Tottenham 1 – 2 Arsenal. Flamini puts Sperz in the bin

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Whose better?

Whose better?

Morning all. Alex here fresh from a fantastic night at White Hart Lane. There aren’t many better feelings in sport than watching the worst player on your team smash it top bins TWICE in a derby and celebrate in front of the rival fans like an absolute bastard. It’s a moment to cherish.

I went to the game with a Spurs supporting friend and had the opportunity to experience everything Tottenham has to offer…

Even I wasn’t expecting the stadium to be as much of a toilet as it turned out to be. As you approach it, it looks like a really shitty office block. You wouldn’t know you were next to the home of the Sperz if it wasn’t for all the burger vans and sad looking people. You also have to walk through a car park to get to the gates. An actual car park. It’s quite apt that the stadium is so underwhelming because the brand of football our North London rivals are looking to produce somehow manages to distill underwhelmingness down to its purest form, bottle it and then spray it in your face until you choke.

Danny Rose, Nacer Chadli, Eric Dier. They’re all just a bit “pfffftttt.”

Not that our starting line up was anything to write home about. Ospina, Gibbs, Arteta, and Flamini are all prime candidates for the bin in my opinion. To make the whole occasion feel even more like a deflated balloon, the Manager opted for Debuchy and Campbell – two players no one has seen for a decade. And look I totally get I’m being spoilt, the Carling Cup is exactly where you should be playing these players. But when your A team are already playing like a bunch of dicks, it’s hard to get that enthused about the players who are standing in for them.

Despite that we started fairly well (note I don’t have the benefit of replays or highlights so forgive any inaccuracies). And I thought had the better of the chances in the first half. The greatest striker in the world was muzzled quite well by Calum Chambers and I thought Ox looked pretty dangerous while Ramsey and Giroud ran around a lot to little effect.

The first goal came as a result of some poverty defending from Spurs, giving the Ox about ten minutes to dance around their defence and get his shot off. Vorm could only parry it back into the danger area into the path of Monsieur Flamini who was channeling Pipo Inzaghi for a vintage poacher’s goal. Absolute joy. The Flamster took it up a notch by celebrating for a good five minutes in front of the home fans. I had to try my hardest not to let out a little “yiiiiirrrrssss”.

The second half Spurs looked a lot more threatening and had one goal ruled out for offside while Harry Kane found his fraud form from last season and had a worldie volley cleared off the line by Gibbs. A goal felt inevitable and so it came after Debuchy got done by Chadli at right back and the cross that was fizzed in was turned into the net by Chambers. Realistically I don’t think there was much Chambers, who was excellent last night, could have done about that. The real culprit was Debuchy who looked unsurprisingly rusty.

After the goal, Spurs’ fans and players found their voice and they started to ramp up the pressure. Luckily their poverty front five of Kane, Son, Alli and Eriksen, N’Jie only has enough quality to run around a bit and shank shots into the corner flag. It took the Flamster to show them what real class looks like.

Flamini’s volley from outside the box may be one of the best Arsenal goals we’ve seen scored at the WHL, if not in terms of quality, then certainly in terms of the fact that a player none of us really like was able to redeem himself for one night by shitting all over our rivals. Its fairytale stuff. He also managed to get booked for a total arsehole foul on Danny Rose. Don’t tell me you don’t love him.

It means we are into the next round of the Carling/Capital One/Milk/Coca Cola Cup to face Sheffield Wednesday at Hillsborough. Should be doable for us and hopefully our second string can pull off another magical night similar to last night. Looking at the other fixtures, none of the big boys are against each other, though there is potential for Stoke to do over Chelsea. Let’s wait and see.

In terms of player ratings:

Ospina – 7 – fairly solid from the man with so little to offer

Debuchy – 5 – Looked slow and rusty and was dead on his feet by the end

Gibbs – 7 – I thought he was garbage but that’s because I don’t like him anyway. Marks revised up due to peer pressure and his goal line clearance

Chambers – 8 – Played well despite OG

Mertesacker – 6.5 – Fairly anonymous

Arteta – 6.5 – Same

Flamini – 12 – he’ll never forget this night

Ramsey – 6.5 – likes to run

Ox – 7.5 – Most good things came through him

Campbell – 6 – looked average and in need of game time

Giroud – 6.5 – worked hard all night. Still can’t score

Alexis – 7 – immediately raised our game when he came on

Right that’s your lot from me. I expect Pedro will be around later to give you his thoughts. You can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel

Have a good one

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  1. Stanlee

    I really love Flam. I always prefer him to Arteta and he is so determined.
    Wait, I thought he played defensive midfield. How did he manage 2 goals?

