Stan, £3m to advise on what exactly?

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So Stan Kroenke and his crew took another cheeky £3m from Arsenal this season for advisory fees.

Nice work Stan.

Don’t really understand the point. When you’re a mega billionaire, is taking £3m from one of the clubs a little bit like stealing from a homeless man’s begging cup to pay for a coffee?

You have to wonder what the advice was?

‘We strongly advise nobody questions the manager on the obvious, thank you kindly.

Now give me that fucking money’

The whole setup is a big grubby if you’re a sport purist. We’re not being run for love, we’re being run as a portfolio pet project.

Worst thing is that the manager runs us like a pet project and because he suits the motives of the owner… i.e. Cash in the bank so he can fund the Rams move to LA, well, he stays in a job for as long as he wants.

… harsh, but let’s face it, Wenger is working in a ‘lifestyle job.’ He works for the joy of existing, but he doesn’t stress himself with pressure of winning. That’s why he can afford to ignore glaring issues each year. Because it doesn’t matter.

Matteo Renzi, leader of an Italian left leaning party, said that the Labour Party must enjoy losing by bringing in Jeremy Corbyn. Then he said…

“It’s not a question of being Blairite or anti-Blairite, it’s a matter of ‘Do you want to go to elections like you go to the Olympics, to win or to participate’?”

I like that line. I think Arsenal go to the Olympics, safe in the knowledge it’s not the winning, it’s knowing that your mum will give you a big ‘well done’ at the end regardless of what happens.

Before the infamous ‘specialist in failure’ jibe, Mourinho was a accused by Wenger of ‘fearing failure’… when you think about that, imagine, in sport, not fearing failure? Imagine using that to jibe a winner?

I mean, that’s the level we’re at with Arsenal. Wenger doesn’t fear failure, because he doesn’t have to fear it.

Security breeds contempt. Contempt breeds complacency. Complacency breeds mediocrity.

… and look, you can say, ‘well, we’re not mediocre’… but when you look at our standing in the global finance stakes, we’re pretty mediocre. We’re one of the richest clubs in the world with one of the least competitive attitudes to winning.

It starts with the manager, it filters to the players and it infects the fans who forgive a man who has dined out on success that’s so cold it’s started to go moldy.

But that’s Arsene for you. That’s Arsenal until he goes.

Anyway, too depressed for a big write up today.

I’ll catch you tomorrow when we can start talking about the NLD!


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  1. gazzap

    Leicester have got some great players – Inler, Ulloa and Mahrez. Not going to be an easy game on Saurday.
    Why the hell has a player as good as Inler gone to Leicester!?

  2. gazzap

    In that clip on Gabriel not kicking Costa, I think it is Fabregas in the background that starts straight away whining to the ref about what’s just happened. I am really shocked and saddened at where Cesc has ended up, I actually thought he was a player of integrity when he was with us. And later in the match he clutches his ankles to get Cazorla sent off and then springs to his feet as soon as Cazorla is walking off. He is a stupid tosser and deserves every boo he gets from Arsenal fans. I hope no true Arsenal fan thinks about clapping him for his service with us.
    Video here:

  3. Joe

    Predictions for tomorrow? Will be tough for spuds to devise a game plan with arteta and mert playing. Only a genius like Wenger would figure out how go at a team with arteta and per in it

  4. Jeff


    Not sure what you mean? I thought the colloquialism was reserved for a man and the equivalent female version is a MILF. Nope, you’ve lost me.

  5. Bamford10

    Would just like to say that I called for us to sign Lewandowski in 2011 after watching him play in Euro qualifying.

    Technical, athletic, powerful, arrogant. Great striker.

    Ours are fucking garbage.

  6. WengerEagle

    Here’s a great stat:

    Lewandowski scored more goals tonight in the space of 9 mins (5 goals) after coming on as a sub at half-time than we have managed all season* in all comps (4 goals in 6 matches).

    *Discounting own goals.

  7. WengerEagle


    Lewandowski had already blown up even by then, he wasn’t exactly an unknown.

    He didn’t play as an out and out striker in his first season at Dortmund where he only scored 9 goals but he thouroughly impressed with his performances.

