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How’s it going my darlings? Not good, I can imagine. This morning is depressing as hell. I tapped out of the weekend on on the football blogging front as I had a leaving do which got out of hand.

However, I did take the Chelsea game in on my own in a Bermondsey pub.

Line up:

You could see what the manager was trying to do. Beat Chelsea with fast incisive play. He opted for Theo, Sanchez and Rambo up top with Ozil and Cazorla feeding the machine.

Didn’t really work out though.

I just don’t feel there’s enough quality in our side. We’re a good version of a Wenger post 2004 team, but we’re still not where we need to be if we have ambitions of titles and European cups.

Wenger said this a couple of weeks ago…

“Buying and selling is one way to strengthen your team but that’s not the only way,”

… possibly with that smug look he does when he’s thinks he’s being smart before he realises a win at home to Stoke isn’t a good barometer for success over as season.

The point I want to raise here is one that I used to make all the time. If buying players isn’t the only way to improve a team, what is?

I get all the preparation things, I get the coaches and I get the reduction of injuries. But look. Simply put. The only improvement method Wenger hasn’t tried over the last ten years is building a squad with enough quality players.

Defensive Midfielder & Striker:

I mean, once again, you don’t have to be a fucking economist or a football addict who watched 70,000 games a month to see that our squad lacked a striker and a defensive midfielder. Coquelin is now out of the Spurs game and we’re left with Arteta. A pitiful thought 3 years ago. Right now, I’m positively shiting my pants at the idea of our main man being out for longer than a week.

I don’t get it. It was so predictable that Coquelin wasn’t going to be able to play all the games, because, you know, he’s a human being that gets fatigued. Why wouldn’t the manager recognise he doesn’t have the resources to deal with a worst case scenario? I mean, even if you were rooting for Jack Wilshere adopting his England role for us, he’s a car crash with injuries as well.

Then onto the striker. Look, I get it must have been tough out there. So what… give up? With £220m cash reserves? I mean, how stupid does that now look? I don’t mean to get into a very premature debate, but United took a big punt on a player Wenger was also in for and he looks exceptional. Powerful, hungry, composed and raw… point is, they could afford a risk, so they took one. Southampton look better equipped up front that we do.

The inaction is passed off by many Arsenal fans as the football equivalent of the intellectual high ground.

‘I won’t be drawn into the crudeness of exorbitant expenditure’

Which is so fucking ridiculous it makes my blood boil. The reason we’ll never win the league under Wenger is because he refuses to accept that having the best squad wins you the league.

Alex is right as well. Wenger HATES losing. He doesn’t sleep. He gets into the office at 4am. He watches the games back over and over again. But why? I mean, he’s not absorbing what’s happening. He’s not learning off the back of it. Which kind of renders his expertise, well, a bit redundant. Because he can’t be that expert if he can’t see the glaringly obvious.


What a total shit bag. Nasty piece of work. A real handful. A real scuzzbag. But look. He’s what you need. You can’t demand leaders that fit the typically middle class stereotypes we have at the club. You need bastards. You need your Keowns. You need your Gabriels.

Sure, what Gabriel did was stupid. But damn, did I love him a bit for it. Standing up for his team mate against a bully. Refusing the backdown. Losing his shit. Haven’t seen that in years. I loved it. He needs to get a bit more street smart. But that fight is what you demand.

Compare his attitude to the ‘I’m off to play a nice game of football and have some ice cream after, mum’ attitude of Theo. Well, there you have the difference at the highest level.

Costa riled us. He beat us. He was the winner. I hate that we succumbed to it. But look, that’s what you call craft. The winning magic.

Also, pretty shabby that Oscar was leading the communications to Gabriel.

‘Oh mate, the ref said you’re a c*nt and he saw Diego whatsapping dick pics to your mum’

Victim Mode

My disappointment was the lack of reaction from the team. It’s the middle class vibe that runs through the core of who we are. A bunch of nice boys. Where’s the fight? Where’s the ‘not today Chelsea’? Where’s the leadership and backbone a PV04 or a TA06 would bring to the table?

It wasn’t there. We kind of accepted our fate. And that was disappointing. We don’t have that little something extra when we need it.

