What would Bayern Munich do with uncompetitive Arsene Wenger?

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Well, we seem to be making a habit of completely embarrassing ourselves in Europe, don’t we?

Yes we do.

Last night, Arsenal went down to an Olympiacos that had an ancient Esteban Cambiasso pinning their midfield. We conceded an unbelievable 3 goals at home against the whipping boys of our group. We became their first scalp of an English team in 12 attempts.

Quite incredible.

… and look, we didn’t even have injuries to blame. We had a pretty awesome team that stepped up to the plate.

The pace in the side was blistering, we had two very capable full backs in the line up. The front line of Theo, Chambo and Sanchez was enough to destroy most sides.

The keeper with foresight was a stupid decision (anybody of sound mind not complaining about that?), with hindsight it was a complete car crash moment. It’s hard to pin the result on him though. He made a hash of a looping shot early on when he took the ball falling backwards, nearly taking it over the line. I’m pretty sure he did something similar in the league cup as well. For the second goal, from a corner, he rushed out past his 6 yard line, he misjudged the whip of the corner, tried to get back and pulled the ball over the line with his momentum. Pundits tried to say this indicated he didn’t trust his centre backs. A nonsense. He’s just not a very good keeper so making bad decisions is part of his game. But the fault of the game was in our attitude to defence.

The first goal was another shambles. Again, from another set play, Olympiacos found their man on the edge of the box, Ozil was asleep, the ball was swept in off Chamberlain. Real basics.

We did creep back into the game twice. Theo Walcott equalised first when his tame shot dropped under the keeper. Sanchez popped up with very good header from a Theo cross.

The goal that summed up the attitude of the side perfectly was the one conceded straight after we drew level for the second time. I think we managed to keep our concentration for about 14.5 seconds. The Greeks marched into our box and Fortounis was on hand to tap home unchallenged.

We came to life after that, like we normally do. We huffed and puffed. We made some nice runs. We did a good job at looking concerned. But it was to no avail. We flunked out our second game in a couple of weeks to weaker opposition.

Things to consider:


It was amusing to watch all the #TeamPositive muppets Championing ‘A great keeper’ coming into the fold. It was apparent even when David was playing well last year, that he wasn’t the full ticket. He should have been bombed out with Chezzer this summer (incidentally, all those calling for him to be reinstated should take a look at the clanger to Pole dropped). Instead, he was kept on in some sort of sympathy pact that came with an agreement he’d take the Champions League and League Cup games.

Can someone please explain, how a keeper no better than Almunia, is given a Champions League pass? It’s shite management again. It’s a guilt pass. It’s a pass that makes you wonder how much involvement Wenger had in bringing in Petr Cech. Because if I was Arsene, I’d be keeping Cech in every single game. He was a Mourinho invincible for 8 years. He’s better than anything we’ve had since David Seaman. Why are we dropping him out for the most prestigious competition in Europe?


Probably one of the few bright sparks from last night. Popped up for the second time in a number of days scoring from the middle. For me, he has the fight Theo doesn’t have. He has the aggressive play you need in that central role and he has a better repertoire of goals and far more magic. Shouldn’t he be playing that central role? Wouldn’t that make us more dynamic up top? Wouldn’t that give us more of a chance? Make us more of a threat?


Arsene cited luck. Bloody hell, have we fallen back on an intangible this early on again? Amazing how lady luck is always there with a gimp mask and giant rubber sex toy, ready to go all Pulp Fiction on us in Europe.

Last night wasn’t about bad luck. It was about bad preparation. We went out thinking we’d won the game and we failed miserably. We were arrogant with stupid decisions like bringing in Ospina into the fold, a decision I’ve no doubt impacts the rest of the squad. We defended badly, which is a discipline thing. We didn’t concentrate, which feels like a management item. The players have to shoulder some of the blame here. But when you’ve watched the manager fail with very good teams time and time again with the same problems, you have to wonder whether you can keep blaming the players? Answer me this. Do you think we’d suffer the same problems under a Mourinho or a Guardiola?

