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Missing Stoke today. First and only 3 o’clock of the season. Real shame that. The Beer weather is what I’d call optimal.
Big game today. Post breaks are always tricky. Stoke are missing Affellay and Charlie Adams. Which means we have a better chance of smashing them I’d guess?
We need a fast start. None of this easing in nonsense. We need a showing today. This is a good chance to kick the season off properly. We have some hard games this term and Champions League drops back into the mix which will make things decidedly trickier.
Wenger has been bantering with media about the soft upbringing of kids in the modern era. Interesting that most people I speak to in the game tell me Arsenal are beyond over the top compared to others. We pamper the players to the max!
If you want tougher kids, beast them or make them work for their living. Happens everywhere else. Also, stop buying in middle class kids and get a bit of working class slaaaaaag in there. That’d shake it up a bit.
Truth is, if you’re good enough, you make it regardless of what you train on. Reverting back to the good old days is a bit twee. It’s the defence of someone who has run out of ideas. Or someone who is tired. When you control the environment and how players are trained, you should do something about soft players. Funny, if that comment came from Fat Sam we’d all be recoiling at the comment.
Wenger also went on the build press around a lack of options in the striking department, citing Spain and Germany as examples of successful teams succeeding without a specialist striker. He also made the bold claim that people questioned his faith in Nic Anelka and Thierry.
Not sure I remember that ever being they buzz. On striker was so electric Wenger has to drop his senior counterpart. He was literally the most exciting thing in the Premier League from day one. Same with Thierry. The boy was a young World Cup winner. Hardly a massive story that we were playing him. Pace, movement and pure unadulterated talent.
Anyway, Wenger said he’d prefer a spread of scorers. Which is fine. But let’s get them scoring ASAP!
Right, that’s me done. See you tomorrow.

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  1. Sam

    The selection was ok today only Ramsey the elephant in the room.
    Should have started with Chamberlain.
    Nice goals from both our non world class strikers, with good formula they can carry us till Mai.

  2. WengerEagle

    Zaza is ok, not a great goalscoring record was a 1 every 3 matches for Sassuolo and he’s 24 so not a kid.

    Actually always preferred Berardi who surprisngly Juventus let go.

    Icardi is a very good finisher, not the quickest or the best technically but he’s a born goalscorer.

  3. Sam

    With with Coq,
    he’s so disciplined he doesn’t care about doing fancy stuffs.
    Break play n give the ball to playmakers then go back to protect his defenders.
    Shame Wenger failed to bring in his cover, Just hope he stays fit till January.

  4. Sam

    Martial is not better than Apkom n Gnabry
    The only difference here is Martial is playing for a coach who gave him a chance.
    while our youngsters don’t even smell first team football, all sent to play crappy football with lower division teams, Shame!!

  5. Leedsgunner

    Actually always preferred Berardi who surprisngly Juventus let go.

    Great talent, been keeping an eye on him for a while. Wonderful talent.

  6. Cesc Appeal

    Good to see it’s not just Arsenal fans, just saw a United fan comment on a site, ‘we’ve been unlucky, City have been lucky, that’s the only difference, we are the only team capable of challenging City, mark my words.’

  7. MidwestGun

    The old lady just isn’t as good without Vidal, Tevez, and Pirlo. Admirable job on trying to replace them, tho. Would be surprised if they aren’t at the top by the end of Serie A. But they were struggling for creative spark from the midfield tho, today , Anyhow. Relying on fullbacks for attack mostly.

    I think Juventus’s problem is they are too young….and Chelscums is they are
    too old. That’s my explanation of their slow starts, anyhow.

  8. Follow the money

    The Almunia years were negligence. I call it dereliction of duty. From 2006-2012 goalkeeping blunders and defensive howlers cost us 9-15 points a season. Even the poorest club in the PL could afford to address those problems but Wenger did nothing.

  9. Sam

    Wenger still B*tching about Martial signing becoz it exposed him.
    He wouldn’t even pay half of that amount for a 19 years old from France.
    He also wants to keep his bogus reputation as the only one who nurtures young players to stardom.

