Could tonight see Arsenal play J.Campbell with pace rested for Chelsea?

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Black armband day in the office.

So sad about Jack and his latest set back. One of the sport scientist peeps on the web said that the trouble with broken kids is that they don’t develop their muscles well as they grow older… which incurs more problems.

That’s what I worry about for Jack. Sure, he has a bone issue now, but like leaving your Aston Martin dorment on the drive, what happens when you switch it off?

Little things break… your aircon has gone moldy… and you need to service it.

Psychologically it must be tough. There can be no joy in sitting about on your ass when you’re a tuned sportsman. It’s not like he can get on the beers or keep fit.

Anyway, good luck to him. Jack’s a fighter and he’s in good hands with the medical staff at Arsenal. That’s probably the only positive I can take from this. We don’t have to worry that there’s been incompetence at Arsenal level these days because we have the best in the business looking after him.

Onto Zagreb this evening. Chelsea are going to rest players heavily. Jose continues to lose the plot in his press conferences like a very young manager might. That can’t be good for his team to hear. Anyway, he’ll have fresh legs for the weekend as he risks a bad result with major rotation.

Olivier Giroud would be my preference for this evening. We need to blast Chelsea with pace at the weekend. A front three of Theo, Sanchez and Ramsey will be causing many a damp mattress between now and Saturday.

I expect to see Arteta come into this side and I’m hoping for lots of rotation.

You have to be realistic about our chances here. We don’t have the depth or talent to win the biggest honour in football. It’d be tough to win the league, but not impossible. We certainly should be doing everything we can do to win this weekends game. From my perspective, Chelsea are swimming off the coast of Australia in a pool of blood. We need to be ruthless and finish their Premier League winning chance by savaging them at the weekend. Because really, 4 losses from your first 6 is pretty much league over.

Tonight, we should be able to beat this side. We need a draw at least. A front three of Giroud, Chambo and what, Joel Campbell? I don’t think we’ll see Ozil or Coquelin rested. But we know Rambo has stayed at home, so we’ll see Arteta.

It’s a big game, but only because it’s about preservation for the weekend.

Right, that’s your lot today, let me know your team in the comments!

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  1. I am arsene

    No we signed fab in 04/05
    You asked who wenger has signed in last 10 years that has improved the team.
    I answered that question with bells on and jam in the middle.
    How is that changing the question?
    Allow me to just set the record straight.
    I don’t think ill ever listen to someone who thinks because he completed his basement level coaching course that he is the new Brian Clough

  2. InsideRight

    @I am Arsene

    “Proves that coaching badges mean as much as a degree these days. Nothing!”

    Wenger being a case in point.

  3. I am arsene

    Hasn’t he???
    He’s played 5 games and kept 4 clean sheets
    If that continues we will concede only in 7 odd games out of 38

  4. I am arsene

    Wenger didn’t do his coaching badges though did he??
    But what he did is win the title in every league he has managed in.

  5. Lebgooner

    @I am Arsene

    You picked the wrong timing to bless us with your wisdom.
    Why don’t you go to bed. You can use a good night sleep

  6. John T.

    Is anyone really surprised at this result??? Arsenal fans have put up with Wenger BS for the last 7-8 years and still nothing changes. The ONLY reason Ollie plays is because he’s French and because our Donald Trump clone of a manager doesn’t want to admit he made a MISTAKE by signing him. Until Wenger the Wanker is OUT then NOTHING changes.

  7. InsideRight

    @ I am Arsene

    Cesc Fabregas signed for Arsenal on 1st July 2003.

    You clearly only see what you want to see. You don’t deal in facts. You changed the question I asked to give a different answer. You even say I have coaching badges when I never claimed to have. You haven’t got a clue and you’re out of your depth when it comes to talking about football.

  8. InsideRight

    @ I am Arsene

    Wenger studied for his coaching badge at the Centre de ressources, d’expertise et de performance sportives (CREPS) in Strasbourg – this consisted of a course to coach children, followed by an intensive six-day course which led up to the national coaching badge.[39] The latter programme took place in Vichy and was spread over three weeks. Wenger was able to put Frantz’s teachings, particularly isometrics into practise. In 1981 he received his manager’s diploma in Paris.

