Are we going to step up or be a little bit jaded? #Arsenal

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Ever have one of those nights and you’re all like, I’m fine, I’m fine… THEN BANG. You’ve had three beers, you’re off your face flying out transatlantic e-mails, texting the world on a night that culminates in you laughing your backside off at a bin with an automated lid?


Just me?


I have all the regret this morning. You know what gets me? Where is the reciprocation in life? I put my pride and self esteem on the line almost every time I get drunk. Where’s the payback? Where’s the embarrassing stuff coming the other way?

No where.

I hate the world.

You know another thing I hate? The fact that I told you guys not to block adverts. Then I thought about it. Every damn week someone is complaining that the ads running through my site are terrible and they interfere like a 1am Pedro Whatsapp.

Then I thought, you know what. It’s not worth it. If the only way media agencies can connect with my audience is by disrupting the reason they came to my site. Well, I can’t have it. So, for the time being, I’ve binned adverts. The gift to you is easy viewing. The curse to me is that servers are expensive to run.

I was considering migrating the site over to Medium. Not sure if that’s a bit extreme.

Anyway, I’m living in Clapton this week. Which is fun. It’s like living out of London. But the people are way cool. If your bread ain’t sourdough, get the fuck out of here and bugger off back to Shoreditch or some other place that’s lost its soul. New wave Hipsterism is here and I’m basking in its rays like an overweight scouser on their first trip to Spain.

Arsenal. Yes, that’s what you came for!

Jose Mourinho has been bitching in the media again about Arsene Wenger. You can’t deny the veracity of his points. Arsene Wenger isn’t really under pressure. He’s the only manager in the league who has a lifetime pass and keys to the club. I don’t really get why Mourinho cares. It’s not like he’s getting the sack anytime soon. His attack on Wenger bitching about refs is a bit unfair, Wenger doesn’t really go hard on anyone in the press conferences. It’s generally a pretty boring affair.

… but he raises a decent point. If there was genuine pressure to succeed, I highly doubt you’d see a summer like the one that just passed. Still, it is what it is.

We have title challenging Leicester City today. The only unbeaten club. I used to live in Leicester. If you’ve read this long enough, you’ll know I was a cardboard box factory worker until I was a marketing wanker. I used to stay just outside the King Stadium, back when it was Walkers. So I have fond memories of the place. A very pleasant area.

Today though, it’s serious. Leicester sacked Pearson after he took umbrage that the club sacked his son for making racist porn videos in Thailand on a Thai owners home tour. They brought in Claudio Ranieri. An experienced, quite average European coach. He’s doing well. That is unlikely to last. But he’s having a crack. He’s brought some players in from the shade. Made some smart additions. And I’m pretty sure the super talented Mahrez is the top scorer in the league.

This game has ‘a little bit jaded’ written all over it. We need to be at the races. We need to take the team seriously. We need three points. A draw isn’t good enough based on what’s gone before.

Team news, well, we’ve no Gabriel. He was hit with a 1 game ban and fined Β£10k for disputing a stupid sending off. Makes sense.

We still have no Coquelin, which is a worry considering both our plus 30 CM played in midweek. Tired legs mean something at that age.

If we can’t beat Leicester with one player out, we’re not worthy of much this season.

Big game. Will be watching it around Stoke Newington, but not in the Yucatan after they gentribombed it. One of the best pub in London to watch Arsenal away games. Total shocker. When you’re full because of football, and your manager decides you’d rather attract the clean cut crowd. Well, it’s infuriating.

‘Oh look at me with my young children and clean cut lifestyle. Aren’t I impressive reading my paper with my partner in total silence. Look at my tomato juice. I’m clean cut after trying a cigarette a few years ago. Glad those heady days have passed.’

Fuck off. Get a beer in you total joke. Shout at the bar manager until he throws the Gooners on.


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  1. Bamford10


    Are you saying that you wouldn’t object to a poster who came here every day and talked about “ejaculating” each time he posted?