  10. Follow the money

    I’m liking Gabriel tho I’ll give Wenger credit for digging him up. Hopefully Wenger won’t Wengerize him and leach all of the guts fight and toughness out of him. We haven’t had a tough unpredictable hard man since Vieira

  11. Follow the money

    Wenger’s probably pissed about Martial because the TV guys were comparing him to Thierry Henry. @Sam what did Wenger say exactly? I’ll bet you anything Wenger was in for Martial but as always bailed out when the price didn’t fit his Stone age valuation

  12. Leedsgunner


    “Red –
    Maradona 34 goals in 91 Caps. ….. Messi 50 goals in 105. Ya… they are both terrible. Don’t ever become a football scout.”

    I reckon strangely Wenger would love Red as a scout… Wenger would feel justified not spending a penny because no one would be good enough… wait a minute… 🙂

  13. vicky

    Messi is not far away from becoming all time leading goalscorer for Argentina.

    Batistuta has got 56 goals, so Messi is just 6-8 goals away from the record.

  14. Follow the money

    What’s Wenger’s excuse going to be if Utd come together under LVG? Anti-cohesion? They signed too many players it wasn’t fair

  15. vicky

    “The fee is £36 Million, potentially rising to £58 Million.”

    I stand corrected but still 36m for an untested kid is astronomical and bizarre. We bought Sanchez with that much money.

  16. tom

    The fee is ridiculous.
    In one fell swoop it negates all the smaller club’s new TV money.
    Maybe that’s the plan.
    It’s not fair on the kid either. I hope at least he’s on commensurate wages.

  17. MidwestGun

    Cesc –
    It was bound to happen. … my dad’s hero managers and players werent the cool things to me either. You stay at one place too long. From what Karim said his French television time didn’t help either as he came across stale and boring.

  18. Cesc Appeal


    Very true, but then he was offered about allegedly at £18-20 Million earlier in the summer which is fair I think, ‘saner’ certainly. So if we were following him we could have moved at that moment, better than what we actually did.

    I dislike the Wenger ‘I was monitoring’ speeches, like saying ‘I was going to ask that girl out, but she’s dating my best mate now.’

  19. Joe


    Why do you care whAt Wenger pays for a player? It’s not your money. If Man U pay 35 m for a 19 year old who cares. He actually came in and scored a very important goal
    For them as 2-1 down and scoring a wonder goal , Liverpool would have their tails up and come back to tie but he scored to make
    It 3-1 and killed off the game. If they make into next season by 3 points over Liverpool, how much is that goal worth?

  20. Leedsgunner

    Bloody hell only if Wenger conducted his transfer negotiations like he thought of new excuses we would get all our targets in no time! *sigh*

  21. Cesc Appeal


    I think that’s very true, good analogy as well.

    It just seems he’s missing players, a lot of them coming out of Ligue 1 or up and coming French talent, always think of Lille just as an isolated example, went there, missed Hazard, Cabaye and Debuchy, signed Gervinho, Krychowiak moved from Stade Reims for €4 Million last summer when we were crying out for a CDM…just as examples.

  22. tom

    I want Wenger to be smart with money and avoid overpaying, when possible because doing anything else is stupid.
    Also, as I pointed out, I think it’s bad for the sport.

  23. Follow the money

    And that’s another flaw in Wenger’s plan. He’s willing to gamble small amounts on the likes of SayNoGoal but even if they come good it takes years and we lose games and points waiting. And then when they finally peak they leave like RVP because another part of the team is suffering this phenomenon. Which results in never being good enough to win the big cups. We had close to the best midfield in the world during the Cesc/Nasri era but the defense and keeping were shambolic. Now years later we have the defense sorted but our striker situation is shambolic. So it goes under Wenger

  24. Leedsgunner

    To be honest Wenger railing against the unfairness and the crazy state of the transfer market whilst he’s pulling in over £8.5m per year seems at best, very disingenuous and hollow doesn’t it?

