzed a team from the off, we won 4-1 (Liverpool @ home). Even Bayern Munich in the CL a couple seasons ago we started so well until Ozil missed the penalty. Why even let any team have any part of us? Bamford you make a good point but why not play every game like this? Try and win it within the first half.

    It could have been more which makes it even better. As Thierry, Graeme and Carra said on Sky post match, this is the best opportunity we’ll have to win the league. No one team is a stand out and with the rise of the middle class, anyone can get got on any given day.

    @Mick Kartun – I’d be firmly in the AKB camp until the shambles off this summer. Then went heavily into the WOB. I think we should call a truce, even for my own sanity and prisoner of the moment behaviour.

  28. Zoran

    Alex, I agree with most what you said.
    One objection: We need to get behind the team, also when it’s not going as we want. It is very sad to be at Emirates when we are loosing. Like in a library. The players are then walking alone.
    It’s always remarkable to see and hear the fans in Germany, how they stay behind their respective teams, no matter if they loose or win, the atmosphere is always great.

  29. peanuts&monkeys

    “If Chelsea implodes and falls out of the top 4 I wonder where their stars will go. ”

    Chelsea will be back up there by Jan. And even if they dont, why will their stars go away? Please do not forget Chesea doesnt have a habit of underachievement. Their players would know, the club management will change the manager or do something to make them champs (or playing like champs) again.

  30. Goondawg

    I think Gabriel has to go down as one of Wenger’s recent successes in the transfer market. Never thought I’d see the day Kos drop out of our back 4 and our defence still didn’t crumble. We haven’t conceded a goal in the league with him on the pitch, and as showcased by the Costa incident, I love his fight and passion. Check his reaction to Ozil’s goal:

  31. Louis Almeida

    I have to admit, if Walcott keeps this up he’ll prove me wrong. I didn’t think he had other facets to his game but he is showing more aggression, awareness in his play now which is vital as a lone CF.

  32. Leedsgunner


    Ability wise he was good, attitude wise, he stoked up division. 🙂

    That on pitch protest at Birmingham what was that all about? Bizarre to say the least.

  33. Goondawg

    Lol ofc we wont play like that every single game. Are you guys ret@rded? Its not physically possible to sustain those levels of pressing every single game, espesh in the PL+ 3 other comps. Southampton can do it, they play once a week, we play 60+ games a season ffs. You saw how our players were dead in the last ten minutes, why increase the chance of breaking them in october?

  34. vicky

    Got to say Theo has replaced Giroud as our first choice striker. Not solely because he has been scoring goals but also because the likes of Ozil,Cazorla and Sanchez tick with Theo upfront.Theo has improved his passing and hold up play as well. Looks motivated after getting the starting role and is putting in a shift. Still, not the ideal candidate to be a CF for a team with title aspirations but unless he really loses his form, he would be the first choice ahead of Giroud.

    Petr Cech and Nacho are terrific players. Nacho must be the most underrated footballer in the league. With Koss,Nacho and Cech, we have three amazing players in defense.

    I would not mind Arsenal bombing out of FA Cup, Carling cup and even Champions League if that helped us our run in the league. We have played well in the 2nd half of the season in recent times when we had a very kind schedule. Would be a good thing if by January, premier league is the only thing for us to focus on.

  35. SomeRandomGunner

    @Goondawg Yeah I mentioned the same in yesterday’s blog. We have had decent success in the transfer market but Koscielny and Gabriel (if he continues at the same level) stand out. Then comes Cazorla.

  36. Wallace


    agreed re Gabriel. love him. and a bonus he can play alongside either of the other two. although i prefer him alongside Mertesacker.

  37. SomeRandomGunner

    @vicky “Still, not the ideal candidate to be a CF for a team with title aspirations”

    Just curious what additional quality do you think will make Theo a good enough candidate for title winning team ?

  38. Alfie

    Gebuine question –

    Based on the last season and to current date – would you have swapped Fabregas for Ozil?

    I think first half of last season Fabregas was on fire but for me, he has looked pony to date.


  39. vicky

    why can’t we play like this very often ? Well, not many teams give us as much space to operate as United did yesterday. In the first 20 min, it was as if they were willfully allowing us to string those beautiful attacks,

  40. Leedsgunner

    “Petr Cech and Nacho are terrific players. Nacho must be the most underrated footballer in the league. With Koss,Nacho and Cech, we have three amazing players in defence.”

