If only we could blend Walcott and Giroud #Arsenal

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Well that was more like, eh?

Arsenal swept to what can only be described as a superb victory.

We tanked Stoke with ease. We brought swagger to the occasion. A few of our not so confident names stepped up and announced themselves on the Premiership season.

I couldn’t attend the game, so this won’t be long.

Theo Walcott had a good game from a ‘I’ve begun’ perspective. He was busy, his movement caused Stoke problems and his good finish opened our scoring. He was still quite indifferent in front of goal, but really, I don’t worry about his finishing because I think he’s the best at the club, I worry that he hasn’t before this been finding the positions to miss. So all in all, a great day for him.

A down-trodden Olivier Giroud, came on as a sub and nodded in a set play from a pretty tough angle. Again, a striker low on confidence hitting the score sheet is always a good thing. Those two need some love. Score some goals and the crowd will dish it out like hugs at nineties rave.

The challenge with both of them is that they’re 75% there. They’re not well rounded. That means in the tightest games, you don’t always have the class in front of goal when it comes down to one chance. When your one chance needs pace, Giroud doesn’t have it. When your one chance needs need aerial prowess, Theo isn’t there. Still, it is what it is now. One good thing is Wenger is taking rotation seriously this season. I’ve never heard him talk about it in September.

‘At the moment, we play every three days for three weeks so I will have to rotate the strikers’

Also worth noting that many of the woes over at Chelsea are because Mourinho didn’t rotate at all last season. Now his players are struggling for freshness. Good to see that Jose can’t bend physiology as well as he bends the press.

Other notable performances came from Ozil. Pulling the strings like a demon. He was part of everything, setting the tone and the pace for the day.

Aaron Ramsey was busy. Not quite back to his sharpest, but he’s looking very solid at the moment and when those goals start dropping for him, we’ll hopefully see some of the form that made him one of the best midfielders in Europe a few seasons ago.

Finally, great to see our man Coquelin getting stuck in, delivering a very good game. He started the move for the first goal with a superb tackle. I know that some aren’t fans of him, but I really am. You don’t need to be world class to make a go of that position. His passing will improve, he has the bit you can’t teach… drive and passion for defence.

A great day, especially as Chelsea bombed again. Jose can’t cope if the owner doesn’t give him more pocket money than the older boys. It’s coming unstuck right now, which is hilarious. However, let’s remember that he’s one of the best in the business. He’ll be back fighting by the end, that you can be sure of… feel free to crow in the meantime… and fingers crossed, behind the scenes, Abramovich is going to fire him! Also interesting to see that Martial scored a stunner on his debut… let’s see how that gamble pays off.


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  1. MidwestGun

    Wallace –
    That’s more of an excuse than a rationality in my book. Pretty sure if you would have given any other team in the world 100 million or even 50 milion
    They could have found a starter. Anyhow, it’s all on these players now. So… hoping for over performance again. My yearly hope.

  2. jwl

    Coq is brilliant, love him. And Gabriel looks and plays like a proper defender as well. You can tell Coq and Gabriel get more enjoyment from stopping others than they do from offensive play. Too many poncy metrosexuals in our team, we need some backbone and will to fight. Gabriel looks like he stick a shiv in your back when you not looking, he brilliant. Defenders are my fav, goal scorers are glory hunters who preen too much, or at least that how I perceive offensive players.

  3. gonsterous

    dint watch the game but am glad we won the match and sit in 3rd.. not getting my hopes up coz our squad is thin as ice.. maybe a bit of rotation midweek so we can be fresh to face those chelshit tossers on the weekend !!

  4. jwl

    There have been stories this week about Manure and Chavs players having meetings with their manager to discuss problems and how to fix. Does anything like that occur at Arsenal or are our players more obedient?

  5. tunnygriffboy


    Not Coq today, it’s Ramsey’s turn today. Be someone else next week. Am finding it harder and harder to come on here. Everything’s ott and non objective. A lot of the middle of te road posters have slowly disappeared. It’s the anti Untold 🙂 🙂

  6. NewCoArsenal PLC


    What does ‘keeping in touch’ mean?
    We’re coming up to the 10th anniversary at The Emirates,
    so when is the promise of ‘jam tomorrow’ due for delivery?
    Arsenal put all their hopes in the FFP mantra, which in reality
    was never going to work.
    Whether or not Lord Harris’ figures were accurate regarding his £200m quote, what we do know is that if we can’t compete with City, Chelsea or United’s spending, you can add Europe’s other elite clubs to that list too, which would indicate that Arsenal are a long way off challenging for anything meaningful for what could be decades.

