Don’t block ads, it’s selfish | Wounded Chelsea are going to be horrible

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Courtesy of @the_cros

Courtesy of @the_cros

Happy good morning to one and all.

Gown start with a moan.

iOS9 launched the other day. The hottest new app is an ad blocker.

HOORAY I hear you say. Nasty bastard advertisers polluting your experience, tracking your behaviour, possibly to build a case against you and your secret latina marshmallow fetish.

Totally understand this viewpoint. However, listen to the perspective of a publisher.

We either create for free (HIYA) or we create for a pretty pitiful return. Creation is a passion. Not many do it for the millions. Because, let’s be honest, there aren’t many jobs going in publishing that get you the millions.

So your Vice writers, your Guardian journalists, your 4-4-2 guys and gals… they’re not earning a mint nor are their holding companies (in most cases anyway, Vice might be an exception).

So you, as a reader, potter around the internet expecting free content. It’s your right. But someone spent time creating that.

The minimum you can do, is either pay for it (I pay for The Guardian and The Economist), or take a momentary second to ingest an advert and buy a fucking Nissan Sedan.

Blocking off adverts is blocking the lifeblood of important institutions that we should cherish. Institutions that uncover fraud, highlight unjust suffering and bring us closer to the truth behind big money transfer stories.

If we block, we surrender to Apple or Facebook’s walled garden, content will either have to be walled off into apps, or the industry will shrink to the point where the only publishers that will survive will be the ones that have billionaire owners interests at heart.

Think before you block. It’s the ultimate act of digital selfishness in a world that doesn’t consider how their online enjoyment came to be, or the consequences of ill thought out actions.


I bloody love days like this. It’s a big game. We’re starting to become a team that thrives on the big games.

Ok, that was too far. We’ve won a couple of big games so we’re in with a chance for once.

The prevailing fear is that we have a lot of players out of form at the moment.

The worry is that Jose Mourinho is hurt. His team are wounded. They are a team of big game players. This is a big stage. Jose hates Wenger. The scene is set for a hideous spoiler of a day.

I think  Jose is going to try to beat Ozil out of the game today.  I think he’ll look to close the space and interrupt our movement with systematic fouling. I think this is going to be horrendous.

I think our plan will be based around speed terror. Chelsea’s back four looked like they hung out with an ice cream tub of polonium this summer. They’re weak. They’re lacking confidence. They look old.

Theo Walcott, Aaron Ramsey and Alexis Sanchez are going to be sent out on a seek and destroy mission. Our role today is to batter through a deep lying defence. We need to stretch them, we need to pull them out of position… and most importantly, we need to take our chances.

This isn’t a day for spooning over from 3 years. This isn’t the day for a lack of concentration. We have to win this.

For me, the rhetoric in the dressing room should be around shutting Jose up and burying their title winning aspirations. We need to seek revenge for the deluge of embarrassments that man has handed out personally and on the pitch to Arsene Wenger.

There can be no excuses.

The chat after the game, if the worst happens will be geared around that £220m pot (worth rereadings this) of cash that’s sitting in the accounts. If the manager has faith in the squad, he showcases why he has that faith by beating the Champions today.

I’m cautious about the game, but excited. This is what it’s all about. Let’s have a big game from the boys and a vocal day from the away fans!

Enjoy, see you on the other side.

P.S. Sweet article on managerial performance from Matt Scott (here)

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  1. Alex Cutter

    “Yes this team is full of soft guys but the best of a bad bunch is Koz.”

    In that context, I somewhat agree with you. Although Alexis stood up for Coq recently when he got hammered, and I haven’t seen Koz do that for a teammate in recent memory.

  2. Joe

    We will lose the next 3 matches. Arteta will get exposed again and again.

    We rarely best Spurs at whl since we won the league at their shithole.

    Liescester is in form and Wenger won’t have planned.

    Man U. Well we all know how that story goes

    We wool probably best olympiakos.

  3. vicky

    Guys if you had to do a massive overhaul of the team, who are the players you will persist with in the long term ?

    My list is


    Koscieleny, Mertesacker,Monreal,Cazorla,Rosicky are getting old. So, of course they can’t be in any long term plan.

    Arteta,Flamini,Giroud,Walcott,Ozil,Gibbs,Welback,Debuchy,Campbell — I will offload them without any second thoughts.

    Chambers and Ospina – I am kind of undecided on these two.

  4. Jeff


    Yes they do exist and perhaps nowadays less so than before. But I agree with you with regard to what the role of the captain is deemed to be at Arsenal. I don’t know who decides what the responsibilities of the captain should be but as you rightly point out, when we’re in trouble there doesn’t appear to be much rallying going on. Flamini did a bit of it when he returned to the Emirates but somehow these things seem to fizzle out. You could argue that Wise was an exceptional case because he went on to management after his playing career so you could say leadership qualities were already in him.

