Rise of the middle class | Arsenal fans fall for the new Wenger rhetoric

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So, all in all, a pretty positive weekend of scores heading into the international break of doom.

Chelsea lost. Always amazing. Liverpool lost. Always hilarious. Manchester United lost. DOUBLE GREAT ON BURNT TOAST.

All’s not well in the Premier League at the moment.

Well, that’s what the pundits will have you believe. Actually, this should be par the course this season. The rise of the middle class is what’s going on this year.

Basically, teams like West Brom and Swansea are taking the Arsenal approach of the late nineties and early noughties. They’re making smart gambles on good players that are either talented and floundering (Shaqiri) or on the sharp rise and in need of a stepping stone (Tadic).

When Arsenal and United were dominating the top two positions, the league maybe had 4 good teams to worry about. The rest were average, slow and very unfit. So Wenger’s ‘don’t drink booze before games’ approach combined with his ownership of France meant we could spank most teams at a canter because of incredible fitness combined with superior talent.

Now teams like Southampton can afford brilliant academies, the same technology, better scouting and they can now afford brilliant players. Just look at Crystal Palace. Steve Parish has turned them into a force. They have brilliant players, a good manager and they’re going to bully a lot of teams to defeat this year.

I don’t think this directly impacts Arsenal and their title aspirations, but it does really showcase that on the transfer front, we’re stuttering.

We just don’t react well to any sort of pressure. If there are other clubs in for players, we back off. If the name is a couple of million too expensive we back off. Sometimes we seem to miss out because we’re waiting for the half price dream to drop through the door.

I’m trying to rent out my flat at the moment, someone entered negotiations for three people the other day and offered me £15 per week short of my valuation. These people were the Arsene Wenger’s of the rental market. I told them no, they moved on. They offended me. I kind of feel that’s what Arsenal do every season.

Look at our options in the holding midfield role. We’ve let Kondogbia go to Inter, Schneiderlin go to United and Vidal go to Bayern. I mean, Illarramendi to Sociedad… how did we let him slip? There’s Rabiot, Bender and Carvahlo left in the market. Every single one of those players would supplement our midfield to a level we’re not at. Some of them would be an upgrade. Why haven’t we moved? Why does Wenger not think any of those players are good enough?

Now, Chelsea are in great need of a centre back. They’ve gone in hard for John Stones. Everton have said no. At this point, Arsene Wenger would finish his hunt. Not Chelsea, why? Because if you have a hole in your squad, waiting a season to rectify it, regardless of the money you save is totally negligent. It’s also a ready made excuse if things go badly. Well, at most clubs, it’d be a ready made excuse to fire the manager when it goes wrong. Not at Arsenal, we’ll accept the excuse and dish out a new deal.

Anyway, are Chelsea giving up? No.

They’re now raiding Monaco for the excellent Abdennour.

Ok, so he might not settle straight away, there might be a risk he isn’t great and ends up as successful as PSV’s Alex… but you know what, money is there to improve. If you’re not improving, you’re guaranteeing, in most cases, that you’re not planning to compete. At best you’re stagnating, at worst, you’re going backwards.

So onto the striker.

You have your category A strikers. Lewandowski, Suarez, Benzema… if you can’t get them, you have to look at your category B strikers like Fekir, Martinez, Lacazette, Higuain, Icardi, Bacca, Dzeko.

Hell, you could even have gone for category C strikers. The old boys. Robin Van Persie springs to mind or Aduriz at Bilbao.

Then if you can’t sign a goal scoring striker, you could look at converting a top class wideman into a front man. Reus, Dybala, Aubameyang, or Draxler are prime candidates for this type of treatment.

Our approach, thus far, has been to settle with what we’ve got… and it just totally lacks any sort of dynamism or creativity.

Arsenal fans, have now rather hilariously been pulled into Wenger’s latest round of nonsense where they’re foolishly telling themselves ‘we only buy world class’… guys and girls, you need to pull your heads out of your backsides because I can barely make out whether you’re bantering me or you’re f*cking serious?

You can’t have a transfer policy of ‘world class only’ even if you’re Madrid. You always need to supplement with players on the up, players that have been broken elsewhere and players you have a hunch on. I was hoping that the new money would allow for more luxurious signings, but mainly, I was hoping it would allow us to get back into our old markets and be able to afford the young players on the up we were losing out on to Chelsea and Co (Hazard).