    Any other bollocks claims you want to make without evidence, you know, to make yourself look a total dick?

  9. wenker-wanger

    Typical weak show from the team of good players managed by a tactically bereft and demotivational manager. I predicted 1-1 and felt that maybe I had underestimated arsenal. As it turned out my judgement of wengers-arsenal is accurate based on this charlatans record in major competitions. As for IAA, the akb is either a complete tool or a spud that’s desperate for Wenger to remain in charge of arsenal so that our success is limited. AS for his claim he is the most successful manager , he got those trophies on the back of George grahams foundation. Wenger should go and flaunt his ego at a French club, and allow the once great arsenal to rebuild with an ambitious motivated new manager.

  10. I am arsene


    Then why did cesc do so pathetically under guardiola? Why is he playing so poorly now since January under mourinho?? He never played that poorly under wenger
    Rvp couldn’t perform under moyes or LVG
    Nas hasn’t played the same since he left arsenal
    Hleb the same
    Veiira the same
    Henry the same
    Song the same
    Adebayor the same
    Over Mars the same
    Petit the same

    Silly comment in hindsight wasn’t it??
    Maybe you should think before you touch the key pad next time….

  11. Dusty Kart

    Cesc,Nasri,andRvp played there best football under Wenger so well that they couldn’t wait to fuck off and win some reàl silverware instead of the much vaunted fourth place trophy.

  12. I am arsene

    Yes I asked a question
    Wenger didn’t do his coaching badges though did he ?
    That’s wasn’t rhetorical.
    Either way weather he did them or not he still is our most successful manager to date.
    You’ll never be able to wipe that out of the history books. Piss and moan the night away. Type you bile. He will still be arsenals greatest ever manager in the morning.

  13. InsideRight

    So it was bad luck this time?

    So we’ve had start of season nerves to blame for West Ham and bad luck to blame for Dinamo Zagreb. But if we win then of course it’s his masterplan vindicated.

    Wenger is as deluded as pillocks like I am Arsene who make things up as they go along.

  14. salparadisenyc

    Champions league.

    All about the money that the club cunts away whilst we have to watch a leggy Arteta whom could of been replaced with many names as he’s clearly passed it. Gibbs whom Kurzawa pisses on and moved to PSG. L’Oreal whom stop me before I hurt myself and now Joel Campbell whom we apparently cant get rid of after numerous loan spells.

    The real inditement is Wenger could of fielded this side one year ago. #progress

  15. Moe

    Really really beginning to have my blood boil whenever he uses those pathetic excuses. Everything for some reason is bad luck! Never poor planning, airways luck which is apparently out of his control.

    Second one is accident. He days Giroud’s second yellow card was an accident. Like losing to west ham was an accident. No accountability ever

  16. MidwestGun

    Wenger told BT Sport: “It is not the way we wanted to begin the competition. We were a bit unlucky. We faced a Zagreb team who were committed.
    Ffs…… struggling to find what part of that was unlucky. We were unlucky to
    face a team who tried? Wow.

  17. daz

    “he got those trophies on the back of George grahams foundation. ”

    Now this old chestnut is not true the invincibles were Wenger’s doing, if we can’t have AKBs giving him credit he doesn’t deserve let’s not try to take away the credit he does deserve with nonsense

  18. I am arsene


    That’s not the point
    The point is that inside right said winger hadn’t signed any players that have improved the team in the last ten years and I listed about 9-10 players that clearly had.
    However if those traitors had stayed and repaid the belief and work arsene put into them then I have no doubt arsenal would have been champions again since 2011.

    Anyway thought you were giggling into your radio phone in on talk sport

  19. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Wenger told BT Sport: “It is not the way we wanted to begin the competition. We were a bit unlucky. We faced a Zagreb team who were committed.’


  20. wenker-wanger

    @ IAA… Rember man utd 8 arsenal 1… Another wankger record. I hope when the charlatan finally goes that you join him and live happily ever after as his “chicken”.

  21. I am arsene

    Inside right

    Stop making up your achievements
    You have no coaching badge
    Bullying 11 year olds in little league doesn’t make you a tactical messiah

  22. Dave

    Errr, pretty sure Cesc, RVP and Nasri all won the premiership under different managers so maybe it want such a sill comment in hindsight

  23. tom

    What an aweful performance.
    Demoralizing, after spending all week bigging them up, they end up having a nightmare.