    Is that your argument?

  2. Ozy

    Hahah Bamford. Grow up. You have no idea how ridiculous you sound – moreso than usual. Can’t stomach the word ejaculate but you call people cunts.

    Are we 15?

  3. WengerEagle


    No one has done that though, this all started with underrated Coq using an accurate analogy of people prematurely ejaculating about other teams and you took exception to his use of the word ‘ejaculating’ for reasons I am yet to understand.

    Just find it bizarre.

  4. Ozy

    I wish I knew how it felt to argue about the offensive nature of words on a Saturday afternoon in an online blog where nobody really cares about me or my opinions one way or the other and frequent said blog every single day for hours on end – thankfully, I don’t.

  5. Marko

    β€œejaculating,” all decent-minded posters here would recommend that said person be binned and that he seek help

    It’s a proper medical term though. Ban someone for mentioning colonoscopy rather

  6. Dissenter

    McClaren doesn’t deserve a job in a premier league club. He’s gonna be sacked really soon.

    You’re ahead of the defending champions at home and you’re bringing on a teenage striker.
    Park the freaking bus and take off the wheels. Rotate your fouling, jeez.

  7. Bamford10

    WE and Others

    If I created a different moniker and came here every day and talked about ejaculating in each post, how long do you think it would be before Pedro binned me?

    If you concede that he would bin me at all, you’ve lost the argument already, as Pedro would never bin someone for using the f-word in each of his posts.

    But further, I imagine that this second moniker of mine would be binned within two weeks of posting.

    Am I wrong? No. I’m right. QED. πŸ˜‰

  8. Bamford10


    Great, then you concede the point: talk of ejaculating is more disgusting and offensive than ordinary and oft-used curse words.

    Excellent. I love being right.

  9. Johnty79

    Can’t believe the players have saved wenger again. I predicted 6 losses on the trot with wenger going after man utd but the players have let me down.

    Ps: if Chelsea have of won that game I think they would of won the league…I think they probably still well.

  10. Bamford10


    No, I’m just correct. And neither you nor anyone else here has a counter argument.

    My point was not that no one should ever say any such thing, only that it’s ugly and disgusting language. Then I rebutted the weak counter to this.

    Thanks, though.

  11. Marko

    Bamford you are honestly talking out your arse sorry sensitive sally butt. For one underrated has hardly been on everyday talking about cumming all over the place sorry ejaculation. This is the first time I’ve noticed it and it’s purely down to your comical reaction to a legitimate inoffensive term

  12. Marko

    Arsene’s NurseSeptember 26, 2015 Β Β Β 18:27:15
    No you aren’t right Bamford, you’re a squirting bellend bukkakeing the blog with stupid.

    Honestly I never laugh out loud on here but that was pure gold pal

  13. WengerEagle

    ‘Great, then you concede the point: talk of ejaculating is more disgusting and offensive than ordinary and oft-used curse words’

    I didn’t concede anything other than being baffled at your sensitivity to the word ‘ejaculate’.

  14. daz

    @WE I am naming this Mourinhoism . When you are in trouble distract everybody by creating a bigger random controversy πŸ™‚

    This is what I said bamford has just tried to hide his weak city excuses

  15. Arsene's Nurse

    The only man fat eater who should be binned is you Bamford, you delinquent jizm monkey. I bet you spend all the other hours you aren’t infecting this blog dreaming of having a face like a painter’s radio.

  16. Honest Bill

    You’ve got to love a bit of faux-outrage on the internet.

    Ejaculation is a perfectly natural bodily function, without which, none of us would be here.

    Unless someone does it in to your soup.

  17. Bamford10


    Follow the logic of the argument. I never claimed he did. I simply claimed that such talk is uglier and more disgusting than the kind of curse words I occasionally employ here.

