Chelsea 2-0 Arsenal. Mike Dean needs to go back to school

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Afternoon all, and apologies for the delay. Alex here writing to you in the wake of a rather calamitous performance away at Chelsea.

I was lucky enough to attend the game, IN THE VIP SECTION NO LESS, courtesy of Burger King and their #peaceonegame campaign. To commemorate the International Day of Peace on Monday they paired me up with Chelsea blogger Andy (@chelseadaft) and fashion blogger Hayley (@TeaPartyBeauty) to ask that age old question: “hey, can’t we all just get along?”

I presume Hayley’s role was to act as some sort of mediator between Andy and myself but it didn’t prove necessary as they were both lovely people and we all got on swimmingly. It goes to show, if a Chelsea fan and an Arsenal fan can get on, surely those lads in ISIS could learn to stop being such dicks. It was also really interesting to hear the game from an opposing fan’s perspective. More on that in a bit.

The weather was glorious at Stamford Bridge yesterday. I was sitting in a section where punters have to dress smart casual; as in no football shirts allowed. At a football match. Just let that sink in for a minute. I expect we have a similar arrangement in the Director’s box at the Ems but our seats weren’t corporate and we were still in the terraces. A very bizarre arrangement.

Pre-game Andy informed me that Ivanovic was Chelsea’s weak link and that teams which had done well against them had targeted him. I cheerfully informed him that he needn’t worry with us, because there was almost certainly no way Arsenal would’ve taken this into consideration when setting up the team. And so it turned out to be.

Walcott started up top for us yesterday and while bright in patches gave the impression of a contestant on the Crystal Maze who had 90 minutes to score a goal in order to get the crystal. He tried a few runs, had some hopeful shots, but always safe in the knowledge that it was all just a bit of fun and he’d be home by 9pm. Compare his performance with Costa. Regardless of the rights and wrongs of his behaviour (and there were a lot of wrongs) that is a guy who would kill his own dog to win a game of football. Sadly we don’t have any players like that any more, or at least the ones we do (Sanchez, Wilshere) aren’t up to it at the moment. I’m not falling for that old cliché of needing leaders on the pitch, just people who really fucking hate losing. Ironically the only one who did show some brass balls was Gabriel. He stood up for his team mate, called Costa out for his behaviour and got rewarded with a red card. So it goes…

Aside from the awful refereeing yesterday the overall feeling I got from the team was “hey that was a bit of a bummer but let’s get back to Colney and film some more videos of us playing cricket”. I really don’t understand where this mind set comes from because if there is one person who HATES losing, its Arsene Wenger.

Maybe I’m being overly harsh, and there is no doubt the referee ruined yesterday’s game, but even before that I thought we sucked. Hard. Alexis Sanchez gave the ball away more times than a snooker referee (think about it). Mesut Ozil, who Andy thought was a complete flop, lived up to that billing despite his strong form this season. Rather than running the show he always seemed to be too far away from the action. Cazorla is no kind of midfield quarterback. He’s a class player but he’s not imposing or mobile enough to run the game from the centre. And he gives the ball away, a lot. Even Aaron Ramsey, who is usually able to create something with his own endeavour, was pretty bland. The only player who looked in control and dominant was Laurent Koscielny. He was leagues above the rest of the team in terms of quality.

Now onto the referee. I said a few seasons ago that the problem with Mike Dean was that he makes it all about him (a sentiment echoed yesterday by Garth Crooks of all people). Put simply the guy is a bellend. If he and his officials missed Costa’s antics before Gabriel’s sending off that, to some degree, is understandable. What is baffling is once he had booked both players, he panicked and reacted to pressure from Costa and that massive grass Fabregas and sent the player off for an innocuous challenge. Use your judgement Dean. The situation had been defused, you could have got a handle on the game. Instead you let it run out of control and ruined it for everyone else.