The Manager

A few were apoplectic that I could possible take umbrage at the manager after the game. But for me, if you’re looking at this result in isolation, you’re missing the bigger picture.

Wenger has never beaten Mourinho in a competitive game in over 10 years. That’s shameful. It shows that our man can’t adapt to the new world that’s in front of him. Tony Pulis took Mourinho out twice last year. This isn’t a resource thing, it’s a total shambles.

Wenger was responsible for that side. He was responsible for keeping the faith with two good strikers. He is responsible for not giving that side the fire and the grit they need to win. The buck stops with him because he controls it all.

Things went against us. They go against all big teams. The response wasn’t there.

This season is going the way they all go. A bit of hope, dashed, when you realise the man at the top just doesn’t care about winning to the level you need to in the modern game.

A depressing thought.

The update in our approach is welcome, but you kind of feel the extra 20% is going to have to come from someone else if we want to see the glory years return to our great club.

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  1. jwl

    “Wenger HATES losing. He doesn’t sleep …… when you realise the man at the top just doesn’t care about winning to the level you need to in the modern game.”

    Wenger hates to lose but he does not put effort into winning, I do not know what that means.

    I would say Wenger does not hate losing all that much if he happy to have over two hundred million quid in bank while continually losing to top teams and finishing fourth year after year after year. Maybe Wenger has bad 24 hrs after a loss but he gets over it pretty quick.

    I love Gabriel too, nice to see a defender with some gumption. We could use a few more players with Gabriel’s heart.

    I am not sure record DM but I think N5 reached somewhere near 50 without reply.

  2. kwik fit

    Apparently Costa was also spiting at the Arsenal fans and doing the wankers sign . The guy is a true animal, worthy of Mourinho.

  3. Leedsgunner

    The sad thing about the match coming up versus Tottenham in the League Cup is if it wasn’t Tottenham we were playing, I don’t think we anyone would care if we went out… because frankly this cup should be a distraction as far we are concerned.

    However, because of the fact that we are coming off two bad defeats in a row we need a good result more than Spurs do.

    If we are honest, although it is early in the season, we look off pace in the league (especially now with Coquelin out with a longish injury) and the League Cup and FA Cup look like our most realistic chance of silverware.

    Honestly, with each passing day we are acting more and more like a midtable club with financial problems than a top 4 club with supposed title ambitions.

    Plus with each goal that Martial scores, he is showing up Wenger isn’t he? Didn’t Wenger single his move as “evidence” that the transfer market is off kilter? Atthe moemt he looks like money well spent.

    Albeit, it was an outrageous price but the kid is scoring and doing the job he’s been paid to do. Well done to him… I wonder if Theo feels sheepish watching the lad. He’s 19 and scoring for fun whilst Theo is 26 and asking for patience… figure that huh? Although to be fair, Theo did score a couple of goals recently.

    (As for Giroud? Is he even worth mentioning at the moment?)

    Obviously, we will have to wait and see if the kid finishes as well as he has started but he looks a talent doesn’t he? Too bad, Wenger missed him… working 24/7 obviously. By the way, I’m not getting on any bandwagon — I didn’t know of Martial before he played us last year but I he reminds me a young Jack, funny enough. Lots of energy and playing without fear.

    PS. One playing I have been watching for a while is Son, the new Spurs striker. At £22m, a decent buy and competition to Harry Kane. He’s the Korean striker we should have signed… but of course, there just wasn’t anyone out there?!


  4. STV

    Please enough with Wenger hates losing already. He might Doesn’t mean any thing if he is not doing anything about it. He lost countless times such that it almost becomes a habbit. Still he hates it yeah well..

  5. vicky

    I know it has been said before and people will again tell me “don’t get your knickers in a twist over a trivial thing, it’s fun ” but 30, 40 comments over this 1st,2nd,3rd game is a bit too much really. I am sure there are better things to get a high from.

    Mini rant over !!!

  6. PieAFC

    except it.

    We’re a club to make up the numbers. Would could be great again, but we won’t.

    Nothing will change or happen to make t change.

    No one will force Wenger to go, we’re not allowed to show frustration at the club in public for fear of being branded “not classy,pathetic”

    Every other clubs fans don’t put up with it. We do. It’s like it’s excepted in our culture now. It’s our nature.