This is, what, the 3rd time we’ve conceded 3 goals against totally average teams in Europe? Anderlecht and Monaco spring to mind. There comes a point, which I’ve been over time and time again, where you say… the manager hasn’t got a fu*king clue in Europe.

He’s the most experienced Champions League manager having played the most games. He’s never won the competition and he’s still getting tanked by shite teams.

It’s not good enough, is it?


People were quick to tell me that last night had nothing to do with the summer. For me, it had everything to do with the summer. We don’t have a squad that’s good enough. If you think the players don’t 100% believe that notion, you’re totally kidding yourselves. If you head into a season underprepared, that impacts the mentality of the squad. It gives the players an excuse. They know they’re not expected to win anything and they play accordingly.

‘If the manager doesn’t care, why should I?’

There’s no pressure on Wenger, so by proxy, there’s not pressure on the players. So you end up with this very half arsed approach. When it suits, we play well. When it doesn’t, well, who cares?

Arsene is great at pulling together a great half season that gives you hope he might have an understanding what to do the next year. But look, the time has come to stop believing in him. He knows how to pull a capable squad, but he doesn’t know how to make them Champions. So we’re left with a capable deputy captain who can sail the ship while the real captain is out catching fish on another boat.

Wenger is not a Champion. He’s an arrogant fraud who hides behind glories he secured over a decade ago. He keeps his job because he keeps the cash pot brimming for an owner who doesn’t care about the club. It’s a poisonous loop we’re stuck in. One that doesn’t break until the manager leaves the club. But will he ever leave? No. Because he doesn’t need to and the management of the club don’t have the power to do what they want to.

Because get one thing straight, everyone knows the way Wenger operates is a joke. No one will be sitting in that boardroom watching that celebrating what’s going on.

So, next up, two games against Bayern Munich. A club that’s run the right way. With the right mentality. They’d have shipped Wenger off about 6 years ago, because that’s what owners with foresight do.

We’ll probably win one of those games, as we always do… but there you go. Wenger is the Champion of Hope, that’s all he’s good for. We’re perennial no-hopers. Fans tolerate it because it’s unbelievable that a man with almost quarter of a billion at his disposal doesn’t spend… I mean, he must have a vision, right? Wrong.

Reality is, we’re not even good enough to be a fat bridesmaid these days. Four seasons dropping out at the last 16. This season we’ll likely drop out at the group stages? What is this? A sports club happy to just exist with no real purpose?

Makes me really sad.

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  1. Frank Mc

    ‘GAVE up on Arsene Wenger about six or seven years ago.
    It was increasingly apparent he was becoming as stubborn as an old billy goat and steadfastly refusing to do the bleedin’ obvious because he thought he knew better than everyone else. ‘


  2. Frank Mc

    That’s the lunatic….. probably on a crack pipe somewhere!
    You think we’ll beat the convicts in the rugby?

  3. Vince

    Batter him till he throws in the towel. Stories like the below gives me hope. May this tiger be very close to his end. Enjoy!

    Arsene Wenger threatens walk-out of his press conference
    Friday 2nd October 2015
    ● SOCCERBy Kevin Palmer

    Wenger fuming as Arsenal ‘crisis’ is stirred up by the media
    Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger threatened to walk out of his Friday press conference, as he came under fire from an aggressive press pack.
    Wenger has faced three days of criticism following his side’s Champions League defeat against Olympiacos on Tuesday night and the pressure told as he faced questioning from his critics in the press.

    With the questions flowing on why he dropped first choice keeper Petr Cech in favour of David Ospina for what he described as his side’s ‘must win’ Champions League game against Olympiacos last Tuesday, the Jose Mourinho grenade was then thrown into the mix to stir his pot to boiling point.


    “Is Jose Mourinho right when he says there is only one manager who is not under pressure,” suggested a Sky Sport reporter, who must have know his question would produce an angry reaction.

    Wenger’s repost was swift and unequivocal: “Look, stop that story or we stop the press conference.”
    It was a fiesty exchange that summed up Wenger’s mood on a morning when he was asked few questions about Sunday’s game against Manchester United, with the Arsenal boss frustarted by the crisis that has been whipped up by his side’s latest disappointing result.