  2. MrT

    Can anyone tell me why some of our fans chose to rip of hoardings in the stadium after we had killed the roster ? In this age of cameras everywhere why risk a ban, police investigation and the possibility of a criminal record?

  3. ADKB

    We beat Spurs in their back garden! Nice one!

    I guess there’s lots of Arsenal and who aren’t celebrating all that much not because it’s only the Carling aka CapitalOne Cup. Rather, it’s because the Wengerites have dusted their hymn-sheets to sing the same old song – we’ve got a good squad that can beat anyone.

    Who needs a striker when we’ve got Flamini who an score a brace against the eternal enemy?

  4. diabyearnshownuch

    what a brilliant morning to be a Gunner. how can anyone moan!!! Glad we tore down those shitty banners. I’m on the hunt for spurs fans all day to help me celebrate.

  5. Thanos

    I don’t agree with you assessment that Flam is our worst player he is not even top 5. He is far better than Arteta and csn do a job alongside le coq in European away games. Joel and arteta need to go in jan. I would have prefered yo see a couple of the kids than those 2.

  6. Goondawg

    They should thank us for helping them dismantle their stadium for their move to a new one.

    Man like Flamandowski, What a legend.

  7. Romford Ozil Pele

    Lol last night was the height of banter, what a game to be at. One of the last few remaining players from the banter era winning it for us.

    Scenes when Flamini lines up as false 9 in the next game

  8. Golikethis

    “Ramsey – 6.5 – likes to run” – love that comment. He has forgotten to be a ballplayer. Who will tell him about the rythm of the game? For sure AW won´t. AW out!

  9. DM

    Sorry but anyone who thinks it’s OK to smash up their stadium is a moron.

    I just don’t get some football fans. They seem to forget that what makes football interesting is having rivals. London derbies are one of the most high-intense and important events in our calendar. Why? Because we LOVE a local derby.

    Yes, we want to totally kill Spurs on the pitch. Yes, it would be endlessly amusing to see them get relegated for a while. But some people seem to act as if their mere existence is an insult; it isn’t, people. We enjoy having the likes of Spurs and other rivals in the league so that we can enjoy days like yesterday.

    So start focussing on the football and stop acting like a puny criminal moron.

  10. Danny

    “The two goals were for them,” he told Arsenal Player. “They’ve always supported me, they’ve all been behind me and they’ve played a big role in my career. It was important for me to celebrate with them and nobody else.
    Obviously Flamini hasn’t been reading Le Grove lately……….

  11. Alfie

    “Sorry but anyone who thinks it’s OK to smash up their stadium is a moron.”

    I personally feel they didn’t do enough damage. Fucking shithole.

  12. Romford Ozil Pele

    I didn’t approve of the defacing of the stadium last night, poor from some of our fans. That said, people have short memories. Spurs have done the exact same thing at the Emirates, on more than one occasion too.

  13. MrT

    @DM my sentiments exactly. It’s always beautiful,fun and satisfying to beat the shit out of Spuds. But it is rivalry not hatred and a game not war. I’m still laughing at my ex boss who is a spurs fan but I don’t hate him and we have good banter over it. We shouldn’t be acting like napolitans. Do we want to be herded like sheep anytime we are at away games? Police marching Arsenal fans all the way to their seats?

  14. Danny

    Weird to think that out of our starting 11 only Ramsey had started against Chelski which I guess means that we might have a decent squad, just a shame we don’t have a decent manager.
    What I did notice was that whenever there is a 50-50 ball, the opposition always win it, our players are either so scared of injury or are just pussies.