    Lucas Barrios was the main man up front for Dortmund at that stage.

  8. Bamford10


    I wasn’t saying he was, but if Arsenal had people figuring out how to sign a Lewandowski four years ago, we’d be better off now.

    Instead, those who run the club are satisfied with dross.

  9. salparadisenyc

    cartsSeptember 22, 2015 19:25:59
    Its the extraordinary balance in this Bayern team that scares me.

    This is really it. Pundits and many posters in this space were questioning the Costa signing, he just adds the perfect balance to what they have. Pep just went out and got what he needed.

    Mental that Ribery and Robben both injured and they may look better with Costa and Gotze on the flanks. Or the option of Gotze and Rode which Pep went with this weekend. Sides a wrecking crew.

  10. Cesc Appeal


    One of my gripes with Guardiola was the the Munich team had become very possession based, tap, tap, tap etc

    But it seems to have been remedied into a team that plays the ball well but also has directness, pace and power.

    He had a hard job taking over from Heyneckes, as nuts as that sounds talking about Guardiola, because personally I think that Munich side was close to footballing perfection, more so than Guardiola’s Barcelona.

    But his Munich side look right back at it now, perfectly balanced. Both looking forward to seeing them against us and all at once completely not.

  11. salparadisenyc


    Having watched them twice this week, something feels different about this side.
    Playing without fear, always felt Peps shadow cast over them and it wasn’t the perfect fit. They can play around, through or out possess you.

    Was very impressed with Rode and the young frenchmen Kingsley Coman over the weekend. At this point Costa’s potentially been the best signing of the summer.

  12. Dissenter

    The FA really slapped down Mike Dean.
    It’s uncommon to have them come down so hard on a referee, much less a senior referee. He is bound to be reprimanded at some point. Diego Costa is a marked man now because no other referee will stand for his antics.
    This is culled from the Guardian.
    “The panel, essentially, took their side and they deemed Dean to have made an error of judgement. It is unusual to see a decision over-turned when the referee has had a clear view of the incident but it has happened in this instance. Dean can expect to be demoted from the Premier League list.”

  13. WengerEagle


    Can’t argue with that, unbelievable that after over 3 years we’re still lumbered with Giroud as the spearhead of our attack.

    Wright, Bergkamp, Anelka, Henry, RVP, heck even Adebayor of 2007-2009 was an upgrade on Giroud and we had RVP and Eduardo to back him up at the time.

    Funny thing is that I do actually feel bad for Giroud because for what we signed him for, something like £12 million, he’s actually done more than ok.

    Just isn’t good enough for us sadly. If he was signed in addition to a better striker in the last 3 years I’d guarantee that nearly every Arsenal supporter would appreciate him as a very good back up CF.

  14. WengerEagle

    I’ll openly admit that I was one of those naysayer posters on here that questioned the Douglas Costa signing.

    So far he has shoved my opinion to within a couple of inches of my rectum.

  15. sam

    Ladies football is so Yawnnnnnn!!!
    They wear men’s outfits and they are so slow
    Its just like watching men’s pub football
    Sepp Blatter was right, women should play football in bikini.
    will be more great to watch, more followers

  16. salparadisenyc


    Funny right I don’t remember feeling either way about Costa, with whom they have on the roster wasn’t sure he was a pressing need.

    Ole Franck may not get back in the side with the way these guys are playing.

  17. Cesc Appeal


    They have an embarrassment of riches in terms of players, against us for example Guardiola could heavily rotate and still be streets ahead of us.

    Who would your preference be out of Guardiola, Klopp and Ancelotti for Arsenal…likelihood is we end up with Wenger on the board and Remi Garde as manager, but if you could pick?

  18. Dissenter

    Leicester are flying high at the moment.
    It will be a very stern test of our mental strength and qualidee, come Saturday.

  19. WengerEagle


    Christ I actually forgot that Ribery still has to come back, shows just how well Costa has been playing.

    Has fitted in like a glove so far, wasn’t too long ago that the general consensus on Bayern was that they were far too reliant on Robben and Ribery.

