WELBZgate: The unnecessary lies Arsenal fans feared were coming

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Courtesy of @the_cros

Courtesy of @the_cros

Well, didn’t the strangeness of Arsene Wenger explode into relevance yesterday?

Danny WELBZ, who last Thursday was going to be back after the international break went in for an operation yesterday on his knee that could see him out for up to four months.

The story dropped yesterday. After the window closed. Joke of it is, many were making quips that he’d be long term, so it wasn’t a show. However, it would appear, at best, Arsene forgot to mention to the fans that there was an issue, at worst, he out right lied to avoid the pressure that’d be placed on him to find a replacement.

The True Believers™ are out in force trying to make sense of this.

‘It only takes a second to realise you need knee surgery’

‘Joel Campbell, a player we all said wasn’t good enough last year, could fill his boots!’


‘Shut up and just support the team’

I mean, it’s incredible that there are still sections of  the fan base that can tolerate this.

However, from a realistic perspective, you have to say, this is completely farcical. Most managers don’t need an excuse to splash the cash. Arsene needs an outbreak of ebola in his dressing room to even consider such measures.

If Chelsea hadn’t signed an outfield player this summer, you could understand it, but for Arsenal to have not made a single move with the clear issues we’ve had and the now clear injury issues we’ve had brewing… well, it’s a farce.

‘But who was available?’

Look, not my job. However, I know that in any other role on the planet, you’d be getting a pasting by your board if you just came back to your boss and said…

‘I couldn’t find anyone’

We shouldn’t hold up the failings of others to cover our own ineptitude either. So what if only one striker moved amongst the top clubs.

When you have £200m in the bank, you have the ability to force hands. For me, if we couldn’t make a striker work, we should have looked at adapting a wide player into that role. Reus is playing for a Champions Leagueless Dortmund. Draxler, a player who boasts decent frame, pace and bags of potential moved to Wolfsburg. We could have made a good go of Dybala.

I AM NOT A SCOUT. But if I was, I’d have had options. To just not sign anyone smacks of arrogance. It reeks of complacency.

There’s no such thing as ‘no one available’… Pep Guardiola would have found a way around the problem. Jose Mourinho would have. Can anyone name me a top flight manager that would have just cracked on and done nothing?

And again, I will keep going back to this… Wenger has everything there to make sure he has a squad capable of winning things.

So what’s going on?

The man is in his late sixties. He’s gone through the hardships. He’s gone through the pain of having nothing. He’s out the other side. With all the cash and resource in the world. With 2 years left on his deal. The cake is there, ready to go into the oven.

Yet he’s not shooting for broke?

He doesn’t want to be the first manager for Arsenal to win the Champions League. He doesn’t want to make sure he has a squad capable of going toe-to-toe with Chelsea and City. He doesn’t care for a legacy that’s already cast in a bronze bust at the stadium.

What’s going on with that?

Has Wenger lost his competitive streak?

I just don’t understand. I’m at a loss. Why, when you have the chance to be the greatest, would you risk it? What’s the pay off for Wenger?

If you can understand it, let me know. I sure as hell bet Ivan and the board don’t get it. I bet you all the last minute transfer deals of the last ten years that the backroom team and the players don’t get it.

But don’t hit me with the… ‘name me the players that moved’… when have transfers by big clubs ever been about other big clubs wanting their big names to move?

The point if money is you can bully. The point of having ambition is you try. The issue I have with Wenger is it appears we didn’t neither of those things.

One of my Arsenal Whatsapp pals said that we don’t have the god given right to win. I agree, we don’t. We do have the god given right to expect one of the most well compensated managers of the last decade to look at his squad, realise the weaknesses and make bold moves to make sure they’re rectified.

All I want is to see the best possible Arsenal. I don’t think we have that right now. That’s not acceptable.

Mostly because there will be no accountability at the end of it… and again, you have to ask the question. Why is will there be no accountability at the end of it?

Before I go, this little snippet from the brilliant Matt Scott over at Inside Football.

‘The takeover added Arsenal to the other assets in the American’s Kroenke Sports Enterprises (KSE) holding company. This comprises a range of US sports teams: Colorado Rapids (soccer), Mammoth (Lacrosse), Avalanche (ice hockey) and Crush (indoor American football), the Denver Nuggets (basketball) and the St Louis Rams (American football). This multi-billion dollar portfolio of assets has not been built without recourse to debt. How much debt, it is impossible to see. Kroenke Sports Enterprises is located in Delaware, a secrecy jurisdiction that places no obligation on corporate entities to make their accounts public.

What is known is that at the time when Kroenke was fast growing his portfolio of sports assets (he completed his Rams takeover with an acquisition of 60% of its share capital in August 2010, less than eight months before paying £250 million to take his shareholding in Arsenal beyond 60%) the global financial system was in the depths of a crisis.

It is routine for lenders to impose covenants on borrowers that dictate the maximum permitted gearing in a business. Gearing is the ratio between a business’s net debt and its assets. This gives rise to the intriguing possibility that, by quickly reducing the overall indebtedness of Arsenal and keeping cash in the bank unspent, KSE was able to offset debts in other group companies. This would mean Arsenal’s tremendous capacity for cash generation was being used to satisfy lenders to the US sports conglomerate.

There is no way of knowing for sure that this is the case, because Delaware accounting is not transparent and a man known to US media as ‘Silent Stan’ is unlikely ever to make public sensitive details on his financing arrangements. But I once asked Gazidis about this theory and he said he “did not know”, adding he “would be surprised” if it were the case.