    Still , it’s doubtful we had a chance to top the group anyway, and Arsenal ought to be able to get revenge at home.

    Not to take anything from Zagreb but Giroud is to blame for the loss.

    Anyway, spilt milk and all that.

    I didn’t think the team played too badly.
    Clearly this particular line up are not quite as fluid as the one who played last Saturday, but still managed some decent play. Not incisive enough though.
    No one was brilliant but no one was shit, except Giroud, who was stupid.

    All adds up to extra pressure on Saturday.

  24. Dusty Kart

    Keep on dreaming I am! traitors! how old are you ten or what you can’t handle it when your leader gets a bit of stick can you!

  25. I am arsene

    Remember City beat United 6-1
    So bloody what?
    Remember England beat Germany 5-1 so Germany and the same German side with the same manager went to the World Cup final the next year

  26. InsideRight

    @ I am Arsene

    Fuck off you gimp. I never said I had a coaching badge. You made that assumption because you’re too fucking dense to read properly.

    “The point is that inside right said winger hadn’t signed any players that have improved the team in the last ten years and I listed about 9-10 players that clearly had.”

    That isn’t what I said you thick twat. I questioned what players signed by Wenger had improved under his coaching, because he breaks players and they decline under him.

    So get it right and don’t make up bullshit to cover the inadequacy of your shitty argument.

  27. I am arsene

    Dave it was a silly comment
    You didn’t mention titles you mentioned how well those players performed under wenger.
    Only Ashley Cole and possibly Anelka played better football after arsenal

    Incidentally just saw that Hungary are forcefully keeping their borders closed
    Good job
    Trouble coming from the east

  28. daz

    Is it just me or is Oxlade regressing at Olympic pace?

    I wouldn’t say regressing but he’s certainly not improving still same mistakes in his game which is most likely why Wenger plays Ramsey on the right

  29. I am arsene

    Name one player he has signed in the last 10 years who has IMPROVED at Arsenal. All we see are good players declining rapidly once he gets hold of them, being asked to play in a way that is alien to them.

    Do I really have to list them all again?

  30. Dave

    Actually I said that they played there best football in spite of Wenger.. It’s all subjective. You think Wenger improved them, I think they would have flourished any way. For every RVP I can point out an Arshavin. If you want Wenger to take credit for improving players then at least have the good grace to accept that he is responsible for players regressing

  31. daz

    Charlie Nicholas -“This just sums up Arsenal. No defenders. No leaders. No points.”

    Wasn’t it Charlie who said he thought we were title contenders just the other day?

  32. I am arsene


    I never once said players did not regress under him
    However he has provided a good chunk of the top 20 best players this league has seen

  33. daz

    “Actually I said that they played there best football in spite of Wenger.. It’s all subjective. You think Wenger improved them, I think they would have flourished any way. For every RVP I can point out an Arshavin. If you want Wenger to take credit for improving players then at least have the good grace to accept that he is responsible for players regressing”

    I think this is where it shows at the end of the day it’s down to the player if he’s going to succeed, you can take a horse to water and all that

  34. InsideRight

    Do fuck off I am Arsene.

    “And name a Ayer that has improved arsenal in the last 10 years??
    And yaya sanogo”

    You couldn’t even get the question right, but you think the same answer would apply? You’re just a thick AKB twat getting a kick out of trolling because you’re scared if you bang one out your mum will catch you.

  35. InsideRight

    No Dave, he thinks they improved Arsenal. He can’t read you see. He won’t be entered for his GCSE English because comprehension isn’t his strong point.

  36. I am arsene

    That isn’t what I said you thick twat. I questioned what players signed by Wenger had improved under his coaching, because he breaks players and they decline under him.

    Sol Campbell decline?
    Pires or Henry

    Eduardo ?? Adebayor?? Hleb??

    Wenger is renowned for taking unknowns and turning them into top top players inside right. That’s a fact

  37. Dave

    The problem is Arsene, the list you provided are all history. You’re talking about a good chunk of the invincibles.. I don’t disagree that he was successful 10 years ago, the problem is now. All good things and all that. Isn’t there a tiny bit of you that thinks maybe, just maybe he’s past it

  38. Leedsgunner

    “Speaking in his Thursday press conference, Wenger addressed the situation, stating that there was no one he thought would improve his FA Cup-winning squad.”