    Lewandowski, Costa and Muller have become undroppable.

    Gotze has started very well this season too, Coman as you mentioned has impressed and Javi Martinez is back.

    They are my shout for the UCL this season.

    Called Barcelona from the start last season but don’t see them retaining it.

  20. WengerEagle

    ‘Erm wheres Willow Wilson to tell everyone that Giroud is as good as Lewandowski?’

    Not as funny as Revvin Kevin giving a ringing endorsement of the Kallstrom signing as a result of positive reviews from his ‘Swedish Wife’s family’.

    That was a hall-of-famer.

  21. salparadisenyc


    Could be the Arsenal with the right guidance, we’ve the city, stadium and budget for that team. Lacking the balls.

    Revo’s wifes endorsement still brings a mighty smile to Sal.

  22. N5

    In Germany tonight we saw an absolute masterclass in how to be an amazing striker. We saw quite possibly the single most impressive 10 minutes of any strikers career.

    Even Lewandowski clapped Bendtner off the pitch!!

  23. WengerEagle


    Agree, will never happen with Wenger at the helm of course but more worryingly for me anyway is that it’ll most likely never happen with Kroenke still knocking about.

    Don’t follow American sports but as Middy and some of the American lads on here let us know, Stan’s American teams aren’t in the business of winning.

  24. vicky

    Kroenke will choose a Wenger mark II , no doubt about that. But I would break the bank and everything else possible to snare Pep. For me, he is in a league of his own.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    There was something in there about hat he had promised her that the end of his last deal would be the end, he would retire from football, things had been bad since he signed that new deal and they had separated in June, now it’s official.

  26. Alex Cutter

    Divorce is no laughing matter. I lost my cousin this way. She got very depressed, and ended up in a coma.

    She had been in the coma for months. Then, one day, nurses were in her room giving her a sponge bath. One of them was washing her “private” bits, and noticed that there was a slight response on the brain monitor when she touched her there.

    They tried it again and sure enough there was definite movement. They went to her husband and explained what happened — basically telling him that, “As crazy as this sounds, maybe a little oral sex will do the trick and bring her out of the coma.”

    Obviously, her husband was skeptical, but they assured him that they’d close the curtains for privacy. He finally agreed and went into my cousin’s room.

    After a few minutes my cousin’s monitor flat lined, no pulse, no heart rate. The nurses run back into the room to find my cousin dead, and her husband zipping up his pants.

    “What happened!?” they cried. Her husband said, “I’m not sure – I think maybe she choked.”

    I think a little piece of all of us died that day.

  27. Marko

    Pretty straightforward that Bayern side are one of three teams who are constantly favourites for the champions league. Barring an off day they should be beating us tbh. Also why would anyone question the Douglas Costa signing? He’s been consistently linked to the likes of Chelsea, Madrid and then Bayern why wouldn’t he be good enough

  28. salparadisenyc


    Gentlemen don’t cheat are their ladies with 20 something hip hop singers… well they don’t get caught FFS.

  29. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger on Coquelin: “His knee is swollen and he is being assessed but we hope it is just a short-term problem.”

    That doesn’t sound good at all…we’ve heard this sort of thing before. An injury to Coq will be a disaster, will literally be like watching this club unravel and slip from Wenger’s grasp.

    The ST situation already so talked about in the summer has descended into ridiculousness, CDM was next most talked about and potentially is heading the same way.

  30. steve

    September 22, 2015 23:25:59

    I feel sorry for Arsene and his wife. I wish they get back together. Wenger may not be a great manager anymore but for sure he is a gentleman.


    Wenger “gentleman” yeah like cheating on his wife lololololol

  31. Bamford10

    Five goals in 10 minutes, and against a good side. Unbelievable. And that fifth goal was a thing of beauty.

    Would be nice if we had a real striker.

    With more than £140m in cash and three plus years to replace RVP, you would think Wenger could’ve found or developed one.

    Know who he signed for us in that time? Sanogo. Welbeck.

    What a senile twat. Wenger out!

  32. Jeff

    A famous Chinese proverb says: Although two birds have four wings, tie them together and they cannot fly.

