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How’s it going my darlings? Not good, I can imagine. This morning is depressing as hell. I tapped out of the weekend on on the football blogging front as I had a leaving do which got out of hand.

However, I did take the Chelsea game in on my own in a Bermondsey pub.

Line up:

You could see what the manager was trying to do. Beat Chelsea with fast incisive play. He opted for Theo, Sanchez and Rambo up top with Ozil and Cazorla feeding the machine.

Didn’t really work out though.

I just don’t feel there’s enough quality in our side. We’re a good version of a Wenger post 2004 team, but we’re still not where we need to be if we have ambitions of titles and European cups.

Wenger said this a couple of weeks ago…

“Buying and selling is one way to strengthen your team but that’s not the only way,”

… possibly with that smug look he does when he’s thinks he’s being smart before he realises a win at home to Stoke isn’t a good barometer for success over as season.

The point I want to raise here is one that I used to make all the time. If buying players isn’t the only way to improve a team, what is?

I get all the preparation things, I get the coaches and I get the reduction of injuries. But look. Simply put. The only improvement method Wenger hasn’t tried over the last ten years is building a squad with enough quality players.

Defensive Midfielder & Striker:

I mean, once again, you don’t have to be a fucking economist or a football addict who watched 70,000 games a month to see that our squad lacked a striker and a defensive midfielder. Coquelin is now out of the Spurs game and we’re left with Arteta. A pitiful thought 3 years ago. Right now, I’m positively shiting my pants at the idea of our main man being out for longer than a week.

I don’t get it. It was so predictable that Coquelin wasn’t going to be able to play all the games, because, you know, he’s a human being that gets fatigued. Why wouldn’t the manager recognise he doesn’t have the resources to deal with a worst case scenario? I mean, even if you were rooting for Jack Wilshere adopting his England role for us, he’s a car crash with injuries as well.

Then onto the striker. Look, I get it must have been tough out there. So what… give up? With £220m cash reserves? I mean, how stupid does that now look? I don’t mean to get into a very premature debate, but United took a big punt on a player Wenger was also in for and he looks exceptional. Powerful, hungry, composed and raw… point is, they could afford a risk, so they took one. Southampton look better equipped up front that we do.

The inaction is passed off by many Arsenal fans as the football equivalent of the intellectual high ground.

‘I won’t be drawn into the crudeness of exorbitant expenditure’

Which is so fucking ridiculous it makes my blood boil. The reason we’ll never win the league under Wenger is because he refuses to accept that having the best squad wins you the league.

Alex is right as well. Wenger HATES losing. He doesn’t sleep. He gets into the office at 4am. He watches the games back over and over again. But why? I mean, he’s not absorbing what’s happening. He’s not learning off the back of it. Which kind of renders his expertise, well, a bit redundant. Because he can’t be that expert if he can’t see the glaringly obvious.


What a total shit bag. Nasty piece of work. A real handful. A real scuzzbag. But look. He’s what you need. You can’t demand leaders that fit the typically middle class stereotypes we have at the club. You need bastards. You need your Keowns. You need your Gabriels.

Sure, what Gabriel did was stupid. But damn, did I love him a bit for it. Standing up for his team mate against a bully. Refusing the backdown. Losing his shit. Haven’t seen that in years. I loved it. He needs to get a bit more street smart. But that fight is what you demand.

Compare his attitude to the ‘I’m off to play a nice game of football and have some ice cream after, mum’ attitude of Theo. Well, there you have the difference at the highest level.

Costa riled us. He beat us. He was the winner. I hate that we succumbed to it. But look, that’s what you call craft. The winning magic.

Also, pretty shabby that Oscar was leading the communications to Gabriel.

‘Oh mate, the ref said you’re a c*nt and he saw Diego whatsapping dick pics to your mum’

Victim Mode

My disappointment was the lack of reaction from the team. It’s the middle class vibe that runs through the core of who we are. A bunch of nice boys. Where’s the fight? Where’s the ‘not today Chelsea’? Where’s the leadership and backbone a PV04 or a TA06 would bring to the table?

It wasn’t there. We kind of accepted our fate. And that was disappointing. We don’t have that little something extra when we need it.