  7. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    It’s not that they is unwanted it’s just that he refuses tonaccept that he is not a striker,,,
    Lovely lad really well brought up not vicious enough to be a striker…
    11 in 11 starts is mis leading
    He has no scored in all 11,games … The misses against Liverpool leaves me thinking I would accept it better if he did it when it counted …

  8. Marko

    Again this idea there was no one available who could of improved us is not true. Is someone like Imbula or Schneiderlin an improvement on Arteta and Flamini? Yes. Did they move and could we afford them?Absolutely. By adding depth and quality to the team it keeps others on their toes also. I mean there was even apparently interest in Krychowiak up until the last week with his release clause at 22 million it wouldn’t matter if he was available or not we could of gotten him. But for whatever reason Wenger decided to gamble again on Coquelin staying fit etc etc. Still probably would of gone for someone if we could of gotten rid of Flamini imo.

  9. MidwestGun

    Tunny –
    To be fair, opinions are more polarized now because of transfer window inactivity and lack of funds excuse is irrelevant. So now Wenger has essentially said there are no players better then these. It makes it hard to be a fence sitter and puts more pressure on performance. So depending on who has a bad game, your right they will probably get the brunt of criticism perhaps unfairly.

  10. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Flamini is a leech

    He stank the club out in his last tenure when he did the dirty an went for more money ph an bench warming …
    Wgphat other world manager would take scum like that back ?

    Only soppy bollocks Wenger.

    Now we are lumber with worthless talent , should not have given him a squad number dpfollow Spurs way .

  11. tom

    Stadium plan was right for that moment and remains a huge asset and can only be considered a success
    The scene changed with RA and then Sheik, who usurped AFC with money.
    Arsenal have stuck to their guns though and continued with their plans.
    Now we have reached a new level of financial power, achieved by the policies so criticised, we can compete more securely.
    Though we remain vulnerable, and always will, we are no longer a selling club and can and do attract top talent to add to our setup.
    Too players have signed for less money than others have offered just to play for Arsenal.
    This is what it’s all about.

  12. Marko

    Quick question though Tomas and a pretty simple one are you happy with our chances to legitimately challenge for major honours? And could we of done more this summer to put us in a better position to challenge could we of done more to strengthen the squad? Pretty simple. That’s basically the upsetting thing for a lot on here

    Furthermore Tom it’s pretty clear to see the last couple years when we have spent money on the likes of Sanchez, Ozil and the previous summer we brought in 5 players it has proven successful with regards to two FA Cups. Then why all of a sudden is spending not the answer for some fans making excuses for the summer window?

  13. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Disagree about Rambo

    Think he brings more to the team than others think …
    In fact I think he should be captain playing in his central role

    Or follow the Welsh rout play him further up the pitch .

  14. Marko

    Now we have reached a new level of financial power, achieved by the policies so criticised, we can compete more securely.

    Absolutely true Tom then simply why aren’t we competing more securely? Again it’s simple do you think the squad is good enough to compete for major honours as is? Could we of done more this summer to put us in a better position to challenge could we of done more to strengthen the squad? Pretty simple. I mean we’re not asking for miracles here. A better midfielder than Arteta and Flamini and a striker faster than Giroud and more natural than Walcott. They’re out there. You think next summer will be any easier? We’ll have the same issues and then some with Mertesacker 31 or 32 and Cazorla and Monreal hitting the 30’s. Flamini and Arteta will certainly be gone too

  15. Redtruth

    Monreal-Nothing special
    Koscielny-Panics when under pressure
    Gabriel-Accident waiting to happen
    Coquelin-Proving his doubters wrong including Wenger
    Ramsey-West Ham quality
    Cazorla-No World beater
    Ox-Still plays like a rookie
    Wilshere-Offers very little.
    Sanchez-Top player
    Ozil-An expensive luxury player
    Giroud-A Donkey
    Walcott-Lol lol lol

  16. tom

    Sniederlin went to United.
    Maybe they were prepared to offer him more.
    I’m certain he was carefully considered by AFC, but ultimately rejected.
    Arteta and Flamini seem the weak links but clearly AW values them still.
    It’s a value call he is far more qualified to make, given the info at his disposal, than any pundit or fan.
    His recent transfer record is immpecible, yet so few will trust him on this.