    I think that people staying together for a very long time is probably not a natural thing. They get fed up of each other eventually and want to discover what it’s like with other people – this goes for both men and women.

    In this day and age where divorce is not seen as an abomination but merely a legal procedure, it is easy to part ways.

    Could it be that Arsene was forced to choose between Annie or Arsenal and he chose the latter – unfortunately for us?

  33. Jeff

    “Ten years ago I said to my wife [Annie], ‘Five more years and that’s all’, and I am still here’.

    And don’t we bloody know it!

  34. Ivan

    WengerEagle – way you think about Giroud is his biggest failing. He arrived to AFC as a main striker form then French champions. To be frank, he didnt fevelop much since then and i bellive its more to do with his attitude than skill or footballing limitations. Hes lucky that just to many situations since then went to his favour couse he would be benched long time ago.

    Sal – 100% with you on manager choices. Afaik Don Carlo took sabbatical couse he had some kind of surgery to do that takes a lot of recovery time. It would be ideal if We could snap him fresh and healed after recovery is over. Hes one of most underrrated coaches of all time. What Chelsky and Real did with him is jst plain stupid.

    at all….why do You all think Wenger moving to board would be such a bad thing?
    Current state of affairs says that we wont change owner anytime soon. Since before Kroenke We had Arsene being proactive and winning things so i give hime more benfeit of a doubt than to Kroenke (allthough id like replacing Arsene with Carlo or similar calibre manager if possible).
    Now if we get Wenger at board level at least we will have somebody up there who loves and understands fotball and that really loves club (i know that many of you here dont agree on this one, but i really belive he does love AFC).

  35. N5

    Ivan, I think most agree he loves the club and it would be unfair to say he doesn’t, the problem is more how set in his ways Wenger is. He’s a footballing dinosaur, he always makes things hard for himself and I truly believe it’s because he’s like a petulant child. I imagine he thinks like this “media says I can’t win with this squad”, *shakes fist, “I’ll show them”.

    Also, Wenger I believe was quoted as saying (and I am paraphrasing), if I don’t have full control, I’d leave. If he was to go upstairs, I don’t think for a minute he’d let the new manager have full control.

    We’re Arsenal and should be setting our sights at managers like Pep, Don Carlo, Klopp, Simeone and so on and none of those would do it with Wengers bony fingers poking in all their pies.

    Obviously I can’t speak for all, but that’s how I see it.

  36. Mick Kartun


    I am an Arsenal fan since watching Patrick Viera for the first time in TV since year 2000.

    Man, how I adore to see how bravely he played to stand up and headbutted Roy Keane at the time made me to realize this is the club that I will support for my entire life.

    Even though, those glory days over, I still support Arsenal even if we going to mediocrity these days.

    To tell ya all the truth, I had been just kicked in the arse and forced to leave by The Admin of that I didn’t realize that it’s a dedicated site for millions of AKBs-Zombies. It’s so embarrassing. My arse still hurts, damn f@ggot wankers AKBs rubbing and sucking each other c%cks.

    After 3 days searching to find the website for Arsenal fans freedom of opinions, then here I am writing this comment right now to find out the articles of SPOTTING an AKB.

    Wow…oh…wow, it’s like I found my home finally.

    If you can’t change the F@CKED UP CURRENT CONDITION today at Arsenal,

    at least I have the media to express my angers towards this shit.


    Thanks & Gunners 4 Life.

  37. Ivan

    Well argumented N5. I see where you come from and mostly agree with you.
    Problem is that all this “smells kind of fishy” to much. On one side we have owner and board that is totally out of focus and they look like thier only interest in AFC is hoarding $$$ (bar Usmanov who is conveniently excluded of any influence while being 2nd largest shareholder). Then on other side we have Wenger, once great and proactive manager, fotball purist, who is alone in the spotlight, seemingly having absolute power and also manicly involved in everything about AFC (and this is a bad thing, id rather he focus solely on team).
    Now if premise 1 given by you is true. Replacing Wenger we dealt with problem no1. But if its false, and theres more to than that. Without somebody influental who is interested in fotball at board level we could sink like titanic. We cant afford emulating post Fergie UTD. We would end up like LPool or worse that way. On the other hand if Wenger picks his succesor in the mould of Carlo, Klopp and co it would be a big telling of his standing. They are no yes men and Wenger knows it.
    Time will tell but i fear more 2nd than the 1st scenario……

