Could tonight see Arsenal play J.Campbell with pace rested for Chelsea?

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Black armband day in the office.

So sad about Jack and his latest set back. One of the sport scientist peeps on the web said that the trouble with broken kids is that they don’t develop their muscles well as they grow older… which incurs more problems.

That’s what I worry about for Jack. Sure, he has a bone issue now, but like leaving your Aston Martin dorment on the drive, what happens when you switch it off?

Little things break… your aircon has gone moldy… and you need to service it.

Psychologically it must be tough. There can be no joy in sitting about on your ass when you’re a tuned sportsman. It’s not like he can get on the beers or keep fit.

Anyway, good luck to him. Jack’s a fighter and he’s in good hands with the medical staff at Arsenal. That’s probably the only positive I can take from this. We don’t have to worry that there’s been incompetence at Arsenal level these days because we have the best in the business looking after him.

Onto Zagreb this evening. Chelsea are going to rest players heavily. Jose continues to lose the plot in his press conferences like a very young manager might. That can’t be good for his team to hear. Anyway, he’ll have fresh legs for the weekend as he risks a bad result with major rotation.

Olivier Giroud would be my preference for this evening. We need to blast Chelsea with pace at the weekend. A front three of Theo, Sanchez and Ramsey will be causing many a damp mattress between now and Saturday.

I expect to see Arteta come into this side and I’m hoping for lots of rotation.

You have to be realistic about our chances here. We don’t have the depth or talent to win the biggest honour in football. It’d be tough to win the league, but not impossible. We certainly should be doing everything we can do to win this weekends game. From my perspective, Chelsea are swimming off the coast of Australia in a pool of blood. We need to be ruthless and finish their Premier League winning chance by savaging them at the weekend. Because really, 4 losses from your first 6 is pretty much league over.

Tonight, we should be able to beat this side. We need a draw at least. A front three of Giroud, Chambo and what, Joel Campbell? I don’t think we’ll see Ozil or Coquelin rested. But we know Rambo has stayed at home, so we’ll see Arteta.

It’s a big game, but only because it’s about preservation for the weekend.

Right, that’s your lot today, let me know your team in the comments!

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  1. N5

    Reply to Gaz on the previous blog.

    I think by strongest people mean most competitive.

    Most leagues are a one or two horse race and that includes the domestic cups. I read the other day that teams rest their best players when facing Barca and Real and only put them in against teams they stand a chance to win and from what I see, it appears that happens in most leagues.

    England however, might have West Ham beat Arsenal or Bradford beat Arsenal, or Birmingham beat Arsenal or Wrexham beat Arsenal and ……….


  2. Bamford10

    Not sure “pace” — ie, Theo — is actually what’s best against Chelsea, as they’re likely to sit fairly deep and counter, but at moment I think I prefer Theo to Giroud on principle.

    He’ll do next to nothing much of the time, but it may be worth playing him just for the odd counter or ball in behind.

    Joel Campbell? Egats. Let’s hope not.

  3. ADKB

    These days when we play, I hope for the best and when the worst happens, I don’t care.

    However, Chelsea have lost their mojo and I don’t think they’ll find it before Saturday. If we start strongly, we stand a chance. I dare to predict a draw or win for us.

  4. gazzap

    It’s interesting what is happening with the smaller PL teams. They used to be filled with British grit/speed/strength type players that used to just want to come and get physical with the top teams. In the last few years, we have seen those teams buying more talented players from abroad because they have foreign managers, more money and have wider scouting networks than before.
    In some ways I think this might make it easier for Arsenal, not harder. If our tricky talented players are slightly better than their tricky talented players we would always win. It’s not like it was when there was a clash of philosophies and they could win by roughing us up.
    There are still a few managers around who would like to keep it rough – Pulis, and Hughes spring to mind – but even Stoke are trying to play football these days!

  5. Bamford10


    Yes, but “best” is misleading, as many seem to think the EPL’s best teams are equal to the best elsewhere. They definitely are not, and this has become more and more evident over the past couple of years.

    At moment, the best 2-3 teams in Spain, Germany and even Italy are better than their EPL counterparts.

    The EPL has only one really good team at moment — City — and they were bested at home last night by a rebuilding Juve who is struggling to get wins in Serie A.

    Sometimes the ‘EPL is best’ chorus is misplaced and overdone.

  6. Louis Almeida

    Bamford – I think Chelsea will try to take the initiative because they’re at home. And because they’re already off the pace, they need the win more than we do. So it may make sense for us to sit back and counter? Do you agree?

