Rise of the middle class | Arsenal fans fall for the new Wenger rhetoric

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So, all in all, a pretty positive weekend of scores heading into the international break of doom.

Chelsea lost. Always amazing. Liverpool lost. Always hilarious. Manchester United lost. DOUBLE GREAT ON BURNT TOAST.

All’s not well in the Premier League at the moment.

Well, that’s what the pundits will have you believe. Actually, this should be par the course this season. The rise of the middle class is what’s going on this year.

Basically, teams like West Brom and Swansea are taking the Arsenal approach of the late nineties and early noughties. They’re making smart gambles on good players that are either talented and floundering (Shaqiri) or on the sharp rise and in need of a stepping stone (Tadic).

When Arsenal and United were dominating the top two positions, the league maybe had 4 good teams to worry about. The rest were average, slow and very unfit. So Wenger’s ‘don’t drink booze before games’ approach combined with his ownership of France meant we could spank most teams at a canter because of incredible fitness combined with superior talent.

Now teams like Southampton can afford brilliant academies, the same technology, better scouting and they can now afford brilliant players. Just look at Crystal Palace. Steve Parish has turned them into a force. They have brilliant players, a good manager and they’re going to bully a lot of teams to defeat this year.

I don’t think this directly impacts Arsenal and their title aspirations, but it does really showcase that on the transfer front, we’re stuttering.

We just don’t react well to any sort of pressure. If there are other clubs in for players, we back off. If the name is a couple of million too expensive we back off. Sometimes we seem to miss out because we’re waiting for the half price dream to drop through the door.

I’m trying to rent out my flat at the moment, someone entered negotiations for three people the other day and offered me £15 per week short of my valuation. These people were the Arsene Wenger’s of the rental market. I told them no, they moved on. They offended me. I kind of feel that’s what Arsenal do every season.

Look at our options in the holding midfield role. We’ve let Kondogbia go to Inter, Schneiderlin go to United and Vidal go to Bayern. I mean, Illarramendi to Sociedad… how did we let him slip? There’s Rabiot, Bender and Carvahlo left in the market. Every single one of those players would supplement our midfield to a level we’re not at. Some of them would be an upgrade. Why haven’t we moved? Why does Wenger not think any of those players are good enough?

Now, Chelsea are in great need of a centre back. They’ve gone in hard for John Stones. Everton have said no. At this point, Arsene Wenger would finish his hunt. Not Chelsea, why? Because if you have a hole in your squad, waiting a season to rectify it, regardless of the money you save is totally negligent. It’s also a ready made excuse if things go badly. Well, at most clubs, it’d be a ready made excuse to fire the manager when it goes wrong. Not at Arsenal, we’ll accept the excuse and dish out a new deal.

Anyway, are Chelsea giving up? No.

They’re now raiding Monaco for the excellent Abdennour.

Ok, so he might not settle straight away, there might be a risk he isn’t great and ends up as successful as PSV’s Alex… but you know what, money is there to improve. If you’re not improving, you’re guaranteeing, in most cases, that you’re not planning to compete. At best you’re stagnating, at worst, you’re going backwards.

So onto the striker.

You have your category A strikers. Lewandowski, Suarez, Benzema… if you can’t get them, you have to look at your category B strikers like Fekir, Martinez, Lacazette, Higuain, Icardi, Bacca, Dzeko.

Hell, you could even have gone for category C strikers. The old boys. Robin Van Persie springs to mind or Aduriz at Bilbao.

Then if you can’t sign a goal scoring striker, you could look at converting a top class wideman into a front man. Reus, Dybala, Aubameyang, or Draxler are prime candidates for this type of treatment.

Our approach, thus far, has been to settle with what we’ve got… and it just totally lacks any sort of dynamism or creativity.

Arsenal fans, have now rather hilariously been pulled into Wenger’s latest round of nonsense where they’re foolishly telling themselves ‘we only buy world class’… guys and girls, you need to pull your heads out of your backsides because I can barely make out whether you’re bantering me or you’re f*cking serious?

You can’t have a transfer policy of ‘world class only’ even if you’re Madrid. You always need to supplement with players on the up, players that have been broken elsewhere and players you have a hunch on. I was hoping that the new money would allow for more luxurious signings, but mainly, I was hoping it would allow us to get back into our old markets and be able to afford the young players on the up we were losing out on to Chelsea and Co (Hazard).

