Arsenal rotation is key to success in early Cheslea game

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Thanks to Steve for this!

Happy good morning to you!

So, congratulations to Jeremy Corbyn on winning the opposition leadership race this weekend. A Gooner forming a shadow cabinet. Very good. If he gets in, it’d be like Franco at Madrid (without the bad stuff, ya hear me?)

‘Sure guys, I understand you think there’s hypocrisy in my manifesto, but if there’s a more important national interest than Arsenal having the right level of funding for a new striker, I’d like to hear it’

Nice one Jezza. Reus and Benzema would get my vote.

So what do we have in the news?

Chelsea are in a total mess. Spurs are in a mess. Man, life is good.

Arsenal, back in the top four. Sweet stuff.

Our next Premiership game is against Chelsea. An opportunity to really put some sackable pressure on the flailing Jose.

Jose is the master of getting a team just right to win things, but if he’s not constantly given top up money, he struggles. He has his main centre back on the way to the club house in his career. Ivanovic looks very much like he’s done. Cesc was god awful at the weekend, contributing so weakly, you almost have to ask if there’s something wrong in his personal life. Costa isn’t that great. Nothing is clicking. They’re all tired. Amazing turn of events.

Zagreb away in our first Champions League game of the season. It’s a big one. If you win your first away game, it sets you up nicely. Lose it, and you’re under pressure straight away. Chasing your tail in Europe isn’t fun.

Wenger has already said he’s looking to rotate, so his starting line up is going to be interesting, especially as Chelsea play at home on Wednesday. They have the advantage.

To be honest, it’s quite frustrating the Premier League have that game as the early kick off on the Saturday. Surely, for the league, and the players, it’d be smarter to put it on the Sunday so we have fresher legs for one of the biggest global spectacles of the season.

Another case of TV having all the power. Whatever suits the money masters I guess.

Right, I’m first day back in work, I’m jet lagged and I have an eye infection.

Total dreamboat over here.


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  1. Dissenter

    “I suppose it says a lot about the desire of each team. I’m not a fan of managerial merry-go-rounds, but how Wenger clinged to power after those horror shows I’ll never know.”

    How Wenger clinger on to power?
    Are you serious?
    He carried the water for the board and made them look better that they all are.
    He didn’t let the club fall into Liverpool oblivion.
    It’s easy to make a case for Wenger’s stubbornness or relative tactical naïveté. He can be too loyal and money conscious, no doubt
    …but his he kept Arsenal with the big boys from 2006-2011 is the stuff of legends.
    If not for that fateful day in Birmingham, we could have even won a league championship.
    …and who can forget the night in Paris when Henry froze in front of goal, over and over again.

  2. daz

    It’s hard to build up a rep that instills fear into the opposition but its much easier to lose it if Mourinho doesn’t turn things around this season other coaches and teams will stop fearing playing Chelsea and they will drop more points as a result its what happened to utd when fergie left and it happened to us I feel we’re building it back up but as I say alot harder to do once it’s gone

  3. Uwot?

    Yeah rocky!way to go.forgot about that winding Costa up about’s a guarantee gabby will have him wound up.however,depends who ref is.prob one of the usual tossers we get & he’ll get away with murder!

  4. Bamford10

    Mourinho’s arrogance, pettiness, nastiness and general joylessness seems to create an atmosphere in a team that works for a period of time, then sours and spoils.

    This happened at Madrid, and it is now happening again at Chelsea.

    That, and they seem to have some older, tired legs that they need to replace.

  5. Bamford10

    Can someone remind me when we have had “issues” with Mike Dean before? I generally put no stock whatsoever into referee complaints/excuses, but I’d like to at least understand this narrative.

  6. Uwot?

    He has reffed us when two of our four leg break incidents have occurred.we have a less than 10% win ratio when he officionates & has rumoured to be on record as absolutely hating us.get a look at the you tube vid a few years back of him leaping in the air when the spuds scored at the Emirates.

  7. Arsene's Nurse

    “Fears are growing that Jack Wilshere will have to undergo another operation as early as this week after suffering an injury set-back in his recovery from a leg fracture.

    Arsenal insisted today that no final decision had yet been made as to whether the 23-year-old required surgery but Telegraph Sport understands that Wilshere has been provisionally booked in for as early as this Thursday for the procedure which could lead to a metal plate being inserted into his leg. ”

    It’s like the Six Million Dollar Man, but do we have the technology to rebuild him?

  8. Carts


    You really couldn’t make this shit up! Wilshere is well and truly cursed. He’s spent more time on the sidelines than he has on the pitch.

    Speedy recovery to Jackie boy!

  9. Relieable sauce

    Mike Dean is lenient towards a physical approach, pro fouls ,spoiling tactics, whether its deliberate or not, who knows, it is an issue though with Arsenals style of play.

