American sports fans are part of the game plan!

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So, Stan had his revenge. I got to the airport, he switched on his storm machine in New York and he cancelled my flight.

Dastardly doesn’t begin to describe this situation.

Anyway, I did some tourist stuff in down town St. Louis last night.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 08.18.09

That’s the Gateway Arch. Kind of like the Eiffel Tower of St. Louis. It’s really big. I don’t quite get it, but it’s cool looking and big.

Then, this little beauty.

Screen Shot 2015-09-11 at 08.10.32


That’s the Cardinals Ball Park. Pretty cool eh? You can watch baseball from the hotel bar! The Cardinals are basically the only club that KSE don’t own in St.Louis and guess what, they’re pretty damn good! Better than the Yankees apparently.

So that was cool. The stadium holds about 40,000 people. They have all the same corporate seats, but they somehow manage to make sure the ground is full for 120 games.

CRAZY. How do you not get bored?

Then I spend the evening watching New England vs the Steelers. I was with people who could explain what the hell was going on. The game was good. From what I can gather, Tom Brady is like Ozil, and he throws the ball real good to this absolute monster called Gronkowski who catches it and makes a touchdown.

Arsenal have a Tom Brady (less of a cheat by all accounts) but we don’t have a Gronkowski.

Anyway, American sport is crazy. Apparently the crowd whistle fiercely when an opposition play is about to happen so they players can’t hear the calls and go early.


I love that.

Anyway, what’s going on with Arsenal?

Well, I can’t make the Stoke game now, which is a shitter.

I can’t make out the injury news. Per is back in training, but might not start. Laurent can start, so I’d imagine he’ll play with Big G. Then we have Jack, Tomas and WELBZ out.

Great thing about playing Stoke now is they won’t have had a week to practice hardcore bastardry. That has to be countered by our players pinging up all around the world. So we have a fatigue excuse preloaded.

I had a dream we drew this game. I hate dreams like that. I hope we trounce them.

I feel like Arsenal are playing like a stuttery car at the moment, we’re not warmed up quite yet… this would be a very good time to get the engine purring just before the Chelsea game.

It’d be very Arsenal like to lose this and beat Chelsea next week.

I hope that doesn’t occur.

We need to perform for the fans and we need to get a bit of confidence back in the system. Keeping pace with Chelsea is important, keeping within touching distance of City is of even higher importance.

A big game.

Right, I’m off to Minneapolis. Apparently their airport has a nice cheese and wine bar. LITERALLY THE ONLY THING KEEPING ME GOING.

Have a ripper of a day my darlings. x

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  1. Jeff


    What can I say? Half the fan-base have the memory capacity of gold fish. They simply choose to forget what happened last season (and many seasons before that) and assume or hope it’s going be different this time.

    It’s a depressing thought but I agree with you 100%. It will go on for the foreseeable.

  2. Thank you and goodnight


    That’s why I no longer give a fuck mate. My love for the club is getting less and less season after season.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    Not a fan of these American time blogs Pedro, bad enough I have to stay up until goodness knows when to watch boxing or any sort of event like that…not Le Grove Pedro, not Le Grove.

    Anyway, if Stoke are missing the 4-5 players they are rumoured to, including Adam, Afellay, Arnautovic and Diouf I don’t think we should have any problems today.

    Bellerin, Gabriel, Kozz, Monreal
    Coq, Ramsey
    Walcott, Ozil, Sanchez

    We need to start scoring, need to have a more balanced line up, just need to make sure Coq covers for Walcott’s failure to track back and that Ramsey has a disciplined game where he just makes sure he does the basics right.

    It was this type of set up, albeit Welbeck in for Walcott and Caz playing No.10, that sent us on our great run last season.

    No reason to fear Stoke at all, get at them, we need to start scoring, today. It’s all well and good saying you’d rather scorers all over the pitch than one man (bit of a poor deflection really from summer failures) but then Arsene you actually need to set the team up to allow scorers from other positions.

  4. Jeff


    I’m sure it’ll return once we have a proper manager. Even Wenger can’t get in the way of time but he looks after himself so we could be looking at another 10 years. He’s got no intention of leaving any time soon – that’s how it’s looking at the moment.

  5. Dusty Kart

    He’s a fucking clown of a manager and still idiots on here stick up for him! don’t say another ten years of him please dont.

  6. Bankz

    Cavani will come to arsenal on a free when Wenger offers him 50k a week and Man U offer him 200k a week and a chance at trophies like the CL and league. Which we will never win under Wenger and every player knows that

    Joe- so our highest paid player is on 50k?
    Walcott who wouldn’t get into the PSG team is on 140k.
    Giroud who wouldn’t get into teg PSG team is on 100k. …what makes you think IF we wanted to sign Cavani,we would have offered 50k?

