Arsenal v United. Let’s make this the big one again

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Courtesy of @the_cros

Courtesy of @the_cros

Greetings from Sunday morning y’all, Alex here with a short post.

So its the big one today against Manchester United: league leaders and flavour-of-the-month-fraudulent-over-achievers. This fixture used to be massive, an intense blistering affair packed full of, not just the best players in the league, but the nastiest bastards you’d ever care to meet.

I met someone recently who knows Dennis Irwin. Apparently to this day he still despises Arsenal. Not because we were the best, but because we were the nastiest team he ever played against. I’m not advocating we turn into a bunch of cheats, but I kind of yearn for the times when teams absolutely hated playing against us. Do you reckon any of that United midfield are worried about Santi Cazorla bullying them off the park today in the way Viera used to? I doubt it.

Ah but look at me, its Sunday morning and I’ve become one of those “we need leader’s on the pitch” people. Maybe it’s not that, I just want to see some fire in the players’ bellies today. United are a bunch of evil bastards and we should be going out there for a battle.

In terms of team news, our best defender, Laurent Koscielny, is crocked. I’m pretty happy with Per and Gabriel as a pairing though. We can expect to see Theo up top, and after his strong display against Leicester, lets hope he’s got his shooting boots on.

There’s not really much else going on today… oh yeah other than HUGE LOL at Chelsea’s meltdown, have you ever seen a Championship winning side turn south so dramatically? Also big man love for Kun Aguero. What a sexy player.

I’m going to be at the game today, unbelievably only my second home game all season, I’m such a shit fan. Hopefully see some of you there.

Here’s to a strong performance and three points. Up the Arsenal!

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  1. Dissenter

    You get the feeling that Wenger needed this one.
    The team needed this one.

    Good job, good reaction

    Still,doesn’t distract from all the shit we’ve been served for so long

    Today is for the Nigel, I am Arsene, Wallace and the other Wengerist.

    They will be on rampage today.

  2. daz

    Absolute marvellous performance, big game big performances Blitzed them first half and kept them at arms length second half great discipline

  3. MidwestGun

    I’ll take that bet Bamford ..I’m talking about chances created and assists not past seasons. Right now this season in the PL Ozil is better then Mata. Not talking about the past. You can think he’s better if you want but you would be wrong.

  4. gonsterous

    aww cazorla… he’s always so friendly with his countrymen !!! always talking to them . such a nice guy !!

  5. TheBayingMob

    All these little slaps and pinches the players give each other after the game. That would piss me off. Anyone slaps and pinches me they’re going to get a fucking slap back … Just a bit harder

  6. Jeff

    And that’s what I call a good weekend. Excellent display, particularly by the defence and of course Cech who saved us on several occasions. Brilliant display. We showed desire, we pressed, we defended in numbers and we didn’t give them a chance. If only this can be repeated on a regular basis, if only.

  7. useroz

    steveOctober 4, 2015    16:49:48
    Could you imagine Ty after this game? He would want to suck Wenger off”

    Could you imagine Ty after this game? He would want to suck Wenger off ALL NiGHT….

  8. nepGunner


    I’m still convinced about our title chances just yet…but like many here I was really apalled and hurt with that 8-2 loss…I still am..sometimes the team needs to palu for their fans (I know a win is still a win and its still 3 points only).. Today we had a very good chance of getting that monkey off of our back..but Wenger has no such ethics or compassion… He simply let the game go on for his own liking..SAF would have used such game to tank us and demoralise the entire club for years..but a good win none the let’s keep this going and add the necessary replacements come January and then only I’ll start talking about titles..for now it’s a exception rather than a norm

  9. qna

    “i feel that in a season or two we will see Gibbs playing for everton or stoke… Been on the same lvl since he was 19.”

    If he is willing to stay on the same pay I can see him and Jenkinson as our squad full backs. I think we need to look at someone like Gaya to come in and replace Monreal long term.

  10. london gunner


    Stop with the knee jerk behaviour its one match ffs.

    Mata is a very good player but at the end of the day he can only do so much in a disjointed van gal side

  11. gonsterous

    hahahha chelsea… lol…. what has mourinho got to say ?? so much money why dint he buy someone ??? january couldnt come quicker for mou !!

  12. WengerEagle

    ‘Gets good stats; weakens the all round collective.’

    Nail on the head.

    No coincidence that they started competing for the title as soon as they scrapped building a team around him.