For Arsenal fans to go from accepting we weren’t signing players because we didn’t have enough money (which was a loose premise) to now accepting we can’t sign players because we only sign world class is the biggest PR spin of all time. I mean, look at what we did last summer. Chambers, Debuchy, Welbeck, Ospina and Sanchez. You’d have a hard time convincing me that was a good summer. One success. One world class player out of 5 signings.

The reason we’re not landing players this summer has NOTHING to do with quality. It’s a lack of imagination, it’s a lack of balls and it’s a big fat dollop of dithering.

Players are there. Players have moved. We’re just not the sort of team who can move quick and make things happen when they need to.

Which, is why, generally, we’ll be also rans until the manager goes. I had dreams that we’d kick on this year. They were based on us signings a keeper, a DM and a striker. That didn’t happen and now it’s becoming apparent that we’re going to struggle for goals with Theo and Giroud. Not to mention the flimsy attitude.

We’ve been in a long term project for too long to continue to let our manager talk about building a squad to compete for tomorrow. The time is now. We have a few days left of the window. We’re desperately short.

There can be no more talk of ‘next year’ it needs to happen now. If it doesn’t, at the end of the season some serious conversations need to be happening about the final year of Wenger’s stint being the succession plan.

… because the last thing I want to hear right now is talk of another three years. He doesn’t deserve it.

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    Wait for the nonsensical cryptic s**t he will come out with:

    ‘The media do not always know what we do or try to do, but the transfer market is not like a whore house where you walk in and say that one, how much, then pay the asking price and get your whore…one day I will write it down and fans will see…but anyone, I still have enough mindless sycophants in the fan base so f**k you lot I don’t have to explain s**t to any of you.’

    Love how the pro-Wenger peeps are trying to shift focus away from transfers and the calamitous s**t show this summer has been to debate other things…bless.

    ‘Well, it gets away from the boring endless transfer talk.’ Does it? Or is it a lot easier for someone of your persuasion to talk about literally anything other than our summer inaction.

  2. SpanishDave

    Wenger is sick, deluded and has a mental problem if we now loose three or four games in the next month all hell will let lose. I hope it ends in tears he doesn’t deserve anything anymore

  3. Relieable Sauce

    Andy Carrol went for £35m, Torres 50, Shaw 30, Sideshow Bob for 40.
    The market has been obscene for a while, as have wages, if you cant stomaach it now you are going to struggle over the next few years.

    No upgrades this season will cost us next season as well as this.

  4. Dissenter

    Real Madrif fu**ed Isco up by buying Kovacic.
    The Isco stuff could be true but times run out, I’m afraid.

  5. WengerEagle

    Kovacic is Modric’s long-term replacement, more of a CM whereas Isco is a CAM.

    Agree that Isco is being underutilised at Madrid though, in James/Bale’s shadow.

  6. Dissenter

    Apparently, Madrid are asking 64 million pounds for Isco, which is prudent giving the crazy transfers we’ve seen recently.

    We bid 29 million, typical Arsene.

  7. Paulinho

    Also looking to tie up a deal for Fabian Carini, twelve years after the young tyro of a goalkeeper had a trial with us.

  8. zaco

    heard that from a madrid supporting friend, would rather take that than to allow myself be killed by the boredom that we have been served by arsene and gazidis all summer

  9. Paulinho

    Wenger also apparently looking to tie up Ivan Gazidis to a bed post to thwart our chief executive’s attempts to tie up transfers.

  10. Danny the dog

    Didn’t pedro Gush over our options post Chelsea?
    Didnt all of you?
    Has the squad all of a sudden become a bad squad in 4 games?
    Coq and bellerin will play a full season as opposed to a half
    We have Gabriel waiting to become a first team member
    Walcott available

    And a 10-15 points a season gk…..
    This team is far superior to the one that started last season.
    Chelsea have regressed majorly and we have improved.
    OG is not in our team only to score goals. Our game is more than that
    The likes of ozil Sanchez ox and Ramsey now have to do their bit
    It isn’t all down to re striker any more
    Football has changed and goals are now shared around the team rather than relying on 30 goal a season strikers
    The clamour on these pages is embarrassing

  11. Dissenter

    Isco is 5′ 9″ and weighs 163 pounds. He is the typical Wenger signing.