    I do trust him. Not buying doesn’t mean he doesn’t recognize the need, just that he couldn’t make the right deal.

  17. Marko

    Think about it like this in the next year or two we’ll have to look at replacing long term at least some of the likes of Per, Koscielny, Monreal, Cazorla and Debuchy who are all in their 30’s even Giroud is 29? Not to mention Arteta and Flamini. While hoping to keep Ozil and Sanchez happy the next couple of years rather than need another drastic summer where we need about 4/5 signings he should of gradually signed players with this in mind.

  18. tom

    I do believe the squad can compete for major domestic honors. CL will be harder.
    The idea that because we bought 5 players three summers back so we ought to repeat it is wrong as clearly those purchases from before are only now fully integrated.
    Your way is a revolving door. Nothing can develop in that environment.

  19. MidwestGun

    Not buying doesn’t mean he doesn’t recognize the need, just that he couldn’t make the right deal.
    Then he is incompetent. That’s why you pay and have a supposed top manager so they can complete deals. And deal with needs. It’s just as hard for every other manager yet they seem to be able to cope.

  20. tom

    Wenger’s moves are consistent with his philosophy.

    By all means disagree with the philosophy but try to set the rational behind his actions.

  21. Marko

    Again you’re making excuses. Forgetting Schneiderlin cause you can debate what exactly happened there even though to me it was cause he didn’t think he was worth the money but it’s clear from last January we were very interested in bringing in a midfielder with links to Schneiderlin and Carvalho and then Krychowiak. Pretty clear also in the end Wenger decided to gamble on Coquelin staying fit and the questionable fitness of Arteta and the average Flamini to get us through the season. So he hardly trusts those two when he was clearly happy to sell Flamini this summer and has been looking (but not buying) midfielders all summer.

    At the end of the day it’s pointless debating this stuff cause we can’t change anything now and we just have to support the lads. All I’ll ask is certain types of fans stop pissing in my ear and then tell me it’s raining ok

  22. Zacharse

    I’ve never felt bad for Jose before, but I don’t wish his situation on anyone, professional failure while watching your father die

  23. nigel tufnel

    tunny, wallace… my 2 favs…

    sorry if i come off too strong also. it’s just that some people here get too much enjoyment picking apart our guys.

    they never seem to notice all the missed chances and flaws of non-arsenal players.
    they act like authorities but its all about comparing us unfavorably with other teams players.

    miserable gambon comes up with stats which always make our players look worse..

    ask yourself… with the 1000’s of stats he’s posted—– have you ever seen one that is favorable to an Arsenal player or mgr.

    doesnt sound like an arsenal supporter to me. also posted a mourinho video on this arsenal site, havin a laugh at Arsenal expense, what does that tell you about him?

    bamford and gambon hate arsenal and themselves

  24. tom

    It’s just as hard for every other manager yet they seem to be able to cope.

    Do they?
    Are you impressed by the dealings this summer?
    Think Rogers has been shrewd with the money he’s spent at Liverpool these last few years?
    What about United and Spurs?

    We have money.
    We spend wise.
    We improve.

  25. jwl


    Thanks for link Gunner2301, I had forgotten that. I agree, it should happen much more often than just occasional match.

    Stories I saw mentioned that dialogue between manager and players goes through captain, vice captain and it made me wonder if this is one of the reasons why Wenger does not really care about captain position, he doesn’t want senior players questioning his methods.

  26. Marko

    The idea that because we bought 5 players three summers back so we ought to repeat it is wrong as clearly those purchases from before are only now fully integrated.
    Your way is a revolving door. Nothing can develop in that environment.

    Oh my god. Again what you tom and people on untold don’t wanna listen to is nobody is saying we need to go out bring in 5 players and spend a 100 million in one window or every window. You arguing that is more disgruntled fans want is beyond stupid. Just buy the striker and midfielder we so desperately need to make us stronger. How hard is that? Not asking for a miracle and when you consider we tried in the past couple yearsfor Suarez, Higuain and the likes of Lars Bender and William Carvalho are we now to believe Wenger sees Giroud and Walcott as enough and Arteta and Flamini as enough? Come off it

  27. tom

    Above remark was response to this.