  13. sam

    REdtruth must be dying in rage

    please try to be like us tonight

    celebrating a 3-nil win, clean sheet and precious 3 points

  14. WengerEagle

    Shame Ox couldn’t put a gloss on the scoreline right at the death but 3-0 is a smashing result.

    It’s been a long time since we’ve beaten United in the League, let alone battered them.

  15. qna

    Dissenter: Today is for the Nigel, I am Arsene, Wallace and the other Wengerist.

    No fucking way mate. We all put up with a decade of shit not to mention how long has it been since we beat United. Those guys would be happy with a 3-0 loss. Today is for us.

    Not to mention Chelsea 8 points from 8 games hahahahahaha.

  16. Wallace

    nice to show what we’re capable of in a big game. and would think that’s the go to eleven for the forseeable future. big games anyway.

  17. vicky

    Well, I commented in the previous post that I wanted Arsenal to play like an away team at home as well and boy, they played it to perfection. What a performance. No better feeling in the world than to beat Manscums. My only complain is we should have scored at least 5 goals today. Ramsey missed a sitter in the first half and Ox hit the post. Nevertheless, a great result.

    Sanchez and Monreal are just amazing. Mertesacker gives so many “heart in the mouth” moments. Koscielney and Gabriel should always be our first choice pairing.

    Up the Arse !!!!

  18. InsideRight

    Brilliant result. Good boost for the players.

    Changes nothing for me regarding Wenger. I’ve wanted him replaced for seven years and beating Man Ure today doesn’t alter that. We’ve had some nice results in that time. But he doesn’t have what’s needed to build and manage a team to the title or make a real CL challenge. The way we failed to impose ourselves in the second half today signals the continuing problem.

    Anyway, I’ve just given my Man Ure supporting next door chap a rendition of “Can you hear the neighbour sing? Nooo nooo” and his missus is loving it. So a big thank you to Sanch and Oz for the goals.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Great win, great performance, would have liked a little more in the second half but I can understand game management, no need to exert too much.

    Hopefully nothing serious with Sanchez, that would be catastrophic as he is completely our guy, hopefully we can keep him in London over the internationals and give him some well earned rest.

    Cech was so important today, this is why not playing because you don’t want to upset Ospina is just ludicrous, wasn’t needed a lot, but when he was he was imperious, just would not be beaten, commanded his box and gives the whole team confidence.

    Also, he’s fucking huge, seriously, gargantuan bloke.

  20. MidwestGun

    Any win over the Manc’s is a good win. Movement in the first half was brilliant. Sanchez is an amazing finisher when on form. Love that dude. In a manly way.

  21. WengerEagle

    Bayern once again proving that the Bundesliga is a joke by smashing through their ‘competition’ in Dortmund and Wolfsburg with the force of a freight train.

    5-1 up now, Lewandowski with a brace and Gotze on the scoresheet.

    So much for Dortmund challenging for the league.

  22. gonsterous

    red truth

    bullies… we are just bullies.. poor utd… how dare we beat their shitty team this season.. we are just bullies !!!

  23. qna

    Dissenter. Today is also for those of us that know how fucking awesome Ozil is. Not sure if that includes you. He is a difference maker. Usually his efforts are not converted, but he ran the show in that first 20. Not just his goal or his assist. Props to Theo for his contribution in that 20 as well.

  24. Paulinho

    “No coincidence that they started competing for the title as soon as they scrapped building a team around him.”

    Yep and no coincidence we beat Chelsea 5-3 at Stamford Bridge with him their side.

    They played a high line that day and you can’t do that relying on Mata to apply pressure in front of you.

    He is a very smart player and a great finisher, to give him his due.

  25. Bamford10


    Wasn’t making a wager. If Mata were playing centrally, maybe.

    For me, though, Mata is just as as good a passer as Ozil but is a better goal-scorer and dribbler. And I don’t think Ozil will ever produce 15 and 15.

    I will take a wager, though, on De Bruyne or Silva vs. Ozil. What do you say? You should be brimming with confidence at moment.

  26. MidwestGun

    London –
    Its not kneejerk… based on this season. Its a continuation from Bamford and I’s debate from yesterday. But thanks for jumping in the middle. As I said yesterday there isn’t much between them. But I’d rate Silva, Ozil, Mata in that order. Bamford thinks Silva and Mata are significantly better. I don’t.