  38. Highbury4ever

    Pelé, what a great, great man…
    Here’s what he said about Costa’s behavior : “Look, it’s something that I knew well. In my time, I had been the victim of very good markings.” (lol ?)
    “This is a very good player, everyone knows that. It was just a fact in the game.
    A striker who bites someone else, Luis Suarez, that’s much worse than what he did…”

    F*ck off Mr Pelé, just f*ck off.

  39. Ivan

    Lol Pele really knows how to say crap. Its his habit 🙂
    On other side really glad FA for once made a right call. Back in a day ManUtd had plenty of protection but they had much more class. Chelsky with Mourinho is epitome about whats wrong with fotball nowdays. Let them glorify Costa now like a man of a match…..

  40. gambon

    Ha ha

    Wengers wife apparantly left him because hes a loser who fucked up the transfer window.

    They needed a new kitchen at their 5m house but he said he couldnt find anything better than the one they have.

    I hope shes been cheating on him with Mourinho.

  41. Goondawg

    Wengers loyalty is messed up. How is he divorcing his wife yet still persisting with Giroud as main Cf for four seasons.

  42. Highbury4ever

    Wenger will marry L’oLreal, one day or the other.

    It’s gonna be the most expensive marriage in history, that’s why he won’t spend his money.

  43. Shaun Wilson

    I love this blog and look forward to reading pretty much everyone on its opinions,but…. Isn’t it already stupidly apparent that this season is realistically over – I’m thinking of the spectre of Arteta and Flamini trying to compete against younger, fitter and more skilful men and failing miserably – Yes, with his perplexing obstinacy to do what’s fucking obviously needed, Arsene Wenger has fucked us over again and we will stand for it – like a bruised boxer on the ropes perhaps – but we love Arsenal and we have no choice.
    All the rants and constructive critiques regarding what’s needed to push us back towards greatness are ultimately pointless while this weird man continues at the helm of our beloved club.
    Oh fuck… Please go soon Monsieur.

  44. Majestic gooner

    What’s this about wenger divorcing because of Arsenal, what a load of rubbishy, it’s not like he’s doing a good job at the club now , is it? He probably told her to stop shopping at lidl and try shopping at poundland.

  45. WengerEagle


    Unfortunately you’re dead right, beneath all of the bollocks that gets spouted on here (myself included) daily and the vast majority of the poster’s on here immense love for the club there is an overwhelming sense of emptyness whether win win, lose or draw.

    I think that deep down most know by now that we’re not winning anything barring the F.A Cup/League Cup until Wenger fucks off into the sunset so it makes it difficult to get excited by our wins and as devastated by our defeats.

    I wasn’t even that upset when we embarrassingly got beaten by Zagreb who had previously never won a UCL match in their history because I know that we’ll still finish 2nd to Bayern and get shanked by a Barcelona/Real Madrid/Atletico Madrid/Juventus, etc in the last 16.

    Same goes for the BPL, was mostly upset by the 2-0 loss last weekend purely because I hate Chelsea and was disgusted by Costa-gate and Mourinho’s post match antics playing spin-doctor.

    Not because of the loss of 3 points itself so much, I expected that and called a 2-0 loss the day before the match.

  46. Majestic gooner

    In short wengereagle the fun and hope of supporting has been well and truly eroded, for some I don’t know if it will ever return even if wengereagle leaves, the realisation that us fans have been taken for mugs.

  47. underrated Coq

    I have to say, my respect for the Football Association went up after hearing their decisions. I was calling for Costa to get his deserved punishment but never ever expected Gabriel’s ban to be lifted as well.

    After Mourinho’s embarrassing comments about how players like Costa represent the true art of football, the FA needed to make a strong statement against cheating in the game and boy have they delivered it.

    Take a bow, English FA. Huge respect.

