Arsenal rotation was correct, execution was wrong

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So, this is the point where I have to stick to my guns.

Before the game, I stated we needed to rest players because the big fish we’re looking to fry is Chelsea on Saturday.

They rested players…

They had a home game…

They have more rest…

It was completely essential we rest our big names and we did. The manager made 6 changes, oddly bringing David Ospina into the mix.

The game didn’t go well. Arsenal’s second string isn’t as strong as we’d like to think and they made hard work of a well drilled Dinamo Zagreb.

That doesn’t mean the decision to rest heavily was incorrect, it simply meant Arsene didn’t get it right on the night and the players let him down.

Olivier Giroud continues to be spectacularly awful in front of goal. The guy has dropped into a sinkhole of misery this season. He’s having some belief problems and he can’t pull through. For me, he needs to yank his head out of his backside and stop feeling sorry for himself. He has a great contract, he has the support of the manager and really, he has the support of the fans. We all sing his name, we all cheer him… we need him to be the best he can be.

Come Olivier!

Arteta clearly isn’t cut out in the middle of the park these days, solid to begin with, no legs to end. Such an obvious mistake this summer not replace him with a younger version. Kieran Gibbs continues to merely exist in the shadows, occasionally coming out of them to remind us he’s not that great. I mean, we’ve had him bombing forward forgetting he’s a full back, we’ve had him not fight when he’s wrong sent off, we’ve had his injury issues and yesterday we had him forgetting to jump! He’s the epitome of ‘satisfied to be benched’ for me.

Still, at least Theo banged in another goal. A tactical chess piece for the Chelsea game more than in the mood to cause some disruption.

So, a loss. A pretty embarrassing one. But look, we’ve been here before. We’re extremely experienced in this competition. We’ll get through to the last 16, then it’ll go to shit from there.

… and that was one of my points on Talksport the other night (yeah, dropped that in there), we’re never going to win the Champions League, so let’s make sure at home.

3 points at Chelsea is the only remedy here.



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  1. Leedsgunner

    “Wow wages went from £166.4m to £192.2m. That’s up £25.8m. Up 15%. Shocking mismanagement.”

    Is that after we jettisoned longtime deadwood like Miyachi , Podolski and Diaby?!? Just frightening to think what it would be if the deadwood were kept on?!?

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    At the balance sheet date, the Group’s total cash and bank balances amounted to
    GBP228.2 million (2014 -GBP207.9 million), inclusive of debt service reserve balances of GBP35.0 million (2014 – GBP34.6 million).

    So our cash reserves have gone up again! Up by £20.3m. The debt reserve has only gone up by £400,000.

    We made a pre-tax profit of £24.7m. Why are we making profits that will be taxed when we could have bought Sniederlein for such a price?

  3. Wallace

    how can people be surprised by the wage bill increase? a 19yr old French kid with 8 career goals went for 50m last month…it aint rocket science.

  4. dennisdamenace

    Kroenke brings absolutely nothing to Arsenal Football Club. In fact, EVERY single one of those cunts, Kroenke, Gazidis & Wenger, are complicit in fleecing the fans for their own fucking financial gain.

  5. Leedsgunner


    Thanks. Much obliged.

    Can someone remind Wenger of these figures next time he says he can’t compete? We have plenty of money we need to spend it properly.

  6. Wallace

    “He could still salvage some vindication, however, if Arsenal win at Stamford Bridge on Saturday. Petr Cech will return to his old stomping ground and the performances of Mathieu Debuchy and Kieran Gibbs in Croatia should ensure that Héctor Béllerin and Nacho Monreal start as well. Francis Coquelin has got to come back and Theo Walcott should start in place of the slower and deflated Olivier Giroud.

    Chelsea also made changes in mid-week but for different reasons. It will be interesting to see how many of Wednesday night’s starters retain their place for the visit of Arsenal. Ruben Loftus-Cheek did enough to suggest he would be a better bet than Nemanja Matic at the moment, but Loïc Rémy did not seize his opportunity to displace Diego Costa and Kurt Zouma looked shaky at times, meaning John Terry could return, although Kurt Zouma would be a sounder safeguard against Walcott’s pace. Similarly, Baba Rahman should keep his place because Branislav Ivanovic could do without facing a side with Arsenal’s speed.”