I don’t know if its nerves, a lack of self-confidence or a genuine desire to be the centre of attention, but someone needs to sit down with him and talk through how football should be refereed because yesterday was a travesty. Going forward I’d like to offer Mike Dean some simple advice. If everyone is talking about you after the game, it means you haven’t done your job properly.

The second red was deserved based on two sloppy pieces of play from Cazorla and resulted from his aforementioned lack of control of the midfield. Could he have been subbed sooner to avoid this issue? Possibly but he appears to be undroppable in the manager’s eyes.

The fact we only lost by two, quite scrappy goals is testament to how bland Chelsea were. Which makes the red cards all the more frustrating as this was the first game in a long time where Mourinho’s Chelsea did not completely dominate us (I’m not including the Charity Shield in that).

So, in spite of it being world peace day tomorrow, the overall feeling I’m left with today is anger. But you haven’t come here for wild, irrational anger. You want some structure to your rage. As such, I’ve put together my Angry List to help make sense of things:

Quite distasteful:

1. Mike Dean – quite simply the worst referee in the league
2. Mourinho – the worst human being in the world
3. Diego Costa – shithousery (but god I’d love it if he played for us)
4. Fabregas – would grass on his own mother
5. Harry Redknapp – just cos
6. ISIS, Boko Haram, Katie Hopkins etc…

Mildly irritating:

7. Sanchez – Trying to do too much, again. Needs to chill
8. Cazorla – Needs to be moved from CM now
9. Arsene – Needs to move Cazorla from CM now
10. Walcott – mate you’re 26. The apprenticeship is over. Start playing like a striker or move back to the wing
11. Ozil – what happened out there mate?


12. Koscielny – didn’t go down despite Costa’s grubby fingers. Played like a beast
13. Gabriel – Red card was worth it to see someone finally stand up to Costa.

Our next game is Tottenham in the Carling Cup and you don’t need me to tell you that it is HUGE. The Carling Cup maybe a bit Spurs, but three defeats in a row (two against rivals) would have the knives out for Arsene again. Here’s to no more red cards, a decent referee and the team finally clicking. Oh yeah just remembered Coquelin is injured. Sweet (*closes eyes and thinks of world peace*)

I should be back tomorrow with more #thoughts #insight and #analysis. In the meantime you can follow me on twitter @aldo_doel and let me know who’s on your angry list. Have a nice Sunday

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  1. Joe

    Would love Costa at our club. Stop at nothin to win.

    Love that attitude

    Just like I would love Jose at our club

    Born Fucken winners

    Not the wishy washy pussy cohesion friendly it’s ok we lose shit of a manager we have

  2. John T.

    193 pounds in cash reserves, 24.5 million pounds profit, FACTS. This manager LIED to Arsenal fans. I’ve been fed up for years. Almost everyone on this Blog knows where the problem lies, it’s Wenger. Sick and tired hearing about the Invincibles, all the years finishing 4th and qualifying for CL, BAD Luck, BAD refs like Dean, NOT buying quality players and watching Ollie Giroud STINK. Want your team back? GET RID OF WENGER. He is the problem.

  3. jwl

    Ben D

    Kos didn’t stand up to Costa when he doing his antics, Costa should have been on floor every time he touched the ball until he got the message that Arsenal were going to respond in kind.

  4. wenker-wanger

    Everyday I pray that wankger throws in the towel. As a lifelong arsenal fan that was there when we won the fairs cup at Highbury I can tell you that it hurts. Its a bit like being taken away from your parents as a child and going to live with your paedo uncle and you can’t do anything but hope it ends soon.

  5. Jeff

    They bought Sweinsteiger. Sneiderlin, Martial and made sure they kept De Gea. That is one hell of a statement of intent. It didn’t matter how much and who was available and all the rest of the bollocks our lot keep shoving down our throats. They explored the art of the possible and didn’t mind paying for it. Who is talking about how much it cost now? Who even things about how much things cost when you’re 3:1 up and singing instead of 2-men down and 2-0 down?

  6. Johnty79

    I see the player you all slagged as a waste of money martial is doing the business…how we would dreamed to have a player like that…..