  15. Dissenter

    The gooners who tore up the hoardings were just trying to clean up their shut hole. It was stupid because the whole stadium is going t ok get pulled down very soon anyway.
    Expeditiously identify the idiots and give them lengthy bans

  16. Josip Skoblar

    Nothing to do with last night victory of our boys against Spuds but…

    Favourite Arsenal player?

    Jeremy Corbyn: Of all time, Ian Wright. Plus, Dennis Bergkamp. And the one I really enjoyed talking to was Jens Lehmann. I like him very much.

  17. Dissenter

    I’m one of the few people that rated Flamini over Arteta.
    Not because of Ability but sheer industry.
    Flamini still has a basic footballing requirement; legs.
    He can still run and tackle whereas Arteta is gone, he’s a waste of a squad number.

  18. Goondawg

    Spurs always thrash our stadium. I’m not condoning this behaviour, but it didn’t seem like it was out of malice. More some drunk idiots having a bit of fun after witnessing a flamteta midfield second string Arsenal beat the shite in their backyard with fucking Flamandowski scoring a fox in the box finish and a scorching belter of a volley. It’s not like we were chucking coins at an injured player getting stretchered off or some equally cuntish behaviour

  19. Dissenter

    Arteta was scored as 6.5!!!
    It’s amazing how people kowtow to players with the captain’s band.

    Truth be told, he has no business playing for a club in the top half of the table.
    He should have ended the game with two yellow cards.

  20. Emiratesstroller

    First of all I don’t think that we should be making a comparison between ourselves and Spurs apart from recognising that we put out yesterday a second string team apart from Ramsey and most probably Mertesacker.

    What I look at is whether our second string resources are good enough to play
    in our first team as and when required without significant diminution of performance. On current evidence I would suggest that would not be the case.

    Obviously Mertesacker is good enough to play in first team.Ospina, Ramsey and Ox are good enough to sit on the bench.

    Debuchy, Gibbs and Giroud are all seasoned internationals. The problem is that none are good enough for title winning team, but also are probably not
    happy with being considered second string. Their performance yesterday
    highlighted the problem. Do they have the hunger to sit on the bench?

    I don’t think that Campbell or Chambers of the younger players are good enough to play for our first team. Chambers is at best a utility player who is
    fourth string centre back or third string full back. If he accepts that role and
    the occasional game in League Cup then fine. Campbell has absolutely nothing to offer and should be offloaded.

    Arteta and Flamini despite his two goals are simply not good enough for either team or squad and should be offloaded as soon as possible and replaced.

    What we are seeing after 8 competitive games is that the first eleven is short
    of two players namely a world class striker and goalscoring winger/midfielder.

    The squad is also short of one or two other players as well most notably a defensive/central midfielder to alternate or substitute for Coquelin when needed. The idea that Flamini or Arteta are the alternative when playing top teams
    is ridiculous.

    I hope that when AST or other shareholders meet with management of club
    at forthcoming AGM that they argue the case that the club should stop growing its bank balance and invest in its main business which is producing a team
    to win league titles.

    At the moment we fall far short of that ambition.

  21. Wallace

    if the Flamster can double up as a DM/false 9 it would allow us to concentrate on other areas of the side. maybe play two right wingers…

  22. Vcc

    Poor form from Arsenal fans.

    They should have burnt out the stadium down.

    Was it not chambers who gave the ball away for the goal. Personally I didn’t think he had a great game.

  23. vicky

    Spurs should worry that they were beaten by a team that had Arteta, Debuchy,Flamini,Campbell and Gibbs.

    And yes, the worst player in the team now is Arteta. The only thing he is good at is making 4 yards sideways passes. Can’t tackle to save his life.

  24. Follow the money

    Wenger will miraculously pull a couple wins out of his hat right before the AGM meeting and those clowns will think he’s turned the corner and forget the hard questions. It’s happened before

  25. Dissenter

    It’s early days but Chambers needs a loan to a team that will play him week in-week out.
    The deflection- own goal at Stamford Bridge was unfortunate but that own goal yesterday is reminiscent of Diaby’s unchallenged headed own goal at OT, it was pathetic. There were no Spuds players in the vicinity, so what was the haste.

    His career track is more like Senderos at the moment.

