Arsene Wenger does hate losing. Who to play on Wednesday

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Imagine this was your face though

Imagine this was your face though

Morning all, Alex here back for a second bite of the cherry.

So yesterday I disgraced myself by confusing Mike Dean with Mike Riley. Kinda undermines your argument if you can’t even remember the name of the bloke you’re slagging off. But in fairness they are both terrible referees so most of my points still stand.

Someone in the comments also mentioned that I did not talk about our lack of defensive awareness for the goals. Certainly the first one was preventable and showed a familiar naivete from a set piece. The second one was a result of being two men down and knackered so not much could be done to prevent that.

In other news the British Prime Minister put his old chap into a pig’s mouth.

Arsene Wenger has called for retrospective action for Diego Costa for his behaviour on Saturday. Absolutely the right thing do, but the chances of anything happening? Absolutely fucking none. Why? It would take Mike Dean having to admit he’s wrong. So let’s look forward to a three game ban for the Manager for making the appeal.

A number of people also took umbrage with my comment yesterday that Arsene Wenger hates losing so I thought I better explain myself. He does hate losing. What’s so frustrating is that despite this he absolutely refuses to critically assess why it keeps happening. In the same way he apparently spends thousands of hours watching and studying football without ever actually applying what he’s learnt, his hatred of losing is only outweighed by his refusal to sacrifice his principles in order to win. Clear?

Everyone was losing their tiny minds yesterday about Man United and Martial. He certainly does look like a player but it’s going to take a few more games (and goals) before anyone can declare if he was worth the money or not. It could be one of the shrewdest buys of the season, or he could be the next Macheda. Only time will tell but I’m erring on the latter because Van Gaal is a massive fraud. Also, United still conceded two goals yesterday, and most of that 40 pass goal was boring sideways passing. It was only the last two or three passes that were actually clinical and it was only because of a rebound that they scored. We’re not talking Brazil 1970 here.

Thinking ahead to Wednesday, a few decisions for me. First who do we play in the centre? I’m guessing he won’t drop Cazorla* so maybe one of Arteta or Ramsey, or even Chamberlain? That’s a midfield that will struggle to dominate. Up top, I’d stick with Theo in order to try and play him into some kind of form. And I’d propose dropping Alexis for a few games so that he can get his head straight.

Before I go I realise in my haste yesterday, I forgot to provide links to my cohorts. (Apologies in advance for this again, I know you hate these plugs but its only fair. If you are really offended by this I’d suggest you stop reading now).

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Have a good day x

* Thanks everyone for pointing out Cazorla is now suspended. Obviously was just testing you

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    What do you think they would do though, cut the wage bill and trim the squad, maybe sell one big player as a one off to compensate, or make a splash to try and ensure they had the strength to get into the top three.

    Looking at it this season, 4th is sort of the safety net I think one of the big teams because I can’t see anyone outside of the big four challenging for it.

  2. Barton

    WTF has happened to this blog?

    Reading the post’s, you’d think you were on a slightly less bias version of Untold.

    Really disappointed, another loss to Chelsea and the last 2 posts read like its all ok.

    Sure Pedro got paid off, can’t think of another reason for the change in tone.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    It’s a different writer, Alex, he tends to sound a bit more like that I always think, if you read the Le Grove twitter page from the day Pedro was less than impressed.

  4. S Asoa

    Bankz In

    Must say this Bankz has perspective . He comes on 1 to 14 except for a samosa in between
    No nonsense of 4th and WENGER finger up his arse .

    Let us not forget
    @kroenkerdoodledoo. $$$ the CAUSE OF THE ROT AT ARSENAL

  5. Barton

    I know its not Pedro’s post but its his blog, I don’t do twitter.

    Seemed some time at the end of last season the tone of the posts changed to positivity where in reality nothing changed, just more mediocrity.

    I’m finding it really hard to enjoy Arsenal and LG was my only solace but that’s all but dried up too. LG seemed to be the only place any one applied any pressure on the club.

    Guess I’ll just have to wait for AW to retire because at this rate, its not going to be his last contract.

  6. gazzap

    Leicester haven’t played any good teams yet. They’ve played all the crap ones except Spurs and they drew with them. No excuses for not beating leicester still.
    I am easy with the result on Wednesday. I would rather see up and coming talent than Flamteta.