    – Guardian

    barely watch Chelsea, has Matic been that bad?

  7. Arsene's Nurse

    Creditors: amounts falling due within one year (273,733) 2015, (203,032) 2014.

    So that looks like we’ll be paying out another £70m over the course of this year over and above what we did last year.

    £228m in the bank. £35m of that in reserve which is untouchable. So £193m in the bank. We will pay out an extra £70m so knock that off. That still leaves £123m. We usually use around £50m a year to run. Last half yearly statement said we had £161m in the bank so the gap has gone down again to £30m ish.

    Leaves a lot of money in the kitty for transfers that’s for sure.

    Bearing in mind we’ve gotten rid of a lot of dead wood then that will improve next year too because the likes of Diaby and Podolski had around £160k a week between them (£8.32m a year). And we’ve loaned out loads, which will more than balance Cech coming in.

  8. Marko

    So we’re still filthy rich. Well that’s something I guess. Just a shame there was not a SINGLE OUTFIELD PLAYER we could of bought this summer to improve us.

  9. Wallace


    white bibs? saw the Ox in green, but was there a shot of Ramsey in white? if it was first eleven against squad members maybe not the smartest thing to be posting pics of the probable team the day before the game.

  10. VP

    £192mill in wages and only two worthy players in the whole team (Sanchez & Koscienly) to show for it.

    An inexcusable amount of cash in the bank with no short term debt and current liabilities apart from debt service reserves.

    Another year of paying Corporation Tax at the Main rate!

    Glazadias and Cheswick coming out and proclaiming our results as some sort of achievement that merits celebration. What a fucking disgrace!

    We’re an absolute joke of a football club and hope things unravel on Saturday.

  11. Arsene's Nurse

    James wood
    September 18, 2015 14:06:45

    Love to see this shower of. Shit earning the new living wage.

    Wages should be set on results,goals scored ,and defended.
    And win bonuses.
    It partially is. From the statement (Page 8):

    “The wage bill for the year of GBP192.2 million (2014 -GBP166.4 million) was increased primarily as a consequence of the players added to the squad in the year
    and the contract extensions agreed with existing players. There is also an impact from Champions League qualification bonuses, which are a feature of many of our First Team player contracts. By virtue of reaching the Group Stage of the 2014/15 competition, via the play-off round, and the Group Stage of the 2015/16 edition, via third place in the Premier League, there have been two bonus trigger events during the 2014/15 financial year.”

  12. Dusty Kart

    I’m glad people are explaining the financial side in layman’s terms as to me we have a shed load of dough and can compete with anyone just got a mad Frenchman in charge who doesn’t know the wars over !!
    Cunt out!!

  13. Leedsgunner

    In light of financial results this afternoon let’s remember what Merse said after the transfer window closed…

    “The fans think ‘what are we coming for? We turn up every week, we pay the highest prices and what for? Top four? We might get a day out at Wembley again in the FA Cup.’ Wow-wee… There’s a saying in life: Keep on doing the things you do and you’ll get the same results. How different is this season going to be for Arsenal? It’s the same team that finished 12 points behind Chelsea last year. Why, this year, will this team finish above Chelsea.

    “I can tell you now, there will be a phase this season when they’ll be unbelievable, win seven on the trot and play the best football you’ve ever seen. But at the end of the season, with this team and no signings, I’d be absolutely shocked if they won the Premier League.”

    Well said… Paul.

    The big question is anyone listening at Arsenal? Anyone?

    I say again, it’s not about just splashing the cash for the sake of it.

    However we had more than enough money to buy a good DM and ST this summer.

    Remember if we come away without all three points tomorrow.

  14. blsany

    “£192mill in wages and only two worthy players in the whole team (Sanchez & Koscienly) to show for it.”

    Mesut Ozil has created 76 goalscoring chances in the top flight in 2015, more than any other player Ozil setting the creative standard.It clearly shows he is the best player in his position.How is he not worthy players.Can you say the same about Sanchez or Koz?

  15. Arsene's Nurse

    We paid £4.67m in tax (on profits of £24,714m). It wouldn’t surprise me to see Wenger offering a valuation of a player that was under what the selling club wanted that was below the amount we paid in tax.