  10. Gunner2301

    Saying Wenger is a great manager is like saying Mayweather is the greatest boxer it depends on your perspective. Both of them do get naked and roll around on a bed in all the millions they’ve made from the sport though 🙂

  11. Goonergirl

    Such a shame for Wilshere. He seems to have become our new Diaby though. If he doesn’t regain full fitness by the end of this season would you still keep him?

  12. london gunnner

    Cazorla most created chances in the league at 23, ozil at 20.. we need better striking options… No shit sherlock!

  13. london gunner

    Cazorla most created chances in the league at 23, ozil at 20.. we need better striking options… No shit sherlock..

  14. N5

    2301, I see where you’re coming from and what you mean but Mayweathers stats back it up!

    Ali is considered the best of all time, but pound for pound there is no boxer better than the Pretty Boy. Could he have hacked it in the days of Ali, Forman or even later with Tyson? probably not, but his record is what it is and yes he may have dodged some tricky fights (pac-man in his prime), but he’s won more titles over more weights than any other boxer, if memory serves me correct.

    Wengers legacy is much more local. He’s changed our style of play, got us a big soup bowl stadium and has had more success in the FA cup than any other manager, also he’s the only Prem manager to go a season unbeaten.

    However, unlike Pretty boy, there are people in the world that have got a much better record than him, so Pretty Boy is best through fact, Wenger is best through opinion.

  15. jwl

    I thought Sanogo was going to be our next Diaby but it appears that Wilshere is going to be our next permanently broken player. All those serious injuries make your body weaker and weaker, it never goes back to 100%, they accumulate and your health just gets worse and worse.

    I have wondered about Wenger’s youth projects and making 19 and 20 yr olds compete like they full grown men when their bodies are actually still developing. It seems to be our younger players who are constantly injured while the older lads can take punishment more.

  16. Marko

    I’d be tempted to start Chambers over Gabriel and have Arteta and Ramsey as your base with Ox, Ozil and Sanchez behind Giroud tomorrow. Rotating is key.Also Debuchy and Gibbs to start too. Need the likes of Monreal, Bellerin and Cazorla and Coq in tip top shape for Saturday

  17. jwl

    N5 I would like to have seen a fight between Ali and Tyson when they both in their prime, that would be something. Ali with rope a dope, and Tyson with rage and knocking people out in 57 seconds, it would have been awesome to watch.

  18. Louis Almeida

    Marko, do you not think it’d be risky to change 3/4 of the back four for an away CL game. I know Zagreb aren’t the greatest but I read they went undefeated in their league last season and have a lot of pace? Games in Eastern Europe are never easy. I agree with rotation, I just think we need to pick the guys we’re rotating in carefully.

  19. Marko

    Wilshere is pretty fucked it seems. Poor lad. I figure we have to make a serious decision if over the next year or two he doesn’t put together a decent run if staying fit. Sad to say but we don’t want another Diaby situation where he barely plays and takes up a squad place and wages over many years

  20. N5

    jwl, agreed. always thought Ali could dispatch Tyson because he took punches from Forman over 15 rounds but they reckon no boxer could or has ever been able to punch as hard as Tyson so that would have been something.

    Ali would have got under his skin! he was the cerebral assassin, but Tyson would have bit his nipple off or something.

    I’d still have Ali for a win, but bloody hell would it be good!!

  21. OleGunner

    FFS Jack may need a metal plate inserted with surgery??

    The lad can’t catch a break. I fear we will never see the best of his ability in Arsenal shirt.

    Another season of injuries and we might as well sell him for 30 million to
    a foreign club.

  22. Marko

    Louis we absolutely need to be careful but the Chelsea game is massive. Get at least a draw and there’s real pressure on Jose. And considering we’re away and they’re home tomorrow and we’re notoriously slow starters in big games especially early kick off’s rest a few players will be key. And that many changes in the back four isn’t too unheard of tbh. Debuchy and to a certain extent Gibbs should be good to go. Bellerin and Monreal against Hazard and Pedro Saturday need to be fit and raring to go Saturday

  23. tunnygriffboy


    Keep creating those chances and the goals will come. Someone will be at the end of a difficult day when they start going in. The boys confidence must be a bit frail at the moment . The constant media driven narrative that they are not good enough and Arsenal need a WC striker must be galling. Even the commentator on Arsenal player said numerous times that they were not good enough and they also get stick from our supporters.

    Hopefully the goal each will improve their confidence and I’m pleased Wenger is supporting them through the media.