    To prove this I provided an example of two posters, one who uses that kind of talk in every post, another who uses the f-word in every post. Is there any question which of these two would get binned? None. The former would — sooner rather than later — whereas the latter never would.

    Therefore “ejaculation” talk is uglier. Point proven. QED.

    Unless someone can gainsay the above, I’ll take it that you all concede the argument.

    Cheers. πŸ˜‰

  18. underrated Coq

    ” So a person who said something about ejaculating in each of his posts would not soon be binned?”

    Well.. You’ve used the word about 10-15 times in the last hour or so. Guess you’ll be finding the answer to this question soon enough.

  19. Honest Bill

    Pedro wouldn’t ban someone for that because Pedro isn’t a ten-year-old girl. But even if he did somehow share the same delicate sensibilities as you, that would just mean there were two of you who need to get a hold of yourselves.

  20. Marko

    What’s QED? I don’t get it.

    Fair enough Bam but I guarantee you pal if everyone on here for a week made coherent posts and valid points but ended each post with ejaculate. I guarantee you the only person who’d be offended and calling for bans is you.

  21. Bamford10


    What a disgusting mind you have. That people here talk about Arsenal and “class,” then say or laugh at disgusting comments like these is a bit absurd.

    Anyone who says things like this or who laughs at such things has no class whatsoever. Literally a gutter mind.

    And the more of these things you say, the clearer is your utter classlessness.

    The “ejaculate” you so enjoy throwing about is really only on your face alone.

  22. daz

    “Unless someone can gainsay the above, I’ll take it that you all concede the argument.”,

    peanuts and monkeys has been saying maggotfaggot for weeks now and has not been binned would you not consider that more ugly than ejaculation?

  23. Bamford10


    Dumb argument. I’m using it indirectly, in quotation marks.

    And clearly I’m right that anyone who used such language in every post would soon be binned, whereas someone using the f-word would not.

    This is obvious.

  24. Bamford10


    “Maggotfaggot” is too childish and meaningless to even acknowledge. I barely even see Peanuts’ comments, in truth.

  25. Bamford10


    Am I wrong, then, about what would happen to the poster who talked about ejaculating in every post vs. the one who used the f-word?

    I’ll drop the point if you simply concede that I’m right. If I’m not right, please then explain how.

  26. Bamford10

    Forget it. Clearly I’m right. The one is uglier and more disgusting than the other.

    I’ll leave it there, unless anyone wants to make an actual argument. Cheers.

  27. luke

    Really need to beat the scum next weekend. We could theoretically go top if Newcastle nick a point at the Ethiad but I cant really see that. McClaren’s days are numbered. After Chelsea leveled it up, Newcastle had a corner and instead of going for the win, McClaren had them take it short and run the clock. Shocking considering they haven’t won and were at home. Really think Newcastle could go down this year.

  28. Marko

    Forget it. Clearly I’m right. The one is uglier and more disgusting than the other. I’ll leave it there, unless anyone wants to make an actual argument. Cheers.

    You sound like a child now bam. People have been arguing the stupidity of your original argument and taking the piss out of you. If you wanna call that a win go right ahead. I’m just thankful you’ve stopped talking about City long enough for some hilarious banter from some of the lads

  29. bennydevito

    Bloody ejaculations! I go away to have ejaculate with my family and cum back to find ejaculate all over the Grove!

    Honestly though guys, Bamford, seriously, I think this has to be the funniest conversation and weirdest ever in the history of Legrove!

    Bamford, I get the point you’re saying but somewhere along the line I think the humour we were all trying to run with got lost on you.

    Right, I’m kicking the kids to bed, plying my missus with alcohol so hopefully I’ll be ejaculating later!

    Too much?

    Fuck off then!


  30. Jeff

    Just switched on to see how the comments are moving along and the last two pages have been more entertaining than the match itself. I though I stumbled upon a sex therapy forum.

