Could tonight see Arsenal play J.Campbell with pace rested for Chelsea?

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Black armband day in the office.

So sad about Jack and his latest set back. One of the sport scientist peeps on the web said that the trouble with broken kids is that they don’t develop their muscles well as they grow older… which incurs more problems.

That’s what I worry about for Jack. Sure, he has a bone issue now, but like leaving your Aston Martin dorment on the drive, what happens when you switch it off?

Little things break… your aircon has gone moldy… and you need to service it.

Psychologically it must be tough. There can be no joy in sitting about on your ass when you’re a tuned sportsman. It’s not like he can get on the beers or keep fit.

Anyway, good luck to him. Jack’s a fighter and he’s in good hands with the medical staff at Arsenal. That’s probably the only positive I can take from this. We don’t have to worry that there’s been incompetence at Arsenal level these days because we have the best in the business looking after him.

Onto Zagreb this evening. Chelsea are going to rest players heavily. Jose continues to lose the plot in his press conferences like a very young manager might. That can’t be good for his team to hear. Anyway, he’ll have fresh legs for the weekend as he risks a bad result with major rotation.

Olivier Giroud would be my preference for this evening. We need to blast Chelsea with pace at the weekend. A front three of Theo, Sanchez and Ramsey will be causing many a damp mattress between now and Saturday.

I expect to see Arteta come into this side and I’m hoping for lots of rotation.

You have to be realistic about our chances here. We don’t have the depth or talent to win the biggest honour in football. It’d be tough to win the league, but not impossible. We certainly should be doing everything we can do to win this weekends game. From my perspective, Chelsea are swimming off the coast of Australia in a pool of blood. We need to be ruthless and finish their Premier League winning chance by savaging them at the weekend. Because really, 4 losses from your first 6 is pretty much league over.

Tonight, we should be able to beat this side. We need a draw at least. A front three of Giroud, Chambo and what, Joel Campbell? I don’t think we’ll see Ozil or Coquelin rested. But we know Rambo has stayed at home, so we’ll see Arteta.

It’s a big game, but only because it’s about preservation for the weekend.

Right, that’s your lot today, let me know your team in the comments!

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  1. Salvage

    I am not even bothering to read the essays from I am Arsene dude here. I dont have the patience for bullcrap after what we just watched.

  2. Follow the money

    So Wenger says on BT that Zagreb were committed? Translation; we can only beat teams that are uncommitted AKA teams that let us win. Sounds about right

  3. Bamford10

    There is no defending Wenger at this point. Why some of you even bother to reply to these AKBs is beyond me. They have literally nothing of merit to say.

    In some ways gambon’s simple post of Wenger quotes was perfect.

    “It was an accident”

    “We will learn from this”

    “The answer is not always to buy”

    “We couldnt find anyone that improves us”

  4. Goondawg

    Debuchy and Gibbs flank play caused so much problems??

    Mate what game were you watching.

    Debuchy lost the ball 19 times and only played one measly cross. It wasn’t a good one

    Gibbs is a terrible defender and completely brainless in the final third. Countless times caught napping and jogging back instead of recovering the balls he lost in the first place

    Arteta and Cazorla were non existent

  5. Danish Gooner

    When a team of so little quality as Zagreb can turn you over, with ease, i may add there are no chance in hell we will win he cl or the pl.How will we fare away to a turned on everton or pool or manure or spurs or west ham etc when you can beat a team best described as a croatian Hartlepool.

  6. Bamford10


    Could you please fuck off? It is quite obvious that City are levels above us. And we just lost to Dinamo Zagreb. Started the year with a loss at home to WestHam.

    We are very average.

    And you are one of the dullest (yet most persistent) AKBs we’ve ever had visit here. You’re tedious, mate. Please go to Arseblog or some such place. Seriously.

  7. Danish Gooner

    No,far from it but i am seriously tired of watching groundhog day over and over again,when it is so obvious the manager cant motivate his players anymore.

  8. Danish Gooner

    It doesnt matter Tom,if we are dominant for 89 minutes and still fail to win it is a pointless argument,it is the same as wenger proclaiming that fourth place is a trophy it is not it simply trying to disguise your own inadequate performance because your team isnt strong enough to fight for first or second.

