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Sorry people, if you were expecting to come here today to find anything coherent, then you were stupidly mistaken.

The game before had a little bit of spice. My long time Spurs supporting nemesis from back home had organised me a very nice leaving night on Wednesday. We added spice to the event by betting on the Spurs game. Loser, wears the opposition shirt for the evening.

I never bet. I shouldn’t have bet on that game. But what a damn pay out.

I also sat with my London Spurs pal during the game. What a self deprecating dreamboat he was… until Spurs scored and he pushed further up in my grill than a pigeon would be hitting a speeding BMW on a motorway. I was literally picking him out of my beard.

The game was pretty NLD. Cagey to start with. Then we popped up with a superb opener. Chamberlain, who looked very good yesterday, rifled off a shot from 25 yards, Vorm handled it back into the dangerzone like Vito Mannone would have, but who was running in?


He buried his shot like that £40m striker who doesn’t exist would have. What a goal. He loved that. He absolutely loved that!

The second half was a bit more worrying. Harry ‘give me my lunch money back’ Kane slotted a cross in the bottom corner early on, but it was offside. Massively offside.

Then came the moment of madness. Spurs slipped a beautiful cross into the box, Chambers got a bit excited and dropped a Senderos into the bottom corner. A bad moment for the young lad who was doing well up until that point.

Did we back down? No. Did we cry? No. Did we fight it out the good old fashioned way? Damn straight we did! Heading into the last ten minutes, it was clear something special was going to be needed to split the sides.

Loose ball in the air, who is running onto it? No. Surely not. HE WOULDN’T? YES! FLAMINI JUST VOLLEYED IT IN FROM 25 YARDS!



Oh my,  I’m losing my mind on the keyboard here.


So yeah, that was about it really?

Can’t think of much else going on that I haven’t mentioned?

Flamini, the new £50m striker we didn’t know we had. What an evening!

So, to conclude. You’d have to hope that we’re back in the confidence zone now. We have a big weekend ahead, Leicester are no mugs this season and they’re more than capable of turning us over.

As for the game and the squad. It was a very good win. I thought the least impressive player on the pitch yesterday was Giroud. He really looks out of sorts. His game is so laboured at the moment. You can see in his face that he has no idea how to get back to his best. And look, his best is pretty good. We need it right now.

Alexis looked bright when he came on. He shook things up. Took some lovely touches. Made some good passes.

Chamberlain looks fantastic. Loads of swagger about his game. Some brilliant ‘look at you, you total mug’ skills. Still a bit of sloppiness when losing it in possession. When he tightens that up, he’ll be a monster of a player.

I still have massive issues with our internal solutions. Arteta and Flamini isn’t a great set up in this league. Don’t get caught up in believing that one good game suddenly propels their talents. This embarrassing… ‘oh my god, Matty, I’m so sorry. I didn’t realise. You never said you could play? I feel so guilty. I dreamed of Vidal all summer like an absolute spoilt child. Please forgive me my darling, for I have sinned against your dormant talent’… is silly. Flamini is always capable of a stormer against Spurs be we know how limited his game is.

He had a blinder last night, can’t take that away from him. He cares for the club. But he also hates Spurs. The last time we were crowing about Matty being the solution was against Spurs a couple of seasons ago when he came on and tore them to shreds.

A great win. A positive for a side on its knees. Let’s see what they do with the result. Hopefully it fuels a reaction in the league!


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  1. sam

    If Wenger was genuis he will quickly learn from last night game that our current CFs lack quick reaction in the box like Flamini did.
    Now time to employ new guy upfront before we buy a proper striker. Oxlade? Sanchez? Wellington? Gnabry?

    Where da F*ck is Danny Welbeck? is he still our player?

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Well, Martial’s agent just pretty much describes Wenger’s failures….Ibrahimovic, Cristiano, Mata, Hazard, Martial…these where all players right under his nose, and he just couldn’t bring himeself to justify spending on then …. dithering and over analyzing. Just getting it wrong on the big player front. And he does it even in our own youth set up….No reason why Akpom shouldn’t be in the setup or started over Sanogo in those games….his actions with players like Campbell etc says it all. Yet he persist with failed experiments…..Martial making him look like a dummy…still early, but how Wenger only sees him as a winger, yet he saw Henry as a striker back then…..his insistence on playing Ramsey (no pace) as a winger/wide forward, is baffling.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    Our stewards don’t take no shit though, they will be prepared you’d think (unless Wenger was in charge of pre-fan analysis) and they are on the lower tier, so they can’t really get their hands on much aside from the seats…we already had that last year with Galatasary, I think.