    100%. THIS.

    This has always been the Arsenal way, especially pre-Wenger. We have always built from the back into success. Although Theo, Alexis and Özil will attract the plaudits, I’m equally delighted that we kept a clean sheet. That is just as important.

  41. roaaary

    I thought the reason we blitzed them in the 1st half was the speed and directness of our play. Rather than taking touches and switching it from side to side, we made incisive passes and always forward.

    As such our forwards made runs in behind time and again which is something ive been moaning about for ages. once this happens, it pulls players out of position allowing mesut santi and rambo more space.

    I watched and didnt feel nervous from the first whistle to the last. Really encouraging display yet one which makes us all so frustrated. Why cant we play with that dedication and passion all the time?

  42. Goondawg

    3-0 up last season, my butt would still be clenched with Schezney in goal. With Cech, it’s a totally different ball game. That save just before half-time from the Martial shot, was absolutely massive. 3-1 that would have changed the whole game.

  43. Goondawg


    Fuck Cesc, he burnt his bridges a long time ago, but the nail in the coffin was his reaction to Gabriel

  44. vicky


    1 . Has not got aerial prowess to take advantage of crosses from wing

    2. Does not have good control on the ball, as a result against tight defenses he fails to make an impact

    3. Lack of overall physicality to deal with big defenders although this one is not a big concern for me

    Not trying to criticize him, he has done well. But yeah, these are the things he lacks .

  45. Goondawg

    Yh but Vicky, he lacks those things but I’d rather have him on the side than the static way we play with Giroud on the team.

  46. Zoran

    “Just curious what additional quality do you think will make Theo a good enough candidate for title winning team ?”
    What about headers, link up play, dribbling, tackles, helping the defence?

  47. SomeRandomGunner

    @Leeds I would add Bellerin and Gabriel too that list. By the end of this season we could have best back 5 in the league. Bellerin is becoming more intelligent in both attack and defense .

  48. Mohammed

    May I add another point?

    6. Rooney is finished (and he’s just a fat granny shagger)

    Overall awesome performance from the team – maybe one of most acomplished performances against Man U

    We must tie down Sanchez to a mega contract soon we cannot afford to lose him

    If we stand back this was possibly one of the best chances we have had to win the title – city look awesome but apart from that United don’t look great, Chelsea are a mess and aside from that I didn’t consider anyone else for the top 4

  49. Carts

    Massive 3 points yesterday that we thoroughly deserved.

    I remember listening to Ian right on the eve of that shit show vs Olympiakos and he echoed exactly what I had in mind. “Don’t be surprised if we beat Utd”.

    It’s like our players are suffering from some kind of complex. And when you take into account Zagreba and Olympiakos compared to Lieicester and Utd, an argument could well be made.

    Looking at the game objectively though, as we do when ever we lose or play shit and/or win, LVG played it right into our hands and we capitalised on that.

    Yes we were the better team and deserved to win, completely, but no one can discount the poor tactics LVG employed. I mean, Schweini and Carrick simultaneously? Young LB instead of Blind?? Jones on the bench??? No Schneiderlin (Herrera wasn’t in squad)???? This isn’t revisionism either? this was my thought way before kick off – and I suspect most of the viewing public frowned as well.

    We exploited the space between Carrick and Schweini and between the back 4 and Carrick. Hell, Wenger actually got of his frail ass for once and whispered sweet nothings into his love child’s ear.

    Like City last season, it seems as though serious thought and preparation went into this game. If we can establish consistency, while the like of Chelsea keep dropping point and Utd getting exposed by pacey teams I can’t see why we shouldn’t push City the the finish line. But the undeniable truth is that we lack belief and we are very fragile – lacking leadership and backbone.

    Chelsea, as I said in the summmer will lose a record amount of game since Abramovich took over; with that said they were my pic to win the league. Looks like it could and should be a shoot out between us and City. LVG, as Pedro rightfully pointed out last year, isn’t the man. Utd would be mad to renew his deal. They better get Pep in next summer.

  50. Alfie

    Would going out of the CL be the worst thing in the world? Embarrassing for a whole weekend but would leave us a lot of focus on the PL which I would prefer tbh……….

