NLD DAY | Project youth is on loan | Lay off Wenger’s personal life

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Sometimes those North London derbies don’t come at the perfect time. Today, you’d have to say, does not feel like perfect timing.

Here’s the thing. Timing doesn’t matter. I can remember plenty of times welcoming a broken Spurs only to watch David Bentley whizz a dipping 40 yard screamer over Almunia.

Damn you Al, damn you.

I don’t have much love for the Carling Cup. When it was most interesting was back when Wenger used it as a test bed for the kids. Real good kids. The kind that gave you ‘domination’ dreams. Domination dreams where the only people getting spanked were 11 men you didn’t really like.

Ok, not painting that dream very well.

Anyway, this evening should be interesting. Wenger can’t really be using Arteta if he wants to use him at the weekend for title challengers Leicester. So maybe he’ll use Flamini. Or maybe there’s a kid?

Thing with the kids is most of the great ones are out on loan. So it’s going to be a blend of children and first team irregulars.

I’m guessing Spurs will go for this. The Carling Cup is a fine tonic for Champions League disappointment. So expect a big game from them. They also have to kick start their season. Harry Kane would love to show he’s not a fraud with a big game against us this evening. Good news is he’ll likely go up against Chambers who is also trying to prove his value at the moment.

I don’t really know too much about the kids we have available. Mostly because I don’t like to get close to them. I know what happens. They end up at Birmingham and have very nice careers, occasionally popping up with a freekick screamer against us (Seb Larsson, I’m looking at you).

Good news is that Arsenal managed to get the Gabriel red card chalked off. Costa landed a 3 game ban for his Mortal Combat triple combination move. Bizarrely, there’s still a chance our man might face a ban for arguing a decision the FA admit was awful. Banter, right? Would it have taken them more than two minutes to have made the decision there and then?

Also some pretty crass stories about Wenger and his personal life doing the rounds. Who fucking cares? Really not in my interest or the publics what he gets up to after training. It’s like the David Cameron stuff. That scuzzy Oakenshott journo peddling unfounded stories about someone’s youth with all the shock and horror of someone who didn’t have many friends or wild nights out of her own. Guys putting their chaps in things is not the preserve of the rich, it’s the right of passage of pissed up teenage boys being total lads for bantz. Hell, it’s not even for the teenagers. If you’ve been on a stag do in the last 5 years, there will be at least one shot on your Whatsapp friendship group of someone passed out on a balcony with a set of balls resting on their forehead.

It’s what blokes do. If that doesn’t happen in your friendship group, good for you. Your ‘well done you’re so mature card’ is in the post.

My biggest fear centres around the sanctimonious weasels who spend their lives vocally picking on people who lived it up in their youth and made some painful mistakes (fun ones) that helped them grasp the world and become more well rounded adults.

As for Wenger, I hope he’s ok. There’s nothing a 1000 hours of Botswanian football won’t help him get over!

Enjoy tonight. x

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  1. Joe


    Already had too many cracked I phone screens. Any smashing my had against it.

    And yes Wenger has taking my joy out of watching arsenal. Sorry to admit it. But he has.

  2. salparadisenyc


    The league cup means very little to me, a NLD means everything.
    Thats all the perspective I need a night such as this.

    Regarding ambition, i’m not really pushing the transfer button now am I you silly cunt.

  3. Joe

    Where do we find these genius supporters like goondawg.

    Can’t even spell dog for fucks sake. Must be a hard cunt to spell it like that.

    That’s banter

  4. Joe

    The Chelsea derby is the one we should be aiming to win. In the league. In the CL

    Who cares about the Mickey Mouse cup.

    We should be beating the Spurs. It’s like fighting the fat kid from 3 grades below you. They are piss poor mean nothing two bob team who have no bearing on arsenal

    They are forever in our shadow. And I will not give them the pleasure of me caring about them.

  5. Redtruth

    Arsenal playing away to Man Utd in the League Cup 2004-05 Season

    Arsenal Team:
    1. Almunia
    2. Hoyte
    3. Clichy
    4. Larsson
    5. Djourou
    6. Senderos
    7. Pennant
    8. Flamini
    9. Lupoli
    10.Van Persie
    11.Owusu Abeyie

    Subs used: Smith

    Players omitted from team:

    None of these players featured so suck my dick you prick!!!

  6. Goondawg

    Lol your taking fake sam posts seriously? The deluded cunt who spent all summer convincing everyone Giroud was better than Benzema.

    Jesus you are dafter than I thought

  7. Emiratesstroller

    The overall performance yesterday was nothing to write home about and highlighted that many of squad players are not up to the plate.

    We were definitely vulnerable on the right side of field with Campbell playing
    in front of Debuchy. Also I am sorry to say that Chambers is not a top quality
    centre back conceding two own goals in last two games.

    You can argue that some of the players looked a little rusty, but the greatest concern for me was Arteta particularly if Coquelin is out injured for any length of time. Frankly he is not good enough to play in EPL.

    Both sides put out more or less a second string eleven. The only player who
    started for us against Chelsea was Ramsey. Mertesacker would be still my
    first choice Centre Back, but otherwise none of the other players on show
    until substitution would be selected for our starting eleven.