One thing is for sure though: Kroenke, who seldom attends matches, is not in Arsenal for the fun of it. It seems instead that making money is the motivation. For instance, although the club has never once paid a dividend since becoming a plc, there is nothing in the 2011 takeover document to restrict Kroenke from drawing cash dividends from the club in future. A close associate of his once asked me: “What is wrong with a sports owner wanting to take dividends?”

The answer, of course, is nothing – provided performances on the pitch are satisfactory. It is clear what the fans think about those, and even Gazidis admits seasons past have represented failure. “We were disappointed that we weren’t competing for trophies,” he said in the summer.

For now Kroenke is not overtly drawing dividends, unlike the Glazer family whose 2005 leveraged buyout of Manchester United has openly used the club’s own cash to pay takeover loans. But if on 3 September Arsenal’s cash sits unspent in the bank, the suspicion will grow that he is servicing a similarly debilitating LBO in another, almost-invisible way.’

Makes you think, right? Have a great day.

P.S. On a more serious note. If you are in the UK and you have a heart. Please sign this petition and help force our Government into taking more if it’s share of the refugee crisis. These are people taking incredible risks to protect their families under circumstances not of their own. Do the right thing (especially if you were one of those people who took time out to sign the Jeremy Clarkson one).


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  1. Thank you and goodnight


    I agree with you about Eduardo, loved him from the start as well. But for that injury I think he would of been immense for us.

  2. DaleDaGooner

    Cesc, I agree that Sanhez isn’t a “Striker”, i believe Poldi is…..that said, RvP wasn’t a striker in the beginning either. I get the argument.

    This TW, let’s be real, there wasn’t any WC striker moving, and Cavani isn’t an RvP if we are being really critical and real.

  3. Cesc Appeal


    ‘This TW, let’s be real, there wasn’t any WC striker moving, and Cavani isn’t an RvP if we are being really critical and real.’

    Why are you making it solely about a ST though? This is what I don’t understand.

    As if, ‘no ST lads, pack up and go home.’ If there isn’t a WC ST you look a tier below, you look at a wide forward like Reus, or a young talent like Draxler, I already outline dhow easily we may have snared Dybala using Campbell.

    What about CDM’s? What about Kurzawa, great LB and prospect and moved, we will need a LB next year as well and now we’ve missed out on a great young talent.

    What about grabbing a wide play maker like Gotze who made noises in the summer he wasn’t opposed to a move, Wenger is insistent on playing a CM wide, so why not have gotten in a proper player?

    There is literally a whole world of things we could have done…if you are more pro-Wenger it’s easy to say Benzema/Lewandowski weren’t available *dust off hands*…but it’s not really any kind of excusing factor!

    What we said with our transfer window was: There isn’t a player in the world who could have improved us anywhere on the pitch, or in the squad at all.

    Quite frankly that is utterly ridiculous and this minimalist view pro-Wenger fans are taking of what we needed or could have done is frankly getting a bit annoying now.

    Our inaction was in short absurd. There is no excuse, no rationale, no logic to be had.

  4. MidwestGun

    Gotze is actually playing Cf today, interchanging with Muller but playing thru the middle the furthest forward. Has one goal and hit the post on one.

    Not the biggest Gotze fan but you can’t deny he wouldn’t have improved our team.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    I read a bit of that this morning, had to stop, I’m just finished hearing about ‘Wenger the genius.’

    He quite clearly is not, footballistically or economically. He’s been left behind, he’s done, let’s move on.

  6. MidwestGun

    Ya… he just scored another goal. Rebound tap in. Definately wouldn’t be a tradition Cf. But can create his own shot from wing. Looks a little quicker then I remember.

  7. Cesc Appeal


    Verratti is everything I want Wilshere to be I always feel, sort Scrappy Doo always gnawing at opponents, non stop work ethic, aggressive but also composed on the ball and great range of passing.

    If he could towel himself off without breaking in half that would be nice as well.

  8. MidwestGun

    Ozil is playing ok… no noticeable injury. Involved in a lot of the buildup play. I’d give him like a grade of B to B-. Wasn’t invisible but not decisive either. A cog in the German machine.

  9. TitsMcGee

    I mean, it’s incredible that there are still sections of the fan base that can tolerate this.”

    It is called blind, mindless support.

  10. salparadisenyc

    Always found it interesting that Gotze didn’t get more respect from most on Le Grove. Insert on right side, sell Waclott.

    Gotze Ozil Sanchez
    Anyfucking One

  11. MidwestGun

    Sal –
    Ya… for me.. he just reminds me too much of Arshavin with the puffy cheeks. Lol He was sharp, today. Definitely would have been an upgrade on Ox or Theo and taken pressure off of Sanchez. Seems like a Wenger type too. Bit of a tweener. Tween striker and midfield.

  12. Cesc Appeal


    Sell Walcott for £25 Million to those idiots on Merseyside, Aubameyang and Gotze in.

    Gotze, Ozil, Sanchez

    That is quite an attack in my opinion.

  13. Kiyoshi Ito

    arsene nurse
    And this Jonny Bellend Singer,is a respected journalist…???!!

    What’s the world coming to..

    Surprised he has the audacity to have a pic of himself on twitter..

  14. Cesc Appeal


    No I mean in the summer just gone, was always advocating to sell Walcott, no use really, he’s worth more in cash than he is in the team.

    But then that cash is only worth something if you spend…and we all know the score there.

    Both him and Wilshere would have got the chop from me, cashed in to Liveprool and City and then hit the market hard with about £130 Million.

    Also, tactically selling, because Walcott is not much use, the scaremongering of him getting goals elsewhere is silly, secondly, Wilshere is a crock for one thing, but also where does he fit in that City team? They aren’t dropping Yaya Toure, and a Wilshere Yaya Toure middle is incredibly defensively weak, Yaya Toure is lazy and Wilshere is a liability in possession. So what do they do…out on the left, in which case they don’t get De Bruyne? Force Silva out wide? Quids in any way you slice it.