The Manager

A few were apoplectic that I could possible take umbrage at the manager after the game. But for me, if you’re looking at this result in isolation, you’re missing the bigger picture.

Wenger has never beaten Mourinho in a competitive game in over 10 years. That’s shameful. It shows that our man can’t adapt to the new world that’s in front of him. Tony Pulis took Mourinho out twice last year. This isn’t a resource thing, it’s a total shambles.

Wenger was responsible for that side. He was responsible for keeping the faith with two good strikers. He is responsible for not giving that side the fire and the grit they need to win. The buck stops with him because he controls it all.

Things went against us. They go against all big teams. The response wasn’t there.

This season is going the way they all go. A bit of hope, dashed, when you realise the man at the top just doesn’t care about winning to the level you need to in the modern game.

A depressing thought.

The update in our approach is welcome, but you kind of feel the extra 20% is going to have to come from someone else if we want to see the glory years return to our great club.

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  1. Jeff

    Costa should get more than the usual 3-match ban. It all equates to one red card. He should have got at lest 3 in the game. The FA needs to hear appeals first I think before the final decision.

  2. Wallace

    “Standing up for his team mate against a bully. Refusing the backdown. Losing his shit. Haven’t seen that in years. I loved it. He needs to get a bit more street smart. But that fight is what you demand.”

    agreed. haven’t seen anything to dislike about Gabriel thus far.

  3. Joe

    Does anyone really see us beating the Spurs at their shithole, an in form liescester who would of prepared for us and Man U?

    This could get very bad very quickly for Wenger and arsenal. Hopefully bad enough where we see the end of Wenger by the end of sept

    One can dream anyway

  4. jwl


    Apparently Gabriel can be suspended a further two matches, so he might be banned for five matches in total, which is laughable.

  5. Follow the money

    @joe nope. I’m sticking by my prediction that it all goes sideways for Wenger this year..6th or lower is where we’ll finish

  6. salparadisenyc

    If Gabriel sees a further ban its because he didn’t leave the pitch when shown red.
    Would be harsh but seems quite possible and within letter of rule book.

    In terms of Costa i’d be really surprised if he was given anything less that 3 matches. Quite possible he”ll get 5 considering he was banned last season for same charge.

    All this really reflects poorly on the officiating staff whom could of snubbed this out before it became and issue.

  7. Joe


    He is ruining players like ozil and Sanchez who are shadows of their former selves. Podoloski, arhsavin, gervhino, all ruined.

    Ramsey has gone backwards. Ox has stalled. Theo asking for patience. He hasn’t improved. Gibbs has turned to shit. All under the influence of Wenger.
    Weak. Tepid. Unmotivated. Uninspired. No passion. Losers.

  8. Ivan

    salparadisenyc – really like youre posts, you seem like a down to earth m8 in this boil of akbs and wobs.

    To rest of u. In a meltdown days like this i kinda understand how all this cursed replays happen to Arsenal. U fans have less spine than theam you support and moan about. Before game there were many calls and predictions here about a loss and how it woud be a good and wanted thing coise it would destabilise our coach. Now theres a meltodown and calls and wishes for us to have Costa in our team to win us matches. I never fathomed Arsenal as cheathing thug club. Maybe this missinformation misled me to become Arsenal fan??? Id never want to have Costa near any team i sipport and would be ashamed winning his way. There are failings and things to improve at AFC. Bit with fanbase like this, its no wander theres no jolt on club to do it. Ffs few years back, when Dinamo zagreb played in london, 1k off BBB outsang 70k gunners. It speaks a lot aboit spine everyone preach here. Btw Gabriel is a soldier, and we should be proud of him….

  9. sam

    Hmmm We don’t need Costa. We don’t want a player that nasty dude that looks like a 60 years.
    In fact I wish this is his last season in the premiership. he’s disgusting.
    Anyway I don’t see Costa as the reason for our defeat. I see Cesc Fabregas, Arsenal failed to stop him n paid the price. Even though He was arsenal player for 10 years they know him better than any club in the premiership.
    I remember Fergie had Darren Fletcher specially instructed to him. Wenger should have assigned someone to stop Cesc from making those passes

  10. BacaryisGod

    A quick glance at the current table is quite comforting actually. We’re still within shouting distance of Man City, who have shown their own vulnerabilities in losing at home to West Ham,a team who have unarguably had the most schizophrenic 6 game start in Premier League history.