    Gary Neville will be laughing his behind off.

    Sadly, we do not need him, which is why it might yet happen.

    Excellent player, but he wont fit into the round hole we have available.

  12. Shubham

    I have a feeling, we’ll be pleasantly surprised tomorrow. Hoping against hope though. No way can we go into the season with only Cech as our signing. At least 2 players will come in. Fingers crossed

  13. SRG#FreeN5

    Pfffft been waiting for my Le Grove t-shirt for ages. …. don’t hold your breath. SRG.

    So it is like Arsenal transfers .

    We should be better than Arsene.

  14. Cesc Appeal

    ‘What happens to Jack?’

    Keeps the treatment table warm. Hard job, someone has to do it, well worth £90 000 a week that.

    Seriously though, pointless player, adds little to anything to our game even when fit.

  15. Marko

    Isco like Gotze walks into our team. Pick anyone bar Ozil and Sanchez and he replaces them. Hilarious though it still doesn’t solve our striker DM issues.

  16. qna

    Dissenter: Thanks Sal, I did not realize that Real can still sell till tomorrow

    Wenger has been ropa-doping all summer. He is like Ali on the ropes waiting for the others to punch out. Today all of Europe will punch out. United surely punched out with Martial. City with KDB. Spurs, Liverpool also punched out. Only Chelsea left in the ring tomorrow. And so it begins a huge £120m shopping spree….


  17. Cesc Appeal

    We won’t give the money they want, even if the rumour is true, our transfer ‘strategy’ has unravelled as it always does into ‘bargain buckshot.’

    Throw enough s**t at the wall and see what sticks.

    Wenger will complain he wanted to see what was doing late on but that ‘artificial’ prices mean he will not enter the market, sycophants will lap it up and there you go.

    I don’t mind this failed window, because we will get UCL next year (for what it’s worth,) just as long as this is Wenger’s last year because really, enough is enough now.

  18. Marko

    It’s a bullshit rumour though. If we’re led to believe we’ll be signing Cavani or Higuain and Sergi Sempar and Juan Fernandez (whoever he is)

  19. salparadisenyc

    Oddly if you look up impotent in the good book its says, “Or Wengerized”

    Float like a butterfly sting like a …. erm parrot.

  20. carts

    Isco – top player, (potentially) the wrong kind of signing we actually need. We’re overstocked on shite as well.

    Or is Isco going to play up top. Another midget

  21. Relieable Sauce

    Not saying Isco doesnt improve us but it doesnt solve the CM-DM problem, or our lack of goals.
    So obvious there is no clear plan or strategy from those running the club.

  22. qna

    Should have let rosicky go when he was fit and begging to be relseased and made a plan to sign Isco, Goetze or Fekir. Stuck with an injured old man on £85k/wk.

    If we werent going to 100% add a striker should have focussed on upgrading and replacing surplus to requirement aging and injury prone Arteta, Rosicky, Flamini and Gibbs. Isco perfect for Rosicky.

  23. salparadisenyc

    The rumor is our crackpot team is trying to pull 2x deals, neither would go through until tomorrow.

    Read this tid bit: Arsenal have so far cleared up £320k/w from their wage bill this summer. (Loans + transfers).

    Mr. Reus how you feel about making 275k per week?

    Isco slot rather nicely onto our right side imo.

  24. WengerEagle

    Isco is like Cesc, Hleb and Rosicky all rolled into one player.

    He’s exactly the kind of player we need, have people forgotten how we are always dominated against any half-decent side in midfield and can’t hold onto the ball to save our lives?

  25. tunnygriffboy

    Isco is a top player. The wide playmaker Wenger loves. Very versatile as well.


    Can Walnut, Welbeck and Giroud score us the goals to win the league ?

    In a word , yes. However it relies on a number of ifs and perhapses 🙂 🙂

    Giroud needs to have a long purple patch like he did coming backnfrom injury last season. Walnut needs to stay fit and have a season like the one when he scored 20 goals and a bagful of assists. Welbeck needs to show his England finishes.