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Not to mention the inflated ticket pricing at Arsenal, lucky Arsenal fans don’t reject the clubs artificial prices isn’t it?

  26. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    Somewhat. …but when I was a young player, I didn’t want to go to his Alma Mater or follow his teams. Surely, even you wouldn’t see Wenger as a progressive coaching option. Maybe if we utilized some of our former players more as recruiting ambassadors. Anyhow, not really that concerned over French pipeline… was hoping Ozil would mean more German players tho. Or Alexis brought in some South Americans.

  27. tom

    Rest assured, Arsene is an authority on french football talent. He has unparalleled connections after all these years.
    Doubt there is a player in the whole system he doesn’t have good knowledge of.

  28. tom

    8 million a year seems reasonable given his length of service and status in the game. Compared to Stirling’s earnings, is it too much?
    Remember he works 6 days a week at least.

  29. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    His connections probably all retired. Lol. It’s hard staying relevant for 2 decades let’s face it. Are you familar with American basketball? Probably, not…. reminds me of Bobby Knight his last 10 years.

  30. tom

    Are Arsenal’s prices inflated?
    Can you explain?
    I know they are the most expensive, but they have the largest overheads in London.

  31. Follow the money

    Wenger should be gardening if he wants to nurture things and watch them grow. A manager is supposed to utilize all the resources at his disposal to build the best team, for now and the future, towards the ultimate goal of winning. Even if Wenger did that we still might not overcome the big spenders but it’s patently absurd to have a team with glaring holes in it for years and not address them when you have cash.

  32. Leedsgunner


    I write on behalf of Tinder. Mr. Wenger knows you like him. He gets it. Please. Leave him alone. You’re freaking him out. 🙂

  33. MidwestGun

    Bobby Knight was considered greatest progressive coach of his time. Developed players to have great careers,got all the top players, won everything his first 20 years but stayed another ten years. Was a shell of himself, still a good coach, but players tired of his style, didn’t progress his pick and roll offense, and was no longer the choice of players. Fans tired of his excuses and lack of winning. No longer got first choice players.
    Pretty similar to me. Wasn’t talking about demeanor.

    Wenger is opposite there. Can barely be bothered to get off bench at times

  34. tom

    Leeds, do you agree with FTM, that using all the resources at your disposal means spending all your cash?

    What about the resource of your intelligence?
    I ask you as you are from Leeds

  35. Joe

    So Wenger should do nothing in signing players than spending more than what he thinks the player is worth??

    Money in the bank is worth more to you than the players we need???

    More than a player that can win us the league or CL??

    You do know a player we could of got for 30m this summer will sell for 35 next summer. So money in the bank is actually costing us.

    It does my head in that supporters like
    You are worried about how much money Wenger spends on a player. Crazy revenues coming in from every corner. 200m in the bank.
    Yet your ok with 16 m each on chambers who looks dross and wellbeck who is a striker who can’t score. 32m wasted. Where is your ” I don’t want him to waste money”. 32 m wasted

  36. tom

    If I heard the players complain a lot, I may rethink it a little, players have insight I don’t, but they seldom, if ever do. On the contrary, his players past and present , always sing his praise.

  37. Joe

    And who the fuck is Wenger to critisize Man U for paying what they did for him.

    Good on them. He’s already 3 goals away from what wellbeck scored for us last season and already done more in 20 m than sanago has ever done

  38. Sam

    I don’t look at Anthony Martial’s fee nothing to do with him
    he’s greedy club priced him high and man utd paid up
    the most important thing here is a young man being given a chance to play.
    I said this before, Pogba n Sterling made the right decision not to join Arsenal. they would be rotting in Barnsley by now and their skills totally gone.

  39. Joe

    Pogba would have been played RW for 2 seasons and them sold back to a ligue 1 team and never heard from again if Wenger got a hold of him.

  40. Bamford10

    “He has World knowledge.”

    Tom is quckly becoming the Marble (Redtruth) of the dwindling AKB faction. Wenger has “world knowledge”? What a wanker.

