Arsenal are a few hours away from botching another #DeadlineDay

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Ok, so let’s kick off this morning with some lines from posts of Christmas past.

August 29th 2014

‘He’s bottling it again. He has £70m left in the bank and he’s opting not to spend it because he can’t find the right player, which in itself is a major problem because we have a handsomely paid scouting network. Ultimately, the reason he’s not spending the money is because if he goes into the season with a full compliment of players, he’s accountable.

Wenger is hiding behind meek excuses because those excuses… well, excuse him. If you don’t believe this, tell me how he hasn’t landed a world class striker since we lost Robin Van Persie. Tell me why he hasn’t found a defensive midfielder of any sort of level since he lost Alex Song. Where is the third choice centre back?’

August 31st 2013

Things are getting crazy scary heading into deadline day. Arsene Wenger has  gone into war mode. It’s him versus logic, the fans and the board. It’s the last stand of mad man as far as I’m concerned because no manager in their right mind can look at a squad as desperate as ours and think…

‘We can win the league here’

If he’s not gearing our squad up for that, why is he in charge?

What we now have is a stubborn man more interested in fighting those around him. Because look, whatever angle you take on this… his perceived ‘best interests for the club’ aren’t up to scratch. His summer so far should be enough to earn him the sack. What do we have, 12 fit players for the weekend? That is negligence. Not only that, we have a midfield who averagely only contribute 29 games between them. So this mess, statistically, is likely to get worse.

… also, it’s worth noting that when I say spend. I mean improve the playing staff. I don’t care for superstars. Best in category 20+ years old would work for me. Chelsea operate like that at the moment. Look how young their front pack of players are at the moment.

This was the headline of the September 1st post of 2012.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 09.44.34


Beggars belief, right?

Going back over the years, bar some of the crazy players we’ve asked for on deadline day, there’s a common theme… ‘preparation’ and ‘excuses. Both crop up every summer. Over and over again. Every year, we complain that Wenger hasn’t pulled together a squad capable of competing, then guess what, the season draws out and we don’t compete.

News isn’t much better today. It was all pretty quiet bar a story from Jeremy Wilson that said we’d asked PSG about Cavani, Rabiot and Veratti. Apparently, PSG weren’t warm to this noise. Shocker. PSG didn’t want to sell key players a day before the window.

I mean, if that story is true, and I don’t doubt that it isn’t, it’s a total joke.

If we wanted any of those players, we should have made moves in May. Then we could have worked out the chances of the deal happening. Then we could have moved for others if the response was lukewarm.

So instead, what do we have? Well, we have a squad you can be sure probably won’t win the league. We don’t have enough depth in the defensive midfield role. We don’t have enough depth of quality upfront and we could also find ourselves short at centre back this season because our best partnership are 30+ and our back ups are very green.

We have a good group of players. But we don’t have a great group of players. Sadly, that’s what you need.

You know that when it all goes to shit, Wenger will complain the market is more competitive these days and that more clubs have money.

‘Look at Wolfsburg signing Draxler and Stoke signing Shaquiri. The competition is strong’

Like that’s a legitimate reason to do nothing. I don’t have the stats, but I’d be very surprised if there were many clubs in the whole of Europe who didn’t sign a single outfield player. Our output of the window has been quite staggering really.

The rest of the league bought averagely 4+ players. We purchased one. Chelsea spent £60m. City spent €100m+. United spent €100m. Liverpool €100m. What world does Arsene live in where he thinks he can mount a league challenge with zero outfield improvements?

Sure, we had a strong finish in 2015. Sure we’ve got to grips with tactics and fitness. But those elements aren’t going to push us over the line alone. We needed some magic sparkle up front and we desperately needed cover for the impressive Coquelin.

Sadly, it feels like Wenger has blown the window again. Sadly, it feels like he’s working for his own ego again. He wants to win the league on his terms, not the terms that state you need to invest to progress.

It’s a real shame. Wenger gets a little taste of success and he regresses back to ‘I know best’… then it’ll hit him hard again and he’ll have to make changes.


It happened after the FA Cup final a couple of seasons ago. Everything picked up in the build up to that final. The next season, he reverted back to whatever car crash notions he had and we had the worst start since time began.

