Arsenal v United. Let’s make this the big one again

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Courtesy of @the_cros

Courtesy of @the_cros

Greetings from Sunday morning y’all, Alex here with a short post.

So its the big one today against Manchester United: league leaders and flavour-of-the-month-fraudulent-over-achievers. This fixture used to be massive, an intense blistering affair packed full of, not just the best players in the league, but the nastiest bastards you’d ever care to meet.

I met someone recently who knows Dennis Irwin. Apparently to this day he still despises Arsenal. Not because we were the best, but because we were the nastiest team he ever played against. I’m not advocating we turn into a bunch of cheats, but I kind of yearn for the times when teams absolutely hated playing against us. Do you reckon any of that United midfield are worried about Santi Cazorla bullying them off the park today in the way Viera used to? I doubt it.

Ah but look at me, its Sunday morning and I’ve become one of those “we need leader’s on the pitch” people. Maybe it’s not that, I just want to see some fire in the players’ bellies today. United are a bunch of evil bastards and we should be going out there for a battle.

In terms of team news, our best defender, Laurent Koscielny, is crocked. I’m pretty happy with Per and Gabriel as a pairing though. We can expect to see Theo up top, and after his strong display against Leicester, lets hope he’s got his shooting boots on.

There’s not really much else going on today… oh yeah other than HUGE LOL at Chelsea’s meltdown, have you ever seen a Championship winning side turn south so dramatically? Also big man love for Kun Aguero. What a sexy player.

I’m going to be at the game today, unbelievably only my second home game all season, I’m such a shit fan. Hopefully see some of you there.

Here’s to a strong performance and three points. Up the Arsenal!

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  1. Jeff

    Emmanuel Petit

    “As long as AW is saving money for the shareholders & the club,They don’t see why they should change him”

    “AW is indeed protected by the board. He is very tightfisted & the board is not questioning his decisions”

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I was like many full of hope when we signed theo

    From the sub debut against villa the hope an potential was there….
    Not blaming him for the injuries … That’s unfortunate .

    However from not learning at a consistent rate how to work around the box to manoeuvre scoring chances … To consistently frustrating dead end runs ..
    I do blame ….

    Hey if we all think the same where would we be ?

  3. bacaryisgod

    After watching the Everton-Liverpool match, it’s blindingly obvious we should do to turn ourselves into a title-winning squad. We break the bank if necessary and make a double bid for Lukaku (22) and McCarthy (24). We sell Giroud while he still has sale value and release Arteta and Flamini.

    You tell a probably sulking Theo that this is his chance to be part of a title winning side and Lukaku will only add to your chances of scoring buckets.

    McCarthy could either play alongside Coquelin in a more defensive formation or alternate with him as the DM.

    Realistically, this will be a mega-deal but Lukaku is far quicker than Giroud and his hold up play and first touch are better too.

    This will cost a lot of money but Premier League titles tend to do that to a club.

    Lukaku for 36 million should do it. This isn’t the Everton of old, now that they have healthy TV money but Lukaku has recently gone on record as saying he would like to play for Wenger and he’s surely itching for Champions League football. McCarthy would cost about 25 million. Let’s say we can get 16 million for Giroud then that’s a 45 million outlay and we get the salaries of Flamini and Arteta off the books to lower the overall net spend.

    If you want a team that won’t shirk from a battle, try this for a front 6.

    Coquelin, McCarthy
    Theo Lukaku Alexis

  4. Goonergirl

    Is Young going to play LB or RB? The panel on the pre-match show I’m watching said he’s going to be playing at RB. If so that means Alexis against Young.

  5. gonsterous

    Who remembers the time when the AkBs said Wenger was so good at keeping arsenal competitive even though he had no money, and if he had the money to buy players he would win the league..
    Ahh, good times !!

  6. gonsterous


    Which ever side young plays, I would stick Sanchez on him. But will Wenger do that ?? The answer is always b) No.

