Arsenal problems obvious as the door creaks to a close 🚪😩

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The lineup changed a little, initially, my excitement was geared around Wenger rotating. He moved Aaron into the hole, brought Theo in through the middle and added Chambo out wide.

That excitement was tempered by a slight Ozil injury, that knowing Arsenal will be the worst injury that is possible to happen to a human without dying.

‘His knee is a little bit not there. We will see after the international break’

Anyway, it was quite noticeable without Ozil in that hole. The passing was off key and our play disjointed. It was weird to watch us dominate in such a clunky way. Theo had a couple of sitters, one from a volleyed one two with Bellerin that he couldn’t dink over the keeper. The second was a spilled long range effort he spooned over with his right from about a yard.

Newcastle and their ‘rough em’ up’ tactics were shot down straight away. Aitkens was pretty hot on bad behaviour. He let Thauvin off a reckless clash with Bellerin which was a nailed on penalty. He made amends when he rightfully sent off the slightly retarded Mitrovic for dragging his boot down the shin of Coquelin in a very dim challenge I’m sure he felt would earn him dickhead applause from the Geordie faithful.

That, incidentally, made life harder for us. As it always does. Newcastle, fans behind them for once (it’s early doors, give it three games), banked two rows of men in front of the boys.

Theo Walcott can’t play against a deep backline. We tried to thread our way through but didn’t have much to show for it at half time.

Wenger brought on Giroud in the second half. But it was Chamberlain who sparked the opener when he smashed a ball in off Coloccini. You can’t say  it wasn’t deserved, but we did half make hard work of it.

I was hoping that Giroud might have a bit of menace about him trying to prove the boss wrong for dropping him. He missed two sitters as well. Not a good day for the strikers, but three points when those who will be around us at the end of the year fluffed their lines!


Ozil: We miss him when he’s not there. Ramsey plays his role like the Ljungberg of number 10s. His runs were hard to track and he was a nuisance all day. It took a while for him to settle, but it couldn’t be clearer that his future is not out on the right. We missed the deftness and vision of the German, he really is going to be key to our future this season. Let’s hope he’s ok when he comes back.

Strikers: I can’t stress enough how sorry it is that we’re going into another season without a decent striker. I don’t want to bitch, but let’s not pretend this is a new issue. We’ve not replaced Robin. Plenty have moved since then. How stupid does that £40m and £1 bid for Suarez look now? How stupid were we for not going back in for him at £50m? We could have had the Hig, but we baulked on £30m. There are plenty of names that have moved.

What’s frightening for me is that we didn’t have a back up. I can’t believe that the only route to market this summer was the fingers crossed hope that Benzema might move? He started for Madrid last night, incidentally. Where was the plan b? Where was the plan C? Why have we held out until the end of the summer in this?

Theo for me is being given that striking role because, you know, he’s moaned about wanting it for ten years. He’s not dynamic enough there. He’s 26 years old. Is it really just going to drop for him? Same with Giroud, at 29, why are we thinking it might come good for him? If you’re not world class by that age, you never will be.

Defensive Midfielder: Can’t keep saying it, but I will. If we lose Coquelin out the side, we’re in big trouble. He allows us to press, he covers huge amounts of ground at pace and he’s getting better and better. We need competition. Maybe a more cultured ball player, but we need someone who can help out when the legs tire. Again, this is an issue we’ve not addressed maturely since Alex Song left. Coquelin was a happy accident. Why Wenger doesn’t see his importance and the need for two of him is a mystery.

Players: I always bang on about the psychology of signing players. It’s something people forget. The players know they are short. They’ll talk about it and it won’t be positive. They all wanted a striker, we’ve not moved for one. They all know Arteta isn’t capable and that Flamini isn’t good enough. You can’t be putting those doubts in players heads, because it affects belief. I just don’t understand why Wenger doesn’t get this. I don’t get why no one tells him? It’s crazy.

Clunky: I think we’ve had a bad opening to the season, but not as bad as the Chelsea one. We need to come back, find our flow and start chalking off points under the radar. No dramas in September. We need to land into October at least in the chasing pack. This season needs to be different.