    Jose was right. Wenger is and will always be a specialist in failure. A stubborn man from top to bottom.

    Sick of it. Sick of the excuses, the moaning and the fact one man has divided so many fucking supporters at Arsenal.

    Until he leaves I refuse to even let myself be bothered watching us play nowadays. It will be predictable every time. Constantly.

  7. STV

    He should be used to it by now.. Yet he is not like he is not coming in terms with the modern game.

    There is nothing to scrutinize really, He is stalled, long back so are the fans.

  8. daz

    BeIN Sport’s Carrie Brown asked: “Of course Arsenal will feel hard done-by, they will claim you should have had a player sent-off in Diego Costa but this is a player that’s famed for riling other players isn’t it? Are you surprised that they reacted in this way?”

    Zouma replied: “No, we’re not surprised because we know Diego. Everyone knows Diego and this guy likes to cheat a lot and put the opponent out of his game.

    “That happened in the game but he’s a really nice guy. We’re proud to have him, like the other players, and we’re happy to win this game today.”

    The remarkable comments may only put pressure on the FA to charge Costa if referee Mike Dean admits he did not see the full incident and the bust-up between the Spain striker and Gabriel and Arsenal defender Laurent Koscielny.

  9. Kemp1886

    Great post Pedro.Long season ahead and all the negativity surrounding the club is because of Wenger.Pissed away all the goodwill that had been built up after winning the FA cup and signing Cech.

  10. salparadisenyc

    Regarding this upcoming mid-weeker with Spuds.

    Call me old fashioned and I personally don’t give two shits what the competition is, but if we can’t show the necessary mettle to put in the performance needed to put them down, it”ll be a disgrace to the jersey.

    Our boys should have a few things automatically instilled in there Arsenal DNA, #1 is beating the living shit out of that lot. Coq or no Coq, get it done.

  11. STV

    No one should be ref for our shortcomings. But you will have to agree that thick bastard had a horrible game. It’s happen with more regularity than you’d like to think…

  12. vicky

    I know this borders more on conjecture but could it be possible that a few players are also disheartened that we did not strengthen in the summer ? We had a good pre-season, players looked fit and hungry but the same players look disinterested now. Sanchez was talking about not being content with merely FA cup, Santi did make a few comments about signing a new striker. Players are humans after all and may this lack of intent from Wenger has kind of rubbed off on to players. They are not giving their 100 percent, this much I can say.

  13. MidwestGun

    Good post Pedro… it’s all a bit ridiculous now. Same errors, same losses to Mourinho, injuries, deficiencies because of tw inactivity, Big bank balance vs small expenditure.
    My opinion is Wenger probably does hate losing but he considers making the CL every year as winning. So in his mind…. he hasn’t truly ever had a losing season. Takes a certain level of commitment (financially to upgrade squad and attention to game prep details) he is unwilling to do to get us over that hump. Elite purgatory. …. as you have often said.

  14. PieAFC

    Vicky couldn’t agree more.

    ayers read social media.

    They see the Twitter feeds. Strong mentally or not. Some read criticism an take it personally. As you said humans after all.

    Players look with Wenger now. Our best performance wasn’t even Wengers doing. Against City away. The players need to take a stand again.

    We will always be the also rans of the league – making up numbers. The only change will ever happen is if we didn’t make 4th.

    But I’m worried that change will be so dramatic it could have an even worse effect!

  15. OleGunner

    Thoroughly bored with Arsenal at the moment.

    Honestly could call us being beaten by the rent boy chavs on Saturday but I was hoping to be proved wrong. Of course the cunt of a ref Mike Dean and Shrek incarnate Costa didn’t help out the situation one bit.

    My expectations are now depressingly low for this season..

    I feel like I’ve watched this Arsenal movie a million times and I’m thoroughly bored of it all. What are realistic expectations for this season apart from top 4?

    It’s absurd how this club is stumbling through purgatory.

  16. salparadisenyc

    Agree regarding Martial. As Keown said on MOTD, kid looks unfazed by his price tag, hungry with a powerful presence in front of goal regardless of age.