    Don’t agree with it, made us look crap, at the same time I find the whole idea of cooping up away fans for an hour, especially in that sort of charged environment immensely stupid.

  4. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, I mean I think they’re idiots, but it’s mob mentality, drunk mob mentality as well.

    So much tension in our fan base right now as well, can’t help but feel last night was something of a temporary release…not excusing it at all.

  5. Carts

    “I don’t know Wenger hasn’t tried Ox up top central. Got the bulk to hold up play, run in behind. Little interchange between Sanchez and Theo now and then. One game, couldn’t do any worse than Theo or Giroud could it?”


    I’ve said this several times in the past. Ox has Theo pace, but also has the uncanny ability to beat a man in more than one way.

    Wenger has done some bizarre shit during his tenure – doing the above won’t render him 100% retareded

  6. sam

    We won in the past becoz of Vieira’s leadership not Wenger
    proof? we haven’t won the league since he left
    I wonder how Arteta deal with slackers with that small voice

  7. Ughelligunner

    Concerning viera, i think that’s the same thing Roy Keane said about players leadership in ferguson’s era. Even vidic and Ferdinand wouldn’t allow a player to lower his head.
    But i think, it is more than that. Quality overshadows any amount of aggressiveness.

    The Madrid, bayern and barca captains are not all that outspoken. Take Lahm and xavi for example.

    Without the quality, your leadership qualities will make you look like lee catamole

  8. Ughelligunner

    Messi and Ronaldo are captains for their national sides, but they rarely say anything unless it’s staking claims in Freekicks and penalties.

    The real leadership characteristic got to be 70percent ability, 30 percent motivation. Your abilities brings respect and when you talk your players listen.

    Wenger’s current captains are more of 70 percent motivation, 30 percent ability.

  9. Emiratesstroller

    I think that Martial’s agent sums up Wenger to a tee.

    Wenger claims that he followed Martial for a very long time and rated him as a Winger and not a striker.

    The agent’s response was that there are those who follow players e.g. Wenger and others who BUY them.

    That has been the problem with Wenger for almost 20 years. He thinks like an
    Accountant and not like a Football Manager. He is reluctant to take risk unless
    he can buy young players for cheap prices.

    It is beginning to look like Man Utd have bought this player at our expense rather like they did previously with Ronaldo. We seem always to follow the
    leader [virtually every other major club] claiming that we could have bought
    any emerging talent.

    You have always the impression that Wenger takes credit for his judgment of
    players ability without taking the risk and buying them.

  10. tom

    About trouble and hooly business.
    Spuds are much worse than ours and always have been.
    All but a handful are total scum. They are happy to ambush innocents but seldom stand when they don’t have the numbers.
    Arsenal’s, by contrast, don’t stab children and are famous for putting on a good show.

    It all reflects the clubs so neatly.

    The gooners last night were just high spirited, nothing too sinister there.
    Probably only did a couple of grands worth of damage, still super high-value wind up.
    I can only say , well played.

    Not mob either, as far as I can tell.

    Arsenal by contrast, have

  11. Mick Kartun

    Wenger claims that he followed Martial for a very long time and rated him as a Winger and not a striker.

    AND……..wenger rated the suppossed to best at winger WALCOTT as a striker.

    what a goof.

  12. Mick Kartun

    Anthony Martial’s agent has hit out at Arsene Wenger for claiming he passed up on the Manchester United marksman because he saw him as a winger.

    Wenger has previously claimed to have known all about Martial having followed him from a young age, but decided not to sign him before his move to Monaco or to United because he saw him as a winger and not a striker.

    Philippe Lamboley, the 19-year-old’s representative agent, said of the Arsenal boss: “In football, there are those who follow players and those who buy them.”



    …and Wenger didn’t just watch SANOGO, didn’t he?

