Arsenal v United. Let’s make this the big one again

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Courtesy of @the_cros

Courtesy of @the_cros

Greetings from Sunday morning y’all, Alex here with a short post.

So its the big one today against Manchester United: league leaders and flavour-of-the-month-fraudulent-over-achievers. This fixture used to be massive, an intense blistering affair packed full of, not just the best players in the league, but the nastiest bastards you’d ever care to meet.

I met someone recently who knows Dennis Irwin. Apparently to this day he still despises Arsenal. Not because we were the best, but because we were the nastiest team he ever played against. I’m not advocating we turn into a bunch of cheats, but I kind of yearn for the times when teams absolutely hated playing against us. Do you reckon any of that United midfield are worried about Santi Cazorla bullying them off the park today in the way Viera used to? I doubt it.

Ah but look at me, its Sunday morning and I’ve become one of those “we need leader’s on the pitch” people. Maybe it’s not that, I just want to see some fire in the players’ bellies today. United are a bunch of evil bastards and we should be going out there for a battle.

In terms of team news, our best defender, Laurent Koscielny, is crocked. I’m pretty happy with Per and Gabriel as a pairing though. We can expect to see Theo up top, and after his strong display against Leicester, lets hope he’s got his shooting boots on.

There’s not really much else going on today… oh yeah other than HUGE LOL at Chelsea’s meltdown, have you ever seen a Championship winning side turn south so dramatically? Also big man love for Kun Aguero. What a sexy player.

I’m going to be at the game today, unbelievably only my second home game all season, I’m such a shit fan. Hopefully see some of you there.

Here’s to a strong performance and three points. Up the Arsenal!

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  1. MidwestGun

    This is why you can’t treat the players always like your best friends. Sometimes they need the hairdryer treatment. Glad to see them step up, and Manc fans can suck it.

    Performance like this shows me we don’t prepare properly for some matches and we should. Also, the League at the top is wide open.

  2. gonsterous

    please anyone a good link
    mine looks like its been trying to solve the problems in the middle east… totally battered !!!

  3. Jeff


    I think at some point you have to realise that Wenger has to fail much more catastrophically than merely falling out of the top four which won’t happen. He will go when he wants to and all we can do is accept that. I have. He will go one day, but not yet and he absolutely, categorically, indisputably will never be sacked.

  4. Dissenter

    Some Random Gunner
    I bet to disagree
    People here who critique Ozil have only said that he should score more goals giving how talented he is.
    Wenger has said the same
    Ozil has said the same

    There are very very few Ozil “haters” here, just critics
    …maybe sometimes the criticism is too harsh, I agree with that.

  5. I am arsene


    Oh fuck off
    Just enjoy arsenal destroying a major side
    We have now beaten Spurs Chelsea and Man U this season and drawn with Liverpool
    Our big game hoodoo is over
    Enjoy it.
    It’s the banana skins against the lesser sides we have to watch

  6. warchester

    I don’t like santi’s body language when we’re defending deep…think he should be subbed and bring giroud on and move ramsey to the mid

  7. gonsterous


    i wouldnt say there is hate on any players… maybe adebawhore or van pussy. but our players, most posters only criticize them on their performance..

  8. Goonergirl


    I think the most frustrating thing is knowing we’re capable of performances like this but we hardly do actually perform this well when we should

  9. useroz

    How the fuck ramsey didn’t score from 3 yards with entire goal to aim for???

    Bellerin should take a shot every now and then

    Walcott has no close ball control at all….

    We have to grab one of these golden chances….


  10. MidwestGun

    Ggirl –
    Agreed well that and not properly reinforcing in the summer. Frustrating because besides City the League looks ripe for a challenge. I like that we are still looking to attack.

  11. useroz

    WTF walcott. Learn to fucking shoot properly.

    3 chances and not one on goal. C’mon.

    Need to kill the manures beffore HT

    We missed 4 great chances

  12. Bamford10

    A slide tackle from Walcott? That’s the best bit of defense I’ve ever seen from him.

    Sure, if we play with this kind of pressing, tackling and energy, we’re a pretty good side.

    I don’t see this becoming a constant, though. Sorry. Just a blip.

  13. Dissenter

    Gooner girl,

    I was thinking about us serving them back their own medicine with the same spoon.

    Damn, we need to smash a big team up again to restore respect.

  14. Dissenter

    United still have excellent players that can hurt us.

    They score one fluke goal mouth scramble
    They get another deflected goal and there always the referee to give away cheap penalties.

    4-0 and my pop corn will be out but 3-0

    Aaaagh, we know how to eff up big leads.

  15. Carts

    Very surprisd he hasn’t gone for Schneiderlin and that’s not cos they’re 3-0 down, it’s cos that would’ve been the obvious thing to do.

  16. Bamford10

    Great save from Cech. Great turn from Martial. Any question he’s France’s #2? None. Can’t wait to collect on that bet. ;’)

  17. S Asoa

    Wonder who set up the team ?
    Last year too team did well when Let’s Imbecile let go the control.
    Look out for Bould proactive body language. Says a lot

  18. I am arsene

    Bamford is pretty quiet today.