    Remember people 4 more consequetive losses and wengers gone. Check history no top team has lost 6 on the bounce and kept the manager.

  7. Bamford10

    Sorry, Ben, but you don’t have any credibility. You also missed the point: I am not basing my view of KDB on one game.

    Question, though: was Mesut Ozil one of the best ten players in the EPL when he came into the league? Did you regard him as such? Or did you wait a year to draw this conclusion?

    Pray tell.

    Two goals for Martial, btw. Where are Goondawg and Mystic? Or was it Wallace?

  8. kel

    @ Alex
    How come no report on the slack marking for the first goal??? Thats a training ground issue so lets not get side tracted about our performance and look for scape goats if we had done the basics we may well not have loss this match and to be honest we have not been too convincing this season and ohhhh before i go quote of our manager “no top striker was available” wenger you look like a real fool now ask mu

  9. Bamford10

    I really think we could get rid of Wenger if:
    – the results are poor enough
    – criticism and abuse are fierce enough
    – mistakes are obvious enough

    A bit of faith, gents! 😉

  10. Redtruth

    Bamford stop blowing your own trumpet you said Coquelin was shit then you said he was good and then back too being shit again.

    You doing the hokey cokey or what?

  11. London gunner


    Still young should improve in that area with the right tutorship.

    Just like Ox would improve if we had a manager who could actually address the teams problems

  12. Jeff

    Oh well, one consolation is that the Liverpool and Norwich draw sends Chelsea to 15th. Nothing else to be salvaged from this weekend.

  13. Arsene's Nurse

    We conceded the first goal against West Ham from a free kick where players stood forward of the 18 yard box and let their players run onto a ball put over the top.

    We did the same thing albeit standing on the 18 yard line against Chelsea. Both free-kicks were taken from similar positions.

    What this tells us is Wenger ignores the issues. He ignores the problems and refuses to put them right on the training pitch. A proper manager would ensure that the entire defence was drilled an organised at set pieces.

    It isn’t and we suffer.

  14. champagne charlie


    Coquelin isnt good enough to be our first choice DM, and is being talked up because comparitively he’s more bullish and dogged vs Arteta/Flamini. Compare him to top Dms (Busquets, Alonso in his pomp, matic) and he begins to look very average. Decent player, not good enough for the starting role by a distance….if the goal is top trophies. It’s clearly not, so we’ve settled on him and that’s that. Now the “diehards” (morons) label him ‘top class’.

    Same can be said for Theo, looks a quality option vs a static and laboured giroud. But next to another speedster like Aubameyang he’s absolute shite and only competes for speed.

    Fact is the key positions in our team (DM/CM/ST) are being commanded by less than stellar players or fits, hence we win fuck all. Maybe more importantly we compete game to game like a bunch of pampered celebs.

  15. Joe


    We are led by a bang below average manager who has turned some great players into average players (ozil Sanchez) and turned good young players into average players (Ramsey, ox, Walcott)

    A new manager is what we need above all. Things will change. Players will become better over night. Motivated. Driven. LED to be winners.

  16. wenker-wanger

    Just thought up an alternative “banksy style” Xmas present for your kid…. Give him a huge empty box with fancy wrapping … Dress up as Wenger and stand there with a fist full of £50 notes and watch him open it. Tell him you are doing it for his own good to prepare him as an arsenal fan

  17. Troy mcclure

    2 thoughts:

    In other countries outside of England, does anyone even know who the referee is? In the Prem, we have these fucking prima donna referees who crave attention and need to be the main story (clattemburg, dean, Webb). Could Bundesliga fans for example name any of the referees in the league?

    2nd – is there retroactive punishment for transgressions? Costa’s eye gouge on Kos was worthy of red. Maybe something will happen like many years ago when a guy from Sunderland I think punched RvP in the kidney, it was caught on video and he got a retroactive red. Not holding my breath on that one though.