    HE JUST BUY IT CUZ IT’S CHEAP FOR FREE. and he is right cuz sanogo give HIM FREE ARSE holes for him to wiped.

    man, what a c*unt.

  13. Mick Kartun

    Alex Cutter
    “you really should not argue with stupid people as they continually drag you down to their level and beat you with experience”
    Another AKB communicating in bumper sticker slogans…

    that’s what I had experienced it before I found le-grove site, I didn’t realize that http://www.justarsenal.cunt, is a wankers full AKBs wenger’s faggot loverboys.

    Man, how I was beatly battered that days during their forums of THEIR OWN RUBBING and sucking AKBs each other c%cks.

    We can not argue with them, and if the admin spotted a WOB like me, he just banned my account.

    F@CKED AKBs.

  14. qna

    Its extremely sad to see how Wengers story is ending. Seems to have lost respect from everyone. Dont think a respectible agent would have made those comments to AW 5 years ago.

    With his wife leaving him you have to wonder who his advisers and confidants are now.

    I have wanted a change of manager sometime now. But I did beleive that he has had his hands tied by the board not giving him money all this time. But seeing him not add a single outfeilder this summer with £200m in the bank (£130m of it spendable), I now suspect the WOBs were completley right.

    I wint forget what Wenger did for the first decade he was at the club. Nor will I forget that he managed to keep us in Europe while we made a costly and risky move to the Emirates. But the last 11 years has seen his legacy slowly come undone and he obvioysly doesnt have the sense himself or the support network around him to see it.

    I really hope we dont see Klopp go to Liverpool. I feel he is the perfect man to take over a club whose fans crave long term (10 yrs) like stability in their manager. He would be a beauty.

  15. Leedsgunner

    Wenger re Martial

    It doesn’t matter if he would signed him… I doubt he would have gotten the best out of him anyways.

    It’s a sad truth but in the last couple of years at least when a player makes a bright start, the pattern repeats itself :

    Bright Start –> Played to death –> Gets injured –> Becomes Average

    Serge Gnabry, Oxlade Chamberlain and to an extent both Özil and Sanchez have followed this pattern.

    RE Alexis –> it was always unrealistic to expect him repeat his incredible form from last season… he is still a class player but the truth is he looks jaded and dead on his feet. We really needed a class forward to help take the goal scoring burden off Alexis.

  16. qna

    Leeds. Agreed. But I dont know if any PL club would have developed him. Can you think of a PL clib that has developed a 17yo to a Man United level player? Last one was Pool with Sterling and Spurs with Bale I guess. There are exceptions to this rule but by enlarge all of the top players in the PL developed in thatckey age 17 to 21 in another league ither than the PL. Even De Bruyne had to go away from the PL to develop to the level where he could be a top player in the PL. I wonder how good the Ox would have been if he went to a good German team straight from Southampton.

  17. Leedsgunner

    Although to be fair to Wenger, and for the sake of balance, strangely enough, one of the position he has consistently developed players well in RB.

    Apart from Eboue (who was ok in spells) I can’t think of a bad RB under Wenger’s reign. Lauren was Mr. Consistent, Sagna was injury prone at the end but before that he was Mr. Consistent, Bellerin has been great for the most part and Jenks is proving himself elsewhere….

    Ironic that the only problematic RB we’ve had is the proven professional in Debuchy. I really hope he gets back his form soon… although I think he could use him as an utility CB if necessary.

    His record at left back is also good apart from Santos and Silvestre (who were unmitigated disasters). Cole was the finest LB of his generation (who should have never been allowed to leave in hindsight) and Clichy was decent if not spectacular.

  18. Leedsgunner

    Re RB

    I really hope Wenger ditches this idea of Chambers as a RB… I know he was signed as one, he’s looked ropey in that position every time I’ve seen him play there!

  19. Goondawg

    Can I just say Danny Murphy is a massive cunt

    This is the guy who unbashedly watched the Diego Costa incident on MOTD live and said he sees nothing wrong there, no harm done by costa and now he is back spouting bollocks about Brendan Rodgers being “killed” by the owners transfer policy. What the actual fuck, when has being allowed 300 million to spend on players been hindering a manager. If that’s the case I hope Kroenke orders a hit on Wenger, nah just kidding Wenger In


  20. Goondawg

    “ArsenaL Loser fans, you will never win PL in near future. You have a shit team. Your team is playing the most boring football in this current PL.”