  26. Romford Ozil Pele

    “Wenger will miraculously pull a couple wins out of his hat right before the AGM meeting and those clowns will think he’s turned the corner and forget the hard questions. It’s happened before”

    Miraculous? We’re still better than 80% of teams in this league and we’ll finish top 4 no sweat. People hallucinate like the world is falling down after a few defeats. Obviously we need to improve, the same can be said for every team though.

  27. Alex James

    More importantly, I hope our stupid board have plans to increase the capacity at the Emirates, beyond that of the Spuds’ new stadium. It would be awful to have their fans forever going on about having the biggest stadium in London. The thing to do would be to wait until it is too late for Spurs to change their design and then announce an increase at the Emirates. Even a measly 1,000 seats would do it.

  28. Dissenter

    I don’t even know why people still talk of AGMs as big events.
    It’s just a statesmanship business-media event.

    It’s got very little to do with football.

  29. Goondawg

    Seeing Arteta yesterday was just painful. His body can’t even allow him to sprint. His legs are gone and he has no place anywhere near this team. No midfield presence at all. As a captain, he should retire to the back room staff, what on earth did Wenger see in training to justify extending his contract. It certainly wasn’t footballing reasons

  30. Dissenter

    Dubuchy’s lack of form might not be fussiness.
    When you’re 29 years and have two long consecutive injuries, it takes a lot out of you.
    …It’s not like he was that good to start with.
    At Newcastle, he never made the top-10 RBs in the league.
    He had some good games last year along with some atrocious games.

  31. Emiratesstroller


    I agree that Senderos is a good comparison with Chambers. Frankly he was
    never good enough to play for us, but was probably good enough to play for another club in lower reaches of EPL. Chambers falls into the same category as Jenkinson.

    What Arsenal needs at moment are a squad of 11 players who pick themselves
    as the starting eleven. Another 8 or 9 players to come in first team as and when required either on rotation or to substitute for injuries and suspensions
    without diminishing team performance. Finally 4-5 players who are good
    enough to sit on bench and play occasionally as substitute or in cup competitions when our regulars need a rest.

  32. salman

    Great post. That game was pure joy. Flamini is not the greatest player in the world but still has that aggression that most of our pretty boys lack. Would have loved to see him in Stamford bridge against that cheating drug lord named costa.

  33. Paulinho

    Debucy is mediocre but if he actually commits to things aggressively. He made some mistakes last night but he also did a lot of good things and made lots of good runs beyond as well which you need from a full back.

    Bellerin has been awful since the Liverpool game at home. Just stands in no mans land and his touch has been dreadful. For someone so quick he’s actually got poor acceleration or at least seems to be extremely hesitant or unable to realise when to actually use it.

  34. vicky

    Apparently, Ozil and Monreal will be offered new contracts.

    Should we not wait for Ozil to prove his worth before we offer him an improved offer ? He already earns 150K and the jury is still out on him.

  35. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter – that’s not true. He was one of the best RBs in the league, hence we bought him. He was starting ahead of Sagna for Les Bleus too. Unfortunately for him those two horrific injuries have set him back and he lost his spot to Bellerin. Too early to say he’s lost it though. As with any player, you’re always liable to struggle when you’re not playing regularly.

  36. OleGunner

    I’ll admit to shitting bricks when I saw Flamini and Arteta string but the two put in a good shift.

    Also holding my hand up as one of those who doubted Flamini as an option this season but boy did he come through.

    He really gets the NL derby to a core for Arsenal fans and his second goal in particular was just outstanding. Well done Flamidinho!!

  37. Dissenter

    To be fair, we’ve been beaten up disinclined with the Emirates stadium so don’t same them for trying to do one over us with increased capacity.

    London will be an even busier construction ground with the Spuds and Abrahimovic’s stadium being built simultaneously.
    That has to be great for the local economy.

  38. Hitchy

    Arteta was dogshit last night from what I saw, and Debuchy’s performance secured Bellerin’s spot for the 1st team this season. Can’t believe how rusty he was, positionally he was suicidal and every player that went to our right hand side had Debuchy beaten time after time.