    The greatest worry is that Coquelin will be out for a while. Where his absence hurts us the most is his ability to allow us to stream forward against the weaker teams without fearing we’ll be cut apart on the counter by moderately quick opponents.

    Without Coquelin it is even more important for the Koscielny-Gabriel partnership to be given time to grow. Simply put, you can’t have Arteta and Mertesacker in the same team. In fact, you can’t really afford to have Arteta in the team at all.

    As for Debuchy, it’s clear that he’ll be a transfer bust for us, but much of that has to go down to the injuries he suffered last season. He hasn’t returned to form and has already expressed frustration at being a sub. We should ship him out this summer (should be plenty of takers in the 6 million region) and bring Carl back into the squad as Bellerin’s back-up.

    I was at upset with Costa and the referee as anyone, but the fact remains that it’s yet another loss to Chelsea, no matter what the circumstance. It was just a slightly different variation on a theme, and I’m far from convinced that we would be looking at a different score with eleven players on the field for the whole match.

    It is quite remarkable that among AKB and Wenger haters that there is almost complete consensus that we needed to sign a top quality CF and another DM to provide proper competition for Coquelin. Most of us would be fine if we signed someone like Benteke or Jackson Martinez and he proved to be a bust than sign no-one (or a long-shot punt on another Park, Sanogo etc.)

    It’s equally unfair on the current players. If Koscielny forces a move, it’s 100% at the hands of Arsene for not strengthening. Players like Kozzer, Ozil and Alexis have had a taste of winning at Arsenal now (and in the case of Ozil and Alexis much more for club and country) but we have showed zero ambition. Even Giroud said he would welcome a new striker.

    Arsene predicted things would fall in place near the end of the window. They didn’t. He was flat wrong on that and all the pre-season optimism has now gone out of the window. This stubborn streak in his personality has always been his achilles heel and I wouldn’t be shocked if it proves his undoing this time, particularly when we end the season with no trophies and yet another struggle for the Top 4.

    Unless we sign a big name in January, I’m sure Kozzer will be gone in the summer and it will be rinse and repeat/rebuild once more.

  11. sam

    Who can Arsenal Assign to stop players like Cesc?
    We have plenty but won’t happen with his naive manager.
    Wenger never had a plan or tactic to stop the opposition, Arsenal is too transparent n predictable.
    Flamini could have done the job, Arteta is too nice to harrass anyone on the pitch.
    Coquelin can, if we have anyone DM on the pitch

  12. Ankle-biter

    Wishing your own club to lose and to do bad, irrespective of whoever fuck the manager is, is like fucking your own mother

  13. sam

    This is why I don’t trust Steve Bould anymore.
    After playing so many years under George Graham this squad should be goldmine. Even Giroud would have a role to play, tallest player on the pitch, works hard n good header of the ball. thats enough to win us games as our second half super sub.
    Steve Bould just sits there n watches Arsenal get humiliated week in week out

  14. Joe


    Wengwr said there was no one available in summer so how do you think he will find a big name player in jan that will already be cup tied etc and the other teams fighting for whichever competition they are in

    This season was lost when Wenger didn’t buy anyone this summer

    Arsenal were lost the day Wenger signed a new deal.

  15. salparadisenyc


    You’re love for the club has been blighted by Wenger, one could argue it would be wise to get ahead of that.

  16. daz

    “FC Barcelona would be unable to carry on competing in the Spanish league,” he said last week. “It’s absurd to think that if Catalunya becomes independent, the club could ask to be registered by the Spanish federation.”

    Crazy if that happens

  17. salparadisenyc


    I’ve endured Wenger since 09 with the notion i’d like to see him replaced.
    But i’ll never wish a loss, especially to those shit-cunts up the road.

    Watched Bayern this weekend, after winning Pep trotted out to the center of the pitch and bear hugged Javi Martinez whom had just played his first competitive minutes for some time. His boys would run through fire for him, we need that.