For Arsenal fans to go from accepting we weren’t signing players because we didn’t have enough money (which was a loose premise) to now accepting we can’t sign players because we only sign world class is the biggest PR spin of all time. I mean, look at what we did last summer. Chambers, Debuchy, Welbeck, Ospina and Sanchez. You’d have a hard time convincing me that was a good summer. One success. One world class player out of 5 signings.

The reason we’re not landing players this summer has NOTHING to do with quality. It’s a lack of imagination, it’s a lack of balls and it’s a big fat dollop of dithering.

Players are there. Players have moved. We’re just not the sort of team who can move quick and make things happen when they need to.

Which, is why, generally, we’ll be also rans until the manager goes. I had dreams that we’d kick on this year. They were based on us signings a keeper, a DM and a striker. That didn’t happen and now it’s becoming apparent that we’re going to struggle for goals with Theo and Giroud. Not to mention the flimsy attitude.

We’ve been in a long term project for too long to continue to let our manager talk about building a squad to compete for tomorrow. The time is now. We have a few days left of the window. We’re desperately short.

There can be no more talk of ‘next year’ it needs to happen now. If it doesn’t, at the end of the season some serious conversations need to be happening about the final year of Wenger’s stint being the succession plan.

… because the last thing I want to hear right now is talk of another three years. He doesn’t deserve it.

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  1. Marko

    Red what you willing to do mate? Know you haven’t been out of the house since that elephant man movie got released

  2. Dissenter

    Arsenal FC are really f**ked up.
    Can’t they hire a private jet for Wenger?
    Really, hasn’t he saved them enough money to fly private jet for every urgent club related business, especially as they are running against a deadline.

    Really, this guy has saved Arsenal at least 250 million in transfers over the last 10 years, conservative estimate.
    20k pounds would have gotten him to Paris without all the peeping toms.
    We are really mismanaged.

  3. vicky


    Well, only if Flamini leaves can we even hope to sign a DMF. So, it’s a positive in that sense. At worst, we will free up some wages.

    Wenger going to France gives me some hope. He went to Brazil to rap up Sanchez deal. Cavani and Rabiot have been linked to us. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.

  4. Thank you and goodnight


    Haven’t a clue mate. Who knows these days it’s almost impossible to second guess Wenger. You serious about them getting bored of wengers commentary?

  5. Cesc Appeal

    Even a Geordie fan on Arsenal Fan TV seems to pick it up quicker than a lot of Arsenal fans about Wenger:

    ‘You lot don’t learn…you lack a killer instinct…the very highest you will finish is 2nd and it’s the manager holding you back…if he doesn’t sign a ST you lot need to be knocking on his door and unless you get a great explanation you need to make him walk.’

    It really isn’t that hard to grasp, scratching my head at Arsenal fans still trying to peddle the old excuses.

  6. Moe

    Anyone remember the Welbeck signing last TW. Wenger went to Rome and media frenzy went into hyperdrive trying to guess who we were signing when in actual fact he was there for some friendly held by the pope.

    He said Welbeck came up as available to buy rather than loan ON THE DAY!! Tells you all you need to know about our 24/7 work ethic of our scouting team. Wait til last day and see what pops up! If Van Gaal wasn’t pre-disposed to selling WE WOULDNT HAVE BOUGHT! Also Giroud was injured from a ball being kicked at his shin and only this prompted Wenger to buy a striker,albeit a sub par one.

  7. Sam


    Why can’t Wenger buys his own private jet?
    sure he can afford it
    You cannot blame Arsenal Fc, This is guy thats been told to spend money by billionaire owners n he’s refusing to do so.

  8. Cesc Appeal

    We will try for a loan from someone I think tomorrow…that way if it comes off he can say something about Walcott not being mentally ready (I know) and Welbeck being injured.

    Trying to think of a veteran, unwanted ST out there we could loan.

  9. Goondawg

    Fingers have to be pointed at the board as well. A buncha fat cats counting their cheques, they are seemingly content with getting fourth every year. Where is the pushing and coercing to invest into the squad? There’s fuck all pressure on Wenger to buy.. We are no longer a team challenging for top honours, but an investment for Kroenke and his cronies.