  51. Marko

    Goondawg agree about Gabriel. But it shouldn’t be a surprise really. Prior to us signing him the previous 6 months statistically he was probably the best defender in la Liga. He was and potentially still is a target for Barca. The lad is fierce looking and his reading of the game is top notch. I also noticed a bit yesterday he seems to be shouting a lot more so either he’s getting there with the language or there’s a better understanding with his fellow defenders happening. All in all defence isn’t really an issue for the most part anymore. Just a striker and right winger and a slight worry about the midfield at times. Not yesterday though it was fast and incisive passing throughout. Cazorla always seems to get the plaudits but he’s usually the one who slows the tempo for me. Not yesterday though

  52. SomeRandomGunner

    1. I would not say it is a must . We hardly cross the ball to any striker. Thierry had like 6 or 7 headed goals (Not saying Theo is anywhere near mind).

    2. Theo has improved here tremendously . He was very good in providing that Ozil assist . And also in the move where Ramsey missed the open goal.

    3. In the last few matches he has shown he can match CBs , but then his game is all about getting away from the markers not wrestle them.

  53. vicky

    United have got a tough run of fixtures. They lost to us. Up next are Everton, City and Crystal palace. Would be surprised if they did not lose at least 5 points. Would not be shocked if they lost 4 on the trot.

  54. Bigper

    Amazing performance yesterday, cba to analyse everything right now just enjoy a rare good win

    Hopefully though this focuses the players and Wenger lol and we start to see more fast, committed starts to games which should allow us to control more matches with an early goal

  55. Rocky Pires

    Delighted with the win, thats the kind of performance we all hoped for and knew was in the team .

    I was delighted with every players perfomance but Utd were naive starting Carrick and Sweini, everyone knows to stiffle arsenal you “need to get in their face ” and close Santi and Mez but they had two fine players but with no legs in there .
    Strange decision indeed not to start Morgan Sch .
    Coq was immense yesterday and is ahead of Morgan Sch in ability at the moment, only thing i he can over do it and his pass to Ramsey under pressure lead to Utd squaring for Martial.
    If in doubt Coq, thump it into channels for Theo to chase .

    Theo as ye rightly say was superb and it really was a great day with a superb performance.

    You can see Cechs winning mentality and his desire, keeps the back four on their toes and haven’t we good great options in CB just now .

    Watford “away” just over the road is going to be tough but I have seen them play abit and in fairness to them , they do come out and play .

    I guess the best way to sum up yesterdays result was instead of going up to bed with the missus as she suggested, I stayed down and watched our game on MOTD, as that was orgasmic too

  56. SomeRandomGunner

    @carts LVG mentioned they wanted to be compact basically they wanted to sit back and counter us. That kind of explains Carrick and Schwensteiger . But young at LB was head scratcher. May be he wanted to pin Bellerin back .

  57. Alfie

    “Alfie We wont go out of CL we will go to Europa league. I prefer to go out of round of 16 and focus on the league and domestic cups.”

    Yeah but the intensity of Europa is comparable to the Carling Cup imo.

  58. Leedsgunner

    I wouldn’t be surprised if our Olympiakos result fooled LvG into taking us lightly and complacent.

    They probably thought 3 points were in the bag.

    Yet, it is only three points and we just need to keep calm and carry on.

  59. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsenal for me are still schizophrenic, you just never know which Arsenal will turn up. Yesterday was a great example of how we can play. Our passing was more direct and much much, much quicker. We looked very dangerous each time we got the ball.

    Our shape and defending was much better too, Ramsey looked like he’d been given some instructions and almost scored.

    On the other-hand we could go straight back to slow crab football and get done 2-0 by being hit on the break in the next match. We really need to find some sort of consistency.

    Anyway, nothing better than annihilating the manc scum.

  60. Emiratesstroller

    There was only one Man Utd player on Sunday whom I would have wanted at
    Arsenal and that was Martial.

    Frankly I think that he will become a major star. He did not have much opportunity in the game, but the shot which was saved by Cech was exceptional and his performance for Monaco against us last season was also a demonstration of his talent.

    However, there is absolutely no chance that Wenger and/or Arsenal will spend what Man Utd paid for an “unproven” player. I doubt that we would have
    offered £20 million for him.