  27. MrT

    Rapid strikes. Solid defensively. More chances to score. Lovely. Midfield was brilliant too. Wenger did in game tactical switch. And I am not dreaming.

  28. qna

    Eagle. Bayern are ridiculous. We fucking should have bought Vidal. As I hear it he was ours for the taking before the drink driving incident. Costa also has been a brilliant buy and now Koman looking the goods.

    Pep is the man. Looks like it was the doctor holding them back 🙂

  29. SomeRandomGunner

    It is a real myth that we played “counter attacking” football today.
    For the fisrt 20 mins where we scored 3 goals we had like 70% possession today.

    After the counter attacking mode we were ok bit shaky . Thanks to Cech for the clean sheet . We are pretty bad in “sit back and counter attack” . We just sit back .

  30. MidwestGun

    Lol Bam… no. I said I rate Silva higher. .. and De Bruyne is a goal scorer. Anyhow, it was a friendly debate. Not sure what London ‘s deal is.

    Cazorla interview after match was good… think he would make a good captain.

  31. Marko

    Hey dumbshit (obviously Red) I still want Klopp or Ancellotti as manager but if you can’t find enjoyment or positives after beating United in such a convincing way then I’m sorry but you’re a complete cunt. Doesn’t change the fact we still need change but you can still get behind them after a performance like that.

  32. steve

    Man Utd were shit. Premier League is overrated. 7-8 years ago PL regularly had 3 out of 4 teams in the CL semis. Since then the wages and transfer fees have gone up but certainly not the quality of the league.

  33. Bamford10


    Where were you after Zagreb? Or after Olympiakos? Where will you be after the next debacle?

    One good game proves nothing. NOTHING.

    Let’s see which Arsenal turns up to the next match. Let’s see where we are at season’s end. Let’s see if we even advance out of our group in the CL.

    AKBs are so pathetic.

  34. steve

    “Doesn’t change the fact we still need change but you can still get behind them after a performance like that.”

    Except rooting for the team to win games just helps Wenger. The two are connected. You can’t say you want Wenger out and then hope we win games. Last time I checked managers who win games won’t get sacked/resign.

  35. qna

    Bamford if you also cannot factor in what Ozil does to our overall movement and fluidity then you will never appreiciate him. Stats alone cannot describe elite players and the difference the top players make in the quality of their actual touches. In the case of Ozil it is seeing and delivering a pass that othrs simply cannot. His decision making in movement is also often the “correct decision” and it forces defence to make a decision either giving us a pass option or opening space for another player. He does this better than any player I have seen in a long time. He is intelligent in a way that you would say Berkamp is intelligent or Henry. Smarter than the average bear.

  36. ADKB

    Great performance today – first league win again Man U since 2011. Crazy season so far but that doesn’t mean it’s BAU with Arsene in charge. Would like to see a fresh face – Klopp, Ancelotti, Simeone or Guardiola would do for me.

  37. useroz

    Great team effort, not dissimilar to the Man City game. Less pressing, tidy defense and entire team working till the last minute. Great stuff.

    We should have easily scored more esp around 30 to 40 min. Too wasteful. Highlight the importance and art of shooting. If the earlier chances fell to. Walcott, not sure we pulled it off.

    Can see Walcott trying to hold the ball, twist and turn…. sure sign of him practising hard but this sort of close control and skills take time. And he aint strong enough.

    Well, we can do some good this season…if the like of Walcott, Giroud, Ramsey, Caxorla start shooting properly and scoring soon.

  38. Hitman

    Lucky Wenger – has more lives than a cat. Looks like he’s going to make it to season end.
    Good performance today, but we’re gonna have an inconsistent season and ultimately lose out to Citeh due to AW’s transfer stupidity.
    What a wasted opportunity #2003,2008,2010,2013 and a few others.

  39. qna

    SRG: Bundesliga is a joke after 8 matches Bayern are 7 points clear and have +24 goal difference and they are beating second placed team 5-1 .

    Moron. Look at how the english teams have performed in europe to see which league is a joke. World football is a joke. As you will find out in our next 2 games against them. They will score between 6 and 10 goals against us is my guess.

  40. WengersSweeties

    I am not convinced at this at all. 1 game doesn’t change West Ham, Zagreb, Chelsea, Olympiakos…etc..

    It’s great to get one over the Mancs but I ain’t buying this.

    Too much shit has happened to give Wenger his 11th chance.

    Fuck off out of it..

    Probably the worst result today.