  7. Biggus

    I hope to see Joel Campbell today either as a starter or as a sub. The boy is raw I know and probably won’t set the league on fire but if Sanogo can get a start against Bayern then everyone else deserves a chance.

    I’m not impressed Ramsey is being rested for Chelsea; everyone knows Chelsea have been suffering from pace from other teams so why can’t we unleash Ox on them and get Ramsey in later to shore things up if we can nick a goal or two? Oh well..copy and paste i guess

  8. Highbury4ever

    ” So it may make sense for us to sit back and counter? Do you agree?”
    Abolutely, even if I’m not Bamford lol

    We must play exactly like we did in the community shield!!

  9. Bamford10

    Chelsea are in a funk, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they play well against us.

    We are a special case — both in general and for them.

    If we do win, though, they will officially be “in crisis”.

  10. Louis Almeida

    Biggus – maybe Wenger wants Ramsey to do a job on Cesc like in the Community Shield? There’s also the chance that maybe him and Bellerin are carrying slight niggles so Wenger doesn’t want to aggravate anything at this early stage. Ramsey especially played every minute for Wales in the Internationals.

  11. Uwot?

    Maureen is resting all the usual suspects for Saturday.terry,ivanovic,Costa,matic.there is no way this bunch of shit kickers will not be playing on would literally kill him to lose to us .he hates us with a vengeance.

  12. N5

    Oh I agree Bamford. Our best isn’t in the same league as say, Germanys best. I would certainly say its’ the most competive league, but no way is it the best teams.

  13. Bamford10


    Yes. If they press and play a higher line — and you’re right, they very well may do this — then we might be better off ceding possession and looking to counter. In which case Theo is best.

    I think he’ll play Ramsey wide right regardless, as Ox has become a defensive liability.

  14. Uwot?

    I might add that unfortunately we have a tactically inept manager who does not know how to do set up or change game plan to nullify the I’m not particularly optimistic about the result..

  15. Louis Almeida

    N5 – Yes I agree. I think when people say best I think they mean competitiveness. It’s very easy to market the PL. it’s shown in every country around the world. And with the new TV deals, even bottom clubs in the PL have a lot of money to spend. This is why they can bridge the gap on the top teams in this country. The extra domestic games in this country, allied with no Winter break really harms the prospects of English top clubs. In Portugal they find it astonishing that the English have no break throughout the year. Everyone loves football but you need to rest your muscles at some point lol!

  16. Biggus


    I get you but for me Ramsey is not a disciplined player in terms of tactics. I like him very much as a box to box midfielder but he seems to hunt for glory which sometimes isn’t too bad but when he has a job to do, he seems to just neglect it.

    I do agree with Bamford that Ox has some lapses that makes him a liability at times but I still think it’s a good thing to run at the defenders seeing their confidence is shaken at the moment but being cautious might be a good plan as well.

    We should set up as counter attacking and get them on the break. Expect a tough game from them no doubt cos it’s the third league game and i doubt they’ll want to lose that.

  17. shad

    Won’t be surprised by a draw today or a hard fought win. Hopefully we rotate a bit and get a win.

    As for the weekend, I maintain the status quo like for every other game as long as Wenger is in charge: Hope for a win, more likely outcome a draw, won’t be surprised by a loss.

  18. Louis Almeida

    Biggus – Yes I agree with you. Ramsey can be very erratic at times. His form can go from very, very good to very, very bad! When he plays CM I think he needs Arteta next to him as that gives him greater technical protection IMO. Coq isn’t as good on the ball so if either of them lose it we are in trouble. He played very disciplined on Saturday it seems and didn’t break forward as much.

    I think Ramsey is also more combative and has a very high workrate which is why Wenger always plays him. In the Community shield he played very defensive and in the middle next to Coq, maybe Wenger will do the same on Saturday?

  19. N5

    Biggus, sadly with out team there is no standard. We try to walk the ball in so people get annoyed, then you get players like Rambo taking Hollywood shots and that annoys people too. If we had a consistant style or approach it wouldn’t grate on us so much.

    Also agree on Rambo as B2B.

  20. Louis Almeida

    N5 – I’m not sure. I don’t watch the Turkish, Belgium and lower leagues. But Portugal follows the lead of other main leagues like Spain, Germany, France and Italy to have a winter break. I think it’s necessary. Helps you in the later stages of the season. This is where I think English clubs fall down. Mourinho always likes a small squad but when he gets later into the season you can see his players are very tired. Luckily his players didn’t get injured last season.