    Furthermore Tom it’s pretty clear to see the last couple years when we have spent money on the likes of Sanchez, Ozil and the previous summer we brought in 5 players it has proven successful with regards to two FA Cups. Then why all of a sudden is spending not the answer for some fans making excuses for the summer window?

  28. Marko

    We have money.
    We spend wise.
    We improve.

    Don’t agree entirely with that. Needed a proper Defensive Midfielder? Converted Arteta to one and brought in a free Flamini all while there’s plenty of quality of midfielders on the continent. Needed astriker and have been looking for a striker for a few years? Panic bought Welbeck who has never even in the slightest been prolific. That’s all we need and seem to shy away from addressing. Keep in mind I actually like Danny but only on the wing with his pace and workrate

  29. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Yes… every other manager was able to find players and complete deals for starters. There is always risk in any transfer. Clearly, i meant cope with the difficulty of signing starters. Not cope with difficulty of evaluating players. Which Rogers and others have struggled with. So Wengerr should only sign low cost , sure things? Lol. Good luck with that.

  30. nigel tufnel

    toms a generally positive gooner.. whats so bad about that.?

    you have to get on his back because he’s not a miserable negative fecker like many here?

    i dont like untold. untold.. . i generally favor Wenger but get annoyed with him sometimes.

    i can see sometimes when i follow a match here before i get to watch it myself.. there is a ridiculous amount of negativity, and factually incorrect slating of our guys. i see the natch, and its like night and day.

    gambon is slower than Bamford to jump from chavs to man city. but one thing is for sure.. .


  31. Marko

    I don’t get your point Tom? Two more players and the fan base knows we gave it a proper shot this season. That’s it. A midfielder better than Arteta and Flamini and a striker and everyone is happy with the club seemingly showing ambition. By not bringing in a single outfield player and not addressing the striker issue it leaves the season in a precarious state if I’m honest. I mean we’ll still get champions league and all but there was a real missed opportunity there to potentially do something special this season

  32. obum

    maureen will be getting ready for arsenal from last night. And sure arsenal knows how to get a struggling team to work. Arsene, please start getting the team ready for chelski game. Please rotate and have players fresh.
    for the CL game play: Cech, debuch, mert, gab, monreal(he’s made of steel), arteta, ramsey, ozil, chambo, campbell & giroud (rest Sancheez and carzola & walcott & Kos) and release them all out on sunday

  33. Marko

    Keep in mind I’m not attacking Tom I’m just trying to get my general point across. Very much entitled to your opinion and by all means please remain positive especially on here but the excuses are not valid imo

  34. tom

    Even you will conceed Arsenal have done well in their recent transfer dealings.
    Both in buying and selling.
    Deadwood clear and vast majority of additions have strengthened.

    You feel we haven’t been busy enough is all.

    Can’t you accept that success in transfers requires being highly discriminating. Just because someone is good doesn’t make him right.
    Also not every player we want wants us.
    Plus other clubs are fishing same pool.
    It’s not a simple as you imply to strengthen.

  35. MidwestGun

    I don’t have an issue with Tom. Seems ok, not abusive or a spammer….. lives in an excellent location. Dont think he is especially being attacked either. … he is asking others to question their opinions on Wenger however I don’t feel like he gives the same courtesy. Not to mention most of his beliefs are faith based not especially rooted in reality. Seems impressed easily. But whatever. Lol

    Takes all kinds to make the world go round. But then again I had no problems with Reverend Willow except when he got preachy and started accusing everyone of intentionally lying.

    Anyhow, don’t know why people come on here if they are so bothered by other commenters that it affects their health.

  36. tom

    No such thing as a low cost sure thing.
    Wenger has signed Ozil, a high priced near-sure thing, Sanchez , a great signing for a great price and Czech, who’s the same.

    These examples of the smart shopping we do at the high end.

  37. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Smart shopping should never end. Especially when you have needs due to injury. Again, pretty much comes down to I see no rationality in starving yourself when you have money to go to the store.

  38. daz

    “gambon is slower than Bamford to jump from chavs to man city. but one thing is for sure.. . BAMFORD AND GAMBON HATE ARSENAL AND THEMSELVES.”