  39. qna

    I think Michael Owen is scum. He is a complete wanker and overrated as a player. NEVERTHELESS. He was a very very good striker and does have some very good knowledge to boot. He has very much opened my eyes to a point of view that I had not really considered. Here are the main points that I take away from him.

    1. The current youth league does not work. The competativeness of the youth league is not strong enough such that any youngster will develop to a much higher level if they avoid the EPL youth league. This might be by playing in lower leagues in England or other countries where the standard is slightly lower than the PL.

    2. The difference in quality between the PL and youth league is too high. So instead of pulling players from a competative middle ground they have to pull from a much lower standard league and most managers are not prepared to take the risk. There are only a few exceptions now whereas in years gone by this was the standard development progression.

    3. He says england have the best facilities and coaches in the world (brought in from Spain, Portugal etc as needed) but the actual development playing 30 games a season in a competative league is the critical part of player development that players are missing. They can currently only get that on loan, but this doesnt work the same as developing your own players and playing them in your own teams.

    4. He sites as example Southampton who developed a heap of players in the lower leagues. There the standard was right to develop them (in good facilities and good coaches) and then play them in their first team. He doesnt beleive they will develop more like that because they cant afford to play them. So they will year after year be buying players already developed rather than giving as many opportunities as they used to to their academy players.

    5. Another example he sites is the players that are England Internationals in under 17 etc are not the players that become full england internationals.

    6. The players that get snapped up by the big clubs (best in their youth age group). Dont go on to develop in apite of having the best facilities and coaches. It is the players that come through and play first team matches and develop over game day

    7. Times have changed from 15 to 20 years ago where if you were a player that was “good enough” would eventually “make it”. I agree with his reasoning why this is not the case now. Now its not a given and many top players get lost due to not having the right development path for them. (HERE IS SOME CONFLICT OF INTEREST AS HE IS AN AGENT NOW – but that doesnt mean its not true).

    8. He sites guys like James Wilson who has probably now sat on the bench and missed his chance to develop into a player that could actually play for United.

    This makes me also think how great a player Ox would have been had he played 3 or 4 full seasons as a player – in what ever league or division he was good enough to get that game time. Same for other players. Walcott on the bench for 10 years.

    For every Bellerin how many kids careers have gone to dirt in the Arsenal academy. Or other academy’s in the PL.

    Wonder what you guys think? I think this is an important subject that transends the AKB-WOB debate. Its a systemic issue isnt it.

  40. Dissenter

    Be fair.
    Did you ever place Dubuchy on your list of possible replacements for Sagna.
    Sagna was conspicuously one of the top 3 RBs in the league for 90% of his Arsenal stay.
    I wouldn’t have had Dubuchy anywhere in my top-10 RBs and most Newcastle fans would agree with me.

    He was ahead of Sagna in the French team because Sagna had a minor role in the debacle of the 2010 world cup and also suffered injuries in the build-up to the 2014 world cup.
    Besides,it’s not like France are endowed with that many quality RBs.

  41. Iceman

    Hilarious! The shit stains crow on all of yesterday about thrashing us, King Kane getting 5 in 9 minutes blah, blah! They are shite and always have been. The most embarrassing thing? That they actually think (and so do the media) that they are rivals – what a joke! Last league trophy in virtual sepia and a couple of tin pot cups doesn’t really balance out the millions they have flushed down the bog on mediocrity.

    As for the shit hole? Agree with majority that they only get back what they give out. Besides, surely our improvements make the stadium match the surroundings?

    One last thing, did anyone read/hear the ‘funny’ song from that arse wipe Adrian Durham on Talksport? Now there’s someone who needs a slap with a torn down hoarding.

  42. Paulinho

    “Also holding my hand up as one of those who doubted Flamini as an option this season but boy did he come through.”

    He’s still crap, and he would never swan forward like that in a league match. Typical league cup randomness.

  43. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter – I’d have to disagree. In 2014, you would severely struggle to name 10 better RBs than Debuchy, even 5 to be honest. He has CL experience and international experience so it wasn’t a risk in the slightest. I was one of the ones who backed that move. My first choice when Sagna left, however, was Serge Aurier.