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    “You make decision because you have more information than I have and it is exactly the same in my job,” said Wenger as he touched on the Ospina/Cech debate.

    “You come to the game, you judge the game and you assess if I am right or wrong. I never critiqued that, I accept your judgement of how the team played and your assessment, but I don’t have to give you all the information I have to make my decisions.

    “I think the media lack a bit of creativity in the press at the moment, that you follow a bandwagon that is very very very very boring. I don’t go along with that.
    “If you have any interesting questions for Sunday’s game I can answer, but apart from that let’s not come back always to the same story. Come to the game on Sunday, you will see who is in the goal. You have not watched well the game on Tuesday night.

    “You come always with that same story… you can put the goalkeeper you want in the goal, he can make a mistake, you have to accept that. It’s down to everybody.

    “But if you have watched the game and you come down the conclusion that we lost the game because of Ospina, I question your knowledge of football.”

    Wenger is an angry man heading into Sunday’s game against Manchester United and his mood will only improve if his team get the win they need against the Premier League leaders.

  4. GuNZ

    Frank Mc

    Already made my prediction in an earlier post. England have won 4 out of the last 5 tests against Aussie and hopefully they’ll be super-charged to do it again. It’ll be close but I reckon something like 23-18 to England.

  5. Highbury4ever

    “Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger threatened to walk out of his Friday press conference, as he came under fire from an aggressive press pack.”

    You must admit that there’s only one arsène wenger LOLOLOL

  6. Wallace

    “We are happy but I think Arsenal can come back from a defeat, They have shown that a lot of times…..Arsenal are technically and tactically the best team in the league. Nevertheless, they haven’t won so much, so you have to look for that improvement with that team.”

    – van Gaal

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    Steven Howard lays into him today and I think it’s hilarious. About time media woke up to the fact he is and always has been a fraud. We win in spite of wenger not because of him.

  8. GuNZ

    Or at least it does with 2 and a half bottles of wine swilling around your synapses. Going to have to go to bed soon.

  9. Bamford10


    That is just manager-speak. Managers compliment one another — and one another’s teams — all of the time in the build-up to a game. These remarks mean little to nothing.

    I am sure that LVG respects Wenger and this Arsenal team, but no way he thinks they are the best team in terms of tactics or quality.

    That would be patent nonsense.

    The proof is in the pudding: Wenger’s Arsenal are at moment as good as a 2-1 loss at home to Olympiakos and a 2-0 loss away to Zagreb.

    That is: not very good.

    Sunday is a big test for Wenger.

  10. Paulinho

    Wallace – You can keep quoting managers doing their usual blowing smoke up our arse routine before games but it won’t change reality.

    The bit where he said ‘tactically’ gave the game away a bit.

  11. Ughelligunner


  12. Carts

    Tactically were damn ordinary, and have been for many seasons. Biggest myth going

    An argument could be made that we’re one of the most technical teams in the league, but by having attachment we’ve never been close to ever winning the league.

  13. OleGunner

    Ha! Wenger had a meltdown in his conference then eh?

    You know the truth hurts. Wenger absolutely has no pressure put on him at
    Arsenal. Fair enough he obviously has internal pressure from himself but naturally he knows he has the most secure job in the country

  14. Bamford10

    “Arsène Wenger has launched a furious attack on “boring” journalists and “depressing” pundits who have continued to focus on David Ospina’s calamitous own goal against Olympiakos in the Champions League, and who continue to question the Arsenal manager’s decision to start that game with the Colombian in goal instead of Petr Cech, who was watching from the bench.

    After the 3-2 home defeat to the Greek side on Tuesday, Wenger described the suggestion that Ospina was responsible for his team’s failure as “a farce”, and as attention turned to Sunday’s league game against Manchester United, he reacted furiously when the same theory was repeated.

    ‘Do not come always back with that same story. I think you lack a bit creativity in the press, you all follow a bandwagon that is very, very, very, very boring,’ he said. ‘ don’t go along with that. If you have any interesting question about Sunday’s game I will answer, but you cannot keep coming back to the same story. Come to the game on Sunday and you will see who’s in the goal.'”