    Costa – the fucking gall of him is the most astonishing thing. Blatantly diving then waving a yellow, eye gouging and scratching then whining when tapped in the foot. What a piece of shit. But Gab should’ve never got involved, Kos had it under control, and might have gotten Costa booked with his Lehmann fall too.

    All in all, total shit, and Chelsea come out ahead. Yes, it happened again.

  18. champagne charlie


    I dont disagree that wengers powers have dissipated over time, but fans are still guilty of overstating some of what we have. All well and good hyping a player when we’re title winners and generally in the convo.

    But you cant tell me some of the guys we have are top clas yet we arent even in the convo for top trophies. Just doesnt add up. As much as a change in manager would yield a massive improvement imo, that improvement would coincide with an attitude towards the positions ive mentioned changing. Namely seeing us get a DM/CMST that can truly run the show.

    Coquelin/Cazorla/Theo is a terrible trio down the spine. Cazorla is a CAM being forced into the team because Ozil is undroppable. We have no CM to boss things, and Coquelin is extremely limited in ability despite being a good hassler/tackler. And no, that’s not all a Dm should have in the locker for any moron that attempts to come at me with that line.

  19. Joe

    The only players we have worth anything right now are oZil and Sanchez. And they both have been ruined by Wenger.

    I wouldn’t blink
    An eye if we sold Jack, Ramsey, theo, Giroud, caz, per, arteta, flam, Gibbs.

    They can all be easily replaced

    Even ox can go.

  20. Joe

    The comments after we beat last place stoke were hilarious on here. Some posters acting like we beat a barca/rm 11.

    It’s like that after every team we beat from
    Bottom half. They blow it all out of proportion

  21. sam

    Yesterday’s defeat proved Wenger is an idiot.
    But he’d rather blame Costa n the referee for his stupidity.
    One signing we are asking for all summer could have stopped Fabregas last night n play alongside Coquelin instead of Cazorla who’s not a clean tackler.
    So Wenger is responsible for both sending offs not Mike Dean.
    Again we made Chelsea looked great last night, they’ve been Sh*it since the start of the season. Every manager knows that to beat Chelsea you have to stop Cesc, We let him run around n dictate the game n that frustrated our defenders. Had Fabregas been stopped, Our CBs would have kept Costa quiet.
    Lack of new signing n naivety on the pitch lost us the game last night, not the ref.
    Well Imagine Coq n Lucas Silva in midfield yesterday.
    Or Coq n Pogba
    Or Coq nWitsel
    with a better striker upfront.

  22. Follow the money

    Rodgers is experiencing some of what Wenger is going to get. Because of the TV money there are very few poor teams anymore. Wenger’s flat track bully to get fourth method is going to fail this season. Finally it’s the beginning of the end of Wenger’s nonsense. Unless we start spending the money we have we will drop to 6th-10th. Martial was a gamble but he’s already got them six points. Will Wenger start spending or retire? That is the question.

  23. DM


    Yeh it’s pretty sweet if you’re in a jewish environment, I enjoy the festivals (lots of eating, what’s not to like!) but can be difficult in Uni when you miss a ton of lessons. Especially the first year when you don’t know people yet and then you disappear for half the first month! lol

    (sorry for late response – totally forgot I’d posted something)

  24. roaaary

    Our players really arent the issue it is tactics. We dont have any width or attacking intent to run past the full backs. We also bunch up and push our midfielders too far forward leaving our defence exposed

  25. Uwot?

    A couple of points to be made here.first up .lets get the c****ts Marc’s out of the way.martial.yep,banged in he may be the second coming.tat remains to be seen.januzai or whatever the ;f*** k you call him anyone?however,we” lol see.what annoyed me the most yesterday.& there was a lot to be pissed off about.was other than Gabriel.who was going after that c**t one.what a spineless bunch we the core.pulling Gabriel away,as if it’s his fault.thay should have been all around Costa,kicking f** k out of him .& then turning the screw on that arsenal hating prick dean.i said yesterday be afraid,be very afraid of dean.well proved for oil.lovely player.but a the epl you can’t carry luxury.dump him ASAP…

  26. Redtruth

    Arsenal accommodating an old age pensioner is a disgrace.