Onwards and upwards. Have a blinder!

P.S. If you’re American, and there’s anything seriously cool happening in your country (music, art, culture, food, some cool nature shit) in the next three months that I need to know about, let me know.

P.P.S If you’re into music and you love Everything Everything, good news is they’re gooners, so we might do something with them. THAT IS COOL.


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    Only thing is Kike Marin tonight saying Wenger’s interested in Higuain again. Some talks of a £32m bid rejected for Icardi but that’s probably bollocks.


    Things can change quickly in football, Robben was the biggest bottler of 2012 but redeemed himself the following year.

    Wenger, sadly, is not the manager to inspire confidence in a player anymore, but if we get a goalscorer and start playing good attacking football again (which we haven’t really since Giroud), who knows.

  3. BillikenGooner

    I have a feeling Arsene and his main supporters on the intraweb will use Chelsea and United’s poor starts to cover for Arsenals. Sad, really. We could have been joining City in taking advantage of this, but we are mired in the same start.

    I have a feeling City will win the league by 12+ points. We will be squeeking 3rd/4th as usual.

  4. Dusty Kart

    I’ve never rated Higuain to be honest but anythings gotta be better than what we have on offer at the moment.

  5. salparadisenyc


    Only dude reporting Icardi is the same one whom said Benz was in and the jet was fueled. May of well as been Tancredi.

    If Di Marzo, Horncastle or Marcotti chime in i’ll listen regarding Italy.

  6. salparadisenyc


    United seem insistent on splashing some serious cash in the next 48 hrs.
    Marca report they’ve bid for Bale again with De Gea involved. Talking massive numbers.

  7. afcmacca

    Listen Kids………..

    These past 10 years have been hell but look at some of the terrible squads Arsene has continually managed to still finish in top 4 with

    I’ll tell you exactly what percentage there is of us finishing in the top 4! = 100%
    Unless Wenger works a transfer miracle in the next 2 days i will be fcuked off too

    BUT this is still the best Arsenal squad in the last 10 years
    If you genuinely think we will finish outside the top4 then you are deluded

    Sadly we need a clinical striker to have any chance of the title
    but top 3 is almost nailed this year

  8. luke

    Honestly watching this team is starting to remind me a lot of the 2009-2011 years specifically when both Cesc and Rvp were injured, except we are arguably a bit tighter at the back now. The midfield looks clueless in the final third as Cesc isnt there to provide the killer pass, and Chamakh 2.0 aka Giroud is up front. We dilly dally around the box until we lose possession and always look there for the taking on the counter. Must be said though, Alexis, Cech are much needed imrpovements and Laurent/Gabriel looks like it would work as a CB pairing if only we had some height and aerial ability in other areas of the pitch.

  9. Marko

    Heard 50 million euros for Martial. Great prospect and it might be wise to get in while there’s a bit of a striker shortage out there but god damn 50 million? The market is ridiculous

  10. steve

    Follow the moneyAugust 30, 2015 22:23:51
    Hive mind. Not give. Higuain is crap btw


    …and better than Giroud.

  11. Marko

    Sal I dunno if I believe the Icardi stuff but I was suggesting the last few days why not try for him cause he looks good and was joint top scorer in Italy last season but it was mostly cause they had brought in Jovetic and now Perisic and possibly Lamela and Borini too so it could be possible to do. Considering

  12. salparadisenyc


    Certainly a good shout, Icardi.

    To be fair Inter seem to be on the ascencion and Icardi’s one of the prime reasons.
    Hard to see them cave on deadline day after a summer of investment.

    Not to mention we royally fucked Mancini with an impotent Podolski loan.

  13. Marko

    Not quite sure inter are on the up just yet but they gotta keep the books balanced. Leaving them with Palacio, Perisic, Jovetic and possibly Lamela and Borini is hardly crippling up top

  14. Cesc Appeal


    Will be interesting, they have the finances and they have the ambition, but not the right manager in my opinion.