    Apart from that it’s a piece of p.iss 🙂 🙂

  26. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    I said earlier in the window that if we cannot, or it doesn’t look likely we can land a WC ST we should have bought a second tier ST, like a Dzeko, Martinez, Aubameyang what have you and then a wide dribbler/play maker, I always say Gotze in that instance but would happily have Isco as well.

    We could have been so much smarter this summer, shifted Wilshere and Walcott on for £50-55 Million, useless players anyway so what we’re gaining in cash far exceeds what we’re losing in talent, gone out and got a Schniederlin, then either a WC signing like Reus, or a ST like Dzeko/Aubameyang etc and a wide play maker and have spent £20-30 Million or something.

    Still have plenty of money left to get stuck in if an opportunity comes up late on.

    I’m not saying we need to sell to buy either, just saying, you can be very smart in the window and flog for English premium and then buy better for less, or marginally more overall.

  27. NewCoArsenal PLC

    It amazes me that there is so much acceptance of Arsenal’s set up from the media, and why they don’t put Wenger under the spotlight.
    The elite clubs are racing away from us, and Wenger feels no urgency or desire to try and catch them.
    I’m praying for Ancelotti and a root and branch shake-up at the club, and whilst I’ll never wish death on anyone, I think ill-health will be the only way Wenger leaves, so I’m praying for that too.
    Someone from the Board needs to communicate with fans to explain this farcical situation and why they have allowed this piss-poor manager to turn us into a laughing-stock.
    The whole future of the club is at stake and if the right decisions aren’t made quickly, Arsenal will become irrelevant. We’re almost there already.

  28. Marko

    Agree WE. Isco is absolutely class. Ball retention, skills and capable of scoring a few. Fantastic player (and don’t tell Madrid but if DeBruyne is worth 54 million…)

    The rumor is our crackpot team is trying to pull 2x deals, neither would go through until tomorrow.

    Sal you seem like a smart fellow always pretty insightful. Who you thinking? Real or shit? Who’s your gut saying

  29. Relieable Sauce

    Shame we have to sacrifice yet another season waiting for the penny to drop with the AKBs.
    May as well right off next season as well if we are not adding quality players. We may need 5 or more players to challenge next year.

  30. reality check

    Wenger struggles to fit all his players in at the best of times, so who will wenger drop for Isco?

    The right:
    The Ox

    The Left:

    In some form or another these players have played Left/Right at some point.

    Isco means he will take one of these players game time.. One way or another.

  31. carts


    The rosicky deal baffles me till this day. Barely featured all season, even when fit wasn’t even on the bench ffs. But I know what we’ll do, give him another year deal for nothing fucking reason whatsoever!

    How we didn’t get rid of Arteta and flamini and scoop up Cabaye for the same price we bought Arteta for several seasons ago is wild

  32. warchester

    isco is another wilshire but with the soft first touch without the injuries. unless golden boy is a certified diaby…wenger will have him replacing ozil while playing him on the wing in the meantime

  33. Thank you and goodnight

    Because by keeping flamini, rosicky and arteta means he doesn’t need to spend any money on replacements.

  34. Honest Bill

    Danish Gooner.

    There will be many such fabrications over the next 24 hrs. People want to believe them so much that they will do so regardless. You might as well just let everyone have their fantasies.

  35. reality check

    Can’t wait to hear what Gazidis makes of all of this. Mingles with fans these days, if its another KK moment, hope he calls it how it is.

    “What happen? Er.. i dunno mate Ask Wenger.”

  36. TitsMcGee

    Isco doesn’t help us IMO.

    Sure he’s a good player but he’s not a DM or a CF. It just ends up being an addition to a crowded midfield.

  37. WengerEagle

    £29 million+Keylor Navas for De Gea a done deal according to Ballague.

    Great deal for United if true considering De Gea would have walked for nothing next summer.

  38. WengerEagle


    A crowded midfield that are incapable of getting out of our defensive third against players of the calibe of Bentaleb and Mason.

    We badly need a striker as well, of course.

  39. salparadisenyc


    I remember having a conversation with Cesc Appeal post FA cup.
    Said I could very easily see Wenger sign nobody, Cech included. Wenger seems to put more stock in the overall spirit/harmony of the squad opposed to adding genuine quality.

    Obviously a mix is required to achieve the peaks.