  21. Bamford10

    If Mourinho were smart, he’d sit Fabregas and play Wiilian as his creative midfielder. Play Matic and Ramires behind him, with Hazard and Pedro wide.

    Keep those two wide as Hazard has bad habit now of playing centrally to no end.

    As long as he plays Cesc, and as long as Hazard continues to clog the center, there’s little reason to worry about Chelsea.

  22. N5

    Fully agree Louis and thank you for your reply. I watch the Spanish and German leagues but that really is where I stop. I don’t even follow the Italian like a huge chunk of Grovers do, so it’s nice to hear from someone with knowledge on them.

  23. Bamford10


    Read the piece on They went undefeated in their league, which is something. Think they’ll give us a good contest. Plenty of talent in Croatia.

  24. N5

    Blsany, the cold is always a factor over there, but on paper we should win with no issue. We do have a good record in that neck of the woods, but who knows with current Arsenal. What we should do and do do are often very different.

    I’d happily put a bet on a 2-0 tonight to the good guys.

  25. N5

    Bamford, although that record is impressive, they’re about Ajax quality and the unbeaten is releative to the quality of that league. We should be OK. Alexis will hate the cold though!!

  26. N5

    “If Mourinho were smart, he’d sit Fabregas and play Wiilian as his creative midfielder”

    Maureen will take great joy out of playing Cesc, even when not in form. I honestly believe he’d take winding up Wenger over what’s right any day.

  27. blsany

    Nice one sirs.I am glad you two are optimistic then.4- 1 Wally hattrick then he likes playing against Croats.Scored his first senior hattrick v Croatia in 08 having said that he could have had another one over the weekend.Let’s just his finishing isn’t as rusty.

  28. Carts

    “Anyway, good luck to him. Jack’s a fighter and he’s in good hands with the medical staff at Arsenal.”

    Hmm, where have I heard that before??!

  29. Biggus

    I will be happy if we get a win against Chelsea but can’t see it being nothing more than a bore draw. I will take that. Though a part of me wants us to be the team to seal Jose’s fate.

    Depending on their result tonight, their confidence can either be restored or they might have further doubts but by resting his key players, he’s safeguarding against any of that.

    I would say we try to play Walcott in that game and get him to play along the shoulders of the defenders as opposed to his back on goal. Matic is also feeling vulnerable due to Cesc’s lack of form so we can try to exploit that.

  30. Louis Almeida

    Theo has a good goal record against Chelsea. And he strikes me as the sort of guy who needs games to find sharpness. I’m only guessing but if Chelsea do come all guns blazing then maybe/hopefully there’ll be space for Theo to exploit. He’ll have to be a lot more clinical than he has been in previous weeks. Needs to summon his England finishing.

    My team for tonight:
    Debuchy Gabriel Kos Gibbs
    Arteta Santi
    Ox Ozil Alexis


  31. Dissenter

    The last time we played Chelsea at the bridge, they were on fire. It was a very close game and they won 2-0.
    This game will be decided by individual battles and errors. This is not the game for Chambers, Gibbs or any of our rusty players.
    The Costa v Gabriel battle is one that I’m looking forward to. Gabriel has to be careful not to get provoked.

  32. Dissenter

    I would have rested Santi for this game. He’s been looking tired.
    I would have played Giroud and Walcott together with Ozil behind them.

  33. N5

    “The Costa v Gabriel battle is one that I’m looking forward to. Gabriel has to be careful not to get provoked.”

    Me too, this will be a good one. Costa is a nastly f*cker though and he’ll manage to get under Gabs skin, I bet you!!

  34. Emiratesstroller

    The two Champions League Games played yesterday demonstrated graphically that for all the inflated transfer fees paid by the top teams in EPL our clubs have a lot to learn when playing in the Champions League.

    Both Manchester City and Utd lost games, which I am sure that they expected to win. City could struggle to qualify for next round because they are in a group, which includes also Seville.

    Tonight Chelsea should have a fairly comfortable game agains Maccabi. I suspect that Arsenal’s game against Dinamo Zagreb might prove more difficult
    primarily because I suspect that we will rest some of our usual starting eleven.

    The problem for Arsenal at moment is that we are now playing two games each week and have some rather difficult fixtures coming up.

    Martialling our somewhat limited resources will be imperative over next three weeks and hopefully we will not suffer any further significant injuries.