    Please identify the Brazilian talent he has brought in over the past 10 years — then the French.

    (Note that the children he signed this summer don’t count, as it isn’t clear whether they’ll do anything of note at the full level.)

    Whatever French contacts he has, he has missed far more talent out of France than he has accessed.

  41. Sam

    Coz Wenger picks players merely on seniority n preference not merit
    How da F**k Ramsey starts on the wing ahead of Chamberlain?

  42. daz

    “Please identify the Brazilian talent he has brought in over the past 10 years — then the French. (Note that the children he signed this summer don’t count, as it isn’t clear whether they’ll do anything of note at the full level.)”

    That makes sense young players don’t count because you don’t know if they will make it yet is that a joke

  43. Joe

    Tom,I read that the other day. And already told you it’s bollocks

    Wenger has the money to spend. Ozil and Sanchez prove it

    It’s down to Wenger. He’s a cunt who needs to fuck off so we can have our arsenal back. He has too much control.

  44. tom

    Too long to list, Bam.
    First Brazilian I remember was Silvinho, there was Vivas but he was Argentinian. The first French were Vieira and Anelke.

  45. Bamford10


    No, dipshit, that is not a joke. One can’t claim that Wenger is an astute buyer of French talent and then point to players who haven’t shown anything at the full level. For whether they are astute signings depends on whether they actually do anything of note at the full level.

    Beginning to think we need a Le Grove Division Two.

  46. Sam

    Akpom should be ahead of Giroud.Lol!!!


    what a F*k is Daniel crawley doing at barnsley?
    Anyway, I hope this is his last loan to a lower division club

  47. daz

    “It’s down to Wenger. He’s a cunt who needs to fuck off so we can have our arsenal back. He has too much control.”

    Joe I have said it before, you want your arsenal back before Wenger we were a cup team who won the league once in awhile we were roughly on the same amount of trophies as villa and Everton, you want it back?

  48. tom

    That makes sense young players don’t count because you don’t know if they will make it yet is that a joke

    Especially when Bam’s been loving Martial so hard.

  49. Bamford10


    I said in the last ten years.

    You keep going back to a different epoch, forgetting that the world has changed, that Arsenal have not been what they once were for a long time and that Wenger hasn’t been what he once was for a long time.

    Name the Brazilian players in the last ten years, Tom.

  50. Leedsgunner


    I have always advocated spending money sensibly and wisely in positions that we needed strengthening and not just spending for the sake of it. No one sensible would expect AFC to spend £200m in one go. However to say there wasn’t even ONE player in world football who wouldn’t have improved us is laughable.

    I don’t know what bring from Leeds has to do with my intelligence but thank you in any case. It is because I value my intelligence I criticise the club when I think he could do better as is my right.

    In the same way I respect your choice to support him, unquestioningly. I don’t agree with it but I don’t think we need to fall out or insult each other. Despite our differences we are Gooners, which is the key thing.

    Wishing you the best.

  51. daz

    Bamford he’s talking about knowledge of the world game bringing in players who no one knows about would be the point of using that knowledge, buying players who are already proven wouldn’t count as showing knowledge dipshit

  52. Bamford10


    Except that I have said very little about Martial, save that I can see him replacing Giroud as France’s second-choice CF. A pronouncement which is looking pretty good at the moment, I must say.

    Not to mention he has at least scored goals in big games at the full level.

    The children you would likely like to point to have done no such thing. So again, try making a decent argument for once. I don’t think you’ve made one yet.

    (Doesn’t it bother you to get routed all the time? Or are you so blinkered you don’t even realize it? Probably the latter.)

  53. daz

    “UnmmmmmWe don’t win league trophies now and only win the fa cupWhat’s the difference?”

    So what you moaning about then you’ve got your arsenal already

  54. Bamford10

    Look at Daz still not understanding the argument. Yes, we do need a Le Grove Division Two.

    Daz, even if we were only talking about unheralded talent — we’re not, but all the same — you still couldn’t point to young players in 2015 who have done nothing of note as evidence that Wenger has a good eye/reach for such players, because these players could just as likely not make it as make it.

