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Anarchist red rag

Happy Monday my darlings. How you doing? Did hipster anarchists vandalise your Gourmet Beans on Toast shop last night?

The fuckers. Way to ungentrify a place. Smash the independents. That’ll take the place back 15 years to when you could afford to buy there. That’ll stop people buying £4 bowls of cereal.

Would love to get a profile of the masked people doing brave things in packs in the name of cheaper rent. I mean, how many anarchists do you meet / read about that aren’t from super rich backgrounds? You need to be rich to live that lifestyle.

Someone has to pay for that sweet Dalston warehouse, it’s usually daddy. Can’t wait until we find out the paint thrower was a rockstars kid.

Anyway, back to me. Please accept my apologies for the late posts and ups and downs over who is writing. I’ll get the flow back when I’m moved, which is next Monday onwards.

Would be good to find out if you’d mind getting the post at 1300?

Anyway, the weekend was fun, wasn’t it?
It didn’t take long to realise defensive midfield hell did it? Who saw that coming, raise your hands?

Arsene, you missed it? Go and stand outside, I’ll be calling your parents.

Hopefully the nightmare was just for this weekend. We have two big games this week. The first is Olympiacos in the Champions League. We have to win that game on account of our Zagreb loss in the first game. Our second, is United on Sunday, a top of the table clash. Just like old times eh?

I’ve watched United a few times this season. I think they have the makings of a good side. Loads of power through the core, they have legs in midfield again and they’ve unearthed a gem in Martial who could potentially have an Anelka like effect. I mean, that’s a mad long shot. I fully expect LVG to go bust this year.

We looked far better this weekend. My main concern centred around the openness of our play. Sure, it’s fun to watch a gung-ho approach, but come on, that was Leicester. We shouldn’t be that open after 13 minutes and we shouldn’t be giving Vardy a free pass in our area. Against a better team, we’ll get punished harder.

Good news is Theo is starting to look sharper. There’s still not much smoothness in his play or technique, but his movement is sharpening up and he’s settling into the role with a bit more ease. My problem with him, is in the big games, he’s absorbed too easily… and under pressure, one chance, in a big game, is he going to bury it?

Right now, you’d not bet your house on it.

Key win from that game was Sanchez. He’s back. He looked laboured in his play to start with, but the sparkle came back by the end. He needs to be free in his head to play well. I think his poor form and slight lack of fitness have been killing him a bit. Hopefully the shackles are off now. Hopefully just in time for United.

Giroud swept his chance in well. I just want him back to believing in himself again. You might not be the best, but you need to believe you are. There’s no time for self pity in football.

Hopefully he’ll snap back to the player we all love.

Chelsea losing dropping points was hilarious. What I find interesting is Liverpool are supposedly considering the chopping of Rodgers despite him being just 5 points from the top? I mean, wow. That’d be harsh. Especially after his outlay and losing his best player again.

Just a short post today, have a good one, see you tomorrow!

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  1. Bamford10

    Underrated & Luoius

    So you’re going to leave Cazorla deep by himself? Without a CDM alongside or behind him? Sorry, but this is naive. Were any of our regular CDMs available, Wenger would obviously play said player behind/alongside Cazorla. Yes, Cazorla does the deep-lying distribution, but this is totally different from providing defensive cover to the back four, which is what a CDM does.

    One wouldn’t — or shouldn’t — ask Cazorla to do both of these things.

  2. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    If wenger don’t play chambers he will kill whatever congmfidence an ability the lad has…
    He will never be the quickest but pace can be worked on

    Playing games is the best answer

    Plus him an gabs coul be needed a few times this season

  3. Louis Almeida

    Bamford – no Ramsey will still have defensive duties. It’ll be up to him to pick his moments as to when to burst and not to burst forward. He will start in a pivot and choose his runs carefully.

    The only reason he doesn’t play CM right now is that we do not have a DM to tackle and distribute effectively. If we did I think Wenger would choose him over Cazorla.

  4. Bamford10

    The more I think about it, the more I think you two may be right re what Wenger will do. He’ll make Cazorla the CDM in a sense, with Ramsey as the CM.

    As long as things don’t get too stretched, this will work fine. As soon as the game gets stretched end to end, though, requiring Cazorla to cover ground that someone bigger and more athletic can cover but that he cannot, we’ll be in trouble.

  5. Bamford10


    Yes, I basically agree. If we didn’t need Cazorla to do the deep-lying distribution, he’d probably play Ramsey as the CM.

  6. underrated Coq


    Cazorla will essentially be replacing Arteta in that much-revered midfield combination of Ramsey-Arteta a couple of seasons back.

    Cazorla may be tiny but he ain’t weak and over the past season he’s added a bit of steel to his game. Doesn’t shy away from the physical side of the game.
    As for Ramsey. his attacking form may be struggling at he moment but you can rely on him to put in a defensive shift for the team.

  7. Dissenter

    I guess we have to disagree about how long to wait for to objectively judge presidens.
    Obviously, they can be so bad like George W’s (and Blair’s) Iraq war that upset the delicate balance in the middle east.
    I’m not a big fan of this president but his health insurance plan and the choices he made to steer the economy bqck might salvage his presidency, when people look back 5-10 years from now.

  8. Dissenter

    Olympiakos has Esteban Cambiasso in the middle. It will be an interesting day.
    We just have to go for it and try to get as many goals as possible.
    It’s not implausible that Bayern will beat us home and away.

  9. Mick Kartun

    Chambers filled in DM is not a bad idea fvor Olympiacos.

    Coquelin better be fully fit for Manure, we need his prime condition.

    Kos and rams needs rest too for Manure.

    My preferred formation tonight:


    Bell BFG Gab Gibbs

    Chambers Cazorla

    Ox Ozil Sanchez