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The day of Sun.

Gods day.

Or fire day.

Either way, Sky took ownership of it and turned it into the super-est of Sunday’s.

No news today. I’m over my transfer window grief. I’m over the fact I have Gooner pals who forgive the manager like a mistreated baby monkey forgives a robot parent in one of those weird psychological experiments.

I’m over these things. Let them have their beliefs. Let them live their footballing lives in ways that are contradictory to their own.

It’s fine.

I didn’t watch the San Marino game. Though one of my first ever England games was against them in the nineties with my uncle. That night I was introduced to disappointment and macaroons. ‘Twas a confusing evening. So much joy with the soft biscuits, so much sadness that I was tied to Enguuuuuuurland football for life.

Wayne Rooney scored. So did Theo. HOORAY.

I heard Chambo, my favourite Arsenal player, also played well. Such a talent. So happy. His fresh face juxtaposed against Wayne Rooney’s haggard 40 a day moon boat. Chalk and cheese.

I’m really excited about Alex. He needs to cut out the sloppy play in his own half and he needs to be more decisive… But that’ll come and we’ll have an absolute powerhouse of a player. It’d be nice if he could add goals to his game. That will come, I just doubt it’ll come this season.

Though secretly, you know I am trying to jinx this…

Theo scoring is great news. He’s an instinctive player, not always the smartest, but he has pace… and that’ll cause problems if it’s blended with confidence.

Hell, I think he could be world class this year. Well, if we believe hard enough, our dreams come true.

… I’m so Disney right now!

Right, this has to be short. I’ve just spotted a man at the airport wearing flip flops, just going to give him a piece of my mind.


P.S. Wanna thank Alex for bringing the term ‘true believer’ into my life. It’s so perfect. A more modern take on AKB.

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  1. tom

    I live in San Francisco and Napa county in California.
    We have Indian Casinos. Tacky and shit.
    Nevada gambling is different.
    Huge and tacky and shit.

  2. MidwestGun

    It wouldn’t have been scandalous had we admitted he may need surgery early in tw and found a replacement. Wenger likes to gamble on seriousness of injuries and quick return to heakth. Instead of waiting til window was closed.

    Also Wenger isnt operating in a vacuum. Diaby, Koscielny, Walcott, Arteta, Wilshere, Gnabry. … the list goes on of players Wenger thought would recover quickly and be able to make an impact.

  3. tom

    I don’t believe Wenger knew the Welbeck situation when he made those moves.
    What would be the motive?
    Perhaps, the medical news was positive at first, but then reversed.
    Timing coincident and unlucky.
    Makes more sense to me.

  4. tom

    Medical diagnosis is difficult and beyond even Wenger. No, he relies on experts. Seems like they get it wrong quite often.

  5. tom

    I doubt we would have let China go if the Welbeck thing was clear.
    We do have Campbell, who I rate – even though AW seems tepid, who nobody mentions.

  6. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    I think his qoutes in the media in the Welbeck situation showed he did know before the window closed. .. regardless he clearly wasn’t playing in preseason didn’t travel with team and wasn’t working out with team in training and it had been since last April. Honestly, I don’t think Welbeck would have scored more then 10 goals Anyhow but it’s the thought of not even having a realistic contingency plan when we are close to having a realistic title challenge. Altho, that too is debateable, imo.

  7. MidwestGun

    I like Campbell too but did you watch any of the Gold cup and Costa Rica? Campbell was basically ineffective and highly average. Additionally, he is not a Cf……. wants to play as an attacking midfielder and likes to cut in. And as I said he is not a realistic push to get us the extra 15 -20 goals a season we need to be competitive with the likes of City and Chelscum. More of an emergency backup to Alexis, imo.

  8. vicky


    It’s very unlikely Wenger did not know about Welback’s injury. The news of his long layoff is made public just after the end of the transfer window and you don’t see any design in it ? If you are true, then got to say it’s too much of a coincidence.

  9. MidwestGun

    Tom –
    No he should have a contigency plan for known injuries. Buying nobody gives us no probability of improving our goal total beyond cohesion and factor in now we were gonna lose any opportunity for Welbecks goals. Terrible decision making, imo. Surely Wenger shoukd consider all possibilities while the window is open, no?

  10. Cesc Appeal

    The decision for Welbeck to have surgery came on the Thursday before the Tuesday the window shut, gives you a good five days of the window left, and not a chance Wenger wasn’t the one who made that decision or was at least a massive part of it, and not a chance that wasn’t touted as a realistic outcome of Welbeck’s knee problem prior to the eventual decision.