  7. daz

    CA I think they would be forced to go for 3rd, how could they spin selling a big player now the financial difficulties are over?

  8. Gunner2301

    “Wenger to board level and a Wenger choice as manager…then you really will have reason to be disconsolate.”

    If that were the case I would seriously have to consider my 33 year association with the club.

  9. azed

    “Guess I’ll just have to wait for AW to retire because at this rate, its not going to be his last contract.”

    I’m sorry Barton because if your plan is to wait for Wenger to retire, then you are on a very long thing….

    Wenger is planning to install his mind on a computer and run the Arsenal.

  10. Relieable sauce

    Leicester will give it a good go & wont give up, might be their downfall but it depends what Arsenal turns up…
    Vardy & Mahrez should cause us all sorts of problems & their home support can be a big factor. Should be a good game of football at least, if we can find a performance.

  11. jwl

    Wenger might hate losing more than average fan but he does not hate losing all that much when compared to other elite professionals. Wenger called specialist in failure, someone who hates losing would not earn that moniker and do nothing to change perception. Wenger has lost plenty of big, important games and he does nothing about it.

    Someone here pointed out that Manure have replaced RVP before we have – if Wenger hated to lose, things would be very different indeed at Arsenal. Wenger prioritizes style of play over effectiveness, Wenger does not mind losing at all as long as we lose in correct way.

  12. jwl

    Those pink socks perfectly round out his clothing choices, Kwik Fit. I wonder if that fella has any children and would they be willing to be seen in public with their father?

  13. kwik fit


    By the looks of him he never had any marbles!


    Those shoes are awful. the just don’t compliment the rest of the outfit at all.

  14. Relieable sauce

    Can we play kids from the youth squads in the league cup? or is it just players registered for the 1st team.

    Slim pickings if we just have the 20 or so players.

  15. kwik fit

    I’d go with this team on Wednesday. Play Debuchy as a central defender. Would be decent and 8 players rested.

    Ospina; Bellerin Debuchy Chambers Gibbs; Arteta Ramsey; Chamberlain Reine-Adelaide Campbell; Giroud

  16. Relieable sauce

    Wenger sold RvP to MU and boasted how he knew it would win them the league & spoke to Fergie personally to seal the deal.

    “Hates losing”

    Naah. Its an annoyance to him as it results in him & his methods being questioned & he doesnt like that one bit, that is what he “hates”.

  17. Louis Almeida

    It would be nice to see Bielik get a run out but I’d guess Wenger won’t risk that in a big game. Arteta-Ramsey or Arteta-Flamini is more likely. Hopefully we can play deep and counter well. A good chance for Joel Campbell.

  18. NewCoArsenal PLC

    They must be deaf, blind or just plain stupid at The Emirates to allow this fraud to consistently piss the club’s supporters off.
    I’m sure he said he’d only stay as long as he made the fans happy.
    Someone somewhere needs to grasp the nettle and have a brutally honest conversation with him, because it’s been a long time since he made fans happy.

  19. Cesc Appeal


    They spun that there wasn’t a player to sign in the world with £80 Million to spend, a fair few bought it. When your audience ‘wants’ to believe what you are telling them you don’t need to spin anything.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Debuchy, Mert*, Chambers, Gibbs
    Arteta, Flamini
    Campbell, Oxlade, Adelaide

    *Mert is suppose to be back in training after a chest infection, if not maybe Monreal at CB.

    Walcott is not a ST, but Giroud just seems to be totally in the toilet right now and Walcott is great in his brief spells of form, so we need to get him into one. I suppose we could play £80 Million there.

    Very weak team, but don’t give a shit if we lose really, our squad can’t handle all these competitions.

  21. Carts

    “The KSE group is not the sole developer of the Inglewood stadium deal, they are in a joint venture with another development group. So I would highly question whether Arsenal spending in the transfer window has any impact whatsoever on thus. Also, Kroenke is one of it not the biggest landowners in the US he has plenty of collateral for loans not to mention his wife is a Walmart heir. . So. .. the huge cash balance is bizarre to say the least. An explanation would be nice.”