    I asked Tom for examples from the last ten years. If Wenger really were a maestro in this regard — he’s not — he’d be able to point to a number of names who have since shown their quality at the full level.

    Except that Tom can’t, because there have been very few such players, and because Wenger is actually NOT very good at this. Fifteen years ago? Maybe. The last decade? No.

  55. Joe

    Because our cunt of a manager is doing nothing to propel us forward and hasn’t moved forward in 11 years.

    We will never win the league with him
    We will never even compete for the CL

    I want a manager with ambition. Not excuses
    The pitches are the reason for a shortage of CFs

    You e got to be kidding me

    A manager who makes 8m pounds a season. Talk about over paying.

    At least GG brought home a European trophy

  56. Joe


    Why are you so happy with Wenger if you were so u happy pre Wenger with the same results now only a vast amount more resources available to Wenger???

    Blind faith maybe?

  57. Bamford10


    We won’t compete for the league either. We haven’t in ten years, and I see nothing about the current squad to make me think we will this season either.

  58. tom

    I mention your City as the team there showed exactly the danger of of overspend.
    You say AW should have spent. He said he wanted to. He stayed he saw what was available and declined.
    It’s one window, the least active in ages, yet to you, it’s a sackable offence.
    I have been impressed by all his recent transfers and prefer to trust him.
    I think much of the frustration is because we did well at the end of last season and people think a couple of additions would make the difference.
    But there is no reason to think we can’t do well, as is, this one.

  59. Bamford10


    He played well. He still has the same limitations, though — limitations that will be exposed against better teams, who press us rather than sit deep — but I wouldn’t expect you to grasp such nuances.

  60. Redtruth


    I said noted for his goals the by media and the likes of you when if fits your agenda!

    Record breaker, Countless hattricks, 50 plus goals a season for his club.

    What happens when he pulls on that Argentinian shirt?

    He goes missing, that’s what happens.

  61. Joe


    There is 11 years of reasons to sack him not just the last TW but I hope it’s the straw that breaks the camels back and he is gone at the end of the season.

    8-2, 6-0, 5-1, 6-3, rvp to United. 5 reasons to fire the cunt. Never mind denilson, sanago, park, santos.

    Plus leading the league into feb and coming a distant 4th.

    Out of CL in the last 16 for last 5-6 seasons.

    Bham, Blackburn, Bradford

    Do you want me to keep going or is the truth too much

  62. daz

    Joe I’m content in the knowledge that given good health I have another 40yrs of supporting arsenal to go, in my opinion right or wrong Wenger has always done his best for the club so I don’t feel the need to throw abuse at him weather you like it or not he’s the most successful manager in the clubs history so I have respect for him simple as that

  63. MidwestGun

    But there is no reason to think we can’t do well, as is, this one.
    Except Wilshere injured,Welbeck injured, Rosicky injured, no backup to Coquelin,wasting convertible chances, slow start and loss to West Ham, fast start by City, and past history which shows this exact set of players finished 3rd, history of inability to beat Chelsea, City, and Man. U nited.
    Other then that Tom, I agree.

  64. MidwestGun

    He goes missing, that’s what happens.
    He goes missing to the tune of 50 goals and second leading scorer of all time
    for a great international football power.
    Might want to be be careful throwing around the moron title.

  65. tom

    All the tragedies you mention are just part of the ups and downs of football.
    For every shameful defeat, there is an epic win.
    To single out Santos but give no credit for Gabriel?

  66. Joe

    Gabriel??? What has he done? Led us to the league??? He was part of the defence that kept stoke to no goals.

    A last place stoke

  67. tom

    Players out now should be back later.
    We have Cech.
    We beat Chelsea, United and City last season.
    No WC hangovers.
    Today’s showing was top drawer.

    Yes. We have room to hope.

  68. Leedsgunner


    You think I want Wenger sacked because he didn’t spend this transfer window? Actually you’re misinformed. I rather am glad he didn’t buy anymore deadwood.