  11. MidwestGun

    Oops… haha. Ya exactly Cesc… have to have the rose tinted glasses on pretty hard to actually believe Wenger has no culpability or responsibilty. Anyhow, won’t ever agree with Tom but I respect his choice of where to live,greatly.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    I think you’re missing a trick not living in Britain free water whenever you want it, just falls from the sky continuously, and if you’re a fan of freezing cold winds and long icy winters, we’re the place for you.

    It’s rather lucky I greatly enjoy winter, it’s my favourite season…or maybe that’s a product of my being British.

    I always think ‘British’ conjures images of sitting in someone’s front room sipping tea with appalling weather outside and it’s frightfully cold but one is far too polite to ask for the thermostat to be cranked up. And of course for some reason there’s a queue forming and no one knows exactly why, just seems the right thing to do. πŸ™‚

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Horrible as in always doing it, or not good at it?

    Because we’re masters at it, we see a queue and we’re there, don’t even know what’s at the front but it must be good, look at the size of this queue.

  14. tom

    Wouldn’t know a queue if it hit them over the head in a bar fight.

    Still, Homeland Security Act is teaching them. At least the ones that fly.

  15. MidwestGun

    if you’re a fan of freezing cold winds and long icy winters, we’re the place for you.
    Nooooooooo!!!! Haha. I’m a surfer dude at heart. Plan on moving to Gulf Coast as soon as I can.
    Yep. .. absolutely terrible at Queueing. Think it comes from endless sitting on the highway with no end in sight in most major cities. Road rage.

    Must admit I do enjoy a good fireside beverage in terrible weather though… and I would be able to attend a match or 2 more often.. perhaps a foreign exchange program? I’ll come over and we could send Redtruth over here. Lol.

  16. N5

    Mwahahahaha oh look at Natwest bank sticking his nose in.

    Postcode boy and Natwest, must be the worst insults I’ve ever read on here and thats saying something. But to repeatedly use Postcode boy like he’s so god damn proud of it is just frightening.

  17. MidwestGun

    Wow. .. just had the misfortune to go back and read the first page of comments to see what the fuss was about. .. sheesh worst stuff I’ve ever read on here. And that’s saying something. Good on Pedro for cleaning it up.

  18. N5

    Mid Ozrus the cat fondler started it to be fair. He was calling me a wannabe policeman??? and then telling Cesc to shut up talking without any irony!

    H3lmet like most of the nutters on here love ganging up and he saw Oz on Cesc so jumped in. I’ve had that so many times and it’s really tiresome. Cesc said I should have had a medal given to me for putting up with it, I think that applies to you too.

    Anyway, someone snitched to Pedro, I’m not sure who πŸ˜€

  19. MidwestGun

    Lol N5 that Troll under the river dude is actually pretty funny. He acts like him coming on here every 2 weeks or so dropping a few insults and making a snarky comment about Wenger is some deep insight. And that most people on here have no clue what he is talking about under one of his 3 identities. Carpetbagger.

  20. N5

    Lol Carpetbagger! you’ve got such a good memory! that’s what started all this because I dared to ask what a carpetbagger was!! He’s hated me ever since. He does make me laugh when he comes on here and says “Pedders, why have you not banned N3 yet?”. Lol, Pedders, like he’s in tight with him!!

  21. MidwestGun

    N5 –
    Ha…. no…. i don’t deserve anything. .. unless Pedro wants to give me a free t-shirt. .. of course.

    I basically just say what I think and apparently that offends some peeps.

  22. Cesc Appeal


    I’m so sick of them, talking up their weather, having a pop at our characterful weather, disparaging our queues…it has to stop. πŸ˜‰

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Between him and the other one creating story lines involving Mummy’s, bed time, ice cream, public school, satchels, anuses, testicles and rodgerings…it was all getting a little weird.

  24. N5

    Yeah, the moment they want ugly women, boring adverts and Oxo they can go fuck em selves.

    Joking aside, I wish our adverts were more like this.

  25. Cesc Appeal


    Exactly, we will have our moment, ‘hey Dave, what’s the recipe for Yorkshire pudding, promised the family something British this Sunday?’

    ‘F**k you Barack, you can go eff yourself in the a! That’s our recipe…’

    Toad in the hole, forget it, how to spell colour, you’re joking right, teach us to drive on the correct side of the road, tell your story walking yankee…

  26. Cesc Appeal


    I said the exact same thing last night, very Norman Bates. A dialogue between Mother and himself, I always wonder if one day we will read about one of the Le Grove loons in the paper and never know it was them.

    London man goes on cat killing spree, found naked in garden shed covered in blood and faeces repeating ‘but Mother said.’

  27. Cesc Appeal

    ‘We gave you Madonna what do you want from us?’

    Yeah…thanks. Can you tell her to go away now, or at least put some clothes on, she has a daughter.