    Actually, Underrated was using the term as a metaphor which appears to have been lost on the “recipient” who “took it” literally and proceeded to be disgusted by it. Although I think it was more to do with the exquisite trampling of his argument that did the real damage.

  31. bennydevito

    At least motd should be interesting tonight. Might do a spot of grimantubing of man utd tonight ready for next week. Also will be fun to see Maureen’s moaning face.

  32. Marko

    Watching the full game on sky here and Ozil had a very effective game today and Bellerin was fantastic as an attacking outlet all game. Fair play lad

  33. Relieable sauce

    Tunny will be a very happy man tonight. Fair play to Wales for the comeback in the rugby & beating England 25-28.

  34. Marko

    Ozil have any assists ?

    One the Sanchez header yes and was involved in a couple more. Deceptively good he was.

    Also Bamford earlier going on about Yayagoing off as if it majorly impacted the game while not mentioning they were 2-1 down and then he goes off. Not cool

  35. Relieable sauce

    Sad for Williams, knee injury looked pretty bad. Bournemouth getting some bad luck with injuries.

    Must be such a miserable experience working for Chelsea atm if Mourinho is like that behind the scenes. The stick method only works for so long.

  36. GuNZ

    Congrats TunnyGriffBoy – very, very gutsy Welsh performance. England have only their own ill discipline to blame.

    And as for that fucking Giroud! Scoring in the 90th just to arse up my 2-4 prediction. Can’t that nougat-munching snail-shagger get anything right? FFS. He’s not getting my last rollo.

    Seriously, great result, let’s hope we can keep banging them in . . .

  37. Mick Kartun

    Important win at Leicester.

    Leicester played all out attack though, that’s why we were all over them last night.

    Wenger still has to figure out how to break the MaureenHO parking bus style that already copy pasted by another clubs.

    Still a great win.

  38. Mick Kartun

    Even though I am WOB, I still can not stand MaureenHO’s filthy mouth.

    He is always using wenger’s weaknesses as an excuse to divert all his collapses from his back.

    He is a dirty rat filth scumbag that if every time you look at his face you wanna puke.

    Even Manure and Fergie did not want that douche MaureenHO to be their club manager, cuz his dirty filthy wipe a$$ MOUTH it’s not worth it FOR OUR CLUB LEGACY.


  39. MidwestGun

    Arteta was tidy and effective and used his experience to good effect.
    Tom? Not sure which player you were watching. You need to rewatch the match. Arteta was about 2 steps behind every play and seems to run with a noticeable limp now. He was late on many tackles and received a yellow card for his troubles. I’m all for supporting the team but let’s not suspend reality. We are in big trouble if Coquelin doesn’t recover quickly. And had Flamini not pulled a hammy doubt Arteta would have played.
    Happy otherwise with the overall play and effort of the other players. But we always seem to be able to handle an open match against lesser talent who don’t sit back and try and counter. FA cup final last season, etc….
    Once again troubled about injuries and lack of defensive midfield play.
    Encouraged by Theo’s finishing and Alexis but we still need to find other scorers. Last tw inactivity will continue to haunt us especially if other top sides continue to struggle. Don’t want another what could have been “if only” scenario.
    Very enjoyable match to watch tho, that’s the type of swagger I enjoy.
    Good 3 points against an in form dangerous goal scoring side.

  40. MidwestGun

    I might add Flamini was pretty dog awful too before his injury. Basically, get well soon. … Le Coq.

    Ozil’s chip pass over the top to Sanchez was sublime…. perfect height and perfectly weighted. And Sanchez’s shot that surprised the keeper from distance was why I love that dude. Highlights I will remember for some time.

  41. qna

    TGB. Congrats on your 28-25.

    Great day for Arsenal.

    Some worries in defence. Vardy took his goals with ease and they also hit the post a couple of times. They could have easily put 5 or 6 past us which is not a good game defensively. I think we really struggle without Coquelin. Arteta was very ordinary. I think the fact that Tom thinks he played a good game, really emphasizes this point.