    Credit to Theo at least he’s producing in front of the goal. Of course Wenger will do the predictable and blame the referee for sending Giroud off… but had Giroud taken one of his earlier chances maybe he wouldn’t have gotten so frustrated… leading him to foul in frustration.

    Laughable that Wenger worked the summer 247 without any holiday no less, but he couldn’t find a striker better than Giroud…

    Silver lining lads, sooner we’re out of Europe — more focus we can give to keeping up with the league title race. I for one am tired of the inevitable and getting humiliated in Europe… we were never going to win it.

  39. tom

    Arsenal lost.

    Predictably, Le Grove is a orgy of whining and recrimination.

    Hysteria ensues. Get over it.

    If you can’t handle a loss, you probably should give up sport.

  40. InsideRight

    If you think they were unknowns you are fucking mental mate. You’ve just named 7 full internationals and one player who came through the ranks and who improved after leaving Arsenal.

    You’re defeating your own argument for me you wanker.

  41. daz


    If its a case of who has simply improved under Wenger then I could make a case for a host of players, if its who have become world beaters then not so many I think this notion of players regressing because of Wenger is a tad exaggerated

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Why do some pro-Wenger people come here after a loss, add nothing of value but just complain about the site? About as much use as Mikel Arteta, do one.

  43. BillikenGooner

    I actually took a half day at work and went to a local bar to watch the match. had to spend the whole time telling a couple old guys that the team in red and white wasn’t the underdog and were actually good (southern U.S. city)…. I eventually just stopped lying to them.

  44. InsideRight


    That Irish bloke on Talksport saying Tim Sherwood should be the next Arsenal manager because he’s won the title as a player, that was I am Arsene.

  45. daz

    Why do some pro-Wenger people come here after a loss, add nothing of value but just complain about the site? About as much use as Mikel Arteta, do one.

    Why do so many anti-wenger people come and add nothing of value after a loss ?

  46. tom

    Wenger was right . Arsenal were unlucky.
    Even though not at their best, Arsenal were clearly superior.
    Zagreb scored against the run of play.
    Giroud was booked for dissent. That is unlucky. It was a little back chat- the kind you see week in and week out in football at all levels – and most refs would have let it go.
    His second booking was for clumsiness rather than malice, and again was harsh.
    10 vs 11 away from home in CL is a big ask, so yes, Arsenal were unlucky.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    What some call whining, I would call utter exasperation. Look over the summer, for example people talked about the need to bring in a CDM/CM to compete with Coq, the pro-Wenger rabble went on about Wilshere being an option there and that Arteta could still do a job and it was pointless spending on a Schniederlin or Vidal type.

    In reply, people said you cannot place any weight in Wilshere’s contribution, he’s always out and Arteta is done at this level.

    Fast forward, Wilshere out for 3 months already, Arteta in his first game having to cover for Coq does not make one single successful tackle in the CDM role.

    Whining? I would say on a heck of a lot of things Le Grove posters are slap bang on the money, they could not be any more on the money unless they were sat in Arsenal’s bank vaults.

    Do people get things wrong, absolutely, but I cannot stand the disingenuous denigration of this site when it’s quite that often the blog itself and the comments section is slap bang on the money with the critiques of the side and more particularly Arsene Wenger.

  48. Wallace


    “Cesc signed 12 years ago and was already outstanding.”

    he was 16. Quincy was a world beater at 16. means nothing at all if you don’t get any better after that.

  49. tom

    Alex Song is an example of a recent Wenger player who came good.
    Maybe not good enough for Arsenal but good enough for Barcelona.

  50. Relieable sauce

    WTF is Gibbs doing for the 2nd goal?? rather not doing. Useless.

    Debuchy turns like a oil tanker, so flat footed he doesnt even bother it seems when turned.
    Watched him in highlights twice…

    & WTF rotate Cech??? Arsene is such a dumb ass.

    Were those stats on Arteta true?…Captain Zero! lol. He is well past it, just like his manager, well past their best & not up to the task.