    Massive risk for United at that price, but if he turns out to be a success that’ll eventually seem a like a very nice piece of business. No risk, no reward and all that.

    France keeps turning them out, I caught Bayern’s game this weekend and Kingsley Coman looks a real prospect as well.

  17. DaleDaGooner

    NO AKB, share the “maybe Wenger is done” and “Well he’s a bit delusional to think he can continue like this” thinking. But as boring as Wenger is, the WOBs are equally boring! Jeeze, I read the post since Saturday and it’s the same shit as it was day after day, with constant Wenger drivel…you guys are as bad as Wenger FFS!

    We saw a game in which Chavs were helped to win at all cost(a)..pardon the pun, and that doesn’t even rile the extremist one bit, if ISIS takes over the whole middle east, it’s Wenger’s fault…jeez, change the tone from time to time and be objective…

  18. UDA

    Actually I thought Oscar handled himself reasonably well…not begging for his Brazil teammate to be sent off and seemed to want the whole fracas to settle down. The real disgrace is cesc fabregas….our former captain whining even worse than Diego Costa. Worse than van persie

  19. UDA

    And what the hell is the matter with our players? A game that turned on an incident like that and they’re all chummy with the Chelsea players at the end? No one feels cheated and/furious?

  20. MidwestGun

    Dale –
    Ok… objectively we need a better striker, better athletes in the center of the park, we need to prepare better for games especially with set pieces and identifying strengths and weaknesses in the opposition and adjust accordingly….. newsflash Costa will try to get somebody sent off.

    Who has the power to identify and fix these issues?

  21. N5

    Sal agreed mate. If I was Wenger I’d be putting my strongest possible team out against the Spuds!! no messing about with the children, get the big guns on the pitch + Giroud and get some shots on goal that don’t go in!!

  22. salparadisenyc


    Clearly not Wenger and his horse blinded approach.
    One things clear, he’s not thinking big enough for my liking.

  23. DaleDaGooner

    Guys like Ozil, Cazorla and even Sanchez….need to look at themselves int he mirror. We can blame Wenger everyday, but he’s bought these guys in to perform at a special level, they should have seen that Chelsea team as an opportunity to show they are better. Ozil hasn’t stepped up in the big games. Even at pub team level, the better players raise their games. My Wenger rant is towards why the hell is Ramsey always picked? We’ve looked ordinary since last season he keeps playing him in the first 11 at all cost. We look toothless cause really, Ramsey isn’t a great attacker, he had a good season when he scored goals, byt that is just that one season, we need a true forward in that right side of the triumvirate, and Wenger isn’t going to change that…for that we will always be ordinary even when we win,

  24. vicky

    Guys what did you make of Theo against Chelsea ?

    I thought he made a few good runs but his lack of skills on the ball and overall composure meant he was not threatening enough. I also think when he plays upfront he is a bit too keen to prove his mettle as a striker which complicates the matter even more. Still feel he was a better choice than Giroud though at least against Chelsea.

  25. DaleDaGooner


    “Dale –
    Ok… objectively we need a better striker, better athletes in the center of the park, we need to prepare better for games especially with set pieces and identifying strengths and weaknesses in the opposition and adjust accordingly”

    Said everyday, and all day, we get it, we agree….nothing can be done, at least not now….the creator of these is still there, as someone who just wants the team to kick on, i’d like to address other issues…these aren’t the only issues….Kroenke is the owner of Arsenal…you of all people should see this as a huge problem.

    The players we bought for huge sums aren’t taking charge of the game….a manager/coach can do but so much (i use personal experience for this, maybe wrong).

    You say “newsflash Costa will try to get somebody sent off.” Well isn’t this a problem? Cause City had Zabaleta sent off after being manhandled last season…..saying it’s newsflash and just leaving it there is a bit short sighted of why we lost against a poor chelsea who needed to win at all cost and got a helping hand by a ref we’ve won only 11% of our games in which he has officiated. Saying newsflash at a possible no retrospective bans on the bastard deserves, is a bit short sighted, watching Cesc gob off and not being even remotely disgusted at how we lost….

    don’t even know what to say…I know and agree wenger is a major issue, but i’d like to look at other issues from time to time.