    Kroenke is a massive problem. His main concern has always been making profit, he is notoriously reknown for this in the NFL. Winning is just a bonus, he would rather a trophyless campaign with all the books in fine order, rather than win the treble but have his books in red.

  10. B.T

    Absolutely no news on the transfer front, its dead, went on to news now and not even murmur’s about incoming transfers, in fact their was an article on Chambers slipping playing rugby , sad times, its almost bordering on gross negligence by Wenger regarding the striker position, I mean honestly is the man accountable to no one?

  11. Redtruth


    You say you are a fan of the club yet you stand by and allow Wenger to run amok.

    Infuse yourself stop being so passive and start engaging with your contacts on bringing about protests.

  12. arsenal-steve

    Can’t believe we have about 18 hours to deadline and we don’t even have a name. What kind of man is A.Wenger? He must so look down on the supporters. Not a nice man.

  13. N5

    I’m on an eating protest, I will eat non stop until Wenger goes! me being blimp like and shut in lies at your feet Wenger.

  14. reality check


    Just spent some time reading through untolds page. I think your talent would be better served educating those fans.

    Every single one of your comments would create an uproar. Thereby opening the floor for dialogue.

    Most of the fans here are not happy with the way the club is being run.

    Your pissin in the wind, as they say.

  15. salparadisenyc

    You know its been a shit day when Liverpool supporters are creating fake players and tweeting Arsenal interest.

  16. Wallace



    How are you coping with all the madness ?”

    i’ll be a bit disappointed if we don’t add at least some midfield cover, but apart from that…none of the usual suspects excite me, and the two that do – Dybala & Martial – Dybala wanted Juve, and i don’t think Martial is worth a 40m punt.

  17. Goondawg

    Wenger and the board definitely do this on purpose. We needed minimum 2-3 players to challenge for the title. We have a lot of players who have no purpose like Campbell, Rosicky, Arteta and Flamini. They know we are desperate for signings, by making us wait till deadline day, they know we would be grateful for anyone right now, even a loan we would snatch off their hands. They will sign some nobody and because they left it the 13th hour, we will be so relieved that we will hardly complain.

  18. Marko

    All kicking off now. Hernanez to Juve and Leicester moving for Andre Carrillo of Sporting. That would be a fantastic move right there. Carrillo, Mahrez and Vardy would be pretty explosive

  19. Sam

    Actually Pato been my favourite all summer ahead of Benzema
    I can see his partnership with Sanchez flourishing
    and right replacement for Podolski,

    I Hope it happens

  20. NewCoArsenal PLC


    I know exactly where we are in the food-chain.
    I know we are positioned below Europe’s elite, but in terms of wealth, Arsenal are one of the world’s elite, so we are where we are by choice.
    Where do you want supporters of the fifth richest club in the world to pitch their expectations?
    Think big you’ll be big.
    The Arsenal hierarchy think big in terms of their own bank balances, their football knowledge is woeful. Just the other year we finished 1 point ahead of Tottenham with a £50m higher wage-bill.
    No other football club’s supporters would accept or be expected to tolerate the situation at Arsenal.
    And if you’re asking what fans are doing in protest, what can they do when the custodian is absent and the BoD lock themselves away from the public? As for Wenger, thick skin or not, he must surely feel the growing sense of vitriol at The Emirates, it would be impossible not to.
    The club exists because of it’s supporters.

  21. salparadisenyc


    Pato’s 35 years old and playing in the Brazilian league.
    Do think Wenger and co could potentially find a more relative CF for our needs.

    Stop gap I understand, not like were dealing with a freshly injured player and we need to add. Wenger’s had all summer to seal a CF and thats the best he can produce?

    Chirst I actually give this one legs…

  22. Goondawg

    Means, something about tomorrow, stay in touch. It’s most likely united seeing as Chelsea bought Pedro and we are perennial losers

  23. Goondawg

    They need a striker too. Maybe more than us. Now that Hernandez and Wilson are out on loan. Would be very surprised if it’s just Martial, a unproven 19 year old in the pecking order behind a fat, shite Rooney

  24. Dan Ahern

    I already resigned myself to the fact we’re signing nobody, but I’ll allow myself the hope of Rabiot. That’d be a good last-minute deal.

    BTW great blog today Pedro.