    PeanutsMonkey, truly perplexed why someone would post on a rival blog masquerading as an arsenal fan for so long

  21. qna

    ” truly perplexed why someone would post on a rival blog masquerading as an arsenal fan for so long”

    Doesnt mean he is wrong though.

    Wouldnt say its the MOST boring football. Newcastle perhaps?

  22. peanuts&monkeys

    there there there…Arsenal plays 2nd-most boring uh! all pride of Arsenal fans about the silky moves and smooth goals are all now gone. WengerMaggotFaggotFossilBrainedRapperSucker has systematically ruined your club. And there are your AKBs (incl Geoff and Pedro) who have fuckin allowed the bastard continue his evil deeds for the last 12 years.

    Bastard Wenger!

  23. peanuts&monkeys

    Oh C’mon Wallace

    First ask your dear manager to show some intent. And if that intent is even 10% of what ManU has shown over the last two years, please comment about ManU.

    YourMotherFU(*^%&& Wenger bastard has brought Arsenal 10 notches belowa once-rival ManU. So what that it was Wenger who was managing Arsenal when Arsenal started challenging ManU for good measure????

  24. N5

    Someone please give peanuts some help before he harms himself or someone else.. Seriously.

    Also qna Leeds didn’t argue the comments content.

  25. Carts

    So let me get something straight here…just simply based off of Wenger assertions, he thought that Martial is best suited as a winger, Sanogo as a CF good enough to start against Munch, as well as there being not one single outfield player in the entire fucking world good enough to improve Arsenal?

    “let em (players) work it out” – Keyser

  26. peanuts&monkeys

    And @N5, you keep relishing Arsene MF Wenger’s evil moves to get Arsenal down even below 8 – 2, 6 – 0, 5 – 1 uh?

    Why do you scream and yell at me when i take aim at ArseneMFWenger for 8 – 2, 6 – 0, 5 – 1 uh? Are you the muckmaggotWenger himself?

  27. Ughelligunner

    You would have to think better than just slam wenger. I think he just says things to avoid questions.

    Martial from the little i have watched him, strives with space. A thing, arsenal striker rarely have because teams play very deep against us.

    Van gal plays two at the top, we play one,

    the young lad has taken his goals well but 3 of those goals were one on one.

    Against Liverpool, he scored when they abandoned their defence because they conceded first from a free kick and were pushing forward.

    Lets give him a full season. Lets not be too hasty. Kane is struggling now that defenders have aclimatize to him. Same with Costa.

    Strikers like Michu, Negredo all made names in their first seasons. A good striker is one who strives in all conditions.

  28. Emiratesstroller

    One of my greatest concerns about the Arsenal Team is the lack of “football intelligence” within the British Born group of players.

    Most are well spoken when interviewed, but on the field of play their decision making is awful.

    Sometimes I wonder whether the likes of Gibbs, Wilshire, Ox and Walcott are
    actually thinking before they play a ball.

    What the team needs apart from football intelligence is better tactical naus and team leadership both on and of the field.

  29. Ughelligunner

    Emirates, its the hype that gets in them. And they ve already archive more in their life time compared to their counterpact in other countries.

    Another thing is, they hardly take corrections from their fellow players.

    Remember when we got spanked by man utd, and jenkinson was railing on walcot, for the later correcting him.

    Chamberlain is also guilty of this.

  30. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Morning all.

    would rather have flamini before arteta.
    He will probably get a yellow card every game guaranteed but has more pace and mobility than Arteta.

  31. peanuts&monkeys

    N5 feels ashamed when someone reminds him of his loving manager’s serial failures – 8 – 2, 6 – 0, 5 – 1, 17 years of European travesty, ruining talented players, buying crocked arseholes like Kallstroom, trying to ply ball-boys as rising talent (read Sanogo)…etc etc etc. Huh?

  32. OleGunner

    Peanuts are you in love/obsessed with N5?lol

    Also you are genuinely one of the weirdest persona’s I’ve ever seen online.

  33. Up 4 Grabs Now


    you do attract them mate, you must have really pissed somebody off in a past life!
    (sorry i went all Glen Hoddle there!)