    We will see though, have a feeling these deadline days will centre around them and Chelsea.

  15. Cesc Appeal

    ‘Dzeko, Jovetic and Jackson Martinez all scored yesterday… No Players Available ? Err they all moved this summer….’

    None of them would have improved on own goal…I mean Olivier Giroud 😉

  16. daz

    “Dzeko, Jovetic and Jackson Martinez all scored yesterday… No Players Available ? Err they all moved this summer….”

    True but alot of people were turning their nose up at them until now it’s to late

  17. Cesc Appeal

    Most of the people turning their noses up were the ‘Giroud is good enough and I think Walcott will bang in 20 goals this year’ crowd.

    Dzeko was the real miss for me, £15 Million, for a club like Arsenal it’s no gamble at all, he will get you goals. Him or Mandzukic at £13 Million, you then still have a load of money in your budget to pursue a top level target but you’ve already covered your bases if you just can’t pull it off.

    It really is simple. Would you rather Dzeko/Mandzukic competing with Giroud for our starting ST role, or Walcott…that really is the question.

  18. WengerEagle

    Inter have sold Kovacic (€35 million), Shaqiri (€17 million), Taider (€4 million), Kuzmanovic (€2 million), Obi (€2.4 million), Benassi (€3.5 million), Crisetig (€1.8 million), Krhin (€1.3 million) and Botta (€2.7 million) for roughly €69 million total so they don’t need to cash in on Icardi just yet.

    They’ve bought Kondogbia (€28 million) and Murillo (€8 million) and have loaned Jovetic (€3 million loan fee), Miranda (€3 million loan fee) and Montoya (€1 million loan fee).

    Which adds up to roughly €43 million.

    Which would mean they could spend another €26 million just to break even.

    In other words, Icardi won’t be sold.

  19. WengerEagle

    Looks like his penalty miss, 5 yard sitter miss and his general awful display vs Brugge midweek was the last straw for LVG, Hernandez is being sold to Bayer Leverkusen.

    Most Mancs have mixed feelings on the chap, started so well for them under Fergie but lost his way when Fergie retired and Moyseh took over.

    I’ve always thought that he’s a very good finisher but contributes nothing else (like Theo) tbh. Unlucky not to have been playing 10 years ago when teams got away with playing an Inzaghi type of poacher striker.

  20. Marko

    They bought Miranda no? Still more to do with how are they fitting Icardi, Jovetic, Perisic, Palacio, Brozovic, and Lamela and Borini into 3 spots. Also an Italian club who doesn’t sell? Unheard of in this day and age.

    CA I don’t think we missed out really on Dzeko and absolutely wouldn’t touch Mandzukic in the slightest. But I wanted Jackson Martinez and early in the window him or Dybala would of been perfect.

  21. Cesc Appeal



    Hernandez is one of those who’s a goal threat, and like Walcott you want him for specific moments in a game, but he doesn’t bring enough to warrant a start or prolonged periods on the pitch.

  22. TheBayingMob

    Pedro’s post picture of the view from the away end reminds me of my one trips to St James’s Park, and, reminds also why I vowed that day that I would never go back. Your so high in the sky you completely detached from the game, the surprise were that there were so many home fans up there too. It was a dreadful experience. Terrible game as well, we needed a point to ensure CL football and go that point via a 0-0 draw (little did I know that back in 2001 this would become the hallmark of Wenger’s reign, doing just enough to get in the CL). The home fans were quiet and pathetic, in fact the experience for the away fan is so poor I’m not sure why anyone bothers to even go there anymore to be honest …

  23. WengerEagle

    I watched Roma-Juventus today.

    Mandzukic was invisible, poor first touch too.

    Dzeko took his goal well (header) but missed a couple of good chances and didn’t look very good on the ball in posession.

    Dybala was very tidy albeit quiet, took his goal well too.

    I’ll tell you what though, Salah was by far Roma’s most impressive attacker, can’t for the life of me figure out why Mourinho doesn’t rate him. Took Fiorentina by storm from Janaury to May as well.