  61. Leedsgunner

    Anyone else think Alan Shearer on MOTD 3 bears an uncanny resemblance to the comedian Andy Parsons? Look him up! Hilarious! 🙂

  62. steve

    AlfieOctober 5, 2015 10:02:43
    Would going out of the CL be the worst thing in the world? Embarrassing for a whole weekend but would leave us a lot of focus on the PL which I would prefer tbh……….


    A top club should be competing on both fronts.

  63. Leedsgunner


    Nah, to me Martial to me is still unproven. He has started well, granted. Although yesterday his movement reminded very much a young TH14.

    I would have taken Memphis Depay anyway of the week though, despite his off day against us. Amazing player — perhaps the finest Dutch player of his generation in my opinion.

  64. SomeRandomGunner

    @Leeds Memphis looked very poor. Even Ramsey was better than him on the wing.

    But I have not watched him too much . Reading through guardian comments not many Man U fans rate him either.

    Martial is quality .

  65. Leedsgunner


    Like I said, he was poor yesterday but he’s an amazing player and he showed it earlier on… he would have been be a fantastic acquisition. We can agree to disagree though. 🙂

  66. Rocky Pires

    Welbeck will be a good addition if and when he returns .
    He needs to refine his game but there is a player who can be of use there .
    Either LW or up top as an impact sub he will bring something to the team, its up to him to win back his place in England team in addition to Arsenal team so he will have to hit the ground running and be very motivated

  67. jay

    the funny thing is, people here who are never happy, are clamoring for a guy who failed to attract top players despite winning the league twice, sold his prized assets and never did an ozil or a sanchez, and then finished seventh in a two team league. no thanks. let him go to liverpool and prove his mettle there. i would rather be finishing fourth every year then letting someone in whose last year saw his team fall to the bottom of the table. CA , fine. klopp? LOL

  68. Gunner2301

    Great post Alex

    Magnificent win it was nice to hear the fans vocal again and the players responding to that. They know what they have to do now as a team Ie go forward as a team and defend as a team.

    Mick as for the article I personally don’t blow with the wind I’ve wanted Wenger out for about 6 years now and haven’t been to a match since to register my protest. Nothing has changed in that respect for me and won’t until we get a new manager with a vision and tactical nous as for the truce. Keep it!


  69. Carts


    Wow, ok. Well if that’s how he wanted to go about it then that played right into our hands. Nice one, LVG.

    Memphis was trash yesterday. The kids literally runs into bodies hoping to blag a nutmeg or something.

  70. Mohammed

    I think Welbeck can play on the right wing for his work rate and physicality to be fair. I think he would offer more than Ramsey in that position. Yes we may lose some craft that we have with Rambo in the team but overall it would work well as Theo and Welbeck can rotate. Actually all the front three could rotate to confuse opposition defences

  71. Rocky Pires

    There is a serious player in Memphis but like Batotelli, he is a handful to manage but if he matches his potential to dedication, he will be a cracking player .
    I just dont think he is overly interested or that big into Louis team ethic, I can see that relationship going sour fast ..

    I wouldnt be too keen on Klopp either , Pep is the man to go for

  72. Mohammed

    Memphis didn’t do anything of note yesterday Rocky – was that down to him playing poor or Bellerin nulliying him? I think only on one occasion he managed to get past Bellerin

    Martial however looks to be a very good player for the Mancs – I’d say we missed a trick with him but at that money Wenger would never have bought him

    Cazorla was back to his best yesterday and a word for Coquelin too he terrorised their midfield when they were in possession.

  73. Rocky Pires

    ya Martial looks qualiteee but he would nt have went that moulla on a player not proven , he was looking to get a Lewa/Benz but didnt work out so had all his eggs in one basket and fell down the hill like humpty dumpty .

    Bellerin got the better of Memphis but it was easy to blame Memphis when he had only Martial ahead of him then looked right and saw Rooney and Mata huffing and puffing to try and get forward.
    Utd have no pace outside Memphis and Martial and will not go anywhere without pace .
    Only hope for them is to win their games 1-0 .

  74. Alex James

    Credit where credit is due. The team played brilliantly. Just a pity that Ramsay and Oxe failed to score, as a 5.0 would have gone a long way to lessening the 8.2 shame. Still, I slept the sleep of the just last night.

  75. Kane

    Amazing performance and result yesterday – absolutely top notch stuff!