  15. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger getting a bit of a let off as the transfer window ended with international on
    Let’s not let the mutha get away it…

    Mersin can fuck right off as well the toe rag supports Chelsea somwhomcaresvfor his view ?

  16. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    I agree

    I like many couldn’t wait for jack to blossom after the yoot wonder goal against the hammers …..

    But like many English players before him he cracks easily …

    Jack an they will never aspire to much
    May win the odd game with an individual piece of brilliance

    But will never do it on a regular basis

  17. Cesc Appeal


    I just think what we could have done armed with that sort of cash. Total dream world but:

    Let Arteta go and shoved Flamini off, brought in Schneiderlin and Cabaye for £38 Million. Central middle sorted.

    Forward wise, fine if a WC ST isn’t available we could have gone out and got Dzeko for £15 Million and used Campbell in part exchange for Dybala, totalling £30-32 Million.

    Then gone out and got a Gotze wide play maker type.

    Net Spend of £110 Million likely. Total dream land stuff but f**k me what a squad you would have there!

    Out: Wilshere, Walcott, Arteta, Flamini, Podolski, Campbell etc
    In: Gotze, Dzeko, Dybala, Schneiderlin, Cabaye

  18. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Not sure about the two mids
    Cabaye bit like Debauchy old , not sure he is a season player….
    Schendlin not for me a good player at saints not sure in a big club.
    Dzeko yes
    Would have gone for Delph and the augygmang up fron as well .

    Agree with your ditch list …

    How the hell we still got Arteta flam an rosicky on th squad
    That in it self is the indictment that should get him the boot.
    Think of all those 30 year olds he booted out who were better than that shower .

  19. Cesc Appeal


    Even if we went for a minimalist summer, made a Gotze wide play maker type our marquee buy and then used Campbell to get Dybala at £15 Million.

    Net again of around £55 Million without the mass of outs, that still would have been a good summer.

    There were options to be had out there for sure.

  20. London gunner

    I just don’t get the sell walcott mantra when we still have Danny Welbeck on the books?

    It’s not as if TW will sell for that much more than DW as DW may be a worse player but he is younger and still England international..

    Surely sell off the deadwood before you sell off a goal scorer..

  21. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    I like you love or loved theo for us but I think his candle had burnt down to the end….
    I’m not sure that he has the right killer instinct to be a cut throat successful striker capable of scoring 25 goals plus a a season .
    He is the kind of lad you want your daughter to bring home….

    No for me theo

    I’m out .

  22. R.S.P.C.Arsenal


    Why does he only play well for us when his contract is running down ? Coincednce ?

    Aldo we are coming up to ten yeRs since his England hattrick ?

    No coincidence that two separate mangers didn’t take him to World Cup ?

  23. Redtruth


    It’s late and mummy needs to tuck you in.

    Cesc to mummy: “Mummy, this horrible man wants me to organise a protest march but i don’t want to mummy.”

    Mummy: ‘My poor baby, did the nasty man make you cry.”

    Cesc: “Yes Mummy”

    Mummy: “Give mummy a big cuddle”

    Cesc: “Goodnight Mummy”

    Mummy: “Goodnight pumpkin, sleep tight, kisses xx”

  24. Barking Arsene

    Enjoyed that post Pedro.

    I’m not defending Wenger but I have always (and still do) believe that our finances are restricted by Silent Stan having to generate and hold an income from our club in order to offset other areas of his portfolio.

    He isn’t in it for fun or enjoyment – he is in it as a business venture in an area he specialises in. No two ways about it.

    Wenger is doing a job, and if his remit is to secure top four football and be reasonably competitive in order to aid the club financially then he achieves that year in year out.

    I think he would still love to win, however he has a well paid job, is good at it (within the context of what is required by his employers) and enjoys job security because of it. If afforded a similar position, I would suggest most people would be content to continue as they were.

    It’s a sad state of affairs but to be honest I can’t see it changing any time soon. If Wenger goes, he will more than likely be replaced with someone equally content to fulfil the basic requirements of the board. The club is a business and a low risk arm of a wider portfolio at that.

    I’ll still support the team and hope that we can overachieve but realistically we are done as far as a genuine force.

  25. Drey

    Walcott upfront is so invisible its laughable.. At least Giroud tries to make things happen upfront. You can’t spend your whole monaing about playing centrally then when the chance presents itself you start playing like an intern while expecting a C.E.O’s wages.. Theo us a fraud but the joke is on Arsenal. Doubt if Liverpool are keen on him again with that overblown wages of his

  26. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    So the biggest trophy we can win every year is the cash trophy barking ?

    We may as well give up now because although we do well we never win that either …

    There used to be a football club in their once upon a time.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    Walcott on form is a good option to have, in scoring form Walcott is deadly…it’s just that those periods are few and far between and they don’t seem to last very long for the most part.

    Walcott has always been inconsistent and injury prone. But, nothing we can do, no one else in Europe would give Walcott £140 000 a week, so he’s ours now, for the foreseeable.

  28. London gunner


    Mate honestly think he would play well for us on the wing.

    But cf experiment has somewhat failed. Tbf against Newcastle if he had scored that goal it would have been a success he had two key runs which on a day when he is in form could have been a brace.

    But yeah he should be played on the right for me.

    I see potential in him as I do with Ramsey, both are stunting their effectiveness and growth because of a lack of understanding of what they need to do to get the best out of their performances.

    With Ramsey it’s the lack of discipline because he wants to be a hero/zidane/to flash/goal scorer the brilliance of Ramsey in that purple patch wasn’t just his goal but his overall commitment to the team including his defensive prowess. He seems to have forgotten that and with a better more authoritarian manager I think he would be a success.