  25. Marko

    An aging Robben and Ribery? Bayern would absolutely be interested in Griezmann. He’s one of the top elite wingers in the game now. Honestly he scored 25 goals last season and close to the same in his last season at Sociedad. He’s stellar. Is he as good as Hazard, Sanchez, Robben? He’s up there

  26. WengerEagle


    Wide-forward at best but even that isn’t apt as he’s always floating around the CF position for Atletico behind Torres/Mandzukic when he was there.

    Griezmann doesn’t play at all like a wideman.

  27. karim


    Don’t know man, people are curious about the tweet but no one seems to understand what he actually meant.

    Maybe he’s Wenger’s last fantasy who knows ?
    Can’t see him leave Atletico like that either though.

  28. cladicus

    The fans cried “Why Arsene!?”
    He says, “I’ll sit on this cash
    until it all turns to ash,
    rather than invest in the team!”

    Arsene arrived at the transfer table dressed to the tee
    He salivated at the layers
    of World Class players
    But seeing the price, exclaimed, “Cech please!”

    Cladicus August 2015

  29. WengerEagle

    Blaszokowski or however it’s spelled (Dortmund winger, Polish) has joined Fiorentina on a season long loan.

    Shame he’s never really recovered from that injury a couple of years back, was great in Dortmund’s run to the UCL Final.

  30. Emiratesstroller

    Well the transfer window has closed already in Germany and will close in less than an hour in France,Italy and Spain.

    That will limit further transfer options, because clubs are unlikely to sell players unless they have found replacements.

    The real concern for me is that in contrast to most other major clubs in Europe and EPL Arsenal do not appear to plan properly their transfer business.
    Everything seems always to be rushed at the last moment.

    What I find staggering is that Arsenal appear to be the only club who appear reluctant to gamble on less well known players which suggests to me that our
    scouts seem only focussed on bringing in players for our academy rather than
    the first team.

    Basically there seems to be a very small list of players primarily strikers that
    Wenger is actually looking at.

    This is the first season for many years where Arsenal have been linked with such a small number of players. The Media,Betting Companies and even the
    agents appear to have excluded us this summer from almost all rumours.

    Whatever Wenger may think about our current squad it is still short of numbers and cover in at least two positions. That seems to be always the problem
    at the club every season.

    The club’s lack of real ambition should be of real concern to every genuine supporter.

  31. Dissenter

    Emirates stroller,
    “The club’s lack of real ambition should be of real concern to every genuine supporter”

    You previously said you’ll hold judgement until the transfer window is over.
    What’s your judgment?

  32. naijagunner

    In a few hours time Arsenal FC will make history as the only team on earth who couldn’t find an outfield player good enough to strengthen their squad. Despite working 24 hours on it for 3 months.
    That should go straight into the Guinness book of records.

  33. Dissenter

    Arteta and Flamini are the back-ups for DMF.
    We will need devine intervention this season.

    Every game will be hard fought because we aren’t better this season.

    I’ve never seen a major sporting organization just drift off into oblivion as us. Wenger is slowly killing off this proud club.
    He’s already sucked the ambition out of at least 50% of gooners.

  34. Emiratesstroller


    My judgment is that had we got something of consequence in the pipeline it would be coming out by now.

    What I had not anticipated was that the EPL has a different closing date to other

  35. naijagunner

    @ dissenter
    That is where u are mistaken. I wanted Wenger gone for about 5 years now, where I differ from most of u is my acknowledgement of the fact that he has paymasters who are thrilled with his frugality and lack of ambition . He gets the minimum done at minimum cost.

  36. Dissenter

    naija gunner,
    ‘That is where u are mistaken. I wanted Wenger gone for about 5 years now, where I differ from most of u is my acknowledgement of the fact that he has paymasters who are thrilled with his frugality and lack of ambition . He gets the minimum done at minimum cost.”

    If that’s the case, why is that you always ally yourself with the people that would rather criticize Donald duck for our woes, rather that go after Wenger.

    If you recall, I agreed with you that Wenger, as bad as he has been, is the brightest bulb in the room full of Gazidiz, Kroenke and the board members. He makes their job easy, albeit it with minimal ambition.

    You’ve always come hard against the people that put your sentiments into words. You’ve been quick to Chelsea-fy many critics here, imo.

  37. Leedsgunner

    “In a few hours time Arsenal FC will make history as the only team on earth who couldn’t find an outfield player good enough to strengthen their squad. Despite working 24 hours on it for 3 months.
    That should go straight into the Guinness book of records.”