  9. Goondawg

    Ofc we weren’t dominant. They were 1-0 up ffs. Dominance isn’t sideways passing while they implement their counter-attacking plan to perfection. Let us have possession, sit back, hit us on the break. We didn’t work their GK.

    First you say Arteta played well. Then you say his job isn’t to create chances when I show you the facts pointedly showing how woeful Arteta was. Invisible in attack. Terrible in defence.

  10. Danish Gooner

    Fact is ,we lost to a shockingly average team and they picked us of with ease,bayern will put 6 or 7 past this side and against us it could be blitzkrieg.

  11. Joe

    No tom, I don’t hope we lose. But I think we will.

    And we have no hope with Wenger. We are not that bad just have a loser manager who will not win the title or even compete ever again

    £100 tom. That we don’t come within 10
    Points of the title. If you are so sure we will win it, what are you afraid of. We don’t even have to win. Just compete and you win the bet

    Do you not trust Wenger tom??

  12. tom

    Sorry if I bore you.
    I find you amusing.

    Most Arsenal fans like and respect Wenger.
    I’m not alone in my opinion .
    You choose to disagree and be an arse about it.
    I enjoy listening to your rants, they are classics of their kind.

  13. Danish Gooner

    He have lost 50 group stage games in the cl,shocking to think about, 50 games.It just underlines that arsenal is canon fodder in the cl and Wenger is so out of his depth it is getting embarrassing.

  14. Bamford10


    Why bother? Tom has no arguments or evidence. Just empty assertions.

    “We were dominating.” We were down 1-0.

    “Arteta played well.” Arteta was garbage and did nothing of note statistically.

    Guy is a joke. Ignore him.

  15. Relieable sauce

    Changing your GK though, your WC GK, the clubs ONLY major summer signing 5 games in, for yout 1st UCL game of the season…why???

    Aint got a scooby no more Arsene…talking about rotation pre game like he invented it yesterday.
    Jeez. I think I’m starting to feel sorry for him. Mainstream mockery is heading his way, why they never planned(?) for a smoother step down we may never know.
    I find it near impossible to believe the club have shown such short sightedness & disregard for the club.

  16. Danish Gooner

    Tom,yet again it has nothing to do with respect or lack of respect.The man is on 9 mil a year and terrible inep.t at his job,i respect every bit of what he have done for our club but as i say everytime i discuss with an akb this is not Arsene FC this is Arsenal FC and he is so out of depth it is embarrassing.He has turned arrogant and stubborn to the detriment of the club

  17. tom

    When a somewhat inferior team defends deep and relies on rare counter attacks, they might score, and in this case they did, or they might not.
    If they do it’s a masterful tactical display.
    If they fail they are just more cannon fodder.

    Many , many teams are forced to this strategy when playing Arsenal.
    Most are unsuccessful.
    Occasionally there is a reversal.
    It’s just the way luck rolls.

    I’m not getting derailed by a typical non-typical football result.

  18. Joe


    A top manager would of found a way around it after a tactic has been employed against them for a decade or more

    Our cunt idiot of a manger keeps trying the same thing over and over again and wonders why teams have figured him out

    He’s done.

    Fuck the memories. Just fuck off now wenger

  19. Danish Gooner

    How many times do you think Barca,juve,bayern,madrid are turned over by smaller teams.We have already played 6 games and two of those have been a West ham defeat and then Zagreb and we have only played 6 games.

  20. Bamford10

    Arsenal were predictable and ‘not world-class’, says Dinamo Zagreb manager Zoran Mamic.

    Haven’t been world class in a very, very long time.

  21. Danish Gooner

    Exactly where and when did i gloat, i am telling you how i feel it is if you dont like it,tough luck but deep deep down i am worried about the team i have been a fan of since 1981.

  22. tom

    First manager to lose 50 cl group stage games,deary me !!!!

    I felt that was a little gloaty.
    Maybe you didn’t mean it that way.