Progress at Arsenal is stuttery. Just as you think we’ve turned a corner. Just as you think the manager has seen the light. He tries to play that… ‘guys, hold my beer, I’ve got this covered’… which usually whatever the football equivalent of sitting down for two minutes, then falling asleep in a drunken coma for a summer is. It’s an idealistic approach to football management which isn’t of this era.

Wenger just isn’t ruthless. He’s not the winner you want. He’s not the man to grab a season by the balls and drag it up the stairs kicking and screaming to glory.

He’s a man that watches more football than any one on planet earth. He has encyclopaedic knowledge of the world game. He watches game after game after game. He takes losses so badly he doesn’t sleep.

Yet he’s consistently demonstrated over the past ten years he might be watching, but he’s not analysing what’s going on. He doesn’t have the excuse of money now. His issue has to be deeper. He just doesn’t get it. Because how in the world can he have not made a good go for a striker and a DM? How could we possibly head into this season that unprepared… for problems we’ve had for the best part of 3 years!

The above might sound harsh, but it only sounds harsh if you’re looking at Arsene Wenger with yesteryear glasses on. Look at the facts. Look at what’s happening. Explain how we’ve landed ourselves with a short squad again?

Had a look?

Can’t fathom it?

It’s because it’s unfathomable. Groundhog season. Here again. Everyone else has it wrong. Arsene has it right.

Let’s see where it ends. I have a hunch.

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  1. DUIFG

    DUIGYep the bottom line is we have cash rich clubs like Citeh, PSG and Real Madrid etc. They have no interest on sell on value, for them it’s all about spending whatever to win. We are not and will never be in that ball park so the likelihood of us winning big trophies will be on the rare occasion. These teams have taking winning at all costs t another level. The likes of Man U are finding it hard to compete and keep up with them.

    but we are cash rich though? furthermore success by winning trophies brings you better commercials anyway. you would not recognise the 50 mil hit in 1 year anyway, you would recognise it over 5 years or so so it would cost us 10 mil a year, much less than flam, arteta and campbell earn in 1 year. we can definitely afford it

  2. gregg


    Agree mate. But we, more importantly our owners remit isn’t one of win at all costs. Participation in the big competitions seems to be enough for him and everyone else at the club in a position of influence and decision making.

  3. DUIFG

    DUIFGAgree mate. But we, more importantly our owners remit isn’t one of win at all costs. Participation in the big competitions seems to be enough for him and everyone else at the club in a position of influence and decision making.

    yes its a key point that kronke basically does not give a fuck as long as wenger gets europe.

    We cant shift the blame away from wenger though, if he went to the board saying release 50 mil now for benz/cavani they definitely would, he is happy to try and compete frokm a disadvantaged position, success is certaily a secondary concern for him now

  4. gregg


    Again agreed. Wenger, Gazidas are all content with Kronke and Co’s remit. Everyone in a position of power and influence are clearly singing from the same hymn sheet. They must be because business at that end is ruthless. If Wenger was refusing to spend money on principles and holding the club back, then he’d be shot of. If The board refused Wenger the money then he and Gazidas’ professional reputation would be damaged and they would go elsewhere.The fact that none of this happens must be down to everyone sharing the same vision.

  5. Carts

    Ahh man, seriously the “sell-on value” arguement does my sweed in. It really does. You’d think we we’re West Brom of Everton, ffs.

    Years of buying young & cheap then selling high has got us all twisted.

    Look at it this way, for years we’ve average a relatively young squad. If we signed someone like Jackson Martinez for £30m, at the age of 28 on a 4 year deal, why is it Arsenal fans who grab the nearest calculator and say “oh, oh, oh, £30m fee, £120k pw x 4 years….Oh God forbid we ever do that…Martinez has no sell on value at 32-33. Martinez would’ve cost us £50m”

    Last time I checked, Wenger would’ve banked almost £40m in that time. So why so much emotion? Sign Martinez (for example), win the CL, that’s all your bread back, plus interest.