  48. vicky

    Wenger’s wife was insisting he retire from football and spend time with their family. Apparently she was miffed he signed a new deal with Arsenal. Now that Wenger is not under any “domestic” pressure, I think chance of Wenger staying beyond his current deal has gone up by some margin.

  49. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Morning all, not liking the rumors linking Ancelotti with the Bindippers.
    will be a real waste, and would hugely improve us.

    Dont do it!!!!

  50. Bamford10

    The best thing, IMO, about the FA’s decision is Gabriel’s reinstatement and vindication. He was simply standing up to an obnoxious bully, and he was a model of restraint throughout.

    I assume he’ll be in the XI tonight, and I expect that he will receive a massive greeting from supporters.

    Kudos, Gabriel.

  51. alexanderhenry

    You’re right to flag the £3 million cash raid pedro but wrong to say; ‘But that’s arsene for you. That’s Arsenal until he goes.’ The problems at the club do not ‘start with the manager’, they start and indeed end with the owner. Wenger will be off in a season and a half and all eyes will fall on kroenke. He won’t have wenger to hide behind any more and will have to choose a successor. What exactly do you think me, you and all arsenal fans will expect? The club has huge, unused resources and a 60,000 seat stadium, so surely we as arsenal fans will expect a top manager to take over and -crucially- be given access to all of the money available at the club, right? Let’s see if that happens.

  52. Thank you and goodnight

    I doubt wengers wife gave a shit about him giving up. The twat probably leaked that bollocks out so he can seem to be that dedicated and that in love with Arsenal that he’d rather sacrifice his marriage. A bit like every time we get spanked by another team he miracously gets courted by ‘other clubs’ over next few days. Guys a pathological bullshitter

  53. underrated Coq


    Yeah. Still, the FA not supporting the decisions taken by their referees is quite rare. Mike Dean has been left completely humiliated. Mourinho and Costa too, to a certain extent. Excellent stuff.

    Fabregas’ reaction though.. Pathetic.

  54. Louis Almeida

    Fabregas has always had that c***ish vibe to him. Sad to see how he has turned out though. I think Saturday saw him completely burn his bridges with the few Arsenal fans he had left on his side.

  55. Dissenter

    Alex Cutter,
    You bad boy:-)
    That divorcee joke still has me cracking, might even get me a free lunch today.
    Like Oliver Twist, I ask… for MORE.

  56. Bamford10

    I will say again: aside from the reinstatement of Gabriel, which solidifies the back four, Arsenal have little to be confident about tonight. We have not looked good yet this season, and we lost the last time we visited WHL.

    In contrast, Spurs have looked pretty decent — buoyed in part by the quality and energy of new signing, Son.

    I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we lost tonight.

    And if we do lose tonight, Wenger will be in a very uncomfortable place.

  57. Dissenter

    Wenger’s divorce ain’t good, that is if you love Arsenal.
    He’s has to split his money with her, after Hollande has taken 60-70%
    So he’ll hand around for longer at Arsenal to replenish his purse.

  58. Louis Almeida

    “He’s has to split his money with her, after Hollande has taken 60-70%”

    But Wenger doesn’t live in France, does he? I thought he lived in Barnet and had all his assets here so the French tax shouldn’t really affect him?

  59. Dissenter

    It’s in the middle that I think Spuds will dominate us.
    He’s playing Flamerta who Wil be dominated for pace and energy.
    Theo won’t be effective because Spuds have Dier who is just as fast.
    I’m afraid we lose our third consecutive game and possible complete a three game series with red cards.

    Wenger’s emperor garments are being stripped off him bit by bit.

  60. Bamford10


    Wenger didn’t fail to sign an outfield player this summer on Kroenke’s instructions, nor has he left more than 150m in cash reserves sitting in the bank on Kroenke’s instructions.

    It has been clear for some time now — both from Wenger’s remarks and from other officials’ remarks — that Wenger has been given ample money to spend and that he, not Kroenke, determines whether we sign players and who those players are.

    As for Wenger leaving — we cannot wait! — the opposite is the case: with Wenger gone, the next manager will use Arsenal’s ample resources in a rational manner, will build a proper squad, will provide the team with proper tactics and instruction.