  23. Bamford10

    “And there you have Wenger’s post-match excuse – Giroud sent off. He’ll ignore the fact we were fucking useless before it.” – John Fairclough @JohnJig

  24. Bamford10

    “Shame to see this marvelous organisation in the hands of one arrogant, deluded man.” – Wolf of Warren St (@Homeandawayred)

  25. Bamford10

    “Tonight’s result is a positive one for the future of Arsenal Football Club. Wenge Out!” – The Duke (@MrKellyEden)

  26. Relieable sauce

    Wenger – we were unlucky.

    Well if its just down to luck I guess all we need a lucky manager, wenger is always bemoaning his so he is obviously the wrong man for the job.

  27. Follow the money

    The Dinamo manager, Zoran Mamic, described his team’s performance as tactically perfect. He added: “We tried to close the middle and stop their fast passes. It is nothing new. Other teams who have beaten Arsenal play like this.

    “This is a good way to beat them. We were just concentrated on not letting their quality players come to the ball.”

  28. tom

    There are few managers who have coached 50 CL group stage games, let alone lose them.
    Most years AFC makes round of 16 too.
    So what does it mean?

  29. Bamford10

    “It’s a shame it’s not Wenger [on fire]. I wouldn’t piss on him if he were on fire.” – Home of Fußball (@ExcitableExpert)

  30. tom

    Mamic’s team didn’t get close to the ball for 25 mins.
    A lucky break , followed by a sending off, now he thinks it’s easy to beat Arsenal.
    He get learned at the Ems.

  31. Follow the money

    There you have it. There’s a blueprint to beat Arsenal. One so simple a crap team like Zagreb can manage it. But Wenger fails to adapt and adjust. We are capable of some decent football but it’s becoming more and more infrequent. I’d guess around 10% of the time and only from teams that don’t pressure us

  32. Bamford10

    “We all said we needed cover for Coq. He gave Arteta a new contract. There is the result.” – Arsenal Action (@arsenalaction)

  33. Relieable sauce

    50 games lost in UCL…Remarkable…lol…I remember the Wembley excuses.
    Fucking ages ago…18 years.LOL…25 years
    : /
    Great manager!

  34. Joe

    Sorry mate. Disagree with you. There are pages after pages on FB and other blogs that are all Wenger out.

    You are slowing becoming a minority voice

    Want me to add you to the Wenger out pages with the thousands of Wenger out people???

  35. tom

    There’s page after page of drivel here too, Joe.
    Doesn’t mean you are right.
    Listen to the crowd on match day, particularly the best ones who travel, to know he is still respected.

  36. TheBayingMob

    That was pretty pathetic. But then it was arsenal away in Europe so that sort of clueless performance against one of europes pub teams is to be expected.

  37. tom

    The Baying Mob lives up to his name.

    Wenger will coach till May at least.
    Enjoy the ride.
    You can’t go wrong.
    Either Wenger fails to deliver what you crave and , in your mind, you are vindicated.
    Or, Wenger wins a prize and you look a unpleasant fool but , AFC have won, and you are happy anyway.

    Just try to enjoy the experience.

  38. Klauspoppe


    I think you’re alluding to the Wenger fans that travel.

    We just have to wait and find out how many of the Wenger enthusiasts will take a back seat when he finally retires.

    BTW respect for Wenger and wanting him replaced are mutually exclusive.

  39. Joe

    You mean the away fans who unfurled the banner and told him to fuck off at the train station.

    We will see after Chelsea match how the away supporters sing for Wenger
    Or will it take the loss to the spuds to be the final straw

  40. Klauspoppe


    Everyone on here would prefer to look like unpleasant fools if we were to win the league or CL.

    May/June was a great time to be a gooner. New season, new goals. I don’t see Chelscums comforting themselves right now with the title they won last season.

  41. tom

    Funnily enough, AFC has never been the style of club most Grovers seem to crave.
    Never been the type to buy it, at least not since Chapman. Never been the type to follow the trends.
    Rocastle is famous quote ” Remember who you are, …”
    Has been forgotten by new breeds.
    The only thing that separates us from the apes around us is our brains, lads.
    Don’t abandon what makes us different and great.

  42. Relieable sauce

    Dude gave Gibbs a pat on the head as he was landing.