  26. DaleDaGooner

    All our players should have been like Gabriel in that game….play big and question Mike Dean’s motives. Not walk away and leave Costa yapping…as good as Koscielny was on saturday, it was his battle Gabriel was fighting, should’ve gotten Costa sent off, likewise Oxlade. Ivanovic shoulda got a red if Sanchez just went after him and stopped hogging the ball and then losing it timidly, same goes with Ozil who’s always gone missing. Ramsey…..good God, I don’t want to hate the guy, but i just don’t see it….what does he really do that makes us great?

  27. Louis Almeida

    Yes Vicky I agree. Even though Theo has his limitations which we are all aware of, it was a good decision to start him. Chelsea needed to win the game so they played a higher line with Zouma instead of Terry. There were a few chances for Theo to get in if not for last ditch Zouma challenges. And while Chelsea were the better team prior to the sending off, they didn’t actually create anything and rarely looked like scoring so it’s hard to say how the game would’ve turned out had it been 11 vs 11. We may well have lost buy you can’t quantify it now.

  28. DaleDaGooner

    Jeff Rene-Adelaide injury is a blow, was looking forward to see him…he looks quite the player for that kind of game.

  29. MidwestGun

    Dale –
    Well… being a bit sarcastic with “newsflash” ..because that’s a game prep issue. .. attention to detail. Not a surprise event the players should have had a contingecy plan in case somebody was drawn in. Apologies if it was snarky.

    To me Kroenke is a big issue yes, but raging against him is just deflecting. . To me the buck stops with Wenger unless it can be proven Kroenke is intentionally hindering Wenger. I’ve yet to see evidence of this, as for the most part he is laissez-faire in the football operations. To my knowledge he bought AFC because of Wenger and let’s him have his way.

  30. Vintage Gun

    “Wait a minute didn’t we already get a blog today with a big ugly Costa face on it?”

    Naah, it was probably just a nightmarish flashback from saturday morning…

  31. OleGunner

    Not to get on the back of Sanchez but he’s looked relatively poor this season…

    Hopefully just a dip in form but his awful miss against Chelsea when he couldn’t connect with the ball cleanly cost us badly.

    If L’Oreal missed that we’d be calling for his head!

  32. MidwestGun

    Dale –
    We can talk about the player deficiencies but again, the players are a bit of a mirror of the manager. You seem to take issue with Ramsey, but who keeps moving him about position to position. Ozil and Sanchez are beasted by their International side and beasted by Wenger they play every minute.
    Sanchez looks physically tired, and Ozil mentally tired. In the match against Zagreb to me Ozik looked like the only one who gave a crap when we went down and Giroud was sent off. He was only one making runs and trying to remain postive in attack until the subs were brought on. Against Chelsea not surprisingly he looked mentally fatigued.
    So it’s hard to just talk about issues with players alone without a context. And most times that comes down to management, imo.

  33. salparadisenyc


    What you reckon, i’m leaning towards this but it’ll never happen.

    vs Tottenham

    Debuchy Mert Koz Monreal
    Bielik Ramsay
    Oxlade Ozil Campbell

    Sanchez and Caz both need some time to reflect imo. Shame Rosicky isn’t fit, ideal game for him. Obvious Arteta will get the start over Bielik but i’m very curious to see what the youngster has in the tank.

    In fact I could see Wenger go double pivot of Arteta and Flamini, hey ho our depth is just mental with quality.

  34. Carts

    ” At £22m, a decent buy and competition to Harry Kane. He’s the Korean striker we should have signed… but of course, there just wasn’t anyone out there?!”

    Good post.

    And as soon as Son to yids gathered pace, nipping in a stealing the move wouldn’t have been such a bad idea. The boy can play!

  35. Dan Ahern

    Total farce that Costa came out the victor in that whole situation. Credit to Gabriel for sticking up for his partner. Lots say he was an idiot, and I can’t totally refute that, but Costa did much worse and got away with all of it. So I’m not sure I blame him really.

    Anyway, that aside, just another groundhog day.

  36. N5

    Lol probably Vintage. Everytime I close my eyes I see his face!! HELP ME!!

    Sal, I’d be happy with that and to be honest that’s the team that WOULD beat Tottenham, but I expect we’ll see the young-uns!!