    For me walcott is a similar situation I think he could easily be a goal or an assist every two games player.. But he has also forgotten about the team and like Ramsey is controlled by his ego in the
    Fact he is obsessed with being a cf when he could be a very deadly right winger. In his best season he
    Was more than a goal threat he was the
    Second highest assist maker in the team… With a betters manager we could really milk every ounce of his quality.

  29. Drey

    Cesc Appeal
    when news broke about the new contract for him I hit the roof. But as you said,we are stuck with him for the forseeable future. Maybe its a British thing for these players. After a few heroics they start believing they are entitled to double everything…

    Love how London gunner puts it:
    “Fact he is obsessed with being a cf when he
    could be a very deadly right winger.”

  30. Cesc Appeal


    One of friends always says about Walcott his biggest mistake was modelling himself on Henry from the get go…he’s nowhere near that level.

    He can be a useful squad player, but he needs to understand he’s a very limited player, he’s a very specific set of skills that he should play to. He isn’t never has been, never will be a ST.

    He came out this week I think and said he’s happy to play anywhere across the front, I sort of thought ‘oh are you, that’s big of you mate on £140 000 a week,’ but hopefully the penny has dropped a bit.

    What it does mean though is we have Giroud. So we best hope he keeps his nocturnal activity to a minimum and that he doesn’t get injured. Else it could be bad.

  31. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    Very true last week
    All about confidence had it gone in maybe a different game for the lad…
    Similar to Danny against City last season if the chip went in first 15 instead of the post … Who knows

    Agree to a point theo is tolerable on the right …

  32. Bamford10

    Hilarious. Someone mentions selling Walcott, and London appears out of nowhere to defend Walcott and criticize Welbeck.

    Like clockwork.

    I’ve already explained your side of this to you, London, but let me explain the other side: many here like technical, skillful, creative, clever players. Indeed many love Arsenal in part because they associate Arsenal with such play/players.

    However Walcott is none of these things. Frankly he’s almost like the antithesis of these things. This many here dislike him — both for this reason and because he’s way overpaid and often ineffectual.

    Please do not respond with a defense of Walcott. It will fall on dead ears and we’ve done this several x before. At least you acknowledge he’s no CF.

  33. London gunner


    Ok if you don’t like walcott fine.

    But we already have enough dribblers on the team surely to have a balanced squad do we not need playets of different qualities and abilities? No? Surely that’s a common sense statement?

    But beyond that point I don’t get the obsession with walcott when we have someone as shite as Danny on the books. His shots to goals was awful, he was utterly ineffective in cf and the wing and scored less goals than walcott with far far far more minutes played.

    I just don’t get how people glaze over the Danny welbeck situation as if they don’t want to face an akward truth.. Bizarre to say the least.

  34. Kiyoshi Ito

    Some of you guys need to get a life,or get laid..

    Everyday,regurgitating the same crap…

    Moaning and complaining…

    Playing Fantasy Manager..

    Meanwhile,Arsene collects his £8 million a year
    The players whether shit,or good,collect their millionaire salaries..

    & the fans like sheep, simply get butt-f*cked every year..

    & you guys come back for more,every year squealing like seals,whimpering like female dogs..

    Sorry for the harshness of the post..
    But come on guys,find another hobby or passion..

    We get it..AFC is a business..

    Arsene is a c**t..Stan & Ivan Gazidis are bigger c**ts.The BOD are on the make and on the take..C**ts the lot of them..

    Great,have a good night…

  35. Kiyoshi Ito

    Finally before I sign out..

    A trip down memory lane from 3 years ago-2012..Some old posts of mine..Nothing has changed since..

    You could take posts from 2008,repost them today & nothing fundamentally has changed..Same shit,different year..
    SDEMay 7, 2012 17:34:51
    Kwik Fit/Gunner2301
    Did wenger not say last season, to paraphrase “that there is no number2 in the world that can teach him anything that he doesn’t already know about the game..”Helloooooooo…Hellooooo….Do you honestly think a new no2 will be the difference?.Really..Could not make it up..FFS.How many chances for this wenger-guy?How many more excuses?PS
    Just a point,if pat who served the club with great distinction & is considerably older than bould,sat there like a lemon,all passive alongside wenger..Do you honestly think wenger is going to listen to the words of a younger man like bould..?Dream on..
    Familiar Scenario of AFC…

    May 6, 2012 12:40:09
    That game yesterday just sums up the last 7 years of arsenal :
    1. A broken leg to a key player
    2. Only coming to life in the 70th or so minute when we’re losing
    3. Making championship teams (Norwich, Swansea etc) look like barca
    4. Conceding a deflected goal
    5. A goal keeping error leading to a goal
    6. Constant defensive mistakes
    7. Conceding in the final minutes
    8. Players goin missing
    9. Relying on ONE player
    PedroMay 10, 2012 23:05:32
    nothing is going to change?Hmmm….Podolski in the bag.Pat Rice gone…Steve Bould in.Give it a rest.Things are changing massively already.

    SDEMay 11, 2012 08:04:43
    Yeah..pedro the same way things were changing massively at the start of the season,only for worse..Hmm..Let’s see an overall snapshot of the season..Start of the season..
    Cesc out
    Nasri out
    Traore out
    Eboue out
    Vela-loaned out
    Bendtner-loaned out..
    Denilson-loaned out.
    Changes were coming..Big transfer of note collapsed-Mata deal-ends up@chelsea.H
    Hmm..de ja vou moment..Needless to say we proceed with caution,or with the status quo in the transfer market..
    Transfer In’s:-

    Oxade-Chamberlain in
    Campbell-in(farmed out on-loan).