  6. gregg

    Yep, simply if sell on value influences your recruitment process, then you will forever be behind the frontrunners. They’ve changed the goalposts. Tv deals, commercials brought by success is where they get their money from, not playing staff or turnstile revenue.

  7. Jim Lahey

    From Football 365


    It was the statistic of the transfer window. You have no doubt heard it already, but bears repeating: Arsenal were the only club in Europe’s top five leagues not to buy an outfield player.

    If the phrase ‘peak Arsenal’ has become clichéd through its overuse, this was ‘peak Wenger’. When your Supporters’ Trust calls for inquiry into club’s transfer strategy shortly after the window has closed, things haven’t gone well.

    “Winning the title is our target and we feel we have a chance in a very competitive league,” said Wenger on July 17, with questions already being asked about the lack of progress on new signings. “We are in a league in which it is very difficult to know how good our opponents will be, so it is important to focus on making sure we are as strong as we can be.”

    If Wenger honestly believes that Arsenal are “as strong as they can be”, this is a bigger mess than we first thought.

    Arsenal’s lack of progress is so immensely frustrating purely because they were so close. As the hackneyed saying goes, evolution was needed, not revolution. Yet Arsenal’s squad has not evolved. Petr Cech’s arrival was rightly celebrated, but it should have been the catalyst not the beginning, middle and end. Cech acted as the flour, eggs, sugar and icing of Arsenal’s transfer window, and the cherry on top too.

    Wenger’s inaction (and we can only assume it was him applying the brakes) falls into two areas: Defensive midfield and a striker. For the former Wenger decided that Arsenal did not need; for the latter that Arsenal did not want, certainly not for the prices quoted.

    The repeated argument from many supporters is that there were no available upgrades on Olivier Giroud. Edinson Cavani was too expensive given the lack of sell-on value, whilst Karim Benzema was never keen enough on a move for Arsenal to pursue things much further. Nobody else would do.

    Even if you agree with that assessment (and I don’t), it seems a remarkably one-eyed view of the situation. With Theo Walcott an ineffective option as a central striker, Giroud is the only round peg for round hole. This was not just about improving on Giroud (although clearly that was the intention), but providing back-up, support and competition. Joel Campbell and Danny Welbeck now act as all three, which will make supporters gulp.

    It is the defensive midfield position which should cause the most strife. A year ago Wenger was prepared to let Francis Coquelin leave the club for nothing, but the Frenchman is now the basket in which all eggs have been placed. Whereas Cavani and Benzema were unrealistic, Arsenal made the decision not to pursue Morgan Schneiderlin, a player who wanted to join. Hang your hat on that one, Arsene.

    Despite these castigating words, true judgement should be saved until the end of the season. If Wenger again fails to ignite a meaningful title challenge from his Arsenal squad with money sitting in the bank, there is a strong case for finally strolling over to the DVD player and pressing stop. There’s only so many times you can watch Bill Murray presenting the weather.

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I’m struggling along mate, yourself, you knew the old codger would let us all down, but it still smarts doesn’t it?

    I’ve been saying it for years the club just needs freshening up, the manager, the entire power structure, the lack of dissenting voices, the lack of power distribution so there are people with just as much say as the manager…Arsenal is a really unhealthily run club I think.

    I do think you’re right though, you get an Ancelotti in and I think he’d do better with just the players we already have, manly because he isn’t connected to any of them, he doesn’t look at Walcott when he flutters his eyes and cave and let him play ST, he won’t play Wilshere at all costs etc he would set up a team objectively to win us games, the best team he can put out.

    Do you notice how the arguments from the more pro-Wenger fans are now as cyclical as his mistakes? We’re now back to talking about FFP, youth development and oil money. It could be 2006 again or something.

    Just like persisting with Giroud means you don’t optimise Ozil even though Giroud has done well during our ST drought, persisting with Wenger now means you aren’t optimising our financial position and power, even though he did well during the frugal times.

  9. Cesc Appeal

    I did enjoy the Daily Mail’s take:

    Arsenal’s business rating: 4/10

    Best Signing: Cech…because errrrrr…he was their only signing.

    Signing with biggest point to prove: Errrrrr….Cech, because he was their only signing.