    Wenger can’t risk losing a 3rd on the bounce though can he?

  37. salparadisenyc


    Gabriel did everything you hope from a CB right up to the moment he got sent off.
    On a yellow that was very, very silly and cost us the 3 points. Was looking for Vieira to waltz in and chill him the fuck out.

  38. Louis Almeida

    N5 – Wenger already said he won’t play the young ones because it’s Spurs. Adelaide might have got close if not for the injury but I think you’ll see all the fringe players. Something like this I think:

    Debuchy Per Kos/Chambers Gibbs
    Flamini Arteta
    Campbell Ramsey Ox

    Maybe a youngster like Iwobi may make the bench?

  39. carts


    What you see is what you get with Theo. He’ll fill you with renewed hope with a hat trick against Bournemouth or someone like that but then it back to his usual self against anyone half decent.

    He simply isnt good enough.

    For Wenger to believe what we had was ever going to be enough was mind boggling and quite frankly unsurprising.negligence of the highest order

  40. N5

    Louis did he say that mate? I missed that one. I hope you’re right. Fringe is better than nothing and it’s certainly better than the youth,

  41. Ughelligunner

    People singing man united song yesterday. Lol.
    Martial took the goal well, he got calmness in front of him, but wait until the future. I remember Junujaz the next big thing. Lets wait and see.

    Man utd had 3 shots on target yesterday to southampton’s 8. Degea was man of the match for me and not that they were better. So we shouldn’t just rubbish our team for

    Their defence was all over the place. And their midfield is still questionable even with their new acquisitions.

    P.s. Rooney has always had another striker, to hold his hand over the years, to shine and now i don’t think, even Ronaldo can help him anymore. He is so slow and washed out.

  42. Louis Almeida

    N5, yes I think the team I posted is likely. I just hope they can do a job because after losing two games on the bounce, Spurs isn’t really a team you want to play and they’ll be full bloodied because it’s a derby. Let’s hope we can pose a threat. Three defeats on the bounce will be bad for morale.

  43. salparadisenyc

    Wenger said he couldn’t find anyone to add to our squad yet he play a centre midfielder as a winger.


    Just mental with whom could of been prized this summer.

  44. steve

    “Guys what did you make of Theo against Chelsea ?I thought he made a few good runs ”


    Lol he ran mostly offside. Terrible performance.

  45. Majestic gooner

    I don’t know what’s keeping wengabe still at the club , surely not to win things . The whole club has lost it big time , why are’nt the fans making more noise demanding a change of manager? This has gone on for too long, everyone predicts what’s going to happen before the season starts because of our lack of signings and guess what, 5 weeks into the season it happens, don’t tell me wengabe doesn’t like losing, because if he did he would have amended the situation. Really, the fact that he has never beaten mourinhio in a competitive match would have pushed any competitive person to do something about it. Worst I don’t think the players believe in him anymore, they are tired of his old ideas, about time we realise he can no longer offer us anything, not even hope.

  46. Steve Boulds velvet glove

    Fuck me, even Giroud said we should of bought a new striker and that’s turkeys voting for xmas stuff right there. £200m+ in the bank woohoo

  47. Ughelligunner

    I think we have too many nice players. All reflection of the club, which is not always a good thing.

    Even Peter Cech, yesterday was so calm about the situation, when it was his goal line area everything transpired.

    The truth is if we have a player like Costa in our team, he would have been sent off daily and the pundits would be spitting blood, even our legrove faithfuls wouldn’t support him .
    Now he is chelsea’s and they are painting the whole situation.

    On one hand, they say we don’t have a leader, on the other hand Gabriel acting as a leader is sent off and he is labelled naive?

    How many times has players in Rooney, Scholes, Gerard, Keane, Viera, terry etc been sent off for their teams. Yet they are the supposed leaders?

    I think all this boils down to bias and referees incompetence in the league.

  48. salparadisenyc

    Its pretty clear Wenger doesn’t believe in Wenger to the level he should.
    His second guessing is killing our initiative on and off the pitch.