    Gibbs is a “great” product of the wenger academy apparently.

  43. tom

    Reliable sauce,
    The angry and outraged are just experiencing the last spasms of their existance. Truth is, it’s a stale narrative. Arsenal are not the club they were 3 years ago. Only Doomers never noticed. A loss to West Ham and another in Zagreb are not enough to derail the progress.
    Doomers are being left behind by history and looking dumb in the process.
    Wait and see.

  44. tom

    FA Cups don’t mean much to youngsters.
    Older heads recognize it’s value.

    We moved up a precious place in PL last term.
    We have Ozil, Sanchez and Cech.

    This is evidence of progress.

  45. Joe

    I’m 42 FA cup. The same trophy that Wigan and Portsmouth have won. A trophy Wenger said was less important than coming in 4

    Off with that. Would barca or real or Chelsea be happy with just winning a cup ?

    You think ozil and Sanchez will be here next season if we stand where we are now?
    Out in the round of 16th. 3/4ty place and not competing

    Loser mentality. We moved up a spot.

    12 points behind the league leaders

    You’re an idiot tom

  46. Dissenter

    No Gibbs was negligent for the second goal. Koschielny made a real effort to cover the defender.
    Gibbs was marking no one and could have headed the ball out or at least jolted the defender. He jumped out of the way, he’s a wimp. A Wenger sized wimp at that.

  47. tom

    It’s 2 am in UK. You all ought to go to bed.
    You’ll feel better in the morning with all the sports pages to gobble up.
    Get some rest.

  48. Igbo Amadi-Obi

    There seems a determination to give credit to the medical team despite what appears like apparent lapses. Welbeck should have got surgery before the end of last season. By now he would be playing. It took all of the summer break, the transfer window and one month into the season for someone to determine he needed surgery. Jack too. Interestingly, the same thing haPpened with Ozil last season. I will give kudos to our medical team when they can evaluate an injury and say right away what the right solution should be.

  49. gonsterous

    People going on about kos, lol, where was Gibbs playing ? What was his position ? kos was covering the left side of the pitch for the defenders all on his own. Or was Wenger experimenting again and trying to play with 3 defenders ??

  50. peanuts&monkeys

    What a shameful stat:
    “Arsène Wenger becomes the first manager to lose 50 Champions League main tournament matches. The Gunners were also the victims of a much more damning statistic. That’s right, Arsenal are the first team to lose to Dinamo Zagreb in the Champions League group stages in 16 years.”:

  51. ofebs

    Wenger is now football blind

    His longsight is gone so no more ability to see an Anelka before anyone else

    His shortsight is now gone so no more ability to read a game within the first 30 minutes after kick-off

    His peripheral vision is gone too – so he knows not what other top coaches around him are doing to stay on top of their game

    Grandpa Wenger should retire today or get the sack today

  52. Jeff

    Being around for so long does mean you are going to pick up some bad records. However the frequency with which Wenger is doing it is rather high. This particular one is right up there with Wigan, Bradford, Burnley, 8:2, 6:0 etc. etc. They were of course all either bad luck, referee, oil money, accidents, financial doping, and so on. There is a plethora of mitigations the AKBs resort to and they are not going to stop now. As long as Wenger remains manager that is all that matters to them.

    To them, it has now reached the point where the CL or PL is second to keeping Wenger in the job. That’s how bad it is.

  53. Wallace


    “Tom, Could you please fuck off?….you are one of the dullest (yet most persistent) AKBs we’ve ever had visit here. You’re tedious, mate. Please go to Arseblog or some such place. Seriously.”

    Bamford calling another poster ‘tedious’…golden.

  54. Jeff

    Just to give you an idea of how badly they want Wenger to remain in the job ask them a question. If you knew with certainty that Arsenal would win PL or CL with the next manager in the next season, would you be willing to sack Wenger today. I bet you any money most of them would say no. That’s the sort of sick religious bullshit we are facing with these fans – we have absolutely no chance. The deck is stacked against us from all angles – the AKB fans, the owner, the board – all of them put Wenger higher than major trophies. And that is really the root of the problem.

  55. Ughelligunner

    Must we blame the manager for every game lost?