    This is Wenger’s last job in football and he is holding on for grim death because he is too scared to face life after football.

  27. Highbury4ever

    “Will Wenger start spending or retire? That is the question.”

    None of both options, so there is no f*cking question.

  28. Uwot?

    Sorry about the above spelling.sounds like I’m talking jibberish.then maybe I am.?this is what wenger does to you.plays with your f******ng frustrating.right I’moff to watch abc tv for a laugh with “Claude” & co.keeps me sane!

  29. David Smith

    I have a friend linked to the academy setup, I was told last autumn many at the club , including some players were convinced he would leave this summer. Apparently some players persuaded him to change his approach. But I would love to know what happened and why he is still here., seemingly with more power than ever if his antics this summer, and the silence of Gazidis, who in the past has openly encouraged him to buy, is anything to go by. I suspect the answer is Stan Kronke. I am sure Stan would keep him until he is 90 if he could. I am far from sure poor results or crowd unrest will persuade them to part company , or Wenger to leave. The only thing that might is something financial. Think we are sadly stuck with him, he is too stubborn and ultimately selfish to let someone better take over. And Stan getting someone ” better” is an assumption not safe to make even if Wenger did go. It seems even the feckin refs are trying to help us rid of him if yesterday is anything to go by.

  30. Dissenter

    Follow the money,
    “I would love to see Simeone run Arsenal if he could bring some of the Atletico staff with him.”

    He’ll have to clear house first. At least 10-15 players in the first squad will be gone in two years.

  31. Wallace


    “Two goals for Martial, btw. Where are Goondawg and Mystic? Or was it Wallace?”

    considering i was the only poster this summer who mentioned Martial as a possible option you’ll have to look elsewhere if you’re trying to score points.

  32. Uwot?

    For martial by end of season you could be saying another januzai or whatever you call him .let’s not get too carried away hey? Even sanogo scored a hat trick once hey?

  33. SpanishDave

    We have only scored 5 goals, less than Leicester, and all the teams around us.
    That’s the problem nobody is scoring.
    Walcott was constantly shoved off the ball yesterday, what a joker.
    This is the season it all goes wrong hopefully Wenger cannot take criticism
    he is a control freak.

  34. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Look a lot of all the talk about Wenger out is futile ….
    He is a cast iron Teflon coated one lucky muthafucker

    That breed of fella is far more sophicasted than your UK rouge/ scoundrel bordering on corrupt managers

    This man is far to clever to be caught like George
    Far to cunning to be ousted like Harry an veneers

    This man is a different level and one day we will find out the truth when the the club is all revealed ….

    He is not as transparent as we all think

  35. Thank you and goodnight

    Who needs martial when we have the greatest striker in the world mk11……..Oliver giroud. In wenger we trust

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Is the sort of striker an on the ball Wenger would have signed ….
    The fact is that he had lost vision lost focus…
    He is clearly not. Thinking about this campaign


    Lost first game of season


    Lost first champions league game


    lost first top four clash

    Fact Wenger is loved by 90 per cent but the ten percent that want him out are getting bigger ,,,,

  37. vicky

    Ushmanov is just a loudmouth. Till a couple of years ago, he was going on and on about paying king’s ramsom to buy shares from Kroenke. He has taken a back seat now. We are stuck with Kroenke for unforeseeable future.Probably,Kroenke is a bigger worry than Wenger. Not defending Wenger but I think with Kroenke in there, we would not recruit a high caliber manager. He would look for a Wenger mark 2 who wouldn’t demand big transfer fund.