    It will be the AKB who will have nowhere to hide.

  61. Dissenter

    Louis Almeida,
    His Divorce was arbitrated in Paris. He has his primary residence there.
    Wenger is a proud French man (good for him)
    Because he lives in London doesn’t mean he’s paying his taxes solely to the UK.

  62. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Dont want to be the doom monger of the blog but I wouldn’t fancy our chances tonight.
    1. Record there isnt great.
    2. No Coquelin meaning Probably Arteta
    3. Wengers reluctance to take the competition seriously. Where as the spuds will probably field there first 11
    4. All our good young players out on loan or injured, what mish match of a side gets put out tonight?
    5, You know Harry Kane will stop playing like Nik bendtner tonight and turn into Ronaldo.

    When did we last lose 3 in a row?
    Wish i was wrong but just cant see a win tonight.

  63. Bamford10


    Wash your mouth out. 😉

    Saying he’s going to stay longer to make money lost in the divorce might somehow make this come true, and we cannot suffer that.

    No way. I’ll fly to London and throw tomatoes at the man myself.

    I am in hopes that poor results, pressure and withering criticism will get to him sooner rather than later, however, and that he will leave.

    He can go to Japan again, if he still needs to make more money. We want him nowhere near Arsenal.

  64. Louis Almeida

    Ok Dissenter thank you for letting me know. I don’t agree that Wenger’s primary residence is there though. He manages Arsenal for 9 months of the year. How can his primary residence not be here?

  65. Carts


    “This is really it. Pundits and many posters in this space were questioning the Costa signing, he just adds the perfect balance to what they have. Pep just went out and got what he needed.”

    I’ll be honest, my mind = blown when I saw how much Bayern paid for him. e30m I think it was. How good does that look now though? They’re sorted for the next 5 years!

  66. Bamford10

    Up For Grabs

    Wenger’s remarks suggest he is taking this game seriously. I think he’s well aware of the pressure on him and the team to put in a good performance and get a result.

    But I’m with you: there is little to no reason for confidence.

  67. Dissenter

    Alex Cutter,
    The ESPN Brazil camera angle does not definitively prove that Gabriel’s boot flick did not make contact with Costa.
    It had to have been other video.
    There are about two dozen cameras on the field and only a few make it to live broadcast. The club’s have access to the other shots for post match analysis. Those are the ones we must have used.

  68. Samesong

    Kane will score his first goal of the season and be man of the match

    Agree that Spurs will over run our midfield

    Think Walcott has to start with his pace on the counter attack.

  69. Goondawg

    Its not a generic divorce though is it. Wenger is a good little catholic boy, it’s a “judicial seperation”. This would mean they were still legally married but no longer living under one roof and free to see other people.

  70. S Asoa

    Wenger is a creep without shame. That’s how he worked as the outlet for Kroenkes financial deal that is AFC a commerce.
    You can fling any fruit of your choice or eggs. Be the Force for Reaction

  71. Alex Cutter

    “Alex Cutter, The ESPN Brazil camera angle does not definitively prove that Gabriel’s boot flick did not make contact with Costa.”

    You’re correct. I mistook someone else for Costa in that clip.

  72. Dissenter

    Son is a good player.
    He’ll tear us a good one, apparently he’s on about 50k weekly.
    Spot the difference, they don’t pay the hefty salaries we are dishing out yet have amassed very good young talent.

    I still can’t get my head around the Walcott salary. He’s the longest serving player who will head the other way when there’s trouble on the field. He’s has zero aggression on the first field. I’ve never seen a good CF with no aggression.

  73. Up 4 Grabs Now


    These are the quotes from Wenger, mate.

    “At the moment the youth-team players, many of whom are ready to play for us, are away on loan,” (if they’re ready to play for us why are they on loan?)

    “The next players who have the talent are not completely ready to play at that level. With the difficulty of the opponent as well, you do not want to throw them into a game where they look out of place.
    (Sensible but that means we are left with no one suitable to come in)

    Even with our first 11 playing tonight we have so many players out of form its Ridiculous.
    i don’t think things will get better against Leicester on saturday either.