    We went three at the back and had to bring in coquelin to replace arteta. What do we want more? Everyteam has a first choice.

    Chamberlain and debuchy are experienced enough to play without a coach against a side like zagreb. But as usual on here, the failed transfer window would be used to beat the manager as if the teams that signed 200m pounds of players didn’t lost….?

    Perspective people, perspective. Those who bought also lost, and so it is never a cogent reason any more.

    Shit happens. We lost

  56. Ughelligunner

    You know, people blame the AKBs for always coming only when we win.

    Any reasons for the comment section always filled with WOBs and comments rising to 10 pages when we lost? Like they are also coming to tell us “we know best”

  57. peanuts&monkeys

    @Ughelli….:” Any reasons for the comment section always filled with WOBs and comments rising to 10 pages when we lost? Like they are also coming to tell us “we know best”

    “tell us”. Who are ‘us’?

  58. Ughelligunner

    Jeff, winning the champions league/ Epl is never certain whatever manager that comes in unless you have 70-80 great players in your team.

    Maybe you should asked if the manager will win with this same squad, then i would even offer to run into the stadium and pull wenger out myself.

    Mind you man utd with all their funds together with city didn’t sign any worldclass player, and it is looking like we are in the same boat.

  59. peanuts&monkeys

    Those who bought won 13 PLs and 4 CLs. Those who bought won the league with 3 matches to spare, with 19 points in lead.

    Those who bought annihilated your Arsene’s pack of donkeys for 8 fucking goals.

  60. N5

    “First manager to lose 50 cl group stage games,deary me”

    As bad as that is, there are few managers that have managed 50 ECL games, let alone into the 100s.

    Either way though, WENGER OUT

  61. peanuts&monkeys

    Those who bought won PL with 12 points in lead. Those who bought scored 6 – 0 against Arsene’s pack of shivering mice.

    Those who bought won 4 PLs in last 11 years when ArseneMaggotMotherfU&^&ng Wenger was actincg Rip Van Winkle.

  62. Ughelligunner

    A loss is a loss. If we had lost to PSV and juventus, the comment section would have been like this. Mind you we played an invincible side, with a man down for 70mins and also had more chances than them, even goal attempts and corner kicks.

    That is my positively from the game

  63. peanuts&monkeys

    ” managed 50 ECL games, let alone into the 100s.”

    Dont miss the woods for the trees. Its Arsenal who lost those 50 games while the maggotfaggot was creating a guiness book of records of managing max num of matches at CL. and that 17 years bullshit worth not a donkey’s fart.

  64. peanuts&monkeys

    “Maybe you should asked if the manager will win with this same squad, then i would even offer to run into the stadium and pull wenger out myself.”

    Who gets the squad? Who gets a squad in Arsenal? Isn’t it the manager?

  65. Jeff


    I think we have found our first candidate who would say no to that hypothetical question I posed. Amazing isn’t it?

  66. peanuts&monkeys

    Ughelli….”Mind you man utd with all their funds together with city didn’t sign any worldclass player, and it is looking like we are in the same boat.”

    Are you completely insane? irreversibly stubborn? Or, Wenger himself?

    Though all three above are one and the same

  67. dennisdamenace

    Well good morning…..

    This mis for any Old Skoll Grovers still out there……

    “It doesnt matter what resources we have, we go into every season poorly prepared, poorly manned and poorly managed. Every fucking season. And, being complacent, indisciplined & sloppy says more about the manager than it does about the actual players. As i keep saying these “performances” are becoming more & more prevalent with every passing desperate season that Wenger clings onto his job.”

    It could be 2009/10/11/12/13/14 all over again….

  68. Emiratesstroller

    Whilst I accept that there was a strong case to rotate our squad last night in view of the forthcoming fixture list Wenger made far too many changes [6] to starting lineup.

    Second we are seeing the consequences of Wenger’s poor game plan when opposing teams pack their defence and contra attack as Dinamo Zagreb did yesterday even though they were home side.

    We have seen the lack of a game plan in many recent home games specifically against Chelsea,Sunderland and Swansea at end of last season and of course
    against West Ham and Liverpool this season.