    Am delighted for the team, the fans, everyone connected to the club – to finally play a big game and put on a big performance that showed everyone what this team is capable of!

    And now for some balance…

    Arsenal has never been unable to compete against teams that try to play football against us. When a side turns up and tries to match our passing play, more often than not, they lose.

    However, this accounts for around 5-10% of teams that play against us.

    The other 90% turn up to defend and counter – they pack their box, defend with 10 men behind the ball and play 2 lines of 4 or 5 players and challenge Arsenal to break them down.

    More often than not, we struggle to find a way to beat these teams – often losing concentration, becoming frustrated or getting hit on the counter.

    In isolation the result yesterday was fantastic and we can saviour it for many a year to come – what does it mean for our chances of winning the title or the ECL?

    I’m not sure it changes much – other than show these players they can beat the big teams and if they can match the drive, energy and desire they showed in the first 20 minutes of that game in every game they play, they are capable of winning any game they play.

    Well done lads – now lets see you do that again away to Watford !

  76. Louis Almeida

    Yes Goondawg, I agree. I know he has this lazy demeanour but I find it astonishing those who can’t appreciate his level of technique, passing and movement. It’s amazing. The only real criticism of him is that he doesn’t score enough goals. Hopefully yesterday can act as a catalyst for him!

  77. mrz

    Is it me or someone else thinks that Sanchez’s recent performance has something to do with Theo playing in upfront as lone striker ?

  78. neoassasin

    I love Ozil but my problem is he acts like a petulant child sometimes when things don’t go his or the team’s way. If you watch the game against Olympiacos you’ll see it. It’s like playing with your ball with your friends outside, and when you don’t get any ball,or your team is losing you pick up the ball and say you don’t want to play anymore and go home.

  79. Louis Almeida

    Mrz, I think so. I’m sure I’ve seen a stat that Alexis scores more goals when he plays with Welbeck or Theo. Probably because of their mobility and the fact they can alternate with Alexi seamlessly.

  80. Carts


    In theory Sanchez and Theo should fall flat like a shit souffle.

    Credit where credit is due, it looks as though attention has been directed to making it work.

    You almost expect Sanchez and Theo to run into each other like two disgruntled Rams. I reiterate this though, it’s still too early to get gassed. It isn’t even xmas yet. Let’s see how we’re doing come January 2016

  81. DUIFG

    theo has opened up so many options for us, we have played 3 years not being able to clip a ball into channels, i was saying this for years.

    can youimagine if we put martial into this squad! theo is doing a decent jib for now though

  82. N5

    Steve how do you feel about us beating Manure again? the night we beat them at OT when DW scored you were quite flippant about it, now we’ve done them again did you smile? did you manage to get any enjoyment out of it at all?

  83. Jim lahey

    Yesterdays result was fantastic, no doubt about it! I only wish we had put 6 or 7 past them, really stuck the knife in! We deserved to win by more and really put those ghosts of 8-2 to bed!

  84. Leedsgunner

    “We deserved to win by more and really put those ghosts of 8-2 to bed!”

    We just need to repeat the performance at OT! Lol. I would love to beat them, to humiliate them in their own ground.

    I want things to change at the club, but today is not for misery, it’s for celebrating small victories, and daring to dream of big things!

    More of the same boys, more of the same, don’t let up on the gas when we face the Hornets!

  85. Josip Skoblar

    Another excellent post by Alex.
    I don’t know if LVG is a fraud, but he’s surely overrated.
    The return of Coq was essential.
    One thing I learnt yesterday at the Emirates: Rooney is really past it.

  86. DUIFG

    I hope we play counter-attack football against every top team in the league and our usual game against smaller teams.

    ozil is only really effective in a counter attacking side, so if you want to utilise your 43 million asset we should probably play to his strengths which is a stretched game

  87. steve

    “did you manage to get any enjoyment out of it at all?


    Normaly i would but not if it keeps Wenger in a job.

  88. Uwot?

    That’s the diff Jim between fergie/Maureen & wenger.they would have smelt blood & an opportunity for humiliation.wenger too much of a gent & cautious(.having said that.tactically,2nd half was prob right approach as opposed to going hung ho.however,my only regret is that we didn’t avenge those shorelines.still I!m delighted.maybe the monkey is finally off our back!