  38. Follow the money

    I agree Vicky we are never getting Pep or Ancelotti etc but Simeone we could get. Problem there is that Wenger would probably have a say in it and Diego is not the type of manager Wenger likes. I don’t think Wenger will survive if we drop to 6th or lower. The pressure from fans and the media would be brutal and unrelenting because of Wenger’s own words; that the stadium was so we could compete with the big boys in the transfer market. He may get one more season to try and get us back to the top but I seriously doubt he could do it

  39. Jeff

    I myself have given up on Usmanov. I don’t think he wants to spend any of his money on buying out Kroenke. He’s playing the waiting game and he could be waiting a long, long time. Kroenke has got his tentacles tightly around Arsenal’s throat and he’s not letting go. Since FFP is dead and buried other owners who can will spend freely to get their clubs up there and we’re going to be left behind. The AKBs will cry fowl play and gnash their teeth but to no avail. That’s the way football is going and within 10 years we could be demoted to mid-table obscurity.

  40. Ben D

    I hope we all remember these comments come end of season. Sadly, people have short memories here. I remember the abuse and outrage on here last season when Liverpool signed Balotelli. Wasn’t Kane the greatest striker ever a few months ago? And what happened to Januzai (sp). It’s way too early to draw conclusions about Martial, or indeed DeBryune in this league. As I said earlier, time will tell. Let’s just give time time……

  41. Relieable sauce


    Sadly I think he wants to break Fergies record of longest serving manager, so possibly another 2 years(?) or more if he can hack it.
    Can see it being a pretty desperate season this time round & it may prove too much for him.
    Why let it end this way? Thats what I dont understand.
    Are the owner & BODs simply just pandering to Wenger because its the easy option & the fans would let him get away not competing. It does seem like they are chuckling at the situation at times but still seem to be doing little about wengers deathgrip on AFC.

  42. Joe

    How’s sanago doing Ben?

    Every one seemed to know he was shit bar Wenger

    And martial is different. He cost 32 m
    So obviously there is something special about the boy. No one pays that much for a Kane, junuzai etc. they pay that for a special
    Talent. Rooney Ferdinand etc

    We’d paid 16 m each for chambers and wellbeck who are shit

  43. Sukky

    After all the dust is settled, I decided to take a
    look at the game again. Mike Dean was once
    again a typical English referee (choke when they
    need to control the game), he has no balls to
    decide what to do. Costa was a total twat and
    Gabriel let him get to him. Well that doesn’t
    explain why Arsene sent his team out in the
    second half forgetting to mention the word
    DEFENCE and hit them on break. The fans can
    hide behind the red cards but that doesn’t cover
    the fact that wenger is tactically naive to set
    him team up like that. Where is Ozil all evening?
    What’s carzola even doing? Arsenal is struggling
    to get forward, it’s obvious. What’s Giroud doing
    on the bench. Let’s forget about Chelsea. Now
    Coquelin is injured now, I repeat Coquelin is
    injured, relax, take a deep breath and let that
    sick in.

  44. reality check

    Ben D
    I hope we all remember these comments come end of season. Sadly, people have short memories here. I remember the abuse and outrage on here last season when Liverpool signed Balotelli. Wasn’t Kane the greatest striker ever a few months ago? And what happened to Januzai (sp). It’s way too early to draw conclusions about Martial, or indeed DeBryune in this league. As I said earlier, time will tell. Let’s just give time time……

    Oh yes we will remember everything that we say because we really dont mind being wrong and holding our hands up. But will you…

    Sanogo — lets wait and see lol
    Gibbs — lets wait and see lol
    Cesc ‘he loves arsenal and will come back one day’ lol
    Denilson — lets wait and see lol
    Diaby — when hes fit you’ll see lol
    Wilshere — as soon as he gets over this injury he’ll be world class lol
    RVPs a cunt dont worry giroud was the top goal scorer in the french league.. he could turn out to be world class, henry struggled when he first came… lets wait and see –lol x10

    These are the types of wait and see comments we’ve seen over the years. So now your saying

    Martial – he might not be that good lets wait and see.

    So yes lets wait and see. But can you tell me with arsenal.. what are we waiting to see. Its the same squad added cech, that finished 3rd last year. All our rivals improved. What exactly are we going to see?