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I think we are all in agreement that we don’t want to lose to Spurs ….
    But when people like joe say they want a loss it’s because for some strange reason we think outer club will grow balls and get rid of him , realising that this is a foot ball club
    Not an extension of Morgan Stanley …

    We all hope but understand that we are lumbered with him…

    Unless he …..

  19. Wallace

    “Arsenal’s Jeff Reine-Adelaide is set for a spell on the sidelines, with the youngster poised to miss around two months through injury.

    The French winger has made an impressive start to life in North London…but he suffered a serious-looking injury in the recent U21 fixture away to Newcastle United and has now been informed that he will be out for a prolonged period.

    The news will be disheartening for the 17-year-old, who would otherwise have been in contention to make his competitive first-team debut against Tottenham Hotspur in the Capital One Cup this week.

    It isn’t currently clear exactly what side Arsene Wenger will field at White Hart Lane, but Alex Iwobi, Krystian Bielik, Julio Pleguezuelo, Glen Kamara and Matt Macey are the youngsters who are currently closest to the first-team squad and some of them could train with the senior side tomorrow.”

    – George Bird

  20. N5

    RT, OK but also don’t forget you used the word WC, I just said he was a great player. Anyway it’s all academic now because I also think he’s a melt.

  21. tom

    Gooners ,
    What makes Arsenal different to Chelsea?, – and don’t be flippant by saying success,- and does that difference mean something?

    For me, Chelsea are the antithesis of Arsenal, a rupulsive institution that’s rotten to the core.
    They’ve been that way since Ken Bates and probably were before.

    I think any objective person who examined Arsenal and Chelsea would see they have very different cultures.

    I do paint CFC as a scourge but that doesn’t mean I believe Arsenal are spotless. I do, however, believe Arsenal respect the concept that sport, though predicated on competition, must also incorporate an ethic of fair play . For me it’s essential.
    Not sure Chelsea give a shit about it.
    For that reason alone , I would hate a player like Costa at AFC.
    I cant stand to hear him compared to Martin Keown.
    Keown was a totally different animal, who though capable of wind ups and thuggery, seldom started trouble and made tenacious defending the hallmark of his game, unlike Costa who seems to choose cheating as his. Did he even have a shot on Saturday?
    His main role was that of provocateur and Mourinho called him man of the match.
    I don’t want that kind of shit anywhere near my club.

    Also, let’s examine the concept that money is the only way to acheive success in football.
    Firstly, it’s a rotten concept that flourishes in the current times but is anti-sport. It kills sport. It’s ultimate end is monopoly for a handful of elites, one in any given league. All the other teams will need to find other reasons to love football rather than the hope of victory.
    So a shit concept and an unpractical one for clubs who are in the business of generating their resources through football alone.
    Arsenal and United attempt this. CFC and City don’t , or didn’t till they built up through artificial means.
    So in Chelsea, we have a club happy to use any means to win, fair or foul, on or off the pitch.
    Gooners who say they would take Costa, Mourinho and RA over the current Arsenal regime seem to place no importance on ethics in sport.
    If those people do not have a geographic obligation to follow AFC, why choose to follow a club that has demonstrated an unwillingness to be as ruthless? A club prepared to replay a cup tie to protect their sporting reputation.
    Can you imagine Chelsea doing that?
    And weren’t you proud we did?

    Also, most Le Grovers are being overly critical of the performance at Chelsea and ridiculously cynical in their predictions for the season.

    This time last year, Grovers were predicting AFC to finish out of the top six. Instead they came third and won a second FA cup.

    The Arsenal credo, of which I am proud, sometimes means winning has to be secondary to it’s principles.
    That is rare and laudable these days.
    It may earn derision in some corners but it earns respect in others.

    Understand who you are and who you represent…..

  22. MidwestGun

    Also, let’s examine the concept that money is the only way to acheive success in football.
    It’s not the only way, it’s the most realistic, quickest way. As much as some people would like to dwell on how things were it’s impossible to go back to that place in time. Unless the League is capped by salary or transfer fund (ffp isn’t or won’t do this) then the reality is not spending is going backwards.