  49. Arseology

    The buck should stop with the owner – KSE. They have the power to hire & fire and are solely responsible for maintaining the status quo.
    Wenger has to be put out to pasture but currently gets away with it as there is no pressure to compete from the owners. Getting into the CL seems to be the main goal of KSE.
    An ambitious owner – Abramovich type – would never put up with a 4th place trophy and Wenger getting his arris handed to him constantly by Mourinho.

    Kroenke Sports Enterprises are holding Arsenal back from reaching our potential. They will never make the necessary investments that will see us join the big boys club as evidenced by all the franchises in Kroenkes portfolio.

    Make no mistake, the crown jewel in the KSE portfolio is the Rams and I fear we are just a vessel that allows KSE to obtain the necessary loans to maximize the earning potential of the Rams as evidenced by the $1.86bn stadium they want to build in Inglewood.

    ‘Thank you for your interest in our affairs’.

  50. SpanishDave

    We will loose tomorrow, there’s nothing in the tank for most players, and Wongas finished.
    Ramsey just runs around everywhere, except his position.
    It’s getting messy.

  51. kc

    What Gabriel did was Stupid! Cost us the game. Anybody defending his antics is an idiot. He lost his shit like a immature teenager. And no thanks to wanting a cheater like Costa! I’d rather lose with class than win like a bitch!

  52. Hunter

    We can all argue the ‘pros’ and ‘cons’ of Arsene Wenger but the reality of it is He chose NOT to buy in the window albeit Everyman and his dog knew we should.He must have known about the Wellbeck situation despite denying it!He must of realised that should Coq get injured the back up is weak.For Christ sake we pay this buffoon 7 or is it 8 million pounds a year in salary and for what return are we getting?He is accountable for all results and we should STOP accepting his meagre excuses.A sane man would have prepared his team against the inevitable aggravation that Costa caused,but obviously no-one listens to him anyway!.AFC has reached new lows,with poor leadership and guidance,poor judgement on and off the field.Our whole squad needs overhauling,apart from the keeper.Even our so-called world class duo of Ozil and Sanchez look uninterested and are in poor form.Several ‘new faces’ in the summer TW would have been uplifting to the whole team.We need to get rid of Gibbs,Wilshere,Flamini,Debauchy,Chambers,Chamberlain,even Ramsey and Most definitely Giroud and start again.We are carrying too many under performers in our ranks or injury prone players.Obviously this can’t happen until next summer but some hard decesions HAVE to be made!Our club will most definitely falter this season and I expect us to finish OUT of the top 4.Other so called mid table teams have strengthened so much and it is no longer a ‘given’ that we can squeeze into the top four.Someone somewhere somehow has to remove Wenger and his cronies else as Frazer from Dads Army would say ‘were doomed’!

  53. S Asoa

    Now that we all know ( and the AKB feel up theirs ) that Wenger is a pimping C–t for the KroenkleDoodleDoo , enough of rhethoric . The Cretins are giving good salaries to themselves and know the fans will just moan until the next Low-Down team.
    1- Pour piss from a bottle on Wenger statue
    2 – Rotten eggs towards the designated Owner’s box .Let his guests know the creep stinks and shun him

  54. S Asoa


    Wenger is paid 8.3 million plus Bonus plus pssst psst comssiietc

    Wenger is the Agent for Kroenke
    and cares a damn for all the fans and the Club
    Wenger is a mother who throws the baby in the thrash and goes partying
    Wenger out

  55. gonsterous

    So can we beat them scums tomorrow.. not looking likely.. Wenger should rest the first 11.. maybe cech can start, though do we have a third goalie ??

  56. DaleDaGooner

    Midwest, Arseology pretty much responded to :

    “To me Kroenke is a big issue yes, but raging against him is just deflecting. . To me the buck stops with Wenger unless it can be proven Kroenke is intentionally hindering Wenger. I’ve yet to see evidence of this, as for the most part he is laissez-faire in the football operations. To my knowledge he bought AFC because of Wenger and let’s him have his way.”

    Buck stops with the owner. If he demanded more from Wenger about what his task are, that is, trophies…Wenger would either leave or be let go.

    Everyone is getting on Wenger, it’s easy to, but no one is asking Kroenke on a daily bases to invest on the squad or sell on to a more ambitious owner.

