Could tonight see Arsenal play J.Campbell with pace rested for Chelsea?

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Black armband day in the office.

So sad about Jack and his latest set back. One of the sport scientist peeps on the web said that the trouble with broken kids is that they don’t develop their muscles well as they grow older… which incurs more problems.

That’s what I worry about for Jack. Sure, he has a bone issue now, but like leaving your Aston Martin dorment on the drive, what happens when you switch it off?

Little things break… your aircon has gone moldy… and you need to service it.

Psychologically it must be tough. There can be no joy in sitting about on your ass when you’re a tuned sportsman. It’s not like he can get on the beers or keep fit.

Anyway, good luck to him. Jack’s a fighter and he’s in good hands with the medical staff at Arsenal. That’s probably the only positive I can take from this. We don’t have to worry that there’s been incompetence at Arsenal level these days because we have the best in the business looking after him.

Onto Zagreb this evening. Chelsea are going to rest players heavily. Jose continues to lose the plot in his press conferences like a very young manager might. That can’t be good for his team to hear. Anyway, he’ll have fresh legs for the weekend as he risks a bad result with major rotation.

Olivier Giroud would be my preference for this evening. We need to blast Chelsea with pace at the weekend. A front three of Theo, Sanchez and Ramsey will be causing many a damp mattress between now and Saturday.

I expect to see Arteta come into this side and I’m hoping for lots of rotation.

You have to be realistic about our chances here. We don’t have the depth or talent to win the biggest honour in football. It’d be tough to win the league, but not impossible. We certainly should be doing everything we can do to win this weekends game. From my perspective, Chelsea are swimming off the coast of Australia in a pool of blood. We need to be ruthless and finish their Premier League winning chance by savaging them at the weekend. Because really, 4 losses from your first 6 is pretty much league over.

Tonight, we should be able to beat this side. We need a draw at least. A front three of Giroud, Chambo and what, Joel Campbell? I don’t think we’ll see Ozil or Coquelin rested. But we know Rambo has stayed at home, so we’ll see Arteta.

It’s a big game, but only because it’s about preservation for the weekend.

Right, that’s your lot today, let me know your team in the comments!

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  1. Highbury4ever

    “If the players are to blame why are they still at the club?”
    Probably because the same manager still in charge.

  2. afcmacca


    Wenger probably has also WON more champions league group games than most too
    We have Chelsea a away a few days after Zagreb
    He was right to gamble on team

    Get behind the gooners
    Bring on the Chavs


  3. Leedsgunner

    Why are we surprised?

    The team that lost to Monaco last year was this:
    13 Ospina
    39 Bellerin (Booked)
    04 Mertesacker
    06 Koscielny
    03 Gibbs
    34 Coquelin Booked (Oxlade-Chamberlain – 68′ )
    19 Cazorla (Rosicky – 81′ )
    23 Welbeck
    11 Özil (Booked)
    17 Sánchez
    12 Giroud (Walcott – 60′ )

    The team that lost last night to D. Zagreb was this:

    13 Ospina
    02 Debuchy
    05 Gabriel
    06 Koscielny
    03 Gibbs (Campbell – 65′ Booked )
    19 Cazorla
    08 Arteta (Coquelin – 64′ )
    15 Oxlade-Chamberlain (Walcott – 64′ )
    11 Özil
    17 Sánchez
    12 Giroud (Dismissed)

    Virtually the same. Why should we expect anything different?

    Sure, I am disappointed that we lost but am I surprised? No. In fact I was pleasantly surprised that Wenger rotated as much as he did.

    Although he isn’t saying it, I think it is clear that even he knows he will never get beyond the 2nd round of 15 in the UEFA CL this year. Wenger has his eyes firmly on the Chelsea match… and is that necessarily a bad thing? The league has to be a priority for me and I think it must be so for Wenger this year. at least after this performance, the boys will want to come out fighting. Had we won comfortably tonight, complacency would have set in.

    It might be just me given the choice I would take three points versus Chelsea in the league versus three points in a competition where we are just there to make up the numbers… it’s sad to say but true. the sooner we’re out of Europe the better. We don’t have the squad to win it, so it’s just a big drain. How many more times do we need to see AFC get humiliated by Bayern Munich? Barcelona? No thanks.