  44. DM

    All those congratulating our fans for tearing up their stadium, you’re all part of the problem. Learn the difference between banter and vandalism. Learn the difference between football rivalries and gang warfare. Bunch of morons, gooners or not.

  45. DM

    I’m not one to jump to conclusions early but I think I’ve seen enough to say that our first choice RB should be Bellerin and at the moment our second choice should be Jenkinson, recalled from his loan. Debuchy can maybe be kept as a backup CB but after a handfull of games I really think he’s a major weak link at RB. Had high hopes for him before, but the opposition is bossing us in that area when he plays.

  46. Romford Ozil Pele

    “I’m not one to jump to conclusions early…”

    He’s not even played 15 games for Arsenal so that’s definitely what you’re doing.

    It’s the same people that said Bellerin won’t be ready for 2/3 years, Monreal is awful etc. You’d think people would learn by now.

  47. Dissenter

    There’s no doubt that we tried to shift out Flamini, unsuccessfully, I might add.

    Why didn’t we try getting rid of Arteta too.

    I’ve always maintained that he’s the worst of the bad pair because his legs are gone.
    Flamini can still put in frenetic shift.
    Arteta is a fouling machine because he’s leg-less. He’s should have had two yellows in the game.

  48. Dream10

    Good win for our boys yesterday.
    Flamini “He points when he wants”

    Alexis Sanchez is in terrible at the moment. He was the worst player on the field at the Bridge. He’s only scored 8 in his last 34 matches for us. His purple patch of 17 in 26 coincided with Ozil and Ramsey missing the majority of matches. His energy levels are lower due to the Copa America. Alexis will be away for two weeks to start WC Qualifying. Still think this will be his last season at the club.

    Chambers was decent yesterday. Jury is still out longterm.
    Arteta is looking washed up by the day. Flamini has usurped him in the CM pecking order.

  49. Romford Ozil Pele

    On a sidenote, I hope this form continues for that fecking overrated piece of tripe that is Harry Kane. Dude harping on about how he always supported Spurs when he celebrated the Invincibles season lol

  50. Dissenter

    I’ve got to disagree with a good man -RP
    Dubuchy isn’t that good. He’s had a “sugar high” burst initially and his true colors are evident now.
    Good players get better with competition.
    Initially, I expected him to shove aside the young pretender but Bellerin isn’t even challenged as it stands.

  51. DM


    Sorry, I meant to say I’m not one to USUALLY jump to conclusions early.

    I know it’s early in the season, and as I said I had high hopes for him. I thought he was a really solid buy after Sagna left, but Bellerin has clearly shown enough to be our starting RB, and every time Debuchy plays we get killed down that side. It’s not like waiting for a striker to come good where patience can be key. We can’t afford a weakness in our defence like that. I’m not saying he’s awful, just that from what I’ve seen I think Jenkinson looks a better option after Bellerin than Debuchy does. Would be surprised if many people really thought otherwise.

  52. Romford Ozil Pele

    Dissenter, you’re more than entitled to your opinion but we’ll have to agree to disagree here. Debuchy, like Sagna, is a very solid player. I agree that he hasn’t been great since his return, but like most players, it’s gonna be hard to build up rhythm if you’re only playing once every six or so weeks. You’d need to judge him after a run of 10 games and I’m not sure he’s gonna get that because of his age and what Wenger has seen in Bellerin.

  53. Dissenter

    “Debuchy was a solid buy. Indeed people choose to have short memories.”

    Not true. I’ve been consistent in my skepticism.
    People conflate his national team role forgetting that France has had full back problems m for a while. That’s why they couldn’t find youthful replacements for Evra and Sagna for a long while.

    Sagna was the best RB for three seasons at Arsenal, was Dubuchy ever in that class?

  54. Romford Ozil Pele

    DM – see my post to dissenter. I’m not arguing that Debuchy hasn’t been great but what players are gonna play well when used sporadically. Most will need a run in the side to build up form and rhythm. People used to say Monreal was gash, now most can’t get off his dick. He was always good, just needed that chance.

  55. DM


    Yeh I hear that point but at what stage do you let that happen? We’re clearly not about to drop Bellerin in order to give Debuchy more game time, when he looks a liability when played (at least I hope we’re not about to do that!). Jenkinson has been getting regular game time and proving his worth. My point was simply that, as it stands right now, Bellerin should be (and undoubtedly is) our starting RB, and Jenkinson looks the next best in our squad. It seems we’re pretty much in agreement?