    “Arteta can play 15 games this season”…lol lol lol…1(60mins) down, 14 to go!

  51. Wallace

    gambled on changing the side. backfired. unlucky with the Giroud dismissal and Ox og…chances are we’ll still qualify comfortably.

  52. daz

    CA based on tonight’s performance your right, rewind to the palace game and artea made 3 important tackles/blocks in the space of ten mins which could of ended up in us drawing the game. I’m not trying to make excuses for not bringing a few players in but tonight should have been won regardless

  53. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    That was pretty weak. When were we superior exactly? Zagreb was threatening in the counter the entire match and was ahead on the score tthe entire match, they should have scored more to be honest. Ospina and Campbell were lucky to be not sent off.
    Giroud was booked and then was a complete bonehead. We failed to make an adjustment soon enough, nothing to do with luck. Not one single thing.
    Deserved loss. A draw would have been unlucky to Zagreb.

  54. Cesc Appeal


    We are right on here with that issue, spot on. I’m not saying me because I was hardly alone or insightful in saying it.

    We were right, Wenger was completely wrong. People can laugh and talk about ‘armchair managers,’ but the fans called this one right.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    ‘You are not an idiot.’

    Haha. Brilliant.

    I dislike stupidity, skulking on here to make disingenuous criticisms of this site and then proceed to post utter crap here for hours irks me.

  56. Redtruth

    That performance alone was a sackable offence. Shambolic at the back, Impotent upfront.

    Wenger just doesn’t cut it as a manager.

    35 years in football and time and time again he gets done by a rookie manager.

  57. InsideRight

    It’s funny seeing people leap on literally three of four names of very talented young players who were bought in because they were special, and make out Wenger was responsible for improving them.

    I’ll raise your success stories with the ruination of


    Ozil is going the same way. Sanchez’s transformation since last season isn’t just down to Copa America, where he shone.

  58. Cr0 Gunner

    I am Arse still living in his utopia where wengers the innovator and there aren’t too many johnny foreigners around ruining the scenery…. rule Brittania and all that

  59. salparadisenyc


    Regarding Arteta, Wenger’s loyalty is commendable but not at the expense of the squad. With this summer / every summers catch phrase being only adding better quality than we have. Not sure there been a better crop of holding mid field players available than this past summer. Yet we’ve continued on with Arteta and Flamini at the detriment to the squad with a hefty summer budget going un spent.

    Added pressure upon himself, the squad for what? Laziness in bedding a talented player in? Makes no sense to me.

  60. daz

    “Sanchez’s transformation”

    What transformation would that be?
    If your implying because he’s had a slow start he regressing then has hazard regressed under Mourinho?

  61. tom

    Arsenal were all over them for first 15 . Zagreb showed little or nothing till they scored. Giroud was off 3 minutes later. If he hadn’t walked, I’m confident Arsenal would have equalized.
    10 vs 11 was too much. Not surprising that caught us again. Disappointed it was from a set piece though.
    You are right about Ospina being lucky. I missed the Campbell incident.

    I don’t claim AFC were good or even deserved to get anything from the game.
    I just observed that they were not terrible and Wenger had justification for saying it was ‘ unlucky’.

    It’s raining in Pope Valley.

  62. Wallace


    “It’s funny seeing people leap on literally three of four names of very talented young players who were bought in because they were special, and make out Wenger was responsible for improving them.”

    you’re on to a loser there. off the top of my head i can think of 4/5 good players he turned into great players. RVP cost 2.75m, Adebayor was 6m, both became 30 goal a season players under Wenger.

    lots of other things you can justifiably gripe about, but developing players isn’t one of them.

  63. steve

    I am arsene
    September 16, 2015 22:08:37


    Nobody invited you to join in so go back to your blow up doll and clean your contact lenses you creepy weirdo


    Take Wengers dick out of your mouth you rent boy.

  64. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Think your initial comment was better, we were terrible and it will put pressure on Saturday when it should have been our best opportunity in years to take down Chelsea. To me luck is something out of your control. There was nothing about that performance out of our control had we played better or had better players. Think Wenger is maybe just struggling to find a good reason that doesn’t make his game preperation look bad to be honest. As you know I think dude is long past his best.

    Anyhow, rain is a good thing. Hope that gives y’all some fire relief.