    Nigel that is because bamford is a glory hunter and Gambon is stuck on Mourinho’s dick

  39. Bamford10

    Daz, Nigel

    One, are you two of the view that Arsenal, not City, are the strongest team in the EPL? Please say “yes” clearly, if so. Maybe explain why you think this as well.

    My view, as you know, is that City are much stronger.

    Two, are you two ALWAYS of the view that Arsenal are the strongest team in the league? That is, is this your permanent point of view, regardless of year, players, competition, manager?

    Or are there seasons where you acknowledge — like every other rational, sane observer on the planet — that Arsenal are not the best team in the league?

    A clear response to this basic q would be appreciated.

    And by the way, a “glory hunter ” is a person who chooses his team on the basis of which team is most likely to finish first. I chose to support Arsenal in 2006/07 when they were in fourth and looked nothing like champions, and I’ve never wavered since.

    Do I have criticisms of the manager, of certain players? Of course. Only a brainless dolt (like your lot) would not. But I do not support or root for any other EPL club, nor would I ever.

    I do, however, think City are the best team in the EPL, as do most Grovers, I imagine.

    Thanks for your input, though. You lot always do a good job of discrediting yourselves.

  40. daz


    1. I can acknowledge were not the strongest team in the league (but are stronger than utd)
    2. I chose not to degrade my teams players at every opportunity
    3. I wasn’t banging Chelsea’s drum all summer to then get on city’s ass after the first game
    4. I didn’t start supporting arsenal in the build up to the 06 CL final and have become bitter at my choice but to stubborn to jump ship and admit I made a mistake

    Thanks for the input

  41. tom

    Playing a waiting game with evacuation orders.

    In the mean time….


    It would be fascinating to know the reasons you chose Arsenal as your club.
    Please share.

  42. tom

    2006 were a vintage side featuring such greats as Denilson, Senderos and Djourou.
    Seems an odd choice for you.
    If it was our endeavours in CL that caught your attention, what was it that turned your head? Wasn’t that the year we exited to PSV?

  43. Bamford10


    I never “banged the Chelsea drum,” unless by “banging their drum” you mean acknowledging they finished 12 points ahead of us for a reason (they had a stronger squad and a more ambitious manager).

    Do you dispute this? Were Chelsea not stronger than us last season?

    Also, am glad to hear that you acknowledge that City are stronger than us this season. At least you’re capable of some rationality.


    I’ve done that before, and I have no interest in explaining it to someone like you, whose views of the club are so simplistic, faith-based and irrational.

    Arsenal are the only club in all of Europe that didn’t sign an outfield player and this is just Wenger being a “careful” buyer? Come on, mate. Save that bullshit for your children.

  44. Bamford10


    Oh, and I started supporting in the round of 16, I think, and I would never regard my decision as a “mistake,” for one doesn’t support a team for the sake of continuous winning or beautiful football alone. THAT would be glory-hunting.

    However, I do think it ironic that I chose to begin supporting Arsenal during the second half of Wenger’s reign, which is a little like becoming a Reaganite just after he began suffering from dementia.

    But no one will enjoy seeing the back of Wenger’s head more than I will, and no one will enjoy seeing Arsenal return to greatness some day under a different manager more than I will. Win or lose, I will enjoy Arsenal being great again — and run by someone rational, ambitious and competent.

    However, they are not great today and haven’t been great in ages — something I doubt even you would gainsay.

    I, for one, refuse to pretend they are.

  45. daz

    Tom he has explained before something to do with the pretty red and white shirts lol

    Bamford I can acknowledge Chelsea were stronger than us last year but have you come to your senses yet and admit utd were the weaker team?

  46. tom


    Pretty please tell us how you came to be an Arsenal ‘fan’.
    I want to know what it was about 2006 AFC that grasped your attention so completely that you post daily on an Arsenal blog ever since.

    RVP was our top scorer that year. 13 goals in the league. Henry was second with 12.

    Midfield of Fab, Flamini, Silva and Hleb

    Defense featured a rather knackered Kolo Toure along side Senderos, Djourou and Clichy.

    It was a classic stadium-era Wenger team.
    Much to be admired, but not world beaters.

  47. tom

    At least get the facts right, Bam.

    Arsenal signed Cech, plus three (3) French youth outfield players this summer.
    One of those youths, JRA, is in the CL squad.

  48. Bamford10

    No Daz, I still think United had the stronger squad — and I believe they have the stronger squad now — but clearly LVG didn’t manage them properly.