    He’s already better than Willian and I like Willian.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    I disagree, I think Dzeko would just have been a smart purchase, been competing with Aguero, Negredo, Jovetic and Bony over the past few seasons but is a solid ST on knows the EPL.

    For £15 Million as well. You could sell Campbell and get half of that back almost! What you call a no-brainer.

    Everyone would have liked Benzema or Lewandowski, of course, but I said right at the start of the summer, if it’s a ‘well fingers crossed and see’ type job then we should have just moved for a solid ST option like Martinez or Dzeko and then pursued a ‘marquee’ signing in a different forward area, like Reus, or Gotze or similar, maybe even a big move for a CM instead.

    Our transfer policy is baffling especially when you consider Wenger has allegedly moved for ST’s like Higuain and Suarez in recent years and was unable to do a deal…so putting all your eggs in one big ST basket was always stupid. But then we don’t learn from history in anyway at this club.

    But then look at how some our fans were speaking over the summer, Giroud keeps getting better and can rotate with Walcott to stay fresh who himself will get 20 goals…we had people asking what odds they could get on Walcott netting 20 EPL goals.

    So as fans we don’t learn either.

  25. WengerEagle

    ‘They bought Miranda no? Still more to do with how are they fitting Icardi, Jovetic, Perisic, Palacio, Brozovic, and Lamela and Borini into 3 spots.’

    Palacio is on the way out, he’s 33 and has been declining for over a year now, squad player.

    Brozovic is still very young and is on loan, also hasn’t played all that well.

    Lamela is just paper talk, would be very surprised were it to happen, also there is now talk of £18 million + Lamela on loan for Southampton for Wanyama.

    I’d be absoloutely amazed if Mancini wanted to buy Borini after managing strikers such as Aguero, Tevez, Dzeko, Balotelli (when he was good), Icardi and now Jovetic.

    Borini is mid-table BPL quality at best. (Being kind)

  26. Marko

    Just took a shit on the possibility of us signing Icardi. Fine didn’t want him anyway. Happy with the piss poor Walcott and Giroud I am

  27. WengerEagle


    Yeah £18 million with Lamela softening the blow on loan would be a decent deal for them, they could probably drive the price up to £25 million though considering they paid £12 million for him in the first place. He’s also quite young.

    Not sure who Koeman would have in mind.

  28. Midzed

    Here’s a thought, as much as I love santi cazorla. How good would it be if Isco was still left in the cold, that we could go for him and make him our very own David Silva..

  29. WengerEagle


    I’d forgive Wenger for making us suffer watching Chamakh, Denilson and Bendtner if he snagged Isco.

    Will never happen though, anyone can see that he’s destined for the top.

  30. Follow the money

    The AKB Office for Statistics dept is going in to overdrive today! As usual, the seasonally adjusted figures which take in to account calendar years and bent referees, once again prove that arsenal are in fact the best team in the country. I await the reissued statement as to why it is legally impossible to sign a striker that all the fools on here are crying about, without first deporting 3 home grown players or loaning out 2 youth players or whatever the boring excuse is. (From online gooner– lol)

  31. Bamford10

    Anthony Martial looks pretty dirty actually. Not sure he’ll be worth the outrageous fee United may pay, but looks a player.

  32. tunnygriffboy

    So it seems to be that the way to play is now to park the bus and let your one or two quality forwards break and try and score on the counter. It’s happeening a lot. Mourinho’s tactics are being seen all through the league. Tish !

    Many teams are doing this. However it relies on o e team to attack and try to break it down in order for it to work. It will get to the stage where both sides will do it and we’ll end up with stalemate. Very sad if this becomes the norm.

  33. Evan

    Aaron Ramsey claims it is too soon for the likes of Neville to judge them and insists that time will be after their 10th Premier League game against Everton at the Emirates on October 24.