  34. Up 4 Grabs Now


    Are you surprised mate.

    With Coquelin out for at least 2 more games, we have no adequate cover.
    Wilshere is now being touted as back by Xmas which in arsenal terms usually means March.
    At least we beat the spuds which was nice!

  35. Up 4 Grabs Now

    I thought our injuries were bad

    Liverpool’s injury woes have continued after manager Brendan Rodgers confirmed Christian Benteke, Roberto Firmino and Dejan Lovren are set for spells on the sidelines.

    Already without Jordan Henderson for up to eight weeks, Rodgers saw Kolo Toure pick up a leg injury to join fellow defender and long-term absentee Jon Flanagan on Liverpool’s casualty list.

    He really is dead man walking, especially with Klopp circling!

  36. Bamford10

    Leicester form since season start:

    Leicester 1 – 1 Tottenham
    Leicester 2 – 1 West Ham
    Leicester 1 – 1 Bournemouth
    Leicester 3 – 2 Villa
    Leicester 2 – 2 Stoke
    Leicester 2 – 1 West Ham

    Should give us a difficult match on account of their pace and counter-attack, but I think we’ll control possession and get the win.

  37. Bamford10

    “Mesut Ozil: No player is worth over €50m – football is in danger of losing grip on reality.”

    Oh Christ, now Ozil is becoming a Wengerite.

    Just because you’re not worth that much, Mesut, doesn’t mean others aren’t.

    And there is this thing called “inflation”. Ask an economist about it. (Not Wenger, though, as he seems to ignore this aspect of economics.)

  38. Sukky

    At this point it’s safe to say wenger will be playing Arteta and carzola at the heart of arsenal midfield tomorrow. What a great squad we have.

  39. Bamford10

    “Arsenal are great to watch; they are smart, fast and technical. They are ready to fight for the title again in my opinion. Maybe not the Champions League just yet, but in the league they are growing stronger … it is difficult to find a weakness in the present Arsenal team.” – Claudio Ranieri

    Nice of him to say nice things about us, but one of this is true: we’re not good enough to challenge, we have plenty of weaknesses, and we aren’t all that pleasing to watch.

  40. Emiratesstroller

    Liverpool is struggling to punch their weight, because of lack of financial clout. They are heavily reliant on their ‘history’.

    However, I do believe that their American Owners in contrast to ours are interested in building a successful team and will invest to the maximum of their financial potential.

    Rogers is almost certainly a ‘dead man walking’ because rather like Moyes he is a good Manager of a middle ranking team. I am sure that Liverpool will
    replace him shortly with a better calibre manager.

    The problem is that those who own and run Arsenal do not appear to have
    similar ambition. They keep Wenger as a ‘safe pair of hands’ even though he
    is past his sell by date and the club is stagnating.

    When you look at the club’s resources which are grossly ‘undervalued’ you
    can see precisely our problem. We have a major shareholder who invests
    the absolute minimum in team and a Board of Directors, Manager and back room staff which barely changes.

    I don’t subscribe to the Spurs/Levy philosophy which is constantly changing
    the management of club, but I do think that like in any other walk of life
    Arsenal needs to be revitalised at least once in 8-10 years particularly when
    they are not performing to their full potential.

  41. Up 4 Grabs Now

    We seem to have a problem with scoring and breaking teams down.

    Looking back on youtube at some of the goals we used to score,
    The amount of goals that came from throw outs from the keeper,

    The player runs down the wing, and either cuts in to score, or puts a ball from The wing into the box for a striker or midfielder to score.
    ( We Can’t do this with giroud obviously)

    But surely with the ox or Sanchez on the wings, Theo ozil or Ramsey should be in the box to put it away.

    Why are we not trying to score like this?
    if we cant break teams down with tikka takka football, go back to basics.
    sit back a bit and hit teams on the break.

    We used to be at our most dangerous when the opposition had a corner and We hit them on the break!

  42. Highbury4ever

    The impressive numbers of very good players that wenger “almost signed”…
    Hilarious or pathetic ?? Probably a little bit of both.

  43. Emiratesstroller


    Yes the schedule of results is interesting. It demonstrates just how poorly we have started each season since 2009/10.