    Still not sure why this is such a sticking point with people.

    Glad you’ve conceded, now though, that Chelsea were much stronger than us last season and that City are this. Your ilk gives me such a hard time when I point out these basic facts; turns out you agree but just don’t like admitting it.

    Sorry, Tom, no interest. Why don’t you and Daz regale us with tales of the origins of your support?

    Whatever the story, the fact that you defend (admire!) the current manager — a man whose incompetence, complacence, arrogance, fatuousness and negligence are obvious to a ten-year-old — is a disgrace. I mean that sincerely.

  49. tom

    Oh, and I started supporting in the round of 16, I think, and I would never regard my decision as a “mistake,” for one doesn’t support a team for the sake of continuous winning or beautiful football alone. THAT would be glory-hunting.

    Pretty sure we went out in Round of 16 that year, but would have to check.

    I get that you are a stick-to-it sort of guy and are on board for the long haul, but you haven’t explained what it was you liked about AFC?

    That’s the bit that is most revealing and what I enquire about.
    Was it the players?
    The style of play?
    The pretty red and white shirts?
    Maybe a friend led you to them?

    Please tell me. It might help me understand you better.

  50. Bamford10


    Your arguments get more pathetic by the hour. Now you’re counting those children as signings, despite the fact that none will represent the full team in the EPL.

    You really are absurd, mate.

    Consider this my last response to you.

    Enjoy your wine, your gluten-free diet and your world-class pot, Tom — though I’d lay off the latter a little; your brain seems a bit mushy. 😉

  51. steve

    September 13, 2015 21:35:21

    At least get the facts right, Bam.

    Arsenal signed Cech, plus three (3) French youth outfield players this summer.
    One of those youths, JRA, is in the CL squad.


    Don’t be ridiculous. You know he meant senior outfield player that can make a change now not in 342134 years time. Troll cunt.

  52. I am arsene

    eboue at right back
    Sol Campbell at centre half, he scored on the final
    Flamini was our left back
    Pires and freddy still played for us too as did Dennis
    Our shirt was purple as it was our last season at Highbury and no we did not go out to Psv, we actually were 15 mins away from winning the competition with some pretty average players. They did however gel to form a quite formidable team
    Almuuuuniaaaaaa you swine

  53. I am arsene

    Bamford is a glory hunter
    You threatened to give up supporting arsenal last season to go and support Real Madrid. “A real club”
    So many posters and readers saw this bamford.

  54. tom


    watch your language, please.

    JRA will most likely get a run out in Pl this season. He is an outfield player.

    Facts matter.

  55. daz

    “No Daz, I still think United had the stronger squad — and I believe they have the stronger squad now — but clearly LVG didn’t manage them properly.”

    So you feel Wenger achieved more with a weaker squad thanks for clearing that up

  56. Bamford10

    OK Tom, last response. My choice of Arsenal was down to their:

    – playing some of the most beautiful football in Europe (no longer the case, sadly)

    – featuring Bergkamp and Henry, two of the most elegant players in the history of football (we no longer feature such players — no Ozil isn’t even close, sorry)

    – lovely white long-sleeves (something Henry himself has cited as a source of his love and something any non-philistine can appreciate)

    – being a London team (my brother lived in London for a decade, I visited often and loved the city)

    – not being the dominant team at the time (they were in fourth/had finished fourth the year prior)

    Other things as well, but that’s a shortlist.

  57. Bamford10


    Yeah, he out-managed LVG, but I don’t think LVG is doing a particularly good job, not to mention he was new to the position and dealing with a club in transition.

  58. Bamford10

    I Am Arsene

    That is a complete lie. I never said any such thing. Out of frustration, I said that I was going to stop watching Arsenal until Wenger left. That was all.

    I never said that I’d be supporting anyone else, and most certainly never mentioned Real Madrid.

    You have just blatantly lied on Le Grove. Not the first time from your lot, though.