  7. jwl


    The other week I checked google to make sure I spelled Gabriel’s name correctly and I went to wiki and discovered his name is:

    ” Gabriel Armando de Abreu (born 26 November 1990), known as Gabriel Paulista or simply Gabriel ”

    which made me wonder why use only Gabriel? Brazilians sometimes do weird things with their names?

  8. SomeRandomGunner

    @gonsterous To be fair the inflation in player prices and wages have been unbelievable . I think the overall stadium strategy kind of failed .

    Instead of stadium if we had done the Chelsea model of buy hundreds of young promising players we might be very well off . We might even have a new stadium with lots of money.

  9. Jeff

    Not after that c*** sucker of an owner bought us. Him and Wenger are just two peas in a pod – they’ll make sure Arsenal rots before they put trophies before profits.

  10. SomeRandomGunner

    Actually I worry about Sanchez against an attacking full back. Whichever FB he plays against he is going to take them on and dribble around. But not too sure of his defensive acumen (not work rate) .

  11. jwl

    I dont feel tense about matches against manure anymore, I just hope we don’t lose too badly.

    And it’s Arsenal, Arsenal FC!

  12. Carts

    If there was ever a need for a reaction it’ll be from this game. Confidence, again, must be shit to bits, but it wouldn’t surprise me if we beat Utd with out breaking strike.

  13. Bamford10

    Wow. I missed the first eight minutes. 2-0? Is this a different Arsenal?

    Still 82 minutes to fuck things up. 😉

  14. MidwestGun

    Movement today is brilliant. This is what a properly motivated team should look like. Why it’s so damn frustrating when we play poorly.

    Now just don’t screw it up by loosing focus defending.

  15. Bamford10

    One swallow doesn’t make a summer, nor does one good game make a player or season.

    Much time to go; much still to prove.

  16. Paulinho

    Our best chance of doing anything was always early in the game.

    Still a long way to go, can the players find a grinding gear? where you keep them honest without over-committing.

  17. warchester

    we aren’t winning the league by winning this game, but please do revel in the glory of being up 2-0 up within minutes against man united

  18. useroz

    Let’s not sit back and keep the pressing and aggression.

    Two MOTM so far in Ozil and Sanchez

    We had 75% possession and 2 goals for real…

    Get 1 more and don’t concced before HT and we’d probably win.

  19. steve


    “It’s not like he was gonna get sacked even if we lost today steve.”


    Nope but it helps push him further over the edge.

  20. Bamford10


    When I come to London for a match, I’d like to meet the woman in your life. She’ll rue having settled for you within minutes, mate. 😉

  21. Dissenter

    There are very few Ozil or Walcott haters here, barely any

    …just critics

    Ozil needs to shoot more, there was a time he would have sought a pass for that second goal.

  22. Bamford10

    Oh wait, you’re French, aren’t you? OK, when I next visit France, I’ll look you and your missus up. 😉

  23. Paulinho

    Walcott has been growing brains on the low for the past couple of years. Slowed himself down a bit more and relaxed.

  24. Dissenter

    If Arsenal bashing United 3-0 by 23 minutes does not get you excited

    Go find something else to do, mow your lawn or bake a cake.

    Your whining is getting boring.

  25. warchester

    have to have some perspective…this is a win…but we were top of the legaue halfway through 13-14 and we lost it…this win still means nothing if we don’t deliver…but it’s probably good if we throw away the champions league to concentrate on this

  26. Jeff

    1 Man City 8 12 18
    2 Arsenal 8 6 16
    3 Man Utd 8 4 16
    4 Crystal Palace 8 4 15
    5 Leicester 8 2 15
    6 West Ham 8 6 14
    7 Everton 8 4 13

  27. Jeff

    We know it’s not a league win but when an occasion like this comes along, for whatever reason, we have to enjoy it and savour the moment. That is what a game of football with your team in it means after all.

  28. Thank you and goodnight


    Yeah I am. As Steve said, another 5 years contract for le twat. Will we ever be rid of him and syrup head.

  29. Davido

    Alex, please could you get an official name change because it’s hard wanting to attack you for some of the random targets you pick on (Cazorla) when your name forms part of Alexis’.