    Wenger’s worst attribute is switching gears on and off the pitch. Rarely is there a back up plan. After all Benz, Lewa and Cavani were never really realistic targets. Yet were still looking at Giroud at first choice and a Coq / Santi partnership. Thats quite poor considering.

    A Gotze, Isco signing has Wenger written all over with our need being a physical MF and a #9. Don’t really give either a chance at this stage, a week ago maybe.
    Hard to see anyone of note coming in, which makes the whole “quality” tag comedic.

    As Cesc said, Wenger should receive the master of bantz tag or #Masterbanztor

  40. WengerEagle


    English transfer window shuts at 6pm tomorrow.

    Allof the European transfer windows are closing tonight though hence the scrambling.

    Bundesliga window is already shut.

  41. salparadisenyc

    So lets have a look at United playerhall this summer.



    Di Maria
    De Gea

    That will make ur head spin.

  42. Thank you and goodnight

    He’s probably only in France to pick up cheap duty free, lol,while everyone is expecting signings, the only thing wenger is coming back with is a bottle of chateaunuef du pape.

  43. TitsMcGee

    Dea Gea to Madrid.

    “Nobody is available”


    This after LVG was adamant that he wouldn’t be sold. Shows you how much persistence gets you.

    Also, if that really is Wenger, funny how he gets the hell out of dodge the last two TW’s isn’t it?

    Probably on some useless TV pundit trip.

  44. Marko

    Not to worry lads we can still be able to sign Stephen Appiah outside of the window. That’s how badly Wenger refuses to address the DM issues. We were linked to midfielders who’ve no club what 2 summer’s in a row

  45. WengerEagle

    Would be surprised if United don’t bring in another striker.

    Rooney is literally their only out and out striker unless he plans on using Martial as a lone CF if Rooney gets injured.

  46. salparadisenyc

    Incredible were staring at another loan out of Joel Campbell with Rennes trying to seal a last minute deal.

    Metaphor for much there.

  47. Marko

    Amazing. But honestly are United better off than last season? Depay for DiMaria? Van Persie replaced by Martial? Upgraded their midfield sure but attack wise and defence are they better considering how much they’ve spent? Not for me in the slightest. Probably a Hummels and striker away from being scary opposition

  48. Bobpatdentel

    Great blog Pedro. Just to know that I’m not alone in thinking that our club is being mismanaged by Wenger dulls the pain somewhat

  49. Sam

    I never liked Rabiot n his troublesome mom
    But this time there is no choice, just like we had to put up with Welbeck
    Desperate last minute signings

  50. Thank you and goodnight


    Seeing as revvin is no longer with us allow me to step into his role.. …..

    My wife who’s half Ghanaian ,quarter scouse, quarter Welsh has followed appiah his entire career and she’s wanted us to sign him for years. Brilliant signing by wenger

  51. TitsMcGee

    Amazing. But honestly are United better off than last season? Depay for DiMaria? Van Persie replaced by Martial? Upgraded their midfield sure but attack wise and defence are they better considering how much they’ve spent? Not for me in the slightest. Probably a Hummels and striker away from being scary opposition”

    Got to give them props for trying though.

    Not just sitting back and hoping on cohesion and good spirit.

  52. Sam


    French sarcarms dude,
    Giroud knows we are not signing him so he’s going along with the fans demand

  53. Marko

    True tits but they’re still an imitation of their old selves for me.

    Also I don’t want Rabiot. Honestly this desperate we should just go as is and let the prick die by his own sword. Out of the title race by November, struggling to get second place in the champions league group stage and then listen to the piss poor excuses

  54. Arsene's Nurse

    Thank you and goodnight
    August 31, 2015 17:40:46

    He’s probably only in France to pick up cheap duty free, lol,while everyone is expecting signings, the only thing wenger is coming back with is a bottle of chateaunuef du pape.
    If he spends on wine like he spends in the transfer market it will be a bottle of Blue Nun at chez Wenger.

  55. TitsMcGee

    WE, yes but isn’t ISCO a bit samey for us at this point?

    To me he’d be more or a “throw the fans a bone” kind of deal rather than somebody that legit helps us up or down.

  56. Thank you and goodnight

    @Arsene’s Nurse

    ha ha ha ha. Do you reckon dinner parties around his he does the Mr Bean trick of mixing vinegar with water and passing it off as wine 😀

  57. Arsene's Nurse

    I’m surprised Wenger isn’t the face of Iceland TYAGN. His dinner parties will have all those cheap canapés they sell for a quid a box.