    We have not managed to score 12 points in 6 games in all seasons apart from
    2013-14 where we started with 16 points.

    This season is just about par for the course with 10 points in first 6 games.

    What it tells you is that we are starting our seasons exceedingly slowly and always playing catch up.

  44. MidwestGun

    Monkey brain is a complete idiot with Tourette’s Syndrome of the mouth who Pedro should have put out of his misery years ago. N5 is correct, he is the person they don’t give safety razor’s to at the looney bin so they don’t harm themselves.
    Also, the reason they have to put up the “don’t feed the animals” sign at the zoo. His so called aim at Wenger is just a string of 3rd grade insults followed by calling everyone a loser and an Akb. Not to mention he refers to Arsenal as your team. Who the hell is his team? I’m guessing the guys with the white suits and the padded cells.

  45. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Happy Friday! Cheers my friend! …… so check it out.. was traveling yesterday stopped to get fuel for the truck, looked around and everyone was wearing clothes from the 1800’s and speaking in German. There was a horse and buggy crossing. Thought I had entered some sort of time warp. .. then I just realized I had stumbled into the heart of Amish country.
    Bet that doesn’t happen in NYC..hahaha
    Serious, Children of the Corn moment.

  46. salparadisenyc


    Fantastic, where was that? Amish enclave into Jersey from what i’ve heard.
    Never been.

    Shame our boys aren’t that committed!

  47. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    East Central Illinois on the way to Indianapolis, decided to take a few back roads. Serious commitment, talk about stuck in the past. The food is fantastic tho. Stopped at a diner just for the pie.

  48. MidwestGun

    I see Wenger admitted to beasting Sanchez. Does he not understand what the purpose of a transfer window is?
    Also, touting the return of JW, like a new signing just in time for January window.

  49. Highbury4ever

    “Also, touting the return of JW, like a new signing just in time for January window.”

    Better than Kim Kallstrom anyway.

  50. Kane

    Highbury – I just mean that of the teams that typically finish top 6 in premier league – we have the worst shots to goals ratio…

    Only 6 games in, but kind of makes Wenger look like a bit of a joke – especially after the we can’t find anyone better than the strikers we have comment.

  51. Kane


    “I think in this country there’s only one manager who is never under pressure.

    “There is only one who manager not on this list. Good for him. Can speak about referees, can push in technical area…

    “Can cry before the game, can lose games. Good for him.

    “He can not achieve, keep his job, still be the king.”

  52. MidwestGun

    Mourinho has a point, but he just comes across as the jealous D -bag that he is. He should perhaps worry about his own house. Pressure can be a good thing, whining about it isn’t gonna help it ease up on him. Seems a bit petty.

  53. Highbury4ever

    No worry mate, I was just ironic about the fact that, for me, arsenal isn’t a part of the “big clubs” anymore
    Thanks to whom ?? lol

  54. Louis Almeida

    While I think Mourinho is right about Wenger, he does also seem to have an unhealthy obsession with him. He called Wenger a voyeur yet he’s the one always talking about him. It seems that whenever Jose is under pressure he just uses Wenger as a tactic to divert pressure away from himself. He wouldn’t answer questions about Costa’s behaviour or what Eva Caneiro said to annoy him.

  55. Louis Almeida

    JJ. Omojuwa Verified account  ‏@Omojuwa · 3m3 minutes ago
    Mourinho’s biggest problem with Wenger is that despite Mourinho’s successes, he doesn’t get Arsene Wenger’s kind of respect

  56. Highbury4ever

    “Jose Mourinho says only one manager can “not achieve” and still avoid pressure, in a clear dig at Arsene Wenger.”

    Well, you must admit that Maureen got a point…

  57. Biggus


    You have to admit that some of these guys are scared of Tyson Fury though cos they seem to develop these injuries prior to meeting him..

    Conspiracy no?

  58. karim


    Back from your 2nd home, already missing it. Very nice city, great food and lovely friendly people, really was a pleasure.


    Any hilarious comment ?

  59. steve

    Everything Mourinho has said about Wenger so far has been correct.

    “He’s a voyeur” – check

    “He’s a specialist in failure” – check

    “He’s under no pressure to perform” check