    Arsenal overplay the passing game with far too little pace and direction. There
    are also serious questions about our lack of finishing. The reality is that there
    is too much dependence on Giroud and Walcott to score and not enough in
    other positions. Sanchez has not scored so far this season and goalscoring in
    midfield is nonexistant.

    Playing Arteta alongside Cazorla in midfield was a disaster. Arteta is no longer
    good enough to play at this level and was partially to blame for both goals. If
    you look at the corner which resulted in second goal he should have been the
    player who headed ball away.

    The reality is that we have a Manager who failed to buy any new outfield players despite having three midfielders on books who are clearly past their
    best and now two who have long term injuries.

    Our midfield resources are exceedingly thin and if we get one more injury I think that we go into potential crisis.

    Our goalscoring options are also limited at moment.

  69. N5

    Peanuts as the commentator said last night, stats are meaningless if you lose so all the AKBs can put as many positive spins on all our losses as they want, however I’d remind them that football is a results business and we lost!

  70. Ughelligunner

    N5, finally lol. With the AKBs and wenger out statements.

    Emirates, wenger questioned himself yesterday according to his presser. He mentioned the cohesion thing, and that the changes were too much but trying to shied the players as usual.

    But all the same were we not all clamoring for changes to the side during our pregame lineups?

    Wenger never wins no matter the outcome that gives the result.

    I keep asking people, but they never answer. If coquelin never existed, would wenger had bought two defensive midfielders or arteta would have still been the backup?

  71. Ughelligunner


    yesterday’s game made me aware of many things. Like Ramsey playing right midfield ahead ox. This boy doesn’t want to stake his place. I wonder why he plays better when we are playing a great side

  72. OleGunner

    Tom is one insufferable AKB prick isn’t it?

    And look at Ughelli coming to spout his nonsense too.

    This team has deep rooted issues so blatantly obvious it beggars belief so many people can’t see them. Poor squad cover, poor mentality, poor striking options, poor motivation against minnow teams-the list is endless.

    Of course I want Arsenal to win everything and realise we have no divine right to do so, but it seems Wenger just handicaps us from the start of every season. We’re stuck in a rut with Wenger at least until 2020 I think (new contract is a sure thing after FA cup wins).

    I can’t see him winning the PL again and Champs League is a laughable aspiration (as Wenger said “we are ambitious not dreamers” pre-Zagreb). The only thing I can hope for is we make some sort of progress in the EPL by winning some of the bigger games starting with Chelsea before shambling into our usual 3rd/4th position come May.

  73. Ughelligunner

    Olegunner, what do you mean by poor squad cover? Many of our squad players would start for zagreb. Some would even coach the team.

    What do you want more? Our third choice goal keeper is Roma’s first choice.

    You see many of our young players go on loan and perform well. You want worldclass bench? Even barca would crumble without their first eleven .

  74. Emiratesstroller


    The fact is that Wenger changed three of his defensive players including Coquelin. Also combination of Gabriel and Koscielny looked fairly fragile last

    No Wenger would not have brought in two defensive midfielders if Coquelin was not at club, but many supporters have been arguing for at least three years that our midfield resources are too lightweight. There is a lack of balance between those who attack/create and defend.

    You don’t need to buy a player who is exclusively a DMF but we do need on our
    books an alternative to Coquelin who can fulfil his role as and when required
    or play alongside him.

    Cazorla can play alongside Coquelin, but doing so alongside Arteta is a disaster
    waiting to happen as was case yesterday.

  75. Ughelligunner

    I think we were unlucky with the red card. And we still lack that finishing aspect.

    You see even while our strikers are wasteful when the ball is put on a platter of gold by Ozil and carzola, these two are wasteful in front of goal too.

  76. OleGunner

    Ughelli are you alright mate?

    Of course ALL of our players would start for Zagreb, we’re Arsenal and our squad players should easily walk into their team. Is that your barometer for quality? The fact that Arsenal players can play for a Croatian minnow team? Deary me.

    And yes there is a lack of cover for players like Coquelin, the injury prone Theo (you know it will happen) and misfiring Giroud (who I still rate despite his petulance and poor finishing).