    – The Guardian

    Keep up the pressure, everyone. 😉

  15. Highbury4ever

    “After the sex change”

    Well I must admit, if you look at LVG’s face for too long…
    Very weird, to say the least.

  16. Frank Mc

    When he was a kid they had to tie a pork chop around his neck to get the family dog to play with him. A face only a mother could love….

  17. Ughelligunner

    I bet you, 99percent of the journalist don’t watch football matches, they only see highlights.

    Pedro has been caught several times in this regard.
    The first and third goals wasn’t ospina’s fault. So?

    And the journalist are so naive, you want to question their motive. Wenger is not under pressure because he delivers his mandate which is fourth.

    Wanting him to say why he is never under pressure is bullshitting, especially when it is coming from his enemy “mourhino”

  18. Leedsgunner


    What an absolute wet and limp lettuce. He doesn’t mind the plaudits when the come his way, why not then the criticism?

    Could it be because he doesn’t know how to answer his critics anymore?

    I’m glad the football press is finally waking up to the truth that many here have known for a while….

    The Emperor has no clothes, no future and no vision for this club.

  19. Ughelligunner

    We as arsenal fans don’t see it that way because we are starved of trophies.

    We want it badly by any means. Hate or love the man, he is well respected in the game more than mourinho the record breaker. That is why he is jealous.

    Playing a defensive game is easy, every manager has done it at the emirates. Even Rodgers packed the bus at the emirates.

    Wenger parked it at the etihad.

    The most difficult football is the passing game. Sometimes you need players who rarely lose the ball to be masters at it. Something we will always lack.

  20. Ughelligunner

    Leeds, they were been repetitive.
    “What an absolute wet and limp lettuce. He doesn’t mind
    the plaudits when the come his way, why not then the criticism?”

    How many press conferences has a manager been lauded by the pressmen?
    Do you think if they said it in their papers and not in his presser, he would be bothered?

  21. Ughelligunner

    Jose mourinho was asked why he subbed terry in the match against man city. He told the journal he doesn’t have an explanation for subbing his own player. So why the wenger rant?

    Ospina keeps for Colombia,

    schzny keeps for Poland

    this are season international goal keepers. He made a blunder lets move on.

    Why were they not asking the question when almighty Cech conceded cheaply against westham?

  22. Ughelligunner

    Leeds, they are all looking for a story. They don’t have arsenal interest at heart.

    Even Roy Keane, that didn’t win a game when he managed astonishing villa, Wales still has something to say.

    Talk is cheap, action is difficult.

    Gary is a coaching staff of England national team, what has he done differently other than talk? Well we will see at the euro, won’t we?

  23. reality check

    Did you hear what the guest journo said about Wenger Kronke KSE and Borrowing last night. Talk Sport.

    Said some nice things about Pedro too, that jason cundy show with the other bloke.

    They were duscussing why Arsenal operates the way it does under Kronke and Wenger. His answer…

    Follow the money, always follow the money.

  24. Ughelligunner

    Yeah, true about the divorce.

    If you end up with your wife because of the game, then there is nothing stopping you from the game anymore.

    I am sorry, but i think wenger is here to stay.

  25. Emiratesstroller

    I do have sympathy with Wenger over what is being said about Ospina. He is not a bad goalkeeper and by any standard amongst the best second strings at any club in EPL or for that matter in Europe. It was not so long ago that many pundits and posters were agitating that we kept him on our books in preference to Szczesny.

    The problem is that Wenger was wrong to select him for the Olympiacos game which we needed to win. Wenger’s decision in the circumstances was
    clearly a costly mistake.

    However, there are justifiable reasons for criticising Wenger’s judgment this

    1. The team has won only two of its last 8 home games in EPL and Champions
    League. A tactically smart manager would have resolved that problem by now
    assuming that he has the resources in squad to do so.

    2.Our defence has been flawed over last 5-6 years. When you see consistently
    poor marking at corners and set pieces you would have thought that we would
    have either changed the marking system or personnel.