    Van Persie was a captain only in name. He did next to nothing in that capacity other than talking to the referee a few times. In fact, I don’t think we’ve had a captain as good as Adams – so that should say something about how diminished the importance of that job has become at Arsenal. From the outside, it looks like captaincy is nothing more than a tradition – it has no power and no real influence – i.e. nothing much is expected from him whoever he happens to be.

    New Post by the way.

  5. Joe

    No one stands up for anyone. It all filters down from the cunt Wenger. Arteta as captain? Wenger isn’t a leader. How do we expect the team to have leaders

  6. Reality check


    So Man City are shit Champions of a Shit league

    What the hell does that say about the rest of the teams and players who couldn’t beat this shit team?

    If the champions are shit… what does that make the 4th placed team!!

  7. Dissenter

    Gabriel had no choice.
    Koshielny looked like he needed rescuing. He was better to the ground by Costa.
    Had he stayed away, our team of pansies would have just shrugged and kept playing.

  8. Joe


    I’d put a maybe beside Ramsey , Jack and ox.

    They are not improving. Haven’t for a couple seasons. Bang average on a bang average team.

  9. carts

    Its no surprise that in a squad of 20-odd Gabriel is the only one that has shown massive bollocks.

    Wenger has deliberately ridded our squad of no-nonsense characters. In his crazy head he feels that playing pretty with a bunch of technicians can trump any team. Yup, sounds a bit like Barcelona again doesn’t it?!

    I hope if there are any lessons learnt from yesterday it is that every man on the pitch needs to stand up for one another. Chelsea are wankers no doubt, with minimal friend in football, but no one can question their unity.

    Correct me if I’m wrong but Ox and (i think) Bellerin were the only one to clap out away fans. What that shit all about. A team full of proud, overpayed, wimps.

  10. Reality check

    Gabriel had no choice.
    Koshielny looked like he needed rescuing. He was better to the ground by Costa.
    Had he stayed away, our team of pansies would have just shrugged and kept playing.

    Listen nobody called Henry a pansy when Vieira was defending him.or any other player by the way.

    If every time you are defended by your teammate, that makes you scared then i dont know man.. mabey they’re all scared then.

    Ok ill concede koz looked abit spooked by the chest bump but dam. If he reacted and got sent off he would’ve got slaughtered. He kept his composure.

    Now what your looking for is someone to come in and back you up. Someone who isn’t as emotionally charged as you.

    Who stepped in?

    No one. All scared of Costa. Only Gab stood up for his teammate. I’m sorry but Paulista showed some balls and hes new to the team!

  11. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Cesc fabergas is a prize cunt
    For some reason which I can’t fathom out people still revere him on here…
    The man is a slow arsed wife stealing over elaborated footballer who I couldn’t care less about if he was playing or injured,

    The man is total scum….

  12. Relieable sauce

    We have lacked leadership far too long under Wenger, he doesnt see the value in captains & has turned it into a PR position, watering down the clubs identity & weakening the bond between the club/team & the fans.

  13. Reality check

    R.S.P.C.ArsenalSeptember 20, 2015 14:20:01
    Carts What annoys me most is the players shaking hands at the end with the Rev an Chelsea …If you have lost you just leave the pitch fuck the formalities

    True about Cesc. At least. At the very least this bunch of twats that play for AFC currently can boast an FA Cup or 2.

    Something to show for their efforts for the club.

  14. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Tomorrow the fa decide wether to charge Costa …
    If they don’t give him a three match ban then arsenal really should do something drastic …

    They should refuse dean in any future games ….
    Complain an refuse to play a live game losing the three points an pay any fine…
    With hold any English player from representing the country

    Finally do a fergie don’t talk to press pre or post match or send in the kit manager …

  15. Relieable sauce

    Chambers – loan
    Wilshire – bonus player, 25th man, IF he isnt ruined already. With a contract that reflects this.
    Ramsey – happy to sell him if a big enough bid comes but he could thrive under a new manager. No rush.
    Ox – Would like to see him under a new manager as well.
    Walcott – I would sell him…IF we could find a buyer

    I would keep these players mid-long term taking a pragmatic view, Jenkinson could possibly be decent back up if Bellerin develops well & becomes ultra reliable.

    Lots of kids with decent potential as well, mainly MFs & attackers though.

    We will need replacements as well as upgrades next season, this should be an ongoing process but it is treated as an inconvenience at Arsenal.