  28. Alex Cutter

    “Though his moves are sometimes hard to read, WE trust him and see a bigger and more famous club since because of him.”

    Who exactly is “we”, you pompous AKB jackass?

    Got a mouse in your pocket?

  29. Drey

    Cesc and Midwest

    Good cities – check
    Great musicians – check
    The Arsenal fan base – double check
    Perfect weather – double check (no chilly winters)
    don’t go hounding me tho.. You guys going on about 2 super powers inferiority complex is setting in

  30. MidwestGun

    Haha no need to feel inferior Drey… .actually sounds pretty nice. How are the beaches tho? Got to be on the ocean when I retire with a minimum of sharks. I’m a slow moving target.

  31. Cesc Appeal


    If ever we come visit, make sure we go swimming with MidWest. that way me and you can get a decent head start.

  32. Drey

    You’re at the ATM or banking hall. you see about 5 people on the line in front of you. 5 others are hanging around. so u join the queue. When it gets to your turn 35 people miraculously appear in front of you.
    Get the picture?

    Lol Midwest if its. the beaches Lagos has 3 great ones. Not sure about the sharks tho. You go find out yourself

  33. Drey

    Cesc Appeal
    September 6, 2015 23:08:24
    As long as you do his dick in the
    zipper face as you sink beneath the

    hahahaha.. Heaven knows I hate that face. makes me wanna hit something every time he does that

  34. Cesc Appeal


    The only reason I like that face is because I know Arsenal fans around the globe at that point in time are either going ‘oh for fuck sake’ or ‘how Giroud, how’ along with me.

  35. Bamford10

    Martial came on for Benzema in the 74th in the friendly against Portugal. Giroud in the 88th for Griezmann. Just a friendly, yes, but looks like our #1 CF is now third-choice on the French National Team.

  36. mysticleaves

    Martial came on for Benzema in the
    74th in the friendly against Portugal.
    Giroud in the 88th for Griezmann.
    Just a friendly, yes, but looks like our
    #1 CF is now third-choice on the
    French National Team.

    variation bro, variation. your thinking would put cabaye ahead of Schneiderlin, moussa sissoko ahead of Kondogbia and fekir over Griezmann. # just saying

  37. Highbury4ever

    “…but looks like our
    #1 CF is now third-choice…”

    “WENGER #1 CF”, please, thanks a lot.
    We, the fans, have NOTHING to do in that lol

  38. Champagne charlie


    Late response sorry mate, regarding Cabaye/Sissoko over what we have that’s debatable. I’d have Cabaye deep and I’d love Sissoko in the squad as an alternate option for RW/CM, doesn’t smack me as a holding type. But you go back to when they were both brought to England and that’s what I really mean, they were miles better than anything we had 3/4 years back and came at a combined cost of 7mil.

    Why have Newcastle got a better grasp of France than us at this point? Wenger leaned on that market heavy in the beginning, but teams spent big on scouts and now everyone seems capable… us to the level you’d expect a team with our resources. Thauvin is another one that may prove a dull miss.

  39. Leedsgunner

    I have no doubt, as Wenger gets closer to his contract renewal date, he’ll make a big signing or two, and his mindless acolytes will sing his genius once again,crying out to anyone who will listen about how he’ll take AFC back to big time.

    Why we have allowed this man to use the club as his personal ego trip manipulator I will never understand. If they were good enough enough to signed next summer, they were good enough to be signed this summer.

  40. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Look let’s not judge wenger yet
    He has been a good manager for a very long time
    There is not one scenario Taft he is unfamiliar with in. Football .

    He will have state of the art techniques that his trusted team of staff will have be working on to gear the players for the stoke game.

    Every fine detail will have been looked into countless time until me wenger is happy.

    Rest assured we are in the safest hands in football .

  41. Goondawg

    “Martial came on for Benzema in the 74th in the friendly against Portugal. Giroud in the 88th for Griezmann. Just a friendly, yes, but looks like our #1 CF is now third-choice on the French National Team.”

    Is this guy for real. Lmao

  42. Alfie

    “Martial came on for Benzema in the 74th in the friendly against Portugal. Giroud in the 88th for Griezmann. Just a friendly, yes, but looks like our #1 CF is now third-choice on the French National Team.”

    You’re just trolling now man or have zero knowledge in football – which is it?

  43. Goondawg

    Le grove never fails me for a laugh at the dumb shit I read..

    Anyways the worrying thing I’ve gleaned from the international break (Not worrying about whether Giroud has been usurped by a 19 year old who got his first cap three days ago, and has only 11 goals to his name in his professional career) is Roy Hogson is worried about Danny Welbeck and whether he will be part of the euros. He thinks he will be out for A FURTHER 6 months, whereas Arsenal said 3.