    The set back to Wilshire should now be a warning. Frankly rather like Diaby
    this is not a player that the club can RELY ON. He is talented, but the question
    which needs to be asked is how many games a season will he be able to play?

    My guess is that his injury record is unlikely to disappear and that Arsenal
    must now make provision to build a squad without reliance on him. That does
    not mean offloading him, because frankly I don’t think that you will get much
    of a transfer fee for him, because of his unreliability.

    Arsenal should just hope that when and if Wilshire is fit that he is able to reproduce some of the talent he produced earlier in his career.

    My view is that Arsenal need to buy at least one quality midfielder in January
    irrespective of outcome of Wilshere’s recovery. We cannot rely on him.

  35. N5

    Thinking of when Costa spat on his glove and then ran past Ramos and flung it in his face. He really is a disgusting animal. I think he’s a great player and would love him at Arsenal but he’s joined a very long line of Chelsea players that you just love to hate.

  36. Biggus


    I agree that with games like this we can experiment with two forwards and freshen things up a bit. I would rest Santi but i doubt that would happen.

    I’m curious to play a diamond formation with Ozil up top and flanked by midfield trio of Coq, Ox and hate to say Arteta; Coq being the base and flanked by Arteta and Ox playing CM that can try to go a bit wide.

    I feel we can attempt this as the physicality of the premier league won’t be there and we can play Sanchez with Giroud up front with Theo coming later to keep him fresh for Saturday and Sanchez being replaced later by Joel playing more wide depending on our scoreline.

  37. Dissenter

    I’ve come around to thinking that we CAN beat Chelsea. We just have to play a perfect game and hope for good officiating.
    There will be lots ok extras (diving and goading) in the game.
    Alexis’ luck is bound to come good, the ball will drop on the other side know of a post rebound soon.
    Begovic ain’t no Courtois.

  38. YoungMurphy

    While our fitness as a whole has improved, it seems like everyone ALWAYS has set backs. Feel so bad for Wilshere…he’s only 23 and is already suffering from Michael Owen syndrome (overplayed as a youngester, forever injured). If he does get back, he should be on a pitch count and stay at 15-25 games total per season across all competitons. Not sure we’ll ever see him get back to 40+ games a season .

    Otherwise, feel confident we’ll win tonight. 2-0. Let Joel Campbell get a game. AW isn’t usually one for wholesale changes

  39. blsany

    As horrible as this might sound Shaw’s injury has just opened a place for Gibbs in the national team.Wish the Luke speedy recovery but it does look quite bad and so early in his career when he was just getting going.Will he ever be the same player?Diaby never was.

  40. Kayciey

    Arsenal will be all over chelsea like white on rice but with a close finish of 1 – 2 for Arsenal Ramsey and Walcot scoring for Arsenal while Willian scoring for Chelsea.

  41. Goondawg

    All I can say to the United fans that were laughing at Jack only 24 hours before Shaw got injured is karma’s a bitch…

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Disagree completely about Walcott as ST for the weekend, Chelsea will pack the defence and the middle of the park meaning Walcott will go into carrier bag mode.

    Would play him, but on the right, Sanchez on the left and Giroud through the middle, it would mean that Giroud could quickly (haha) hook the ball out to the wide players and escape the maelstrom of bodies in the middle and get at that Chelsea defence, particularly Ivanovic if he’s playing.

    The set up is so crucial for Saturday, feels like one of those games that could be won or last with the team selections.

    Bit annoying Ramsey left at home, would have used him and Arteta tonight to give Coq and Caz a break, and certainly would not have played him at the weekend.

    Should win tonight, Arseblog state Zagreb haven’t won in the group stages of the UCL since 1999/2000. Should win, Saturday is the big game.

  43. Goondawg

    Lol N5

    We probably would have bought him had Real Madrid not been so insistent on a buy-back clause inserted into the deal..

  44. Carts

    “The two Champions League Games played yesterday demonstrated graphically that for all the inflated transfer fees paid by the top teams in EPL our clubs have a lot to learn when playing in the Champions League.”

    Tis true and something that’s been glaring for a while now.

    Could the curse of Sky money be the reason? Genuinely expected City to beat Juventus last night as I did Utd.

  45. Carts

    6 months projection of Luke Shaws recovery is very optimistic. Fracture of both tibia and fibula as well as possible ligament damage too

  46. Wallace


    “Chelsea will pack the defence and the middle of the park meaning Walcott will go into carrier bag mode.”

    I don’t think so. Chelsea under Mourinho are very cautious in big away games, but usually try and sieze the initiative at home. it’s one of the games i’d definitely prefer Walcott up top to keep them from squeezing the play.