  10. Cesc Appeal

    By the by, if the club set a £60-80 Million budget this summer, which was almost totally untouched aside from £7 Million, what kind of budget will there be next year with yet another year of profits and then the huge influx of cash from the EPL and UCL TV deals?

    It must be enormous next year, over £100 Million.

    Shaqiri to Stoke, Cabaye to Palace type deals will become common place…this is why we can’t afford to keep ‘letting Wenger to do what he wants.’

  11. Jim Lahey

    @CA – “It must be enormous next year, over £100 Million.”

    Nope like every year since we left Highbury it will be £50-60m… Were does all the money go?! probably into huge wages for mediocre players like Walcott, Arteta and Giroud.

  12. DUIFG

    yes Gregg, well put, they are all so comfortable in delivering mediocrity, im not sure how you deliver change at this point. we all know with wenger we wont win anything big , but nobody is really strong enough/ has enough incentive to do anything about it. the rot continues.

  13. London gunner


    Not sure klopp qualifies as a great manager almost got Dortmund relegated, failed to reach CL and was basically asked to leave Dortmund.

    He is another wenger cult of personality type with zero plan b and the ego to think he doesn’t need one.

    I think we need a pragmatist as the next arsenal manager so ancelotti.

  14. Carts


    I think the word you’re looking for is the infamous “warchest”, that used to get banded around all those summers ago, only for us to net spend less than the alleged warchest.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    I’m going to be very interested to see some of our more financial minded posters break down just how much money we’re swimming in next summer.

    I mean it’s all irrelevant if Wenger is in charge, Walcott will have had a year at ST and will be better next year, Wilshere is a new signing, Crowley ‘will make headlines’ etc etc

    But just curious, we’re going to have a ridiculous amount of money, but what’s worrying is teams like Spurs, Liverpool, Swansea, Everton etc may be able to go out and make £20-30 Million signings, obviously teams like Spurs and Liverpool much more comfortably.

    Whilst we’re all sat here hearing about FFP, oil money, player development, cohesion, corporate America, global warming etc

  16. blsany

    “Not sure klopp qualifies as a great manager almost got Dortmund relegated, failed to reach CL and was basically asked to leave Dortmund.”

    That’s some funny shit there mate.Stop it i am blushing.

  17. Cesc Appeal



    I just want something different now, we’re boringly predictable. The fact there are people still vehemently excusing Wenger just baffles me.

  18. DUIFG

    CescNot sure klopp qualifies as a great manager almost got Dortmund relegated, failed to reach CL and was basically asked to leave Dortmund.He is another wenger cult of personality type with zero plan b and the ego to think he doesn’t need one. I think we need a pragmatist as the next arsenal manager so ancelotti.

    how much pressure did dortmund put on klopp tp leave?

    if so thats big as you know if that was arsenal after 2 title wins klopp would have had at least 15 years to carry the mediocrity on, would never have had the balls to do a dortmund

  19. London gunner


    I think he’s biggest Cardinal sin was not playing goetze in the CL final vs Bayern could have turned the match.

    Instead he let his arrogance/anger at goetze overule pragmatism/logic

  20. Up 4 Grabs Now

    your right, Ancelotti would clear the decks of under performing players but even then i think he could do something with what we already have.
    (Striker position aside We definitely need to buy there!)

    He worked in the italian league, the most defensive league in the world,
    i bet he could get past teams that park the bus like they do when they come to the Emirates.
    The annoying thing with wenger apart from transfers is the same Tactics for every team we play Home or away.

    With the exception of City and United every other team sit back and hit us on the break but we still play 1 up top and with a defensive midfielder.
    why no change?
    even if a team comes with a pacy player that could hit us badly on the break, tell the centre backs to sit back rather than hanging on the half way line.
    even play Coquelin alongside a more creative player in a 442 then tell him to protect the back four But its always the same.

  21. Jim Lahey

    @CA – Where did SurferX go? He had some great insight into the financial dealings of the club.

    I’m just tired of this nonsense at the club. We all know, 4 games in were we will finish this year. Getting into the Champions league isn’t bad at all, there are 16 other clubs in the league that would love to finish there, but we are better than that.