    There are better or at least on par options in world football to help the players I’ve mentioned.

  77. Wallace

    I think Walcott should get the nod for Chelsea. the only worry then is set pieces if Wenger prefers Gabriel to Mertesacker. although if Ivanovic is dropped that’s less of an issue.

  78. Ughelligunner

    Emirates, i didn’t see carzola and arteta combo causing any issue yesterday. Look at the stats we dominated in everything. Rather it was ox who was playing as if disinterested.

    Coquelin had to come in because we went three at the back since we were one man down, which would have happened with another dm.

    We needed a destroyer in midfield but we forget it will hinder our passing game, maybe that was why wenger opted for an arteta type player.

    I remember we tried to sign a young player from Argentina but he was refused a permit.

  79. InsideRight


    There are few managers who have coached 50 CL group stage games, let alone lose them.
    Most years AFC makes round of 16 too.
    So what does it mean?”

    It means we are uncompetitive also-rans who can sometimes bully minnows, but lose when we come up against reasonable sides that are organised and have a plan. If you can make an observation like that why can’t you see the glaring problem right in front of you?

  80. N5

    Yes I’m N5, last time you were on you made personal comments about my wife when all I’ve done is argue with you about your opinion, so why would you comment to me now, you’re in the sane league as Ito…. Scum.

  81. Ughelligunner

    Olegunner, arsenal squad would start for Liverpool team and below in the EPl.

    Yesterday saw us going down to a goal from our right side, who everyone on here wanted wenger to play. We did not concede on a counter rather positionally, debuchy and ox where sleeping

  82. underrated Coq

    ” Olegunner, arsenal squad would start for Liverpool team and below in the EPl. ”

    Ofcourse they would because Liverpool and those other teams finished way below us last season. The question you should be asking yourself is whether our players would get into Man.City or Chelsea-teams that bettered us last season.

  83. Ughelligunner

    N5, sorry about that. But you brought it when you became rather abusive continuously to my post. Though i tried warning you the wrong way. Sorry, maybe that’s why i pulled out of the abusive race with you.

  84. OleGunner


    I honestly don’t understand what point you’re trying to prove that Arsenal players would get into Zagreb or Liverpool’s teams. I’m genuinely confused what point you are trying to make…

    Who gives a shit if they get in to weaker teams, the fact of the matter is this current Arsenal team is best suited to a cup win and likely uncapable of an EPL trophy and has no chance of a European trophy certainly.

    Yeah our team is stronger than most but these weird metrics you’re using of evaluating how good our team is to win things are bizarre.

  85. Ughelligunner

    Underated, yes so true. That is why wenger is now trying hard for worldclass players rather than squad players who we will want to disperse easily when they fail.

    The difference between worldclass players and average ones is that fans are always patient with them when they are failing like sanchez (losing passes and missing goals) and ozil ( missing sitters and interesting appearance).

    I don’t want another welbeck, i rather wait

  86. Ughelligunner

    Olegunner, see my above post to underated. Squad players gives you the occasional cups. Something we agree wenger is doing right.

    Worldclass squad gives you a 80 percent chance of a big trophy, something that the world market is lacking now.

    Maybe we should have bought debrunne? Or martial!

    But yesterday’s case was our squad players that manage to start playing uninterested, as if they think so highly of themselves.

    I didn’t know Ospina is a baller. Lol

    wenger loves even a goal keeper that is technical? No wonder the transfer market is always gloomy in his eyes because he loves them to be technical.

  87. OleGunner

    “A pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship where one partner gains & maintains power and control over another partner. This usually starts when one partner obtains control and systematically limits the other partners ability to regain control, dictating the relationship.

    The abusive behavior includes direct or indirect resistance to the demands of the other partner, emotional abuse, economic abuse (restricting use of funds) etc. Typically, when the abused partner eventually identifies the abuse or seeks change, the abusive partner will tend to gives that partner a false sense of hope that the relationship will improve however this does not eventuate and the cycle continues”

    This is actually an extract about domestic abuse. Feel familiar?

  88. dennisdamenace

    Good Morning(!)….