    Momentum building up,fans expectation levels rise.. changes are happening..
    According to wenger,everyone is playing their cards close to their chest..It’s like a poker game..As usual teasing us fans,keeping us on the precipice…

    Then the debacle ensues 8-2 Man Utd..More changes abound..panic stations as the transfer window deadline approaches..Wenger sensing a fans revolt,reacts to steady the sinking ship..

    Deadline Transfer Window DayTransfers In:-

    Massive changes don’t you think during the course of the season..In between,we go on to lose to Blackburn (conceding 4 goals),QPR,Wigan,Swansea to name a few losses..

    In total we lose 10 games (over the course of the season)& counting ..We concede the most number of goals in our EPL history 47& counting..
    Suffer our highest CL defeat in history:-4-0 AC Milan.

    We are into double figures in terms of defeats-10& counting.

    Despite the massive changes during the course of the season,we are struggling to cement that 3rd/4th place trophy.
    Having blown a 3-2 lead against Norwich last week..So now our whole season hinges on us beating West Brom.
    Failing that,on two teams below us having equally disastrous results..Yep massive changes occurred this season alright,all for the wrong reasons.

    Overall the end result..A massive disappointment to put it politely.
    An anti-climax of mega-proportions..

    So based on this season,should we now see the appointment of Steve Bould & the signing of Poldoski,as heralding a new dawn..?Ushering a new era of success..?Just based on this season alone,let alone the past 7 seasons-

    Only the deluded would think so…

  36. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    A cheery way to end the night KIy

    The man is not for changing he may make subtle alternations but he is one arrogant egotistical stubborn selfish man.

    An we are the ones who suffer .

    Roll on end of his contract

  37. Champagne charlie

    @london gunner

    We have enough dribblers? I count Alexis and then I’m sorry but I’m a bit lost after that…

    You can count Ox if you’re pushing it, but with no end product and questionable decision making in terms of when to dribble i wouldn’t back him. I think our attack misses a truly gifted dribbler, Theo out and Gotze in would have been sublime. Theo for Sterling and some dough also very good indeed, never understood the reluctance there as Sterling is already a better footballer and with 6 years on Theo. Even Theo plus 25 mil to make the 50 he went for is good business in my eyes, we pay 25mil for a better RW, but hey I’m not Arsene and I don’t value cohesion as highly.

  38. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Seriously, Arsene Wenger is like that dumb fuck drunk uncle at your sisters wedding that you just want to slap upside the head repeatedly until you realize you are just slightly less drunk than he is…seriously, what an a-hole!

  39. Wallace

    Götze’s a big talent, but it would be another case of playing a 10 out wide again. he hasn’t got the speed to go outside the fullback so would always be coming inside, clogging up the play. the Ox gives us far better balance out there.

    Italian papers saying Chelsea and Juve agreed a fee for Pogba – £62m – but that Pogba turned the move down. suggests he’s Madrid/Barca bound next summer.

  40. Wallace

    Debuchy not too happy about losing his place to Bellerin. i think they’ll both play a lot this season, but if Bellerin continues to develop I could see us letting Debuchy go next summer and recalling Jenkinson.

  41. Thank you and goodnight

    Doesn’t matter if debuchy stays or goes. We’ll still get 4th this season and next and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next and the next and the nezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  42. Sam

    Ozil played well Germany.

    maybe Arsenal is a shit club
    shit manager, shit fans
    all ganged up to ruin players

    Why get rid of Campbell? he’s better winger than Walcott, Better striker than Giroud n Welbeck. He deserves to be at least a squad player.

    what a shit club?

  43. Bamford10

    “Why get rid of Campbell?”

    Because he isn’t very good. Should’ve been sold right after the WC, as many of us here said. No evidence at all that he’s top quality, and absolutely no evidence he’s better than the players you mention above.

  44. Wallace

    “Jenkinson is garbage. We can and must do better than him.”

    was one of West Ham’s best players last season, and think he’d make a very good back up to Bellerin.

  45. Sam

    True arsenal fans know this squad can win the league
    But Arsene Wenger generation of primadonna already think we will be 4th because they don’t know you can ground out result from now on till the end of the season n make the team hard to beat till you win it in may.
    How can you not win the league with Campbell, Ozil, Sanchez, chamberlain, Cazorla. This squad for George Graham is a flipping goalmine, even Giroud our tallest striker will have a role to play. practice long throws n set pieces to find his head.
    We also have disciplined Coquelin who doesn’t try to do fancy stuffs, just get the ball out, give it to the flashy people up front.
    What a great team this is, unfortunately you won’t see it till you change a manager.

  46. N5

    Thinking a player isn’t good enough doesn’t make you a bad fan Sam. I agree with Bamford. Jenkinson isn’t good enough for Arsenal. I’m not even sure I’d consider him good enough for West Ham, but he did OK for them IMO.

    Wallace believe Jenkinson is a good enough back up and that’s fine too. You can’t judge fandom on people’s opinion on player quality.

    Anyone who wants the best for Arsenal is a good fan.

  47. steve

    “Why get rid of Campbell? he’s better winger than Walcott, Better striker than Giroud n Welbeck. He deserves to be at least a squad player.”


    Yeah I’m sure he is. Campbell who’s been terrible in every club he’s been loaned out to and scored a whopping 14 goals in 112 games on club level. You’d have to be r*tarded to think he’s an better option..

  48. leon

    As long as you have the pennie pinching mentality like weer has you never win anything the amount top dm players that were available plus really good strikers well and passed all up because that did not want to pay the money and knowing wellbeck was injured as well what a joke totally embarrassing dispide all the big talk once they had to back up there words and put down the money wenger bottles it

  49. gunnergetyou

    “Jenkinson is garbage. We can and must do better than him.”