  57. DaleDaGooner

    5……FIVE! OFFICIAL PLUS THE 6TH SAT IN BETWEEN MOURINHO AND ARSENE…..And non of these idiots saw what Costa did….what’s the point of the 2 at the back of the goal lines??

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Kroenke blame is a weak deflection, yeah he isn’t a great owner and I’d rather someone different, but what you are essentially saying is the ‘manager is unambitious and shit so let’s change owner.’

    That just reeks of agenda for me. Kroenke isn’t proactive certainly and he’s hands off, but he isn’t a hindrance in the sense he won’t free up money for transfers or wages from the clubs money. We don’t need him to invest, we just need a manger with a modicum of ambition.

  59. nigel tufnel

    you all know im always defending our guys, this time ill say our assistants and mgr screwed up by not specifically, strongly warning all our squad that wind ups were likely…

    without it, chelsea know they cant even dominate lowest premier teams on skill.

    i hate to say it, but i saw it coming. they will drop many more points this season. more than us. we are still in the race with a5 point gap very early.

    city barely held on 2 weeks ago, lost this week. we rest a lot of players against spuds i hope.

  60. daz

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again kroenke and the board are the ones offering up new contracts for Wenger so they are essentially telling him “well done” so I don’t agree that the buck stops with Wenger in terms of wether he’s still in a job they are happy with his performance

  61. MidwestGun

    Dale –
    The buck should stop with the owner – yes in a normal situation.
    But Wenger was here.long before Kroenke. He bought the team because of Wenger and his admiration for the team. They have a unique unhealthy symbiotic relationship. Most teams don’t have managers around for two decades with different owners.
    Arseology isn’t saying anything I disagree with. Other then the 180mil in cash isn’t enough to secure a loan anywhere especially on 3 billion. So i don’t believe there is a direct link between it and Inglewood. Kroenke is on record saying Wenger can have what he wants as well as other board members.
    Rail all you want against Kroenke. ..I’m no fan of his but to deny Wenger isn’t the biggest decision maker and the director of what we see on the pitch is still deflecting. Besides a Kroenke out blog everyday is essentially the same discussion as A Wenger out discussion because of their relationship. Unless you think Wenger would be effective at the highest level with a different owner.

  62. jwl

    The FA:

    Diego Costa has been charged for an alleged act of violent conduct which was not seen by the match officials but caught on video. The Chelsea forward was involved in an incident with Arsenal’s Laurent Koscielny in the 43rd minute of the game. He has until 6pm tomorrow [Tuesday 22 September 2015] to reply.

    Arsenal defender Gabriel has been charged with improper conduct for his behaviour following his dismissal, whilst team-mate Santi Cazorla has been warned for his behaviour following his sending off.

    Finally, both clubs have been charged for failing to control their players under FA Rule E20.


  63. Follow the money

    Vicky is right that’s partly why Nasri and RVP left. I’m convinced Wenger tells the Sanchez type stars when they sign that we’re gonna spend big and shoot for titles and then he never does and they lose heart, and eventually get sick of it and want out

  64. Majestic gooner

    Don’t get it, everything Gabriel did was seen and he was punished by tadpole dean, first with a yellow card and then a straight red for the alleged kick so what is he being charged for again? Thought if the ref saw it and dealt with it they couldn’t revisit it. Makes one think, I bet no one in Italy thought the whole refereeing system was bent until it all came out . Arsenal should be threatening court action bot know they will not, same old backbone less behaviour running right through the club. We are a mirror image of the manager, just sit there and take everything thrown at them.,

  65. ofebs

    Wenger is so past his sell by date, it is not funny Arsenal still keeps him.

    Financialization of football has given us money mad clubs like Chelsea and ManCity but also greedy clubs like Arsenal; where it is all about the cash in the bank. This is such a farcical fraudulent anti-football management style.

    Given his selfish, greedy, egotistical, dictatorial management style at Arsenal, its no surprise many powerful figures in football loathe Wenger. Mike Dean has shown the world that Wenger is loathed with a passion in the prem…

    This is a fan’s game but Wenger and Kroenke despise us all who support Arsenal and continue to give us the finger every match day, every transfer window. This madness will not stop until fans in London refuse to take it anymore…