  45. Joe

    Wish we had a player we bought that we could get excited about in sept after he scored 3 goals in his first 2 matches. But nope. We have to be excited about Giroud.

  46. sam

    Martial is a young man n will become good. no need to wish him to turn like Januzaj he’s playing for a manager who believes in him.
    You had your hands on Afobe n Akpom what a f*ck have you done with them? You could have had AA strike force banging goals for arsenal you picked Sanogo n Giroud instead, enjoy!

  47. sam


    I don’t think Usmanov is at Arsenal for profits like Kroenke
    I never wish Arsenal to be taken over by a Russian thug but he’s the only one that can save this club from humiliations we’ve been facing for many years.
    Will sack alot of people including Wenger n spend big for the club

  48. N5

    Check he now posts on an Ajax forum, telling them posters there it doesn’t matter that Sanogo is shit as he didn’t cost them anything.

  49. champagne charlie


    I merely responded to someone who mentioned coquelin, then put my own thoughts out there on all things Arsenal. Thats how a blog works mate.

    Not my fault your hero worship extends to the average squad members.

    Nice profile name…

  50. David Smith

    Sam, there is no guarantee what Usmanov would do, and he has recently gone on record saying he would give Wenger a chance if he owned the club, he may or may not mean it, but that’s what he has said. He has also implied he would take dividends. Usmanov, for all his talk is an unknown quantity. That’s the trouble with dissatisfaction with current owners, anyone else becomes a viable and attractive option.
    That said, sadly, Stan is not in the habit of selling, unless , and please let it happen, he needs money for his new stadium stateside.
    Stan is the disease, Wenger the willing symptom. When Wenger goes, it will be more of the same, or even worse until Stan trusts the new man with his money. Anyone who thinks Stan will bring in the likes of Pep, and the money that would cost is completely and utterly deluded. We stand more chance of getting Gary Monk, or Roberto Martinez than Pep or even Klopp. I fear under Stan, Wenger may be as good as it gets.

  51. PieAFC

    Even if we lost a few on the bounce.

    Wenger isn’t going no where. He has too much of a stronghold at Arsenal to be sacked or for anyone to say anything bad about him.

    Steve Bould – should be doing more too, getting off the bench.Not sitting there acting as passive as that cunt. Show some passion, seems thats been sucked out of him too.

  52. PieAFC

    If we are not careful. We will sink to a level where we will not have the resources like United, or the pulling power to attract the big names.

    More years of transition.

    What makes it frustrating we are a massive club. Being run like a mid table team with restraints.

  53. Joe


    Not it’s not as good as we get.

    Wenger does not get the best of his players. Jose, pep, Klopp would have this squad firing much much much better.

    There is no fire. No passion. No playing for the badge with this squad

    Blaming this on Stan and thinking Wenger is the best we can do is a loser attitude and excusing Wenger for his million faults.


  54. David Smith

    Agree Joe, Wenger does not get the best out of anyone these days, but my point is, When he goes, Stan will not go near Pep or Klopp, such managers would probably demand way more in spending than Stan is used to or would be comfortable with. Managers like that would only come if guaranteed they would be able to compete with Chelsea or City…or Utd, that is big dollars in fees and wages. And that is not Stan at all, just look at how his other clubs are run. I want Wenger gone, but seriously worry about his replacement at this club

  55. Joe

    Stan has not stopped Wenger from spending and wasting money on wellbeck , chambers and all his other clubs don’t have 200m in the bank.

    It’s Wenger who doesn’t spend the money given to him. It’s his fault. No one else’s.

    Wenger wants the excuse when he fails that he doesn’t spend. And accolades when he wont the fa cup without spending.

    Well this year it will all come back on to him. And I’ll be throwing a party when he gets thrown out on his ass. Hopefully by end of sept.

  56. useroz

    Anyone knows how/ where to sign the anti-Mike Dean (ie can’t ref Arsenal games) petition to the FA?

    It needs 35,0000 before FA considers it; sign it if you haven’t.