  47. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    We were meant to beat Monaco on paper, but we failed miserably. Let’s hope tonight we get it right as that will be crucial for the mindset of this team for the Chelski match.

  48. Cesc Appeal


    Disagree completely but we will see I suppose, you could be right.

    Walcott is far too limited for me and limits what we can do, Giroud whilst obviously much, much slower has much more to his all round game.

    Walcott was pretty ineffectual against them in the Community Shield, I don’t buy into this magical affect he has, we already have Sanchez on the pitch to put the pace fear into them, better finisher as well.

  49. Bamford10


    You should try having a point occasionally.

    One, I didn’t see the game, but from what I’ve read, Martial was one of the few United players who actually showed well. Two, whether Martial replaces Giroud will depend only on his quality relative to Giroud — a very meager CF — not his absolute quality. Three, I’m not some big fan of Martial’s; I’ve simply made a claim about his prospects vs. Giroud’s in the next year.

    Some of you lot are so defensive about some things. It’s a little pathetic, actually.

  50. Cesc Appeal

    I would still play Walcott, but at RM/RW, with Sanchez on the other side, that would be some fear into Chelsea, if they get broken on, good luck with that.

  51. Wallace


    “Some of you lot are so defensive about some things. It’s a little pathetic, actually.”

    you have a ‘weakness’ for trashing our players while bigging up others you’ve barely seen. can get a little annoying.

  52. Alfie

    Bamford –

    “You should try having a point occasionally. ”

    Stop being a little princess.

    Mate, you raise some good points but I think you can be very knee jerk – after Martials goal against Pool I think you said something along the lines of “I love being right all the time”

    I watched last nights game – he was complete pony.

  53. Goonergirl

    Don’t think I want to see Walcott start up front against Chelsea. I’m not Giroud ‘s biggest fan either but I’ll rather have him start up front with Alexis and Theo wide.

  54. Alfie

    “you have a ‘weakness’ for trashing our players while bigging up others you’ve barely seen. can get a little annoying.”

    THIS really. Its like the kid in class who always puts his hand up and thinks everything he says is right.

  55. blsany

    We need pace up front mate.Don’t you remember Cahill standing full 20 yards of of Wally the whole game.Their whole defence was shitting bricks for that alone he should start over the Tall Oaf.

    Tiki -taka failed to many times let’s just counter attack those Blue sons of bitches for once.

  56. Samesong

    GoonergirlSeptember 16, 2015 11:39:38
    Don’t think I want to see Walcott start up front against Chelsea. I’m not Giroud ‘s biggest fan either but I’ll rather have him start up front with Alexis and Theo wide.

    I tend to agree with this. Giroud (Loves falling down) to ware down Terry and Walcott to come on last 20 mins.

  57. goonerjay

    anybody on here watch much Ligue 1? Is Michy Batshuayi finally showing signs of his potential coming good? His stats this season look good and he was a very highly rated youngster.

    A 21 year old striker with potential to explode in the next couple of years is surely what the Arsenal are looking for right now.

  58. Cesc Appeal


    Agreed. That’s my pick.

    I think Giroud occupies the two CB’s more and also brings the two wide guys into the game more further enhancing their pace. Again, particularly if Ivanovic is playing who has looked just awful.

    If not, then it will be Dave at RB and Baba at LB which will mean potentially the back line is a bit disjointed.

    Considering how surprisingly poor Chelsea have been in defence I think Mourinho will look to really make the middle solid with Matic and Mikel/Zouma, so again, that’s why I like our pace out wide, throwing Walcott into the middle of that is a total waste.

  59. warchester

    Giroud won’t work if ramsey is on the right wing…he’ll just waste the whole 70 minutes…Walcott up to is best for when ramsey is out of position…anything with giroud and half-fast midfielders crowing the middle is BAD. Walcott up top all the way with the way Wenger likes to play

  60. Biggus


    I understand that Giroud is more of a presence than Walcott and the community shield wasn’t something to go by as well but for me that was because Walcott was trying to play with his back to goal.

    If he plays off the shoulder of the defenders like he did a bit against Stoke, he could be more dangerous plus the Chelsea back four have been berated lately for their lack of speed. The last thing you want is a very static Giroud giving them time to pick their passes and grow into the game.

    Like warchester mentioned, Ramsey on the wing and Giroud playing is a bit crippling as Ramsey won’t make runs off Giroud but try to play from central. With Walcott, this could be more deadly as there will be more movement.