    Genius naija — hats off to you! (Even if Arsene fails with this category, he should be awarded a record for continuous moaning about other teams strengthening theirs!) 🙂

  38. Dissenter

    Thanks for your reply.
    Hmmmm, I dont know what to say.

    Does Wenger think it will get any better than these in subsequent windows. This is the NEW normal.
    We are going to pay for for this stagnation in years to come.

  39. naijagunner

    I have never called anyone a Chelsea fan on here before..not even once . You might like to get ur facts right.
    Hope u do know some of them post on here though .
    I just don’t get the need to keep calling out Wenger when it’s clear he is shameless and will only leave when he is ready .

  40. Leedsgunner

    To be honest I rather Wenger sign no one than a panic buy we’ll just have to endure and have difficulty shifting next summer.

    I cannot endure another series of the Park & Santos show.

  41. Bay area gooner

    its a ploy. See how the package Cavani and Rabiot together? When Cavani falls thru, which was never a realistic target anyhow, Wenger will come across as going after the superstar we have always wanted. Cavani is not realistic. Arsenal knows this….. and are trying to pull one over on the fans once again.

    How the fuck are PSG going to replace Cavani on deadline day?

  42. N1GOONER

    Rabiot is possible, I expect it will still happen.

    Cavani though, surely Man U would have been all over that before spunking the cash on Martial? They could have offered him twice the wages we can.

  43. Leedsgunner

    I have it on good authority that even Kallstrom is unavailable due to injury.

    He cracked a rib laughing, and falling out of his chair when he saw Arsene’s name flash up on the Caller Id this afternoon.

  44. WengerEagle

    Holy shit, De Gea to Real Madrid hasn’t gone through.

    Apparently the documents didn’t arrive in time despite Real having the presentation and all ready.

    Never get why they leave these things to the last hour possible.

  45. Leedsgunner

    We had all summer to sort this out and we’re back to what we do every year.

    Foolish me when we signed Cech on 1 July I actually thought things might be different.

    Cavani is just for show, some one for Wenger to say he tried. PSG is not stupid enough to let their £40m investment out on the cheap. Rabiot is slight, and technically talented. We already have lots of those. Does he even play DM?

  46. Marko

    It’ll be cool. They could basically take a photo of a guy sending the fax at 2259 andthey’d still count it after the deadline

  47. Marko

    Wait. Hilarious they think United done it on purpose. Bit of an unclassy move from United. To fuck over their best player after dropping him this season? That Van Gaal I tell you. What a cunt

  48. WengerEagle


    It wouldn’t make much sense if they did it on purpose though, he can walk for free in 2016 so they’ve essentially just blown £29 million and Keylor Navas as I can’t imagine that there’s a way back into the first team for De Gea now.

  49. carts

    Pato? Lmao. From when AC Milan weren’t interested in him why the fuck should we be?! Says a lot about a player when mid-level prem teams give zero fucks.

    Was watching Griezzman last night before I went out, he’s legit. Was skeptical of him while at Sociedad, bit last season and last night he was immense. £50m would be the figure to make A.Madrid perk up.

    Rabiot? Really?? That means what, Wilshere off to city in January Ramsey to Barcelona triplelololol

    Cavani isn’t going anywhere! Better off trying for zlatan.

    Wenger has well and truly fucked it.

  50. Relieable Sauce

    Shit Wenger is in full panic mode. Rabiot for £40m & 140k pw.
    …Is he good?

    De Gea deal fallen through.

  51. Marko

    That’s what they’re saying in Spain WE and let’s be honest does Van Gaal give a shit about leaving 30 million on the table? With his ego and how he’s been spendingmoney. It’s payback for Ramos fucking them over. I’m telling you stupidest thing DeGea could do is turn around and sign a new deal.

  52. Arsene's Nurse

    Man Utd have a lower net spend than us this transfer window.


    Di Maria £44.3m
    de Gea £29m
    Evans £6m
    Hernandez £7.3m
    Nani £4.25m
    RVP £3.4m
    da Silva £2.5m
    Henriquez £1.1m
    James £1m

    Total: £98.85m


    Schweinsteiger £5.8m
    Depay £25m
    Darmian £12.7m
    Schneiderlin £25m
    Martial £36m

    Total: £104.5m

    Net £5.65m

    Source: Telegraph


  53. WengerEagle


    Van Gaal doesn’t run the club (unlike AW), no way the United owners would be happy to piss £30 million down the drain not to mention paying his wages for the season all because of Van Gaal’s ego. He clearly has no intention of playing him this season so now they’re stuck with Romero who is crap.