    Flamini saved our bacon with two goals and frankly would be my preferred
    choice as replacement for Coquelin if latter is injured, but is not remotely good enough substitute in DMF department. It just highlights how weak
    we are in Coquelin’s absence.

    What the game told me was that Arsenal are in need of buying a quality striker as everyone knows, but also we need to recruit two or three squad players
    as well.

    It is high time that the club prioritises proper investment in squad rather than
    continued enlargement of our bank balance.

  8. tom

    I thought we bossed them for the first 45.
    Defended with spirit in the second.

    Good show from relatively rusty players.

    I also think Arteta did well. Clever distribution through out and helped out in defense.

    I think both he and Flam went some way to justify their places in the squad.

  9. tom

    Gibbs has only played twice this season.
    Per has been sick two weeks.
    Ox hasn’t had too many minutes.

    Just enjoy this win.
    Why whine tonight?

  10. tom

    Beating Spurs anytime, any competition, gives our club a tremendous lift.
    Hope we can capitalize on it and put together a run.

  11. tom

    They asked me how I knew,
    Falco was a …,
    I of course replied,
    With a nose that size,
    He must be circumcised .

    Golden oldie.

  12. Mick Kartun

    Good win especially against spuds.

    But I’m confused, flamini 2 goals?

    What the hell is wrong with the supposed to be striker GIRUDE?

    Maybe Flamini should teach him how to score?

    Damn that’s what you get with penny pinching arse F@CKERS.

    If you buy something (striker) for free that’s what you get with SANOGO,


    well, martial no free and no cheap, but what manure got, it’s worth wtih the price.

    Please wenger you old c*unt buy WC striker for f@ack sake in January.

    It’s not even your money.


  13. Joe

    All the crap Wenger spouted about matrial making him look quite stupid.

    Not everyone scouting dept is a useless as ours. They obviously spotted something in the boy to drop 32 m on him. Scored more goals in 4 games than wellbeck scored all last season.

    Bamford was right. He will be #2 for France next summer. Giroud won’t even be going

  14. Jeff

    And I don’t agree with what the Arsenal supporters did to the hoardings at WHL. Suppose they start ripping bits off our stadium when they play us at home? It’s just mindless thuggery.

  15. Ughelligunner

    i think Bredan and Totenham are the main reason why wenger would still be upheld, even though he is prudent.

    When you compare the three teams and the way they sold their best players, time after time, they both planned to build stadiums and still remain top four, you know wenger is a legend.

    Now it is time, to add worldclass players extensively to the team and win a major trophy.

  16. Ughelligunner

    Ungrateful, Joe. When we lost to zagreb, you were jumping in your natural clothes.

    Now we won a derby, you start comparing the match with chelsea’s?

    People like you would still moan aggressively, even if wenger leaves, after any bad result.

    I don’t think you will ever be satisfied with anybody.

    You are just like mourinho, in your thinking.

  17. N5

    A win at the lane and some still moaning. How you don’t get even a moments joy out of besting the enemy is beyond me?

    I’d totally re-evaluate my support if I couldn’t switch off for 5 minutes to gloat in a spud victory.

  18. Jim lahey

    “And I don’t agree with what the Arsenal supporters did to the hoardings at WHL. Suppose they start ripping bits off our stadium when they play us at home? It’s just mindless thuggery.”

    They do, every year they smash the place.

  19. Goondawg

    I just dont understand these so-called fans like simpleton Joe, coming on here having a moan five mins after games finished. Thats hard to fathom. NORTH LONDON IS RED FFS, take some fucking pride.

  20. Wallace


    I wasn’t born in London so never nursed a passionate hatred for Spurs, unfortunately. Utd and Chelsea rate far higher on my ‘c*nt scale’. it was only when Harry Redknapp put that pretty good side together that i started to get a bit worried about them.

    still, an away win with that side….pretty nice.

  21. Dissenter

    “And I don’t agree with what the Arsenal supporters did to the hoardings at WHL. Suppose they start ripping bits off our stadium when they play us at home? It’s just mindless thuggery.”

    I think those gooners were just cleaning up after the match, WHL is a dump yard.

    Jokes aside, it was more blatant buffoonery. Their photographs are wide spread, they’ll get identified and banned from footballing grounds for a long time.
    Hope they make them pay for the damage too.

  22. tom

    I grew up in North London and hate them beyond all others.
    Tottenham are THE ENEMY forever.

    Having said that, I ought to stress, I have major problems with Chelsea too.

    United are horrid too, but as an institution , worthy of a little respect.

  23. tom

    Spuds damage our ground every time they visit.

    At least the gooners took their silly motto instead of smashing toilets.

    Little cost in money but heavy cost in pride.

    Probably catch bans for it but won’t be paying for their own pints in Holloway and Kentish Town.

  24. tom

    I expect Arsenal to cop a charge and a fine too.

    There wasn’t any proper aggro in the ground, as far as I’ve heard, though it did get naughty outside.

    The sign damage was commited in a spirit of exuberance, rather than major malice, so I don’t expect sanctions to be severe.

  25. Gunner2301

    Great win last night but not a great game. Just when you think Flaminis ready for the dustbin he pops up with 2 goals that’s a contract extension right there. I think playing 2 holding helped both Flamini and Arteta but neither would have been sufficient on their own. Art era looked terrible at times off the pace and out of place. Good win none the less.