  23. Zacharse

    had theo had put one in we wouldn’t have been in that position.

    I personally would like to have a go at half our fucking team now, especially gibbs.

    Perhaps arse tv can organize a celebrity-deathmatch event. I’d gladly take on ozil, gibbs, ox, and theo alone

  24. London gunner

    Tom fuck off to untold.

    Arsenal a club with Ethics? Despite charging the highest ticket prices fleecing the fans? Whilst hoarding 200 million while Kroenke’s portfolio increases.

    We were sold Emirates as the move that would set us up as a super club instead we are now just lowly also rans.

    Don’t go on about ethics and use Arsenal as an example. A club filled with charlatans, liars and spin merchants.

  25. Jeff

    Taking comfort in the illusory high moral standards of Arsenal whose owners and manager have decided that competing is for other people is the last refuge of the typical Arsene fan. Yes we did it the hard way and we fought as the underdog and fell as regular as clockwork when the big questions were asked but we always finish ahead of those who are markedly weaker than us.

    That’s right, Arsene has kept Arsenal near the top despite all the imagined handicaps, he’s built for us a stadium, won doubles and FA cups. What right do we have to question or criticise? Well I’ll tell you what gives one the right.

    It’s because many of us know and predict the outcome of each season before even a ball is kicked. It has been going on for a decade. That is what gives Arsenal fans the right. Hiding behind moral standards may be magnanimous and I know it gives the devotees much comfort when we lose and leave the season with nothing but platitudes and promises. How many more times will it take before the penny finally drops? For some, it will never happen no matter how many years pass.

  26. Follow the money

    Fair points Tom about sport etc. But. Wenger has led fans on for ten years with the idea that we can compete with the best. And he has no qualms about raking in 8 million a year. That’s as repugnant as Utd spending 36 mil on Martial. And the stadium was supposed to be so we could enter that game. A game that Wenger is just fine playing with Southampton etc when he wants a young prospect. Wenger wants to bully certain clubs for players but when he doesn’t hold all the cards he throws his toys out of the pram and says the market is unfair. It’s just another excuse. Nothing more

  27. Joe

    Tom talks like arsenal have been competing for trophies last 11 seasons and the Chelsea was the first loss in 3 seasons and we are over reacting.

    Fuck off tom. It’s 11 seasons of crap put forward by Wenger. Both on the field and from his mouth.

    He hasn’t beaten Jose in 10 years.

    We haven’t competed for a major trophy in 11.

    You’re vision of what arsenal is so Fucken deluded.

    You have no clue about football.

    I would rather have Jose and Costa here than Wenger and Giroud. 2 guys who do anything to win. Too bad we don’t have any guys like that. We did. Wenger manager it out of them.

  28. Joe


    You seem like a nice guy but don’t reflect your arsenal opinion one bit. Your so biased through your Wenger tinted lenses that you’ll never see what’s really going on.

    The forest is lost on you because of the trees.

  29. Joe

    To seriously think we have a chance at the title this season or any under Wenger after what you’ve seen the past 11 and this past summer with transfers tells me you are a blind man being led by another blind man in Wenger.

    And yet so confident that you won’t bet me £100 when I say arsenal will finish 10 points back or more.

  30. Joe

    And then you say Shame on me when coq got hurt instead of blaming Wenger for not buying a cover

    What will you blame on me when spuds turn us over on wed?

  31. HendonGooner

    I used to say Arsenal would have another “Groundhog season”…but now I fear it’s going to be a “Car Crash” of a season.

    These last 2 seasons for Wenger are starting to look like the last seasons of Brian Clough…..the dictator has finally succumbed to his own delusions….

  32. tom

    I stand by my words. Though I realize I was unable to express all that I meant to say. Still, for the most part they reflect my feelings.

    Let’s quickly put the stadium thing in perspective.
    It was a project designed to help us reach closer economic parity with United.
    One of the only strategies available .
    The rise of City and Chelsea are undermined it.
    Still it was the right move and though it cost us plenty has earned us advantage over many.
    Totts, Pool et al are scrambling to follow suit.
    So though it may not have achieved it’s immediate end, it is still something positive.