    But at the other end, we looked dangerous again with great movement and we finally finished some chances. Theo and Giroud both got their goals, but the CF position is still dysfunctional. Sanchez back on track for his 20 goals a season is brilliant.

    Some great key balls from Ozil and he really covered the ground. He really stretches teams with his movement. Some great key balls from Cazorla. He looked a little leggy though. We really need to think carefully how to get the most of him this season. We rely on his brilliance, but he already looks tired and we are still in September.

  42. tom

    Trawling the player ratings on ‘neutral’ non-Arsenal sites I see Arteta’s lowest score is 5 and highest is 7.5. Average around 6.5.
    So I think that shows that some people agree he had a decent game.
    Not spectacular , but tidy. He was calm and composed and did a good job in defense. His positional sense compensating for lack of pace.
    I am not suggesting he take Coq’s place just commenting that today he was decent backup and did a job.

    Today, though marked by Sanchez’ individual brilliance, was about the team performance. Arteta can take his share of credit.

  43. Wallace

    it’s taken us a while to find our stride but for the first time since the FA Cup final we showed something of what we’re capable of offensively. the movement and finishing of Walcott & Alexis complementing Ozil’s ability to play the killer ball.

    also found Mertesacker’s return alongside Koscielny reassuring. if Giroud’s not going to be a regular i think Mertesacker has to start most games.

  44. tom

    Arteta numbers.

    46 of 52 pass completion.
    4 of 5 Aerial duals won.
    2 of 4 tackles won.
    3 headed clearances.
    4 fouls for 1 yellow..

  45. MidwestGun

    Rewatch the match, Arteta is injured and off the pace. Statistics don’t show when you are trailing behind the play and aren’t where you are supposed to be, additionally not one single key pass. Yellow card was due to continuing to be late on tackles.

  46. MidwestGun

    Calm and composed? He got a yellow. Positional sense does not make up for lack of speed as a midfielder. You must have Arteta confused with Mertesacker who was somehow able to be in the right place. Altho, he was also exposed for pace once. Who scored has Arteta with one tackle. For comparison Santi had 6 tackles and 4 clearances. Kos and Mert had 11 clearances each. Seems to be a theme on certain other sites that Arteta somehow proved that buying nobody this summer was a good strategy. It wasn’t.
    However, Tom if you want to continue believe that…. feel free, but don’t tell me he is a decent backup compared to who was out there in the transfer market. He runs with a noticeable limp thats not in statistics.

  47. qna

    Agree with you Midwest. Arteta is way off the pace of the PL now. He picks up his mandatory yellow the first time he gets beaten and then puts the entire defense under immense pressure after that. They cant leave him isolated after that and it opens up space in other areas.

    Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky, Debuchy all players whose bodies have broken down. They are not at elite level anymore. Giroud also looks a level below where he was last season.

    To think our only move this summer was to add a 33 year old on a 4 year deal. His elite level reflexes will not outlast his contract either unfortunately. That is best case. Worse case is he wont even be available with the same types of soft tissue injuries our other elderly players are facing now. It is AFC after all.

  48. MidwestGun

    Ok.. I stand corrected. The yellow was for handball , out of position it hit it. However he was also late on a tackle which most likely would have been another yellow had he not already had one. Thanks for fact check, tho.

  49. MidwestGun

    Listen… I enjoyed the match and overall I thought we played well. I don’t want to make this an arguement about Arteta but if you watched that and thought ok Arteta, decent backup. We good! Don’t know that I can say anything to change your mind.

  50. ranxzy

    If Sterling could finish like Theo he would almost be worth his fee. Imagine that, good feet, always gotta trick and a top finisher. If only Theo had the footwork of Sterling.