  57. Cloggs

    Pre-game Andy informed me that Ivanovic was Chelsea’s weak link and that teams which had done well against them had targeted him. I cheerfully informed him that he needn’t worry with us, because there was almost certainly no way Arsenal would’ve taken this into consideration when setting up the team. And so it turned out to be.
    LOL!!! :mrgreen:

  58. Adam A. Carbarundum

    A couple of days later and the realization that this latest incident is just plain sad and telling of how far Arsenal have truly declined. Long gone are the days of Adams and Keown who would have bore The Neanderthal Costa a new one, replaced by the soft, weak and small that represent today’s Gooners. On display is the architect himself in all his griping glory and quite frankly, it’s pathetic beyond pathetic.

    Arsenal have two tough matches ahead this week and the focus remains on Saturdays feeble display from a now paralyzed group of children. So we know this much, a trifecta of imbeciles (Mourinho , Costa and Dean) who collectively aren’t worth the feces that comes from my rear end can absolutely turn a team of so-called professionals into a kindergarten playground mess. What the F has happened to my Arsenal???

  59. Bamford10

    The petition Arsenal supporters should be signing is one that asks Arsene Wenger to step down / be dismissed.

    That people are so quick to this referee thing yet have put up with this idiot for years is shameful.

    This is why Marble is right to say that Arsenal fans ultimately get what they deserve.

  60. Bamford10

    From The Guardian’s 10 Take-Aways from the Weekend:

    5) De Bruyne shines despite West Ham’s City upset

    Kevin De Bruyne’s home debut was a memorable affair. Manchester City lost 2-1 to West Ham yet the Belgian was the contest’s shining light. The choice of pass, the touch and control, De Bruyne’s movement, and the calm chess-like vision amid the Premier League’s hue-and-cry, suggest City have acquired a heck of a player – even at his £52m price tag. This was a David Silva-esque or, rather, a De Bruyne-esque display that should make football fans of all stripes eager to watch him each time City’s livery is pulled on.

    Think they think he’s one of the league’s ten best? Of course they do.

  61. GuNZ

    I have signed everything. Dean to be dismembered, Wenger to have an Alsatian with a stitched-on chainsaw for a penis to take him from behind, Giroud to be drowned in a vat of molten nougat.

  62. qna

    Referee’s have howlers too. To a man, every Arsenal player in our team have had stinkers as equal if not worse than the Ref. Wenger has had more stinkers than all the current Refs combined.

  63. Rhys Jaggar

    Isn’t it about time all these diet-conscious football clubs hosted a ‘let’s get on together session for Burger King, McDonalds’ et al, entitled: ‘how to make your customers eat healthily’?

    It really is a sick joke that those who have caused more health damage in western economies than anyone (i.e. coke rotting teeth by the millions, McDonalds and Burger King inducing obesity by the millions) are being portrayed as superior citizens/organisations.

    You asked Coke whether they and Pepsi get on recently?? Go ask a few folks at WC 2010……..

    You wanna teach ISIS to get on with others, you lot expose your bit of London and most of NYC to the sort of carpet bombing that Fallujah got a decade ago and you expose your daughters to sufficient depleted uranium, so that they produce 2-headed kids due to daily exposure to that dreadful foetal poison……..

    You wanna preach peace in the middle east, stop complaining about Costa winding up Gabriel. Preach that the UK/US axis should be ‘dealt with’ by the global equivalent of Mke Dean, the FA and FIFA.


  64. Wolfgang

    I have been saying for year the mo think they are untouchable even though they have made blunders. To be honest ,the FA has disciplined some erring refs.
    Some of the high file blunders like the Cosat incident shd not be allowed to rest. The FA shd take action against Dean and Costa.
    I have said before for Arsenal to win not only games but the epl they have to play against 14 guys.

  65. MOFAYA

    TRULY DISGUSTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    THIS IS ABOUT RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    IT’S TRULY PATHETIC!!!!!!!!!!!