When will Arsenal brief against Wenger?

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Afternoon all, Alex here with a short post as I’m tied up in the office (not literally of course that would be weird).

So I don’t know Pete’s mate who wrote the post yesterday comparing football managers to tech start ups but I thought it was absolutely brilliant. However for someone like me, with about as much understanding of technology as a manatee, I was surprised that Wenger was compared to Twitter. I always thought Twitter was still one of the most successful tech companies. Goes to show what I know.

An easier analogy for a simple mammalian like myself, and one that has been espoused often by friend of the show @jananganesh, is that Arsene and Arsenal are a lot like the British Labour Party (of which I declare I am a member).

Remember back in 2004 when everyone genuinely thought Gordon Brown had ended boom and bust? We thought he was smarter than Adam Smith, John Maynard Keynes and Milton Friedman combined. The Tories genuinely wondered if they’d ever be a party of Government again. At about this time Arsene Wenger had just steered his team through a run of 49 games unbeaten, a feat that will likely never be surpassed. He had arguably four of the best players in the world in his team – Henry, Bergkamp, Viera and Pires. He was held in such reverence that he could have sold his toenail clippings as unicorn tears and most football fans would’ve gladly paid over the odds for them.

Fast forward eleven years and Labour has just elected a hemp-chewing librarian as Leader. The downward trajectory has been staggering (and is somewhat inevitable in politics). What is weird is the scary parallel  between Labour’s demise and Arsenal’s. It can best be illustrated by comparing the last couple of Labour leaders with Arsenal strikers:

  • Blair = Henry (you may hate him but he was a winner)
  • Brown = Adebayor (not as good as everyone had hoped)
  • Miliband = Bendtner (how did he get the job?)
  • Corbyn = Sanogo (mate)

So there you go. If Arsenal were a political party, they’d be Labour.

In other news, Arsene gave a tetchy press conference ahead of the United game. Apparently he didn’t like being asked if Mourinho was right to say he’s the only manager not under pressure. On most occasions when truth is spoken to power, power doesn’t react well. As much as I hate Mourinho he is bang on the money with that comment. We heard a lot after the shambles that was the Olympiakos game about how the players were hauled in front of Wenger for a right rollicking. These stories were, of course, briefed to journalists by Arsenal’s comms team. My questions is if Arsenal’s press team are quite happy to brief against our own players, where were the briefings about the rollicking Wenger received from his boss for his awful performance?

“Sources say Gazidis demanded to know why Wenger dropped Cech for such a crucial tie. The manager is now under pressure after another embarrassing home defeat  in the Champions League to a club that Arsenal were expected to beat. A specialist team has been brought in to review Wenger’s defensive coaching after the team conceded three goals at home again. Scrutiny of his tactics and decision making has been steadily increasing as he has failed to make it passed the last 16 IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS despite big name signings such as Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.”

I tell you what. That’s an article I’d pay to read.

We face United tomorrow and their King Fraud manager Louis Van Gaal. I have genuinely no idea how they are top of the table but I guarantee it has nothing to do with Van Gaal whose only skills are his ability to hold a clipboard and spunk £200 million as quickly as possible. I really, really hope we can beat them. It would make a big statement and would mean we are somehow joint top of the table. I’m not feeling confident but, if I’m honest, I have no idea which Arsenal team is going to show up these days.

Right that’s your lot from me. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel

Tah tah x

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  1. underrated Coq


    That’s an interesting analysis re Giroud. I think Theo has the exact opposite problem in that regard- He always looks to place it , even in situations when blasting it might have better chance of beating the keeper. Especially in recent games, its why some of his shots looks tame and lazy.

  2. Leedsgunner

    There are two cultures. One is governed by fear. The other is governed by love.”OMG, what an utter load of effeminate poncy cock. How about a culture of excellence and respect? Love. FFS. Laughable.

    Well said. Wenger is supposed to be running a football club not a care home although it is becoming difficult to tell these days.