    Careful Aaron, its Judge us in May, Arsene will be angry

  34. Wallace

    I’ll be disappointed if Utd get Martial. crazy price for a 19yr old, but outside of Dybala he’s the only young striker who looks like he’s got something extra. Monaco, too…surely Wenger’s considered him…

  35. tunnygriffboy

    Well City spend £60 million on DeBruyne. Thats £160 million worth of talent added to an already super squad. Everyone is now playing for 2nd place this season

    If man city don’t do anything in Europe and fail to win the PL then they’ve failed massively

    Martial 19 and looking at a £ 30 million pound fee. Bright talent but how many games did he play last season and how many goals did he score ? Size of these transfers are ridiculous tbh.

    I’m really frustrated we haven’t bought what we needed but no one can compete with that spending. I like PellegrinI but if they win the league does it make him a great manager ?

  36. Leedsgunner

    After selling us the waste of space that is Park — Monaco owes us one. Lol. Why don’t they let us have Martial for £10m plus Joel Campbell and we can consider everything forgiven and settled.

  37. Wallace


    i’ve lobbed Martial’s name into the ring a few times. he’s not there yet, but you can see the potential. i’d rather go big on someone like him, than on the tired old names that get mentioned on here on a daily basis.

    i like Pellegrini. everyone thought he’d be a lame duck this season. Guardiola’s seat warmer, but it looks like he’s got everyone motivated again, which suggests he’s got a lot more about him than most on here think. and plus, it’ll annoy gambon having to use City as the stick to beat Arsenal with. think he’d much rather it was Chelsea or Utd 🙂

  38. Leedsgunner

    “I’m really frustrated we haven’t bought what we needed but no one can compete with that spending.”

    Wasn’t the whole point of the move to the Emirates sold to us on the fact that we would be competing with the best?

    Besides that even without the stadium we have not one but two billionaires on the board, the problem is the billionaire who holds the controlling shares sees our club as as cash cow rather than as a sports team. He needs to go and give control to people who want to invest in the team.

    In the interim it’s well known we are cash rich. The manager needs to address the weaknesses in his squad rather than just say we can’t compete. If he doesn’t know how he too needs to step aside.

    Simeone competes against Barça and Real Madrid and wins why can’t Wenger?

    Tuchel competes against Bayern and does it well why can’t Wenger?

    You don’t hear them moaning. They just get on with the job.

    To say we can’t compete is just lame and untrue.

    If Wenger doesn’t want to spend, fine. However spare us all the “nobody knows the troubles I’ve seen” routine along with the “Aren’t I good, I tried to sign XXXX”

  39. tunnygriffboy


    Crikey I wish I never mentioned it

    Do you think anyone in the PL including Chelsea or Man u will beat City to the title this season ?

    My point was that City have already got a super squad, even though it’s perhaps aging and they’ve added £150 million of top talent to it.

    Yes the stadium was built to gain extra funds but not to the extent that City , man u are spending

    We have a billionaire owner who hasn’t put a penny into player purchase

    Tuchel is a highly rated young manager but he’s only been in charge of Dortmund for three games. Early days yet.

    Of course we should be doing our utmost to compete and by not strengthening we will not perhaps do as well as we should. However no matter who we brought in it would be difficult to compete with tthis squad

    I’m being realistic, not throwing in the towel. We could compete should a perfect storm arise in our favour. It’s going to be really difficult though. Or do you disagree ?

  40. tunnygriffboy

    Anyone think Cabaye would have been a great signing to play alongside Ramsey and Wilshere in many of our home games. Would be tidy to play with Coquelin in some games away as well.

  41. Evan

    Tunnygriffboy, yes he would have been a good signing. However, If you believe the recorded Mike Ashley tape of Arsenal negotiating Cabaye deal 2013, why would he consider Arsenal move to be a reserve..

  42. Emiratesstroller


    First of all Arsenal have only one Billionaire on the Board and that is Kroncke.
    Uzmanov is the second largest shareholder at Arsenal, but he is not on Board
    and has absolutely no influence on decision making. Usmanov for the record
    is worth significantly more than Kroncke and by all accounts also Abramovich.