  41. alexanderhenry

    Great win today and considering our best defender was out, an impressive defensive performance. What made me really laugh was coming on here and reading some of the WOB ‘excuses’ for man utd. They lost because LVG is an ‘even worse’ tactician than wenger apparently. Is that the case really? LVG has one of the best records in europe, has spent something like £300 million since he arrived and they were top of the league before this weekend. All true arsenal fans should surely be able to appreciate today’s win and performance therefore. All credit to wenger and the players. Well done.

  42. Marko

    Marko Fuck off you can’t want both so jog on

    I can’t want a new manager and support Arsenal at the same time? Are you sure idiot

  43. Wallace

    “There was a desire from kick-off, we looked very strong and were dominating at home against a big team and we should be playing like that every week. The players will be aching after that one, we worked so hard and rightly so.

    “That was all for the manager.

    “That first-half we were unbelievable, no-one could have dealt with us, it was the best football I have ever been involved in. It was the Arsenal of old.”

    – Walcott

  44. Bamford10

    Let’s see how we fare against Bayern before we call the Bundesliga a joke.

    And agreed, Midwest; just a friendly discussion. You’re a fan of Ozil’s; I’m a critic.

    I have a feeling it’s going to be a roller-coaster season, all. One great result, like today, two terrible ones, like Zagreb and Olympiakos.

  45. qna

    SRG:@qna One team does not make a league Idiot .

    Moron. The teams in that league would dominate ours. That one team you are talking about are that far ahead of everyone. So your logic is completely idiotic. Because the league had one team which is the best team in the world (by a distance right now) the league is lesser. By your definition perhaps the championship is better where all teams are equally shit.

  46. vicky

    I am pretty sure we would not have turned up today had we beaten Olympiacos. And it was almost certain we would put in a shift given we had our back against the wall. And that’s for me is a real concern. Great teams need to have the motivation to put a shift every single match, something we lack a lot.

  47. SomeRandomGunner

    @qna Your logic is Bayern will have +24 goal difference and 8 wins on the trot in PL ? I agree Bayern would probably batter all teams in PL but +24 GD in PL would be very very hard to achieve . Even when Man Utd was dominating the league they did not get close anywhere near that GD .

  48. gary

    Red, Steve..I guys sound a bit gutted..Lol.. more then happy how we played 2nf half rather then trying to bomb forward..

  49. BacaryisGod

    Redtruth- so sorry to hear about your loss.

    It would have been nice if Ox had chipped in at the end for a 4-0 victory but I loved the way we just sat back and protected the 3 goal lead.

    I would happily take a once in 10 years group exit from the Champions League if we can make a real run at the title. We could field our squad players in the Europa league and keep our key players fresh. No-one seriously thinks we can win the Champions League but we do have a small chance at the title if we can keep playing like this.

  50. qna

    SRG. Lets see what their gd is against arsenal home and away and extrapolate to 8 games. That will be 3 goal win on each leg. Pretty managable against us. How about appying that to the rest of the league where arsenal averages 2.5 points per game against the bottom 12 sides.

    This bayern team would smash most teams in our league by at least 3 goals.

  51. PieAFC

    I’m one of the people asking for change.

    But jeez today, spot on. The players dug deep. Played well, Wenger tactically got it spot on in key decisions. Actually stood up to be counted demanding Ramsey and Ozil switch, drop back. Subs at the right time (albeit typical)
    Let’s cut some slack here…

    The same players people on here wanted us to have, we made look average first half.

    Let’s give the team it’s due. We wanted a response and we fucking got won.

    Enjoy it for fuck sake!

  52. daz

    Sal to true, for those who say its just one game doesn’t mean anything I say bollocks it means everything to beat those manc turds

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Klopp or Ancelotti would be bad news, improves Liverpool for one, both are available and would drastically improve us as well.

  54. nepGunner

    Not trying to poke the AKB beehive but the players apparently had their own separate meeting after Olympiakos without Wenger…I’m very keen which player or players decided on today’s game plan…move over Arsene and hand over the the reign to our new player(s)/manager (s) 😉

  55. vicky

    For me there is nothing bigger than beating those Manscums and we beat them with some style. Beating Chelshit comes a distant 2nd. I am super happy 🙂

  56. Carts

    Not surprised; I knew Brenda wouldn’t last till xmas.

    Tbh, he’s brought it on himsself. Can at RWB; Firmino wide attacking in a 3; Ings wide left v Utd. Just calamitous stuff by Brenda.