    Its so blatantly obvious that Wenger knows his squad isn’t good enough and thats the way he wants it, he doesn’t want to compete, the board don’t care, a lot of the fans don’t seem to care either. Its amazing that he is getting away with this.

  22. Ash79

    Alrights lads, here’s a question… does it really matter who we sign anyway?

    People conform to their surroundings, in the end any signing would conform to tippy tappy don’t shoot, don’t shout, be nice football.

  23. Jim Lahey

    @London – “I think he’s biggest Cardinal sin was not playing goetze in the CL final vs Bayern could have turned the match”

    Is it well known that it was Klopp’s decision? Maybe it was Gotze’s? Or maybe even an agreement between the two clubs was that he couldn’t play the game.

  24. Cesc Appeal

    Piers Morgan, not everyone’s cup of tea, but I do like that he can get his point across well and so most of the time easily swats aside the flimsy pro-Wenger arguments.

    ‘Hold on, it’s not Arsene Wenger’s money, it’s my money…it’s my money, and the money of any other fan who puts money into this club.’

    ‘This window sums up Wenger’s arrogance, his stubbornness, intransigence and this ridiculous ‘I know best’ attitude…for the first 8 years Wenger in my opinion was one of the best manager’s in the world, for the next 10 he was a massive disappointment…people ask who to replace him over the last decade well what manager couldn’t come 4th with the resources Arsenal have, the wages, the squad etc and get knocked out in the round of 16 in the UCL?’

  25. blsany

    No it wasn’t that mate.Goetze was injured then if i remember that correctly.In all seriousness he’d be my first pick as successor to Wenger.My only concern is that he never figured another way of playing but having said that Bayern kept on nicking his best players.Just imagine Jurgen with 200 million now that’s a fucking dream 😀

  26. Cesc Appeal


    I think that’s exactly right, was it Ray Parlour last season who said he went to Colney and the training was the same as in his day?

    We just do the same thing, year after year, and it’s almost like ‘nah, that lot will never think we’re stupid enough to do the exact same thing for the tenth time in a row, now we will get them!.’



    Soon as it hit 6pm I said ‘3rd place it is then.’

    People can try and spin the bollocks about ‘players stepping up’ etc but it’s rubbish, we finished 3rd last year, got dumped out the UCL at round of 16, every single team in the EPL has bought and improved, some substantially (even though they finished above us)…every European champion has improved, our UCL competitors have improved.

    What planet are these Arsenal fans living on who think ‘we will see.’

  27. Ash79

    Guys over at Untold are having a fabulous day… their headline today…


    sums those cnts up….the whole world is mad but them and their glorious leader

  28. Arsene's Nurse

    I wonder if we’ll ever be rid of Wenger. When he croaks it I bet the fuckers will bury him under the centre circle and we’ll be haunted forever.

    His ghost will appear and instead of going wooooo, wooooo to frighten people it will be zeee mental strength, Diaby is like a new signing, I have made 50,000 substitutions.

  29. Cesc Appeal


    This is the problem with the hardcore pro-Wenger fans, wet, pessimistic, disingenuous, out of touch with reality, total abandonment of logic to allow them to support their agenda.

  30. Up 4 Grabs Now

    Its like a cult over there at Untold, im surprised they haven’t set up an account for people to make donations to the great leader! (like he needs it)

  31. Chrisd

    Wenger got extremely lucky the de gea Madrid/Utd debacle happened right at the end of the window thus being the big back page headline the papers ran with . If that never happened I’m sure they would’ve ran with arsenals pathetic transfer window failings

  32. Jim Lahey

    @Ash – If Wenger blew up a bus full of children, Untold would run with a story about how travelling in groups can be hazardous.

    The guys that write for Untold have desperately been trying to get into the inner circle at Arsenal, I’ve even seen the official Arsenal twitter promote some of their shit. So no matter what they will be pro Wenger, if they believe it or not is another thing. I really hope they don’t. They have zero spine or integrity.