  58. S Asoa

    Spot on
    WENGER at home watching TV and doing fuck all
    Even if he gets decent bodies so late taking time for them to adapt to the rest of the team
    ..utter negligence

  59. Sam

    Yes Redtruth,

    we are weaker than last season for 3 reasons:
    -We sold players n didn’t replace them especially Podolski
    -Most of our midfielders are ageing including Cazorla, Arteta, Rosicky n Flamini. requiring serious upgrade n nothing is done.
    -We sent too many players on loan 2 or 3 could have been kept here as squad players( Gnabry, Wellington and or Apkom.

    I am wondering how we will keep up till december n already suffering injuries.

  60. Wallace


    “If UTD actually sell De Gea it further shiiites all over the notion that “nobody is available”. UTD have said time and time again De Gea won’t be sold. Would just show you that anything can be done if you are persistent enough.”

    c’mon, tits, don’t be a simpleton. you really suggesting the biggest club in the world flirting with their country’s best goalkeeper who happens to be entering the final year of his contract is evidence of a club who just will not take no for an answer? rather than a club who know they hold all the aces?

  61. Marko

    Fans profess to love the club but do nothing but moan.

    That’s you to a tee Red minus the love part. You literally contribute nothing to the human race

  62. izzo

    Keylor Navas is quality keeper he was awesome in the world cup but didnt get games at real madrid. think man utd got themselves a good deal although their defense is rubbish so dont think he can save them enough points.

  63. TitsMcGee

    c’mon, tits, don’t be a simpleton. you really suggesting the biggest club in the world flirting with their country’s best goalkeeper who happens to be entering the final year of his contract is evidence of a club who just will not take no for an answer? rather than a club who know they hold all the aces?”

    You are a Wenger sycophant but are calling people Simpletons?



    It’s also funny that it blows your moronic excuse out of the water that “nobody is available” or “who can we buy?” doesn’t it?

    Persistence gets you your man.

    City got De Bruyne and don’t be surprised if Chelsea get Stones. Only “simpletons” swallow a man’s excuses without question.

  64. vicky

    Wenger is terrible but LVG is a joke.

    He does not get any points for trying. I mean how can you just burn 250m cash and not improve your team one bit and yet get a thumbs up for trying ? He is a lunatic. Absolute lunatic. Words fail me to describe his utter idiocy. Even LG posters would have had used 250m better. This is failure of gigantic proportion.

  65. NewCoArsenal PLC

    @ CBBH

    Would you say Arsenal are on their level, commercially, or in terms on-field success?
    All of the ‘elite’ clubs have won the CL in the last 10 years. Even Liverpool. Arsenal haven’t, yet they’re the fifth richest club in the world.
    And apart from Arsenal, they’ve all won their respective leagues.
    So if you’re a young kid looking around for a football club to support in this generation, would you choose Arsenal, knowing that your Man Utd/City, Chelsea supporting mates will all laugh at you because of the legacy that Wenger is creating, where we don’t want to compete?
    Arsenal, and in particular football is massively conning the public who pay stupid prices to be served up this sycophantic circus.
    The point of a football club’s existence is to want to be the best, and spend every moment trying to achieve that. There’s so many clubs in this country alone that aren’t doing that, Arsenal are the highest profile club not trying, which is why the club’s fan-base are confused about their direction.
    Surely you understand this?

  66. Goondawg

    The real simpletons are the people who think buying a keeper is enough to make us title challengers. 11m spent in one transfer window is a fucking joke

  67. Thank you and goodnight

    Probably the only reason we got Cech is because wenger misunderstood Cech’s agent. All wenger heard was “would you like a 11 million cech” all wenger saw were pound signs.

  68. Wallace


    “Persistence gets you your man.”

    of course it does, when you know that man is desperate to join you, and is almost certainly sulking like a motherf*cker behind the scenes at old trafford.

    or are you suggesting Madrid had no inkling as to de Gea’s frame of mind this past few months?

  69. TitsMcGee

    Apparently he was flying business class, and just as they landed the curtains were opened.”

    If that is even Wenger.

  70. Thank you and goodnight


    Business class…..quite apt for wenger seeing as they treat club as a business as opposed to a football club.