  56. Dissenter

    I get your point.
    Problem is how is he going to come close to getting his place back from Bellerin when he’s playing like that? This is a player whose French team Euro place is in jeopardy.
    I was hoping Bellerin would have to raise his game to keep his place but he’s getting established as number one too easily.

  57. Romford Ozil Pele

    DM, never been sold on Jenkinson. Love the fact he’s a Gooner but don’t think he’ll ever be good enough, and he won’t wanna sit on the bench behind Bellerin. I don’t Debuchy is a bad back up, plus he can also double up at CB.

  58. Romford Ozil Pele

    Well dissenter, most teams don’t really have competition for places at the back. You have more established 1 and 2s because defence is not really a place you rotate too much as you want stability there. It seems to me like Wenger has chosen Bellerin which is fair enough. Anyone who comes in will play back up and won’t get more than 15 games a season.

  59. Dissenter

    If you were Jenkinson, would you come back to be number two when you’re good enough to start in another upwardly mobile London premier league team?

    Jenks needs to be released, so long as West Ham are willing to meet our valuation.

  60. DM

    Fair enough mate we’ll have to agree to disagree. I think Debuchy IS a bad back-up – he hasn’t had one or two bad games but his looked consistently weak whenever called upon. Jenkinson IMO is more likely to be able to step in occasionally and do a better job when called on.

  61. DM

    That’s another matter mate. Whether or not he’d want to come back to us.. well who knows. He is a Gooner so there’s that. Plus recalling him and making him our #2 would be a big statement of intent, with him effectively displacing Debuchy. So he could potentially come back, do a good job when called upon and see if he earns the right to play regularly. He’d get a run in many cup games and whenever AW feels like resting Bellerin, so he’d have a fairly decent shout at making that position his own if he’s up to it. Whether he’d want to or not… 50/50 I reckon.

  62. Dissenter

    True talk.
    I was hoping Dubuchy will get a run out as CB to help him recover his form.
    Instead, Wenger chose Chambers (who I’m not sure is Arsenal starting quality yet)
    Bellerin prospered from his stint as CB, hoping Dubuchy would have benefitted as well.

    Chambers needs a loan at a championship club, playing 25-40 games a season.

  63. Chika

    Fans always cried out for seasoned professionals and that’s what we got with Debuchy. I’m struggling to remember tones of dissatisfaction when we signed him.

    Unsurprisingly, his double injuries and lack of playing have taken some steam out of his game.
    For now he’s our second choice RB, I don’t know how many second choice RBs better than him.

  64. DM


    Was very satisfied when we signed Debuchy. In fact wasn’t sad at all to see Sagna go, I thought his days were well and truly over for us after having been excellent for a long time. I was expecting Debuchy to keep Bellerin out of the team once he returned to fitness. Unfortunately, pretty much every time he’s played for us since then he’s been at best only OK and at worst a liability.

  65. OleGunner

    Paulinho-He’s still crap, and he would never swan forward like that in a league match. Typical league cup randomness.

    Dude, I never said Flams a world beater or worthy of first team status. But the man’s proved his worth to Arsenal and showed it yesterday with a great performance in a hostile environment.

    Arteta did ok but is the one who proved a lot of our fears true.

  66. Mick Kartun

    Well done Flamini. Please try to teach Girude how to score.

    At least he showed that he has the will to fight for starting line up.

    I heard the news that Pep still would rather prefer Mueller as his first choice lone striker to fit his tiki taka style play.

    I had enough of this GIRUDE crap, what exactly would it takes for Wenger to change his BONER penny pinching stingy ego to fight to buy Lewandowski.

    After 5 goals in 10 minutes, what more to prove that he is worth for mega transfer money?

    Look what manure got with Martial rude money, they didn’t have any regret now hah?

    Lewangoalski is definetely worth at least 50m pounds.

    Still wenger hopes Sanogo for free will prove everybody wrong that he has a
    wet dream after 5 years, Sanogo would be a HIT and worth 50m pounds.