  33. Leedsgunner

    Looking on the positives and negatives:


    1. No new deadwood to move on in January due to panic signings…

    2. If we were inclined to spend we have a very healthy bank balance

    3. Wilshere and Welbeck close to fitness, and due to their injuries they have not been sent on intl duty…

    4. At the moment our rivals and all in a bad form so theoretically we are still in contention for the league…

    5. None of our best players have been taken.

    6. Lots of Deadwood let go… freeing wages for top talent

    7. Our young loan players doing well and gaining experience

    8. When the inevitable happens Wenger will have no place to hide.


    1. No DM or ST means same weaknesses remains

    2. Stubborn manager who has reverted back to type convinced he can’t compete even trying. No ambition to win the win.

    3. Dangerously thin squad heavily reliant on injury prone players.

    4. Our rivals’ bad form will not last forever. Our squad is not big enough to respond especially if injuries strike.

    7. Will our best players want to stay with such a lack of ambition?

    8. Will our returning loan players be used as an excuse not to spend again next year? Will they be strong enough?

    9. Wenger, KRONKE and Gazidas. Same empty ideas, tired excuses and no pressure to change.

    10. The biggest brands want to associated with Champions. At the moment we are no closer to winning the title than any time of Wenger’s reign IMO.

    Although we are repeatedly told we can’t compete our bank balance grows. Why? For what purpose?

  34. Biggus

    So the so called team of scouts and specialists working day and night for transfers, are they still with the club?

    My guess is that they are just back from holiday yesterday and been working remotely on an island with 56k internet connection.

  35. Up 4 Grabs Now

    I Do love Merse he is such a character, article on sky grading how good teams did in the transfer window.

    Arsenal B Signed Cech

    Man City B- Players in: Kevin De Bruyne (Wolfsburg), Raheem Sterling (Liverpool), Nicolas Otamendi (Valencia), Patrick Roberts (Fulham), Fabian Delph (Aston Villa), Enes Unal (Bursaspor), David Faupala (Lens)

    Merse Logic!!!!!

  36. Carts

    London Gunner

    Gotze was injured and subsequently didn’t recover till the beginning of the following season. He pulled a thigh against Madrid in the semi-final

  37. TitsMcGee

    Arsenal – C-
    One fact says so much: the only club in Europe not to have signed an outfield player this summer. That would be surprising enough in itself, but it’s downright odd given the team’s situation.

    Arsenal are commonly perceived to be on the brink of finally making the step-up to launching a proper title challenge, so manager Arsene Wenger’s reluctance to try and force that by bringing the upgrades they obviously need is as baffling as any decision he has made in the market over the past 11 years. The signing of Petr Cech was supposed to be the first step, but ended up being where it stopped, and they still need another midfielder and another striker.

    Those players would ideally have been improvements on what they had, but the problem up front has almost gone beyond that. It is not just that they need an upgrade on Olivier Giroud. It is that they also need alternative options, given he is the only out-and-out striker in the team. Arsenal have instead only made one tangible change to their squad, and therefore not used this window in the way they should have.”

  38. Carts


    for the love of God.

    I’m not even going to contribute to their daily visitor count and just simply take your word for it.

    Btw, Pier is bang on the mullah with that post!

  39. Oh Theo Theo!

    Leeds – and I wouldn’t be surprised if Kronke is going to use the arsenal balance sheet to finance his spanking new billion dollare stadium for what will be the LA Rams…

    Get to 300m in the bank? Great collateral…

  40. Cesc Appeal

    I imagine Pedro is struggling today, what do you say really?

    It’s all been said countless times over the last decade, I think that is all you can say, we’ve been here before, we’ve heard it all before, we all know how this ends, we need change, big change.

  41. Ash79

    guys always remember this…. NO SCOUT WORTH HIS SALT WOULD WORK FOR ARSENAL FC.

    Translate this to your work – Imagine being so talented and good at your job, you work endless hours ‘night and day’ only for your work to never get past your boss, gets shut down etc “thanks for the project plan David but er… we will go in another direction, sorry”….and this happens every fckin year………..

    A good scout who cares about his own worth would leave.

    its all rotten in the club…all yes men in agreement and cahoots

  42. Up 4 Grabs Now

    I honestly think if Ronald Koeman or Gary Monk had this team they could both get top 4 just as easy as Arsene can. and at a fraction of the cost.
    at least we would have more optimism that we could finish higher.