    I’d like to argue with you all but am working so will leave it till another day.

  33. Sandy

    £200m in bank- no bottle- no ambition- becoming a joke, this is the club we love.
    Pity Kronke , Gazidis and Wenger dont love it like we do.

  34. Follow the money

    The most interesting thing to see this season is whether Gabriel continues to be a stud or whether he will join Wenger’s Merry Band. I’m sure Wenger had a chat with him and told him to calm down and join The Happy Family Shyte Club For Well Behaved Losers. He’s been the only exciting thing this year. Him and our top scorer Own Goal

  35. steve

    The funny thing we were shit 11 vs 11. All this focus on the Costa/Dean situation lol. Just shifting focus from the fact that the team is not good enough.

  36. Follow the money

    The last ten years Wenger’s record vs EPL top six and the top 2-3 teams in Europe’s other leagues is shameful. Beating teams below you in the table and that have less cash than we do is nothing to be proud of no matter how consistent we are. In fact, I’d say our consistent failures against the top teams says more than consistently beating the minnows. It suggests a depth of mental weakness completely and totally ingrained in the club. Only one way to get rid of that!

  37. Follow the money

    I refuse to go to that den of boredom Untold but I wonder how they feel about Gabriel. If they’re consistent with their Lord Wenger I’m sure they are complaining about him. I’m sure they want him to calm down and become “better than that.” Those fools should join Saint Wenger and run a community garden somewhere if they find the realities of modern football so distasteful

  38. Nick

    I have no anger toward Gabriel? I expect a striker to try to intimidate opponents. Arsenal are a bunch of wusses, like Theo and Ramsey. What about Koscielny? Why didn’t he ever learn to squeeze an opponent’s balls or knee him in the sacrum when the ref isn’t looking. I am embarrassed to root for a team of pansies who don’t stick up for themselves or their team. Gabriel was stupid, and I don’t admire his weak little response that got him the red card. If you are angry, let play resume and kick the toe of your boot into Costa’s soleus muscle when the opposing winger has the ball on the touch line at midfield and Costa is away from the play

  39. Wallace

    “Gunners boss Wenger has seen Arsenal lose back-to-back games in the Champions League and then at Chelsea – and wants to reduce the risk of another setback at Spurs.

    Colombian keeper David Ospina is likely to be in goal, Mathieu Flamini and Mikel Arteta are likely to be involved while Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is also set to start.

    Teenager Jeff Reine-Adelaide is set to be in the squad while Francis Coquelin is fit despite extending his knee at Chelsea but may not be risked.”

    – Mirror(John Cross)

    let’s hope his information on Coquelin is better than it is on Reine-Adelaide.

  40. qna

    Very much looking forward to seeing Adelaide play tonight. I want to see youngsters (including Oxlaide) given as much time as possible this season. Season is written off anyway and there is no benefit to give guys like Arteta, Flamini, Rosicky game time at the expense of developing players for the next rebuild.

    Cech was a massive mistake. He is too old, by the time we rebuild the entire squad enough to challenge (massive changeover of players needed), Cech will be too old to contribute. We should have gone with Leno like I was hoping all along.

  41. Wallace

    costliest squads in Europe:

    1 – Real Madrid (428.5m)
    2 – Man City (408.8m)
    3 – Man Utd (389.1m)
    4 – PSG (383.3m)
    5 – Chelsea (297.1m)
    6 – Barcelona (287.6m)
    7 – Liverpool (251.1m)
    8 – Bayern Munich (246m)
    9 – Arsenal (220.7m)
    10 – Juventus (219.7m)
    11 – Spurs (168.6m)
    12 – Valencia (165m)
    13 – Inter (154.8m)
    14 – Napoli (135.1m)
    15 – Southampton (132.9m)
    16 – Atletico Madrid (131.4m)

  42. qna

    Wallace. Why dont you acknowledge that most if not all of these clubs are actually in debt to give their all to the club and buy better players and win trophies, so they effectively have no year end balance and essentially spend what they have for the club. We are in long-term debt in order to take more money from our supporters and increase our cash reserves.