    This is for any Old Skool Grovers still out there…..

    “It doesnt matter what resources we have, we go into every season poorly prepared, poorly manned and poorly managed. Every fucking season. Being complacent, indisciplined & sloppy says more about the manager than it does about the actual players. And, as i keep saying these “performances” are becoming more & more prevalent with every passing desperate season that Wenger clings onto his job.”

    Are we still in 2009/10/11/12/13/14……

  89. Wallace


    “Giroud misses a simple chance.”

    the rebound off the post? it wasn’t simple. his momentum from the initial challenge is taking him out of play as the ball rebounds to him. there’s no time to adjust his body to create a diffeent angle….only way he scores there is if the keeper messes up.

  90. underrated Coq

    Fair enough Ughelli but I don’t really like this ‘World Class or bust’ approach cause that’s not how any established set-ups–be it sports or engineering or finance or any kind of business entity– operate.

    You should be looking to upgrade the current options, doesn’t matter if this comes in the form of a World class or not, what is important is to be in the constant lookout to improve on the quality of the squad.

    Wenger’s ” I’ll only buy World class players or else I’m prepared to stick with the existing squad, even if some of those are dross ” reeks of negligence and showcases lack of intelligence.

    When treble-winning Barcelona don’t take such an arrogant approach to their transfer activity and the players they bring in, a club like Arsenal most certainly shouldn’t.

    Its frankly embarrassing that Wenger believes a club of Arsenal’s stature can’t do better than Flameta as its second choice DM.

  91. Emiratesstroller


    The Arteta and Cazorla combination is problem on three counts

    1. They are relatively lightweight and lack physicality.
    2. Arteta is in my view far to slow in recovery and easily bypassed.
    3. Cazorla is not a natural defender. His role is as a playmaker and team
    benefits from him playing around pitch rather than a disciplined role
    as he would have to do if Arteta plays.

  92. InsideRight


    “Must we blame the manager for every game lost?

    Chamberlain and debuchy are experienced enough to play without a coach against a side like zagreb. But as usual on here, the failed transfer window would be used to beat the manager as if the teams that signed 200m pounds of players didn’t lost….?”

    Hang on. Get some perspective mate. Citeh lost to Juve. Man Ure had another LVG performance at PSV. Chelsea stuffed Macabi Tel Aviv. But Arsenal have just lost at the European equivalent of Doncaster Rovers. Any of the teams above would have done Zagreb, but not ours.

    Must we blame the manager? In this case, yes. He wanted to rotate the side and therefore had to use players who are simply not good enough. He had the power to add some more strength in depth during the summer, but claimed there was no one out there good enough to improve the side. That was absolute bollocks.

    Think about it. No one better than Flamini, no one better than Arteta, no one better than Gibbs… All those comments about Arsenal being able to field a completely changed XI that can compete has blown up in the know-nothings’ faces. Even a partly changed side came unstuck in embarrassing fashion at Croatia Donny Rovers. And it is happening more and more often.

    If the players are to blame why are they still at the club?

  93. Arsene nose best

    How anyone can still, back, believe in this manager us. Beggars belief, he has completely ruined this club single handedly and i will never forgove him for what he has now done. It’s a complete and utter constant embarrassment under his laughable managment now, at the end of the month when we have failed to pick up another win i hope the cunt gets shit liad of abuse from the stands. CUNT

  94. Emiratesstroller

    Inside Right

    The stats this season should tell everyone that Arsenal are not a great team.

    1. We have had significantly more goalscoring chances than any other team in
    EPL. Yet we have scored only 5 goals.

    2. The problem is not just down to the deficiencies of our strikers. Frankly
    our midfield does not take enough responsibility and are equally wasteful.

    3. The team is tactically predictable. We see now that almost every opposition
    team are playing exactly the same way against us. You would have thought
    that the manager would have worked out by now how to change our tactics.
    Ironically he did so for first time at end of yesterday’s game when we were
    2-0 down, but by then it was too late and the game was lost.

    From my point of view the problem remains the same. We have a Manager
    who is set in his ways and clearly does not listen to anyone’s opinion apart
    from his own.

    The club are in my view in a “time warp”.