  7. Thank you and goodnight

    The man has no fucking shame. Wants the plaudits when alls good but when he fucks up like he does its never his fault. Worse thing is we’ll beat stoke and he’ll have that smug smirk on his wrinkly scrotum like face as though we’ve won CL and he’s been proved right . Fucking bell end

  8. Bankz

    How was AW able to sign Ozil and Sanchez?
    Think those two lack ambition?

    Tom- I’d say Özil looks like someone who lacks a little ambition but as for Alexis,if we continue this way,I can guarantee you he’d be escaping out of the Emirates in one/two seasons time…… a more ambitious club

  9. London gunner

    Arsene Wenger has a point.

    Some of the greatest players have come from street football.. Look at the great Brazilian players, maradonna, Suarez and sanchez ect

  10. WengerEagle

    Football has always been a predominantly working class sport so it’s no surprise that many of the greatest players in its history grew up with very little/in poverty.

    Rivaldo’s teeth had rotted out of his head from malnutrition by the time he got his first professional football contract.

    It’s why Messi will never be as adored by many in Argentina as Carlos Tevez is.

    Also found this quote from Cruyff on Michael Laudrup interesting:

    “Had Michael been born in a poor ghetto in Brazil or Argentina with the ball being his only way out of poverty he would today be recognised as the biggest genius of the game ever. He had all the abilities to reach it but lacked this ghetto-instinct, which could have driven him there.”

  11. Leedsgunner

    Piers Morgan
    Wenger now blaming ‘too good’ pitches for his failure to sign a striker.
    I give up.

    LOL. What do we pay him £8.5m + per annum for to come up with excuses? Another day, another novel reason why it’s never his fault.

    Funny when things go wrong he never accepts responsibility but when things go right it’s all done to his individual genius.

    I hope the boys win today despite the manager showing them no support in the transfer market. Stoke will be a hard game… we must not be complacent.

  12. London gunner

    I think wenger was spot on with those comments. As it’s something I have believed myself for awhile and have pondered on.

    By playing in more difficult conditions you can learn different skills.

    Case point playing football with oranges, tennis balls and small rag balls you learn to control a smaller sized object which is far harder.

    By playing on rough surfaces you learn to balance exceptionally well which increases agility, ability to turn and move with the ball.

    Still his inaction in the transfer window is utterly indefensible and makes no sense as he goes on to say how great South American strikers are yet hasn’t brought any in thus transfer window..

  13. Jeff

    London Gunner,

    Wenger is very good at mixing existing truths with his own lies in order to mitigate his failings. We have all seen it time and time again. It’s a well-known tactic he’s uses often but it does not detract one jot from his failure or just sheer intransigence to sign what we need.

    Here is an analogy. If someone says “I didn’t go to university because the courses afe too expensive”, this is only valid if nobody in the same financial bracket ever goes to university. The truth is that courses are very expensive. But there are plenty of people who find the money and a way somehow to attend.

    It is the same when he tries to justify losing a match that we would normally win. “We were a little bit jaded” or “we played with the handbrake on” he will tell you. But the other top teams are also often jaded or play with the handbrake on – and yet they win more of the matches they expect to than we do.

    “The pitch was terrible” he will complain in the post-match interview if we draw or lose. Yes, but it was the same pitch for both sides.

    “I have made 50,000 substitutions”, he will tell us so that we don’t question his ability to pick the right substitute at the right time. And yet, his tactical prowess leaves plenty to be desired. No other manager talks like that – no other manager will say “who has won the FA cup more”. In other words “who are you to question me – don’t you know who I am”.

    The name of the game is deflection. Any excuse will do.

    The same it was with Welbeck. “I did not know, I did not hear, I did not see” blah, blah, blah.

    Coming to this latest example, yes it’s true kids have a rougher time in coming through the grass roots in South America, but that should never ever be used as a reason for any top club to not strengthen in areas absolutely vital if it is to be true a contender for anything major.

  14. London gunner


    Let’s not bring uni fees into it they are an absolute joke.

    Nowhere else in Europe charges those kind of prices.

    I’m sure you paid nothing to study at university so a tad rich to bring that subject up.

  15. Arsene's Nurse

    London gunner
    September 12, 2015 11:08:38

    Case point playing football with oranges, tennis balls and small rag balls you learn to control a smaller sized object which is far harder.
    When I was a kid we weren’t allowed to play with a proper sized football at primary school because the teachers thought it was dangerous for other kids. Health and safety was alive and well in 1979!

    We used a tennis ball and played using the netball court markings as the pitch. 4 years of playing that way every break and lunchtime meant everyone learnt ball control and as importantly movement. You just can’t hoof a tennis ball up-field. Lots of intricate passing and moving was the order of the day.

    The playground was split in two levels so there was a wall to play wall-ball with on the lower level and then a fence to do the same on the upper. If you could get it right then making the ball skim the top of the fence meant the next lad had to run all the way around down onto the lower play-ground and then with only 2 touches get the ball back onto the top playground and then hit it against the fence. Que a kid with the ball held between his feet hopping 50m back to the top!