  65. Joe

    Sol Campbell decline?
    Pires or Henry

    Unknowns. Fuck off AKB wanker. They were all national team players.

    Go back to untold and fuck off from arsenal when Wenger does

  66. tom

    Arteta was decent tonight.
    We got caught on the break. It happens.
    Once down to 10, his legs did show, but until then I was enjoying his game.
    He played some nice long passes to kick off attacks.

    We were not just down a man, but a goal too.
    So there was an obligation go be positive and try to score.
    This of course leaves you more vulnerable.
    Sadly the second goal came.
    After that it was just too much.
    Happy that they did get a consolation goal, that may matter at some stage.
    Nice goal by Theo, cool finish.

  67. Wallace


    lauren, sagna, toure, koscielny, cole, monreal, ljungberg, parlour, cesc, vieira, petit, edu, pires, overmars, anelka, henry, adebayor, rvp…

  68. NewCoArsenal PLC

    It is beyond all logic that this fraud is allowed to rinse our club.
    FFS Arsenal, grow a pair and send him and Giroud packing.
    The day he leaves a big dark cloud will lift from The Emirates.
    As long as he stays Arsenal are a dead club.

  69. Goondawg

    Arteta was decent tonight.



    Mikel Arteta’s game by numbers:

    0 chances created
    0 tackles won
    0 aerial duels won
    0 shots
    0 crosses


  70. I am arsene

    Inside right

    So what… They were all internationals Vieira was an unknown, so was anelka
    They all proved drastically under Wenger
    Game set and match
    Now goodnight
    Some of us have jobs

  71. Joe

    Wenger improved anelka that much in two seasons? I Fucken doubt it. He was a talent before. Was here 2 years. It was all there before.

  72. tom

    Curious what lack of preparation you perceive.
    Lots were advocating rotation for this game.
    Wenger’s changes were reasonable, on paper.
    Undoubtedly the team was briefed on opposition and told to expect a hostile crowd.
    Most of our side are seasoned internationals with ambition to show well on the big stage, so there is no reason to be unmotivated.
    Zagreb are not a team that would force AW to reconsider his basic tactics.
    The bench held suitable cover.

    Tell what was lacking?

  73. Wallace

    “Wenger improved anelka that much in two seasons?”

    bought for 500k, sold for 23m…fairly sure Wenger helped a little.

  74. I am arsene


    Hahahahaahahah mickey flanigan has nothing on you. You’d sell out the O2 in a heart beat hahaha
    Yeah cygan senders and innomoto were all top class before winger destroyed them

  75. Relieable sauce


  76. Joe

    Wallace, tom , I am arsene

    I bet you each a £100 pound that we win the title the season after Wenger leaves. That’s how much I believe he holds back Arsenal

  77. I am arsene


    If it was all there before then why wasn’t he scoring for PS3 first team?
    Why did they sell him for the same price as a sports car? Why weren’t the rest of Europe in for him??
    If he was this world class talent and it was all already there surely he would have been on everyone’s radar for a bit more than £500k
    Yeah dropping arsenals record goal scorer for an 18 year old nobody had heard of isn’t astute management
    We would have won the treble with wrighty up front

    Bet you wish you hadn’t said that now don’t you?

  78. Arsene's Nurse

    It’s beyond belief that anyone could say that Arteta had a good game tonight.

    AKBs know nothing about football whatsoever. I’ve never seen a single one of them offer up any in depth analysis on any technical or tactical aspect of the game. They just mouth platitudes because they don’t really understand the game.

  79. tom

    At the base of midfield, Arteta isn’t there to cross or shoot or create chances necessarily.
    Headers? The man is 5′ 7″.
    Tackles? He did miss a couple but not until after Giroud walked. Before, Arsenal had all the ball and tackling was not required.
    Check his pass completion, get a truer picture of his contribution.

  80. Emiratesstroller


    This is one occasion when you do need to be realistic.

    Arteta is no longer a player good enough to sit on the bench let alone play in starting lineup of a team who want to challenge for EPL Title or challenge in

    He lacks pace and was out of position when Dinamo scored first goal and if you watch closely how second goal was scored Arteta was actually best placed
    to cut out corner but then moved away from position where he should of cleared ball.