    I want Wenger sacked because despite having our transfer budget and wage structure he hasn’t :

    1. Won the league in over ten years.
    2. Won the Champion’s League despite 17 attempts
    3. Never takes responsibility when events go against him but blames accidents, oil money, good pitches bad pitches, fatigue, not enough match fitness basically whatever suits to avoid accountability especially when we are humiliated by our rivals.

    No other big club would tolerate his lack of titles and failure to succeed in the UEFA Champion’s League especially after so many attempts.

    Like I said… let’s respectfully agree to disagree.

  69. Redtruth


    Keep digging

    How many of Messi’s goals have led Arrgentina to a major title.

    Messi goes missing in World Cups
    Messi goes missing in Copa America

    So where do the baulk of Messi’s goals come from?.

  70. MidwestGun

    We haven’t ever beaten Chelsea under Mourinho in the League. If any year this might be it, I’ll grant you. Man. U we beat in the Cup not the League. City we beat once.

    So that was not accurate tom. As for today, it was nice but still worrying regarding our finishing.

  71. tom

    Though I strongly disagree, I respect your opinion.
    You are not s hater.
    Not a specially good judge of football, IMHO, but not a hater.

    Pleasure to debate.

  72. MidwestGun

    Oh ok Red so now your changing the perameters of greatness to scoring the winning goals in Cup competitions.

    Ya ok…. then Messi is crap clearly. Is this how you judge players?
    Miroslav Klose must be your greatest player of all times.

    nobody is digging except you. … in search of a brain.

  73. daz

    How to catch Wenger’s eye
    Having unearthed countless teenage gems throughout fours decades as a manager, few in football can match the Professor when it comes to spotting a star. He tells FFT exactly what he’s looking for


    But nah bamford ur right he never brings through talent

  74. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    oh ok… I thought we were talking about being competitive in the League. Yes I think we can win another Cup possibly. But we haven’t shown we can win against the big boys in the League for years.

  75. tom

    Beating United and Chelsea recently was hugely significant, in my opinion.
    There has been bad hoodoo over those fixtures for years , only some of which can be attributed to opposition’s superiority. The rest must be psychological.
    If we exorcised that demon we can move on with expectation of beating them more often.

  76. MidwestGun

    Red –
    Messi had 4 goals in 7 appearances at the last WC and created 24 chances with 1 assist and was voted the player of the tournament. So….let me know when you find that brain.

  77. Redtruth


    Wenger’s mantra is mental strength and fighting spirit so what’s with all this Psychology.

    How many teams have Chelsea lost too thus far this season hmmm…..

    How many teams did Man Utd lose to last season..hmmm

  78. Joe

    We beat Chelsea in a exhibition match.
    Jesus tom. Are you 15 ??

    Again answer me. What has Gabriel won while playing for arsenal. You’re making these guys sound like they’ve won us the league a few times.

    Again, It’s Wenger. Another manager wit this squad would do a much better job.

    And Poeople talk about matrial getting over hyped and your cumming over Gabriel. After a shutout v stoke

  79. MidwestGun

    Oh ok so now it’s Copa America goals which determine. .. a great player? Lol… your hopeless.
    Anyhow, I give up… it’s like trying to explain why the sun is hot to a 6 year old.
    If you stop talking about Messi. ..I will. I’d prefer to talk about Arsenal but I can’t ignore stupid remarks.

  80. MidwestGun

    Ya. .. Red. .I’m really being schooled…. .. let’s take a poll and see which country wouldn’t want Messi to play for them.
    Actually, don’t bother the answer is ….no country in the world.
    He would be first choice virtually every country.

  81. MidwestGun

    Red –
    … Messi would score for any country. Messi would score for any club. Messi would score in a boat, Messi would score with a goat, Messi would score here and there, Messi would score everywhere.

    There I put it in your reading level, so you can understand.

  82. Redtruth


    We’ve established Messi goes missing for Argentina so what would stop him going missing for any other country.

    I know one country he would excel with and that would be Spain (Barcelona) lol