    DAMN, why is it so hard with the dictatorship of Wenger and Kroenke these days, FANS is treated like not even exist.

    DAMN IT.

  67. shad


    Did you just say that Sagna was the best RB for 3 seasons? And which seasons were those if I may ask? The poor bloke can’t cross for toffee nor beat a man one on one bar for pace, which has since declined. He rarely cut in and when he did he was in limbo – looked more confused than a deer walking into a pub.

    For me Zabaleta has been the best RB for the past 3 or 4 seasons by a country mile.

    Unless you were comparing Sagna versus the in-house solutions..

  68. Chika


    Fair enough I’ve also not been very satisfied with his recent performances but I’m not going to write him off too soon.

  69. Dissenter

    Dissenter,Did you just say that Sagna was the best RB for 3 seasons? And which seasons were those if I may ask?”
    He was named starting RB in the PFA team of the year in 2007-2008 and 2010-2011. He was the reserve RBs for two other seasons.

  70. shad


    Aah..those seasons. I think he is ok, but not quite there. Tackling and defensive solidity, he is up amongst the best, but what he offers offensively is a joke. A fully fit Zabaleta displaces him with ease.

  71. DM


    I don’t REALLY rate Jenkinson, but I think the loan has done him a lot of good and he’s rated pretty highly over at WHU. I think that when our back up is having a bit of a shocker and could quite realistically cost us points/games, it’s not a silly suggestion to bring back the guy who’s doing well over at a rival club.

  72. DM


    You’re thinking of Sagna too recently. His last 2 seasons with us you’re totally right, he was defensively solid but absolutely dire going forward. But he wasn’t always like that. For a good few years he was easily ONE OF the best RBs around, and quite possibly the best for a couple of them.

  73. gazzap

    Arteta is so bad. The only reason he is higher in the pecking order than the Flamster is because he is club captain. Wenger needs to get over that fast. but he never has been ruthless enough to win things.

    Debuchy looked poor too but I’m sure he is better than that. Maybe his injuries are affecting him. Joel Campbell looks out of his depth at this level. His first touch and his movement are very poor. would much rather have seen Iwobi.

    As for smashing up the lane – They smashed up the Emirates much worse so what goes around come around.

  74. Chika


    Well Jenkinson appears to have made some marginal progress but he still doesn’t convince me. He’s more of heart/industry less of talent kind of footballer. Right now I’d still pick Debuchy over him.

  75. DM

    Fair enough. On paper I would agree with you, but having watched them both I think Jenks is a safer option at the moment. Hope Debuchy proves me wrong and improves immensely but I’m a bit worried about him right now.

  76. YoungMurphy

    Mertesacker – 6.5 is good because he wasnt troubled at all

    Debuchy – looks really off the pace, Rose had him skinned a few times

    Ramsey – indifferent even though he was playing centre mid!

  77. DaleDaGooner

    Ramsey – 6.5 – likes to run

    Ox – 7.5 – Most good things came through him

    Campbell – 6 – looked average and in need of game time

    Giroud – 6.5 – worked hard all night. Still can’t score

    This is crap…Ramsey and Arteta scored no where near a very industrious Campbell, he was back doing the stuff Ramsey can never do once we are being attacked, and his forward play was far better than both. This is how Wenger thinks, he will never remove Ramsey from a game, bet he starts vs Leicester on Saturday.

    Campbell should be higher than both in my opinion.

  78. DaleDaGooner

    Joel Campbell will look out of his depth…because he never gets a chance to integrate in the squad….Ox and Ramsey have been around a whole longer and both won’t get into a City, Chelsea or Madrid squad…..just saying, if Wenger can shoe horn Campbell into more meaningful time frames and games, i see him fitting in well.

  79. Mick Kartun

    Liverpool’s Fenway Sports Group owners have decided to part ways after last night’s poor performance and are targeting Ancelotti.

    John W Henry would have looked at that performance and thought, ‘this is not good enough and a change has to be made’, and I understand that is going to happen,’ Beecroft told talkSPORT.

    Geez, I wonder when that will happen to Kroenke.

    Does he even understand football?

    or he just rated money as god.