    Sadly he was not good enough to play two years ago and Wenger should not
    have renewed his contract.

    Wenger’s major failing is that he holds onto players like Arteta far too long.

  81. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Lack of reliable backup to Coquelin for one but I guess thats season prep
    As far as game prep: Pushing fullbacks too high, allowing quick counters with Arteta chasing, lack of runners in behind forcing Giroud out wide where he was ineffective. Too many changes with back 4 along with no defensive midfielder. Set piece defending horrible. Given we were changing back 4 and the keeper we should have been working especially hard on this, no? Basically, we just go at every game the same, nothing to do with luck. And I disagree we shouldn’t have to change tactics for Zagreb. Every team has things to prepare for.
    Altho, our options are limited due to inactivity in tw and injuries.

  82. tom

    I think Arteta is in his last years at this level but still has something to offer as a squad member.
    Don’t think it’s fair or correct to blame him, or his play, for tonights defeat.
    Giroud is the culprit. Ozil, Sanchez and Ox are equally culpable.

  83. Joe

    Did we win the treble with anelka???

    He dropped a 34 year old Ian wright for anelka and after a long term injury to wright. . Not that ground breaking. Keep making up stories to suit yourself.

    Wish you had just gone to bed with your mum don’t you. I’m sure she is calling you

    Another lucky situation that Wenger fell into just like coq. He was lucky that weight got hurt or anelka would of never played.

    Please fuck off I am arsene. You look like a fool

  84. Cr0 Gunner

    Arseless good one! What a come back! It’s just great isn’t it you work for me to stay home ! That’s what we do in Croydon sit on the dole, so perceptive of you its incredible ! You sir have unjustifiably been mocked this evening.

  85. Goondawg

    I agree with one thing though Tom

    Giroud was the main culprit. I can just about support him, when he misses 5 clear cut chances, and defend him when he goes through his frequent purple patches of playing complete shite. But when he throws the team under the bus like that because he cant contain his princess temper that is unacceptable.

  86. tom

    When I say change tactics, I mean adopt a defensive set up like might be justified against Bayern or Barca.
    Being crap on the night does not always add up to bad prep.
    Rotation was required, if PL is priority.
    Debuchy and Gibbs are both fine players and starters for their countries, surely they can be risked.
    Their flank play caused Zagreb all kinds of problems.

    In hindsight it’s easy to be critical, but what would you do different?

  87. Joe

    I’ll pay. You’ll have to trust me

    Come on. If you think Wenger is all that you should have no fear of losing as no other manager could take this team further than le fraud can.

  88. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    I wouldn’t play Arteta at any point. But that’s been covered. I wouldn’t push up both fullbacks to get width when teams are looking to counter which is pretty much every team we play anymore. And I definitely would find a Cf with pace or instruct Giroud to stay in the middle. Set pieces… covered but need to prepare better if you are changing 6 players.
    If you can’t fault with Wenger after that shower… I guess there is no point, tho. I can’t thinkof anything nice to say. .. so… I’ll save it.

  89. Relieable sauce

    Before you grovers get into a pointless debate with these AKB trolls, why dont you ask them if they think we can win/challenge thePL title, or even the UCL…
    They think we cant under any circumstance…thats our lot, as things currently stand. We CANNOT compete! & they are in full acceptance of this. Stop trying to convince them. Its futile. They are morons.

    Keyser wannabes dont deserve your attention. Dont settle for less than the genuine article.

  90. tom

    The stuff about squad dificiency can’t be used in an argument about prep for a specific game.
    I know full well you think Arsene should have bought a DM cover and a striker.
    Let’s leave that aside.
    Set piece defense is standard and should be part of the routine
    So let’s leave that aside too.
    Rotation is a legitimate factor to consider.
    I did not wince when I saw the line up so find it hard to accept it was too far from the mark.
    I accept your point on Arteta but disagree. So does Wenger. Its a value judgement.
    I think your only valid point is in regard to wing backs pushing forward.
    Perhaps Gibbs and Debuchy were both a little too eager to be noticed.

  91. tom

    Not on a wind up.
    Sincerely believe Arsenal can win PL this season.
    Nothing I saw tonight makes me feel different.

    Sky didn’t fall. We lost CL tie and fortunately are in a position to make ammends.