Olivier Gi-booooooo, Juventus striker an option for Jan?

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Dry your eyes mate

Dry your eyes mate

Morning all, it’s Alex here with a quick post. So what’s on the agenda today?

Olivier Giroud got booed by his own fans. Ungrateful French, could you ever imagine doing such a thing? While there is still a slim chance that the French fans were actually saying “Boo-urns” the reality is, Oli having a stinker for his country couldn’t come at a worse time for his club.

With Welbeck out until 2035 and Walcott having a proper Bendtner at the moment, Oli is our only real option up front until January (when Wenger will definitely sign the player the team desperately needs). Like him or not, we need our only plausible striking option to be playing well and with confidence.

I’ve championed Oli on here before. I think he’s an honest player and certainly not as bad as everyone likes to say he is. He’s most effective when he has runners in behind, most obviously Ramsey, to capitalise on his link up play. He clearly lacks pace but that matters less when he’s flanked by quick players.

Makes you wonder why Arsene feels he can’t start Oli in the centre and Theo on the right where they could compliment each other quite well. Yes there’s an issue of balance but Ramsey is sitting the world on fire on the right wing either.

Other news ahead of the game on Saturday is that Per and Kos are both likely to return. Great news as they are still our best CB pair. I think Gabriel has staked a very good claim for a starting spot, but his excellent performances doesn’t make Per (or Kos) any worse.

The transfer window may have slammed shut but still the rumours keep rolling in – like a bit of cat poo rolling down the windscreen of a Ford Sierra. Apparently we are in for Zsa Zsa Gabor who’s like Juventus’s 8th choice striker. WellI guess it’s better than nothing and (fingers crossed) it’s a case of Wenger making use of his scouting network to unearth a gem. Is he a gem? I know nothing about him if I’m honest. If anyone can provide some intel on him, it’d be much appreciated.

Right that’s your lot from me. Hasta mañana!

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  1. Marko

    When you consider what they paid for Martial and what Spurs paid for Son who’s by far a much better player and still young it’s a complete joke. Tbh the quality for money United have spent the last 18 months is ridiculous. Van Gaal a complete pissed taker.

  2. blsany

    Sirs, i think you are getting carried away with the attacks on Bamford he just doesn’t support Arsene Fc.That’s all i get he sometimes gets carried away himself but his criticism is a valid one.If he rates Martial higher than Giroud that’s his opinion but that doesn’t make him a less of an Arsenal fan.

  3. bennydevito

    Jesus fucking Christ.

    So Benteke, Vidal, Schweinsteiger, Schneiderlain, Pedro aren’t an upgrade on Giroud, Flamini, Arteta,Rosicky and Walcott?

    Wenger has really lost his marbles. He really does need to go. It is so clear that we will never win the Premier League again with Wenger in charge.

    So pissed off and bored of this.


  4. Emiratesstroller

    I don’t subscribe to the idea that Arsenal are ‘well stocked’ with wingers. There are of course players in our squad who are designated by Wenger to that position.

    Sanchez is not a natural winger. He spends a lot of his time in the middle of park.

    Campbell most certainly does not play winger for Costa Rica. When I watched him he is more of a secondary striker.

    Ramsey has played in wide position, but frankly is not remotely a winger as he has pointed out on several occasions last season.

    Oxlade-Chamberlain does have the pace and crossing ability to be a winger, but again seems to be often shifting into a central position.

    Walcott is probably best suited to a wing position, but believes that he is a striker.

    The reality is that most of these players are not playing a conventional wing role when and if they play in starting lineup.

    That is for me the problem and one of the reasons why we have played so poorly in recent home games. There is absolutely no width in team and decent
    crossers of the ball. Everything has been far too narrow.

    Saturday’s game will be central to our season. If Stoke manage to repeat what
    five of the last six clubs who have played at Emirates have managed to do and
    not concede a goal you will know that Arsenal’s shape and home strategy is

    We blame Giroud far too often for the team’s overall failings when most of the time he is isolated.

  5. Marko

    .If he rates Martial higher than Giroud that’s his opinion but that doesn’t make him a less of an Arsenal fan.