  57. london gunner


    Dortmund look alot better under thomas tuchel

    Klopp got lucky to a large extent. He won back to back titles when Bayern were in a crisis and their were literally zero other challengers in a one horse league.

    Klopps novel approach/school of tactics has been rumbled anyway. He is about as one trick as wenger so no thanks.

    Want a flexible, pragmatic manager a ancelotti or diego simeone.

    No more cult of personality leaders.

  58. Follow the money

    I was proven wrong and I love it. A few observations; we only had 36% possession (I know, we gave them more in the second half). For once, Wenger did tactics, and was out of his seat on the sidelines giving instructions to the players. This is what we need to see more of. Sitting back if need be, nicking the ball and counter attacking like a Cobra. We did to Utd what all the good teams usually do to us. I just hope Wenger pressures the players to stick with this. Screw the possession stats. Screw tippi tappi

  59. london gunner

    “A top manager that could have come to us going to Liverpool instead.”

    A top manager who left Dortmund in disgrace.

    A top manager whose successor immediately has done a far better job?

    I find the Klopp fetish on here perverse and bizarre. Have we not had enough with stubborn, inflexible, big personality leaders.

    I get he is a “hipster” and wears cool glasses, but give me grey man anelotti over him anyday of the week.

  60. Leedsgunner

    I hope Sanchez is well. However for me the unspoken hero was one Theo Walcott. Walcott was great today, shame he didn’t land on the scoresheet — did everything right otherwise. His best performance this season.

    PS Sanchez and Özil – well done too. Thank you for showing up. It was like watching TH14 and DB10.

    Thank you to all the lads. You did the shirt proud!

  61. Salvage

    That was awesome football. They all turned up and stepped up today. If they all put in a shift like this every match, we wouldnt be calling for their heads. GREAT GREAT Perfromance

  62. TooMuch Cesc

    It would be nice to have balanced discussions here rather than the usual polarised I worship Wenger, I despise Wenger. Whatever we think of him, it shouldn’t distract from the football played on the field.

    Today was such a satisfying performance from both attacking and team defending perspectives. I didn’t see any passengers in the starting 11. A comprehensive victory without the footnote of “it’s only Leicester”. Hopefully the players have learned that they have this type of game in them and should be experienced enough to repeat this more often. Hell, they even set up Oli for a chance at his usual pontless, stat-padding goal that usually never happens against the big teams. It’s after a performance like this one that Mert should be coming out with his usual “we will learn from this” interview video.

    And ManU is nowhere near title winning level. Schweinsteiger, Carrick, and Rooney have no legs left. Where was Schneiderlein? LVG is not the genius that the ManU loving press make him out to be. I mean who subs in Fellaini and not put balls into the box? Martial in not Henry.

    It was such a fun match to watch, I will ignore all comments and articles over the interlull about he who should not be named.

  63. underrated Coq

    London Gunner

    I think people like the idea of Klopp taking over because he would be a long-term answer. He’s shown that he is capable of restructuring a club in his image and be successful as well. The problem with the likes of Ancelloti or Guardiola is that they are more likely to stick around for a couple of seasons or three. Hardly ideal.

    And making a big deal of Klopp’s final season failure at Dortmund is a bit lame. All managers have failed/ will continue to have poor seasons like that at some point in their career. How was Wenger doing before Arsenal hired him ?

  64. Marko

    A top manager whose successor immediately has done a far better job?

    So he’s won back to back titles and made a champions league final already?

  65. qna

    Wonder if Liverpools move had more to do with Chelseas result than Liverpools?

    Will Abramovich try to secure Klopp before Liverpool. Dont think they will go Ancelotti again.

  66. london gunner

    underrated coq

    The problem is I called Klopp failing. I predicated it.

    I realised that his inflexible tactics and lack of plan b would see him rumbled in the league.

    He literally has zero plan b/ nothing else to offer but one standard of game plan.

    I actually think if he came to the premier league he would be very effective in his first season, but the season after once teams have adjusted he will be found out.

    I also feel that after having a manager for 20 syears perhaps we need a short term manager like Pep or ancelotti before we jump into a long term commitment.

    Lets get a world class manager who can get us a couple titles over 3 years and raise our profile before we settle on a young and up and coming manager.

    I think Wenger to klopp would be a disaster. We need one of those managers that will guarantee you silverware before we take gambles on loose cannons.