    As a 2nd choice RB who’s hardly gonna play any games I don’t think we can be too fussy. A much better option than Chambers.

    Debucy is the ideal back up but I reckon he’ll move back to France for next to nothing next season. Bad business in hindsight.

  50. Sam

    Campbell was very good at olympiacos n Coquelin was crap in Germany.
    Most players don’t play out of their skins at loan clubs.
    How many goals did Van persie score early in his career?
    Yes I wish we sold Campbell but he still here we might as well see what we can get out of him
    U never know

  51. Champagne charlie


    What’s a ‘true’ fan Sam? You sound about 12 mate. Do you go to games regularly or are you one of these odd balls who sit watching Arsenal with a home strip on and spout utter shite to people waxing lyrical….you seem the latter.

    In which case shut the fuck up calling anyone a shit fan because they can see Jenko will never be good enough or that Campbell should’ve been sold for 10 mil post World Cup (can’t throw him away for mil now). When someone says these players are shit it’s a relative term to Arsenal fc. Jenko and Campbell both decent footballs by normal standards, but not by ours. Comprende sycophant?

  52. N5

    CC you took the words right out of my mouth. I attempted a diplomatic reply earlier but I was thinking is the opinion that you must be a sycophant in order to be considered a “good fan”.

  53. Wallace

    did we really turn down bids of 10-15m for Campbell? struggling to believe that an Italian side would have stumped up that much at a time when i can’t recall any of their bigger clubs paying a sizable fee for anyone.

  54. Cesc Appeal

    No thanks to Jenkinson backing up Bellerin. What a weak RB combo for a team that ‘wants’ to win the title, as much as I like Bellerin, that’s too weak.

    Arsenal fans standards need to be a lot, lot higher, it’s no wonder it doesn’t take much for Arsene to spin the usual BS after a poor window.

    Next summer we’re gong to need a lot more than a CDM and ST (which was the case this window,) and the market is going to be nuts.

  55. Bamford10


    “True arsenal fans know this squad can win the league.”

    No, Sam, only “true believers” — i.e., morons — believe such obvious falsehoods.

    Being a fan does not require believing things that are obviously false. Sorry. Arsenal are not good enough as is to compete for the title and everyone with a brain knows this. The only people who don’t are a tiny minority — namely a few deluded Arsenal fans, who imagine that “being a fan” means always thinking your side is good enough, even when it clearly isn’t.

    And Wallace: good enough for West Ham, maybe, but not good enough for us. And he was catastrophically bad just last weekend and on several occasions for Arsenal.

    Plus, to repeat what I said yesterday: you’re sunk. No way this team competes for anything, and you’re going to have to turn the blame on Wenger. Can’t wait.

  56. Cesc Appeal

    Palermo bid £7 Million for Campbell.

    Wenger’s stupidity came in not selling Campbell after the World Cup for an artificial high (yes Arsene you can actually make artificial prices work for you, I know right) when it was clear to everyone apart from the brown noses that Campbell was never going to get a look in.

    How much has the ‘economic genius’ cost us there?

    Palermo allegedly went hard for him though all summer…where did Dybala come from again?

  57. gunnergetyou


    It’s not just about the signings either. We had a very strong team at home against West Ham and still got outclassed. Same thing against Monaco.

    We already know his tactics are very questionable but now it looks like he’s unable to mentally prepare the players or motivate them even. Maybe he’s getting too old.

    Perhaps he’s afraid of signing players because he knows he’ll get found out by the entire footballing world as someone who can’t win even with an adequate squad.

    It’s the only logical explanation.

  58. Wallace

    what’s wrong with Jenkinson as back up? okay, Man City are paying two experienced RBs over 120k each, but who deputises for Ivanovic when he’s out….the LB, Azpilicueta? and can anyone name Utds second string RB?

  59. Wallace


    “Plus, to repeat what I said yesterday: you’re sunk. No way this team competes for anything, and you’re going to have to turn the blame on Wenger. Can’t wait.”

    no, i’m sure you can’t.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    But you’re sending Arsenal back tot he days of youth players again, the difference is the level of starters in those sides.

    I like Bellerin and think he will be something really special, but he needs an experienced RB in the Debuchy mould to play ahead of him/back him up/rotate with him/cover for when his form goes being a youngster.

    We have to get out of this cycle and you’d send us for another loop of it with decisions like that.

    Arsenal are a mentally weak side, we need as much experience and old heads as possible, a Jenkinson, Bellerin RB combo screams fragility at me.

  61. Thank you and goodnight


    That’s the genius of both wenger and Kroenke mate. They’ve dumbed down expectations so much that the majority of fans are happy with mediocrity.

  62. gunnergetyou

    I might be bias but I think Bellerin is on his way to becoming the best RB in the league. Now that he’s in the Spain squad it won’t be long before Barcelona come knocking.

    Any back up for him would have to accept constantly sitting on the bench. That would mean someone who’s not quite good enough to start (Jenkinson) or someone who’s approaching the end of their career like debuchy. Certainly can’t be Chambers.

  63. Cesc Appeal


    It’s just like we’re preparing for next summer already.

    We need a RB, something like a 29 year old one to provide a cover of seasons cover by which time we should be able to totally place our trust in Bellerin…if he hasn’t moved to Barcelona.

    Wenger’s keeping Jenkinson, what is he doing.

    Wenger fans: I said back in September last year I think that’s actually a good move by Arsene, the market is a joke and you won’t find many full backs of Jenkinson’s quality for a good price, that’s why Wenger is a genius he saw this coming and retained him, now we have more money to spend on other areas.