  59. I am arsene


    They were fourth at the time
    If you signed up for a side that were not considered the top team then why complain?
    Perennial complainer
    No wonder you’re single mate

  60. I am arsene

    You did mention Real Madrid specifically. I remember reading the comment thinking “how peculiar”.
    A grown man giving up his “soccer team” to go and support the biggest and most successful side in history after a childish tantrum because AFC lost a match
    Very petulant

  61. I am arsene


    Wenger finished 3rd in his first season and only signed vieira and garde.
    LVG has spent over £200m and still won’t finish third
    Arsenal wenger is the second greatest manager in premier league history.
    He is the most influential non Britto enter the English game.
    If it were not for Wenger joining arsenal we would never have experimented the cultural revolution the premier league underwent in late 90s
    No Rafa
    No Jose
    No ronaldo
    No Henry
    Bergkamp could have left
    No Zola
    You get me?

  62. tom

    I was thinking 2006/07.
    We did go out to PSVthat season.
    Sold Bergkamp and Pires that summer.
    Bought in Song, Rosicky and Denilson.

  63. tom

    Playing the most beautiful game in europe was down to Wenger.
    Henry was down to Wenger.
    Shirts were maroon that year.

    Thanks for answering the question.

  64. Troy McClure

    Gabriel is the Brazilian Martin Keown. I think he’ll be 1st choice by the end of the season. The bitch slapping of Arnautovic was fantastic. Love how he cried and acted like a little bitch afterward, proving Gabriel took the correct action. It’s so easy to be a tough guy when you are shoving an off balance prone player in the back and putting him in the hospital, not so easy when its a pug ugly fella from a Brazilian favela looking to make a name for himself.

  65. nigel tufnel

    Bamford sitting in his man city kit listening to blue moon, now with his matic and hazard photos in the bin.

    I believe we are in a race for the title. Man city was much better team than the rest of the league when they won titles recently, and even then it was close, and the league was weaker overall..
    They run very hot and cold. More so than most good teams. We will have chances, and not only head to head. Its a long season.

    Bamford and gambon hate arsenal and themselves.

  66. tom

    Imagine Bergkamp’s first year at Arsenal.
    Bought by a manager who is promptly sacked in favour of a relative unknown.
    Wenger must have said some pretty convincing things to reassure Denis.
    Whatever he said worked, though. Denis stayed a decade and played his best football for Arsene Wenger.

  67. Justice4 Sonogo

    Bamford 10 has been found out tonight lol
    … On a separate note I thought the game lacked energy at times, also massive game for Coq he was immense.
    Imagine this team with a top class striker.

  68. Wallace


    “Just buy the striker and midfielder we so desperately need to make us stronger. How hard is that?”

    judging by some of the names you’re putting forward for striker it’s obviously pretty hard. baffles me that you can piss and moan about the mediocrity of some of our players, but then suggest a player like Jackson Martinez as the answer to our problems. a 29yr old who has spent the bulk of his career playing in Portugal.

  69. Dark Hei


    Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but Bergkamp started his decline post 97/98 season. So I can say he is hardly the pinnacle of Wenger’s career.

    Though you have to give Bergkamp credit for reinventing himself as a playmaker that starts out wide with the license to roam. Very much like Ramsey’s style but with less action and more precision.

    Well that’s what I could remember.

  70. ADKB

    Hahaha! Anyone else watching BBC Breakfast right now? A robot’s just been asked “Which football club do you support?” and it replied:

    “I support Arsenal because they play like robots!”. Awesome 🙂

    Morning all 🙂

  71. naijagunner

    Knew it was only a matter of time before other posters here gets tired of Bamford and his attitude towards Arsenal FC. You can’t come on an Arsenal blog daily just to make fun of our club.


  72. Thank you and goodnight


    It’s not “OUR” club it’s wenger and Kroenke’s…….they don’t give a fuck about us trust me.

  73. Emiratesstroller


    I am afraid that I must disagree with some of your views about Wenger.

    Firstly it is the function of a manager to bring in new players to improve the squad and provide more competition. Wenger has failed to do this during the
    transfer window.

    The upshot is that whilst Arsenal may have a ‘happy and harmonious’ squad
    life has become too comfortable. That is also sadly the case with Board, Management, Coaching and staff as well. Noone at the Arsenal appears to be at risk
    if they fail to perform.

    Leaving aside my view about several players in the squad who should have been replaced this summer there is also concern about the decision not to
    cover what appear to be serious injuries to both Wilshire and Welbeck. The
    idea that you take a risk not to cover two players who could be out of action for between 4-6 months was a risk that should not be taken.

    The final issue for me is actually a commercial one. The club has been criticised in the past for its failure to compete with other major clubs when it comes to sponsorship and business. Yet when we start receiving funding from
    these sources we fail to invest in the team.