  71. Sam

    Maybe Business class was full n Arsene Wenger couldn’t wait for the next flight

    Or maybe He was in Business class but came down quickly when the plane was landing as he’s in a hurry to wrap up last minute deals.

    There must be a reason why he was spotted in economic class, not economic reason for sure.

  72. Majestic gooner

    Wenger saving money to the last . Travelling economy class. We need to re-write the arsenal history books, all praise for us being successful should go to David dein and not wenger, without dein we would not have signed any of those players we did. It’s now as clear as daylight, he has been exposed this transfer window as the cheapskate ditherer he is.

  73. TitsMcGee

    of course it does, when you know that man is desperate to join you, and is almost certainly sulking like a motherf*cker behind the scenes at old trafford.”

    lol more excuses.

    What about City and De Bruyne?

    What will you excuse be if Chelsea get Stones after Everton have been saying no?

    More of the same excuses or will you finally admit you were wrong?

    Open your damn eyes.

  74. jwl

    All unhappy supporters, just convince yourself klopp (or whoever you fancy really) will arrive next summer after Wenger retires one year early. I have been mostly not bothered by summer because I am all in on my theory wenger will retire next may and klopp will arrive and spend lots of money to buy some actual top quality players.

    Wenger is semi retired, living out his senior years at colney, but this can’t go on indefinitely because Arsenal elite club, supporters and sponsors pay top dollar at emirates to watch champion team, puma has shirts to sell, and Wenger doesn’t care about any of that.

    Gazidis must have enormous pressure from important people wondering when Wenger going to pull finger out. Arsenal supposed to be kicking on to next level now, last summer and this was supposed to end decade of not spending.

  75. Marko

    Do France have an international game soon IN Paris? Then there’s your answer he’s doing his shtick punditry

  76. tunnygriffboy

    But, but, but, but but but, but, but ………….. what if those 2x deals come off and the players are of proper quality and give us something we need. Wenger would have trolled us proper good 🙂 🙂 🙂

    Kicking off on Collymore re panic transfers.

    What is point of academies ?

    What happens to Wilson and Januzaj now that £36 million, rising to way much more, 19 year old brought in from France having scored 8 goals ?

    Man u fans disgusted, £300 million LVG has spent, how much have they improved ?

    Does any other business work with these sorts of numbers and spend it in the way football clubs do? Blind panic, paying well over the odds for young men/boys after they have done very little in their careers.

    I know it’s the market rate and it’s what you need to pay but does anyone else find the whole thing distasteful ?

    3 weeks ago Martial was offered to Spurs for £15 million. Also man u refused to pay an extra £3 million pounds for Pedro. Even if they had paid the £3 million extra Pedro would have been £12 million cheaper than Martial ! ! ! ! ! ( thats before add ons)

    £300 million Van Gaal has spent. Compare united’s buys to City’s.

    Anyway, football is eating itself. F.uck em all. COYGs.

    Klausf Allofs, Wolfsburg sporting director ( Wolfsburg backed by VW ) said the wages offered to DeBruyne were astronomical and said not even they could justify it.

  77. TitsMcGee

    Do France have an international game soon IN Paris? Then there’s your answer he’s doing his shtick punditry”

    Beat ya lol

    TitsMcGeeAugust 31, 2015 17:41:46

  78. tunnygriffboy


    Above post was a reply to you 🙂 🙂


    How are you coping with all the madness ? Everything, everyone has gone beserk. It’s loony tuneys time everywhere 🙂 🙂 🙂

  79. Cech's Big Black Helmet


    Maybe you should understand the reality of our situation and where we actually sit in the food chain.

    Fans complaining we’re not run to their satisfaction should maybe put the laptop down and do something about it.

  80. Redtruth


    Bless you, we’ve spoke often about how Messi can’t replicate his club form for his country.

    Messi is a good player but world class no not for me

  81. Marko

    MarkoHe’s not doing his punditry anymore, they got tired of his 2 sentences a game !

    When will we get tired of him

  82. Cesc Appeal


    But again, as useless as they both are to us, we’ve got a day left and the talk is of Flamini, Campbell and then rather more unrealistically Monreal leaving.

    What is going on at this club?

    Our behaviour has been strange to say the least, though negligent would be more like it.