    Giroud is Giroud and despite his limitations will score his quota

    Theo is an unknown. He is making excellent runs in behind and getting into good scoring positions. That is a positive. He missed two sitters on the weekend and v Newcastle, chances I would expect him to take. He is aware of this and admitted it. He seems the sort to really work to improve his finishing. If he stays fit and gets a run imo he will score a fair few this season

    Alexis is getting closer and closer. Was denied by a miraculous save on weekend when his header was turned onto the post. He also hit the inside of the post with the keeper beaten. He’s such a good player you know the goals will come soon

    Ramsey and Santi need to start chipping in as well. Ditto Mesut

    Mind you after Kos effort on Saturday everytime he gets the ball in the opponents half I am going to be screaming ‘ SHOOT’ 🙂 🙂 🙂 ( incidentally he got that shooting opportunity because our defensive line was so high he picked the ball up in their half and just sauntered forward without being challenged. The beauty of playing both Kos and the Archangel )

  24. N5

    “Not sure anyone was stopping Tyson in his prime.”

    18/19 year old Tyson was a machine. He was frightening he was so powerful. You’d have to box very clever to beat him and even then he would just keep moving forward!!

    Would a rope a dope have been enough?

  25. N5

    Truth I saw Foreman split the heavy bag when constantly hooking it. He had a fist like concerete.

    However, I was going by what Howard Cosell was saying. He made some comment about Mike’s punches even sounding different to other boxers when they connected. I think it’s gotta be close though. Both were bloody animals.

  26. Marko

    The beauty of playing both Kos and the Archangel.

    Brilliant. That’s his new nickname going forward. Someone quick make a song

  27. tunnygriffboy


    I agree with you re Jack. I’m a fan, rate him and I thought who en he came back at the end of last season he looked really sharp and got his first 5 metres back. It carried on in preseason. It’s really a blow for him and us. Wednesday would be ideal to have rotated him in without weakening the side

    It’s getting to a stage like Sturridge at lpool in that the manager needs to bring in a quality replacement/cover as they can’t be relied on to be fit. Treat it as a bonus. It’s doubly sad that this happened in training. It’s compounded with TR7 being out as well. Pay off Flamini and get a proper midfielder in January

    Also agree with rotating a bit for Wednesday. Early Saturday kick off for both teams who play CL Wednesday is a disgrace. It should be Sunday. Other countries look after their CL teams in terms of fixtures

    Can see the full backs coming in along with Ox and Giroud. Make subs depending on how we are doing. Bear in mind they will be full of confidence. They were invincible last season and played Friday night so will be rested. They have fanatical supporters who will be massively up for it as I don’t think they’ve been in CL for a while. It’ll be proper intimidating. Also the pitch is sh.te. Be a tough energy sapping game on it.

  28. jwl

    Ali v Tyson would have been interesting. Tyson was all rage, he would go at Ali right away but Ali keep bouncing off ropes and not getting hit, letting Tyson tire himself out.

    How does that end – is Tyson knackered after two or three rounds of punching air and Ali floors him easily or is Ali on mat, knocked out, after 1:57 into first round?

  29. london gunner


    Still not good enough mate.

    Fact is we were what over 15 goals short of man city last season..

    We aren’t making up those numbers with TW giroud and even the wonderful Sanchez.

    We really should have got Reus in as this will just be another case of 4th place/3rd place finish..

  30. Leedsgunner

    “Fears are growing that Jack Wilshere will have to undergo another operation as early as this week after suffering an injury set-back in his recovery from a leg fracture.”

    Wasn’t Wenger saying after Welbeck’s injury shock was announced that Jack’s setback from his injury was going to be “short?”

    Oh well, no doubt Wenger will say he didn’t know about it again. Funny he seems to know all matter of things that doesn’t really matter — oil prices and its effect on the transfer market, effect of hair gel of player’s fitness, the reason for the striker shortages, etc… then when it suits him he suddenly denies all knowledge — especially on player’s injuries on his books. Shouldn’t he, as the manager, know about these things?

    Maybe he should focus on knowing about things closer to the Emirates… just a thought.

  31. Gunner2301


    Good Answer not a Mayweather fan myself but like you say he has the facts to back up his “carefully managed” career but as he said he’s leaving the game with a mountain of money and all his faculties in tact. Not sure he could have got away with it in the era of Leonard, Hearns, Duran, Haggler etc, but it is what it is.

  32. tunnygriffboy


    Why have a go at Wenger over Jack’s injury ? Seems due to frustration that it’s easy to have a dig over anything. Jack was on schedule then had a setback. How is that anyones fault ? It happens. Same thing happened to Welbeck. Plenty of things to have a go at but everything just becomes ridiculous


    We will see. Only time will tell. As a Walcott fan you should be happy he’s making great runs and getting into really good positions. I just think that with his goal scoring record the goals will come

    Don’t think Reus was available or even interested in a move. If he was there would have been a queue of clubs looking to sign him.