    Lets adjust your list to reflect what would be the case if we had spent our 190m on players instead of holding them back.

    1 – Real Madrid (428.5m)
    x – Arsenal (410m = 220.7m+190m)
    2 – Man City (408.8m)
    3 – Man Utd (389.1m)
    4 – PSG (383.3m)
    5 – Chelsea (297.1m)
    6 – Barcelona (287.6m)
    7 – Liverpool (251.1m)
    8 – Bayern Munich (246m)

    10 – Juventus (219.7m)
    11 – Spurs (168.6m)
    12 – Valencia (165m)
    13 – Inter (154.8m)
    14 – Napoli (135.1m)
    15 – Southampton (132.9m)
    16 – Atletico Madrid (131.4m)

  43. Wallace


    i wasn’t trying to make a point, i just thought it was an interesting table.

    and also, last year when swiss ramble went over the Arsenal financials didn’t he say 180m cash reserves probably meant something like 50-70m available to spend?

  44. Jim lahey

    “and also, last year when swiss ramble went over the Arsenal financials didn’t he say 180m cash reserves probably meant something like 50-70m available to spend?”

    Even if it was only 50-70m (which sounds more like Newcastle’s finances not Arsenal’s) we could still easily have gone out and bought a WC striker and DM. Money on transfer isn’t given upfront. You pay a chunk of the fee then installments. I’m sure Barca are still drip feeding us for all the players they have taken off us in the years gone by.

  45. Wallace

    if you figure Barcelona and Bayern as two of the big three – along with Madrid – then you could argue their youth systems are currently saving them 100-130m.

  46. qna

    Wallace. For the last decade it has been clear for all to see what Arsenal has done in the transfer market. We have been running on net surplus with the exception of Ozil and Sanchez. Taking money out of the very list you have mentioned year by year and depleting our competitiveness at the same rate. At the same time that this has happened, the price of players have inflated dramatically in some cases 400% I would estimate (Sterling, Martial, DeBruyne) so the value of our cash to replenish value in “that list” of yours has considerably lessened.

    So basically, the money it cost City to put together its squad of 408m squad would cost much more than that (maybe 800m) in todays market. Similarly Madrid. Ronaldo, Bale, Benzema and James could probably sell for close to 430m alone.

    Arsenal have completely misunderstood the football economy for the past decade. Their economic policy has been a complete failure and they continue to repeat the same mistake by holding on to cash reserves of 190m.

    The mistakes of the past decade will finally be realised when Arsenal put themselves into a position where they cannot compete for trophies anymore (we are moving their faster than you realise). This transformation will be complete when Arsenal’s global support falls away to such a level that it cannot recover.

    I can already see this happening now. We are not getting anywhere near as many new global fans as the “new money” clubs, we are not getting priority broadcasting (even Liverpool is still preferred to Arsenal) and our brand is falling away rapidly. The final nail in our coffin will happen when our commercial support grows at a rate significantly lower than the other big clubs. The effect of this will be all our sponsorship deals (eg. shirt, etc) will be 20 to 30% lower than the clubs just above us and we will then quickly slip back toward and with Liverpool and Spurs. Very soon the EPL will lose its 4th UCL spot and the top 3 will solidify themselves as a Madrid-Barca like Triumvirate. Without UCL money, Liverpool should move ahead of us and we will be fighting with Spurs and Everton for 5th.

  47. Arsene's Nurse

    When I had a look at the accounts the other day I specifically looked for a payment to Kroeke Sports Enterprises or any other payment for advice etc. Couldn’t see any even though I read the whole document and specifically used the search function.

    Jeremy Wilson in the DT is suggesting that for the second year running KSE have been paid £3m and that this will be in the full accounts released soon.

    I fully expect this payment to creep up over the next few years.

  48. Highbury4ever

    “We need some Costa” ==> sorry to disagree Pedro == > The fact that we lack of players with “character” don’t means that we need that kind of dirty bastards in our squad!!

  49. Barton

    “We need some Costa” ==> sorry to disagree Pedro == > The fact that we lack of players with “character” don’t means that we need that kind of dirty bastards in our squad!!

    I think the point is we need players prepared to win at all costs.