  51. I am arsene


    I agree with you on the fact that we should have added a back up in there for coq. Someone that can run and can read the game.
    I don’t feel they really need to be the best passer of the ball as the rest of our team literally are ball players. Even our centre halves.
    With that said, I feel the decision not to add a striker was the correct one.
    Theo will score 20+ this season easily
    He is growing an the fact that he has been entrusted now to be our main forward seems to have added purpose to his game that was lacking on the wing.
    He looks at home with oli capable back up.
    If anything I feel an wide forward plus that coveted back up midfielder would complete this squad.
    I disagree regarding cech, he is world class and oozes calm which filters through our defence
    Debuchy is 2nd choice
    Arteta is 3rd choice
    Rosicky is 88th
    Every squad needs squad players and our depth is quite good.
    The Criticism of Arteta seems to be coming from those who slated Wenger for not bringing cesc home.
    Looks like a wis choice to me. I’d rather Arteta right now as Fabregas looks lost, slow and a able to function in a team set up for playing without the ball.

  52. kwik fit

    Leicester allowed Arteta to dictate in the middle. They never got close to him during 70 odd mins he was on the pitch. Had they of taken a different approach Aeteta’s deficiencies would have been apparent. Lets hope Coq is back on Tuesday.

  53. peanuts&monkeys

    ” If Sterling could finish like Theo he would almost be worth his fee. ”

    So fucking fee-minded are Arsenal fans. Its almost exasperating how one fails the money being offered are not ours. Neither are the tickets goin to come any cheap if the players started playing for free suddenly.

  54. peanuts&monkeys

    ” If Sterling could finish like Theo he would almost be worth his fee. ”

    Are you serious? Walcott and finishing? Finishing??? In last 6 matches he missed 15 chances (5 of them plain sitters) and scored only 3. WTF are you talking?

  55. Goondawg

    We were a mess with Flamini on the side. He is so bad positionally defensively, they were ripping us to shreds. We did regain some modicum of control with Arteta on the pitch. He did well, I thought. Doesnt detract from the fact he is still washed up at this level. But he has the experience and know-all of the league. He covered for Ramsey’s deficiencies a lot, the neglecting the tracking back and wanting to play in the middle and broke up play with some tactical fouls. He organised the defence and took hold of the midfield for us. Whilst Im not happy to see him start, I’m not shitting it as much anymore

  56. tunnygriffboy

    Have stayed off the site for a bit. I’m still simmering after that midfield selection in Zagreb. Add the awful events at Stamford Bridge ( everything I hate about football was on show there. I wish the discipline and respect for the referee and your opponents was the same as being shown in rugby WC ) and the fact my son went to Uni, there’s only been the two of us for the last 8 years, I’d had a bit of a gutsfull

    LG would have sent me over the edge with miserablism. Bit better now but still furious with that Arteta/Santi midfield away in CL game. Should have been a bit stronger though I did agree with rotation.

    Good win yesterday. Need to go on a real good run. If not mistaken once we get past man u and spurs we have a good run of fixtures. So far we’ve played West Ham, Palace, lpool, Leicester sides who have started the season well. Add the fiasco v Chelsea and 6 points from Stoke and Newcastle. Win in CL and v man u and we’re really set up for after the stupid international break.

  57. naijagunner

    I told everyone around me that arteta should not be playing for Arsenal or any other club in the premiership…it’s actually painful watcing him cos I really like the guy.

  58. MidwestGun

    Naiji –
    Agreed, I actually think Arteta is a good person, good character. But, I think people look at our backups incorrectly given our injury history. If the player can’t come in and give us 5 matches or so in a row at a high level then they shouldn’t be a backup. This summer more then any I can remember there was an opportunity to add a quality defensive midfielder given the number available who moved. Just a missed opportunity in my mind. Don’t want to get to end of season and think “if only” again. And really given our resources it’s unnecessary to rely on older players coming off a season of injuries to be 2nd or 3rd choice.