    Bet he nearly EJACULATED when martial turned past our defence and went one on one.

    Unlucky bamford, nearly.

  19. Cesc Appeal

    Really important save from Cech there, great save.

    Didn’t want Cazorla at CM but he is having a great game, I think that’s the key to why we’re doing so well.

    Van Gaal is a rubbish manager, and he has the stubborn trait Wenger has, but we need to tidy up a bit from our end of the half there, I can’t believe that he will not throw on Schneiderlin because he gifted us this game with that middle.

  20. Bamford10


    What LVG really needs to do is bring Herrera in for one of the two holding mids. Their problem is they have no genuine CM at moment. Two (older) holding mids with Rooney in an advanced role means a big hole in the center and no CM.

    He’s going to bring Fellaini in, though.

  21. Paulinho

    Mata playing gave me slight hope.

    Always got a chance of slicing a team apart with that cripple in and around their midfield.

  22. Thank you and goodnight

    As for LVG……how shit a manager must you be to be shown up by arsehole wonga. Half gutted he didn’t go to the spuds now as he would of got them relegated

  23. nigel tufnel

    So far, im sorry for all those haters who were wishing for a poor showing from the gunners today.
    I hope we see it out well and make your miserable lives that much worse.

  24. Wallace


    “We pretty much know Ozil is going to do absolutely nothing of note. Lots of peeling off to the flanks and games of keep ball near their corner flag.”

    sorry, couldn’t help myself…

    there was also the Ashley Young at LB being a great tactical move from LVG. but i won’t mention that one.

  25. Marko

    Any question he’s France’s #2? None. Can’t wait to collect on that bet. ;’)

    Is he France’s number two though? The smug nonsense from you is palpable. Just wait at least until after Christmas to see if the lad has maintained his form. Still not sure he’ll be ahead of Lacazette and Giroud come the euros

  26. Carts


    Yeah I think that’ll have to be the way forward for them. As good as a Schweini and Carrick are, they’ll literally a carbon copy of one another.

    At least with Herrera he’ll hurry players with his energy. Feillani with give them more of a physical presence

  27. qna

    Great Game. Hope we can keep a clean sheet. Sensational goals. Ramsey’s 4th would have been in that category as well. Not sure why we cant score plain goals but very happy on a day like today.

    Tunny you here mate?

    Aus and Wales through and now this? Great weekend.

  28. Cesc Appeal

    I think everyone has played well really, Ramsey should have taken that chance though, no excuses for that bad a take after some great work from Sanchez.

    I think our little Chilean has gone back into beast mode now. Unstoppable, you can almost smell Darmian’s underwear from my living room in Sussex.

  29. izzo

    this team is so frustrating why cant they do this every week???!!! top 6 teams have been inconsistent all season we should be beasting this league as things have gone so far.

  30. nigel tufnel

    whats with giving the advice for Manchester united? !


    Come-shot facial on you right there, you twisted, confused loser.

  31. InsideRight

    Delighted with the first 20 mins.

    Sanch has been different class today. Van Gaal’s lot are being found out. Schweinsteiger is way off the pace.

    United have flattered to deceive so far this season and they’ve caught us in the mood to actually play a bit of football.

  32. I am arsene

    Bamford and carts

    What’s with you?? Tactically scheming against our own side.
    Instead of enjoying what is in front of you, you are busy working out how United can get back into the game, cocks at the ready to ejaculate all over your key boards
    What Spunk monkeys you really are.
    It’s must be horrible for you to watch arsenal so fluid- like semen

  33. qna

    Thought Wally was excellent in that first 20. The match should be won now. Lets do the business anf see this 45 mins out and take the three points.

  34. I am arsene

    Showing your class, Nigel. Showing your class.

    True words of a 40 year old virgin.

    I bet your mum is your best friend isn’t she bamford???

  35. Dissenter


    You have a big target on your back and it’s drawing man drone fired missiles at you.
    Too may Wengerist see you as anti-Arsenal

    How can you be a United fan, City fan and Chelsea fan at the same time?

  36. PieAFC

    Fucking fair play.

    What a first half performance.

    Why can’t we prepare and turn up to games like that every week!!

    That’s everyone’s problem, we never which Arsenal will turn up.

  37. Dissenter

    I’m glad we have Cech in goal

    That’s the only consolation I have because this could easily become a game of two halves

    United have too many good players that can hurt us.

  38. I am arsene


    It doesn’t matter who you think he supports
    And it’s not down to being a Wenger ite
    If you are an arsenal supporter. Seeing other supporters cheer when your team fails pisses you off.
    That’s why bamford draws so much negative attention.
    Not to mention his views on sperm and how it should be used or discussed in society

  39. I am arsene


    We need goals
    As it stand we go second on goal difference
    United started the day like 5 or 6 goals ahead I think

  40. Bamford10

    United’s central midfield makes even less sense now with Fellaini than it did in the first half.

    LVG may be the only manager in world football more tactically clueless than Wenger.