    I don’t have a problem with him but he does seem to easily insult someone who disagrees with him or argues with him. Which is infuriating cause he can be easily wrong sometimes. Don’t doubt he’s a fan. Why else would someone argue endlessly on here unless they were a fan. Disgruntled but still a fan

  6. Leedsgunner

    Wilshere has suffered another injury set back… and will be unavailable for Stoke. Another one of our January “new signings” it looks like if you ask me.

    Of course it will be contract renewal time soon where he’ll get a bumper contract… for basically being broken. No? Why not? Walcott did!

  7. Goondawg

    “If he rates Martial higher than Giroud that’s his opinion but that doesn’t make him a less of an Arsenal fan.”

    To the point he is willfully seeking condemnation in the form of abject performances by Giroud, and lavishing abuse thrown at him? I dont buy it Blsany, I know Giroud is limited, but I still throw my support behind him and I wont wish some Utd youngster usurp his place in the national team.

    I rate Kane more than Welbeck doesnt mean I want him to bang 30 goals for spurs and win the PFA this year

  8. jwl

    Wenger comments this morning are maddening. Fans do support club, they in attendance week after week after week, buy shirts, subscriptions to sky …. while Wenger does sweet fa to support the club. Wenger employee who puts no money of his own into club while club overcharges for mediocre product he provides.

    There is no ambition at club, I don’t think most gooners expect to win title every season but we certainly expect the club to make an effort. Arsenal have been stagnant for years, not moving forward, while Wenger collects enormous paycheque and complains the fans are ingrates.

  9. Joe

    Would love to hear a reporter ask Wenger ” how did WC players like kallstrom or sanago, silvestre, squillaci improve the squad?”

    Just call him out on his bullshit

  10. Leedsgunner

    “If he rates Martial higher than Giroud that’s his opinion…”

    Based on what his price tag? Most of us didn’t know who he was until LVG decided to pay silly money for him. Worth more than Alexis? Now, that is funny, and a joke.

  11. Leedsgunner

    Merson said this… and for the life of me I cannot believe why anyone would take offence at it. It’s true isn’t it?

    ‘If you’re an Arsenal season ticket holder, you’re paying top dollar. It’s their money. It’s the fans’ money. It’s not Arsene Wenger’s money. It’s not the club’s money. It’s the fans’ money that they’ve paid to buy players.

    ‘The whole idea of going to this big stadium that holds 60,000 people was to bring in top quality players. I don’t know (why Arsenal aren’t spending the money).’

  12. blsany

    I’ve no idea why maybe he’s been following Le Martial through the ranks or likes him because he is fast (unlike Giroud) who knows?Its just an opinion.He can only answer that.By the way Merson is not afraid to tell it like it is.We need more ex players like him Keown ,Henry,Dixon etc.. are busy beating around the bush,they’ve got to put that blind loyalty aside if they care about Arsenal and preach the truth.

  13. daz

    “If you’re an Arsenal season ticket holder, you’re paying top dollar. It’s their money. It’s the fans’ money. It’s not Arsene Wenger’s money. It’s not the club’s money. It’s the fans’ money that they’ve paid to buy players.”

    It’s a nice idea but I doubt Stan would say its the fans money

  14. Gunner2301


    I agree to a large extent to what Merson is saying. However once the fans pay up technically it’s not their money anymore and the club probably see it that way as well. What they’re paying for is a product whether the product is good enough is debatable and therein lies the problem.

    If I buy a pair of cheap shoes for £3 and sell them on for £300 as long as I have buyers at that price why should I drop the price or for that matter increase the quality?

    The fans are creating the same market they are complaining about nothing will change unless they do. Or do something else to put pressure on the club or find some other way to get the club to bend toward their viewpoint.

    It’s doubly frustrating supporting a club that has no ambition because given the above they are exploiting the situation the fans find themselves in.

  15. Emiratesstroller


    Yes I agree Arsenal season ticket holders like myself are paying top dollar. I spend £4,000 on two tickets.

    So people like Wenger should at least listen to their views. Frankly I don’t think
    that he has ever listened to anyone’s views apart from his own. Wenger is not
    remotely consumer orientated.