    My worry is that Liverpool get rid of Brenda by December and they nab Ancelotti

  43. Redtruth

    Any manager will do, who was Wenger before he came to Arsenal.
    Relegated his first club Nancy and subsequently sacked. At Monaco he was also sacked before being exiled to Japan from where Arsenal rescued his undistinguished career and gave him a platform from which he benefitted greatly due to Bergkamp’s presence in the team.

  44. Ash79

    David Bolo

    of course they get a salary – for all you know they do scout and discover talent but if the ultimate guy doesn’t want to spend….

  45. TitsMcGee

    Wenger is such a hypocrite. Passed on so many players that could have strengthened us then comes out and says that there were no players that could have strengthened us.

    Just using it as an excuse.

  46. Ash79

    TitsMcGee – its clever word play from Arsene…’strengthen’…

    forget strengthen, id take a player as good as coquelin if we cant find someone better… I’d rather have two coquelins in the squad than one…

  47. TitsMcGee

    forget strengthen, id take a player as good as coquelin if we cant find someone better… I’d rather have two coquelins in the squad than one…”

    That is what any logical manager would do.

    But Wenger doesn’t because he doesn’t want to kill Coq’s confidence or some nonsensical shiiite.

    Then tries to douse the flames of his abysmal TW by saying that nobody was available. Can’t wait until he GTFOH.

  48. blsany

    “forget strengthen, id take a player as good as coquelin if we cant find someone better… I’d rather have two coquelins in the squad than one”

    John obi mikel?Anyone? LOL

  49. Biggus


    I usually cringe at your posts but you are spot on with what you said.

    Some people just find it hard to comprehend a brighter future without Arsene.

    Alex Ferguson did nothing short of a miracle in Man U towards the end of his tenure. Any manager was always going to struggle and to apply the same logic to Arsenal is just silly.

    People jump on the fact that he’s an educated man with great knowledge of the game. I say the day a man thinks he knows it all, he knows nothing at all.

    You will never know the opportunities missed with this man since he delivers the bare minimum. For all the 4th place some are praising, there’s a chance with someone else one of them will be transformed to titles.

    I read a comment on facebook and one the so called fans said “Arsene said there are no top players out there and I believe him”. That’s probably a grown man talking like that. If Arsene tells him sleeping with his wife will make Arsenal better, he probably throw in his daughter and mother to guarantee the treble.

  50. TitsMcGee

    So has the cunt explained himself why he once again made such a terrible transfer window?”

    “Nobody was available”

  51. steve

    The ambition at Arsenal seems to be record low. Shocking really. Highest ticket prices in Europe. 200m in the bank and 7m net spend. Embarrassing.

  52. blsany

    Have you really put a sentence together wow…has Wenger finally got to you as well?Go start the protest you pussy.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    Yeah, at the moment we’re lucky Liverpool and United don’t have great manager’s, hope that we alter our position in that regard before they do.

  54. TitsMcGee

    Yeah, at the moment we’re lucky Liverpool and United don’t have great manager’s, hope that we alter our position in that regard before they do.”

    That’s what Wenger is counting on. He has calculated that he can make top 4 “as is”. No need to spend 80 million to finish 3rd when he can finish no worse than 4th at the moment.

  55. TitsMcGee

    I read a comment on facebook and one the so called fans said “Arsene said there are no top players out there and I believe him”. That’s probably a grown man talking like that. If Arsene tells him sleeping with his wife will make Arsenal better, he probably throw in his daughter and mother to guarantee the treble.”

    There are a few on this blog that would probably do that.

    Shocking the amount of stupidity that is out there.

  56. Carts

    “Yeah, at the moment we’re lucky Liverpool and United don’t have great manager’s, hope that we alter our position in that regard before they do.”

    And if we finish above either or both, we’ll have the AKBs back here in their droves laying it on thick about how spending, or a lack of it, means fuck all.

  57. SpanishDave

    Like all dictators you surround yourself with your disciples, overpay people so they will be faithful and sing your praises.
    All dictators stay onto power too long and they create a vast network around them to stave off a takeover.
    Sounds familiar?
    Most dictators only go when the masses act together and the media do the rest.
    I think he has now gone over the edge.

