Arsenal v United. Let’s make this the big one again

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Courtesy of @the_cros

Courtesy of @the_cros

Greetings from Sunday morning y’all, Alex here with a short post.

So its the big one today against Manchester United: league leaders and flavour-of-the-month-fraudulent-over-achievers. This fixture used to be massive, an intense blistering affair packed full of, not just the best players in the league, but the nastiest bastards you’d ever care to meet.

I met someone recently who knows Dennis Irwin. Apparently to this day he still despises Arsenal. Not because we were the best, but because we were the nastiest team he ever played against. I’m not advocating we turn into a bunch of cheats, but I kind of yearn for the times when teams absolutely hated playing against us. Do you reckon any of that United midfield are worried about Santi Cazorla bullying them off the park today in the way Viera used to? I doubt it.

Ah but look at me, its Sunday morning and I’ve become one of those “we need leader’s on the pitch” people. Maybe it’s not that, I just want to see some fire in the players’ bellies today. United are a bunch of evil bastards and we should be going out there for a battle.

In terms of team news, our best defender, Laurent Koscielny, is crocked. I’m pretty happy with Per and Gabriel as a pairing though. We can expect to see Theo up top, and after his strong display against Leicester, lets hope he’s got his shooting boots on.

There’s not really much else going on today… oh yeah other than HUGE LOL at Chelsea’s meltdown, have you ever seen a Championship winning side turn south so dramatically? Also big man love for Kun Aguero. What a sexy player.

I’m going to be at the game today, unbelievably only my second home game all season, I’m such a shit fan. Hopefully see some of you there.

Here’s to a strong performance and three points. Up the Arsenal!

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  1. Sukky

    As an arsenal fan, am not getting carried away with the win because Man United lost because their defence were YOUNG, SMALL AND BLIND. I feel really sorry for them.

  2. Wallace


    “You know what Wallace. I loved the victory today. ”

    it would actually have made me sad if you hadn’t gotten any enjoyment out of it.

  3. Mick Kartun

    Just got back from long overseas work from China, came home to my fookin country in South East Asia.

    Glad we trashed Manure.

    Manure trolls here will cry to piss their sweat pants.

    And hey bamford manure piss fan,

    I am from South East Asia, moron.

    I am not from English spoken country, so fuck your snuff illiterate arrogance,

    we don’t speak you daily language, so what the fuck do I care about english high standard vocabs.

    In my country we have the largest Arsenal FC fans club, and most of them like me are Wenger Haters.

    Well last night result make my cock happy and strong again, and if AW prove me wrong until end of season and winning us the PL trophy again,

    well maybe, just maybe I’ll be an AKB then.

    and me MADRID fan? hahaha LOL.

    I love just to watch Messi play only and hate Madrid.

    By the way Bamford, how’s your Martial, he played and looked like DIPSHIT huh, JUST LIKE YOU.

  4. underrated Coq

    Loved that Ronay article. Also, sharp contrast between the comments on the match report on the Guardian–a neutral sort of site–to those found on here– a supposed Arsenal site. Even majority of the United fans were classier.

  5. Wallace

    urr Coq

    “Loved that Ronay article. Also, sharp contrast between the comments on the match report on the Guardian–a neutral sort of site–to those found on here– a supposed Arsenal site. Even majority of the United fans were classier.”

    yeah, it is healthy to get a non-le grove perspective occasionally. i’ve seen a few comments from Utd fans that were surprisingly generous.

  6. Mick Kartun


    Mourine’s obsession with AW and costa antics just paid off huh.

    Justice not blind mate.

    Please AW make us WOB believe you,

    every time Arsenal lost my cock hurts. damn.

  7. underrated Coq


    True, United did get a bit over physical in the second half though, possibly out of frustration. Who can blame them? They were being given a footballing lesson 😀

    Still, much better than any matches involving Mourinho and his band of diving cheats. No Chelsea, no controversy.

  8. Mick Kartun

    If AW lower his stubborn in January window, and buy decent DM and ST,

    we will see this squad can be a real deal.