  74. Goondawg

    They used the ESPN brazil footage, the espn brazil reporter pretty much confirmed that Arsenal enquired if they could use this in their case on twitter

  75. Highbury4ever

    “Wenger’s remarks suggest he is taking this game seriously.”

    Too bad he – AND HIS PLAYERS – aren’t able to take all the games the same way.

  76. Louis Almeida

    Up 4 Grabs – I think Wenger is saying that he has loads of first team players available so will play the fringe guys. I think the guys who messed up against Zagreb may get a chance to redeem themselves so maybe this:

    Debuchy Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
    Arteta Flamini
    Campbell Ramsey Ox

    I would ideally like Mertesacker to play but I don’t think him and Chambers is a good combination. I hope Gabriel is now first choice alongside Koscielny.

  77. Goondawg

    Pretty much Wenger is saying we are short of players to field a decent enough second string to beat the spuds, so he has to beast his out-of-form players and can not afford to rest them because of his ineptitude in the transfer market.

  78. Dissenter

    Was the ESPN reporter part of the Arsenal legal team.
    Didn’t you see that video yourself? It’s the same video that we saw in real time. The league transmits the same video to everyone whether it’s supersports south Africa or ESPN Brazil.

    There are lots of video footage that can be compressed into live broadcasting.

  79. Dissenter

    If Spuds beat us, then I’m afraid we’ll go into a major slide and Leicester will do the same.
    The failure to buy a DMF will be Wenger’s downfall.

    I’ve been watching Kondogbia at Inter, he puts all our DMF choices to shame, sadly that includes Coquelin. He can pass, tackle, launch attacks and dribble his way out.
    How on earth did we miss out?
    Okay, my producer just gave me the answer: Wilshere-protectionism.

  80. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Problem is, our first 11 or even strong line up is so out of form.
    and rusty players that couldnt beat zagreb are going to turn over an average but relatively in form spuds side?

  81. Up 4 Grabs Now

    We’ll go into a major slide even if we win tonight.

    we are already in a major slide.
    Cant score, players out of form & out of position.
    The injuries are already piling up.
    After leicester it’s a must win Olympiacos game at home (Not even we could screw that one up surely?)
    Then Utd, Watford, Bayern, Everton & Swansea away, Bayern away, Spuds at home.
    Apart from Watford & Olympiacos at home how confident are you with getting 3 points in the rest.

  82. alexanderhenry

    Bamford, to quote you:

    ‘the next manager will use Arsenal’s ample resources in a rational manner, will build a proper squad, will provide the team with proper tactics and instruction.’

    I’ll hold you to that.

  83. Mick Kartun

    Bumford quotes is good.

    But will he ever really gonna leave Arsenal?

    I still predict that minimum time, he will still to see out his remainder contract, and if kroeke still the board, I fear the worst he might even get contract extension.

    It’s kinda hopeless to see that old le fraud to ever leave.

    He has the most comfortable no pressure whatsoever dream job that even MoaningHO so envy.

    Please wake up when wenger is really gone.

  84. Mick Kartun

    Just WILD IDEA for the frustrated gunners 4 life like me and others out there.

    My country is just a third world rated country and the money value of 1 established big club worth about just 2 or 3 million dollars all assets.

    So it is not that expensive and not with so many sophisticated supporting facilities like all you mentioned. Since there are enough of rich shareholders in the club, if DISPUTE happened, usually the minority shareholders will just go and build another modified name same club in same city and the money is not that big to invest just 2 million dollars. The process can take just a year or two since there is enough old RENT STADIUMS in my country with no specific owners, just stadium of rent companies. The other factor is also the total split angered fans almost half (50%) numbers of people from the original combined fans in numbers.

    Yeah, if compared to England, that club worth may be just equal as 4th division English club.

    But still I guess if Usmanov and co. will have that crazy idea, I think he has enough money to build it, but it is up to the big question?
    Is WENGER OUT BRIGADES still the minority today, or the numbers grow significantly, otherwise there is no action?

    Please forgive my lousy English since I am from overseas.

    Please feel free for anyone to comment. Thanks.