  16. Chrisd

    Everything you say is spot on with the exception of the pitch . Surely you can understand a rough pitch would affect a passing side more than long ball merchants . Take Stoke under pullis for example playing say arsenal at the Britannia it would’ve benefitted them to have a rough old pitch as when they attacked the ball was hardly on the floor and relied heavily on long balls /free kicks / delap long throw ins to big thugs waiting in the box to header in but the pitch affecting the oppositions passing side ,it’s commonly known lower sides playing top sides who like to pass to leave the grass longer for match day to slow the passing of the opposition

  17. Arsene's Nurse

    I’d be interested in the youth set up at Arsenal. I bet a pound to a penny that the surfaces they play on are perfect.

    If Wenger knows that this sort of pitch doesn’t produce strikers then why does he persist with perfect pitches?

  18. Jeff


    Yes I agree with the principle that a rough pitch would favour the long-ball tactics rather than the passing game. That is a truth. However, if our opponents were to also play the passing game on rough pitch, Wenger would still use that as an excuse if we don’t win. The point I was making is that he can pick any excuse whatsoever and get away with it whether it is valid or not.

  19. Chrisd

    You are right and wenger is pathetic with his excuses and should’ve been sacked for some of things he’s done but I think the pitch is a valid excuse . Maureen no different though like blaming the doctor lady the other week when in truth his anger should’ve been aimed at hazard for going down but he won’t have the balls to blame his best player in case he up sticks to Madrid or something. He’s blaming the fourth official and his back room staff as we speak in the match with Everton right now funnily enough

  20. tom

    Arsene’s nurse,

    Loved your account of schoolyard footy.
    We played games like that out back of our estate.
    We had all kinds of crazy rules and traditions created to accommodate the weird layout.
    Good memories of summer evenings playing 50 -a-side football till dark.

    I know you don’t expect Wenger to use substandard pitches for our kids. It’s hard enough keeping them fit as it is.
    That kind of streetwise game is learned earlier than we normally get them anyway.
    PlayStation killed footy in England.

  21. Marko

    Chelsea lose today and Man city win with a 11 point gap is it already over for Chelsea ?

    Maybe. Big difference between Arsenal closing an 11 point gap on Chelsea and Chelsea closing an 11 point gap on City though.

  22. tom

    All over for CFC in September?
    No chance.
    City will have a dip at some stage.
    Still, if Everton win today and Arsenal beat them too, there will be some major handwringing.
    Love it.

  23. Jeff


    Silly or invalid excuses are all the more pathetic if you haven’t won a major cup in 10 years. Yes of course Mourinho is an arsehole but he’s an arsehole who’s won big things – much more than Arsene has. All of the top managers today have won both league and CL titles multiple times. Our manager hasn’t won major honours for over a decade and he’s never won a European title of any sort but continues to expound one crap excuse after another to justify the failures of the past decade.

    I would have more respect for a man who stood up and said – “it is time to let someone else have a go” – and that’s five years too late even if he did it today – not go on and on giving us the same bullshit year after year. It is infuriating and isn’t doing Arsenal any favours.

  24. Arsene's Nurse

    Another thing that will produce fighters and players with desire is mixed ages of kids playing football. If you were one of the younger ones then you had to really fight your opponent especially if he was much bigger and then be smart with the ball otherwise the bigger kid would take it off you.

    An all afternoon football game where the sides changed as each kid got called back for tea or shopping or bath time and new kids joined meant you always got to play with and against loads of different kids with different abilities.

    Once you start streaming the kids using age (rather than ability) then I think you lose a bit of that hustle.

  25. Leedsgunner

    If Chelsea lose today it will mean even a bigger challenge for us next week. They will be desperate to get a win against us. Sadly if our recent track record is anything to go by, we are often too obliging in giving a struggling team a leg up.

    Let’s hope we can heap even more pressure on Chelsea by winning today. I don’t care if we win beautiful or ugly… I just want the three points. We need to make most of Chelsea faltering this season.

  26. tom

    The two main reasons AFC have failed to win EPL in a decade are financial doping , which AW has no responsibility for, and injuries which AW has some responsibility but much less than the referees.

  27. tom

    History of injuries is curious.
    Why do AFC suffer more than their rivals?
    It has nothing to do with their top drawer medical team or facilities.
    Perhaps playing youngsters has contributed a little but more than that, I believe, is the style and quality of their game which draws challenges and fouls at a higher rate.
    What do others think?

  28. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Not Justin
    This shocking repeat opening of the legends film after you close it down every time u refresh on thevpagevthevpoxy cunt of an advert appears .
    Fully understand you need to sell blah blah but maybe to a company that operates in a subtle way .