  58. TitsMcGee

    Even TH14 dancing around the issue. You can tell he doesn’t want to step on Wenger’s toes. Wenger must be Lucky Luciano behind the scenes.

  59. Biggus


    Henry sadly is spineless when it comes to constructively critizing Arsene. He still wants to be paraded at half time i guess.

    How people can’t see this man is doing the bare minimum is beyond me. Then the apologists compare us to Liverpool and Spurs. I’m sorry but we should not be aiming to be around those teams. Liverpool were once great but now just scrapping through and Spurs, well they’re spurs.

    No disrespect to anyone but if you’re happy with mediocrity, it means you have insecurity issues; grateful for anything you get as you feel you are not entitled to get more.

  60. Up 4 Grabs Now


    Whats worse is we have no Football to occupy us as we are at the start of an international fortnight!!!!

  61. wenker-wanger

    we have all been here before!….wenger did buck the trend of recruiting french-duds with one stellar signing per season (ozil, sanchez). But this season he is in very sharp focus with the media. At long last the plastic devotees of wengerball tippy-tappy in the media have caught on with the very perceptive views of us on legrove. This will now generate a media-frenzy when we lose. Wenger will be even be subject to unfair criticism!….how ironic that will be.
    But at the end of the day if it ousts Wenger then so be it!

  62. SpanishDave

    Henry wants a job at the club, so he’s scared to say anything that upsets them.
    Funny he’s forgotten how he abandoned the club and went to Barca . Dennis meanwhile saw his career out with dignity and pride.

  63. Biggus

    So Wenger now focuses his energy talking about Man United’s purchase of Martial (overpriced we all know). He then says this –

    “If you ask me what is the real significance of Financial Fair Play I cannot give you the answer.

    “It is too complicated to be efficient, and too complicated for everybody to understand the rules. That’s why I think there is a need to simplify the whole process.”

    I’m not sure how many uneducated and dumb people this man interacts with but his constant quotes just shows a man arrogant and with false belief.

    Rooney as over hyped he might be is still more dangerous than Giroud. I’m not defending Man United and I don’t really care what their rational in buying a 19 year old for that price but i suspect they see Rooney as first choice and the boy to learn under his tutelage. If not, still don’t care.

    Giroud has been ordinary in the past few seasons like Almunia was those years ago and instead we keep getting told no one out there can do a better job. On Giroud, Walcott and Welbeck?

    Very interesting indeed..

  64. Leedsgunner

    As for the “Gooner of the month” contest in I say we vote en masse for Lord Harris (I think) who let the cat out of the bag with regards to the size of the cash pile we are sitting on. What was it £200m? Interest payments alone will be adding millions to it by the time the January 2016…

    Isn’t KRONKE looking for money to build his new stadium for American football team in LA?

    Funny that.

    Tragically I wouldn’t be surprised if Rams fans are being told the yarn that they will compete with the best if the move to LA and into a new stadium…

    I really wouldn’t.

  65. goonerboy

    What is untold is that they support the manager not the football team. Of course you can publish on the web whatever drivel you like and they have decided that anyone who does not blindly follow this manager like a sheep is a traitor worthy of contempt. I believe that they are mentally ill and need treatment for their obsessive and irrational love affair with Arsene Wenger

  66. goonerboy

    Arsenal are sick- Wenger is not a rational or balanced human being-he is basically a nutter obsessed with his own weird idiosyncratic views of football. It is abnormal that this rather odd frenchman has a totally free reign over everything to do with this English club. Is it bizarre or just total laziness and complete incompetence on the part of the Arsenal Board? I believe it is the latter.

  67. Rustygunner

    Was there a link between Real Madrid refusing to sell Arsenal Benzema, and their own inability to follow through with their acquisition of De Gea? Real Madrid are skint and besides the poker face they just didn’t have the money to pay for De Gea without selling first. The President knows best hence playing a cheap ruse of IT problems.

  68. Rustygunner

    I am not an AKB. I am not a secret admirer of Joel Campbell, I love him. The scene is set for him, 6 months, he proves himself or I slink into my corner. The same with Theo.