    3. The balance between defence and attack is not right. We have too many
    defenders in our squad who are “cavalier” and leave us far too exposed to
    counterattack. The third goal conceded against Olympiacos was not the
    fault of Ospina, but certainly the consequence of poor defending both in
    midfield and back division.

    4. When you read the stats about the number of chances that Arsenal have
    created this season you have to question not only the failings of our two strikers, but the team as a whole. I made the point during the summer that even if
    Wenger could not find the right striker he should have found a winger/attacking midfielder who could improve the team’s goalscoring potential. Messrs
    Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey have not managed to score a single goal in 10 competitive games. That highlights current weaknesses going forward and makes
    it relatively easy to close Arsenal down.

    5. This brings us back to the major criticism of Wenger, which is that his failure to replace certain players in squad and recruit at least one or two quality
    new outfield players to refurbish our squad was ridiculous particularly when you see how much money is sitting in the bank.

    That is not only an indictment of Wenger but overall management of the club.
    It is something that the shareholders need to address at the AGM. Bluntly
    Wenger must not be allowed to fob this matter off.

  26. Gunner2301


    I understand that keepers can make mistakes but for Wenger to call Ospina world class you know he’s struggling for answers. Cech is world class and a level above Ospina, Ospina a level above the Clown. With keepers it’s all about the confidence they Instill Ospina did well last term stats wise but he’s not instilling the kind of confidence you need from a keeper who’s going to help you win the league. Who’s to say Ospinas inclusion and mistakes didn’t unsettle the defence? Then it snowballs. Why didn’t Wenger say there were a number of players that didn’t play to the required standard therefore contributed to the defeat? That would be a better way of handling it imho.

  27. Wallace

    the interview’s on sky sports. Wenger didn’t ‘blow up’, he just got annoyed with the guy asking the same question 5 times in a row.

  28. Highbury4ever

    “A player from Sunday League English was convicted of intentional assault on an opponent during a match. Nathaniel Kerr, 24, plaing for the AFC Gold Cup, lunged forward with both feet on Stuart Parsons, 30 and Emigration FC defender, breaking his right leg.”

    Too bad that Kerr don’t know Roy Keane personally lol

  29. MidwestGun

    I wish some journalist would ask the right questions, like who’s decision was it to not spend any money this summer? Was it Arsene’s or Stan’s? I’d be shocked if Stan called up AW and said you only have a 10 mill budget with 200 mill in the bank. Stan is a multi billionaire with tons of equity in property and his other sports teams as well as he is married to a multimillionaire with tons of equity in Walmart. So even without Arsenal Stan could get a loan for 2 bill to build a stadium just on the earning potential of the Rams alone. The other boardmembers have said numerous times AW has whatever funds he wants. If Stan threw AW under the bus I’d like to
    know. . And I’m sure others would too. It was a terrible decision to not strengthen the team other then Cech or replace inadequate backups and known injured players. I think the fans have a right to know who made that decision and why given our large bank balance. Nobody was available that could help our team…… is NOT a valid excuse, imo.

  30. Gunner2301


    Wenger has repeatedly said he has total control over footballing matters. If that’s not the case and he’s protecting Kroenke he deserves the flack for lying. However I can’t imagine someone with his ego not having control so I don’t buy that his hands are tied.

    It’s more likely a combination of his unwavering belief in average players who he wants to prove to everyone he was right to persist with and his view of market value is hindering him. He won’t go that extra mile if required.

    This of course puts us where we are now and each time he gets away with it he feels vindicated by his decision.


    I think Arsenal board/management, should bring in THIERRY HENRY in as ARSENAL’S Next Manager! 4yrs ago, i actually dreamt that Our Thierry was sitting in Arsene’s place on the bench, & Pires & Bergkamp were with him.!
    I actually woke & telling everyone that Thierry was Arsenal’s Manager, only to be told that he wasnt.
    Maybe & i damn well Hope that My Dream Comes True..!!! Heaven Sent.
    Love Gooner Diane in Redbridge