  59. tunnygriffboy

    Newcastle (h) 0-0
    Swansea (a) 1-2
    Lpool (h) 3-1
    Southampton (a) 3-2
    Sunderland (h) 3-0

    They got a run of tough fixtures coming up whereas we have man u and spurs then a good run of fixtures.

  60. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    How ya doing? Glad your back. Need my glass half full people to keep me on the level. Sleepless night here. Killing time catching up on my viewing, recorded a few matches from yesterday.

  61. tunnygriffboy


    I’m ok now mate. Tough seeing my lad go I’m on me own now but he was ready to leave. Think he’s been pissed for over a week:) πŸ™‚

    I was so incensed with the Arteta/Santi selection in Zagreb and then the embarrassing chelsea shenanigans that I thought I’d take a bit of time out. LG would’ve sent me over the edge πŸ™‚

    Glass is filling up. Two good wins however we’ll have to play a really strong team v Olympiacos as we f.cked up Zagreb. If Coquelin has a slight niggle I would play Arteta and save Coquelin for the mancs. Playing Arteta at home against Olympiacos is different to playing him away v Zagreb with over half our first team missing.

    Positives to see my glass filling up. Away win v spurs.Walcott’s performance yesterday plus his goal. Starting to build up understanding with Ozil, Santi and Alexis. L’Oreal nabbed another goal and the Chilean magician is back with a hatrick. Still creating loads and we started to finish some of them. Ozil’s pass for Alexis was sublime, like his ball for Walcott’s goal v Stoke. 3 points off the lead now with a chance to catch them next week. At least we have a Tuesday fixture this week

    Oh and Wales beat England in rugby world cup despite an injury crisis worse than Arsenal’s

  62. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    Yes, congrats on Rugby. What I know about Rubgy, you could put in a teacup but in University the football team I was on used to share the same dormitories as the Rugby team. Tough bastards who could drink a bit.
    Big respect for that sport.

    Looking at the table, have to admit seeing Mourinho(fuck off) sitting down near the bottom definitely fills my glass up a bit.

  63. gonsterous

    what a display of attacking performance i have ever seen… some of the best counter attacking football from us to beat lowly leicester…
    and just 3 points a drift of the leaders… the dream continues…

    also, Wenger out !!!

  64. InsideRight

    Was unable to cum on here sooner…

    A great scoreline and a vital win yesterday. Delighted to see Sanch taking his chances well. I love seeing us beat Leicester. What we need is a run of games and some consistent performances.

    I think this is where we’ll come unstuck though. We’ve seen great results before, then fallen to comparatively surprise defeats. I don’t have much faith in this side’s ability to perform consistently when relying on Arteta in any pivot, and wasting too many chances up front.

  65. useroz

    There were well over 40 chances in yesterday’s game; haven’t checked our share probbalt close to 30. So converion is around 16% sttill below par as we know.

    Whether top 8 or not, we usually do well when the opposition plays an open game and not get physical with us midgets.

    LEI paid the price of trying to beat us at our game rather than press high, park the bus and frustrate. Otherwise we wouldn’t have had those many chances like Walcott’s runs on goals.

    The question is, how we’d raise the form when playing against those park-the-bus and top 4. Not sure wenger would have the answers; none we know of in last 10 years.

    Arteta was clearly out of depth but we survived. What’s with the 17 yo Polish kid?

    Ramsey was again poor and so indecisive (not new) like too many touches before pulling the trigger. Wenger needs to deal with Ramsey; not working on RW and as a first 11. But he won’t of course.

    Ozil needs to practice taking shots and shoot faster like Podolski and Arshavin. Shots from Cazorla, ozil and to an extent sanchez are almost always blocked off…..

    A goof 3 points esp with Chelski lost 2 (should have been 3).

  66. Mick Kartun

    To all trolls of true arsenal fans:

    either your club is mentioned below, or the others shitty club.





    man shitty

    …etc shitty clubs

    F@CK OFF and stop trolling sincere arsenal fans.