    De Gea won’t sign a new deal, he just has to wait it out for a year to get his move.

  54. Leedsgunner

    Better start hoping Coquelin will stay fit all season… because otherwise we’re going to be stuck with Arteta and it gets worse from there. Don’t even think about Flamini.

    After how Chambers played versus Liverpool ask yourself — do you really want him playing in an unfamiliar position (as a DM?). I like Chambers but he needs to be given a position to settle in rather than being shifted about!

    *facepalm* x 1000

  55. N5

    Best get ready for another year of L’Oreal looking to the heavens for answers as to why he’s just missed another easy shot. I know Middy loves that face!!

  56. Cesc Appeal


    I like to think that’s the face he pulls every time his wife accuses him of cheating…(looks to sky, tongue out) not this again…but yeah I cheated on you

  57. Bamford10


    Good post to WE re Martial. Agreed. He’s a genuine talent, and while they might be over-paying a bit given the timing, it’s not that big of a deal given his talent and upside.

    A lot of people here look only at what a player has done. While this is the “known” (and certain) portion of a player’s value, it is not the player’s whole value, for potential and upside must be considered also. Yes this component involves uncertainty, but it remains a crucial part of the equation.

    To leave it out is to leave half the value of a younger player out.

  58. Bamford10


    “My overriding point was who cares what they’re doing, at least they’re fucking doing something in an attempt to improve. You can sit and dissect how good an investment it is but here’s a bet for you. I bet martial is more productive than any lack of players we bring in.”

    More good stuff from Champagne.

  59. Bamford10

    Re Martial:

    The other thing not being accounted for here is what scouts/insiders are saying about this kid. He was just pulled up to the full French national team for the first time and apparently the talk is that his development over the past 18 months has been something else.

    One gets the sense that those who watch him on a daily basis are saying: ‘this kid could be one of the best three strikers in all of Europe in a few years.’ If this is the kind of talk he’s getting, then he is well beyond anything a Son will ever be. and his fee is basically justified (though of course they would’ve been better off negotiating this earlier in the summer obviously).

  60. Ozy

    The price Martial went for is absolutely insane. Sets a poor precedent. The market is extremely overinflated. Still, at least they bought somebody.

    I read that we had a loan bid for Kokorin or whatever rejected. That’s so fucking hilarious and pathetic.

  61. Sam


    Lol!!! Pato is only 25 not 35.Lol!!!
    I understand coz it seems like he’s been around for longtime
    He went back to brazil becoz of injuries n partying with Italian girls n even lost his place in the brazilian team.
    We can revive his career n he’ll cost a mere 10Millions unless his club wanna get greedy on deadline day.
    Gamble worth taking, Still World class

  62. Sam

    Btw, Pato played the last 2 seasons in Brazil without Major injuries I am sure he’ll pass the medical.
    Come on Wenger,

    spurs are also sniffing around

  63. Bamford10


    Very few people see Reus as a lone CF. That’s what United are looking for, so I don’t think they’d see Reus as a solution, regardless of how good he is.

  64. salparadisenyc


    Yes Pato is 25… typod that one.
    Like I said I think it has legs!

    Not sure how I feel about that one. I’m all for 2nd chances but Pato seems decidedly more interested in off pitch activities.

    I can relate to that…. buuuuut?

  65. Cesc Appeal


    Been saying all day we will go for a loan, tried it with Welbeck, tried it with Klose, tried it with Ba…classic Wenger panic move.

    No doubt will wake up tomorrow to some rumour of some oldie or some nobody we’ve tried to loan.

  66. salparadisenyc

    Wenger is the biggest troll in the game, last minute loan moves for an Opel when you’ve the bank roll to pull a Bugatti with cash and the middle finger.

  67. Ozy

    Looks that way, CA.

    I would never be able to understand what Wenger’s fascination with leaving it to the last minute. Why subject yourself to that? I can’t imagine it being anything other than an overwhelmingly stressful mad dash to get deals completed before midnight comes around. It just reeks of desperation and every club can smell that a mile away.