    Next summer worst case scenario we could need a RB, CB, LB, CDM, CM, ST and maybe a wide forward. All of differing quality levels obviously depending on what happens this season with players, but Debuchy, Monreal, Mert, Caz all arguably will be on the way out, Arteta as well, Rosicky, Flamini.

    Huge summer next year, and I don’t want a guy who had £80 Million and could find nothing this summer presiding over it.

  64. Cesc Appeal


    That’s what I mean in my post to TYAGN, a 29 year old who is more a solid type of RB like Debuchy, experienced, level headed.

    We can’t keep building fragile squads, it’s been our undoing so many times, especially when you consider how poor our fitness records are.

  65. Wallace


    “I like Bellerin and think he will be something really special, but he needs an experienced RB in the Debuchy mould to play ahead of him/back him up/rotate with him/cover for when his form goes being a youngster.”

    but that’s the thing, the only reason i was talking about Jenkinson was because Debuchy’s been talking to L’Equipe saying how he nearly left the club when Bellerin was chosen ahead of him at the start of the season. it was my argument for not signing schneiderlin, in certain positions you can’t have two excellent players. because the one who isn’t playing will want to leave. unless they’re being paid Sagna money to sit on the bench.

  66. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @gunnergetyou…Bad business? Not at the time, he was needed to fill the void left with Sagna gone. No one could have foreseen Bellerin’s progression as it has unfolded. No one could have also seen the unfortunate injuries that beset him either. Realistically, had all things played out he would have been a very good addition. Good business in this instance that simply played out against his favour. It happens.

  67. Cesc Appeal


    Debuchy isn’t excellent though, and Bellerin isn’t yet, I think he will be, but he isn’t right now.

    Don’t really get started on the wages, because our wage structure is a joke anyway, maybe if we actually paid people what they were worth instead of this ludicrous socialist model we’d be better off.

    You need to build a balanced side, Jenkinson and Bellerin is top heavy in naivety and lack of experience, Jenkinson is a bit of a stupid defender as well, he looked better last year for West Ham which is great for him, maybe he’s found his level, but a team aspiring to the EPL title (allegedly) and the UCL (allegedly) playing in competitions on all fronts with an injury record as poor as ours…that sort of combo makes me very nervous.

    Wenger isn’t a very good squad builder though, so in all likelihood he will do something like recall Jenkinson or have a foetus backing up Bellerin.

  68. Champagne charlie


    Totally agree, lost all faith in Wenger with transfer dealings. The writing was on the wall with The Ozil signing tbh, and only the fact he lucked out on Alexis has he not received widespread flak for his shoddy transfers lately.

    Bs to one side. Apart from the 3 world class talents any man and his dog knew to be good (Ozil, Alexis, Cech) our transfers have been tepid as you like and say terrible things about the state of our scouting network, or more likely the managers ability to run the football club any longer with the football-side as priority ver the economical ie what a managers only role should even be.

    I seriously hope after this embarrassing window we lock the keys to the vault and save mega wedge for a new manager to come in and make the necessary wholesale changes this football club needs to spark it into life.

  69. Adam A. Carbarundum

    @wallace…What’s wrong with Jenkinson? Well, he’s as dumb as dumb gets defensively as often evidenced by his often poor decision making skills. I do however really like his desire and his work ethic, but it means little when it comes undone by his typical boneheaded mistakes that do cost goals.

  70. Cesc Appeal


    I just honestly believe the club needs refreshing, the manager, the coaches, the scouts, everything Arsene Wenger has touched or presides over will need dragging into the modern era.

    I’m looking forward to it, I find it strange that the pro-Wenger fans will call us pessimistic in the now and themselves optimists, yet talk about the future without Arsene and it’s suddenly us who are the optimists and they the pessimists. Strange.

    I think we’re in a great place as a club, we’re just being anchored to the spot right now by our manager, but we’re fully ready to go and soon as we cut that weight loose.

    I’m excited for the future, that’s what keeps me going, the way things are right now as much as there’s a pit in my stomach ready for a one year extension for Arsene next year, my brain is telling me he cannot go on much longer, people are tired of him now more than anything.

  71. Relieable Sauce

    Azpilaqueta is a RB I believe. I assume Mourinho will switch him when he feels Rahman is ready to start.

    We look at our rivals to excuse our shortcomings AND then refuse to capitalise on their weakness.
    : /

  72. Leedsgunner

    “I just honestly believe the club needs refreshing, the manager, the coaches, the scouts, everything Arsene Wenger has touched or presides over will need dragging into the modern era.”

    Agreed. How strangely ironic that the manager that dragged the club us in the modern age is such a prisoner to his past.

  73. gunnergetyou

    Adam A. Carbarundum

    “bad business? ” I did say in hindsight, although I did find it strange that we completely snubbed the 21 year old old Aurier who was available for around £8m to then go and sign Debuchy for £12m and Chambers for £16m.

    “No one could have foreseen Bellerin’s progression as it has unfolded”

    Why not? Surely a manager with with his eye on the ball would be aware of the talent coming through the ranks. Fair enough you wouldn’t have expected him to become first choice so soon but Wenger even admitted that he wasn’t in his plans full stop. I know Watford fans that were very excited about him. It’s the same with Coquelin, who Wenger actually wanted to get rid of.

  74. gunnergetyou


    I agree in an ideal situation Debuchy stays to fight for his place with Bellerin but he seems like he’s accepted defeat and doesn’t fancy it.

    I reckon he’ll move back to France in the summer for around £6m.

  75. Cesc Appeal


    It is extremely ironic, but it’s the way it goes I think, I said yesterday the key to elite longevity is expert reinvention, retaining certain aspects of what made you great but constantly updating yourself to keep up with modern times and delegating to more modern staff.