    I know Walcott is not prolific at the moment but i fancy him causing more trouble than the Community shield match and he’s much fitter than back then.

  61. Highbury4ever

    “two seasons of not so great figures of putting the ball in the net.”

    …plus always provoking and hurt other players, he’s a f*cking disgrace, and that’s why the chelscunt shirt fits him so well.

    And he’s f*ck ugly lol

  62. Goonergirl


    Yeah Walcott just doesn’t do it for me as a striker. If he’s going to play it should be on the right. He’s just not good enough to be a lone striker

  63. Cesc Appeal


    He can’t do it though, and if we’re saying we need him because of Wenger playing Ramsey then that is a problem with the set up.

    For me our front line should be Sanchez, Giroud, Walcott/Oxlade…that should be our starting front line, obviously I’d hoped we’d show some initiative in the summer and it would look better than that.

    Walcott offsets the lack of pace from Ramsey yes, but he also limits us, you saw the difference when Giroud came on in the Community Shield, nothing that went up to Walcott stuck, it takes more than pace to be a ST.

    I’d stick him on the right for Chelsea, thinking about it I might even drop Ozil, play Coq and Ramsey in the centre with Caz a bit beyond and look to play a proper counter attack game with pace on each flank.

    Our options aren’t ideal because of Wenger transfer incompetence, but I just do not buy Walcott as an ST at all, far too limited a player.

  64. Carts

    “Just curious If Walcott scored 25-30 goals in all competitions will you accept him as a striker ?”

    Answers to your question depends on where we eventually finish. Finish 4th and its a nope. Win the league and it’s problem solved.

  65. blsany

    “Just curious If Walcott scored 25-30 goals in all competitions will you accept him as a striker ?”

    Yeah we would but how many more years longer do we have to give him?Another 10 years?

  66. SomeRandomGunner

    I think Wenger is not too confident with Cazorla in the middle to do the required defensive duties . So Ramsey plays to provide some defensiveness while compromising little bit on the attack. Also with Ozil and Cazorla it is better to have as many runners as possible.
    Ramsey’s runs are very very good.

    Ox has been disappointing for me . After the pre season I was expecting him to be some player this season.

  67. Cesc Appeal


    Let’s see him get above 10 goals in he EPL first, he’s done in once in 11/12 when he scored 14, once in almost 10 years at a club where you get chances galore and he was asked in the main to be a goal threat.

    He has pace and when in form is a decent finisher, but it takes a lot more than that to be a ST, Wenger didn’t think he was one for 10 years, this is a cover your arse move now, no England manager has…there must be a reason for that, don’t you think?

  68. Samesong

    “Just curious If Walcott scored 25-30 goals in all competitions will you accept him as a striker ?”

    No I’ll just think he’s a good goal hanger.

  69. blsany

    “Ox has been disappointing for me . After the pre season I was expecting him to be some player this season.”

    Bit unfair on Ox i thought he was doing well until he got benched for Ramsey.Boy never gets any continuity i’d be off if i was him.

  70. Samesong

    If Arsenal are to beat Chelsea has to be this week. They are not organised at the back Terry and Zouma individually are good but not as a pair yet.

  71. SomeRandomGunner

    @CA Irrespective of whether we have a top striker or not we have not scored more than 75 goals in the league in the last 9 seasons. And in multiple seasons we did not touch 70 goals. During this time period we have had Henry , RVP , Adebayor as strikers.

    It looks to me we dont really create all that much , or the strikers do not really make any difference to the total goal tally for us.

  72. Cesc Appeal


    Don’t create that much? Seriously.

    RVP was the last WC ST we had, but was a total sick note for a lot of that with only really one fully fit season where he killed it in 11/12 in which he scored 30 EPL goals, tied with Henry’s 03/04 season record high. So I would disagree, ST’s do make the difference.

    Our wastefulness has been evident just in the first few games of this season, Arsenal have long been a wasteful team, as a fan you can’t count the amount of times you’ve heard commentators say ‘Arsenal need to be burying one or two of these, or it could come back to bite them’ and then promptly does.

    We needed a better quality of ST, we have one, one ST for the season, we though Giroud and Sanogo was bad, now it’s just Giroud.

  73. Goonergirl

    We definitely do create enough. Its just we don’t have good enough strikers to finish the chances created. I mean just look at our last match for proof of that. How many sitters did we miss.