  89. Carts

    BTW, Maureen’s post match recited thesis, though..

    When you start saying “they can sack me if they want…” that really only means one thing.

    I think he’s almost certainly lost the dressing room at this stage. Eva-gate was, imho, where it all accelerated. Them losing this many isn’t much of a surprise; it’s more how disjointed and thin they look.

    Magic Man Matic was hauled off after 20 odd minute ffs. Cesc looks like he’s aged 4 years; Hazard is struggling and thet Terry/Cahill combo looks like O’shea/Brown 2.0

  90. N5

    The issue is steve, he’s not going anywhere all the while he’s making the board money so like Leeds said we have to celebrate the small victories. I’m glad you enjoyed it though.

  91. toniboy

    Incredible performance…Nacho,Cech and Gab were fantastic. I picked them cos going forward and scoring is often not the problem. Ramsey needs to find his goals too…cos a gooner I wanted us to polarise them…6-0 would have been just right to negate our past drubbing. Per though was slightly shaky…there is no way Martial should be getting the better of him so easily…

  92. steve

    N5October 5, 2015 12:48:53
    The issue is steve, he’s not going anywhere all the while he’s making the board money so like Leeds said we have to celebrate the small victories. I’m glad you enjoyed it though.


    There’s a limit for everyone. The problem is every victory allows Wenger more fuck ups in the long run.

  93. Leedsgunner

    Ramsey just needs to be moved in centrally… and he needs to do the basics right – it’s ok if he doesn’t score — his energy and lung busting runs open space up for others and pull defences out of shape so Özil can make those killer passes for the likes of Alexis and Walcott to finish.

    Ramsey needs to remember he’s our midfield engine and not our cannon. When he tries to scores he tries too hard and we often lose promising chances to nothing rather than capitalising on them. It’s a team game and not a one man solo effort, the best thing about yesterday win was that the whole team was solid… from back to front.

  94. Danish Gooner

    But we did exactly the same to Pool when we destroyed them 4-1 at Emirates, it was sublime power football at its best as good as Barcelona but when you can only produce a match like that in 10 it gets irrelavant and this is what Arsenal struggle with.At watford it will probably be a cagey affair because they dare not attack us and play as openly against us as Manure and Arsenal always gets in to trouble if they dont score first and within the first 20 minutes

  95. N5

    steve, I hear you man, but as much as I would like to see a new person in charge that it’ll take more than losing to the top 3 clubs to get him out. As long as he continues to hit top 4, ECL last 16 (maybe not this year) and 1/4 of the Domestics, then he’ll go nowhere soon.

    I truly feel that he’ll leave when he wants too, not when we want him too.

  96. N5

    “Wenger can thank dimwits like you who don’t see the bigger picture”

    I must admit Red you’re probably right! I’m sure I should have played harder ball during his last contract negotiation!! I really should resign from the board!

  97. Joe


    Where was that article on Wednesday? Funny how the AKBs come out after a win

    Great result.

    Wenger out. One victory doesn’t change 11 seasons of failure under Wenger.

    Spurs spanked man city the other week.. Swansea just beat Chelsea at home. I can see watford beating us. Why? Because that’s just the way it is with Wenger led arsenal.

    Enjoy the win. I loved it.

    Do not carried away. This is a Wenger led team. If he does win the title, I will hold my hand up and say I admit I was wrong about the cunt.

    And I am behind the team. Arsenal FC

    Wenger out. Get the fuck away from my arsenal.

  98. Mick Kartun

    I hear you mate, but as much as a WOB I am, sometimes I feel bored and not good for my high blood pressure to foul mouthed AW all the times when things gone bad.

    It’s exhausting.
    Like someone said before about us playing more direct than tipy tapy makes
    sense to me. It worked yesterday.

    Direct play approach maybe can be useful against parking bus defense ala MoURINE that most clubs will do to us.

    MoUrine indeed had lost the dressing room, John Terry now rats his arse.

    Hahaha. PL is better off with no mourine and chelshit.


  99. N5

    Eagle, he can’t even find words to compliment Messi so Arsenal have no chance, In fact, other that Gus Caeser, I’ve never read a positive comment from him.

  100. sam

    I am backing Oxlade Chamberlain to shine this season and give arsenal the fastest front 3 in the premiership

    Sanchez—-Walcott—- Walcott