    Cant believe this is the club I fell in love with all those years ago as a kid, really sat state of affairs.

    Think the biggest let down is the acceptance by a large majority of the fans that think this is all ok. Set of morons who clearly don’t realise they are about to make Stan even richer with there hard earned coin.

  50. Highbury4ever

    “Cant believe this is the club I fell in love with all those years ago as a kid…”

    Yes that’s sad.
    And as long as the board won’t change , we are condemned to suffer.

  51. afcmacca


    very fickle post

    Costa should of been sent off
    he is not what we need at all!!!!
    Gabriel was an idiot
    Wenger got the tactics right imo

    and yeah we could of payed a billion for martial
    but would of got slaughtered for that too
    hes only played 2 games jesus

  52. Carts


    September 22, 2015 07:58:35

    Solid post, there! This:

    “Arsenal have completely misunderstood the football economy for the past decade. Their economic policy has been a complete failure and they continue to repeat the same mistake by holding on to cash reserves of 190m.”

    Hit the nail on the head. A few months ago someone mentioned the Suarez debacle as indication of Arsenal bizarre take on the transfer window. a player we offered £40m+£1 for ended up being sold to Barcelona for almost double the amount.

    Todays papers reckon Madrid will demand £90m for Ronaldo if he goes the other way to Utd (or PSG). We’d be lucky to get £40m for Ozil today; best case scenario is Sanchez being the only player worth anything – £50m maybe?

    Walcott and Ramsey aren’t worth anything. Permacrock Wilshere’s value slides down about 15-20% per season. Ox is still riding the “prospect” wave.

    Now at this rate, any team we turn to for someone who’d “improve us” will come with a 35% premium

  53. Bamford10

    A loss tomorrow at WHL and Wenger would be in a very uncomfortable place, I think.

    His last three weeks would consist of:
    – defending his inaction in the summer window
    – Jack set-back
    – loss away to Zagreb
    – 2-0 loss to Chelsea

    Not fun. This is one thing people underestimate, I think. How unpleasant Wenger’s life must be at times. Yes he is paid a lot of money, and yes he is delusional and arrogant, so the way he processes all of this is different from a normal, sane, rational, self-aware person, but this is nonetheless all highly unpleasant for him.

    I think he could decide to step down if things become unpleasant enough. He has already admitted that he would’ve considered it had we not won the FA Cup vs. Hull.

    We were so close. So close.

    Supporters must do what they can to make his life more difficult, more unpleasant. The more criticism he receives, the more boos, the more likely he may exit stage left.

  54. Samesong

    I think he could decide to step down if things become unpleasant enough.

    Personally can’t see him retiring considering he was harping on about Fergie and his horses and that he doesn’t have a horse so he wouldnt know what to do if he retired.

  55. Gunner2301


    It would be nice to understand what’s going on why make profit which you have to pay tax on rather than invest that in the team? If someone has an understanding of the finances in this regard let me know maybe I’ve got it wrong but it doesn’t make a lot of sense. The club should be more up front and Wenger in particular.

  56. Gunner2301

    We couldn’t find the right player seems to be the new excuse not to spend whereas before it was the stadium. Genius communication strategy because the fans have accepted It this time it can be wheeled out adfinitum thereafter when it suits.

  57. goldinho

    If wenger loves the club as much as he says he does, he would leave and admit he has taken us as far as he can,or he would come out and tell people what problems there are behind closed that are keeping us from competing.But then again he has got 8 million reasons not to rock the boat.
    I think it will take more than a loss to that lot tomorrow for him to go,considering 8-2 6-3 6-0 5-0 losses and he still didnt go.
    As for costa at Arsenal,not for me thanks,I would put up with that sort of shit from someone as good as Suarez,but costa is not even playing the same game as Suarez,let alone being in his league.

  58. goonerboy

    Pedro you should steer clear of politics- not everyone has been brainwashed into thinking that Corbyn is a liability. I live overseas- and most of us here look at England’s stupid self-defeating xenophobic right wing political parties and think you need to understand your position in the world a little better.
    As for Arsenal- simply not set up to win a major comp. Wenger treats fans like the Board- as a necessary evil.