    Wenger used to say we needed to be in Europe to sign the biggest players, but as this summer demonstrated even that sounds hollow now. He doesn’t sign anyone when he doesn’t want to.

    Apart from Cech we haven’t strengthened, it was predictable. Even the post game excuses are predictable… bad luck bad luck bad luck. Wenger, himself is the luckiest man alive though getting paid £8.5m to make the same mistakes year after year.

  4. afcmacca

    GIBBS & ARTETA aint good enough – i agree
    but every club has them
    Ivanovic & Mikel aint good enough anymore
    Rojo & Fellaini aint good enough
    Mangala & Navas aint good enough
    Liverpoo aint good enough
    Spurs aint good enough

    we have CECH – BELLERIN – MONREAL – COQ – RAMBO & THEO to come back into starting line up

    I am much more focused on putting more misery on Jose not gonna be bought down by a defeat in zagreb with sub players & 10 men


  5. peanuts&monkeys

    “getting paid £8.5m to make the same mistakes year after year.”

    ..after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year after year. (thats 12 years now)

    Some of these ‘mistakes’ are deliberate.

  6. Biggus

    Not sure why anyone will fault the partnership of Kos and Gab last night, i think that is developing and aside from that last freak pass towards the end, they did alright.

    Mind you, Kos should have been more aggressive on the second goal header.

    As for everyone blaming the rotation, it’s not entirely the problem in my opinion. The only players that you can consider ‘fringe’ are Debuchy, Arteta and Gibbs. Ox has had a fair amount of games and the rest of the guys are starters as well.

    Combo of Arteta and Santi is just plain insane. Makes me think that Wenger is not really sure of what Coq brings to that role; urgency and energy amongst other things.

    Ox was terrible last night and seem uninterested. I’ve always said the English guys need more coaching to be able to have more consistency and discipline. There is massive potential there though.

    I blame the manager because the same strategy works against us, crowd the center and catch them on either set pieces or counter. It didn’t help that we had a soft belly last night; number of times Arteta got shrugged off the ball easily and we all said that Santi was running out of steam.

    Now we face Chelsea who are on a high when two of their underfire players (Cesc and Costa) got on the scoresheet plus we had to play with 10 men for over 70mins. Looking grim indeed

  7. afcmacca

    and the absolute tool on here moaning about PRO-WENGERS coming on here after defeats

    What the hell is wrong with you
    I imagine you have close links to the KKK
    a tattoo of george graham on your ass cheek
    zero GCSEs & a jose mourinho love

  8. peanuts&monkeys

    Best wishes to Jose. Run it in Jose, onto Wengermaggot’s arse. Rub it hard enough that he cries foul louder than we have heard before.

    Here’s wishing a 3 – 0 victory to Chelsea, in advance! Good Luck Chelsea.

  9. peanuts&monkeys

    Even a year back this page would have been full with AKB thrashing today. And, the occasional AKB rant would attract even more rage from Arsenal fans (not WOBs, mark that AKB asses).

    But with more apathy shown by WengerMaggotFaggot and his billionaire master, more and more Arsenal fans have lost interest. Thats why we get to see these AKBs out of their hiding today.

  10. Mr B

    Wenger’s inactivity during the transfer window is unforgivable but with the squad he has, there is no choice but to rest players during CL to stand a chance in the PL

  11. bennydevito

    For the record, I want Wenger out but I will never wish us to lose, especially against the scum and that arsehole of an arrogant cheque book cunt Maureen.

  12. OleGunner

    Peanuts again wishing for losses? That’s completely unnecessary.

    Does your peanut brain not understand that losses will not get Wenger out??

    You might as well hope for some big game wins on our route to finishing 3rd/4th

  13. bennydevito

    As soon as I saw the lineup I knew we’d struggle. Sure there were elements of bad luck but the real culprit was bad squad management as a result of a terrible transfer window.

    It really is so fucking boring.

    Still, that I am Arsene fella was certainly entertaining!

  14. blsany

    Last night Wenger became the first manager to lose 50 CL matches .

    Please bag your bags and fuck off.

  15. Gooner Dan

    People who want Wenger out are pro Arsenal the club. People defending Wenger are pro Arsene as him staying in no way will lead to the CLUB progressing as for the wanker on here saying we only want him out after a defeat. Where have you been ? You know fuck all