    The main problem at Arsenal is that Kroncke may own a lot of sports franchises, but his real interest is the property market. He is a shrewd buyer of assets
    and none of his sports franchises have done particularly well.

    Personally I think that Arsenal is being used as a ‘blue chip’ asset with a massive bank balance, which facilitates further investments elsewhere. Buying
    footballers at inflated prices or winning trophies will not provide Krocnke
    with substantial loan facilities, but I bet that lenders are impressed by the
    business model at Arsenal and in particular the bank balance.

    The real concern that I have got with the Management at Arsenal is not the fact that we have not bought a World Class Striker. Frankly I would not have
    bought Benzema or Falcao, because of their age and likelihood that they will
    cost an inflated transfer fee for moderate improvement.

    However, there is plenty of talent elsewhere in the market, which is younger
    and would have cost probably less. Personally I would have looked at an additional central midfielder like Schneiderlein or a goalscoring winger if the
    striker market lacks real opportunities.

    What I see at the moment is a thin, lightweight and as usual injury prone squad with limited goal scoring potential particularly in midfield.

    It crystal clear to me that Manchester City are pulling ahead this season not
    so much because of their spending power, but because of the way that the club is being managed and how decisions are made.

    All the acquisitions they have made could have gone to other clubs including
    ourselves. Arsenal may not be able to compete with them on the VOLUME of
    acquisitions, but they could have done so on individual players.

    What we see all the time is a complete ‘lack of ambition and uninhibited decision making’ at Arsenal. In my view the club is currently led by people who are
    ‘one dimensional’ and unwilling to take any risk when it comes to first team

  43. Majestic gooner

    Sorry to say, there will be no new additions to the first team squad, our manager is a relic,,I doubt we have any scouts working for the club, it’s just one big holiday park, no one under any pressure to achieve anything, passive fans who swallow ticket price hikes without questioning the clubs ambition. I think arsenal football club is very unique, this would never happen at any club in the top flight in th PLmand Europe without some changes being demanded, what a lucky man wenger is.

  44. Vince

    F* Martial. The players we should have signed from that Monaco team were Carasco and Kondogbia. It was all so clear, but the goofball Wenger can’t see shit.

  45. Rocky Pires

    Joel Campbell is a decent bargaining chip to have in any negotiations and could well be used as part of the Inter deal with Icardi .
    Inter did want to buy Joel last year so maybe something can be done there.

    Interesting that Joel Campbells agent is also the agent off;
    – Matias Suarez
    – Kokorin
    – Sahko (Westham)
    – Valencia (Westham)
    – Aubameyang
    – Morata

    Maybe some deal could be done there with one of the above, I did hear Valencia isnt too happy at westham and wants a bigger move

  46. DUIFG

    The lack of any kind of rumour with any substance is shocking, played 4 games, mostly in a horrific fashion and wenger thinks we are good to go to to toe with city. I think not

  47. seg

    @tunny so you gotta intentionally make sure your team has deficiencies before you can be a great coach? All hail Wenger then, because with that logic he’s the greatest.

  48. SRG#FreeN5

    I dont think even Chelsea will be able to compete with Man City. 160m pounds is 5 % of Kroenke’s networth .There is no way he will give it up so much money without assurance of returns.

    There is no competitor for Man City on and off the field. 160m pound outlay would even be tough for Real Madrid and Barcelonas.

    But we should certainly be able to compete Crystal Palace and Swansea’s for the rest of the players.

  49. Mr B

    I don’t think Wenger lets David Priestley the Arsenal psychologist do his job, because he doesn’t trust him. Dude the guys a trained psychologist. Its crazy how psychologically disjointed our teams is.

    No. No. Don’t you dare tell Lord Bentdner he needs to try harder on the pitch. What lesson did you learn today Lord?
    Well I was eyeing this big titted Latina in the crowd and then suddenly Wilshere decides to pass me the ball out of nowhere. It was totally incompetent and inconsiderate, I mean give me shout out or something right. I’m just gonna take some eccy to try to get over it.