    Arsenal can cover adequately most of its expenditure out of box office and tv
    revenues. So that the question one should ask is why do you need sponsorship
    money if you don’t spend it? For me it is completely unacceptable that the
    major shareholder and Wenger continue to increase the club’s bank balance
    at expense of improving the team.

    It is incidentally something which Swiss Ramble has raised in recent years. I
    suspect that the AST will be raising it as well at the next AGM.

  74. OleGunner

    Naija said:

    “Knew it was only a matter of time before other posters here gets tired of Bamford and his attitude towards Arsenal FC. You can’t come on an Arsenal blog daily just to make fun of our club.


    Absolutely! I mean it’s all well and good calling out the club, board, Wenger and Kroenke on their mismanagement and faults. I’m all for that.

    But some posters seem to take actual glee in Arsenal losing and having their points proven. It’s almost like they crave defeats. I’m torn on Wenger leading us forward as I think he’s senile and getting passed it, but I’d never wish other
    players at City and Chelsea banging goals against us to show my “theories” are correct. Truly shocking and not what I expect from Gooners.

  75. Leedsgunner

    I don’t want to be misunderstood… I am not wishing our club to lose in Europe this week — when the boys in the Red and White play I wish them well and I want them to win — despite what I feel about the manager.

    However, if I had a choice I personally would choose a weakened squad versus D. Zagreb and play our strongest sides in the league. I would love to get one over against Chelsea for the second time this season! (Is it just me?)

    For me the league has to be the priority.

  76. Leedsgunner

    Some people (who shall remain nameless) want to be right more than they want the club to be successful. Sad really.

    I’m not the greatest fan of Wilshere…. and if it was up to me I would have sold him and used the money to acquire someone more robust this summer. Yet I would be pleased as punch if Jack recovered and started to finally make into reality the potential he promised when he first broke into the squad.

    I want the club to be successful more than to be proved right… 🙂

  77. OleGunner


    Certainly a bit of rotation is in order for Zagreb. We can’t run the same squad into the ground like last season with an unchanged team 7 games on the spin towards the end. But have to put a team together that gets 3 points off the bat in a tricky looking group.

    We have to have some sort of freshness to smash the Chav cunts on Saturday!

  78. Louis Almeida

    I think we should rotate but not too much. Zagreb, despite not being a great team, isn’t going to be an easy place to go. It never is easy in Eastern Europe. Very volatile crowds, crap pitches. May see a Debuchy/Gibbs come in along with an Arteta and Giroud. Not more than three changes should be made in my opinion.

  79. Leedsgunner

    My XI to face D. Zagreb


    *Only because I think he’s scored a hat trick against them before and I thought it worked well versus Stoke to bring in Giroud as an impact striker, who bullied and aerially dominated the tired defenders really well.

    ** if available, I read somewhere he might injured, give Campbell a run if he is injured.


  80. Leedsgunner

    …. and Theo is a confidence led striker if anything. If Theo scores a brace against Zagreb it might just give him enough to score versus Chelsea.

    Against Chelsea I think we did not play someone like Walcott or Sanchez on the left wing and try to take advantage of Ivanovich’s awful form, if he is not dropped… that’s how bad Ivanovich is playing at the moment.

  81. Leedsgunner

    I’m sure it will do them good but it has puzzled me why the manager has sent out Akpom and Zelalem on loan — they could have been handy players to have for European nights.

    What about to Serge Gnabry? Is he out on loan? Is he still alive? 🙂

  82. Louis Almeida

    Leeds – I think that it can only be good for the likes of Zelalem and Akpom to play regularly rather than sparingly at Arsenal. They’re getting loads of minutes right now which is ideal for their development as I think they’ve outgrown U21 level. Gnabry is on loan at WBA.

  83. SomeRandomGunner

    Saturday’s performance was refreshing. The team is adapting better to Theo in team. They are not playing the same way .

    Theo’s movement is pretty good inside and outside the box. With the chances we are creating we will score more goals.

  84. Bamford10

    While I believe that I’m right about Wenger and certain players, perhaps I’ve been too negative, too insulting.

    Clearly I’ve created some ill-will.

    While I find certain things about Arsenal frustrating, indeed maddening, I will try to tone my negativity down going forward. Cheers, all.