Reasons to be cheerful? Why not.

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Hello gorgeous Le-Grove people. A friend of mine recently asked me for my thoughts on our start to the season, (thoughts I’ll share with you all). I was feeling oddly positive and I wrote a blog explaining why. (Ask Pedro, he’ll back me up).

It had been all doom and gloom in the world of Arsenal until we beat sp*rs at the lane, which lends more credence to what I originally wrote.

This is how I had started my 1st first draught;

…I want to help you feel better. I can already hear you asking’ ‘how will you do that?’ If I could, I would high-five each and every one of you and gently stroke your beard, (if you have one. If you don’t then you should grow one…even if you’re female), but seeing as that’s not feasible I’ll explain why our indifferent start to the season isn’t really that bad.

(I’ll probably get lots of abuse on Twitter from die-hard WOB’s, but I’ll only reply to nice tweets so bear that in mind when you’re calling me names).

Now I’m know that it’s only the league cup, but winning away at the scum is always huge for us. It obviously doesn’t change how many points we have on the board or our bad start to the champions league, but a win is a win, and beating sp*rs makes it even better.

Let’s break down the season so far;

West Ham: 2-0 home defeat

Bilic seems to have cracked the big away games. He beat us, he beat Liverpool and now he’s beaten the seemingly unbeatable City. (City could have gone 8 points clear of us had they won, so there’s another thing to feel better about).

Of course it’s disappointing to lose at home, but it’s ok. Why? Well because if we end up challenging for the top four, they’ve done the same to Liverpool. If we end up challenging for the league, they’ve done the same to City. Spurious reasoning I know, but think about this; if they’d have lost to Liverpool and City how would the table have looked?

Crystal Palace: 2-1 away win

A win away from home against a good Palace side. I know we scored with an own goal, but you have to apply the pressure to force it in the first place.

Liverpool: 0-0 home draw

They’ve been draw specialist this season but they could easily have been 3 up at half time. Yes we were awful in the first half and yes Cech saved us, but we were desperately unlucky to have a goal wrongly ruled out for offside. Also don’t forget that we dominated the second half and finally clicked into gear. What followed was two good wins.

Newcastle: 1-0 away win

With Newcastle down to 10 men and playing with pretty much everyone defending we did well to force the own goal. If you look at how well Newcastle defended against United in their 0-0 draw at Old Trafford I think that our win at St James’s Park was a good one.

Stoke 2-0: home win

We dominated the game and came away with the result we wanted. Butland was outstanding and it could have easily been 4 or 5. Once again we played with fluency and verve. Giroud had a nightmare, but he still scored.

Zagreb: 2-1 away loss

Giroud’s nightmare continued and this time it cost us, but the referee played a big part. We see players gesticulating at refs all the time, but booking him was harsh. His second yellow was deserved, but normally we see players already on a yellow get the benefit of the doubt at least once. Not this time. For me, this game was unfortunate because with 10 men we still scored. With 11 we could have got a result.

I know many will scream about Arteta, and I agree he shouldn’t have played, but like I said, with 11 men we could have come away with a result and nobody would have moaned about Mikel.

Chelsea: 2-0 away loss
Mike Dean. Do I need to say more? Probably not, but I’m going to.

Costa should have been sent off and then Gabby wouldn’t have got himself into trouble. Even with 10 men we still made a game of it. With 9, away at Stamford Bridge I think we did well to only concede two.

Despite Flamini having the game of his life we still have to pray that Coquelin is ok, otherwise we’ll be in a position similar to the Greek economy. Substantially screwed.

Spurs: 2-1 away win

We returned to winning ways with 11 men on the pitch. Spurs had their chances but we defended well (even Gibbs, who usually forgets he’s a left back). The squad players came in and did a decent job, and Flamini proved that Wenger was right not to sign a striker during summer. (Internal solutions!)

So there you have it. We’ve had some bad luck, bad referring decisions, (Liverpool, Zagreb, Chelsea) and ill discipline, but ultimately they didn’t all last forever. Prior to the Zagreb and Chelsea losses we had been looking quite good anyway. If we continue to keep 11 men on the pitch we’ll be a match for anyone. Luckily Chelsea have started worse than us in the league and there’s time to recover in the Champions League. Feeling positive? No? Go watch videos of cats falling over on YouTube. Works every time.

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  1. tom

    I think technically current squad are close to Wenger’s best. No one is touching Bergkamp, Viera, Cole or Henry, but the rest are comparable.
    Where current team lag far behind is in personality and confidence.
    The first may never develop, the second can be worked on.

  2. GuNZ

    Stunning spring day here in Auckland and my mood is correspondingly bright and sunny. Who’ve we got today? Ah, Leicester. Scoring lots of goals but conceding lots too. Us? Scoring bugger all goals but, then again, conceding less than Leicester. So, let’s go for a high scoring win to us. 2-4 to the Arsenal is my call.

    Saw a funny thing today. A poodle with a Chelsea warmer coat on that had excrement smears all over the back of it (doggy ones I hope).

  3. Jeff

    Well, we have to do the Business against Leicester today otherwise we’re back to square one again. If we don’t beat them the euphoria of Wednesday would be erased.