    Bender for DM and maybe aubameyang (already 10 goals in Bundesliga) for ST,

    is not such a bad idea.

  9. SomeRandomGunner

    Walcott is growing on me as a striker . In the last 5 games he has 4 goals and 3 assists . Very mature .

    We definitely need a replacement for both Arteta and Flamini . And probably a right winger/play maker instead of Ramsey. Was expecting Ox to cement his role as starter but he has been very disappointing this season.

  10. SomeRandomGunner

    @WrightIsGod . Very True. Monreal’s attacking sense is extremely good. He exactly knows when to get forward and what to do.

    Also we need to start mentioning Gabriel signing in the “Koscielny category” . He has been very very good for us in pretty much all games.

    Does any other team have 3 such good CBs in the league ?

  11. Leedsgunner

    Here’s a cheerful thought.

    I wonder how Michael Owen is feeling after the results yesterday… plus Liverpool is in shambles.

    Coutinho will want out, worth a cheeky bid? Who else is worth poaching from Liverpool if the opportunity came up?

  12. Mick Kartun


    Maybe Ox not getting much game time though.

    His mind is kinda lost and not focus in the game.

    We seems getting late bloomers like Walcott, but you just can’t wait for younster for so long. AW must kick the youngsters in their balls sometimes to to wake them up.

  13. Leedsgunner


    Successor and competitor to Cazorla and Özil in the AM role? As wonderful as Cazorla’s form is now… he’s not getting any younger and I don’t want to wait his legs are gone like Arteta. Just a thought… 🙂

  14. Bamford10

    Great performance from Arsenal yesterday, especially the defensive pressing all over the field. Even Walcott harried & tackled.

    Raises the question, though: why do we not see this kind of pressing on a more consistent basis?

    Many positives, though, including:
    – Walcott’s improved CF play
    – Sanchez’s fabulousness
    – Ozil played well in a big game
    – Cech was excellent
    – back four were really solid (even w/o Kosc)
    – overall team confidence and spirit was fantastic

    If we work and press like that going forward, if Walcott continues to improve, if the combination play between the front four is as good as it was yesterday, and if Coquelin remains healthy,

    we can definitely finish a respectable second. 😉

    Seriously, though, play like that and second is ours.

    I suspect yesterday will be a bit of a blip, though, as I do not expect the team to continue to work and press like that. We will see.

  15. SomeRandomGunner

    @Mick True Ox lacks concentration and from Wenger’s comments probably confidence too.

    It would have done a world of good if that goal had gone in . His defending is very worrying thing though. May be a spell on U21s will give him the confidence he needs ?

  16. Leedsgunner

    Please please please… let’s not drop points at Watford coming up on the 17 October and bag another three points. Complacency has to be our greatest danger here. What we don’t want is another West Ham like performance…

    Has Wenger done the sensible thing and withdrawn Sanchez from international duty? If not, he should. Fergie used to do it all the time… we need him more than Chile.

  17. Leedsgunner


    If you say so. Don’t follow Liverpool that closely but he is usually one that seems to give a consistent performance.

  18. OleGunner

    What a fantastic win yesterday! Brilliant performance all over the park. I was in disbelief at our energy, pressing and willingness to score early in the game but most importantly was our big guns in Ozil, Sanchez and Theo stepping up.

    Let’s carry this momentum forward otherwise this win counts for nothing.

    Lol at putting OX in U21’s. Some of the posters on this site are severely dense it’s shocking.

  19. bacaryisgod

    On another note, Southampton continue to amaze me.

    From just two seasons ago, they’ve lost players amounting to an unheard of 68% of starting minutes from their squad, including 8 of their 11 most frequently used players. That’s probably the most drastic turnover in the history of the Premier League and the old First Division and also coincided with the loss of their manager from that season.

    Only Fonte, Davis and Wanyama remain from those 11 players.

    Remarkable job from Koeman, who I think is probably the most likely candidate right now to succeed Wenger when he finally retires. There have been several managerial false dawns before (Coyle, Martinez and of course Brenda) but we could do a lot worse than Koeman with his compatriot DB14 as his assistant.