  3. Joe

    And it would be too funny to see his special 4th place trophy not be good enough to enter a competition the cunt will never win.

    Can’t wait for the next manager of Arsenal to show Wenger what it takes to compete and make arsenal great once more

  4. underrated Coq

    Joe, I have grown tired of his management too but to wish success for Mourinho and Chelsea out of frustration at Wenger ? Come on !

    Like him or hate him, Wenger is an Arsenal man, one of our own while those over at Stamford Bridge are outsiders. From their manager to their fans, they hate our club and you are wishing good for them ?!

  5. Wallace

    reckon he’ll go with Ramsey, but with Shaw out and Blind at left CB i think that side of Utds defence is the obvious area to target. i’d be tempted to play the Ox and hope he has one of his stormng games. he does seem to like playing against Utd.

  6. GuNZ

    Heading for an early night to be up for the game and work afterwards.
    My predictions have been all over the show for this weekend but still going for 3-2 to my Gooners.

    Night all

  7. gonsterous

    No matter how negative my week is, on matchdays I just feel so positive about the team. Think we can beat those man utd scums..

  8. vicky

    Any hope Arsene will surprise the opposition for a change ? We have done well in away games and been abysmal at home. Why not set out to play the home game as if it were an away game ? United has a slow midfield which may not be able to cope with counter attacking game. If we play tippi tappi, I think United would either beat us or at least draw the game as Rooney and Co know how to beat us.

    I am a massive fan of Cazorla but today, I would like to put Ramsey in the middle and Ox on the right wing. I think we should never play Ramsey,Santi and Ozil in the same team. One has to sit out If we are serious about doing well this season.

    Let’s play counter-attack with Ramsey-Ozil partnership in the middle and pacy players like Sanchez,Ox and Theo as forwards. Given our record against them, we may lose to them anyway, why not try something which can turn the tide ?

    Being realistic, I expect Wenger to play the same old team formation and possibly we will get the same old result.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    At the moment there are two Managers [Mourinho and Wenger] who think that they are the bees knees of world football and above being sacked if they fail to deliver results.

    In the case of Chelsea I doubt that Abramovich will be sentimental if Mourinho fails to sort out quickly the problem. Abramovich is not a sentimental guy and frankly I suspect that a lot of what is going on at Chelsea is down to Mourinho’s very poor management style.

    The trouble with him is that his ego gnaws with other people and eventually he makes enemies wherever he goes, which is why he does not stay in any job
    very long.

    Wenger is of course a far more stable manager, but the problem with him is that he is not just stubborn, which in itself is not a bad thing, but his decision
    making in recent years has been poor.

    The problem at Arsenal is that there is noone at the club willing to do anything about it. Wenger is allowed to paddle his canoe even if it results in the
    club stagnating.

    Noone with the wellbeing of the club at heart wants to see Wenger sacked, but the point has now been reached where we need a fresh broom preferably at the end of this season.

    The club needs to show some ambition and in my view make material changes to the way the club is run and that means utilising its resources much
    better than we are doing at the moment.

    The idea that Wenger is indispensable is ridiculous. There are plenty of younger and hungrier managers floating around the game who are more than
    capable of delivering results.

  10. I am arsene

    Vicky I agree with you on te selection

    Also pedro must be extremely desperate to allow the garbage being submitted to him to be released into his blog.
    Arsenal are Twitter???!!!??
    Arsenal are labour??!!???

    Dear lord give me strength this is playground stuff
    No actual analysts of the club. No tactics no finance
    Just Gordon brown is adenayor
    Fucking hell

    How any of you can dare talk down about arseblog or untold when you follow this garbage religiously is a mystery
    The only reason to visit this site is the comments page
    Of which Emirates stroller offers a far more insightful opinion on our club than pedro or his goons

  11. underrated Coq

    I would go with


    Don’t want any passengers/ defensive liabilities today hence no Oxlade,Ozil.