  74. SomeRandomGunner

    @CA Yeah I dont disagree we needed a CM . But Cazorla has been awesome. May be if we replace Cazorla with someone we will loose what Cazorla offers ?

    This season Cazorla has 4.4 key passes per 90 mins and 4.60 chances created per 90 mins. These numbers are better than Silva / Toure / Fabregas / Coutinho/Mata .

    Only Ozil seems (I only compared top team’s CMs) to have better chance creation per 90 mins .

    During the TW , I also wanted Cazorla to be replaced . But we will certainly loose what Cazorla offers and compensate else where just like what we are doing with Ramsey.

  75. MidwestGun

    even drop Ozil, play Coq and Ramsey in the centre with Caz a bit beyond and look to play a proper counter attack game with pace on each flank.
    Cesc –
    Not often I totally disagree with you. But really? Coq and Ramsey have been shown to not work especially well together. And if you want a proper counter attack game… that’s literally what Ozil does best and why he thrived at RM.

    Also some people calling for Arteta and Santi in the pivot together, today? Are we trying to lull Zagreb to sleep with our slowness, especially if we start Giroud we need some energy in cm. Think we need to take this CL match pretty serious as shown by yesterday’s results, this is why I think Premier teams struggle because all the other non Prem teams play their best lineups and will sacrifice a League game knowing it won’t matter where as Premier League teams tend to do the opposite. They start their B teams and try to salvage it at the last minute by subbing on their better players.

    Anyhow, no matter who we put in lineup I hope we don’t play complacently today. Being on the road might actually help with this.

  76. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah exactly.

    At Newcastle as well a few great chances and essentially an open net for Walcott almost totally missed.

    We didn’t even need a WC ST I don’t think, we’d have been much better going for a second class (with respect) ST and then a wide play maker I feel. Spend the money you would have on one WC ST on two positions.

  77. wenker-wanger

    we have strikers that are average and with contrasting styles. Perhaps play wally and l’oriel together to make the acceptable quality upfront. This will radically change wankgers tip[py-tappy and to change with the emphasis on urgency. Wally would drift out to the right anyway and come inside when possible. It could work. its clear something has to change… many chances so few goals.
    wankger would like the prem season to finish now as we have achieved 4th place NOW!!!!!
    1-1 tonight…..acceptable in the quest for last 16.

  78. Cesc Appeal


    My thinking is, if you take Ramsey out to put Walcott in at RM/RW which I would you know he’s lazy and won’t track back, you then look at that centre and think Coq is it in terms of physicality and athleticism, Ozil won’t get stuck in in the slightest, Caz doesn’t either…so it’s Coq vs Chelsea’s middle.

    I do feel having Gabriel and Kozz will help, more pace, more pressing, but still.

    This is yet again for me the failings of the summer coming back to bite us, our line up is like balancing overlapping plates, each supports the next, remove one and they all fall down and shatter.

  79. SomeRandomGunner

    @CA As I said when RVP scored 30 goals we had 74 league goals that season.
    In 2005-2006 Henry scored 27 league goals we ended up with 68 league goals.
    When Adebayor Scored 24 league goals we had scored 74 goals.

    Even when we had Chamakh and the likes our goal scoring has been around 68 to 74 goals.

    There is not a too strong correlation here. May be you can argue our rest of the team has improved dramatically and a good striker will make huge difference.

  80. SomeRandomGunner

    @Goonergirl I agree we missed some sitters. But we do not really a new striker to convert those missed chances do we ? We know that Theo and Giroud are atleast good enough to convert those simple chances.

  81. Cesc Appeal


    We need a better quality of ST, it really is that simple, our team has got better, Sanchez was a drastic improvement, but Giroud is average to good and that’s it really, we have nothing beyond that in terms of ST’s, the rest are half forwards and then obviously Welbeck is crocked and his goal scoring ability questionable.

  82. SomeRandomGunner

    At Newcastle as well a few great chances and essentially an open net for Walcott almost totally missed.
    We didn’t even need a WC ST I don’t think, we’d have been much better going for a second class (with respect) ST and then a wide play maker I feel. Spend the money you would have on one WC ST on two positions.
    Exactly but Theo has consistently scored better goals before than the one he missed against New Castle . He or Giroud can be that second class striker.

    May be your hatred for Wenger is clouding your judgement here.

  83. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    Hmmm I think you under-rate Santi’s tenacity a bit. However, I think Wenger doesn’t play Theo on wing because he knows Ramsey or Ox will track back and help out. It leaves us crowded in cm but more defensively secure. I do agree for more physically skillful teams we needed to upgrade in cm.. my choice was Vidal who could have also played on wing. .. but whatever. I personally don’t think there is a way to get the balance exactly correct with this roster, either. Another reason I hated tw inactivity.