    That’s Wenger enormous failing, at his age, with what he’s already achieved he could be on easy street, still ‘take’ training, but delegate to your modern elite coaches, have got in a great DoF who can handle the market for you etc

    He’s like butter spread over too much bread, you get a little taste of the quality with each mouthful, but pretty bland to tell you the truth.

  76. Cesc Appeal

    Wonder if we will go 4-4-2 today as it’s San Marino, have Kane and Rooney up front with Sterling and Oxlade out wide.

  77. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah maybe.

    And you don’t want him around if he has conceded defeat in that manner, but I want us to go into the market and look for a seasoned RB to back up and rotate with Bellerin who will still be developing next year.

    Young Hector can be defensively weak at times and as a youngster consistency in terms of form can be a worry.

  78. karim

    Portugal 0
    France 1 ( Valbuena )

    Fekir 6 months out with a cruciate ligament injury, nice way to celebrate his first start with les bleus !
    Lyon’s Champions League season almost over…

  79. Cesc Appeal


    No way!

    He’s done his ACL…bitterly unfair on the lad.

    F**k these international breaks 3-4 weeks into the season, imagine the modd at Lyon right now, a guy with the ceiling of a Hazard, gone for 6 months and goodness knows what kind of player you will get back after a massive injury like that.

    Feel for him.

  80. karim


    I’m so gutted right now !
    He did it himself, not even a foul, after 13 minutes on the pitch….in a friendly game, just brilliant…

    Like you said, the Lyon fans were so happy that both he and Lacazette had remained there…

    Unfair, really, only positive is the fact he’s young and will come back strong but, damn, that was his year, just scored 3 goals last week !

  81. Cesc Appeal


    Well that’s it, you have to keep your fingers crossed being young and technically very gifted he will get over it quickly.

    Imagine how he must be feeling right now though, probably seeing Barcelona, Madrid, Munich, United in his future, with the greatest respect to Lyon of course, and a long successful season with Lyon and in the UCL…gone up in smoke.

    Only silver lining is he did it at the beginning of the season…so hopefully he can get back in the second half.

    Big fan of Eduardo, you know you sometimes just have a player that you just really get attached to, I think that team and then the 2010/11 Arsenal side were my favourites of Wenger’s second half of his tenure here.

    2010/11 side was such a missed opportunity, a lot like this one now. Was just missing 2-3 players.

  82. Cesc Appeal


    Kozz has to be one of the best defenders in Europe now. He’s one I always worry about because he’s 29 now, and I wouldn’t be feeling great if I was an Arsenal player wanting a league title or UCL right now.

    Munich always seem to be a name linked with him. Just worry about him thinking I have 3 seasons maybe left at the very top, should I stay or should I go.

  83. Sam

    Glory hunters, moaners n Chelsea trolls who think barca reject Fabregas is better than all our players
    I can’t wait for that Lil twat to meet our big Coq this season

  84. Sam

    Talking about Coq
    I have a feeling Joel Campbell will be the new Coq
    Welbeck out. Walcott sleep walking on the pitch the real Joel please stand up

  85. Bamford10


    Actually, I don’t believe Ozil is a “crap” player at all. I think he’s immensely talented.

    But I also think he:

    – has serious limitations (can’t really shoot/doesn’t shoot; isn’t that powerful)
    – disappears in big games
    – is a bit of a pussy
    – has had a poor attitude & has performed poorly many times
    – isn’t the player he was 4-5 years ago
    – isn’t even close to the best #10 in the world
    – isn’t as good as some Arsenal fans imagine
    – isn’t as good as I thought he’d be

    That’s all.

  86. naijagunner

    “What happened to Bamford only posting twice a day..”

    That was just an attention seeking post and a way to advertise his twitter handles . The dude loves attention.

  87. gonsterous

    Even the writers lack motivation now.. when’s the bloody post up today ?? also another day with Lord Wenger in charge !!

  88. Bamford10

    No, Naija, I just love making arguments and I love Le Grove. Can’t stay away, even when I’ve told myself I should. Now I make arguments re Arsenal in both places.

    I see that you and Ozy are useless cunts as always, though.

  89. karim


    1st time Kos has played that well with the NT, that will shut up some of his critics in France who clearly never watch us.
    Varane – Koscielny all day long for me.
    Hope he stays here till he retires, to answer your question.

    re : Fekir, Euro 2016 is in 9 months now, might be a little short to recover but he’s strong mentally, think he will be in the list.

    Might even play some European footie as Lyon will fight for the 2nd spot, with only Valencia as a ” very serious ” adversary in their group.

    Valbuena/ Lacazette/ Beauvue will do and they will be allowed to sign an extra player given the circumstances, who could well be Younes Belhanda, the former Montpellier player.

    Heard Aaron was MOTM for Wales, they’re almost there, good news for Tunny.

    Have England really won all their games so far ?
    Read that Jonjo was pretty optimistic.

  90. Bamford10


    Really clever, mate. Except that yelling “yawn” — all caps and exclamation points — defeats the point of “yawn” as a reply. You’re supposed to sound indifferent, blase, beyond-it.

    One doesn’t YELL “yawn”. Makes no sense.

    So not only do you have nothing valuable to say re Arsenal or football, you can’t even do the internet right.

  91. Cesc Appeal


    Bad news for Fekir, really will be rooting for him to make it to the Euros and be fit for the end of Lyon’s season, looks an immense talent.

    Yeah Lyon should be alright when you look at it like that.

    Yeah I hope Kozz retires here too, would love to have seen him with a strong CB leader next to him, but one a lot more mobile than Mert. I like the Gabriel, Kozz pairing, very athletic and powerful, I just worry about the lack of leadership there…have to hope Cech is very vocal with them.