  84. Cesc Appeal


    No, in your opinion we would not have got too much better. I completely disagree.

    Maybe your need to defend Wenger is clouding your judgement here.

  85. Cesc Appeal


    I think our middle will get swamped with the usual line up, will play straight into Mourinho’s hands, but then Bilic was able to easily outsmart Wenger, Rodger’s gave Wenger a weeks notice on what he was going to do, still worked.

    So who knows.

  86. SomeRandomGunner

    This season Cazorla has created more chances (23) than Mata , Herrera , Schneiderlin , Schwensteiger , Fellaini , Carrick all combined (22).

    Arsenal has created 88 chances compared to 44 of Man Utd but still Man Utd scored one more goal than us.

    Theo / Giroud has to get their act together and at least play to their level.

  87. SomeRandomGunner

    @CA Not really 🙂 There is enough history to show that both Theo and Giroud can finish better than their finishing this season.

    It is possible that they just completely forgot to finish. But more likely scenario is they will certainly improve.

  88. Louis Almeida

    “Arsenal has created 88 chances compared to 44 of Man Utd but still Man Utd scored one more goal than us.

    Theo / Giroud has to get their act together and at least play to their level.”

    I saw this the other day. Theo and Giroud really need to get their acts together. Cazorla and Ozil… a striker’s dream.

  89. qna

    Will be very disapointed if we dont resy some big players tonight. Would like tonsee chambers and oxlaide take responsibility. Would love to see something like:

    Debuchy Chambers Gabriel Gibbs
    Arteta Adelaide
    Oxlaide Ramsey Campbell

  90. Goonergirl

    Theo and Giroud are playing to their level. Doubt they’re going to get much better. That’s the reason we needed to bring in a better striker. Our problem isn’t creating goals its actually scoring them. Against the bigger teams we can’t afford to be so wasteful. Or we’ll probably end up losing.

  91. Cesc Appeal


    But this is the point, improve, but to what end? In which case you come back to the summer again, I think Giroud is good, Walcott is tolerable in the squad, maybe not on £140 000 a week…but they aren’t good enough for this ambition we profess to have.

  92. Louis Almeida

    Against Chelsea I’d bring Ramsey back into the centre. I know his partnership with Coq isn’t the greatest but it’ll give us a solid base. We don’t really need to play that well to win. Big games are more about who scores the first goal.

  93. qna

    Iwobi Adelaide Chambers Oxlaide. Tonight is the night to use these guys. Otherwise there is no point in having these types of guys in your squad.

  94. Goonergirl


    Ramsey didn’t travel with the squad so he won’t be playing tonight. Also don’t like that midfield of Arteta and Cazorla. Too slow for my liking.

  95. MidwestGun

    I don’t agree there was no striker in the world that couldn’t add goal scoring or a better conversion rate for that matter an attacking mid who could score goals better then Ox or Ramsey and could sub Alexis. We went with Joel Campbell. Also we have huge pile of cash in bank, so just because a striker didn’t move this summer doesn’t mean we couldn’t have secured them given AW’s history I doubt he fought too hard despite his claim of working 24/7.

    We went with re-signing our own players which I think was basically AW’s plan all along. So make it work, no excuses.

  96. Louis Almeida

    SRG – Again it’s early days. I would wait a bit longer. Inconsistencies are normal in young players, even established players. We have this guy called Talisca at Benfica who’s being watched by a lot of big clubs. Very talented but very inconsistent. One day he is like Yaya Toure, the other he is Papa Bouba Diop!

  97. Cesc Appeal


    There were plenty of strikers who moved who could have offered us more, certainly than Walcott who isn’t a ST to begin with and arguably more than Giroud.

    Then you could have moved on to half forwards and wide playmakers as well…

    No excuse for our terrible summer.

  98. qna

    Goonergirl. Ramsey injured or rested. I guess he will be key against Chelsea and he will need to spend te full tank. So I think thats not a bad move.

    I am glad to see at least 1 first team player for the weekend didnt travel. I hope he wasnt the only one.

  99. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger’s language was incredibly passive as well, ‘I am available 24/7’ if there’s an ‘opportunity presented.’

    No confidence in him, like MidWest said, I doubt he tried to hard to sign anyone, we know he loves big contract extensions and persisting with his existing players.